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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  July 25, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> it's named for fleet tonight, on alert. the erj my landing. american fighter jets involved and heavily armed officers racing down the aisle. our senior justice correspondent right here tonight. and on alert. severe storms on the move. those thunderstorms, hail and high wind on the way. ginger zee is standing by. and the campground, the confirmed ef-1 tornado. the story tonight. piling picnic tables to get families out. the doctor who pulled out a gun. and authorities say he prevented a massacre. who he faced down? and the unwanted eye in the sky tonight. what was that on top of seattle's famed space needle? the spy caught tonight.
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good evening, in for diane. as we come on the air we have more on the breaking news. u.s. fighter jets called in. the plane turned around over west virginia. when that plane touched down a dramatic seen. abc pierre thomas in our washington bureau tonight. >> hands up! >> the canadian s.w.a.t. team burst on to the plane. this after getting a warning about a male passenger claiming to want to bomb canada. flight 772 had taken off from toronto and was turned over over west virginia but f-16 fighter jets when reports came in of an up rulely passenger making
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threats. warning other flights of a potential emergency. >> there's an aircraft coming in and from over the lake. they have a bomb threat. >> reporter: the s.w.a.t. team was taking no chances demanding the suspect raise his hands again and again to make sure he was not a threat. unable to detonate any dom. >> hands up! hands up! >> reporter: a passenger described the rant to the television. >> he hates canada and he said with great expression using his hands i just want to bomb canada. >> all i saw was guns. it was quite scary. >> there was a clear point he appeared to be disturbed we could hear him ripping up newspapers and magazines. >> reporter: police snatched the suspect and conducted a search. the suspect faces a number of charges including the danger of endangering the safety of an aircraft. you can see why this was so
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intense. >> pierre thank you. and now to the mystery. surrounding that other passenger jet vanishing from radar and going down in a remote dessert in africa. new images of the plane. no survivors. it was a drone that discovered the wreckage. the third plane tragedy in just the last week. authorities pointing to bad weather. abc on how planes are built and how much they could widths stand when it comes to severe weather. >> reporter: this is all that is left. pieces pieces of fuselage scattered. this scene was spotted by a french drone. and quickly secured by french soldiers who say the remains disintegrated. crashing in a compacts area. what do the pictures tell us about the crash?
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>> when we look at the impact you can see it dug in deep into the ground. clearly defined. tight debris field suggesting at least 45, 50 degrees of an impact area. most of the airplane intact when it impacted. >> reporter: it was a red eye that hit bad weather. last contact was a request to reroute around the storm. >> we have three basic rules about thunderstorms. avoid them, avoid them and avoid them. you don't want to be close. >> reporter: thunderstorms can be avoided. egy equipped with radar. >> the biggest danger of being in the middle of a thunderstorm is you can get tossed around that the pilots can overcontrol the airplane trying to recover. >> reporter:? the u.s. nearly the entire country the covered. systems which allow jetliners to land in heavy fog or on the edge of a super storm like sandy.
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and what about a lightning hit? jets are designed their skin acts like a channel. think of it as an extension cord. the electricity passes over the skin without ever entering the fusela fuselage. french aviation and criminal investigators are on their way. they should be on the scene tomorrow. david. >> thank you. you heard david report there on the severe weather that likely brought down the plane. we are on the watch as we head into the weekend. look at the map. saturday and sunday more than 80 million americans in the storm zone this weekend. even possible tornados. all on the heels of the tornado we showed you last night. a confirmed ef-1 killing two. the new images showing the aftermath. rv's flipped. tents destroyed. and the decisions that made the difference between life and death. ginger zee is back tonight.
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>> as we head into the weekend a warning for so many folks. july was the busiest month for severe weather. tonight we take you inside the horror at that camp ground. >> reporter: tonight a tornado shredding a virginia camp ground. a make shift ladder to help people escape their camper. today they are counting their pleasings. the governor of virginia on the scene. >> i think what occurred yesterday would have been much worst. >> a water spout sighted and tornado warning issued. many hearing the alert on their cell phones. the damaging wind and tornado had made it into the camp ground. >> look at the tree! >> reporter: more than 1,400 people huddling for safety killing this couple and injuring
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36 others. how do you keep your family safe while camping? always have a weather radio. when a warning is issued, take it seriously. have a plan. find a building where you can take shelter. if there is no shelter, a vehicle provides more protection than your tent. if you have bike helmets put them on. they'll protect your head. >> remember the helmets. we're going to need those tips as we head into the weekend. >> there's ha large area if you're camping anywhere tomorrow. parts of kansas city through chicago to cleveland. damaging winds large hail and flash flooding. that could be an issue. going into sunday it expands from nashville in central tennessee up through new jersey. let's time it out and show you what to expect when. you see it starts saturday at 4:00 p.m. the storms blow up there along the ohio river valley. then into nashville by 4:00 p.m. on sunday and i really wanted to
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focus this in. late night it moves in sunday night into early monday morning right here in the northeast. >> as we head into the weekend. thank you. we turn to the middle east and have breaking news. word of a temporary seicease fi. coming 24 hours after we showed you the young faces at the shelter where their families took refuge later bombed. >> reporter: this is not yet the permanent cease fire everyone is wishing for. it appears to be a start. 12 hour pause starting at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. that's what israel is promising. after 18 days of conflict. anger in the palestinian territories has reached a boiling point. in juice lum and the west bank.
