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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 28, 2014 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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this m o this morning on "world news now," freak storm. deadly bolts of lightning jolts sunny southern california. >> we heard something go off like a bomb. it just totally exploded and big flash. >> the fear at the beach from a storm that came and went in just a flash. runway rage. tough questions after an angry exchange between a delta pilot and an air traffic controller. >> hey, you know what, we'll taxi out there any way we want when you tell us to. i don't like your attitude. >> the unusual dispute and how other pilots reacted. coming to america, pope francis with the popularity of a rock star. could be headed to the united states. new details about cities he may visit. it's monday, july 28th. >> announcer: from abc news,
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this is "world news now." >> good monday morning. i'm devin dwyer. >> i'm reena ninan. welcome back. >> it's great to be here. always musical chairs on "world news now." you never know who you'll fine. >> that's right. did you have a good weekend? >> i did. how about you? >> i did. you know, i visited family in new jersey, it is southern part of new jersey. they have chickens and i learn if chickens start to eat their eggs, it's like crack cocaine for them. they keep doing it and break their eggs, but they can have scrambled eggs. >> should we look for them in your backyard any time soon? >> they won't let us have them. there are regulations against that. >> you'd be a good chicken farmer, though. >> thank you for the vote of confidence. we're actually going to kick it off with lightning. crazy weather, freak lightning storm hitting two of the most popular tourist spots in southern california. >> a huge bolt of lightning killed a 20-year-old man and injured 12 other people on venice beach in california. another man was hurt, of course, when lightning struck on a golf course on catalina island. here's more from abc's nick watt. >> reporter: a rare summer storm moved in quickly, something the beaches of southern california do not often see.
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the powerful storm caught beachgoers off guard. >> we heard a little rumble and then about 15 minutes later we heard something go off like a bomb. it just totally exploded, and a big flash. >> reporter: on the world famous venice beach, the storm took a dangerous turn in a flash. a loud lightning strike sending huge crowds running for cover. lifeguards here frantically trying to help this victim performing cpr. the victims were rushed to local hospitals. witnesses say most of the injured were in or near the water. and the l.a. county fire department looking into reports of possible missing swimmers. >> i was really scared when i heard it, and he also -- he said, after like a minute, he said that he jumped up when he heard it. >> reporter: and to the south, at least three lightning strikes jolted catalina island, setting off a wildfire, knocking out power and leaving one man
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injured. as the storm moved in, the national weather service was urging those living in the beach cities near venice to stay indoors if they hear thund ir. eyewitnesses say it was past within a minute. some say as short as 45 seconds. and once panic subsided not a trace that anything out of the ordinary happened here. nick watt, abc news, venice beach, california. wild storms also swept through the south unleashing powerful winds and drenching rain. a tornado may be to blame for damaging as many as 30 homes in eastern tennessee, completely destroying at least 10 of them. searchers had to go door to door combing through debris to look for possible victims. but so far there are no reports of injuries. now, this line of storms in the middle of our country threatens millions as a powerful cold front moves east. >> meteorologist jim dickey continues our coverage. good morning, jim. >> good morning, reena and devin. unseasonably cool air mass continues to filter to the east, causing plenty of trouble in the
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eastern half of the country, producing severe thunderstorms all throughout the weekend. across the midwest, back across the ohio valley. now as it noses to the eastern seaboard and there you have low pressure we'll run on into new england, widespread heavy rain, drenching thunderstorms, not really expecting quite the severe weather event we saw the past couple of days here, but flooding will be a major concern in these areas as it will come down heavily at times. the cooler air filters into the southeast along the system's cold front. we'll see some severe thunderstorms capable of producing some damaging winds, some large hail. on to the southwest, moisture being drawn into the four corners, that will produce widespread heavy thunderstorms this afternoon into the evening. back to you. >> thanks, jim. the extreme heat in the west is posing a challenge for fire crews there in california. they've been battling a fire that's destroyed ten homes and forced hundreds of evacuations in the sierra nevada foothills. some evacuees left their homes and returned to find their property still standing. >> blocked off and i can't get back there. i have to be confident in them and get it knocked down and have patience and working with them.
