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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 28, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the commute. >> in the so the bay, ten blobs of a san jose neighborhood were evacuated with a fire leading to emergency action. >> a dozen are injured and another is killed after lightning strikes in southern california. meteorologist mike nicco will tell us if we can expect similar wet at home. good morning, everyone, i am eric thomas. >> back to the breaking news, a sig-alert westbound 580 after a bigry filled with bananas flipped on its side and amy hollyfield will show us the e-mail. >> bananas everywhere, the underside of an 18 wheel are came over this guardrail and fell on its side. look at the other side, down the embankment and what spilled. 60,000 pounds of bananas off
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loading now for an hour and a half. it is taking longer than expected. they have a banana slide. they put a box of bananas on this white part of the truck, sliding down the hill and put it on the flatbed truck. it is getting faster. they getting more efficient as they go. we still, they are taking longer than expected. this is not the biggest problem. they still have more to go, down the hill. this is much faster. however, they still have a the love work -- a lot of work to go. here is the latest from the c.h.p. officer. >> it will be 7:00 or 8:00, closer to 8:00 if they cannot get the cargo loaded next half
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hour they will be closer to 8:00 and 9:00 so complete. it is fun to look at the bananas but the real problem is the traffic. a picture for you to see what it looks like at this moment, they have two lanes of westbound 580 shut down with the traffic pretty bad through here can moving slowly with c.h.p. for just drove through it said it took an hour to go 15 miles. this is going into live more headed to oakland and san francisco and not looking good and not looking like it will open any time soon. if you can take a sick day or work from home today is the day. i don't think you should tackle this if you can avoid it. quite a mess to get the bananas
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off loaded. if you can only slide it by the accident that is a great thing. hour, not happening. two hours and 54 minutes from tracy to dublin with three hours and one minute. highway 4 is still 18 minutes from antioch to concord westbound. you want to avoid and telecop mute from home if you can. this was eastbound traffic with spectator slow. certainly an interesting sight not causing your delays to head from the altamont pass at five miles per hour for the top speed as you head by the two lanes. we have delays coming from tracy use mass trance it or highway four to get around this. i will have more details in a little bit.
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again, this is the drive in the westbound direction along highway 4 with slowing throughants rock and the rest of commute is clear, eastbound highway four an accident at l secret with more details in a few minutes. now, over to meteorologist mike nicco. how is the weather? >> i will split our day planner interest these different regions, 63 and gray around the bay and high clouds mixing in as the low clouds watch and 73 for large time democrat. 80 at 4:00 and 68 at 7:00. inland the best chance of clouds is in the north bay at 62 and high clouds and sunshine and 82 and around 90 with humidity so it will feel stuffy from time to time and 80 at 7:00 and along the coast we will have a mixture of clouds and sunshine and mostly clouds and clouds in the mid-to-upper 60's and isolated chance of a shower and maybe a thunderstorm today can tomorrow. >> our time is 6:04.
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fire crews battled a garage fire in antioch with cell phone video of the fire breaking out around 2:40 but did not citizen to the main house or the garage and no one was injured. investigators are sticking around to figure the cause. >> in san jose, all clear this morning after a fire at a propane yard forced evacuation and shut done an interchange. firefighters were called before 11 o'clock to the plant on east virginia near south 7th. a vegetation fire was burning into the abandon yard that contained dozens of propane thanks and residents werer evacuated but the situation now is under control and matt keller will have a report from the scene at 6:30. one person is dead after a sudden lightning strike on venice beach as we learn it is only part of the severe smith weather to hit the country.
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>> a california beach day turned chaotic and deadly, a rare summer storm unleagued bite lincoln the southeast front of los angeles making direct hits on veteran knits beach crowded with swimmers and surfers. >> it sounded like a sonic boom. >> all hell broke loose. >> people scrambled for safety and some were struck lying face down in the sand and others were rattled and lifeguards rushed to him the victims performing cpr looking for missing swimmers. >> this was another diver pulled out who was revived. >> first responders took nine to the hospital. the coroner confirms a 20-year-old died from the injuries. >> off the coast, these strikes jolted catalina island injuring a golfer. weather took a toll in the midsection of the country and along the atlantic coast. >> looks like a war zone.
