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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 30, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> it burst under sunset boulevard, sending 20 million gallons of water surging into the streets and campus buildings. >> first, that never ending leak from our own aging water infrastructure here in the bay area. >> we're live where the pipe is leaking into the bay. it's been doing it for years. alisa? >> you can see the pipe leaking at 25 gallons per minute. by the end of the newscast, another 1,500 million gallons will be lost. it's in need of a fix. >> in 2012, a 78-year-old pipe split, dumping water into a neighborhood. in 2013 a water main broke,
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damaging homes, last month, broke during pressure testing. a spokesman for the public utilities commission says some date back to 1920s. >> any sort of shock causes separation on the break. >> crews have a big job, the bay tunnel project. tunnels replacing this old leaky pipe that has already dumped up to 65 million gallons into the bay. >> you never want to have a leak during a drought. in this case we're waiting for a bigger fix. >> yesterday, water raged for three hours, he says there is no off switch. >> you can't close it out. you get a water hammer affect. it's you snap off the
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water, causing shock waves >> the key to decrease pressure. he would not speculate if crews could respond master but did say they're on stand by 24 hours per day. >> the attorney representing raymond shrimp boy chow says the leader may testify. chou was in court today, pleading not guilty to a set of racketeering charges saying he used his status as dragon head to carry out criminal activities his attorney says prosecutors are trying to pin crimes on his clients. >> we've examined the charges. and no new evidence against our client. >> state senator lelandy is
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accused of working with chou in exchange for favors. >> for the first time in 40 years, some residents of hamp fireplace won't be able to sleep in their beds because a fire destroyed one house and badly damaged another. it took nearly 100 firefighters to stop it. >> barbara describes her reaction. her house was on fire. a fire originated in the five-bedroom house, starting to spread to neighboring homes. that is what firefighters an tis ated might happen. >> started impinging on the two houses on the left and right. et ran into the attic of the home. so that home is partially
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damaged. there is no shortage of man power. units were brought in from nearby agencies. water was on the fire and no residents or firefighters were injured. >> all of are safe we've got to realize that. >> most homes in the area have composite or tile roofs the house where the fire originated had a shake proof. burglars stole their valuables so they didn't have much to lose. >> i don't many valuables left the ones i do have, you know? they go, they go. >> residents will have to wait to see if valuables salvaged
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the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> a fiefr fire in oakland broke out around 3:30 near 46th avenue, and quickly spread to a second house. downed power lines created a danger. the homes burned more than an hour. 18 people but no one was hurt. >> confusion for students shut out of a school. a campus of bryman shut down and now, students are finding out it's difficult to transfer units. . >> they've said there wasn't that can be transferrable. maybe 2, 3 and then, i went to find out that i have nothing
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available for me. i have to pay out of pocket. took away my future. and that can't be given back. >> they're eligible for tuition refunds from a special fund. he tried to get the process started and told since the school hasn't closed with the state, she couldn't get the process started and it could take two, maybe three months. >> an out of control driver tore through san francisco streets this morning. police say the man stole this construction truck around 10:00 in the morning. and he stopped, got out, tried to run and was tackled by a member of the fire department. nobody was injured in the crashes. >> let's take you back to los angeles now. crews at ucla are unable to fix
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the water main because valves are still leaking water. we're live with the latest efforts there. >> san francisco knows traffic and crowded streets well. sunset boulevard one of the most-crowded streets we're told it's going to be closed until friday or saturday. behind me, you can see the reason why the work is complicated. we're told crews are behind schedule. water continues to flow. 24 hours after the bursting of the pipe sent water into the air. dwp estimates 20,000 gallons of water have been lost.
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crews can't begin the repairs. >> just like the pipe is 90 plus years old, the valves are also 90 plus years old they don't work as they're intended to. >> this repair work is more complicated than thought. >> normally we'd replace pipe quickly. but this is where two pipes come together to create a lot of complexity for us >> it's bad news for commuters. sunset boulevard won't be reopening here at least several more days. >> we're going to work around the clock to make sure we get in, and out as soon as possible. >> today, the school is assessing damage the floor of historic pauly pavilion is ruined but the court should be ready for basketball
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season. said birds are turning up in sacramento and there may be more in the bay area. leanne? >> 15 years ago this preserve here saw many dead birds because of the same kind of botulism killing many birds in california. this is releasing a toxin, some birds get it after eating insects like maggots. the bacteria drives this time of year in wetlands because it's warmer. so you're going to get dead birds, except this year, the drought is making things worse. some are dry. there are fewer places with water. birds are forced to move to
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other locations. now, we're seeing more birds in overpopulated areas of water. fish and wildlife seeing more dead birds near the oregon border in sacramento, and they anticipate this will spread. during a drought, birds concentrate where they can find water, they'll poop in the water, making bacteria grow faster because it gives it nutrition it needs. >> it's sad to see the birds once they have the disease they become paralyzed and unable to lift their heads. it's often fatal. this will continue to spread so fish and wildlife is saying if you see dead birds report it immediately. there have been some reported cases. >> thank you, leanne. >> still to come here on abc7
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news at 6:00 a warning from park rangers during this drought. restrictions put into place because of the fire danger in a popular spot in san jose. >> and a heads up for drivers. when crews will be closing lanes on the golden gate bridge in preparation for a big construction project. >> we had a few triple digit temperatures and inland heat goes on for a while. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> a cab ride costing $900? it's something i just had to investigate.