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>> at the same time a fire near yosemite national park has destroyed a home and grown significantly. the park itself, though, remains open. and none of the giant sequoias are threatened. a day at the beach for a father and daughter took a tragic turn when a small plane made a crash landing. the father was killed and his little girl critically injured when the aircraft came down on a florida beach. the pilot apparently knew he was in trouble and had made contact with a nearby airport. >> he knew he couldn't make it back to the airport and was going to try to land on the beach. and he did land at the edge of the water on the beach. >> police say the man's wife was also hospitalized after she went into cardiac arrest while at the scene. now to an extraordinary exchange we're hearing for the first time between an air traffic controller and a pilot. those exchanges, of course, usually so polite and professional. well, not this time. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: every day in the u.s. there are roughly 20,000 commercial airline flights
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watched over by thousands of aviation professionals. but every once in a while someone wakes up on the wrong side of the runway. >> like, oh, my god, there's another plane out there like six miles away. >> this terse exchange posted by from atlanta hartsfield airport on friday it captures the moment an faa controller tells the pilot of delta flight 2242 he's on the wrong taxiway, called lima, when the plane should be on one called mike. >> 2242, you're supposed to be on mike. >> yes, sir, we're going out there right now. >> looks like you joined lima. >> hey, you know what, we'll taxi out there any way we want when you tell us to. i don't like your attitude. >> reporter: the controller coordinating the movement of planes at the nation's busiest airport fires back. >> good morning. there was no attitude. i was just trying to correct you. that's my job to correct you if you mess up. i'm trying to make sure everybody's doing what i ask them to do for certain reasons. >> i make a mistake every two to three minutes. but my attitude is not like yours. route on mike.
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and you didn't tell us how to get there, so next time you can try doing that. >> reporter: finally, one of the many other pilots listening chimes in with this -- >> settle down, captain happy. >> reporter: delta says they are looking into this exchange, saying delta's values call for courtesy and professionalism in everything they do. delta insists customer safety was never in question. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> boy, you'd think after all the flack that air traffic controllers get for the mistakes they make, pilots would err on the side of wanting to be extra cautious. >> i don't like your attitude. i couldn't believe that. >> captain happy. one of the other pilots called him captain happy. a little too much coffee? a chip on his shoulder. >> absolutely. well, another major mideast airline is playing it safe. emirates will no longer fly over iraq fearing a missile shootdown similar to what happened in ukraine. the airline ceo tells "the times of london" the ukrainian tragedy was a kick in the air for airlines and expects other
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carriers to follow suit. international regulators are meeting airlines tomorrow in montreal. meanwhile, a team of international inspectors canceled their visit to the crash site in ukraine. they feel it's not safe while the russian backed rebels and government forces. the dutch prime minister says sending an international military force to secure the site is unrealistic. also new, the state department has released satellite images it says prove russians' involvement in ukraine. the u.n. security council has been working through the night on a cease-fire deal between israel and hamas. members calling for a pause in the fighting to allow humanitarian aid into gaza. especially in light of the muslim holiday ead which marks the end of ramadan. both sides traded charges on the sunday talk shows. >> israel is not obliged and not going to let a terrorist organization determine when it's convenient for them to fire at our cities, at our people. >> they insist on bombing and shelling people, civilians, and then they blame the victims. >> the war has killed more than a thousand palestinians, mainly
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civilian, according to the palestinian health ministry. israel has lost 43 soldiers as well as 2 israeli civilians. two american aid workers have come down with a highly contagious ebola virus while working in africa. one was identifieds a nurse and one as a doctor, both treating ebola patients at a clinic in liberia when they got sick. last week a husband and father from minnesota died of ebola. patrick sawyer fell ill on a flight from liberia to lagos, nigeria. there is now a deal in the works on capitol hill to fix the veterans health care system. top lawmakers have scheduled a news conference later today to reveal more details about the plan. the v.a. has been rocked by reports of patients dying while awaiting treatment. and there's mounting evidence that workers falsified or admitted appointment schedules to mask frequent long delays. also happening today, closing arguments in the court battle over the sale of the los angeles clippers. disgraced owner donald sterling is challenging his estranged wife's authority to sell the
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team for $2 billion. if he wins the case the nba's likely to seize the team and auction it off. if shelly sterling wins the sale of the team to former microsoft ceo steve ballmer will move forward. well, a south korean baseball team that needs all the help they can get is turning to technology as a way of leading cheers and filling seats. >> this is an interesting one. the eagles now depend on a section full of, get this, robot fans to help enhance their fans' experience at home games. the robots can be programmed remotely by other fans. they can lead cheers, even perform a mexican wave. >> and the team had no problem finding a place for them. sometimes their crowds are a bit thin and the past five years the eagles have actually suffered more than 400 losses. everybody is so technical. everything is so technical. i don't know. the robot thing, it kind of takes away. >> it's a -- >> a little awkward. >> sorry statement on that team to have robotic fans.