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winds in kentucky took down trees. 20,000 homes and businesses in the dark after this problem over the ballpark in louisville. in tennessee, devastating amount of debris and they remain in harm's way with thunderstorms expected to be severe cross the ohio valley and the mid atlantic states through this morning with lightning continuing to be a serious concern. storms are expected to reach as far as the i-95 corridor threatening cities from philadelphia to richmond, virginia. happening today the woman accused leading her two kids in a hot car while she gambled is scheduled to enter a plea. it happened last week in pleasanton, the 37-year-old phaley nget was inside the casino when police found her daughters, two and three, need a locked car strapped if their
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seat. the woman says she went into the casino to use the restroom. the bail was $100,000. also, today, the man accused of sexually assaulting women posing as a police officer will appear in court for a preliminary hearing. the prosecution says the 35 -year-old wore a fake uniform and targeted recent immigrants. he will bring the victims into the home, give them drugs or alcohol and assault them and threaten to have the victims deported if they said anything. he pleaded fault guilty to the charges. >> the propose tax on soda in berkeley will be debated. the city council proposed one cent an ounce tax on sugar sweetened drinks. they will make $1.5 million on the tax that pays for city
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services. if you trying to make the drive in on 580, westbound livermore big rig is causing huge headaches and a big backup. >> looking from sky 7 westbound 580 approaching grownville road headlights are headed to livermore and certainly life is not a bullet of cherries and the altamont pass is full of traffic and due to a big rig that overturned carrying bananas. eastbound traffic is looking little heavy as you approach it because of the spectator slowing so it is going to be a jamup this morning. try to tell commute. no great way around this as the other alternates closer to 5 is jamming up at this hour. we will talk about what is going on as for as weather with temperatures running a little
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bit cooler than they were yesterday. the track is seven miles per hour cooler in livermore than yesterday and sfo and what half are the same and everyone else is one to nine in fairfield. livermore is 62 over to pleasanton is 62 in the low-to-mid 60's everywhere and concord at 59 and low-to-mid 50 through the north bay valley and upper 50's around richmond and half moon bay. and low 60's for the let our neighborhoods and east bay hills is 24 packed and hardly a car in the other direction. temperatures are one to six degrees warmer-than-average and you will feel the humidity with all of it. our drought is testing firefighters this morning. updates on the two new wildfires burning now in northern california and the impact on tourists at the most popular destinations. >> new video shows chaos when a
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driver rams through a crowd at a popular southern california event. >> more fallout from a meat scandal in china causing a problem at a local food chain. morning and the clean up
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back at 6:14. we are looking from sky 7 over the altamont pass and this is westbound 580 traffic the headlights are pushing to us and we are seeing backups in excess of three hours because of an overturned big rig at greenville road. we have two lanes blocked while the clean up conditions. amy hollyfield is on the scene with slowing in the eastbound direction with folks slowing down to look at what is happening as we doom in on the
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big rig trying toker load 60,000 pounds of bananas. it will be a pain. this traffic is going to be jacked up well into the early morning hours and the lane will reopen. we will keep updated. >> we have new video showing a hit-and-run crash in san diego at a festival. a 54-year-old woman was injured. take a look the. >> this was the scene on saturday, the driver said he decided to drive through the crowd because he waited at the intersection for several minutes and added that his children began to get afraid of crowd after people were pounding and jumping on the car. he was brought into the miss station for questioning but has not been arrested. >> from china, there is now a
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shortage of big macs and chicken nuggets after a major recall from a troubled meat supply. at one mcdonald's there are no burgers or chickenups only choosing from pies, hash brown and soda and ice screen when workers shown handling expired and tainted meat with their bare hands and the meat suppliers has suspended sales. >> and the plane disasters is making it more expensive to insure airliners. the financial times report that the insurance companies are now demanding details of the airline exactly flight path and are considering stopping coverage for flights over hotspots in the middle east and africa. this is in the wake of the malaysian airlines flight disaster in ukraine. this is likely to be the most expensive year for airline insurance since the 9/11 attacks