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a restraining order against the candidate running against candidate weiner. he wants the order changed to appear in debates against weiner as it stands he must stay 150 feet away from the supervisor. patrelas claims he tried to photograph the supervisor at a urinal. >> if you're driving over the golden gate bridge, work is beginning to prepare for january's installation of a moveable median barrier. for the next few days, the northbound lanes will be closed from 9:00 p.m until 5:00 a.m overnight hours. tonight, the southbound curve lane will be closed for new lane
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striping starting tomorrow, southbound drivers will see the number of available lanes at the toll plaza reduced from 8 to 6. they may continue into next week when modifications begin. >> a san francisco city street is getting a new name because the person it's named after made controversial remarks san francisco board of supervisors voted to change the name after a polish politician and nobel peace prize winner made homophobic remarks. it will be named drchlt tom waddell street t . >> an out of control wildfire in central california more than doubled to 5600 acres burning in sierra national forest in madera county. crews say it's making the fire tough to contain.
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people in east san jose are on the move after a fast moving fire burned in the foothills. in allen rock park, if that is not clear, there are man made signs throughout the park. today an additional warning from rangers. >> barbecues and fires are not not allowed in the park. >> yesterday a three-alarm fire started near the park on sierra road. this wasn't a careless hiker but a car accident people living in the area are very aware of the dry conditions. >> i hiv here, yes. you know? when you smell something burning
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you look around. make sure there isn't smoke. >> allen rock park will be hot temperatures reaching into mid-80s but humidity will be high. regulars told me they see fewer park rangers so they realize there is more of a responsibility to protect it. >> it gets hot here. they don't have man power to watch over people. and to make sure people are behaving properly. >> if i saw someone putting out a cigarette i would be mad. >> you can check out the city of san jose's web site to find out if the park will be closed for the day because of the high fire dangers. >> that famous beaver family is still at it now, officials say they're good for the drought. this is new video provided by
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the group worth a dam. get it? experts say they're helping water stay in the creek despite the drought. >> they're kind of doing a restoration job for the town of martinez. and are doing it free. >> the beaver festival taking place at marina vista and alhambra avenue in martinez. that sounds like fun. >> you know we had triple digits today. >> wow. >> toasty. heat isn't going away soon. here is a look despite the presence of clouds along the coast and cool breeze, it been warm inland over the sierra, another day of
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active, powerful and drenching thunderstorms continue to rumble. we have a flood warning farther south down between donner and truckee. storms produce two inches of rain this afternoon. back to calmer weather here looking at our sutro cam, 63 here in san francisco. 68 across the bay. 76 in gilroy. 82 and 59 in half moon bay. another view of the fog pushing against the coastline. fairfield 91. concord, 92. here is a view of low clouds and
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fog. cloudy and mild tonight and cooler over the weekend. not going to be a sharp cool down. we see what was tropical storm hernan continuing to flow south and east. not much left. and as this new batch of clouds continue some moisture, we'll see if it moves into the bay area. low temperatures in that mild range. tomorrow, upper 80s to mid-90s, and upper 80s on the peninsula. upper 60s to 70s on the coast.
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san francisco, highs 71 downtown. and highs 78 fremont. here is the accu-weather forecast. it will be just as hot on friday as tomorrow. temperatures dropping off saturday, then, more gradual cooling sunday, monday, and temperatures rebounding on tuesday and wednesday. yes. thank you, spencer. >> a special treat for some baseball fans. >> and these are some of the young people receiving disney abc youth service awards to recognize volunteer work. the deadline is tomorrow at midnight.
