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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 16, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> bay area call girl charged with giving a lethal dose of heroin to a folk executive is a few hours away from returning to court. we are in santa cruz with what is expected to happen today. >> one of san francisco's most prominent politicians is making an admission of adultery. thanks for joining us on wednesday at 6:00. we will begin the morning with a look at the weather at santa cruz. what do you see falling? >> i believe mike is calling it drizzle is heavy. let's get meteorologist mike nicco in and see what is going on. >> heavy drizzle in santa cruz. you taking a 3-d image and pushing it into a 2-d spectrum so it will look heavier than it is. it is probably more drizzle than anything and that is the setup we have with a deep are marine layer up to 3,000 feet.
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we had a couple of showers influence marin county that have fallen apart. we are looking at only drizzle through 9:00 and partly sunny and temperatures in the upper 60's at noon and mid-70's and back to the mid-60's by 7:00, and drizzle is more spotty inland this morning and high clouds and sunshine and mid-70's at noon to nearly 88 at 7:00 and low 70's at 7:00 and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast with drizzle this morning and a few pockets of sunshine to afternoon. >> good morning, we are starting off right now on a busy note. if you travel through fremont we have a street closing we with a bad crash at fremont boulevard both sides are shut down define dakota and ferry lane until 10:00. avoid the area. detours are in place. we have a sig-alert if hollister if you go through the pass we do
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have both westbound lanes shut down because of a crash involving a big rig and ten other vehicles. eastbound traffic is moving through and westbound traffic is moving through on shoulder and intermittent lane blockings. at the bay bridge, busy conditions from emeryville to san francisco. eric and kristen? >> breaking news, chevron says a fire at the richmond refinery this morning was a piper -- a minor innocent. a level one notification was sent to the health department, the lowest level with no injuries report. this was an ambulance in the refinery according to amy hollyfield and it has not come out. we will have the latest from amy hollyfield at the scene. the court case involving the woman police accused of being a high-rised call beneficial and late bay area technical executive moves forward in santa
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cruz. alix tichleman is accused of giving forrest hayes a lethal dose of heroin on his yacht. katie marzullo has that story. alix tichleman will be in court in santa cruz this morning. it is part two of the arraignment continued last wednesday. last wednesday is when we learned she is charged with manslaughter in the death of forrest hayes a former google executive and married father of five. the two were together on his yacht in santa cruz in november and police have surveillance video from the yacht. they say that alix tichleman inject the him with a fatal dose of heroin and left him to die. they arrested her on fourth of july and has been in custody since on $1.5 million bail. alix tichleman is under investigation in georgia in the delegate of her boy. he also had an overdose of heroin, but if light of what now
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has happened in santa cruz they have re-open the case. she called 9-1-1 in that case. she faces other charges in addition to manslaughter in 9 death of fed haze including prostitution, drugs and destroys evidence. it is possible she will enter a plea when she faces the judge this morning at 8:15. >> a nine-year-old girl accidentally drowned in a swimming pool in menlo park at an apartment complex at 5:00 yesterday evening. crews found the girl unconscious and not barack obamaing. she was taken to stanford where she was pronounced dead. initial reports indicate the drowning was an accident but they are continuing to investigate the death. san francisco supervisor and former mayoral candidate admits he had an affair with a top aid
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who has been on unpaid leave we great her $95,000 a year job since may. he says that he let people down and he is sorry. he and his wife separated this year and he says the aide is still,ing for work but will not come back to his office when her league is up. >> initial signature count on the proposal calling on california to be submit into six states could be done as usually as sochi and a billionaire officially submitted his petition which called for the creation of six new states called jefferson, north california, central california, we south california, west california and silicon valley. he says he has collected 1.3 million signatures and argues that those in california deserve a functioning government thatents needs. >> it will never happen. congress will never allow it. it is costly, it will cost
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billions to dissolve our prison system and i don't thing we need 600 more politicians to solve our problems. >> if the proposal is approved by california voter it would still need congressional approval to move forward. that is unlikely. >> tones are going to make chosing argues to a san mateo county judge in the trial of access to a popular beach. the property manager for billionaire venture capitalist closed the only access road to martin's beach. the coalition of surfers filed suit to have the road re-opened we saying the coastal act makes the coast public property. experts expect it will take the judge several weeks to consider the evidence before ruling. new this morning, israel has resumed bombing of targets in the gaza strip after the rejection of a cease-fire proposed by egypt.
