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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 25, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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download the xarelto® patient center app, call 1-888-xarelto, or visit announcer: live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. good afternoon, everyone, i'm larry. >> i'm ama daetz. crews are watching for hot spots from a brush fire they just put out. you can see from sky 7 how a helicopter doused the flames with water. the fire broke out around 2:45 this afternoon. people reported seeing smoke from several miles away. a record setting day in san francisco. we are looking at staying cool in the city. we have video from the aquatic park. >> in the east bay, it was hot enough for a water fight.
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these kids found a fun way to stay cool. this is a favorite for sunbathers. >> for those who didn't have to work, lucky you. it was a great day to be at the beach. spencer christian may be out there with the sunbathers. we have more on the record temperatures and the weekend ahead. >> i think you should go out there. san francisco is a new record for the day. it shattered the previous record. let's look at live doppler 7 hd. it is so warm out here, the temperature is 77 degrees. clear skies across the region here. look at the high so far. san francisco, 85, a new record. 82 was the previous record set at 73. 93 so far. 90 was the previous record. triple digits in antioch, san jose, 94. the high santa rosa, 97.
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88 in oakland. a cooler spot is half-moon bay at 68 degrees. as you look at the relative humidity right now, in the teens around livermore, fairfield, dry air mass, san jose. a live picture from the golden gate camera where it is sunny everywhere. tomorrow morning, clear and mild except patchy fog near the coast. hot inland with triple digits showing up. cooler around the coast and the bay. upper 60s on the low end. i'll be back with a complete look at the temperatures for the upcoming weekend. larry, ama? >> thank you so much. the images are too familiar. a limousine engulfed in flames. abc 7 news reporter, laura anthony is live with the story. laura? >> reporter: we are not sure if this was heat related. it certainly got plenty hot. this is the burned out area
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where this limousine came to rest. it burned up, gutted in a matter of seconds. we are not sure exactly how it started. it's certainly good that no one, except the driver, was inside. >> pretty disturbing. >> reporter: the driver of this stretch limousine said it took a matter of seconds before the overheating engine turned into this inferno. >> i lifted the hood and i looked at the oil and stuff. it's just like a poof of flames in the back of the engine. >> reporter: also the owner of the car, james says he tried to put out the fire with a small extinguisher but he had no chance. he was just returning to his home with the rig after getting it freshly washed. he says this limo was supposed to carry a full party to the napa valley tomorrow. not anymore. >> when you look at the limo's
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they are roomy inside. there's only one point of entry and egress. that's where you have a problem. >> reporter: this comes 13 months after one burst into flames. >> it's a miracle nobody got hurt. >> reporter: then ten woman on the way to a birthday party got out after an idling stretch. the prior incidents were definitely on his mind as he watched his chrysler go up in smoke. >> my god. thank god nobody was in the car. >> reporter: the fire department will investigate. it originated in the engine come partment. laura anthony, abc 7 news. police want to find this man. prosecutors indicted him on charges of distributing methamphetamine. he's from the stockton area. he might be there. he is 5'7", weighing 130 pounds.
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he's armed and dangerous. if you see him, call 911 immediately. a grand jury filed a new charge against a gangster. in addition to other corruption charges, he faces a count of racketeering. he's accused of accepting bribes. they are accused of running drug sales, laundering money and buying stolen property. 27 other people face charges in the case. traffic is moving along southbound highway 101 near seminary drive. a garbage truck overturned blocking lanes. it took 90 minutes for the accident to be cleared and that caused major delays. fire investigators are looking into the cause of a deadly fire that broke out around 5:00 this morning near the san francisco golf club.
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hoarding may have been a factor. it happened on this high-rise. firefighters saw smoke coming from a second story unit and broke down the door to find multiple fires burning inside the apartment and a woman dead. the apartment was extremely cluttered, which made it difficult to put out the flames. >> they broke open the window, they had to move things away. i could see piles everywhere. there was a lot of stuff. >> residents say the victim lived in the high-rise for years but they didn't know her well. she was quiet and kept to herself. she was in her 60s. the fire was contained to the one unit. b.a.r.t. service back to normal after the coliseum station was closed during rush hour. that station was evacuated and closed before 7:45 a.m. somebody called 911 to report rumors of a bomb threat. it was opened an hour later, no evidence of a bomb there. be honest.