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they're cleaning up at at and t park but don't have to worry about peanut shells in one
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section they set aside section 336 as a peanut free zone to kids with allergies can enjoy a ball game. this family took their 11-year-old, anna to the game. >> i wanted to go to a giants game but never have been able to because of my allergies. >> you know there are not going to be peanuts around. they're going to clean the area for us. it's a great chance here. >> are you peanut-free today? >> wonderful. >> fans were warned about carrying peanut products. this is the second time the giants designated a peanut-free zone. >> it's a great idea >> an attempt to help the homeless may be backfiring. why some say all it did was move homeless from one town to another, creating more trouble. >> plus, a new fallout from the deadly ebola outbreak
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the washing and the group pulling out of parts of africa. >> and changing technology at radio shack. it could put a new cooler face on a classic brand
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a homeless camp was shut down but not before a battle and legal settlement that brought out campers paying to leave. >> now there is a new camp not far away. as nick smith found out, those living nearby aren't entirely happy with their neighbors. >> did they dump their homeless problem on someone snells >> nicole says when clearing out the camp, social services had been tackling a large problem with limited resources and through a settlement agreement, giving some to help with transitions. >> albany payout is a misnomer. what occurred is a settlement of litigation. >> nicole says some moved to neighboring communities albany is not to blame. >> that would be a difficult
6:30 pm
thing to connect. there is an unsafe element at this point. >> this woman works in west berkeley saying she noticed a trash pile starting to grow and did not want to show her face. >> there has to be another solution than just moving them because that is not working. >> caught in the mid well are guys like ohio. he was among dozens evicted but the city didn't have to give them a check when they told the community to move because he was not part of the legal settlement. transitional programs offered did not work for him. his wife has been on the road, in this case, barely off of it. >> i don't care what you say. i've got to make it happen for me. it's what i'm going to do.
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>> the city is telling me they have helped 26 people find a place to live and hired a case worker for permanent housing. >> two american peace corps workers are in quarantine after possibly being exposed to the ebola virus the deadly outbreak is forcing peace corps to pull out mission yarys in africa. the son of one patient says the family is staying positive. >> this right after thissing is about 64%. it's good news for us we felt like he had a chance >> abc news learned liberia's president will not be attending
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a summit of leaders next week in order to focus on on the outbreak. >> a positive economic report does not do much to excite investors. nasdaq and s and p were up, but only slightly. hyundai is announcing two separate recalls involving 880,000 sonatas. if you own one, you shoulding notified. netflix streaming speeds may soon be faster. for faster streaming by connecting to at and t. the service reached a similar deal earlier this year. and google glass in the o.r. doctors training to be surgeons
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are now we'ring these computer head sets allowing them to transmit to instructors. >> radio shack's stock has been dropping two straight days now at a all-time low. but there is a fix in the works and it starts here in the bay area. >> it goes really fast. so when it's on display, people notice it. >> no longer old brands these are now start ups. >> we're packing boxes to ship to our kick starter supporters.
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and now we're going to do over 100,000 units. >> what do you think of radio shack? >> not much. i don't. >> it was a place to buy wires and still is. >> we're working with a lot of folks to get products into stores. >> in cases products you can't find in other stores >> i can go in here and see when mom took her medication. >> you don't want video cameras in the home or too intrusive you want things that blend in to the background. >> they want a smaller store to show when mom went out for a walk. >> it gives people a chance to interact, touch, feel it and use
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it. >> that is true for smart lens. another exclusive that is an upgrade for your smart phone. it's an effort to make radio shack a cool place. >> they're desperate place you don't want to go online. and you need to get them now kind of place. >> a san francisco woman charged $900 for a cab ride >> coming up, how it happened and what to do if you were ever overcharged after swiping through one of the square
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and the powerful tiguan... okay you can't forget the cc... guys, this is going to take a while. avo: hurry in and you can get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card when you lease a new 2014 jetta se for $199 a month. $900 for air fare is not unheard of but for a 12-mile cab ride? >> something is wrong with that. michael finney is here with a story of a woman that happened to. >> ouch. >> yes. >> most people think if there is a mistake, they'll be backed up by credit card, probably. no problem. not really.
6:39 pm
it doesn't always tufrn out that way. you can get help with that little white square card reader some businesses are now using. >> this is a modern day choreograp choreograph choreographer, in march returning from a quick trip to new york. she jumped in a cab to head home the ride was just 12 miles, took only 15 minutes. she used her chase credit card to pay the bill for the ride via square. >> i thought it said $39.05 >> she was shocked iet was $939.05. >> more than $900. she called arrow checker cab and z.was told she'd have to call her credit card company. she filed a dispute >> i thought everything was going to be fine.