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in 2001. >> that could be passed to the passengers in ticket prices. >> we have big problems in the commute if you are trying to make it to the bay area that is the biggest prop and leyla gulen is tracking the sig-alert: three hours and 20 minutes! the numbers do notly. we have headlights headed in the westbound direction toward livermore through the pass up to greenville road and overturned big rig carrying 60 thousand bounds of bananas blocking two lanes. the accident happened a couple of hours ago and we are still looking at the heavy delays. the signature alert is going to be in affects until 7:00 this morning and maybe until 7:00 but you can expect the delays to persist. eastbound traffic is slow but in
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the commute direction that is causing the major delays. i can show you exactly what we are talking about in terms of the delay: three hours and 28 minutes and highway 4 would be the good alternate is letting up and westbound from antioch to concord is 19 minutes and san rafael to san francisco is 21 minutes and ace train, bart, all running on time so there are other ways to get to work and hopefully your employer will let you telecommute because you do not want to be stuck in this. >> the only thing moving through the altamont pass is the same thing moving faster through the delta, the wind at 23 miles per hour in fairly. the rest of us are citizen miles per hour or calm. the winds pick up this afternoon and the bay area to the delta from 1:00 o'clock to 9:00, winds up to 25 knots with choppy winds on a ferry boat this morning. low clouds but they saying there
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are no arrival delays. a chance of a hour and isolated thunderstorm today and tomorrow and it is humidity. but there is a lot of energy in the atmosphere. we have to rely on the heat. dry air is arrive on wednesday and we are stuck in the pattern temperature-wise with know wild swings and the high that is bringing the cool wet weather to the country east of the missouri riff and mississippi river, that is still here and we are on the back side and getting all the moisture and heat from the desert southwest so we have a chance of a shower. you can see the best radar returns is over the sierra. low-to-mid 90's in los gatos and gilroy and mid-to-upper 80's in most of the south bay and milpitas is 82 and pockets of sunshine and 76 in santa cruz. partly cloudy on the peninsula and millbrae is 75. partly sunny along the coast and mid-to-upper 60's to nearly 70
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in downtown south san francisco and 72 in sausalito can cloudy through the north bay and mid-to-upper 80's with sun at the beaches and mid-to-upper 50's. 83 in castro valley. sunny inland with high mid-level clouds rolling in, from the south, low-to-mid 90's. watch out are for the humidity. upper 50's to mid-60's so a lot like this morning and the temperatures are hack out in in- hanging out in the 90's low 80's in the bay in mid-to-upper 60's at the coast. >> have you been waiting for an internet only hbo sub and i'm here to tell homeowners
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we will check with what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> coming up on "good morning america" we are talking about a deadly virus outbreak the worst ever of the ebola virus infecting two americans who were trying to save lives in west africa. there is no cure. we have the latest details on
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that out break on "good morning america" next. >> that is in 36 minutes. fans of sarah palin can have a direct connection to the former republican vice presidential candidate. she has her online subscription channel for $10 a month subscribe wees can get her commentary and take on online on video chats. the channel is pat of a new videoment farm called "tap," for tv app. a three-year-old boy in oregon managed to crash a car into a neighbor's house and went home to watch cartoons. it happened last week. the mother didn't know when he got the keys, scrawled in the car and knocked it out the gear. >> the neighbor called 9-1-1. the boy dashed home and began watching cartoons, like nothing
6:25 am
had happened. the mother was cited for failing to supervise her son. >> what happens when you mix babies and puppies in you get the newest youtube hit the look at baby eli and the puppy, collide, the two of them together were adorable. this video has gone viral with hits more then a million, and the instagram account is popular. check out, cuddling together and the granny wants it she that pitted bulls and all dogs want toking good dogs. >> we should change the baby's film to bonnie. bonnie and clyde. it has a ring. >> a ring to it. 70 years ago. >> morning news continues at 6:30 with breaking news. a big rig crashes in the median
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at interstate 580 in livermore and westbound traffic is affected. you can see the backup for three hours-plus long. >> yikes. >> happening now not one but two fierce wildfires exploding in california and the wall of flames scorching earth near yosemite national park. >> in san jose potentially explosive situation forced the evacuation of a neighborhood and closed down a major freeway and we will tell you why this proper was a concern even before the fire was started. >> we will show you live doppler 7 hd and how dry it is right now but i am tracking the moisture coming at us from the south and possible showers and thunderstorms. i will tell you how long it will last in the seven-day forecast. >> in the traffic center i will keep you updated on the altamont pass sig-alert.