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the palestinian death toll now is at month than 200 in gaza. we joined from washington, dc, with the latest. >> good morning, the israelis are no longer talking about a cease-fire. they resumed operation against hamas and wanted palestinians to leave their homes. rockets fill the sky, israel threatening to intensify the attack against hamas. [ inaudible ] >> in northern gaza the israeli military wanted palestinians to clear out with attacks imminent and they used automatic calls and text to deliver the message. there are 500,000 residents in gaza and they were only given eight hours to leave. all u.n. shelters are full. hamas rejected a cease-fire proposal and lodged rockets from gaza. many palestinians want the
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fighting to continue. >> i want to defend our right. the death toll is rising and health officials in gaza say 200 you sevens have been killed and israel suffered their first casualty when a man trying to deliver food to soldiers was hit by a mortar. the obama administration says that israel has a right to defend itself and it is up to hamas to end the violence. >> we would like to see hamas accept the temperatures of the the cease-fire voted by the egyptians. >> the senate committee voted yesterday to double american aid to israel for the iron dome defense system used to intercept rockets. 0 people are injured and two are critically after a south africa flight from johannesburg to hong kong hit severe turbulence.
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these perks show -- pictures show a hole overhead after a passenger hit the ceiling so hard after the jet flew over malaysia. medics were waiting to assist. there were 165 passengers on board. don't be surprised when you head out this morning, you could be hit with something on the windshield we. >> drizzle this morning and deep are marine layer at 3,000' with the flow at 16 miles per hour wind at fairfield and live doppler 7 hd is picking that up, and temperatures are mild again. 62 in milpitas and otherwise we are at 63 to 66 throughout the south bay and look at the home 60 but for novato and bodega bay and half moon bay in the upper 50's but dry at 280 and 17 and san jose but, clouds this morning, temperatures this afternoon will be spot on if oakland at 72 and the rest of us
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from 1- to 4-degrees cooler-than-average. >> 49 bart trains are on time and ace train one and three on time and five, too, is joining the group. we will look at what is happening in san francisco with a film crew that will close things down on taylor street between embarcadero and jefferson and that could impact you this morning and the rest of the drive into san francisco is moving along fine and the peninsula is at top speeds, however, go have drizzle in areas with fog so be careful. we have an accident involving a sell any and westbound on 80 at san pablo damn road the drive through el sobrante into san pablo you are on the breaks so be very careful. leave oakland and the mayor quan
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is asking to delay a decision on the extension. >> a bizarre break in, involving one of the country's most famous political families and would this man was trying to see when he broke into the kennedy family compound last night. >> hilarious hillary clinton the former secretary of state and first lady jokes with jon stewart and strong new hint she is dropping about 20 [ heart beating ] [ female announcer ] the internet gets more exciting the faster it goes. that's why, coming soon, xfinity will double the internet speed on two of our most popular plans. xfinity continues to innovate, bringing you the fastest, most reliable internet, period. [ heart beating ] xfinity internet from comcast. double the speed. [ heart beats ]
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covering cupertino, wine country and all bay area. >> in massachusetts, police took a man into custody after he broke into the kennedy family compound in massachusetts last night after the property had the 53-year-old in the kitchen looking for katy perry he said and wanted to speak to vikki kennedy, the widow of late ted kennedy and is facing breaking
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and entering charges. >> nfl train camp opened and a story of language used is generating buzz. this comes as former minute pitch viking punter has filed a lawsuit again the team. he was cut when he complained of the special teams coach of using antigay slurs. he believes that team has not kept a promise to make a report on his accusations public. this is something that happens in work environments across the country and if we want to change that we need to know it happens and how we can change it. sweeping it under the rug and keeping the report private does not help us do that. >> he says he doesn't want money he wants team management held accountable. the viking have hired a law firm to make recommendations. >> hillary clinton gave a strong hint at a white house run during an appearance with jon stewart last night saying she would
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prefer to work in a home office and here is what happened next. >> do you have a favorite shape for that home office? do you like office to be with corners or no corners? >> you know, i think that the world is so complicated that the fewer corners you have, the better. >> does that mean oval is preferrable? hillary clinton promoted the through book "hard choices." >> billionaire investor warren buffett is known for frugal ways but he need as new car even every decade or so. he is driving a new 2014 cadillac and this is a forever the 83-year-old with the sales woman who sold the car in omaha. he is worth more than $65
