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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  July 27, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> good sunday morning and thanks nor joining us. i'm matt keller in for carolyn tyler. we will start with a quick look at your accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. we had some showers this morning, huh, lisa? >> matt, we had it all going on this morning from the on shore push to the subtropical. and more showers to the south around monterey and big sur with lightning strikes offshore. isolated showers have been reported over the east bay hills from dublin and also in the north bay. sfo had a shower. right now things are quieting down and we are looking at partly cloudy skies with numbers
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in the 60s. still a warm air mass overhead. 66 san jose. we have cooling on the way for everyone. that includes you, who have been sweating it out in the east bay valleys. you can expect mid-and upper 90s there again today. the coast upper 60s, low 70s. mid-70s to mid-80s around the bay. that makes it cooler for everyone. only slightly cooler. i know. we will talk about the ref of the cool down coming up. the cool down coming up. matt. taking to the streets of san francisco or they are in the streets for the city's annual marathon and half-marathon. here's a live look from our roof camera with participants are pounding the pavement in the 37th running of the races. the first racers took off at 5:30 at embarcadero and mission streets. after the first three waves got underway, more than 25,000 runners from around the country are taking part in the sold-out event. it goes past the ferry building,
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the embarcadero, across the bridge, back to golden gate park and back to the turning to the crisis in the middle east. hamas said they agreed to a 12-hour truce. it's just the day after rejecting a similar offer from israel. israel had offered to extend its initial twelve-hour truce abc david right is in gaza with the very latest. >> it ended this morning with a bang. in fact, a series of bangs. israel had offered to extend the cease-fire 24 hours, bahamas initially rejected any offer with israeli troops still on the ground. but now they appear to have changed their minds. >> during the brief lull in the driving we drove to some of the hardest hit areas. including an area near the school she would last week. the damage is extensive. >> look around you here.
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365 degrees of destruction. >> for israeli soldiers, saturday's cease-fire provided a sabbath day of rest. for gaza, a moment to clean up, recover pressures belongings and buy supply for tomorrow's eat holiday, marks the end of ramadan. but unless there's a lasting cease-fire, there won't be much to celebrate. >> 8 more were killed this morning. on the israeli side, 40. a lasting peace can't come quickly enough. abc news, gazazy. >> the violence in the middle east have people in the bay area calling for an end to the bloodshed. yesterday a few thousand demonstrators gathered at herman justin plaza in san francisco. they gave their support tore palestinians in gaza. for the kids caught in the middle, it's been disturbing to watch. >> i can't stand it when i see children like the bloodshed of children. >> i just want it to stop.
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i'm on nobody's side. i'm just for humanity. i'm for the kids. >> some demonstrators carried a long white ribbon with the names of people who have been killed. in gaza over the last few days. >> a ufc fighter who won a fight in san jose yesterday is heading to israel to join the israeli army. the man grew up in israel but moved to the bay area in 2009 to train in mixed martial arts e said it's his duty as an isreali to defend his homeland, no matter where in the world he's living. >> developing news out of east palo alto where one person has died and two injured following a shooting. it happened before midnight. officers found three people suffering from gunshot wounds. one victim, a 31-year-old man, died from his injuries, two women were taken to the hospital in stable condition. no word on a motive. no arrests have been made. >> a neighbor is in fear after a five-year-old was stabbed.