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do you resort to using the lanes marked transit only in downtown san francisco? >> sometimes it's confusing. you are warned, don't do it anymore especially on market street. we are live with the story. hi, vic. >> reporter: don't you dare do that. the reason we are on church street, not market street is we can show you the transit only lanes that are colored red. they are behind me. now the lanes, of course, for the express use of public transit as well as taxis. private vehicles, you can use them but only if you are making an immediate right turn to the next street. the color red is a deterrent against violators. beginning tonight, they will color the transit only zones on market street red, hoping for the same results. many cars like this one, simply ignore the transit only lanes.
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right now, they are spelled out in big, white letters. >> this is every day, all day, very frustrating. >> reporter: she is a muni bus operat operator. >> a lot of times, it's for people to travel down the lane because the other lane is so congested. bicycles don't want to use their lane because of the congestion of the cars. >> reporter: starting tonight, muni hopes to change that. they will color the lanes. the choice of color, bright red, like a red flag, a warning that it's a place you shouldn't be in. just to be sure, cameras on buses capture the violators parking in red zones. parking control officer, jack wong is looking at video of a van double parked blocking the bus access in the red zone. >> a camera and takes license plate. >> reporter: the license plate identifies the owner of the
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vehicle. muni tried it as a pilot program between 16th and dubost. coloring it red helped muni move more quickly. >> they increased the travel time by 20%. >> reporter: on average, muni buses make 60,000 trips every week. they hope drivers will know the red carpet is only for muni's vips, very important passengers. vic lee, nbc news. you have to pay big to eat and drink at the new 49ers stadium. there's one favorite you will not find on the menu, plus -- >> it's going to be hot but we are ready for it. >> it's going to be sizzling at the garlic festival. keeping everybody cool and safe. a white house summit on the border crisis with central
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american leaders. the plan to reduce the number of undocumented immigrants. approaching 4:10 on a friday afternoon. this is the toll plaza at the bay bridge. the metering lights have been on for several hours. fast track is getting through there. when i came in a couple hours ago, there was very heavy traffic. there's a giants/dodgers game at at&t park. maybe people are coming in early. it's going to be slow going heading into san francisco this evening.
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with a new volkswagen turbo.ardd okesperscard why are we so obsessed with turbo? because we like giving you power, but we also like giving you fuel efficiency. like the sporty jetta. and the turbocharged passat tdi® clean diesel. okay... and the iconic beetle... and the powerful tiguan... okay you can't forget the cc... guys, this is going to take a while. avo: hurry in and you can get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card when you lease a new 2014 jetta se for $199 a month. these images of seattle space needle look spectacular but could land an amazon employee in hot water. he used a drone to get the shots. it caused quite a stir.
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it startled tourists on the observation desk. he was from out of state and just bought it. the faa issued guidelines which includes keeping them below the height of the space needle and away from populated places. thrill seekers will try to take life by the horns and run with the bulls in the east bay. it's held tomorrow at the alameda county fairgrounds. this is video from a similar event last year in virginia. you know about this event they do in spain through the narrow streets. participants here will try to dodge 18, 1500 pound bulls. tickets cost $75. you have to pay to put your life in danger. >> you have to sign a waiver, too. >> no matter what happens, they are not responsible. >> the group peta is trying to
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halt the stampede, but it is going on as planned. how about the best soccer teams in the world prepping for their match? sky 7 hd showing the logos painted on the real grass they have installed at the stadium. real madrid will play friendly as part of the international championships cup. that is tomorrow and kicks off at 3:00. but, it is not for sure if renaldo will suit up. ladies are upset about he and other international players resting after the world cup. if you plan on spending big bucks, you have to dig deeper if you get hungry or thirsty. don't yell hot dog! hot dog. you can't use that expression there. frankfurters are 95 cents more.