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israeli planes, tanks and gun boats pounding back. prayers for a lasting peace unanswered. wanting more time to destroy hamas tunnels and hamas wanting to end the seven year siege. tonight a glimmer of hope. the final straw may have been yesterday's attack on the refugee center with the civilians caught in harm's way. this man told me he witnessed his mother and sister killed in that attack. israel says it warned to move the camp. but failed to provide a safe window of time for staff and civilians to escape. >> it's really for them to tell us what happened. >> the refugees have no place to go. gaza is a strip of land smaller than the city of philadelphia. the hope is for a seven day
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cease fire starting monday at the end of ramadan. they're not there yet. but the pressure is on. david. >> david, thank you. one more image. the conflict as seen from space. snapped by an astronaut. that astronaut writing today we do not see any borders from space. we move on to stunning details in the incident in a hospital in pennsylvania. the doctor pulled out a gun preventing a possible massacre. ron clay born on the scene tonight. >> reporter: this man was on a mission to kill. he arrived here at the hospital thursday to meet with the psychiatrist who had been treating hip for the last 20 years. >> he intended to kill dr. silverman when he showed up for
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the appointment and that's why he brought the gun. >> the caseworker escorts him into dr. silverman's office. an argument breaks out and he allegedly shoots hunt in the head killing her. and opens fire on dr. silverman. the doctor pulls out a gun and managers to escape. he is seriously wounded. hospital workers quickly tackle him. police say plots was carrying 39 extra bullets. >> the doctor did not have the firearm. if the doctor did not utilize it, he would be dead today. i believe that other people in that facility would also be dead and we would be making funeral arrangements. >> reporter: silverman had a gun protect and regularly carried one to work. even though his hospital bans weapons on site. but officials are thanking dr.
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silverman. >> reporter: both men were wounded in that. and dr. silverman was hit in the hand and suffered a grazing wound alongside his head but expected to make a full recovery. the hospital saying he is looking forward to welcoming back to work. >> just incredible. thanks. now to the mystery in seattle and for some the frightening sight in the sky. tourists spotting something strange buzzing around their space needle. some were waving at it. tonight we learned it was a drone. we ask here who was flying it. should anyone be allowed to fly a drone that close? now the debate. >> reporter: right there high in the seattle sky is a drone. the faa now telling abc news it is looking into that tiny remote controlled aircraft hovering above the observation deck of the space needle.
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while curious tourists waved the object gave security quite a scare. police say the man launched the drone out of his hotel room window. >> he wasn't trying to do anything wrong. >> reporter:s the just the latest incident raising questions about whether it's safe to fly drones above crowded cities. take a look at this drone buzzing over the busy streets of new york last year and crash landing nearly hitting pedestrians at the height of rush hour. and there have been close calls with airplanes. >> we just saw a little drone below us. >> reporter: coming within 200 feet of a jumbo jet. drones like these are exploding in popularity. but the rules already in place for how and where they can fly haven't caught up yit. the faa is working on new safety guidelines but could be a couple years before they take effect. until then, police will keep their eyes on the skies.
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cecilia vega, abc news. >> much more ahead on abc news. how to make a fast buck, buying homes and flipping them. what we're learning is the right moment to strike and how little money do you need but the famous barbara cork ran right here tonight. this is the solar flare. and what it could have done over america? was there real reason for concern? a lot to get to tonight. beneful. [announcer]and why wouldn't he be? beneful has wholesome grains,real beef,even accents of spinach,carrots and peas. it has carbohydrates for energy and protein for those serious muscles. [guy] aarrrrr! [announcer]even accents of vitamin-rich veggies. [guy] so happy! you love it so much. yes you do! but it's good for you,too. [announcer] healthful. flavorful. beneful. from purina.