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stabbed in the throat. the mother was stabbed to death both by a man they barely knew. the attacks happened yesterday in vallejo. a 43-year-old man has been booked on suspicion of murder. lisa has more on the crime. >> what is shocking to me, i don't understand it. >> reporter: no one understand the chaos that erupted at a small home on marin street. a woman who was temporarily staying here was attacked. she had two young sons. darryl wakefield, a parolee who just got out of prison a month ago is the one responsible they say. >> this is a very violent individual. >> the suspect was originally busted for burglary, but did extra time for violent acts while he was in prison. once released he only recently met the victim, who police say he didn't have a romantic relationship with. but for some reason he showed up at 2:00 a.m. and stabbed the woman to death and then stabbed her youngest son. >> anytime you have someone who is killed and a five-year-old involved, yes, that speaks to rage. >> the woman's 8-year-old, who
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may have been hiding during the attack, ran to this neighbor's house for help. >> what is sad because i feel sad for the little kids. the kids got to be involved. no reason. >> police quickly mobilized and started a manhunt. >> six hours after the stabbings wakefield was arrested here in east vallejo. he was just walking up the street. and this is just two miles from the crime scene. >> those who live nearby are shocked by it all. >> it is awful. the man is a mess, you know. what would drive to you do something crazy like that? what was wrong with that man? >> police have not released a motive. in vallejo, abc7 news. a carport fire in mountain view injured one person and damaged a dozen vehicles. it happened just after 5:00 last night. fire officials say the two-alarm fire also damaged adjacent car wash equipment. nearby apartment sustained smoke
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damage. no details are released about the person hurt, but we know it was not a firefighter. investigators are trying to determine the cause of a 15-acre vegetation fire that broke out around 4:30 yesterday near a quicksilver county park. fire threatened six nearby homes but crews were able to put it out by 6:30 last night and they will monitor the area to put out hotspots. >> here's an update to the sand fire burningner the border. authorities evacuated 1200 people from their homes. they evacuated about 500 homes in plymouth, about 40 miles east of sacramento. cal fire said it's now 35% contained. hundreds of firefighters are battling strong winds, severe drought, rugged terrain and triple digit temperatures. the fire destroyed ten homes in 200
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>> a 200-pound slow-moving tortoise named able somehow survived the fire. the owners left him behind. much of the resort was destroyed. firefighters found him alive when the flames died down. evacuations have been ordered in a community because of a fire burning near yosemite national pack near here. this is the turtleback dome camera. you see how thick and heavy the smoke was yesterday evening. no word on the cause but there were dozen of lightning strikes in the area early yesterday morning. speaking of thunder and possibly lightning, we had some storms roll through this morning. >> some thunder for sure and sprinkles. around 680 we are looking at some light showers. 60 in the city. 66 at the airport. we are in the 70s in our east bay valleys so we will wrap-up the weekend with our typical on
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shore flow. it's like cool down and some more moisture headed our way. i'll explain coming up. >> also next, a s.w.a.t. team rushes on to a commercial airplane. what causes the intense reaction. and with a to do about an aging dam on a
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>> good morning. here's a live look from our abc7 roof camera there on the embarcadero. you see a lot of racers heading back to the finish line or the starting line. started right there nearby. yeah, people are excited about finishing up the day. many of the winners have already crossed the finish line. enjoy your day, runners. you deserve a >> a state senator is calling for a criminal investigation into construction problems on the new bay bridge. "the sacramento bee" reports the senate investigative report details how the department of transportation knowingly accepted substandard work at taxpayer expense. the report details how caltran knowingly accepted flawed, potentially hazardous work by a chinese firm that welded most of the suspension span, roadway and tower. a hearing is schedule for next month. when it comes to san francisco, meeting the mayor's affordable housing goal, the outlook is gloomy. ed lee wants 30,000 new housing units by 2020.