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you will pay champagne prices for beer. that is up 50 cents from last year. the niners say the prices compare to those charged at other bay area sports venues. i don't think that makes it easier. >> $10 a beer is significant. with this stretch of hot weather we are having, one of the biggest festivals is taking precautions this weekend. >> the garlic festival is this weekend. >> abc 7 news reporter, nick smith has the story from gilroy. where there's smoke, there's fire. for 36 years, organizers of the gilroy garlic festival decided to make adjustments to keep the culinary fresh and attendees safe and comfortable on a day that could see record temps. thousands expected to attend, crews added can pis over cooking
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and event stations. this year, misting stations when things get really hot. >> plenty of water, frozen lemonade and plenty of stuff to keep them hydrated. we have free water booths to stay hydrated and enjoy the day. >> reporter: it's easier to find a watering station or their group, if separated. a technology upgrade. 2014 will produce the gilroy garlic app. >> they can get an app, see where they are in the park and how to get from point a to point b. >> one thing they are looking for is one of these, a port-a-john. it's going to be a hot one today. all weekend. we are ready. >> reporter: we found crews trying to get ahead of the heat. 240 port-a-johns will be set up. sun, garlic and fun, who could ask for anything more?
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it's strictly volunteer. the money raised is given back to the community. last year, they raised $350,000. this year, they are on track to beat that number. in gilroy, nick smith, abc 7 news. >> i'd brave the heat for garlic fries. >> you are addicted. almost everybody is addicted to garlic fries. >> it's going to be hat. we are in with the accuweather forecast. >> the garlic festival and heat go hand in hand this time of year. it tends to be hot there. once again, we are expecting it is for the upcoming weekend. let me show you the festival forecast. if you are heading down to try the garlic fries, garlic ice cream. tomorrow, upper 70s. warm at 1:00 p.m. 90 degrees, hot by 4:00 p.m. mid-90s. 7:00 p.m., low 80s. mild. gilroy has already gotten up
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into the hot territory today. if you are going out there, take plenty of water with you. of course, short sleeve weather. live doppler 7 hd looking at clear skies. here is a view from the roof camera. i'm waiting for the strong breeze to come in. sun is out. it's warm still. 76 in san francisco. 84 in oakland. 90s in san carlos. 68 in half-moon bay. here is a hazy view from the east bay hills camera. it's why we have a spare the air alert in effect now. 97 in santa rosa. 99 in novado. liver more, a view from the explore camera, hot this weekend. cooler at the coast. a few extra clouds show up on sunday bringing up the humidity just a little bit. that hot air mass that is with us today will continue tomorrow so the heat hangs on inland for the upcoming weekend. you will notice changes along the coast. first patches of fog tomorrow
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morning along the coastline. we are looking at breezier conditions. coast and bay come down a few degrees for saturday afternoon. that trend continues sunday. morning, mainly in the upper 50s to mid-60s. a few locations like santa rosa, napa, santa cruz, half-moon bay. it's a mild start. quickly heting up. 90 san jose. cupertino, 78. that's where you want to go. peninsula, 78. redwood city, 68 degrees. 67 half-moon bay. mid-70s around downtown san francisco. you are going down about ten degrees but still pretty warm. 68 in daly city. up to 101 degrees territory for a wide range of temperatures there. 90 in santa rosa. 85 caster valley freemont. inland spots, boy, it's going to
4:21 pm
be sizzling. antioch, triple digits. a hot one, 98 degrees. 96 in san ramon and pleasantton. if you are taking part in the san francisco marathon, it's sunday morning. it's going to be quite comfortable with fog around the golden gate park side. the forecast, upper 60s to low 100s tomorrow. high clouds moving in. the subtropical moisture. the temperatures go down inland out of the triple digits. cooling continues early next week in the mid-90s. we'll have a nice wide range of temperatures going into next week. for now, we are thinking about the weekend, right? >> always. thanks. up next, the whole new way to capture the ultimate proposal. a little box with more than a ring in it. after 4:30, the touching serenade from tim mcgraw t
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as you know, parking can be a pain. these people got creative with their vehicles at the tour de france. they blocked their own cars to make one huge multicolored bicycle on the side of the course. >> no quick get away if you are in the middle. >> that's okay. it's all about the art. then you have to get up high to take a picture. that takes a lot of coordination. that was well done. four classmates from michigan believe they have a way to capture one of life's most memorable questions, popping a question. >> a ring cam that promises to give proposal videos a new perspective and a memory to keep forever. >> check out the tiny camera embedded in the engagement ring box. when the groom gets down, it catches his sweetheart's response. hopefully ecstatic. >> only the person proposing
