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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 17, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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sz. >> blown right out of the sky. hundreds dead after malaysian airline flight shot down over ukraine and this is all that is left. tonight we learn more about those on board as investigators try to piece together exactly what happened. good evening everyone. i'm larry biel in for dan. >> i'm amma. here's the lates latest. 2 98 people were on board that flight. 3 were infant. we learn more about the passengers. several were on their way to an aids conference in australia. including some prominent researchers. >> fbi and the ntsb are sending teams to the renal to advice local investigators emergency meeting of the united nations security council is scheduled for tomorrow. >> here's more. >> may laetion airline flight 17 down in eastern ukraine.
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all 2 83 passengers including 3 infant and 15 crew members dea dead. unclear if americans were on the flight. u.s. officials say what is clear is that the boeing triple 7 traveling at 33,000 feet from amsterdam to kuala lumpur shot down by sophisticated missile. >> not an accident blown out of the sky. >> officials say still unsheer who launched the missile and from where. government around the world are calling for justice. >> this look less like an accident and a crime. >> russia pro russian remember nell a growing battle with ukraine deny any involvement. but ukrainian officials claim they have evidence. 2 intercepted phone calls. including this one. in which a separatist at the scene reportedly tells russian military intelligence we have shot down a plane. wreckage is still smoldering. debris field stretching for miles. >> grim scene we see here. >> officials tell us that the fbi and ntsb will be headed to
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ukraine to serve in advisory role in the investigation. >> u.s. urging rebel not the move anything including the plane black boxes which they claim they found. key now to get the data to authorities. abc news washington. >> growing memorial tonight in ukraine outside the dutch embassy in kiev. flowers candle now cover steps left in memory of 2 98 victims killed today. one people on board was a pioneer in aids research lan lang. he was one of many people heading to australia aids conference beginning on sunday. professor dr. maria spoke with us on her way to the conference tonight. >> huge impact both on people who work closely with him. people in the lab and on society as a whole. it's an incredible loss. >> we are all just bracing ourselves to arrive and find out who else may have been on the flight. it's unbelievable.
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it's not really real yet. >> also confirmed dead is world health organization spokesman glen ri monday thomas. we continue to follow the developing story on air on line our coverage continues now on our web site and on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. and our other big international story we are covering tonight is in the middle east. after 9 days of air attack israel has launched a massive ground offensive in gases a.thousands of ill rael troops moved into the strip today after israel prime minister says hamas violent add cease fire plan. one israeli soldier was killed in today ground operation more than 240 palestinian an and one israeli civilian also killed sense the fighting began last week. >> and "nightline"tonight for more on the mid east crisis and malaysian airline plane shot down. >> investigators say the man killed officer involved
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shooting today had a history of domestic violence. it happened near san leandro before 5:00 o'clock. alameda county sheriff's office says the suspect was violently attacking a woman on busy street. smashing her head against this car. motorcycle officer the fires arrive. >> officer dropped the bake and got out to go rescue the woman. during the altercation shots were fired by our officers to stop the threat from the suspect. >> investigators are also looking into reports that the suspect was trying to hit the officer and the woman with his car when he was killed. female victim was hospitalized with severe head injuries no word on her condition. >> grief stricken community mourne the loss of a woman used as human app shield after the stockton bank robbery. miss t host sing was killed yesterday after 3 men robbed bank of the west branch then led police on
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hour long chase. lisa joins us live from the bank and lisa looks like there's a growing memorial behind you. >> very true. i spoke with the man who made that sign that reads a lot of beautiful lives were destroyed yesterday. he's angry about what happened here. others mean time are heart broken by the stlils erupted in this city. tonight they silen silently place flowers notes and candle outside the bank where the horror started. blaze more than just money was exchanged. teller remember customers here. also where stockton permanently changed. >> happen to the family and community period and. >>reporter: what happened was fast and violent. 3 men robbed the bank and took 3 women hostage. 2 employee and one customer misty holt sing after hour long chase 3 people were dead. 2 suspects and the 41-year-old mother of 2.