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the city said building that many for market price units is attainable, but meeting the goal of 10,000 affordable housing units will be hard. affordable housing is hurt by decreased state and federal subsidies, as well as the dissolution of some redevelopment agencies. we are learning more about a terrifying flight, a jet escorted back by fighter jets because of a passenger's strange behavior. >> heads-up! >> heads down, heads up! >> a canadian s.w.a.t. team stormed a commercial flight in toronto friday morning. terrified passengers as armed officers zeroed in on a man suspected of making a bomb threat. less than an hour earlier u.s. authorities scrambled fighter jets to escort the plane back to canada. the plane works 180 passengers on board, was on its way to panama when it turned back after a 25-year-old man started making
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direct threats to the aircraft. >> 33 left and they have a bomb threat. might see a pair of f-16s. >> once he yelled things about the plane crashing and everybody dying, people were taken aback by it. >> the man is believed to suffer from mental illness. he's out on bail after being charged with endangering an aircraft. san francisco university finds itself on an unlikely environmental battle. it centers were around the aging dam they have and the fish and the creek that flows from it into the bay. eric thomas takes a closer look. >> lush trees grow along the banks of this creek in palo alto, but there's any water this time of year. that's because a dam, owned by nearby stanford university, keeps it from flowing. >> we are at a critical turning point and a huge opportunity to make a difference in the creek. kerry mclain is with a national environmental group.
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they have named this river the fifth most endangered river in the united states and it blames stanford's sears villalon dam. >> it is surprising. a lot of people don't know there's this 65-foot dam in their backyard and that's because it's on stanford's biological preserve, which is behind a fence. people can't see it. >> sky 7hd gave us a bird's-eye view of the dam and the surrounding area. the searsville dam was built in 1892, originally to supply water to the city of san francisco. one small problem, it wasn't drinkable. for 80 years it served as a source of family fund and recreation. in 1970s stanford close it had to the public because people wandered through and ruined too many experiments. today the water is used to irrigate campus lawns and the university golf course. it blocks a series of creeks and streams above it. >> it's good habitat for steelhead, but they can't make
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it because of where they are standing just a short distance downstream. >> christopher represents two environmental groups. he's suing the national marine fishery service for allegedly allowing stanford university to continue endangering steelhead trout. environmentalists say this youtube video shows the fish are work being their way to the bay, only to be stopped by the dam. >> they are taking water out of the local creeks that are critical habitat for endangered fish to irrigate a golf course and a campus lawns. >> the university declined to be interviewed for the story, sighting the pending litigation. in 2012 the university did agree to study the dam. the options included doing nothing, modifying the dam, tearing it down, dredging the reservoir or building fish ladders to allow fish to go upstream. stanford owns much of the stanford owns much of the upstream watershed. stanford uses much of the
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surrounding area for experiments on how human activity affects ecosystems. tearing down the dam could endanger long-term experiments or cause flooding downstream. then there are environmental concerns like what to do with all the silt backed up along the dam. it can't just flow into the bay. but environmentalists believe removing the dam is the only way to ensure steelhead will return to the historic stream. >> stanford will make a decision whether or not to remove the dam this year. we see that as being one of the best opportunities in the country to restore a river this year. >> the university told us it expects to conclude the study this fall. eric thomas, abc7 news. >> check this out. an all-out brawl erupted last night between the reno aces and albuquerque isotobes team. tempers flared between the two teams at the top of the second inning after albuquerque took exception to a pitch high-and-inside. later after striking out the infielder got into an
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altercation with an ace's pitcher that led to a shoving match. the brawl spilled into the net and the first row of spectators. overall nine players were ejected, along with the reno manager, phil nevan. reno won 7-3. people ran to make a mad dash for their lives yesterday at the almeda county fairgrounds. this is a great bull run and american's version of the running of the bulls. more than 700 people crammed into the quarter mile track as two dozen bulls thundered behind them. afterwards most of the runners were smiling, riding on an adrenaline high, but outside animal rights protesters were not happy. >> this is not entertainment, this is violence, it is animal abuse. >> we give them plenty of great food, shelter, water, care, everything they could possibly need as a big old bull. >> it was terrifying but
