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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 31, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, health emergency. the worst ebola outbreak in history triggers new precautions. people gather to pray for the americans affected. crisis in the mideast. overnight a dramatic step forward for israel proving in recent conflict is far from over. plus, abc's terry moran embedded with soldiers. highway hazard. a poorly secured ax slices through a windshield while the car cruises down the highway. "sharknado 2" makes its debut, the best moments and the cameos. >> one, two, three.
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well, good thursday morning to you. we begin with the ebola epidemic spreading across west africa and fueling fears around the world. >> being called a major public health emergency. this morning, the peace corps is evacuating volunteers from three countries with a number of patients is growing. >> abc's preeti arla has the latest. >> reporter: the largest ebola outbreak in history is creating concern in the u.s. two american missionaries are now in isolated in liberia. they are said to be showing slight improvement. >> they are firm in their resolve about their decision to go to liberia and their decision to stay in liberia and to care for those who are there. >> reporter: the u.s. peace corps announcing it's pulling hundreds of volunteers from liberia, syria leone and guinea. the state department says there are no plans at this point to issue travel restrictions to any of those countries. ebola is different from other viruses like the flu. it spreads only through close contact with bodily fluid. at airports in liberia, they are
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using handheld thermometers to check passengers leaving the country. 20 u.s. airports have quarantine stations to isolate anyone showing symptoms of the virus. >> the public health infrastructure here is excellent in the u.s. so i'm not very concerned about ebola coming from africa and causing in he sort of outbreak here. >> reporter: hospitals are on alert and emergency rooms are asking patients their recent travel history. while health officials say the chances of ebola coming to the u.s. are low, some say there's still need for swift action. >> if we don't fight it and contain it there, we will be fighting it and trying to contain it in other places. >> reporter: leaders from across africa will head to washington next week for a three-day summit with president obama. the white house says it'll go on as scheduled but leaders from several affected countries including liberia will skip the meeting. reena and devin. >> preeti arla live in washington, thank you. in the middle east overnight a big announcement from israel bolstering its troops after
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another day of intense fighting. >> as palestinians in gaza faced more air strikes, the israeli military said it's calling up another 16,000 reservists. that will bring the total number to 86,000. the new deployment follows two deadly attacks yesterday on a u.n. school and a crowded market. and hamas continues to fire back. now accused of launching nearly 150 rockets in 24 hours. >> but an israeli army general says they're just a few days away from destroying all the hamas tunnels they know about. abc's terry moran is embedded with israeli forces and went along to check out one of those tunnels. >> reporter: gaza was shelled from sea, air and artillery and palestinians returned fire. military staging area on the border and we took cover. with the 1 8th armored brigade of the israeli defense forces getting ready to go into gaza. do you have fear? are you scared going in? >> of course. >> reporter: we cross into gaza,
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our gunner scanning the dusty roads and ruined buildings. several tents miles later we stop. a tunnel deep concrete sided and narrow, israelis believe it leads under the border that their country. suddenly, gunfire. the israelis are trying to put down fire suppressing the sniper action that is holding us here. we hunker down for several minutes. the israelis lay down a smoke screen and we use it as cover to return to the vehicle. terry moran, abc news in the gaza strip. >> in a rare political move, republicans in the house have voted to sue president obama accusing him of overstepping his constitutional authority. the proposed lawsuit focuses on the way the president implemented his health care overhaul. mr. obama and his fellow democrats have called the move a political stunt ahead of the midterm elections. also on capitol hill newly released e-mails from lois
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lerner. in those she made two disparaging remarks about some republicans calling them crazies and another name we can't repeat. now, the chairman of the house ways and means committee has turned the messages over to the justice department. he says the clear sign she had it out for conservatives. >> these e-mails really show lois lerner's political bias and state of mind. this is a serious matter. when conservatives only were targeted, progressives weren't. >> we've never heard lois' side of the story and took the fifth and refused to testify before congress and has since retired. >> the key witness has taken the stand in the high-profile corruption trial of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife. prosecutors say johnny williams secretly gave them more than $165,000 in loans and gifts to promote his company. williams testified he loaned the mcdonald's $15,000 to cover catering at their daughter's wedding as well as buying dresses for mrs. o'donnell.