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hey, if they can bring me hot dogs and a beer, i'd be happy. >> be careful. why could be next. >> we'll be replaced too. coming up in "the mix" a dog so excited to see her owner, it faints. wait until you see the pictures. football fans given $100 bills just for showing up to watch the indianapolis colts' practice. the generous gift. who's behind it and why. you're watching "world news now." ♪ that's what i want >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by airwick scented oils. by airwick scented oils. ♪ at air wick, our lavender and chamomile fragrance contains the natural essential oils of 40 lavender flowers
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♪ how great thou art how great thou art ♪ >> what song is that? i like that. how great thou art. >> but it's techno. i've never heard that version. well, we are talking about religion. we're talking about the pope, barely a year into his papacy, pope francis shaking things up from the vatican to wall street. he's electrifying with almost a cult following across the globe. >> and speculation reaching a fever pitch here at home over a possible papal visit to america. here, of course, is our dan harris. >> reporter: he's the pope trying to change the image of the church one kiss and one selfie at a time.
3:16 am
there is widespread speculation about francis' travel plans for next year. many wondering, is he ready to take a leap of faith and come to america? >> pope francis already has a dedicated and strong following of folks here in the u.s. he's going to get a hero's welcome pretty much wherever he goes. >> reporter: just this past week he showed once again why they call him the people's pope, making a surprise visit to the vatican cafeteria for lunch. he's also made history by gracing the cover of "rolling stone" and becoming "esquire's" best dressed man. now cities across america are scrambling to issue inviting, including philadelphia, which will be hosting the world meeting of families, a conference for the global catholic community. meanwhile, the mayor of new york city, bill de blasio, is making a bid on behalf of the big apple. >> we hope someday pope francis will visit our city, which would be an extraordinary blessing.
3:17 am
>> reporter: de blasio even making a personal appearance in vatican city on monday. >> brothers and sisters. >> reporter: back in 1987 the late pope john paul ii drew a record-breaking crowd of 93,000 at michigan's pontiac silverdome. not since then, and perhaps not since the beatles themselves first crossed the pond, has america been this excited about a visitor. >> this is a pope whose approval ratings are in the high 80% for catholics and non-catholics. >> reporter: but the vatican not dropping any hints. releasing an official statement saying there are several invitations the pope is carefully considering, but keep in mind, we are still one year away from the philadelphia meeting. dan harris, abc news, new york. >> of course, president obama personally invited the pope back in march when he visited. now this philadelphia archbishop is what's stirring all the speculation. he said on sunday this week that he invited -- that he's coming. the pope is coming. >> we'll take it. i would love for him to come. >> we don't know where he's going to go. the most catholic state in the
3:18 am
u.s.? >> i don't know. i would guess -- i think because of the kennedys -- massachusetts. >> close. rhode island actually. rhode island? >> 50% of rhode island residents say they're catholic. >> you think rhode island might be a possible venue? >> we shall see. coming up, a bizarre story playing out on the sidelines of an nfl training camp. why was the owner of the indianapolis colts passing out $100 bills to fans who turned out to watch the team practice. ahead in our next half hour, as if we needed a reason for this today, well, it's national milk chocolate day. what you may not know about one of our favorite indulgences coming up. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ i want money that's what i want ♪ >> well, who doesn't want a little extra money, especially when it's completely unexpected? >> this money was definitely a surprise over the weekend when the owner of the indianapolis colts handed out $100 bills to the fans who came to watch the team practice. abc's sara haines has the entire story. >> you get a car! you get a car! >> reporter: it's the kind of behavior you expect on the set of oprah, but what prompted colts' owner jim irsay to make it rain $100 bills at training camp? fans who came to watch their favorite nfl stars practice got a huge surprise when the eccentric billionaire started handing out hundreds. this comes only four months after he was arrested for a dui and drug possession. when the car was searched,