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amazing. but adrenaline. i'll do it again. >> no bulls were hurt but one man was taken to the hospital with head and neck and back injuries. you sea the video and the guy getting hit by the ball. amazingly, we are dealing with showers in july. >> and lightning strikes offshore. pretty interesting layered clouds. still a warm day for many you have in our east bay valleys. temperatures will continue to come down with the extra cloud cover. here's a look at live doppler 7hd. plenty to talk about as the sub tropics, the moisture, gives us a visit today. you can see the green representing perhaps some light rain and a few sprinkles over the 680 corridor. we've had reports of rain all throughout the east bay, even rumbles of thunder and a few showers around sfo, gilroy, saratoga. but more concentrated rain has been here around carmel, monterey and watsonville. we widen out the view, here's a look at the lightning offshore. this is moving from the south to the northeast. so we will continue to watch
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this view and the possibility remains of scattered showers throughout the day today. tomorrow. and just a slight chance of isolated thunderstorm. here's a look from the sutro tower camera where you see the low clouds, the typical marine air allowing for a cool down today. 66 in san jose and gilroy, good morning. half moon bay, 63 for you and 64 in oakland. here's a look at our visible picture. we have the high and mid-level clouds here. on shore flow setting up all along the shoreline today. so with an area of low pressure spinning offshore, this all adds to the instability or the chance of showers throughout the day. but you can see the sunshine here in santa cruz where it will be a warm day, upper 70s with partly cloudy skies. 70 concord, 73 in livermore. yeah, it is still warm out there. the area of high pressure is weakening and the return flow around it bringing up the cloud cover into san jose this morning. an isolated shower today, tomorrow, and the clouds bringing in a slightly cooler
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day today. but the temperatures nearing average for the week ahead, the last week of july. here's a look at our water vapor imagery. with this area of high pressure over the four corners we get the monsoonal moisture. it's been sort of a regular scene the last couple weeks this summer and throughout the rest of the day. the clouds do thin out. we have a few high clouds but by later afternoon, we call it partly cloudy and still warm out there, taking the 100-degree heat out of the bay area, keeping it in the valley from chico to sacramento. 100 in yosemite, 87 los angeles and hours from the northern sierra, southern sierra, mount shasta and the possibility through tuesday. highs today in the south bay, still warm in gilroy. garlic festival, 95. mid-80s menlo park and the upper 60s at the coast. san francisco maybe 70 today. mid-80s in petaluma. near east bay look for 81 san dean degree.
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head inland, look at all the red. 97 livermore. pleasanton, the 6 today. accuweather forecast showing the high clouds, the high temperatures with numbers anywhere from the 60s to the upper 90s today. it will be cooler. the on shore flow increasing and that allows for the numbers to continue to dial back to near average. i'll let you know how warm it will take my bicycle your community by keeping track of bay area weather on twitter at live doppler 7hd. very fun to talk about weather in july. >> yes, it is. it is exciting for you, i'm sure. next, a taste of hollywood in the bay area. we will take you to a san francisco film fest to see what it takes to shoot a
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>> you can see a little bit of hollywood in san francisco this weekend." a new movie starring the rock, duane johnson, in the film. he's trying to rescue his daughter after a earthquake. they were getting ready for a scene yesterday. filming is continuing today. the project is shooting throughout the week. movie fans are getting sneak peaks at hot new movies this weekend at it's the hot ticket. sells out every year.
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in addition to the costume characters, fans got a peek at upcoming movies like "the ant-man" and "the avengers." here's a hint. if you are a fan of "frozen" you will be hooked on that show. much more ahead on the abc sunday morning news. the ebowl lie outbreak fears after the first doctor working with the outbreak is infected with the virus, even though he took i'm a kid. and us kids have an important message for our grown ups. three grams daily of beta-glucan... a soluable fiber from whole grain oat foods like cheerios can help lower cholesterol. and where can you find beta-glucan? in oats. and, they're yummy! i'm going back to being a kid now. thank you!