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well, her lawyers argued she accepted them because she had a crush on williams. a suspect is in custody accused of killing a police officer in the twin cities. officer scott patrick was fatally shot during a routine traffic stop. a man believed to be the shooter got into a gun the bale with police last night. he and a woman he was with were both wounded. nationwide more than 70 police officers have died this year. we're learning new details about that massive water main break on the campus of ucla. the city now says 20 million gallons of water shot out of that three-story geyser double what they first thought and it's still leaking at this hour, about a thousand gallons a minute. hundreds of cars and school garages are still under water and the school's newly renovated basketball arena pauley pavilion was submerged under nearly a foot of water. meantime, still under feet of water this morning, parts of colorado. two days of heavy rains are starting to let up there in areas still trying to recover from historic flooding three to
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five inches of rain fell in just hours in some places as residents scrambled to stack sandbags to protect their neighborhoods. they're blamed for at least one death in colorado. well, colorado is still under a blanket of heavy thunderstorms. well, another band west of the rockies reduces heavy rains and gusty winds and heavy rain through the south and northeast. it'll be a wet one for the ohio valley. most of the country, though, will see temperatures in the 70s and 80s except for the southwest which will see heat in the triple digits. well, coming up, health officials are on high alert warning of a flesh-eating bacteria found in water. what you should know before hitting the beach. a deadly plane crash in a busy shopping center, new this morning. the pilot's audio recordings as the plane went down. terrible tumble caught on camera. a hike goes horribly wrong for a woman.
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a message from the foundation for a better life. welcome back. another bank is being hit with a huge fine over shoddy mortgages. this time it's bank of america, and the penalty is $1.3 billion. the loans were part of countrywide financial's so-called hustle program, which packaged loans quickly without regard to quality. the federal judge called it, quote, a brazen fraud. well, there's a good chance your wireless bill has extra charges on it that you didn't authorize. a senate report says all four major wireless carriers are cramming their bills with these extra charges costing consumers hundreds of millions of dollars. the fees come from third party
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companies and are things like ring tones and gossip text alerts, but the carriers get a percentage of the fees. check your bill carefully, and if you see something you don't understand, ask what it is. now to a real throwback. a 300-year-old artifact discovered by treasure hunters off the coast of florida. it's actually the missing piece of a mystery artifact found back in 1989 from a spanish ship that was sunk in 1750. and the salvagers are making a pretty penny doing this last year raking in $300,000 worth of gold from the same wreckage. >> how about that. >> i'd take them along. >> all right. well, the food police are pointing out some restaurant mes this morning that may be quite hazardous to your health. >> in fact, the center for science in the public interest says the most unhealthy breakfast is a brulee french toast at the cheesecake factory, nearly 2800 calories. that's as much as or more than people are used to having each day. >> yikes. and for lunch, red robin's monster meal. look at it there.
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burger, fries and salted caramel milk shake clocks in at more than 3500 calories. wow! my stomach hurts. well, when we come back, a hole in the ceiling and quite the story to tell. a woman is grazed by lightning while sitting in her house. plus, bad day at the ballpark. an unlucky fan ends up beerless and soaking wet. looks like we're about to board. mm-hmm. i'm just comparing car insurance rates at is that where they show the other guys' rates, too? mm-hmm. cool. yeah. hi. final boarding call for flight 294. [ bells ring on sign ] [ vehicle beeping ] who's ready for the garlic festival? this guy! bringing our competitors' rates to you -- now, that's progressive.
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giants fans are waking up this morning on the field of at&t park. it's the team's 12th annual slumber party. it follows last night's winning game against the pirates. this year the event sold out, 255 bucks a person. fans got to pitch tents on the field, enjoy dinner midnight snacks too and wake up to breakfast on the field. now for a look at your morning road conditions. a majority of americans will be
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facing wet driving today. a band of rain stretches over the great lakes down into the ohio valley and up to the northeast. roads will also be slippery in the southeast, mississippi valley and in much of the west. and if you're flying today, airport delays possible in dallas, memphis and denver. and back to the news now, some more warnings this morning about dangerous bacteria in the waters around florida. >> that's right. public health investigators in sarasota say one person has died and another person became ill with a flesh-eating bacteria. they say both victims had pre-existing medical conditions. they're warning people not to eat oysters and to avoid the water if they have open cuts. investigators on the west coast are looking into the deadly crash of a small plane into a shopping center parking lot in san diego. the faa says the plane bounced while practicing touch and go landings at nearby montgomery field when the pilot radioed a distress call. >> oh, my god, i'm not getting any altitude here. i'm full throttle, and i'm going back. >> it clipped the store before crashing into the lot.
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two women were on board. one was killed. the other suffer ed minor injuries along with two other rescuers on the ground. and on the east coast, another flight-related tragedy. a skydiving opportunity in new york, a man in his 20th, has been killed. his flight instructor, co-jumper is also in critical condition. police say the two were performing a tandem jump when their parachute apparently malfunctioned. a bad fall is causing a national park service to take action. a woman had to be rescued yesterday from the eaton canyon section of angeles national forest. as you can see, she slipped and fell as she was descending a steep trail. five hikers have died there in recent years. dozens had to be rescued just in the past year, so effective tomorrow, that section of the park is closed. police in austin, texas, are trying to track down the person who's been hurling huge rocks at cars at a major highway. so far, at least four incidents of drivers reporting it on interstate 35. the most serious attack took place last month leaving a man in critical condition with
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injuries to his face and skull. three of the incidents took place on sunday. if caught, the attacker could face felony charges of aggravated assault. a dangerous object also hit a car on another highway. but this was a freak accident. an ax flew off a landscaping truck on i-95 near boston and punched through a car windshield and lodged in the dashboard just inches away from a woman in the passenger seat. police say that if the driver of the car was not going the speed limit, that ax would have likely gone all the way through. an amazing close call for a woman in western new york. she was sitting on the couch in her living room when she was struck by lightning. it came right through the roof. >> i just said to my mom, oh, isn't it beautiful, i love the thunder and lightning because it's just something, you know, you like to watch and i don't think i'll be saying that anymore. >> she says she got cold and couldn't stop shaking and her feet and lower legs turned purple, but she's all right now.