3:21 am
police found $29,000 in cash. irsay has a reported history of drug abuse and even did a stint in rehab in 2002. is he trying to change his image before what will likely be a highly publicized trial next month? this wouldn't be the first time someone has handed out free money. remember that hidden cash guy hiding thousands of dollars across the country, creating a frenzy of fans. >> i'm trying to find the hidden cash. >> reporter: as for the colts' irsay, either way the fans sure aren't complaining. sara haines, abc news, new york. >> he's worth $1.6 billion, so this kind of money is like what we find between our couches at home. >> it's chump change. >> yeah. >> with don't know why he's doing it. i have to say one thing, this guy carries a lot of cash around. just like i do. coming out of my pockets -- >> you're like the monopoly guy. >> i do have ones here. >> do you? >> here's one for you. >> so kind of you. $1. i'll go to the vending machine.
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bounty, the no-quit picker-upper. ♪ and now it's time for "the mix." you know, dogs i believe have incredible memories. i've always believed this. take a look at this dog who gets reunited with an owner and passes out from overwhelming joy. she left her home in murrysville, pennsylvania. there's the dog, they're reunited. >> apparently he squeals like a pig? >> yeah. they were lost for two years. she's in murraysville, pennsylvania. finally back together again and you see the dog just going crazy. apparently they did have to take him to the vet to get checked out and everything is fine. >> all right. well, that's the sound i make after i come home from a long stint. i'm familiar with that. speaking of strange sounds and squeals, here's an odd one. a pub owner in britain lost his watch and it was -- the alarm was set for last call, 10:55 p.m. well, all of a sudden he hears it nearby.
3:26 am
turns out it's inside his dog. yes, that big black dog there had swallowed his watch whole. don't know why. don't know what he had stuck his wrist in there but got it to spit it up and the dog is fine >> so it didn't come out the other end. >> and they got last call in, too. >> there you go. >> double whammy. this is probably boyfriend of the year award. things people do for love. one guy traveled halfway around the world. you see him here called "a film for ella." went to hong kong to get all the way over to sydney. eight-hour layover, ten-hour flight, all to surprise his girl friend for her birthday. so, 28 hours, and then he shows up in the garage. her reaction -- >> no! no! >> and he even remembered to go to the florist and buy flowers. tell me that's not boyfriend of the year material.
3:27 am
>> that's the same noise the dog made. >> there's a theme here today. >> that's right. now he's got to fly all the way back. well, finally, this guy might have the prize for worst disguise ever as a robber. take a look. this is belleville, illinois. this guy accused of walking into a circle k convenience store to hold it up, stick it up. and he's got a clear plastic bag around his head? >> that's supposed to protect his identity. >> maybe he had just gotten his hair done and it was raining or something. i don't know. you do see that the top is open there so he did -- >> i wonder if -- >> -- have half a brain to keep himself from suffocating. >> was his first time involved in an incident like this. it truly is worst disguise ever. >> needless to say police say they won't have too much trouble finding him. >> i believe they're probably right. >> so there we go. we don't have any -- we don't have any bags to try out but maybe we'll have to a little later on. >> note to self, use a paper bag if i decide to rob a bank.