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>> good morning. we are starting this half-hour with a look at your accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> hi, matt. good morning to you. we had showers throughout the bay area this morning. subtropical moisture u sigh the remnants from vallejo to livermore, san jose, watsonville and monterey have been wet this morning. the lightning offshore has died out but the trend it for the moisture to continue to move up from the south to the northeast. it's sunny in santa cruz right now and still a warm air mass overhead that will slowly cool throughout the next several days. 70 concord right now. 73 in livermore. it's already a warm start but from our sutro camera you can see the high clouds, the low clouds, all making for a partly cloudy afternoon with mid-to maybe some upper 90s inland by the coast. upper 60s to the lower 70s. the possibility of an isolated
9:31 am
shower, slight chance. mid-70s and mid-80s around the bay today. things are changing. details, more of them coming up. matt. >> all right. thank you, lisa. this morning worrying news. an american doctor working in africa has been effected with the eboli virus. meanwhile another man with eboli was able to board a flight and bring it out of the continent. >> the first doctor to battle an outbreak, carrying for patients inside this center liberia, while his wife and kids are back only in the u.s. >> he's a surgeon and doctor, when you put that together he's a man who cares about people. he's here in head to toe protective gear when treating patients. not an inch of skin exposed. it's not no one how he
9:32 am
contracted the disease, despite the precautions. >> this year it spread to more african countries, more than 600 dead and a scramble to halt the disease in nigeria, a sick man brought it into the country tuesday on a plane from liberia. the other passengers on that flight are being monitored. >> there has never been a time in the history of eboli when it has spread so fast and these countries do not have the capacity to contain it. >> dr. brantley colleagues at the relieve organization are calling for more international assistance for the african countries battling eboli and calling for prayer in one of their own. 62% of the infectioned people have died. dr. brantley is now in isolation. his colleagues say he has a fever and is in intense pain but at the last check he was sitting up and working at his computer. abc news, washington. >> a groundbreaking program to
9:33 am
help cancer patients and others is now expand to go ucsf new hospital in as cheryl jennings reports, the program helps patience fight back not just with medicine but with their own spirit. >> before it was really scary to just sit with my emotions. art gives me a chance to really understand and even sometimes identify what i'm feeling. >> for this woman art is a road map. tracing is sometimes frightening journey that began with a diagnosis of cancer. >> i was diagnosed in 2009 with uterine cancer. >> next came the twisted combination of surgeries and chemotherapy, relapse and remission. but also an inner journey that led her to the art for recovery program at ucsf. here patients can channel fears and victories on to paper. >> i also feel like my faith has been strengthened. now that i've been here for a while i'm more confident with myself and who i am.
9:34 am
>> cindy runs the program which provides space and materials, instructions and even exhibits. she said the program based at mount zion hospital has become so popular, it's now expanding to ucsf's new state of the art cancer center under construction at mission bay. >> we are really excited about creating an open art studio and the space. >> she said the plans include spaces for new exhibitions, works of a human heart, physical transendence, fears of the unknown and the courage to face it. >> there aren't a lot of places where people can come and say, know what, this stinks or life is unfair or i have tremendous hope or i'm going to make it through this somehow. >> i used to do very big, heavy pieces. >> loretta was a sculptor before her battle with ovarian cancer.
9:35 am
>> you adapt. that's what being sick is about. you really learn that you just have to change courses. >> i think this was during more chemo treatment. that was why i put "risk." >> she has been out of treatment for six months but still face as nerve-racking road of scans and checkups. she said she'll face it all with a new kind of strength that emerged from her own artwork. >> i was writing my name and then on the other side i was writing "accept" and i noticed there was an imprint on my scratch paper and combined the word" accept" and my name. i had cancer, i may have cancer again, it may come back, but i'm going to be okay. >> cheryl jennings, abc7 news. >> the new hospital complex at mission bay, including the art center, is scheduled to be completed in about six months with an official opening planned for february. a pro football players took time out of training camp to celebrate a six-year-old boy's birthday. danny has an inoperable brain tumor. yesterday he celebrated his
9:36 am
birthday with the new england patriots. he even got a police escort to the stadium. for his birthday all he asked for was birthday cards. his wish went viral. he's received more than 100,000 cards and presents from around the world. a group of engineers has changed one boy's life and may have changed medical engineering in the process. this boy was born missing pat of -- part of his right arm. university students set out to build alex an arm and prove it shouldn't cost a fortune. they recorded how they built and then tested a new bionic arm for alex. using a 3d printer they made it for just a fraction of what a similar arm would cost. >> i hope that people look at these other arms that cost $40,000. although they have functionality, if we can do this for $350 in eight weeks, i'm sure we will keep pioneering. but these arms should not cost $40,000. >> the first thing alex did when he learned how to use his new arm, he turn around and gave his mom a big hug. .
