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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 17, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning, it is 5:00 this morning, hope you slept well. so glad you are with us. >> we will see how the weather is treating you this morning. satellite is picking up fog along the coast and it is bringing spotty drizzle for the coastal communities. sfo shows it is clear and there will be increasing clouds but the next 12 hours you will be partly cloudy for the areas and the rest of day is topping out in the lower 70's and mid-60's around the bay and mid-60's around the coastline and by 4:00
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p.m. we will see the clouds increasing in the evening. i will have the seven-day forecast in a minute. now, the traffic, moving along and it is freeze -- breezy. the plagues are unfurled and you can feel them as far east as antioch and fairfield where we have the gusty conditions but high wind advisory for antioch so be careful. the incline to the tower will wrap up at 6:00 and drive time traffic is showing highway four westbound antioch to hercules is 28 minutes. santa cruz northbound side -- shows northbound side to the hose airport from san jose is 35 minutes. >> a stockton mother of two dead and a pair of bank robbery
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suspects. this morning, her family wants to know if the robbery, abduction, and chase had to end this way. katie marzullo is in stockton with more. >> a lot people wondering that, this morning, and the other big question: who killed misty holt-singh? it will be a while before they determine if it was police bullets that killed her or if she was hot and killed by the suspect. police say that robbery suspects were using her as a human shield during the shoot intermediate when two of the three robbery suspects were killed. >> this tragedy unfolded at 2:30 yesterday afternoon at bag -- bank of the west. three arm ad suspects robbed the bank and took three female hostages. two employees and a customer, misty holt-singh. they stole an employee's s.u.v. and led police on a case through stockton and other communities while the suspects firing on
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police using an assault rifle. the two employees at different time either jumped or were pushed from the s.u.v. and misty holt-singh was shot and killed while her 12-year-old daughter was back in their car waiting for her at the bank. >> show was an innocent bistanding pulling out money and left her kid in the car and she goes inside, whatever happens, happened and her daughter had to text the husband, they took mom. >> the two bank only -- employees, juans with shot in the leg and braised by a bullet and injuries when they jumped from the s.u.v. going 50 miles per hour. the surviving partner robbery suspect was wounded. this is where the chase ended and i have talked with an officer. we are on thornton and it closed
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between stanfield and estate and that is going to be the case well into today. they have a lot of deathives and investigators on the scene and doing what though can in the dark hours and they will have to look at everything again when the sun comes up. thank you, more now on the case that lasted -- that chase that lasted more >>jonathan: hour. can you see how company his cars were involved, dozens and dozen involved. 14 police cars were hit by bullets along with houses and other cars and firefighters were on the roads and in residential neighborhoods. we will follow the story on air and online with coverage continuing on twitter at twitter@. . >> authorities are vetoing how a drunk was able to pose as a security screener at san francisco international airport and patdown a woman in a private booth before he was caught in
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the act. matt has the alarming story. >> this is strange. the suspect's name not released. the investigation into what happened at sfo has been taken over by transportation safety administration. it happened on tuesday at the international terminal. two airport law enforcement sources say the incident started when the man entered the security area wearing clothes similar to screeners with the private security firm. the man was caught a few minutes later after directing a second woman toward the booth. that caught the attention of the real screeners because males are not allowed to take a woman in the booth without a woman present. investigators can track down the women, he could face more serious charges. california officials are weighing their options following
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a court ruling that the death penalty violates the ban on cruel and unusual punishment. a judge in orange county found unpredictable delays have rutted in arbitrary and unfair capital punishment system. california halted executions in 2006 after a similar ruling by a federal judge if san jose. firefighters are vetting a string of suspicious fires after a vacant school in the east richmond heights neighbor. several small fires broke out at adams middle school on tuesday night after 11 o'clock. crews put out four fires in the main school building. the next morning they responded for another fire. adams middle school has been empty since 2009. >> ought family of a stunt pilot who died when the biplane crashed during an air show at travis air force base is seeking $20 million in damages from the federal government.
