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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 29, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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breaking news this morning, a violent night in the middle east as israel unleashes a barrage of attacks described as the heaviest bombardment since the recent conflict started. wild weather. a powerful tornado tears through an unlikely place damaging homes and catching people off guard. and another twister caught on camera. developing right now, 157 passengers on a whale watching ship are spending the night miles offshore. new details on why the boat is stuck and why an overnight rescue mission failed. and she said "yes." an emotional ending to "the bachelorette," so who got the girl and the final rose?
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well, good tuesday morning to you. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm devin dwyer. we begin in the middle east with the punishing new israeli strikes zeroing in on hamas targets in gaza. >> explosions lit up the skies overnight a day after prime minister benjamin netanyahu warned israelis to brace for a prolonged war. here's abc's terry moran who just filed this report. >> reporter: more symbols of hamas control came under fire overnight including its tv headquarters, government offices and the home of a top leader. and this morning, the palestinians claim israeli troops shelled gaza's power station hitting fuel tanks and sending thick black smoke high into the air. the latest violence follows attacks on a hospital and a park where nine palestinian children were killed. >> it's been for us as a human being, not our -- not as muslim or jews or christian, human being. >> reporter: fighting claimed the lives of several more children in gaza this morning, and five israeli soldiers were killed by hamas fighters who
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used a tunnel to get into the country. >> terry moran reporting. the death toll so far, more than 1100 palestinians, mostly civilians, plus 53 israeli soldiers. in our other big story this morning, another round of wild weather from the colorado rockies to the shores of new england. >> the latest pictures coming in. as you can see here on the left, a powerful twister touching down north of denver. >> and on the right, take a look, the devastation by a rare tornado slamming through the boston suburb of revere. abc's susan saulny has the latest. >> reporter: a challenging day of extreme weather in unusual places from the southwest to the northeast. entire communities are dealing with the shocking aftermath of multiple storm systems wreaking havoc. in suburban boston, a powerful f-2 tornado with winds up to 120 miles per hour touched down in an unlikely spot, the seaside town of revere, massachusetts, cutting a two-mile path of destruction. this is how it left revere high school.
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>> oh, they all broke. look at the trees. they all broke. >> reporter: cars on the sidewalk, the train station parking lot turned into a pond. >> this is not supposed to happen here. it's not oklahoma. >> reporter: missing roofs, collapsed walls, more than a dozen homes uninhabitable. there were injuries, but remarkably, no fatalities. >> devastation, never seen anything like it. i mean, 60 year -- well, in the family for 60 years, grew up here. >> we have no clothes. we have nothing. >> reporter: and around the usually parched desert city of las vegas, residents are cleaning up after rain and hail caused catastrophic flooding. rain flowed off mountains left bare from last year's wildfires creating a wall of muddy water. >> that water come up that hill so fast, it was carrying boulders a foot high, and i just barely made it through. >> reporter: a tornado eating up a cornfield on a farm in colorado, one of at least two twisters that touched down in the denver metro area monday. the storm front that came
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roaring in with it drenching much of the plains north of denver. susan saulny, abc news, washington. thunderstorms may help those fire crews today working around the clock battling a fire near yosemite national park. it's the driest year on record in the region, so firefighters are tearing down brush and trees to stop the fire from spreading. the fire at this point is only about 5% contained. the park itself remains open, but the air in some areas is thick with smoke. and further north, progress at the sand fire burning east of sacramento. it's now about 75% contained. residents now being allowed to return home there. the fire destroyed 13 homes and 38 other structures near wine growing regions since it started on friday. breaking overnight, more than 150 passengers on a whale watching tour off boston are spending the night at sea after their boat got stuck. the whale watching is what the boston harbor cruise boat looked just like there before it got tangled with a lobster pod and
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its line 16 miles offshore. the company tried to send out another boat overnight to rescue the passengers, but that attempt failed. the coast guard is standing by to help. >> sometimes seasickness can be a factor. you know, there are passengers aboard that are not used to being on the water for long periods of time. just want to make sure that everyone is okay. >> there will be another attempt to rescue them this morning. we'll have more on "good morning america." there's a major escalation in tensions this morning between the u.s. and russia. the white house is accusing moscow of violating the long-standing nuclear missile treaty. officials are calling the test launch of a new cruise missile system several years ago a very serious matter. president obama raised the issue in a letter to vladimir putin on monday. the accusation comes as the u.s. and allies ramp up sanctions against russia over ukraine. we're learning new details about the suspect killed in a shootout in a trendy manhattan neighborhood. the southern california man skipped town two years ago after