6:40 pm
>> she got a letter from chase >> saying that i lost. and was going to have to pay this. >> she noticed in tiny print she can dispute the charge with square. >> i didn't know what square was. >> it's a transaction system allowing anyone, like a taxi driver or food truck owner to accept a credit card. >> i can only e mail them. which i did. and one day, then, later did again. i didn't hear back from them. >> she called us we started with arrow checker cab. it told us it's cab drivers are independent contractors and not required to use the company's merchant account and can use devices like square for payment. so in this case randy had to get her own money back and told us, quote if the driver had a merchant account with arrow, we could owe have been able to return the money. we contacted chase and square.
6:41 pm
within two hours, randy heard from both companies >> i got a call from chase. and then, i heard from square. promising this would get resolved. >> joe ridout is consumer services manager. >> you have a right to ask for a charge back within 60 days. >> in the end randy was happy. >> finally. the money was in my account. >> in cases it gives a customer double protection because there is a second channel to go through if the company denies the dispute. for all of my reports go to abc7 news and look for 7 on your side there is a direct link to reach me with your complaints called
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>> it could be a chariot. >> up next a controversy. >> right. why a proposal to save a river could impact water supply for millions of p
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a controversial bill that owe could impact where millions get their water is making it's way through san francisco. >> the river provides millions of homes with drinking water. >> some are wondering if it could leave others high and dry the river runs 95 miles through five counties, providing breath taking views and a cool reprieve from temperatures. >> we like to say it's a river for everyone. >> the conservancy has been working to have portions of the river declared wild and scenic.
6:46 pm
>> the bill is now working through assembly. >> we're hopeful we can do this. >> it would join 11 other rivers in that system. >> if passed it would provide plants from being built on a 37 mile stretch of the river. >> there are dams proposed every 5, or 6 years. so it's always there. >> that worries local water agencies. lawmakers say the wild and scenic declaration would not impact current water rights but
6:47 pm
they're worried about future water rights. >> it's a balance. >> if we waited for local water agencies to do the declaration, we'd have no wild, and scenic rivers in california. >> board of supervisors thinks this is very ill timed legislation. >> if passing i hope the governor would veto it. >> he wants to hammer out a compromise >> this, i think is a huge mistake. >> however, they say now is the
6:48 pm
time to save the river. >> the board of supervisors voted to continue support of the december nation despite occasions of local water officials. >> triple digits in spots today. >> yes. hi, spencer. >> this photo is just compelling. we have clouds near the coastline now. you can see whether it stays there or fizzles. looking back, 101 in antioch. it's going to be hot again, tomorrow. triple digits from chico to
6:49 pm
fresno and palm springs here in the bay area, upper 90s again, tomorrow. and up north at clear lake. here is the accu-weather forecast. heat going to last two more days, tomorrow and friday. and cooler weather sunday through next wednesday. >> thank you. >> okay. >> both giants and a's playing day games. >> yes. plenty of action in the stands. what are odds of this? pains me
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good evening. giants will take any help they can get pirates helping giants avoid what would have been a winless home stand. incomes pablo sandoval. high fives and hugs around the stands there.
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two run blast the ball lands in a woman's cup. might have kicked off her chin hopefully, she's okay. into the beer. gone. a catch and he is sacked out. a gift of a double play and inning is over. pitch gets away from stewart. a good throw at them. you get a bad throw it's another gift. misery is over. the losing streak comes to an end. jason hamil an rish single.
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robe grossman and old timers call that a room service fast ball. six runs in the first inning. josh donaldson, he has clout. they take two out of three in the series. when jerry jones first asked about a move yesterday sh he felt the reporter was joking with him. jones and bob mcnair both having to approve any relocation plans to texas. mcnair, today, asked about the possibility of a raiders moving to alamo dome. he says they both value their fans he's willing to keep an open mind. >> i won't oppose it because
6:55 pm
just they're in san antonio tochlt do that, you have to have strong franchises. >> cardinals trying to remain a top ten sunny just one way to go. that would be up. >> there are players believing that reality. >> with this class, most decorated group of seniors we've got a lot of leadership to replace. you never know where it comes from until it shows up. >> cal going to play a game this
6:56 pm
season. it's october 24th. how about san jose state? no opportunity right now. but head coach is hoping that that might change. >> there is, i don't do the paper work but would love to play in this stadium. it would be great. and hopefully, it can happen. >> thank you very much, larry. >> join me tonight on, a new way to see a 49er game. what the team is offering fans at 9:00. >> then, at 11:00 why a controversial event that made a stop here has been blocked in l.a.
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>>. and you can see all abc programming on your smart phone, tablet or computer. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time we'll see you at
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