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>> it definitely make me angry. that could have been my wife. could have been nebraska's wife. nebraska's mother. and like i was tell you it hit close to home. >>reporter: holt sing family was understandably too upset to talk today. but the city police chief had a lot to say about the rampage and the sole surviving suspect ramos. investigators believe the only reason he was unharmed is because he used holt sing as a human shield. she defened his decision to fire at the suspect even with the hostages. >> these suspects at some point had to be stopped because of the fear of the continued the attempt killing of police officers and others wherever they were driving. >>reporter: no officers hurt. ramos charged with homicide kidnapping and robbery. in stockton lisa abc 7 news. >> san francisco general hospital is asking for your help identifying one of the patients. hospital officials say this man was brought in by
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an ambulance on june 27 confused and with no identification. he appears to be in his 50's by 5 foot 10 weighs 213 pounds. if you happen to know whoa is call the sheriff's department at sf general. >> road rage led to shooting in the north bay. the 71-year-old man who shot 69-year-old says it was self-defense. shooting happened on paradise drive near robin drive in this area. allen is live there with how this all played out today. alan? >> police say both men got in a road remain incident about a mile and a half from where we are. they say a mercedes benz followed a red smart car all the way up this road to that driveway behind me and that's when the owner of the red smart car ran that his home and came back out with a gun. it was a road remain incident and even though 71-year-old simon followed home by 69-year-old man who drove his mercedes benz
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into the garage police say simon did not have the right to shoot him twice in the torso with the.357 revolver. >> moment in time where mr. mr. simon was safe in his house. secured in his house with access to cell phone and telephone to call 911. he was armed with handgun. no one attempting to enter the residence at that time. >> but police say simon came back out fired a warning shot into the ground and confronted the man confirmed identity but asked us not to release until the family is notified. >> working on his left, left side. this side. >> simon is a family doctor. he lives about a mile from the shooting victim who is retired mortgage firm owner. his neighbors told us he has anger issues and simon former neighbor says the same thing about him. >> he's angry man. hostile angry man. >> simon attorney sent statement to abc 7 saying this is a clear case of self-defense. i am confident that the facts will ultimately
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proof that dr. seem on was in fear for his life and the life of his wife. police say both men could be charged with reckless driving. alan wong abc 7 news. >> next. the woman seen in this video being punched here by chp officer is fighting back. the serious allegations made tonight. >> plus some special delivery land shipping giant in hot water. the strong words fedex has for the feds. >> bush a hard day night. >> he might be the world youn youngest beadle fan how his love for the fabulous 4 love for the fabulous 4 inspiring his family. >> i'm sandhya we are back to our typical marine larry but it will get replaced by muggy warm weather. i have the detail look at the weekend but first hers jimmy kimmel. >> take a gander what's up with us after the news. >> one of the old head shop. like this this part. don't
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>> woman seen in the video punched by chp officer in los angeles filed a lawsuit today claiming excessive use of force assault and battery. chp says the officer had to subdue marlene pin because she wouldn't stop walking in and out of traffic on busy highway. but her family says the officer went way too far. her attorney also accuse the chp of trying to demonize pin questioning her mental health. >> federal grand jury in san francisco indicted fedex today for knowingly shipping prescription drugs from the
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illegal on line pharmacy. indictment accuses fedex of ignoring government warnings for nearly a decade. plead not guilty and can not possibly check every passenger it ships. strongly worded statement fedex tells abc 7 news we have no interest in violating the privacy of our customers. we continue to stand ready and willing to support and assist law enforcement. we can not however do the job of law enforce ourselves. >> few 5-year-old ever heard of the beadle let alone sing the song but a boy loves the fab 4. >> now proving inspirational for his mom. liz from our sister station has the story. >> been a hard day night should be sleeping like a. >> 5-year-old knows his beadle music. he has been listening to the fab 4 since he could barely walk. about. >> ♪ everything seems to be
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right. >> his mother beliefs it was at the age of 2 he heard the first beadle tune on a cd u. >> all he listens to. the fact that king can sing or listen to beadle music at all is a mile an hour committee. he is the only survivor of a set of triplets. his mother says doctors have little hope he would make it. king not only survived he this arrives and not only sings beadle tunes but 4 months ago he started learning to play beatles songs on the guitar. >> kings 50 tar instructor never seen anything like it. 2 play just beadle music. why? >> always have good music. they make music about loving people. >> he wants to make music too and she wants to fulfill the dream but there's an urgency now. >> i have been fateing cancer for 13 years. and it keeps
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coming back no matter what i do keeps coming back. >> cali has had 4 recurrences of breast cancer now fighting ovarian cancer. knowing how precious her time is she called to get special ticket to see ringo this past weekend in san jose. one call led to another and king and cali ended up with ringo star back stage. >> give me hug give me a hug so he i'm his brother because i didn't have zero brother now i have 4 brothers. >> he sat and played and it was funny because they were hick how long has he been playing the drum. this is the first time they didn't believe me. >> king and cali have tickets to see paul at candlestick august 14. very last concert at the ballpark. hopefully king able to meet another idol that day or as ringo told king his other brother. if ♪ in
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the dead of night ♪ learn to fly ♪ . >> amazing. >> how adorable z.kahn imam what grown up would pay to drum on ringo star drum set. >> i know. >> what a special opportunity for that young boy. >> absolutely. let's get a check on the weather with sandhya tonight. sand why. >> absolutely cute and obviously really into it. here's a look at live doppler 7hd right now. we are back to the our usual pattern. marine layer is back. it's about 2500 feet deep tonight and it's made a push for concord. out towards santa rosa as we look at the sierra nevada last 6 hours we have seen some thunderstorms across the renal. the storms have died down and we are expecting them to fire