9:37 am
>> penn state hired sandy barber as athletic director a month after she stepped down at u.c. berkeley. she replaces david joyner, who is resigning after taking over at penn state in the weak of the scandal there. she oversaw 19 team national championships, 92 titles in individual events and a pac-10 co-championship in football. she also oversaw the first men's basketball conference title in 50 years and the first final four trip for the women's basketball team. she starts at penn state on august 18th. glen eagle's golf course in the sunnyvale district faces uncertain future. the operator tom shay gave his 30-day lease cancellation notice july 1st after the city demand a 40% water cost increase. shea rents the facility and he wants to negotiate lease terms to get help from the city like other public courses managed by private firms. city's rec and park's department said they invited him to stay on aspirator, but if he leaves,
9:38 am
others have expressed an interested in managing the golf course. >> here's a live look outside from our abc7 roof camera. that was the route for the marathon this morning. we've got the official winners today. a 29-year-old man won for the men and a congratulations to them. lisa argen will let you know how your post celebration plans will be with your accuweather forecast coming up in (birds chirping softly in background.) (loud engine sounds!) what! how's it going? heard you need a ride to school.
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xfinity internet from comcast. double the speed. [ heart beats ] >> he's going to take our chum bag, he's going to take our chum
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bag! you've got line, pull him. he took our chum bag! >> you are seeing a close encounter with a great white shark in new jersey. it's gone viral since being posted on youtube. fisherman steve clark estimates the shark is about 16 feet long, which makes him one of the largest ever seen on the east coast. one word of advice for the fishermen out there, let him take the chum bag. don't try to take it back. >> right. we are having east coast weather here, with the possibility of a few showers, maybe a thunderstorm. the east bay hills camera shows it's a little hazy out there. low 70s for concord and livermore. you've seen a guy showers. we talk about the cool down and the instability in the forecast coming up. >> thank you. next, clayton kershaw dominates the giants.
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>> there's an epidemic are prescription drug abuse and a rising heroin abuse. coming up, meet a recovering drug addict and learn hundreds of parking he got help before it was too late. and a mother who found her son in the arm with a needle in his arm and the doctor who runs a treatment program that made the difference. >> it feels great to have my life back. i went through a rotten chain of experience but the lessons i have learned have been invaluable. >> we will also provide a lot of
9:45 am
resources to get help. join abc news anchor cheryl jennings for beyond the headings at 10:00 a.m. on abc7. >> cal trains riders could get some relief from the muffled sounds played inside the train station. as jonathan bloom found out, a new sound system is in the works. [clanging bells] >> from the clanging bells to the roar of the locomotive and the screeching of brakes, there's one sound you might have missed. what was that? >> kind of like dit, dit, and it's broken up. can't really hear it. >> you don't know what they are saying? >> not really. i don't even know what time the trains are coming sometimes. >> with trains crossing in both directions, commuter shuffling to and fro, the sound from the single loudspeaker is easily drowned out, sometimes by a jet overhead and sometimes by cal trains own conducttors.