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the 77-year-old was flying a plane that crashed before 74,000 people. the family claims emergency crews did not respond quickly enough to free him after the plane caught fire following the crash. an attorney says he was unhurt when the aircraft rested but was trapped. an autopsy showed he died of severe burns. investigators found it took three to four minutes to get to the site. a navy commander who disappeared more than 60 years ago will have his ashes scattered in the bay. the commander and 52 others died in 1952 when plane crashed into an alaskan glacier. the family was there as the remains arrive at sfo last night. he was not from the area but for personal reasons the family wants the resting place to be off the coast. the remains of 17 service member were found by the alaska
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national guard. there could be possible future recovery efforts. >> a plan to make it harder for national chains to open new locations in san francisco neighborhoods will be voted on by the planning commission. according to the san francisco business times, the rule changes would be a victory for activists and small businesses who have been lobbying to make it harder for so-called formula retail to open in certain areas. laws apply to companies with 11 or more stores across the united states. if the commission approves this proposal the board of supervisors would later vote on the plan. >> the san francisco 49ers will cut ribbon on the new home, levi stadium, in santa clara, later this morning. workers put the finishing touch on the stadium. it took two years and cost $1 billion to building the 68,000 square feet venue. the ceremony is at 11:30.
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amy hollyfield will have more if a report coming up at 5:30. >> leyla gulen is here for mike this morning. it is breezy. from emeryville camera you can see to the eastern span of the bay bridge, we are at 58 in santa rosa and upper 50's in napa. lower 60's for livermore and concord and fairfield. we are less humidity today and not completely but less and we do is breezes that are slowing the humidity out of the our way at 29-miles-per-hour gusts in fairfield and breezy there in oakland at 12 miles per hour in concord, as well, and calm everywhere else. however, it is going to be warmer as we get into the weekend. temperatures are going to be hot in yosemite, and 76 in los
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angeles, 73 in san diego and triple digits still in palm springs and mostly sunshine and a ridge of high pressure coming in over the weekend from the desert bringing us the warm conditions with more on that in a little bit. now we have traffic and we have over the altamont pass, traffic is building at 31 miles per hour in the westbound direction so you can see it is slow as you continue it loose weres up and in san jose, nice and clear and no accidents, 101, 288, 85, everything moving along fine as you take a look, no accidents. eastbound side of highway 24 to the tunnel we have a construction project and through orinda westbound you will not be slowed there and it is moving along just fine. san rafael, 101, tail lights pushing to the golden gate bridge and to mill valley it is building but moving along at top speed. eric and kristen?
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>> it is 5:10. general mores is warning some drivers on what to put on your key chain. >> dramatic rescue off the georgia coast after a casino hip
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covering cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay
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area, this is abc7 news. >> a look at interstate 680 with tail lights headed southbound with traffic so far has not been picking up in volume but it will and leyla gulen is tracking this and the weathers conditions. we will have an update in a couple of minutes. >> civil rights activities are turning up the heat open twitter in san francisco bay to release the gender and ethnic breakdown of the workers. according to "usa today" jesse jackson plans to ask people to tweet to twitter at a political convention in detroit tomorrow. color of change is asking million members to sign petition to add their voice to the campaign. other giants including google are working to bring more diversity to the ranks after revealing their employees are overwhelmingly white and male. there is still sizzle in a so do
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tax with the budget and finance committee approving the measure with a vote by the supervisors on tuesday putting a tax of two cents an ounce on sugar beverages to fund health programs. similar measures have been defeated elsewhere. >> golden gate bridge district wants to eliminate a bus route that duplicates service between santa rosa and san francisco to get rid of bus route 80 shares the route with two other lines, 70's and 101. the declining ridership is a reason to eliminate route 80. officials believe the two other lines provide riders with faster service and a public hearing takes place august 1. there is a wanting from general motors to those drives recalled vehicles. >> here is america's money. >> topping america's money, g.m. executives are back on the