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billion had his daughter go into the we daughter to haggle for him because he was afraid he would not get a good deal and tells "forbes" magazine that the car guy convinced him to upgrate from the 2006 cadillac. who is his car guy? g.m. chief mary barra. >> there he is getting visits from paul mccartney. did he finance the purchase do you think? >> i don't think he needs to... >> you get a low rate, absolutely, finance it and put money in the billionaire funds. >> training camp starts. >> if you are playing football, bail, could you find drizzle out there. >> fought like minneapolis last night. we are wet this morning with moisture rolling law and now it is over the ocean and drizzle is
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all we deeding with. the next couple of hours or so you can see the showers rolling through where they left their mark or where they hit the rain games, point raise is .01" and grizzly peak .01", as well. the morning commute is cloudy. partly sunny this afternoon as the clouds open for sunshine and with the stronger sea breeze can deep parent layer the highs continue the cooling trend of the last couple of days. clouds tonight can drizzle is possible and less humid by friday and warmer democrats take over for the weekend. the clockwise flow around the high and around the low it is counter-clockwise bringing the moisture to us so we cannot rule out a sprinkle or two. mostly, though, it will be dry and cooler-than-average and milpitas and sunnyvale, and
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clouds in santa cruz and 71 degrees. 72 in millbrae and we hit the mid-70's to 80's for the pens that and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast into downtown and south san francisco and sausalito is 67 and bodega bay is 63 and temperatures are 10 or 15 degrees warmer with the sunshine throughout your rallies and mid-70's to around 88 and low-to-mid 70's for the east bay shoreline until castro valley and union city and newark and fremont, upper 70's to 80's and low 80's to mid-80's through the san ramon valley and upper 80's possible to brentwood at 88 and the temperatures are kept, upper 50's to mid-60. stronger sea breeze tomorrow, temperatures are two- to four-degrees cooler and gaining a degree or two on friday and moisture leaves us with the monsoon flow over and back to average by mound. have a good one.
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>> an update on the crash in the east bay in richmond and the backups start in san pablo involving three vehicles and a big rig westbound 80 at san pablo avenue six miles per hour is the top speed approaching the scene at 31 miles per hour leashing san pablo. heavy condition and taking on ten minutes to the commute so 28 to 30 minutes from highway four to the maze. right now the drive crass the altamont pass is loading up a bit and 46 minutes from tracy to dublin and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is quiet. 680 the drive through pleasant hill to walnut creek we do see a few extra cars but they moving along and chugging along up to highway 24 and the drive, now, is ten minutes. >> it has happened again, a mother arrested accused of leaving her young children in a hot car during blazing summer
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we will check with amy hollyfield for a preview of what
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coming up at 7:00. good morning, neck on "good morning america" extreme weather across the country with high temperatures and wildfires to the west and fall-like weather in the midwest and severe storms in the northeast. that is next. >> the a's and giants scare off in october, if they square 50, would be oakland. the american league secured home field advantage by beating the national league in the all-star game. 7 a's and three giants were part of the national stage but the night belonged to two all stars. yankee shortstop derek jeter got a minute-long standing ovation when he walked up to play and he doubled in the third inning the retiring 14 time all star got 2 1/2 minute ovation when he live the game. >> wonderful moment that i will always remember. i appreciate john doing that for me but it was a special moment
6:25 am
unscripted. >> mike trout was the mvp and had a tie breaking triple and a go ahead double and the al beat the national league for the 13th win in the last 17 years. >> could royal baby number two be on the way? speculation is underway a week before the first birthday of prince george. kate's long time friend who leaked news of the first pregnancy tells australia's new day that the royal pair is expecting their second child. the palace has "no comment." >> the morning news continues with the top stories. >> showing story, children selling candy become crime victims outside a bay area market. they are now getting support to make it right. >> story continues over the oaklandans and the coliseum and the reason mayor quan wants the city to wait on a lease
6:26 am
extension. >> fires are still at the committee ron refinery where this was a fire overnight with the details ahead. >> tracking moisture on live doppler 7 hd whether it is drizzle or light showers i will tell you how of longer it will last and the warming trend in the wog enforecast -- in the week enforecast. the toll plaza looks like a long drive but it is only 13 minutes with most of the wait best toll plaza. we have have a problem in hollister which now is clear
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is wednesday morning with a look outside from our rooftop camera to coit tower with overcast skies and elsewhere you could run into mist. drizzle. fog. weather. >> weeks ago. even in san francisco we had drizzle on the windshield. thanks for joining us. >> more on the weather from meteorologist mike nicco who shows us this.