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back up again tomorrow. there is a flash flood watch in effect until saturday at 9 p.m. as you take a look for the sierra nevada so thunderstorms could produce some heavy rainfall as we head that tomorrow just keep that in mind if you are going to the tahoe area. here's a view from our emeryville camera over cast sky right now. we are looking at temperatures that are really on the comfortable side at this hour. in the 60's for san francisco oakland san jose gilroy 61 degrees. half man bay is at 63. i guess we have problems. i'll toss it back to you. >> keep going. >> camera just moved off screen. all right i'll keep going. why not. >> just talk. >> it's a beautiful view. >> here's another view from our exploring camera. over cast sky right now. this is what you are going to have to deal with first thing tomorrow morning. it is 59 in santa rosa right now. low 60's for nap have the o'conner cord livermore and oneless view from our sfo camera. here's what is
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coming. mostly cloudy mild morning. a little bit warmerp the next 2 day and humid again this you coming weekend so you look at the water vapor imagery just present teend i'm standing in front of the graphic. we see another plume of moisture get pulled up again as we hit the weekend and as we get closer to the weekend things changing. so we have a nice break from the humidity but more clouds and mug iness returns by saturday around 4 or 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon evening hours and it really continues going into your sunday. so do expect sticky conditions forth upcoming weekend and tomorrow morning many don't worry about the humidity but it's mild. upper 50's to low 60's. quite a bit of cloud cover and there might be a patch or 2 of drizzle but as of late the computer model really backing off on. that high pressure coming up in most 80's tomorrow. clouds linger near the coast. 67 san francisco. 66 half moon bay. 71 in oakland. a little warmer
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inland. 82 livermore. 84 antioch up to the mid 70's santa rosa, palo alto, 79 in san jose and we are proud sponsor of the aids walk in san francisco. three days away this sunday. it's actually going to be pleasant walking weather upper 50's to low 60's. a little muggy. look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. humidity stays up saturday sunday. but back down and back to the usual pattern next week. fog in the morning sunshine in the afternoon temperatures will flux ate very little. >> camp are on you or not it's staying muggy. >> it is. not today. not tomorrow. >> we have a little break. >> there you go you have a break from seeing me on camera. >> we will have seeing you sandhya. >> thank you amma. >> in sports tiger woods open the british open with back to become bogey but what happened on the back 9 that makes him look kind of dangerous. sports look kind of dangerous. sports is next
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>> lacking nothing like the guy who missed the cut 3 week ago after returning from back surgery tiger woods just might be a contender in the british open. perfect conditions for round 1. royal liverpool. shot of the day. nice way to start the round first hole spectacular birdie. 5 under skechlt one off the lead. rory started out on fire. bogey free. 66 nearly hold out on 2. he's the leader. see what he does in round 2. struggle on friday. tiger woods his first major of the year. bogey first 2 hole. 5 birdie though on the back 9 including this one on 1 11. 3 under 69. he's only 3 back. >> i'm getting stronger getting father material getting more explosives. ball starting to travel again and those are all positive things. >> while the 49ers open the
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gorgeous new levi stadium today commissioner goodell once again suggested that the raiders should consider playing in santa clara. raiders owner davis wants his own stadium hard to see the financing coming together on 800 million dollar facility in oakland which leaves the silver and black in limbo would. unless they don't mind the drive to santa clare. >> believe new stadium appropriate for the raiders. they make the determination whether they are in stadium in oakland or feel it's best to join this stadium but working on that and that's one of the decision they have to make going forward. >> giants and a's begin the second-of the season to. a's welcoming manny to oakland. this ought to be
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>> second half of the baseball season begins to. a's best record in all of the major but on only game and a half lead over the angels in the al west. green gold begin the second half at the coliseum against the orioles. tension between these club really heated up a few we go ago in baltimore thanks to manny and his antic with the bat throwing. he and josh have a feud that is brewing. as teement a's very confident bunch. having fun together. >> everybody wants to win the in the clubhouse. just a fun atmosphere to be in. everybody is in a good mood. everybody ready to good every day and that's what this team does. we shown show up ever day ready to win and until the final out we fight to inwith. >> last month everybody has been asking what is going on with the giants? after blowing a 9 game lead in the division currently behind the donors whom they face in just one week. first though
11:31 pm
the giants have a 7 game road trip against mooim and phillie phillies. giants know the last month doesn't really tell the whole story of the season. >> challenge for us is we have to look at the over all over all record right now. still in a good spot and things have gone for us the past month. still in a good spot. >> we have to good for it. this last 70 games or so. >> long way to go. >> certainly.
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xfinity continues to innovate, bringing you the fastest, most reliable internet, period. [ heart beating ] xfinity internet from comcast. double the speed. [ heart beats ] double the speed. >> that's our report tonight. thanks for watching. abc 7 news continues on line on twitter facebook all the mobile device at the 7 news app. next newscast at 4:30 tomorrow
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morning. >> jimmy kim up next with actor dane cook >> announcer: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- dane cook from "tammy." mark duplass. and music from trey songz. with cleto and the cletones and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: thank you for being here tonight. i appreciate that. it's very nice.


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