4:25 pm
knows it's there. you are able to capture that genuine element of surprise. >> it's a special moment. to be able to capture that is beyond words. >> shocked and it was the happiest moment of my life. >> you have a lifetime memory when she goes, you know, i thought maybe we would just be friends. >> play it over and over. >> it's in the running for the next season of "shark tank" which you can catch tonight at 8:00. it's a good idea. still ahead on abc 7 news, crisis at the border. president obama meets with leaders. their plan to ease minors crossing the border. plus -- >> i think things are going to change in the future. >> the booming business to get residents water at home. buzz aldron
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announcer: live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. happening now, a large rally for peace in the middle east winding through the streets of manhattan. hundreds of people took part in this, stretching across three
4:29 pm
city blocks. over the past two weeks, new york city saw dualing protest groups outside the israeli consulate, city hall calling for the end of the conflict. >> the latest on the effort to end the crisis. hours after rejecting terms of a longer cease-fire, israel's president says the nation will begin a 12-hour truce. >> the u.n. called for the 12-hour cease-fire with hopes it would be extended to seven days while they worked to broker an end to the bloodshed. u.s. secretary of state, john kerry is among them. >> the whole world is watching a tragic moment after tragic moment unfold and wondering when is everybody going to come to their senses. >> kerry is set to meet with more than a half dozen foreign ministers in france tomorrow to help broker a cease-fire. in the west bank, a new round of angry clashes. 38 israelis have died in the latest surge of violence.
4:30 pm
overseas, french soldiers have recovered one of the two black boxes from the air algerie flight. the disaster killed all 118 people on board. the plane went down in bad weather. almost half the victims were french citizens. more than 200 french troops plan to safeguard the scene until investigators arrive tomorrow. investigators are hoping the black boxes from a commuter plane will give information on why it crashed. 48 people died when a transasia airways plane went down in a storm. ten others survived. officials called in dozens of workers to remove the debris piece by piece to gather as many details as possible. the crisis on the border. president obama met with leaders at the white house to discuss the influx of young immigrants into the u.s. they are working to slow down
4:31 pm
the flow of children crossing the border. we have more. >> reporter: stepped up patrols have not stopped. over 57,000 children came illegally entering the country since october. president obama met with the president's of guatemala and honduras. >> we have to deter a continuing influx of children putting themselves at great risk and families putting their children at great risk. >> reporter: they discussed a plan that prescreens children in honduras to see if they are eligible for refugee status before they begin the journey to the u.s. it sparked a humanitarian crisis along the border. the white house asked for close to $4 billion in emergency
4:32 pm
spending for housing authority to send unaccompanied minors to their home country more quickly. congress is considering a $1 billion package and that may not pass before the august 3 recess. they are split on how to deal with the wave of child refugees. >> if you look at the history of our country, we are founded on immigrants. that is the story of america. >> i would rather us help the people in our nation than illegal immigrants. we need the help here. >> reporter: for now, the children remain in the u.s. until immigration judges decide if they should be deported. that could take months or years. >> more problems for chrysler. the government is investigating complaints about the dodge charger sedans. the highway traffic safety says some customers are complaining about engine stalling and alternator failures. it covers 123,000 chargers in
4:33 pm
the 2011 and 2012 model years. in all cases, the cars were going 40 or more miles per hour. chrysler is co-op rating with the investigation. the park to be on restricted use tomorrow. no barbecues or open flames. the heat coupled with a severe drought are forcing people. kiddy pools are not the go-to they used to be. we have more on how the heat spell can be a learning opportunity. >> reporter: this is one way kids like to beat the heat. who can blame them. this pool uses 40 gallons of water. that's the equivalent of three five-minute showers. a drought campaign is asking you to consider the beach rather than a kiddy pool. sit's wonderful, but how about taking the water out and watering your plants with it. >> reporter: it's a teaching