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this morning on "world news now," deadly jolt, the freak lightning storm hitting southern california. who got hit and the disbelief from onlookers after a storm that disappeared in a flash. vicious virus. the ebola fears spreading in africa. concerns about a wider spread crisis after americans there are infected. a deadly illness with few remedies. downed flag. a special stars and stripes paying tribute to a lost war hero. the unlikely place where it was found, its incredible journey into its rightful hands. and later in "the skinny," explosive comeback after 35 years, action hero, "mad max" returning to the movie screen. who's going to star in this long-awaited film? it's monday, july 28th 37. >> announcer: from abc news,
3:31 am
this is "world news now." good morning. i'm devin dwyer. >> and i'm reena ninan. were you a "mad max" fan? >> i wasn't a big "mad max" fan but it looks like a good movie. >> it sure does. i'm looking forward to it. >> summer movies in full swing but a lot of summer weather to talk about. big storms including a rare california thunderstorm which triggered fatal lightning strikes and panic on l.a.'s famed venice beach. >> one man killed and dozens of others injured. one still in critical condition. abc's brandi hitt has the latest. >> reporter: a beautiful summer afternoon turned into tragedy at the world famous venice beach in los angeles. a rare summer storm moved in quickly, striking the beach with lightning. >> it sounded like a sonic boom. it literally shook the building, shook us on the courts. >> we had started to hear some activities, some storm activity, and i said, you know, this is not a good place to be. we should go inside because i don't feel like getting killed today, and then moments later, all hell broke loose.
3:32 am
>> reporter: the bolt of lightning sent huge crowds running for cover. >> all of a sudden it was a big flash of light and a boom, and it felt like someone punched me in the back of my head and went down the right side of my body, and my calf sort of locked up and i fell over. >> reporter: some beachgoers were stuck, falling over, laying face down on the sand, and lifeguards performed cpr. >> they had another scuba diver over here pulled out. they resuscitated him. >> reporter: ambulances rushed the stricken beachgoers to local hospitals, and the los angeles county fire department combed the beach looking into reports of possible missing swimmers. and just off the coast, at least three lightning strikes jolted catalina island, injuring a golfer. he's expected to be okay. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. lightning was also crackling across eastern tennessee as severe thunderstorms moved in. a possible tornado damaged or destroyed up to 30 homes. the high winds swept in late last night, knocking out power to thousands. one county sheriff and his wife took refuge in their basement
3:33 am
only to emerge to find their house completely flattened but so far no reports of injuries. now, these storms are from a powerful cold front bringing dangerous downpours and thunderstorms to millions. let's get the latest from accuweather meteorologist jim dickey. good morning, jim. >> good morning, reena and devin. holding on to strong to severe thunderstorms across the southeast as a cold front marches from the coast of eastern north carolina back towards new orleans. storms will bring gusty winds, large hail and torrential rain. a cool air mass settles into the ohio valley across the great lakes. many spots a good 10 to 15 degrees below average. this while temperatures are soaring across the west. widespread 90s and triple digits as moisture continues to be drawn into the four corners. and a round of widespread heavy thunderstorms is expected throughout the day. reena and devin, back to you. >> thanks so much, jim. there's progress this morning against the nation's largest wildfire. the so-called buzzard complex fire in oregon is now 95% contained. but hot, dry conditions in california are fanning flames in
3:34 am
that state, the sand fire. it's destroyed ten homes and forced hundreds of people to evacuate. crews there are facing another day of triple-digit temperatures and hot, dry winds. meanwhile, fire investigators near boston are looking into what caused a nine-alarm fire early sunday it started in a vacant three-story building and quickly spread to a couple of neighboring buildings that were occupied. all the residents from those buildings have been evacuated and accounted for and amazingly thankfully no one was injured. well, two american aid workers in africa are fighting the sometimes deadly ebola virus and one american has already died from the highly contagious disease. a minnesota family is grieving over their husband and father, patrick sawyer. the liberian government official and u.s. citizen died from the ebola virus. >> the liberian community right now is very shocked. >> reporter: but even in their sorrow, the family dodged a bullet. patrick planned to come back to minnesota for two of his
3:35 am
daughters' birthdays. he could have infected the whole family and his children's friends and others. >> and they're in school. she's in day care. there are kids there that could have been infected. >> reporter: sawyer fell ill on a flight from liberia to lagos, nigeria, a city of about 20 million people, the largest one in all of africa. >> ebola is highly contagious. it is very dangerous. >> reporter: doctors are feverishly working to contain the fast-moving virus and now getting infected themselves. >> there are inherent dangers in working with the disease. dr. brantley is a victim of that right now. >> reporter: dr. kent brantley contracted the virus while caring for patients inside this ebola isolation center in liberia, while his wife and young children remained in the u.s. nancy writebol is a christian volunteer nurse from charlotte, north carolina, working alongside dr. brantley. she has also come down with the