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being accused of molesting a child. sources say he had 5 shots in a gun and 20 bullets in his pocket when he was killed yesterday in greenwich village. as one official put it, "he wasn't going to be taken in." the three lawmen who were shot trying to arrest the man are okay. >> they had to deal with an incredibly difficult situation, split-second decisions, and they do what law enforcement personnel do every day, they have to put their lives on the line to protect the rest of us, and these three men did that. >> the officers' bulletproof vests likely saved their lives. and for the first time we're hearing 911 calls from sunday's deadly plane crash on the florida gulf coast beach. the pilot reported mechanical failure saying he wasn't going to make it back to the small airport he had taken off from. a woman at that airport was the first to call officials telling them of the pilot's situation. >> he's trying to make the airport. he says he's not going to make the airport, but he's going to be on the beach.
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>> it's my friend's husband. his daughter was hit, and he was hit. >> okay, so are you with the person that's injured right now? >> yes, i'm there right now. there's serious bleeding right now. >> a 36-year-old father celebrating his wedding anniversary was killed on the beach. his 9-year-old daughter was critically injured. the pilot and his passenger were not hurt. federal authorities now investigating the entire incident. well, thanks to a judge's decision, shelly sterling now has formal permission to sell the l.a. clippers. that decision ended for now. her estranged husband's attempt to block the $2 billion sale of the team to former microsoft ceo steve ballmer. donald sterling is barred from seeking a court ordered delay of the sale while his attorneys appeal yesterday's ruling. >> time now for a look at some of the weather across the nation today. the summer monsoon remains in full swing in the west with heavy rain stretching from southern new mexico into idaho. a threat of -- a high threat of flash floods there. farther east, more showers will
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blanket the great lakes. much of the midwest will get an early taste of autumn with below average temperatures in the 70s and low 80s, but the heat wave continues in the south and southwest. 180 degrees for phoenix and up to 110 in the deserts. well, coming up, it turns out facebook isn't the only website that's used us as an experiment. who's under fire now for admittedly messing with users' emotions. plus, an arrest made in the case of a woman who went missing for nine months. what we've learned about where she was allegedly kept. and a sweet treat stirring debate. a retail giant is addressing one mother's concern after an ice cream sandwich did not melt even in the blazing hot sun.
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the faa is planning to slap southwest airlines with a $12 million fine accusing the carrier of making faulty repairs to its boeing 737s dating back to 2006. federal investigators found that a contractor under southwest's supervision failed to comply with safety regulations while trying to eliminate those potential cracks in the aluminum skin of 44 jets. well, hallelujah, praise the heavens on this story. passengers who fly delta will soon be treated to free in-flight entertainment finally. the service will include movies, tv shows, music and video games on seat-back devices or streamed to personal laptops, phones and tablets. the program launches next month on flights, but it has to be longer than 90 minutes. and red lobster's is dropping some of its discounts and promoting quality instead. the chain restaurant wants to be
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associated with quality seafood, so it will stack its plates higher like fancier restaurants. the move comes as red lobster changes ownership and is struggling to win back customers after years of declining sales. and just in case you've got some extra cash lying around, maybe you might be interested in some los angeles real estate? how about this 56,000-square-foot mansion that was just bought three years ago for $85 million. it has a hundred-car garage and two-lane bowling alley. asking price? around $150 million. if that's the amount it goes for, it would be the most expensive home in the u.s. how about that? plenty of closet space. >> too much to clean. >> all right. well, when we come back, just do it. new details now on how beneficial even a short run can be for your life span. and some bad guys find themselves in the front of the wrong -- in front of the wrong person during an attempted robbery. [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar
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visine®. get back to normal. now a look at your morning road conditions everywhere across the country. roads will be wet again, though, around the great lakes, florida and the texas gulf coast. much of the western half of the u.s. will be under flash flood warnings and watches. and if you're in the middle of it all, if you're flying, airport delays are possible not surprisingly in denver. well, a new hampshire man is in custody this morning charged with kidnapping a 15-year-old girl and holding her captive for more than nine months. >> police say 34-year-old nathaniel kirby may have kept abigail hernandez hidden in a soundproof bunker. hernandez disappeared on her way home from school but she suddenly returned home last week. >> authorities are not discussing the circumstances of her return. she is said, however, to be severely malnourished and unable to even eat solid foods. and a family outside portland, oregon, has launched an aggressive search for a missing mother of two.