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we have a new sig-alert in san jose and other areas of the bay area be not example with traffic building.
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. if livermore right now, a big rig crash creating a huge mess on interstate 580 in the commute direction backing things up into the central valley. >> hours of delays. we will go to our reporter talking about cleaning up the damage and the fuel. what a mess. about 60,000 pounds of bananas. they are getting more efficient on the cleanup creating a slide for the boxes of bananas to get them down the hill to a flatbed truck. it look like they have made amazing progress and could wrap this up shortly but they say they thing they have two or three more hours last of unloading this truck that has flipped. it happened westbound 580.
6:31 am
the truck flipped over the guard rails down the embankment at 2:00 this morning and no one was hurt. that is the good news. it created a mess. they shut down two westbound lanes. they estimated they would get it re-opened between 7:00 and 8:00 and now the c.h.p. is saying that is not looking good. >> looking closer to 9:00 before we are out of here. depending on what the tow prayers need we could open up one acable lane but we are not sure. when they work on the truck we canbly it by ear. we will open up additional lanes if we can. >> two lanes are shut down on westbound 580. he was talking about maybe getting one lane open soon. we will keep you posted. we have two lanes shut down in
6:32 am
livermore headed toward oakland, toward san francisco and it will be closed for a while with the c.h.p. saying maybe 9:00 but these guys say they think it will take longer. we have one c.h.p. officer would drove through it and he got here he said it took an hour to go 15 minutes. we haved tow truck. he just got here he has to uproot the truck and get it out here and that alone will take an hour but, first, they have to get rid of the bananas. avoid this area if you can. the c.h.p. for you were talking about is one of the lucky one it only took an an hour to go 15 miles. that is not the only sig-alert. >> from sky 7 we have perks showing over grant line road
6:33 am
where traffic is stopped. stopped. at a standstill. you are not budgeing. you can see stack after stack of cars and big rigs. they are going nowhere. fast. it is at least three hours commute between three hours and 30 minutes so that is pain will we headed influence the altamont pass westbound 580 where the big rig is located at greenville road two lanes are blocked and a sig-alert will loosen up by 7:00 this morning and maybe between 7:00 and 8:00. i have another sig-alert in san jose blocking the northbound and southbound sign of highway 85 between 280 and fremont avenue because of a power pole that exploded with live wires all ever at road. pg&e crews are trying to make repairs. detours are in place.
6:34 am
expect extra delays. >> we have hours on the south tracking them with live doppler 7 hd. they are trying to rotate toward us and that little bit of energy will work with a little bit of more bringing us the isolated chance of a shower and thunderstorm. the day planner shows in the upper 50's to low 60 for the better part of the morning commute and in mid-to-upper 60's near the coast and low 80's to upper 80's inland from noon to hour and by the evening we are back if if the low-to-upper 50's. >> in san jose, ten blocks remain evacuated behalf flames broke out at an abandoned propane your.
6:35 am
matt? it is clear where firefighters felt they had to evacuate the neighborhood and close down 2280. look how many abandoned propane tans here. a vegetation fire was spreading to the abandoned propane far with films overtaking two or three thanks creating a gas bed fire. this could have been an explosion. there are homes to the east and south of us we evacuated with the assistance of san jose police department and set up unified command and made sure we limited foot traffic. you can see it is not highly populated corner of san jose so that served us well. 20 or 30 homes were evacuated until after midnight. 280 re-opened after being closed
6:36 am
for 20 minutes. san jose dressed code violations in may calling the progress imindependently dangerous and a place of repeated and continued trespass of transients. no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is under investigation. hundreds of fires are spread thin between two northern california wildfires. one of fires is burning near just a moment national park and the other is in the sierra foothills eat of sacramento the driest summer on winter in yosemite. the fire is only 5 percent contained. eat of sacramento the sand fire in sierra foothill is burning near the wine-growing regions of two counties that has destroyed 13 homes and scorched 3,600 acres. >> "good morning america" is on the fire lined near yosemite with were more at 7:00.