6:30 am
this is santa cruz, right, mike? >> look at the heavy direction with all that drizzle. it made everything wet. so far, it did not hit a rain gauge. that is the case for the morning. live doppler 7 hd shows it wasn't a rain shower just drizzle that looked impressive. the best radar return, very light green, a few sprinkles possible in marin county and coming from marin county you can see the golden gate bridge is not too bad with fog developing next hour. our day planner is drizzle. then clearing by noon. mid-60's at the coast to mid-70's inland and mid-60's at the coast and 70's at 4:00 and low-to-mid 60's everywhere but inland and low 70's in the evening. the best chance of wet weather is this morning and humid.
6:31 am
leyla gulen? >> we have a few extra minutes, if you are headed from hercules to richmond, this is are we have a problem involving several vehicles and a big rig westbound 80 at san pablo down to seven miles per hour approaching the scene of the accident and 12 miles per hour headed out of san pablo but the backup starts from pinole and it will take 30 minutes although it usually takes 20 minutes. this crash has been cleared involving a big rig and ten other vehicles. it is cleared but we still looking at delays in the westbound direction. eastbound traffic, though, is wide open. also, if treatment, the fremont boulevard area define dakota road and ferry lane now is shut down for several hours because of a crash in that area. we have breaking news from the east bay.
6:32 am
richmond fire this morning at chevron refinery, the samery finery that had the big fire two years ago. amy hollyfield was the first reporter on the scene. what is happening now, amy hollyfield? >> four firefighters went through the decontamination process to get had douse materials off of them and richmond fire department is still here. and a spokesman says that is standard procedure and she says no one was hurt. the richmond fire department responded to help the chevron department after 2:00 this morning and there were reports of the fire. it took 50 minutes to go the fire out and it was out by 3:00. chevron says there is a no threat to the community. they caused in an ambulance but the spokesman says that it was not used and everyone is okay. they are still trying to figure what happened and at this point, chevron is saying a mixture of
6:33 am
hydrocarbon leaked and caught fire but they don't know. in 2012 there was a your fire with helter if place and this were health issues for some and the fire was to blame. that caused a lot people to lose trust in which ron. the company right now is trying to convince richmond to allow a modernization project. people have spoken out against the modernization plan. now they will have to answer to this fire. osha is on the way to the scene to investigate what happened this morning. this morning, top officials in richmond have their orders to find ways to eliminate disruption at city council meetings. this is video from laugh night -- from last night where a
6:34 am
resolution was directed to look into options without violating first amendment rights. the audience members have interrupted meetings and made rude and offensive comments. the vice mayor is openly gay has been the target of homophobic remarks. >> i want to be clear this is not about me. i'm an elected official. asen elected official i am expected to take criticism but when it is hateful and poisonous, it intimidates other people from participating. >> last night the meeting was interrupted four times and police had to remove one person. the proposal would give the city council power to ban residents for up to six months for using comments deemed "hate speech." a pulitzer prize winning journalist from the bay area is free. he was released after being
6:35 am
taken into custody in texas for being here illegally. vargas came from the pill means to to -- from the philippines to the united states as a child and is undocumented. he lives with his aunt would raised him from the time he arrived here. >> he is a very brave boy. he has been through so many things. >> last night, his aunt joined with a group with people acting in community together to demand support. >> a week after publicly calling for the oakland city council to approve a lease for the a's the mayor is pushing members to stall so she can have more time to negotiate. that is the word from the "san francisco chronicle" reporting that she is asking the city council members to delay the vote on the lease extension. last week the city council
6:36 am
members requested the special meeting after the mayor made the equal to push it through. she now wants members to wait until the end of the month because the co-owner of the a's could be willing to make concessions that would keep the a's in oakland for 10 years. >> a ceremony is tomorrow at the 49ers new stadium in santa clara. new this morning, we have learned that san francisco mayor has declined an invitation to attend and is skipping the saturday night black tie gala saying he is "not a black tie kind of guy," although he has appeared in the past including promoting super bowl 50 held at stadium in 2016. >> generous people are raising money after little kids selling candy were robbed in san francisco. the stunning incident happened on monday afternoon.