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38-year-old jennifer huston was last seen at a gas station five days ago. police say there's no evidence of foul play. her credit cards and cell phone haven't been used since her disappearance, but her husband says his wife would never intentionally leave her family. a dramatic scene captured on camera at a houston gas station. a convenience store clerk rushed to the aid of his co-worker who was being attacked by two robbers. the clerk just happened to be a mixed martial arts champion. after a few painful kicks and jabs, one thief and his getaway driver sped off leaving their friend in the skillful hands of the martial arts expert and, of course, the police. topping our health headlines this morning, running for your life literally. researchers studying more than 55,000 people across the country have found that everyone who runs reaps health benefits from weekend joggers to marathon sprinters. those who ran regularly cut their risk of dying from heart disease by nearly half. even as little as five to ten minutes a day was enough to make a difference.
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and good news about one of the most unpleasant side effects from being pregnant, researchers say women who suffer morning sickness had fewer miscarriages and gave birth to bigger, healthier babies. they speculate the same surge of hormones that makes expectant moms feel sick may also contribute to good prenatal environment. women over the age of 35 appear to benefit most from morning sickness. well, here's a story getting a lot of attention online. it centers around ice cream sandwiches sold by walmart. a mother in ohio had some questions after she noticed an uneaten ice cream sandwich left outside on a warm night that failed to completely melt. >> i came out and looked at it, and there was still ice cream there. so i thought to myself, what am i feeding my children? >> well, a melt test conducted by our station in cincinnati found that walmart's ice cream sandwiches melted the least of three other brands in half an hour. a company's statement says "ice cream melts based on the ingredients including cream.
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ice cream with more cream will generally melt at a slower rate, which is the case with our great value ice cream sandwiches." the fda weighed in saying there's nothing unhealthy about them. what a relief. >> all right. well, i could go for an ice cream sandwich right about now. i don't know about you, but take a look at this. here's all the evidence you need to know about how excited ohio is to have lebron james back on the cleveland cavs. they're printing new replica jerseys with james' number 23 on them as fast as possible. >> yeah, that's right, because james wore 23 during his first stint with the cavs, but he also wore number 6 with the miami heat. fans have quickly snapped up tickets for a homecoming event being held for james a week from friday. and then there's this from peyton manning. he busted a couple of weird moves -- is that the chicken dance -- yesterday as the team warmed up for practice to the song "rocky top" which, is, of course, the unofficial anthem of manning's alma mater, tennessee. the broncos get ready for practice every day with the music over the loudspeakers. yesterday was manning's day to
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pick the tunes, and he picked that one. good stuff. all right. time for last night's baseball action. >> for the highlights, here is our guy at espn. good morning, america. i'm neil everett on the "sportscenter" desk in los angeles. a friend of mine texted me and said i looked orange. do i look orange? northwest league action. spokane beats vancouver. now let's go to the majors. nationals/marlins. the nationals had a 6-0 lead in this game, and lee singer in research said the probability was 9% that they would win given the big lead they had. there went the lead. a triple tied it. rafael soriano couldn't get anybody out. jeff baker came in or jeff baker facing jerry blevins with two on, two out. and that's it. that's a walkoff. marlins overcome a 6-0 deficit and get four runs in the ninth and win it 7-6, their fifth straight win. jason lane, no relation to jerry layne, is the oldest pitcher to make his first major league since '07, and there's some satchel paige history in there. if you go to "the san diego ut" you can read all about it. lane pitched well, bottom first,
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got justin upton and how about a shave for, i'm sorry, jordan schafer out. scoreless in three, bottom seven, lane still pitching and pitching well. evan gattis kills the buzz, though. 17th of the season and lane goes 6 innings, 1 earned. the former outfielder turned pitcher and braves win it, 2-0. no possums were killed in the filming of this segment. back to you. >> well, up next in "the pulse," steamy love letters from a former president to his mistress. and she said "yes." another season of "the bachelorette" is in the books, so who did she choose? stay with us. from the best an. it's how i look at life. especially now that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin but wondered, could i focus on something better? my doctor told me about eliquis for three important reasons.