3:36 am
disease. her pastor back in the u.s. is praying for her recovery. >> we're in the hands of god. that's where we should be. >> and abc's dr. richard besser warns there is no medicine to fight it. patients are given medicine for the fever and fluids which sometimes this helps. top lawmakers on capitol hill reached an agreement over reforming the v.a.'s health care system. details of the plan are expected to be revealed later today. the bill is expected to authorize billions in emergency spending to at least 27 new clinics, hire more doctors and nurses and make it easier for veterans to get medical appointments. meanwhile, the u.n. security council has called for an immediate and unconditional humanitarian cease-fire in the gaza war between israel and hamas at an emergency meeting this morning. an attempt at a 12-hour cease-fire failed over the weekend as each side blamed the other. president obama expressed his grave concern over the war in a phone call to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu yesterday. the cruise ship "costa
3:37 am
concordia" is tied up in the italian port of genoa. this time-lapsed video shows the end of the ship's five-day journey to the port from where it capsized off the italian coast in january of 2012. over the next two years it will be demolished and its parts will be sold. 32 people died when the ship hit a reef and capsized. the dutch prime minister is ruling out an international military mission to secure the plane crash site in ukraine. increased fighting there has made it unsafe for a team of dutch and australian inspectors to visit the site. there are still bodies and personal belongings there. meanwhile, the u.s. says it has proof that russia has been firing missiles into eastern ukraine. meanwhile, the airline whose plane was shot down over ukraine may not be called malaysia airlines much longer. the wreckage of malaysia airlines flight to china in march still has not been found. that's mh370. sources say the carrier is looking at a name change and also bringing in private
3:38 am
investors to help rebuild its business after two disasters in six months. well, despite global tensions and intensifying violence, gas prices are dropping across the country. the average price for a gallon of gas is now $3.52 nationwide. that's down 16 cents from last month. fuel prices and oil markets are operating normally, and americans are noticing as gas prices have been down 24 days in a row well, your smartphone may be your next hotel room key. this week hilton is introducing new technology that allows guests to pick specific rooms and then open the doors to these rooms. hilton guests can already check in and use their phones. choosing a room will be available by the end of the summer, but using your phone as a room key will actually start next year. >> that's the feature i'm most excited about. you know, there's nothing worse after a long travel day than waiting in line to get those keys, you know. >> i'm not for it. i mean, i still hate the magnetic ones that you put up and then it gets turned up and you've got to go downstairs. i mean, what happened to the old
3:39 am
days of the old key you just put in the door -- >> you want to go back to that? >> yes. what's wrong with that. >> my gosh. >> i would also like to return back to the old-school cell phone that does not have the internet, that does not have gps, that does not have siri. >> who is she? who is she? >> you just use a phone. i just want to use a cell phone when i want to call someone. i don't need the internet. >> generational difference. not that you're old or anything. >> wait a minute. what is he suggesting here? okay. well, moving on to a kind of corruption that took place on the beach in the florida keys. >> yes, this is some eruption. this is from a video from what they're calling a turtle webcam. what you're seeing is a bunch of newly hatched loggerhead sea turtles, emerging, erupting from their nest for the first time. about 100 of them coming out of that hole, immediately starting to make their way across the beach very slowly, there they go. they're headed for the ocean. >> the scientists who had set up the camera were waiting for two weeks for them to be born and was it really worth the wait.
3:40 am
look at that. that's rare. i love the time-lapsed video. >> what do you think the first thing they're going for when they pop out of that shell? are they hungry? do they want a shrimp? >> yeah. let me just tell you, as the momma who pushed out two babies, i wanted a sandwich as soon as i pushed those two kids out. they tell you not to eat for like 24 hours. >> those little guys are going after some food. >> looks like that to me too. well, coming up in "the skinny," two movie action heroes making comebacks, including wonder woman, like you've never seen her before. this is not an ordinary monday. it's national milk chocolate day and sharing secrets about the candy with a rich and sweet history. we're going to taste some. stay with us. "world news now." ♪ i want candy ♪ i want candy >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by icy hot smart relief. nnouncer: "world news now" weather brought to you by icy hot smart relief.