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>> reporter: in the real world. >> if you think the business of flipping a house is easy. it ain't. >> reporter: new numbers show one in five flips doesn't turn a profit. in charlotte, north carolina, these women are working on their first flip. this modest three-bedroom, buying it for $150,000. what did it look like? >> awful. >> it was a dump. the kitchen floor was sinking, the yard was a jungle. >> reporter: so, they invested an additional $60,000, gutting the kitchen, removing the chimney. and enduring poison ivy. finally, a $275,000 listing. an open house, and waiting. >> you dropped the $250,000, you're done. hope we have a bidding war. >> there's never been a better time, but you have to know what you're doing.
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it takes longer and costs more than you expect. >> reporter: if you do want to get in the game, plan for delays. today's average flip takes 101 days. to complete. don't go overboard. renovations that cost more than 23% lose money. and start selling early. while you're still renovating. every day that a house sits on the market costs you money. back in charlotte, a deal. for $233,000, a $25,000 profit, they're splitting three ways. if you're out looking for listings this weekend, finding a home is half the battle. the pros tell us they wouldn't buy anything unless it was priced 30% below the market. as we've seen all week, home prices rising makes it a whole lot harder. >> but saying careful, right? >> always great to have you, rebecca. when we come back, the near miss that could have meant no
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according to authorities. but it happened two years ago. nasa just telling us now. reminding us that ignore rans is bliss when it comes to our smartphone. >> and that grizzly bear testing new technology. that is a bear-proof garbage can. keeps trying. doesn't get in. when we come back here on a friday evening. he hasn't had a new pop album in decades. he is a favorite. who is our person of the week? this is kathleen. setting up the perfect wedding day begins with arthritis pain and two pills. afternoon arrives and feeling good, but her knee pain returns... that's two more pills. the evening's event brings laughter, joy, and more pain... when jamie says... what's that like six pills today? yeah... i can take 2 aleve for all day relief. really, and... and that's it. this is kathleen... for my arthritis pain, i now choose aleve.
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believe it or not, he doesn't see himself as a rock star. >> i don't even look like a rock star. >> from new york's long island. called levittown. >> the suburb where he was learning to play the piano. >> my father was a good pee annist. his parents divorced when he was a child. >> it was a struggle. we ended up being the only family of a divorce in our neighborhood. >> lonely at times, but he found friends on tv. including four young boys from liverpool that inspired him. >> at that instant, i said, that's what i want to do. >> he left town to pursue music. but it was always home. >> the more i traveled, i felt
5:57 pm
like this is where i'm from. i'm from this island that sticks out of new york city. >> and tonight, what we didn't know about we didn't start the fire. >> terrible melody. ♪ ♪ terrible melody. ♪ >> billy joel hasn't released a new pop record in 20 years. but his concerts, still sold-out. he knows his fans. ♪ >> that was after six grammys. 32 top 40 hits. >> the record of the year. >> billy joel. >> just the way you are. >> billy joel. >> which reveals the most important lesson of all. >> everybody fails. everybody falls. everybody has something bad
5:58 pm
happen. it's how you recover, and how do you move on? >> and so we choose billy joel. i still remember my first concert. thanks for watching. i'll see you later on "20/20." for diane and all of us, good night. tonight, brown is the new green and how to keep your lawn alive on very little water. >> organizer of a controversial bull run defends the event
5:59 pm
against a stampede of opposition >> a american hero, who has been forced into the limelight on the anniversary of his return from the moon. >> it's hot out there and late afternoon temperatures reach a peak. >> yes. taking a look at the city it's been warm along the coast where you normally get plenty of natural air conditioning. a record set in san francisco today. good evening, and thanks for joining us. i'm amadaetz. >> should be cooler tomorrow, this heat streak will probably last through next week. yes this is coyote point park. >> here is a shot from busy lake anza of folks seeking relief
6:00 pm
from the heat. leanne is going -- it's going to be a warm weekend. >> reporter: yes. what you see behind me is a sea of orange, well, kind of. there is a ball game tonight. it's going to be a wonderful and beautiful evening. earlier, people did whatever they could to stay cool. charlie foster has a parent-child group called brooklyn forest, encouraging preschoolers to learn from being outside with nature, hiking is an activity, but today a lot of their time was spent in the shade. >> we have a classroom here, there is a little bit of dirt we can mix water and make mud which is also today, cooling us off. >> more than 25,000 have signed up for the sunday's marathon people from around the united states and


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