4:34 pm
opportunity to remind youngsters we are in a drought. this mom is making every drop count. >> that way they know that, you know, it is a drought season but they have to get wet because it's too hot out here for them. >> reporter: starting monday, valley water district is kicking off a 430,000 media campaign for the brown is the new green campaign. the message to conserve water is going to be on buses, billboards, tv, radio. >> santa clara county, this summer, brown is the new green. join the movement. >> hopefully it will sink in. with so much going on in our world with social media and so many messages. the hope is we will be able to rise above all of that to get the message out to the masses. >> reporter: one message is to water lawns only when needed. when it doesn't spring back, it's time to water. >> you should be happy with yourself, you brought the turf
4:35 pm
down to the stress point. it needs watered at that time. >> reporter: they are encouraging selfies like this. >> it's a great thing. >> david louie, abc 7 news. >> with wells going dry, our drought created a booming business for water delivery companies. >> a growing number of businesses are looking at trucks to bring water to their homes. >> reporter: a growing number of valley residents are counting on trucks to bring them their water. >> going crazy. now, i'm up early and back home late and taking care of people that are out in the rural areas where the wells are drying up. >> reporter: jim brown is one of several delivery services providing water for residents. the water on the truck is pumped into a storage tank. some were installed years ago. now, they are a primary source for many homes.
4:36 pm
many tanks hold 25000 gallons. he's delivered water 40 years. >> most of them, the wells run dry, we fill swimming pools. >> reporter: the service is not cheap. >> the average cost is about $300 a load. maybe here locally, i'd charge some people $200. it varies with the distance. >> reporter: they get their water from city fire hydrants. they hook up a meter provided by the city. they are charged a little more than $1 for every 1,000 gallons. business always picks up in the summer. >> they work off the wells in the winter. as soon as the summer comes, the farmers start turning on their deep ag wells, the water table drops and they lose their wells. >> reporter: once it drops, they must dig deeper and deeper. well drillers are so busy, it's a long wait. >> if you call for a well, it's
4:37 pm
8 months to a year for residents. >> reporter: this is happening all over the valley and the foothills. >> it's spread everywhere. this year, i have got calls from places i never got calls before. >> reporter: if it continues, this will become routine for more and more homes. >> water is going to be looked at differently. people need to get used to thinking, this is like the milkman in days of old. >> that was gene reporting. the human barbecue is up next with the hot forecast. >> yeah, baking in the heat. here is a live look, larry from the east bay hills camera. air quality is running low. spare the air alert. the hot weather will stick around for the upcoming weekend. there is some relief coming. i'll let you know where, coming up. here is my college diploma. >> also coming up, the embarrassing typo this uc
4:38 pm
berkeley grad found on his diploma. later -- >> imagine being on that plane. scary moments for passengers and why armed men were boarding their plane. taking a live look at the traffic at 4:38 on your friday. this is walnut creek going south on the right toward the south bay. good looking there. if you are on 680 north, it's going to take time. slow going. lots of traffic there you go. it at us. so it's kfc night.
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now, this is a sight to see. people in australia recreated the armona lisa using skittles. they built a seven square meter mosaic of the famous painting. it took 67 hours to complete and is in the guinness book of world records. awesome. yeah! >> now this is the way to lead a crowd. this is 15-month-old luke radville commanding a game of simon says in front of a large crowd at a summer camp in north carolina. not sure he's doing simon says, raise your arms, they are just cheering. he's a cute kid. the campers mimicked luke and clapped excitedly. it's good to be a little kid sometimes. >> it is. all right, it's good to be a uc berkeley grad, too, except
4:42 pm
when there's a typo on your diploma. it consists of nobel prize winners. those who print it may want to hire a spelling bee champ or two. >> it was an adventure getting his diploma. the first two diplomas arrived wrinkled, one in a soiled envelope. >> the third one they sent back and we looked at it, no wrinkles, put it in a frame and it hung on the wall for several years. >> until it was time for harris to move. that's when his wife discovered the word communications was misspelled with an "u" where an "o" is supposed to be. >> communications. okay. >> use it in a sentence. >> get another check of the forecast. it's going to be hot.