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♪ i will remember you ♪ will you remember me well, in texas it was the story of something lost, found and now will always be remembered by one very special family. >> that's right. it started out as a mother making a discovery while out shopping, finding an american flag. and on it, messages for a family who never even knew the flag existed, making this our "favorite story of the day." here's abc's david muir. >> reporter: this is the story of an american flag found in a
3:45 am
flea market outside houston. the price, $5. the couple who bought it, two parents who had a son of their own who returned from war. but on this flag, messages from fellow troops, all of them writing about a brother who had been lost at war in iraq, lance corporal fred maciel who was just 20. one sergeant writing "we'll always remember the sacrifice you made, god bless" and the mom who found that flag at the flea market bought it with one purpose, to find the other mother, and she did. this weekend traveling across texas to meet that mom and present to her the flag that somehow never made it home. >> our family feels so honored to be the ones chosen to find this flag and return it to you. >> oh, god. >> reporter: that flag right where it belongs, in the hands of a mother who never knew it existed. this flag filled with all of those messages and memories of her son all over again. >> but in a good way, i got peace in my heart.
3:46 am
you know, i'm happy. this is all for my son. >> reporter: david muir, abc news, new york. >> what a moving story. >> touching story and, you know, it's remarkable that this took place in humble, texas. such a humble story and the mother here, hats off to her for going that extra mile, the woman who found this at the flea market. you know, so many people would have seen it and let it go or purchased it and kept it at home. >> the mother said he enlisted after he -- before he graduated, coming home from high school one day and just telling her he'd joined the marines. so heartbreaking about the loss, but it must be so comforting to have found all those messages. >> to look at them there, handwritten reminders of his sacrifice, really amazing. >> what a great story. and when we come back, "mad max" is back after 35 years. >> and the big makeover for wonder woman. you'll never even recognize her. stay with us. that's coming up in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ time now for "the skinny." and topping this morning's headlines, the much anticipated return of an action hero. >> 35 years after the original we're getting a sneak peek of "mad max: fury road," the trailer released this week at comic-con in san diego. take a look.
3:49 am
>> my name is max. my world is fire. >> the apocalyptic story set in the furthest reaches in our planet, stars tom hardy and charlize theron, and it's set for release in may of next year. >> fun. >> also released this weekend at comic-con, a super hero's super, and i mean super, makeover. >> it's wonder woman like you've never seen her before. we all remember this iconic image of lynda carter. who can forget from the 1970s series. >> red, white and blue, baby, but now say hello to the new wonder woman, on the dark side there, played by actress gal gadot >> whoa. >> on the dark side there. there's certainly a lot less red, white and blue and a lot more leather straps. >> i like the update. i love the update. this is like chic couture. >> erupting volcanoes behind her. >> i think it's more 2014. >> we look forward to that one. >> i do. i do. i can see costumes already for halloween. i'm going to try and create mine soon this weekend.