6:37 am
three children were selling candy and a woman approached an eight-year-old holding the money they raised. show twisted the girl's arm and grabbed the cash and a business owner wants to replace the money lost. >> i am trying to visit most of the businesses here, possibly the gift shop at the hospital and see if i can collect money for the children. everyone is familiar with the situation yesterday. it is very sad. >> girl was not hurt. the robber jumped on a bus and got away. hopefully people will catch her. >> the high-priced call girl charged with giving a tech executive a lethal dose of heroin is headed back to court. the case is getting nationwide attention. >> canceling comcast, a san francisco man's attempt to cut the cord is going viral and now they are responding.
6:38 am
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we are coming up on 6:41. music in the park at redwood city, with celtic and a cool 68
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when it is all over this evening. a flood watch in sierra including lake tahoe with thunderstorms and more moisture firing up this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon. it is quiet now but by the afternoon, 93 in yosemite and 82 in lake tahoe and no more record highs. watch out for the heavy rain if the mid-70's around san diego and los angeles. safe travels. >> possibly slick conditions. in santa rosa, southbound 101 involving an overturned vehicle with lanes blocked and everyone is out of the vehicle right now but so far, not causing traffic impact. what is causing a traffic impact is this crash, westbound 80, we are still at seven miles per hour in the single digits causing major backup coming from hercules and a new accident with one lane blocked at apian way.
6:42 am
>> i know you like new food come bynatings. what do you think of coffee and potatoes? >> potatoes in the coffee. >> we. explain. a new pairing that could it is the grocery aisles. >> another parent arrested for leashing children in a hot car, and a young hero would led to the rescue. >> in santa cruz, in 90 minutes, an alleged prostitute could answer to a charge of manslaughter in the death of a google
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>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. happening today, the woman accuses of giving a bay area tech executive a lethal dose of heroin returns to court. katie marzullo runs to santa cruz. >> this is round two for alix tichleman 26 years old. her arraignment was continued last week until today. it is possible today she could answer to the charges. she could enter a plea. she charged with manslaughter in the death of google executive forrest hayes a married father of five. police say in november on his yacht in santa cruz alix tichleman injected him with
6:46 am
heroin and left him to die. police arrested her on fourth of july based on surveillance video from inside the yacht and fingerprint evidence. she has been in custody since and held on $1.5 million bail. in addition to manslaughter she faces charged related to drugs, prostitution, and destroying evidence. in addition to all of that authorities in georgia are looking at the case of her boyfriend's death where he overdosed on heroin in georgia at the time. she considered it an accidental overdose but given what has happen merchandise santa cruz they are looking into that case. she has not been charged. she is expected to be before a judge this morning at 8:15 in santa cruz. canceling cable sounds simple, right? one call and you are done? a man found it tougher if reality and recorded what
6:47 am
happened. >> i want to disconnect service. >> how does that help you? >> that is what i want. >> are do you want that? >> that is what i want. >> why? >> because that is what i rant. >> the call with a representative from comcast lasted 8 minutes and he recorded the last eight. a psychologist called this "abusive." >> there is a toxic dynamic define a lot of people and customer service and a lot of customers, to be honest, and rudeness has been ramped up to new levels. >> comcast apologized say we though are embarrassed by the way the remain employees spoke and investigating the situation. we have posted this on our website with the comcast statement. you can check it out. >> in georgia a mother is under
6:48 am
arrest for leaving her kids in the hot car. the mother went shopping in wal-mart near atlanta and left her kids in the vehicle. a couple of shoppers called sunday after their children pointed out kid which includes a one-month-old. >> mommy, she say, there are four children in the car and no adult. >> never seen an infant sweat so i thought this is not happening on my watch. >> he says it was 90 degrees and the car wasn't running. the children could not say how long they were left. police say the mom did not think there was a problem she was need shopping for a bicycle pump. >> trading is underway on wall street. the usually numbers show the dow is up 50 points to 17110. >> now the newest flavor of potato chips coffee flavored chips one of four finalest in
6:49 am