4:43 pm
>> meteorologist sandhya patel is here. >> we'll get relief around the bay. you'll notice that all is clear. we don't have fog or low clouds around just yet. if you are going to the giants game this evening, just a beautiful evening, low 70s, clear skies against the dodgers as they play. temperatures drop into the mid-60s range. traveling tomorrow, 97 st., 89 minneapolis. new york, 84, miami 88. you are looking at 77 in seattle, 108 degrees in phoenix. going to be a hot one. it was hotter yesterday. thunderstorms expected tomorrow in san diego. 79, 109 in palm springs. 84 in tahoe. here in the bay area, we are going to see the hot weather inland, again. 100 in antioch, 98 in livermore. cooler at the coast.
4:44 pm
74 san francisco. 80 in oakland, 90 in santa rosa and san jose, 67. i'll be here at 5:00 p.m. i'm sure you can't wait to see the specifics of the seven day forecast. i'll let you know what more to expect for the second half of the weekend. larry, ama? >> see you at 5:00. still ahead, the mystery behind this american flag and the special reunion happening this weekend. royal archives. a look at the royal family like never before. >> tim mcgraw knows his way to a
4:45 pm
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announcer: covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and the bay area, this is abc 7 news. frightening moments aboard a canadian flight today. a passenger shot this dramatic video of s.w.a.t. team officers entering the cabin with guns drawn. they were looking for one particular passenger that said he hated canada and wanted to bomb the country. the plane was in midair on the way to panama. it was diverted back to canada.
4:48 pm
they arrested the man who said he was sorry for his comments and actually loved canada. a trip to a flea market turned into a sentimental discovery for a family. her son, fred, died when a helicopter crashed in iraq in 2005. the military gave her a flag to drape her casket and box of her belongings. another flag honoring her son exists. she found his tribute flag at a flea market covered with tributes from his fellow marines. they bought it for $5. >> i was real blessed that both of my boys came home in one piece and i have a huge responsibility to her. >> one family, marine family to another. >> i can't wait to -- the rope.
4:49 pm
>> very special. the browns will give patsy the flag in person tomorrow. well, if you are not already a fan of country music star tim mcgraw, you will be after seeing this. georgia native sarah and her mother went to his atlanta concert last week. watch as the man in the black shirt picks up sarah and puts her next to mcgraw. he moved the guitar so she could get close to him. she then got the serenade of a lifetime and will never forget it. >> he played the song. it got my heart. >> because he sang, "you're so beautiful?" you are beautiful. >> mcgraw gave his number one fan a huge hug and his guitar, autograph included. new home videos of the british royal family have been released for the first time.
4:50 pm
>> they reveal intimate moments from their childhood. we have the story. >> reporter: queen elizabeth as a young princess playing with her stroller on a sea saw with her sister, a family pet, horse and small bird. these home movies released as part of a new exhibit at buckingham palace. >> it's easy to forget. >> reporter: prince phillip is seen riding a tricycle. these images providing a rare glimpse inside the childhood home for generations of royals. buckingham palace was purchased by george iii in 1762 as a place to raise his children. >> several raised large families here and it's still the family home today. we are trying to give an insight into that. >> reporter: from the practice book of george iv to a miniature
4:51 pm
as tton martin. 150 childhood objects gathered over the last 250 years. >> i really like this. all monarchs were all children at once. >> reporter: there's an american contribution. a rocking horse from president obama and the first lady to commemorate the birth of prince george. kurt hawkins, abc news, los angeles. up next, one-on-one with astronaut buzz aldron. >> what he says he was first to do on the moon and it wasn't planting a flag. >> stranded at l.a.x. dozens of passengers taken off a plane wednesday. they are still waiting to leave. what are your rights? the gathering of thousands of women taking blogging to a new level. we have those stories at 5:00. at 5:30, world news.