9:46 am
a caltrain spokeswoman said there's nothing wrong with the recordings. >> i think the recordings are lovely. once they hear it, they will enjoy it. >> they are setting out to replace the archaic speaker system that's meant to bring people vital information. >> most people want to know when they are experiencing delays so they have an idea what to expect. >> the fixes won't come cheap, a little over $1.6 million because sometimes speakers are the least of the problems. some stations don't even have electricity. >> testing. >> the lone speaker here at south san francisco will have to go, and at three other stations. san jose, sunnyvale and at the eccoy22nd street. >> here they will minimize that ecco by rigging up multiple speakers. they are working at night to install the wire. the project will take six months to complete. until then the announcements will continue to sound like this. >> the cutoff, and it's gurgley. >> a lot of people waiting at the station today dealing with the the heat.
9:47 am
>> maybe you saw a sprinkle or two. >> the sub dry layers of the atmosphere. we've had version go and showers and a couple rumbles into the east bay. right now we are left with 680 looking a little bit wet. you can see a few sprinkles. not all of this is reaching the ground. down through san jose, morgan hill and maybe the garlic festival look at a few sprinkles. salinas and back westward toward monterey. some better cells. the lightning that was offshore? well, it has dissipated for now. but we are looking at the possibility of still more moisture heading up from the south to the north, northeast throughout the day today. that leaves us with a partly cloudy sky. the warmer atmosphere begins to cool today, but right now which
9:48 am
are warmer than we were yesterday in some spots. but overall we are trending cooler throughout the next several days. 72 in gilroy, 63 in half moon bay with about 4-mile visibility and the west wind up to 24 miles an hour. and the clouds out through the delta. we have the on shore push, we have the subtropical moisture, and we are looking at some sunshine here around santa cruz where temperatures will be in the 70s with the partly cloudy sky. fairfield 68 right now. so you have cooled off in the last few hours with that steady on shore push. 62 in napa. 66 in santa rosa. so the 24 temperature change. and we are warmer at the coast and cooler elsewhere. this sets the stage for a slightly cooler day for you inland. here's a look at san jose. partly cloudy, isolated shower through tomorrow with the clouds, the numbers coming down a bit today and they will near average throughout the week ahead. the water vapor imagery shows
9:49 am
the four corner high. it's a strong one bringing all the heat. but around it it's also bringing up the monsoonal moisture and that allows for not only the cloud cover, but also the risk of an isolated shower. we have an area of low pressure offshore that may enhance some of this activity. so we are keeping it in the forecast. upper 70s today in oakland. numbers trending down with the cloud cover, the steady on shore push, 68 half moon bay, 87 in san jose. just mid-80s in santa rosa. so if you are headed to the south bay today and in gilroy in particular, temperatures will be in the 90s. that's cooler. we will see a few extra clouds around. here's a look what you can expect for the game this evening. numbers will be in the 60s. the west wind. dropping into the low 60s. the accuweather seven-day forecast, isolated shower chance continues through tomorrow but for most partly cloudy and cooler each and every day. a little humid feeling out there. we wrap-up the weekend with
9:50 am
interesting weather and more typical days ahead with the steady low clouds and fog ahead at the coast and 60s and upper 80s the end of the week. >> anything but typical today. thank you, lisa. in sports, tonight, first place in the n.l. west will be on the line at the at&t park. the giants try toa void being swept by the dodgers. last night they were shut down by dodgers clayton kershaw. here's the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning. later today the giants will look to jake peavy to prevent a sweep by the dodgers. yesterday he was acquired in a trade from boston. he arrived in the 6th inning from tampa. and meanwhile the dodgers have clayton kershaw on the bum. the early 1-0 lead. the giant juan in the fifth. cleat game two-hitter. stuck out 7. in the sixth. uribe dumps one out again. crawford scores again, the
9:51 am
giants shutout 5-0. the dodgers retake first place in the west by half a game. peavy makes his giants starting debut tonight. sunny gray trying to finish july perfect 5-0 and extend his personal win streak to seven games. 105 degrees game time in texas saturday. a's trailing 1-0. that's the sixth. then john jaso goes deep. next batter. home run derby champ. once gray not lead, it was over. strikes out the side the bo to the bottom half of the sixth. he's now 12-0 on the season. four home runs in the game for oakland. josh donaldson, solo shot. 5-1, the final. nfl training camp for about position battles. the key one at niners camp is at running back and the competition to back up frank gore. it won't be last year's backup, kendall hunter. he tore his acl in practice friday.