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hotseat. a senate panel wants it know how they kept a deadly ignition switch defect hidden for years when the heavy key ring hits the switch. g.m. has full page ads telling customers to use only a single key. >> bmw is recalling 1.6 million sedans because of an airbag problem. a third of the cars are in the up. three european soccer clubs are the most valuable sports teams and madrid is one at 3.4 billion and yankees and dodgers and cowboys are in the top ten worth $2 billion or more. warren buffett's charity giving is the highest level ever donating $2.8 billion this week to bill and melinda gates for the most part. first it hit the philippines and now a deadly typhoon brought death to china with 18 dieing in southern china and six are
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mission after a mudslide. forecasters expect winds to hit 90 miles per hour. the official news service blames death on lightning strikes and heavy rains have stretched to beijing where streets have flooded in the chinese capital. >> gamblers are safe after a casino ship ran aground off the coast of georgia. there werests to rescue passengers from the casino boat by by the national guard. the passengers and crew spent 17 hours trapped offshore before they were ferried back to the dock. one went to the hospital because of high blood pressure. >> a handful of men who walked on the moon coming to the bay area to celebrate the 45th anniversary, buzz aldrin will be here for the events on the uss hornet the aircraft carrier that picked up him and the crew of apollo eleven on the return from
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the moon. this is a floating museum. the astronauts armstrong and aldrin were the first two men to walk on the moon. the answer to the trivia question, michael collins was circling the moon while the other two guise are jumping around. >> did you stack the newscast? >> did i? >> i think you did. >> i did not stack the newscast but $20 goes a long way. >> i know. i know. the hornets are one of the most...haunted naval ships. if you are into that sort of thing, it will be nice weather. gate bridge with no need to run an and this is drizzle we are
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seeing with wet roads headed into san francisco -- done shows radar satellite with early morning fog and spotty drizzle in the coastline and we see increasing clouds as the morning wears on. we have a southern breeze that will push out the trough to the coast, off of our coast and it will be replaced with a ridge of high pressure coming in over the desert areas and that will bring our temperatures up over the week end so it will start to warm-up when we get to wednesday and you will see the triple digits. our highs in the bay area are 71 degrees in santa cruz under partly cloudy skies and partly cloudy for most of us and 74 in san mateo and 59 in richmond and 77 in napa and 80 in fairfield and 80 in livermore and it will be more sunny in the inland areas. clouds will increase overnight and our temperatures are back to the upper 50's to lower 60's with were of the bay area.
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it is mild. the seven-day outlook shows increasing clouds and as we head into the weekend it will warm inwith humidity continuing to decrease and the heat will come midweek. as we make the drive near washington avenue we have an accident on the shoulder so it is not going to be causing any lane blocking but slowing in the northbound direction and a project eastbound 24 from college to the caldecott tunnel will last until 6:00 this morning and westbound traction through lafayette from walnut creek into orinda and the caldecott tunnel, no delays. mass transit is running on time and we do not have delays on muni, bart or use and this is the golden gate bridge you can see moist conditions as you come into san francisco so be careful. use the low beams. some of the fog and watch out
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>> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, number one, developing news in stockton, streets are closed after a violence shootout that left a bank customers and two suspected robbers dead. investigators are waiting for autopsy and ballistic tests to determine how the hostage was killed. katie marzullo will have a report in a few minutes. t.s.a. is having how a man can pose as an for and patdown a woman at sfo.
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>> authorities say the man was wearing clothes similar to those of t.s.a. screeners and arrests for public drunkenness and caught by wheel t.s.a. screeners. oakland city council approved a 10-year please but made changes to the deal. the a's are done negotiating and they want to stick to the original terms, with supervisors still needing to approve the lease. >> a cease-fire did not stop hamas from firing three missiles from gaza and the five hour long humanitarian cease-fire allowed palestinians to restock on food and essential supplies and this is after nine days of fight that killed 200 people. texas blues icon johnny winter rose to fame in the 1960's and 1970's. he last performed saturday. he died in switzerland.