the "do us a flavor" contest that gives americans a chance to create a new chip flavor and win $1 million. others include cheddar bacon, mac and cheese, and hot ginger. >> they saw sound delicious to me. >> does that come with a california roll the wasabi ginger flavored chips in. >> chocolate covered bacon. really? really? >> it is divine. >> speak of divine what does mother nature have for us? >> she did it! one radar around bodega bay with
6:50 am
drizzle through 9:00 and you can see the light shower that moved through and we talked about this year the energy would be weaker this morning compared to yesterday morning so i thought drizzle would be more likely. san francisco had .01" rain, and a thick marine layer to 3,000' that give way to sun with mid-and high level clouds from the southeast and highs continue the cooling friend because of the deeper parent layer and clouds tonight and drizzle is possible again account next couple of nights as the main layer is the dominant feature. it will be less humid on friday and warmer this weekend. temperatures running in the 60's throughout most of the san ramon valley and you can see the east bay valley and everyone else is in the low-to-mid 60's and novato and san francisco and half moon bay in the upper 50's, san jose, good morning, 280 is
6:51 am
looking dry but you have clouds hangover your head and you will be the first to so sunshine and only two degrees cooler-than-average at 81 and most of us two- to four-degrees cooler than normal and such rise at 6:01 and low-to-mid 80's through the south bay but milpitas and sunnyvale and santa cruz is 71. mid-70's to nearly 80 for the peninsula and milbrae is the exception and mid-to-upper 60's loan the coast and downtown and south san francisco from sausalito to bodega bay and mid-70's to nearly 80 through the north bay valley and low-to-mid 70's for the east bay shore to castro valley and union city and newark and fremont and low-to-mid 80's through most of our east bay develop. tonight the temperatures are in the upper 50's to my 60's again and watch as the cloud cover fought is strong as the clearing today as it was yesterday and tomorrow no high clouds and our
6:52 am
dominant feature is the paper layer, with the humidity dropping because of the upon soon drying up. tomorrow, cooler than today and below average on friday and saturday we are closer to average and sunday, monday, tuesday, a normal summer pattern is back. my traffic report is salty, through santa rosa we have a sig-alert southbound 101 we have a lane blocked and it is clear ing. the for news is the crash is cleared and this is causing massive delays away from hercules westbound 80 at 18 miles per hour. we were in the single digits approaching richmond and four miles per hour to the north and another accident cleared here but look at the red from before highway four you are on the brakes the entire stretch of highway 4 to the maze it will
6:53 am
take you 50 minutes. >> seven things to know before you go. stay
6:54 am
>> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, number one, breaking news, an early morning fire at the chevron refinery in richmond broke out at 2:00 and was
6:55 am
knocked out after an hour. osha is headed to investigate. alix tichleman, the alleged high-priced prostitute accused in the death of a google executive will appear in court in santa cruz this morning. police say the 26 yearly injected a client, forrest hayes, with lethal dose of heroin and last him to die on his yacht. >> the richmond city council passed a proposal directing the city manager, and attorney and police chief to look at i don'ting disruptions the city council meetings. they want do ban unruly attendees from future meetings but does not want to infringe on first amendment rights. >> the oakland city council scheduled to vote on a lease extension for the a's at the coliseum but the chronicle reports the mayor is privately asking city council members to delay the vote to give more time to negotiate with the a's. derek jeter got the person
6:56 am
-- american league going and al won with the regular season for baseball on friday and giants play in miami and a's host baltimore orioles. >> marine layer is yielding drizzle and cooler temperatures this afternoon from low-to-mid 60's in coast and san francisco and nearly 80 around the bay. >> 15, looking light at the and all the bay area, this is abc7 e bay bridge where accidents in the clearing stages but left a few backup. this is a 50-minute drive from highway 4 to the maze. we continue online and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. new video overnight, incredible downpours washing out entire towns causing major damage. >> completely flooding right now. >> this entire college campus overrun with fast-moving walls of water. roads washed out. piles of trees crushing cars as lightning sparks new fires in the west. the bully fire destroying homes. dozens more in its path. and breaking overnight, severe and dangerous turbulence on this jumbo jet in midair. passengers flown out of their seats. their heads leaving holes in the ceiling. at least 25 injured including two critically. also new right now, break-in at the kennedy compound. this man arrested in hyannis port, accus


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