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starting with the dating website okcupid following in the footsteps of facebook now under fire toying with the hearts of its users. >> okcupid's founder admitted in a blog post that the website experimented with profiles occasionally removing texts and photos even telling some users they were an excellent match when they weren't. >> the motivation was apparently just to see what would happen. here we go. at least it's a free site. >> i can't believe it. interesting. well, two people who did meet each other online are andi dorfman and josh murphy from abc's "the bachelorette." >> on last night's season finale, josh got down on one knee. there he is proposing to andi after she sent his only competitor home. now we can assure you she said yes. they're still engaged this morning and they're planning their wedding, and despite the rumors, we're told, she -- well, she says she's not pregnant. andi and josh have flown cross country all night. they'll be here on "good morning america" later today. >> so glad we got those pregnancy rumors addressed. >> here we go, right. and if you love "the bachelor"
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and "bachelorette," get ready, "bachelor in paradise" coming up soon. in the romance vein, steamy letters written by a president to his longtime mistress will be made public today. warren harding, the 29th president and only served a short time before he died in office, his affair with carrie phillips was pretty well-known around washington. >> the letters describe in fairly explicit detail harding's fantasies and desires when it came to lovemaking, and it's probably not surprising that his family tried to block the release of the material. next, an amazing coincidence for a couple of "house of cards" love birds. >> drew holbrook treated girlfriend brianna getrost to a d.c. sightseeing tour, so when hitting all the major scenes of their favorite show, they got back to their hotel, drew pulled out a ring and proposed. >> and she said yes. what happened next couldn't have been scripted better than a hollywood writer. kevin spacey right there in the same hotel. >> look at that. witnessed the whole thing, he was more than happy to snap a photo with the couple, and they are happy. for some of you, your local news is next.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 4:28. thanks for joining us. we will check on the weather forecast. kind of muggy, sir. what is going on? it is humid and that is leading to sprinkles on live doppler 7 hd. they are moving southeast to northwest. so far, not getting any reports of it reaching the ground. if it does, it will only be sprinkles. not enough to use the windshield wipers. we have a chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm. we are waking up to a soupy air mass. cannot see the top of the tallest building in san francisco because of the clouds. up to 99 inland east bay. san francisco is 66 to 73.
4:29 am
the rest of us up to 88. hope the commute is better than year. >> so far, so good. no reports of accidents as a result of weather. we are not starting off with the sig-alert. what a nightmare. as we look at our maps you can see how green it is. we have areas of construction. the drive time traffic westbound tracy to dublin is 27 minutes and highway four westbound antioch to concord is 14 minutes and san rafael to san francisco is 17 minutes. the bay bridge toll plaza shows it is moving along just fine. you can see the cars are coming in, with early risers interest san francisco. half a dozen people are treated for injuries right now after a minivan refused to stop for police in san francisco. it crashes. that is not all.
4:30 am
the suspects makes another get away attempt and amy hollyfield is at the scene. amy? >> yes, the suspect fled from the scene but he caught a bus and that is when they caught up with him and took him into custody. police say this happened at 10:15 last night when officers tried to pull the man over for a traffic violation but he sped away. they say he ran a red light and two blocks later he hit a taxicab. the tax then hit two pedestrians on the sidewalk and that was at post and jones. witnesses say it was terrible seeing the victims. i didn't see it. but the bicycle is mangled. they were aggressively trying to resuscitate him. >> one of


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