5:25 am
no word on the cause of death. he was seven. >> waking up to spotty drizzle. it will be less humid today with a warmup this weekend. the seven-day forecast is coming up. the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic is now building in cash-pay lanes and we going to be clear so far to get us going with no accidents to report but we could see slick conditions. happening today, a special birthday celebration is underway at the san francisco zoo with the youngest gorilla a year old today. here she is when she was five months old with her adopted mom and five-year-old brother. they grow up fast and now she moves around on her own and she was abandoned by her mom and is being raised by her grandmothero
5:26 am
we children who send a birthday card get a dollar off entrance fee. >> this adorable little girl iss waiting to be a flower girl but with no wedding the mom hopes someone getting married at city hall would want to include her. even with her homemade sign she faced rejection at first, but a nice bride did agree to include her and she got some cake and then a cupcake and she liked the cupcake better. >> she seized the day. got to admire that. she didn't have to pay for the "honor." >> morning news continues at 530 with the top stories and a milestone happening today at the 49s new san far clear home and we have a preview. >> where in the bay area water rates can go up again for the 12th year in a row and
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is thursday at 5:29. first up, a check on the weather forecast. how is it compared to yesterday? >> fairly similar. we will expense drizzle headed to work along the coast but as we look from emeryville camera to the eastern span of the bay bridge, a hazy picture with patchy fog and increasing clouds through the morning. the the day planner shows we will be mild with our temperatures at 72 degrees inland and 66 around the bay and 64 along the coast and by 4:00 p.m. not so muggy. temperatures are in the mid-80's inland and mid-70's around the
5:30 am
bay and lower 60's along the coast. increasing clouds overnight bringing temperatures down and we have a warm-up this weekend. as we head to work, if we have problems on the roadways we are seeing congestion and we have a high wind advisory on a couple of our bridges includingant rock and cartinez. westbound at the parkway we have a stalled vehicle but the eastbound side of 24 through the caldecott tunnel to the tunnel from collins we have one bore taken away and a couple of lanes between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. but westbound traffic is not affected. police in and around stockton will continue to investigate what led to a bank robbery, abduction, and chase that ended in gunfire and death. an innocent victim is among the dead. katie marzullo has more on the
5:31 am
disturbing story. katie? this is as dramatic and horrific as it gets. we are as close as we can get to where it ended. the police chase ended and we want to show you incredible cell phone video. police cars racing through the trees of the communities ending at thornton and wagner heights two miles from the robbery. the chase lasted 45 minutes. the suspects were shooting all the while. in the end, three people are dead, two robbery suspects and a hostage. the big question: how did she die? was she shot by police? or by the suspects? it will be a while before investigators can determine that and the suspectsen using her as a human shield. this started at 2:30 yesterday afternoon when three armed men entered the bang of the west at thornton road and they robbed
5:32 am
the bank can took three hostages in one of the hostage' s.u.v. and the customer who was killed is misty holt-singh. the other two hostages were two female bank employees. they are alive but they were pushed from the s.u.v. during the chase and the s.u.v. was going 50 miles per hour. >> she was on the ground. she rolled. her leg was torn up and pleading. the fire department wasn't there. no one was there. >> the women were both shot and one suffered a graze but they suffered injuries from being pushed from the moving vehicle. the third suspect was shot and wounded. we are on the scene with an for saying this road will. closed from thornton to estate and the frontage road, all
5:33 am
closed well into today. a lost investigators are on the scene with a lot of work. the victim's 12-year-old girl, while in was happening, she was waiting for her mother in the car in the parking lot of the bank. friends and family and total strangers are offering condolences on misty's facebook page. other i writing "rest in peace," offering prayers to the family. >> we will follow the story on our website at abc7 news come and twitter at twitter@. aought oakland an are done negotiating a new lease although the city council modified the deal before approving it. the city council passed the new ten year lease by 5-2 vote last night and the deal projects more than $20 million in revenue for
5:34 am
oakland and alameda county 2.5 times the amount generated the past decade. >> we accepted 99.9 percent of everything and this is just clean up language, morning in here that affects the economics. >> disappointed. we will continue the great season we are having and...we will see where we go. the alameda county board must approve the deal before it becomes official. red and gold ribbon day at the new 49ers' stadium. the team and v.i.p.'s will gather for the opening of the levi stadium in santa clara and amy hollyfield is there for the big ribbon cutting. amy hollyfield? >> four years after the voters approved the stadium. here it is. ready to open.