6:37 am
two people drowned in the russian river this weekend both young men. a teen boy drowned yesterday while swimming at a vacation home with his family. crews pulled the body frommed water. on saturday a man in his 20's drowned near a camp ground after falling from the kayak without a life jacket and he did not know how to swim. >> a casino kay -- caper, tens of thousands stoling from a fancy las vegas resort. >> a man who fived a storm on the develop necessary beach is sharing his mother. >> sky 7 is over the big rig rollover on interstate 580 between tracy and dublin only taking three hours to get this! this is a place to avoid, folks. do not drive here. leyla gulen is on the story and amy hollyfield, as
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>> what a rough weekend. the pirates taking on the giants at 67 degrees increasing cloud cover and decreasing temperatures down to 62. our best chance of serious flooding and thunderstorms in the high desert today until 9:00, 1" to 2" and the moisture is leaking to us if you are
6:41 am
through the industrial valley it will be humid and upper 90's to low 100's and thunderstorms are possible if lake tahoe and 82 and yosemite at 98. rude awake being for the senate of the work week with two sig-alerts. first happened at 2:00 when an overturned big rig carrying bananas blocked a couple of lanes. the sig-alert will be if place until 7:00 this morning and maybe until 8:00 but it is causing heavy delays at five miles per hour inching your way from the am pass and three hours and 18 minutes. that is how lock it will take to head from tracy to dublin with the backup from mcarthur drive and highway four is the alternate and you are in the clear headed in the westbound direction antioch to concord is loading up from san rafael to san francisco. the other sig-alert working in
6:42 am
sunnyvale due to an explosion northbound and southbound highway 85 is shut down from 280 to fremont with detours in place. land ahead. traffic is diverted. >> coming up, a popular dollar store chain with several bay area locations announces they are going to get bigger. >> have you been waiting for an internet only hbo subscription with an officer that could come from the hit cable
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covering burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. we are taking a look in sky 7 the early footage shot over 580 westbound the tail lights are headed in the east direction and the headlights are not moving west. we have a sig-alert at greenville road an overturn big rig carrying 60,000 pounds of bananas blocking two lanes and will be blocking two lanes until 7:00 this morning, maybe until 8:00. this is a three hour drive from address to the altamont pass and a second sig-alert working in san jose blocking off an entire interchange from 85 and 280 and we have the latest vehicles coming up in a few minutes.
6:46 am
people in southern california will watch the weather today after a fierce lightning storm killed a man at venice beach. a 20 yearly was killed and another in critical condition. several taken to the hospital. lightning hit the beach that was under a clear blue sky. a flash of light. a boom. felt like someone punch me in the back of the head. i fell over. expected again today. >> a man is arrested for robbing a fancy casino on the las vegas script and the 32-year-old man pulled a gun on a teller and
6:47 am
made off with tens of thousands. the entire robbery was captured on security cameras and authorities were able to identify him and arrest him the follow day. in 2010 a robber made off with $10,000 in clips and he was arrested. >> closing argues are set in the tons trial. lawyers will argue the estrange ed wife had in right to sell the l.a. clippers basketball team. she negotiated a $2 billion deal to sell the team to former microsoft c.e.o. after the racist statements by donald sterling led to a lifetime ban. donald sterling says she trick him into take mentality exams that found he has alzheimer's disease. and three was removes a trustee. >> the dow is opening in the down direction off 35 points to 16925. >> new this morning, virgin in, is going public.
6:48 am
the burlingame based airline filed with the fcc for an initial public offering but it will not say how many shares are offered or at what price. advisory gyp america began flying in 2007 and discussed the possibility of going public and backed by richard branson who owns a minority state in the airline. >> also, in a battle of dollars, dollar tree is the winner buying rival discount store family dollar in a deal valued at $8 why 5 billion. both companies are based on the east coast with shares family dollar spiked 20 percent before the opening bill. >> "game of throne" i don't take another step to offering an internet only subscription to viewers. hbo could expand a trial partnership with comcast that pairs internet access.