3:50 am
next, to another wonder woman getting dissed at a burger joint in niagara falls, canada. >> some incredible story. aretha franklin, the queen of soul, got no respect at a johnny rocket's, that is. the 72-year-old singing legend ordered takeout there, but when she went to sit down at a table just to wait, she got yelled at by a waitress. >> oh. >> the tables are there for patrons only eating in. >> she should have started singing "r-e-s-p-e-c-t." >> let's hear it, come on. >> so franklin actually started leaving without her burger and cherry coke. johnny rocket's had to apologize for the actions of a new and very young employee. so, by the way, that young employee is in her mid-30s. you can -- >> well, i'm in my mid-30s and i know a little about respect. you know, it's a common thing. you go to a restaurant, people order takeout, then they want to sit down and take up a table. i get that. but come on, it's aretha. >> it's aretha. who doesn't know aretha
3:51 am
franklin? >> unbelievable. all right. well, despite all the rumors flying around this one, beyonce says she's not set to be a single lady any time soon. >> thanks for the clarification. taking a break from her on the run tour with husband jay z the superstar took some time to pose for this on a rack of surfboards flashing a smile, looking gorgeous and, of course, a little bit of cleavage. >> beyonce showing off what appears to be a chilled and relaxing summer vacation cooling off at least for now those rumors that divorce may be looming on the horizon. it is not. if you're following that one closely. and time now to check today's birthdays. >> "all in the family's" sally struthers, 67 years old today. >> "full house's" lori laughlin turns the big 5-0. >> and "saved by the bell's" elizabeth berkley is 42. and actor spencer boldman turns 22. a very big happy birthday to all of you. and coming up, from birthday
3:52 am
cake to chocolate. >> that's right, it's national milk chocolate day. stay with us for that, coming up. she loves to shop online with her debit card. and so does bill, an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts, and stole her hard-earned money. unfortunately, millions of americans just like you learn all it may take is a little misplaced information to wreak havoc on your life. this is identity theft. and no one helps stop it better than lifelock.
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expedia. find yours. ♪ i want candy ♪ i want candy all right. well, chocolate fans, get to your cupboard and get your chocolate. national milk chocolate day. and who doesn't want some candy right about now? we've got a whole bunch here. it's pretty awesome. thank you. look at that. i will have a bite if i do say so myself. >> and we're celebrating dark chocolate's creamy cousin with some chocolate bars and -- >> a whole lot of kisses. a whole lot of kisses today. hershey's is represented here. this is a great thing. did you know that milk chocolate -- i did not know this -- was introduced in spain back to the 1600s, but it was the brits -- leave it to the british -- cadbury's company made the first bars in the mid-1800s. >> and worried about the caffeine. can you believe this, one ounce
3:56 am
of a bar has just six milligrams, that's like a cup of coffee can have actually more than 40 milligrams. >> i've always been concerned about that. but get this. here's another fun fact, milk chocolate, excuse me, has about half the cholesterol of a chunk of cheddar cheese. and it has antioxidants so it's good stuff there. on facebook we've been asking you how you like to enjoy milk chocolate. here's what some of you said. >> lots of you mentioned snickers bars and top producers like see's, ghiradelli and, of course, godiva. and a few people like their milk chocolate in the syrup form. i always did. i always had to have syrup -- quik, actually. >> did you prefer to add the syrup rather than buy chocolate milk? >> i put the quik powder and i never allow my children to have it. turns out alfred hitchcock liked it, too. they used fake blood in one of his movies. when they couldn't find the right stuff, he used syrup from "psycho's" famous shower scene. interesting. look at that there. that's actually fake syrup.
3:57 am
interesting. looks pretty real there in black and white. >> perhaps my absolute favorite movie scene using chocolate was augusta goop from the chocolate river in "willy wonka and the chocolate factory." >> don't do that! don't do that! you're contaminating my entire river! please, i beg you, augustus! my chocolate! >> help. >> my beautiful chocolate. >> don't just stand there. do something! >> help, police, murder. >> poor asgus that goop there stuck in the pipe. that actually was chocolate in the river, we're told, mixed with water and cream. apparently that sound stage didn't smell too great we're told, reena. >> i would go swimming in that. looks awesome. >> chocolate and cream, who wouldn't want that? >> mm-mm, good. >> i love when we eat on the set. >> let's have some more. and a kiss. >> a chocolate bar. >> stay with us. >> announcer: this is nbc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. iacs for two decades.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, freak storm. a crowded beach rocked by a bolt of lightning, catching people offguard. >> there was a lightning bolt, and it hit here and then it hit over there. it was scary. plus a tornado tears through a neighborhood, taking homes and everything else in its path. deadly crash, a pilot is forced to put his plane down on a beach. with a father and daughter in its path. new reaction from witnesses. spreading fast, an ebola outbreak in africa is now the largest on record and taking a toll on the people trying to help the victims, including two americans. and fan-bot, the high-tech answer to a baseball team's poor attendance.


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