5:35 am
levi stadium will be official, they will cut the ribbon at 11:30. we saw workers finishing yesterday for the big debut. this is a thorough tour of the stadium and then a ceremony. the nfl commissioner will be here. levee stadium costs $1.2 billion to build and can seat 68,000 people. season tickets for first year have sold out. be sure and join us at midday and we will just have wrapped up our tour and we will show you what it looks like on the inside. it looks good from out here and ready to go for the first football game here on august 16 against broncos. we have breaking news, massive layoffs at microsoft, the company announced they will cut 18,000 jobs, the largest job
5:36 am
cut in favor history. they are eliminated over the next year. rest lit largest layoffs were in 2009 when 5,800 people were let go. >> homeburg -- home burglars are a surveillace camera captured the images, accuses of burglarizing a home around 10:30 on saturday night. they could be lived to two other burglaries around the same time. police are using youtube to track down a suspect accused stealing the bicycle of an eleven-year-old and threatening him with a knife. this is surveillance video of the suspect and his friends at 7-eleven before the robbery much the suspect is on the bicycle with another person a few minutes later. parents of a san jose student would hanged himself at school are suing the university
5:37 am
for $$11 million. he was 18 when he what found dead in his dorm. the parents say the police and advisors talked to him the night of the death and knew he was upset. the school also is facing a suit from the family of another black student who claimed he was bull lid for months by the four white roommates. >> customers of alameda water district could pay more for water although they use less. leaders meet to consider a water rate hike to make up for $15 million budget gap blamed on the drought. the directors are considering a surcharge for customers would keyed mandated water use levels. the more they use, the higher the surcharge and if approved it would take effect on monday. if you would like to go the meeting is open to the public and is held at the district office if fremont and starts at 6:00 p.m. >> people have started documenting violations now that
5:38 am
the state has ordered mandatory water restrictions. san francisco workers are showed spraying down the sidewalks. necessity use recycles waters. if you see what you think could be a case of water wasting, send us a picture or video at >> $500 a day for violators. now leyla gulen has the forecast. >> every drop is precious. radar satellite shows a few drops but it is nothing measurable. along the cost you will have a wet drive to work but other than that, it looks like humidity is starting to make its way out of the bay area. temperatures are in the upper 50's to lower 60's for san francisco and the rest of the bay area is in the lower 60's at
5:39 am
67 in tracy and 60 in saratoga and 59 at half moon bay and 59 in healdsburg. well see a warmup in the temperatures with a ridge of high pressure over the desert that will bring the temperatures up and especially as we head into next week we will see the warm-up but starting tomorrow we will see the temperatures ramping up and 86 degrees inland and 64 along the coast. by saturday and sunday it will be seasonal temperatures and the seven-day forecast is straight ahead. traffic shows the altamont pass is building and we have high winds in certain areas so right now it looks like 34 miles per hour as you leave tracy and make the merge with 580 continuing through the pass you will be tapping on the brakes. this high wind advisory, be careful if you drive high-sided, high-profile vehicle. drive time traffic as you make the trek tracy to dublin is 36
5:40 am
minutes and antioch to concord is 13 minutes and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 20 minutes because of increasing fog and wet roads. the clouds will increase, too, so make sure you use the low beams. a brief glimmer of hope this morning in the middle east as hamas and israel call a temporary cease-fire but it did fought last. the new overnight development next. >> also, an emotional night as michael sam the first openly gay pro football player talks about being true to himself. >> you and your family can help