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you might flip out over what they are about to share with you about flipping houses.
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here is a look at tonight's prime time lineup at 8:00.
4:55 pm
"shark tank" followed by "what would you do" then the news at 11:00. there's an american hero in town. astronaut buzz aldrin will be on the "uss hornet" tomorrow celebrating his role from apollo 11. we'll be emceeing that event and sat down with buzz aldrin for a chat. >> reporter: anybody that visits abc 7 must sign into the front desk. when that man is buzz aldrin, only one of the first to walk on the moon, we waived him. >> i want to make clear that 24 americans reached the moon. >> that's one small step for man. >> reporter: 45 years ago, he followed neil arm strong by a few seconds. he never sought this fame, but lived with it ever since. >> i did not care for giving
4:56 pm
speeches and particularly being in the situation that would call a lot of attention to me. >> reporter: buzz estimated apollo 11 had a 60% chance of success. was he scared? was he nervous? a former fighter pilot. >> fighter pilots in combat, we don't feel, we execute. it's said that we have ice in our veins. >> reporter: you had time to contemplate? >> when? before? before? it was too late then. you are on the merry-go-round. you didn't get off. >> reporter: yet, there he was on a crowded moon at the time, population, two. if you wonder whether buzz aldrin ever took a moment for himself, this will surprise you. >> instead of checking my balance, i tested the urine
4:57 pm
collection device. now -- >> reporter: was that the first time on the moon? >> yes. yes. >> reporter: until now, we only heard about planting the flag. in san francisco, wayne freedman, nbc 7 news. >> that is so neat to hear. it's funny. >> you heard it here first. i like the part, we don't feel. execute. >> nice in the veins. >> if you want to attend the event, tickets are available. go to >> thank you for joining us for the news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. >> the news begins with cheryl and dan. a limousine fire that is renewing concerns about the safety of those vehicles. also, running with the bulls this weekend in the east bay. hmm. not if two groups get their way.
4:58 pm
>> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. find out about the weekend weather, coming up. announcer: this is abc 7 news. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. warm out there today. getting relief from the heat as temperatures break records today in the bay area. kids splashed around amid the near 90 degree heat in san jose. >> hotter further away. this sighs 93 degrees. the temperatures kept climbing, reaching 98. >> no jacket required in san francisco, either. tourists and locals out and about as the city sets a new record. toasty in the city as well. >> the beach is still a popular choice. >> let's get the latest from abc 7 news meteologist, sandhya patel. >> i'm still waiting for the sea
4:59 pm
breeze. come on, it's warm out here. oh, my gosh. it's starting to blow, but not strong enough, yet. let me show you live doppler 7 hd. the skies are clear across the bay area. as you look at the highs so far, we have records to talk about. 85 in san francisco. that is a new record for today. the previous one was in 1973, 82 degrees. mof fit field, a new record at 93. previous was 90 in 2006. triple digits in fairfield, antioch, concord. it got up to 89 in oakland. 68 in half-moon bay. as you take a look at the humidity, i've got to tell you, they have definitely come down. 10% humidity in concord. 11 in fairfield. dry heat. fire danger is upright now. i'll be back with a look at when to expect it to get cooler around here. the complete weekend forecast
5:00 pm
coming up. folks in the east bay took advantage of the lake in berkeley hills. it was filled with families enjoying the sandy beach on this gorgeous summer day. we have more on the hot weather and the way people chose to beat the heat. >> reporter: today, it was one of those days, rare days in san francisco when i was able to go into my closet and get a summer dress, if you know what i'm talking about. no doubt, everyone was feeling the heat today. on a positive note, it will be a wonderful, nice evening for a ball game today. tonight, the giants are in town. more than 25,000 participants signed up for this sunday's san francisco marathon. people from all over the united states and the world are here. just the heat by itself, i think people come here expecting a cooler day, race day. but, luckily the race starts


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