6:49 am
the plan is for users would only want hob over the web without a full package and the price $49 a month. "game of thrones' can be brutal but so is the traffic. >> now we have two sig-alerts. the rest of the bay area is not exempt. headed to the altamont pass, this is where we have the major delays westbound 580 an overturned big rig blocking two lanes at five miles per hour for the top speed at three miles from tracy pushing from the central valley over the altamont pass into livermore and the problem will clear up by 7:00 or 8:00. highway 85 between 280 and fremont avenue all lanes are shut down because of a powerful explosion of live wires and traffic is diverted with detours in place and the sig-alert is in
6:50 am
inflation until further notice and the jam is coming from the approach to cupertino and northbound 280 is shut down and north highway 85 has heavy delays. it is a mess. not a for way to start the work week. i will give you alternates in a few minutes. meteorologist mike nicco has a cooler forecast. >> winds and the possibility of a shower and isolated thunderstorms. our winds are blowing out through fairfield with a manner layer this morning and the rest of us are light and variable and less than seven miles per hour and the pick up through the bay into the delta coming from southwest bringing the added humidity with the winds around southwest at 15 to 25 notes through 9:00 and an hour and a minute flight arrival delays at sfo with 280 and 17 has slowing. it is clear in the south bay and over the east bay you can see the high clouds streaming in,
6:51 am
mid-level clouds, also, with the low clouds not lasting only a couple of hours because they have a hard time getting over the hills. a chance of a shower and thunderstorm today and tomorrow and dry air arriving on wednesday and temperature ranges could be narrow because this area of high pressure is not going to move much and if it does it will move to the east and take the heat and humidity away from us but still normal. low-to-mid 90's and 82 at milpitas and everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 80's. low-to-mid 80's on the peninsula until millbrae which is 65 and money 60's and nearly 70 in downtown and south san francisco and from 66 at bodega bay to 72 in sausalito mid-to-upper 80's and a few upper 70's at berkeley and richmond as the winds kick in off the water and much else
6:52 am
in the upper 70's to east bay until castro valley at 83 and through the dublin grade low-to-mid 90's and stickiness waiting on that end. as far as what will happen tone, more cloud cover and upper 50's to mid-60's and temperatures are above average. seven-day forecast show the low-to-mid 90's inland each day and low 80's around the bay and upper 50's at the coast. morning clouds and afternoon high clouds are the rule through thursday and morning clouds and afternoon sunshine friday, saturday, and sunday. one lane has re-opened and we have citizen things to know before you go. with the morning news
6:53 am
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whether you are just joining us our headed out the door, seven things to know. the one, east bay commuters have a massive headache on 580. a big rig flipped and spilled a load of bananas and fuel. it could be some time before it is cleaned up. >> two, here is a look at westbound 580 at greenville road where there is go news. the one lane has re-opened so we have these lanes getting by. one remains shut down possible until 8:00 this morning but we
6:55 am
have 16 miles of backup taking on three hours from tracy to dublin and another sig-alert in sunnyvale blocking all lanes morning and southbound. >> firefighters in san jose evacuated several blocks because of a fire at an abandoned propane farm with dozens of thanks and several were venting propane. crews got this under control. >> a fire burning at yosemite is burn inside the park now. films are not lending jar inventoryists park but it has green to 2,600 acres. a fire burning in sack moan to is at 4,000 acres. >> we have monsoon-like area bringing us moisture and isolated thunderstorm. inland 83 to 95 and 64 to 70 at
6:56 am
the coast to san francisco and up to 86 around the bay. >> fire crews battle a garage fire in antioch this morning at 2:00 a.m. and it was put out quickly. seven, a u.n. city council is demanding an immediate cease-fire in the war between hamas and israel. the conflict has taken the lives of a thousand palestinians and 43 israeli soldiers. the leader of hamas is demanding israel end their only operation of palestinian lands. >> we will follow the problems on interstate 580 here on abc7 news although one additional lane has re-opened and, hopfully, that will ease some of the backup. leyla gulen will keep on top of this. back in 25 minute with news and weather and traffic.
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7:00 am
good morning, america. happening now -- >> it's coming right toward us. >> deadly weather coast to coast. tornadoes touching down from tennessee to new england, homes destroyed, debris left hanging on power lines, huge hail forcing drivers off the road. >> it sounded like a sonic boom. and a rare, massive lightning strike on venice beach injured more than a dozen. and another tragedy on the beach. this plane hitting a father, his daughter seriously injured. why they weren't able to get out of the way in time. and the hidden danger of your cell phone. this young girl getting an unexpected wake-up call, the bed burned up, the phone melted. what you need to know right now.


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