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from los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. developing news, israel says that a rocket from gaza landed on its soil at the cease-fire ended. this comes after three mortars were fired earlier in the middle of the truce. the u.n. brokered the humanitarian cease-fire to pause nine days of palestinian rocket fire and israeli airstrikes. it was supposed to allow palestinians and gaza to restock food, water and other needed items. israel has warned it will
5:44 am
respond with force if hamas continues but so far, israel has not answered today's strikes. the fighting has killed more than 200 palestinians and one israeli. a wind driven wildfire is forcing the evacuations of 7850 homes in washington state. crews have zero containment on the fast moving fire that is burning 10 miles north of leavenworth in central washington and burning 1,200 acres since igniting and may have been sparked by lightning in a plume of smoke 25,000 feet in the air bun through heavy timber at 15 mile stretch of u.s. highway two is closed. it is not known when it will rewere open. >> fans are talking about the special moment from last night's 22nd annual awards. kaepernick was among the presenters last note. he had high water no socks look. the most emotional moment came
5:45 am
when michael sam, the first openly gay player, drafted into the nfl, accepted the arthur ashe courage award. if he makes the rams in st. louis he will be the first openly gay player. >> anyone out this, especially young people, feeling like you don't fit in and would never be accepted, please note this great things...great things can happen if you have the courage to be yourself. thank you and god bless. look on that is, robin roberts last year's courage award winner was there and she is going to take a special look at the best moments from the awards at 7:00 after our news. here is leyla gulen.
5:46 am
>> we have weather and traffic. we will look at the kgo roof camera with fog visible at the tip of the pyramid but mostly the patchy fog and direction oh along the coast high clouds today but as the morning wears on the clouds will continue. we have an upper southern breeze that pushing the trough of low pressure from the pacific and that will push the moisture out and you may notice it is less humid today than yesterday and the day before that. we also have our higher temperatures on the way through the week end and into next week, as well, and the ridge of high pressure is coming in over the desert and will drop off in the bay area bringing us triple
5:47 am
digits by wednesday. our highs today around the bay area in the upper 70's and to the lower 80's, as well, along the peninsula in the mid-to-upper 70's and low 60's along the coast still willing mostly cloudy for the coastal communities and partly cloudy for the rest of us with the exception inland are sunny. 90 in clear lake and 77 in vallejo and 80 in cloverdale. 69 in richmond in the low-to-mid 70's for the east bay and 79 in san ramon and 77 in concord in the lower 80's for antioch and mid-80's for brightwood. overnight lows, will be cloudy and folky -- foggy again in the evening. lows will be upper 50's to lower 60's and still mild.
5:48 am
my seven-day outlook shows cloud cover remaining and it is going do warm up and the humidity will go away and we will start to see the hot temperatures midweek. switching gories, traffic -- switching gears, at washington street we have a fender bender on the should but not blocking lanes and no delays in the area. moo-ing over to the peninsula we have police activity here, avoid the area so that is an active scene and avoid it. >> this is our drive across the bay bridge toll plaza which is clear and looking at the golden gate bridge, you can see the fog really is starting to come in and the drizzle is seen on the glistening roadway so be careful. keep both hands on the wheel. eric and kristen? >> bay area rabbits are doing what they do best ...
5:49 am
peninsula humane society. >> what's up doc. >> there are 58 rabbits at the shelter up 50 percent from this time last year. >> because of the timing, we believe they were easter season impulse buys purchased by families who thought it was a good idea at time and realized it was too much care or the novelty wore off and they dumped them we at the shelter. >> there are so many that the peninsula humane society and spca are weighing adoption fees saying they make great pets living 10 to 12 years but families need to be willing to learn to care for them properly. >> home prices gone wild. a new dubious distinction for san francisco's real estate market. >> driverless cars.