9:52 am
the second major injury in two years for the fourth-year pro. in 2012 he suffered a torn achilles tendon but returned to play all 16 games last year. this year hunter will likely miss the entire upcoming season. the injury to hunter opens the door to michael james, lattimore and second-round pick hyde. hyde is expected to be the frontrunner. saturday at practice both james and hyde discussing their fallen teammate. >> watching him at practice, how he carried himself at practice and how he executed at practice. you know, i'm going keep continuing doing what the coach and me to do, come to practice everyday, give it my best. >> you have to try to play for him. >> that's what i have to look at, go out there and compete. and i feel like i can't give just more, i have to give extra for him too. >> day three of training camp for the raiders happens later today. i was in napa friday and the number one priority was to get a look at top pick mac.
9:53 am
my assessment, he will be as good as advertised. the rest of the veterans on defense, they will be looking out for the kid. he has all the tangibles physically. he's likable and smart. give him time to acclimate and lookout. >> starting at the bottom right now. i know i have to get a lot better. i can't give myself a grade. i know it wouldn't be too good but hopefully i can improve a lot more. >> there will be a time when he will be ready to pick it up a notch. you don't want to overload him with too much stuff. a lot of people in his ear right now from coaches and stuff like that. right now let him get in his groove and a slow process. a long season. >> optimism, the highest it's been for a long, long time for the raiders. a look at morning sports, i'm collin resch. have a great day everyone. >> next an embarrassing error by the colorado rockies. the fan giveaway that miss -- misspells their
9:54 am
9:55 am
i'll have my e cheeseburger. you can have that. or-two new versions of the ultimate cheeseburger. one has sliced jalapeños and creamy ranch sauce, the other has sweet and tangy barbecue sauce and grilled onions, plus double meat and cheese like the original. new versions...? two new versions! now, this was just a training video, but these twists on my ultimate cheeseburger will blow people's minds. is that guy ok?
9:56 am
>> here are the winning numbers from last night's power ball draw. nobody picked august six numbers. wednesday night's jackpot jumps to $60 million. and the the winning numbers from the $24 million super lotto plus draw. >> nobody got all six of those either. wednesday night's jackpot grows to $25 million. new this morning, colorado rockies troy tulowitzki has a tough name to spell, even at his own ballpark. rockies gave out 15,000 jerseys honoring the bay area native last night, but the all-star shortstop's name was misspelled. it turned out the second "t" in his name was missing so the jerseys read tulowizki. the rockies apologize and say fans can exchange the jerseys for corrected ones later this year.
9:57 am
the team said they discovered it prior to the game, but they decided to give them out anyway because they didn't want to disappoint fans. tulowitzki was born in santa clara and attended high school in sunnyvale. he leads the majors with a batting average of .340 and is currently on the disabled list. this is probably not helping his ego. a star player and they can't even spell his name on the back of the jersey. >> that's a tough one, though. >> it is a tough one. >> we are looking at a nice afternoon if you like it a little cooler and interesting out there. the tower camera shows the multi-layer clouds around the bay. make fourth a partly cloudy afternoon. live doppler 7hd shows that we do have a few isolated showers around the bay. some of this not reaching the ground. but it extends from live more down to 680 through morgan hill, gilroy and a little bit better activity down around salinas and saratoga. the possibility exists today, tomorrow. if you are headed to the mountains, maybe a thunderstorm.
9:58 am
72 san francisco. and the accuweather seven-day forecast shows the temperatures coming down today. partly cloudy and won't see the numbers -- they will slide a few more degrees monday and then back to sunnier condition was the low clouds and fog. >> going in the right direction down. all right. thank, lisa and thank you for joining us on the sunday morning news. news continues now online, on twitter and facebook and all the mobile
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