5:50 am
why does the f.b.i. have crime concerns with the new technology? >> he could be the young of the beatle fan ever, a five-year-old boy's love is an inspiration
5:51 am
5:52 am
the mother of laid "glee" act report is honoring her son's memory. the 31-year-old died of alcohol and drug overdose in a hotel in july. his mother says she is still in mourning. in an exclusive interview on "good morning america" she spoke
5:53 am
about her son who she called baby bear. >> only the last few days of being able to accept it. the loss is...horrendous. i could fought even look at a picture three days ago. ought mother shares never-before-seen photos and has a message for other parents who are dealing with drug abuse. we will hear more from the exclusive interview coming up open "good morning america" at 7:00. new concerns this morning about google's driverless cars getting into the wrong hands. federal agents are afraid driverless cars could be used as lethal weapons so the f.b.i. has commissioned a report on the impact on traffic crime enforcement. nightmare senator air crows like criminals using the cars for freeway shootouts and car chases, because the cars can drive themselves, passengers are tree to do a they want without fear of it crashing.
5:54 am
>> yesterday we hadding for and drizzle issue. what about snowed. >> fog and reduced visibility and patchy drizzle but it is a gloomy start to the day. look at the gray skies, upper clouds that are thick and spotty drizzle but less humid. it will be cool we than yesterday and the same for some spots but the warm-up is this weekend with more on that in a little bit. current temperatures headed out to bart we have lower 60's if lafayette and walnut creek and dublin/pleasanton and 65 in hayward and 61 in san francisco and 58 in daly city. the seven-day forecast is coming up. s with we look at traffic we have a couple of problems and the bay bridge has heavy conditions and construction that will last until 6:00 wrapping up as we speak. westbound side from the incline to the tower is where you will find it with speeds dropping
5:55 am
down and we have police activity in redwood city and avoid the area. a look outside, the metering lights have been turned on and that is why the traffic is slow backing up out of emeryville. san francisco is now million dollar city when couple of minuteses to real estate. the median price for a single family home or condo hit the million dollar park for the first time in june and that is the first time any bay area county is in a seven-figure median price which is result of limited inventory and cash buyers are willing to pay anything to get in the mack coat. many of them are technical workers with i.p.o. money but the one bit of home is the appreciation is slowing for the nine county bay area region at median price of $618,000. >> a five-year-old boy in los gatos is loving the beatles.
5:56 am
♪ hard day's night ♪ and i've been working like a dog ♪ >> been a hard day's night ♪ >> "king" has been listening for as long as he can remember and his mother calls him a miracle because he is the only survivor of a set triplets. king made it and he attended ringo starr's concert in san jose and played his drums. he is learning to play guitar. why does he lake them so much? >> i love them because they have good music and they are about lovin' people and don't want to hurt people. just love people. >> king's mother is inspired by her son's passion with four recurrences of we breast cancer and now is fighting ovarian cancer. they will attend we paul
5:57 am
mccartney's last concert at candlestick. >> the morning news continues at 6:00 with new stories. >> including major business news, microsoft announced the biggest layoffs in its history and how many jobs will be lost and when. would you call this obscene? criticism now facing san francisco's start-up airbnb and the brand new look. >> later, big box bargains "7 on your side" reveals what you should do to load up or whether you should on the next trip to costco and what you should leave
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a running gun battle ends in the death of two suspects and an innocent hostage. the bank robbery and wild face
6:00 am
and gunfire. the security slip-up at sfo a woman get as patdown but the man doing the search is not with the t.s.a. what we are learning about would he really is. >> the ceremony years in the making takes place at the new home for the 49ers and we have a preview of the ribbon cutting. leyla gulen doing double duty this morning. good morning, everyone, at 6:00 we are waking up to patchy fog and drizzle and reduced visibility. live doppler 7 hd shows radar satellite is picking up the returns and mostly high clouds today and it will be bloomy stat and it will will hartley cloudy for the bay area. from emeryville camera to the maze it is dry but the roads are already pretty wet as we head into the noon hour you will be in the lower


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