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the bolt from the blue also knocked plaster off the ceiling. thankfully there was no fire. well, in some sports thus this morning, some extra innings and late night in l.a. >> for that and other baseball highlights we turn to our guys at espn. hey, people, kenny and neil here. and neil was just saying he hopes he does this l.a. "sportscenter" gig for 66 years. >> yeah, a long time to be working at one job with no advancement. vin scully still with the dodgers. hopefully kenny and i are still with espn. tune in thursday. >> thank you, partner. braves/dodgers, zach greinke pitched well. janssen could not save it for him. justin upton, his 19th. ties it at 2. the general manager says, hey, just so everybody knows, we're not trading matt kemp. matt kemp, walkoff single. justin turner scores, and the dodgers, they've won a season best five in a row, kenny.
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>> yes, i have the angels and orioles. mike trout, adam jones plotting to take over north korea before the game. how many times have you seen a conversation like that followed by a jones home run? so often, his 21st of the season. orioles up 2-0. manny machado, this guy hits and plays defense. watch this. way outside the foul line on the albert pujols pull. rockets it across. we'd show you a replay but you're not paying us. it's just business. top of the fifth, angels down 4-3. kevin gausman throwing away trout. trout, 0-4. orioles win it 4-3. we're just kidding. we tried hard. >> you know who plays for the angels? >> yeah. >> chris iannetta. >> i know. >> chris iannetta. look it up. >> so you might call it a hole in one, but that would be the wrong sport. all these fans reaching with their gloves for jordy mercer's two-run homer in the pirates/giants game. >> and it lands in this woman's beer. take a look. >> it's gone. the pirates --
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>> right there. she ends up soaked in beer, but the guys behind her end up with egg on their face for missing the ball. she was fine, by the way, but the beer, a total loss. tough luck for her. not even getting the ball there. well, up next, in "the pulse," the domestic diva's new passion. it's not crafting or cooking, so what does martha stewart love doing now? and "sharknado 2" makes its debut with some big abc stars in on the action. >> before it happens again. [ screaming ] hing, you'd have, like, a ton of dollars. but how are they saving you those dollars? a lot of companies might answer "um" or "no comment." then there's esurance. born online, raised by technology and majors in efficiency. so whatever they save, you save. hassle, time, paperwork, hair-tearing out, and, yes, especially dollars. esurance. insurance for the modern world. now backed by allstate. click or call.
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she uses her drone to take aerial photos and video of her estate checking to see if all the landscaping is according to plan. >> stewart admits drones raise privacy and safety issues but says she'll leave the social, ethical and political challenges to others. well, just as long as she delivers some of her muffins by drone to me, i'm okay with it. >> all right. well, for the second time the sharks are invading social media. the sequel to "sharknado" aired on the sci-fi channel last night setting the twitterverse on fire. >> "sharknado 2," it started 12 hours before the premiere. this time the giant jaws are descending on new york city. the sequel is chock-full of cameos such as our friends, michael and kelly. [ screaming ] >> stay calm. stay seated. [ screaming ] >> okay.
4:24 am
the sequel also stars ian ziering and tara reid. >> i like how kelly ripa put her stiletto down. >> that's right. that heel is there. michael strahan tackling that shark. and now to a british chef who has figured out how to make the ultimate steak. >> and this has nothing to do with the grill. for sam bomfis, nothing less than molten lauva will do. yes, he traveled to syracuse university where they created an artificial volcano to make it. >> it could turn out to be the ultimate way to prepare steak. there's no smoke, and because lava is pure heat, the meat seals very quickly with an even char, although i'm not so sure that you can pick it up at stop and shop. where would you get lava? >> i have a hard enough time with a charcoal grill. i don't know how you would cook over that. >> oh, you've got to get the gas grill. >> i don't know, but i bet the steak could taste pretty good. crispy skin, seals in the flavor. >> what about tofu for the vegetarian. >> i don't know. it might melt the tofu.
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it looks pretty hot. >> for some of you your local news is next.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good monday! no, no, no, no, sorry. we only have today and tomorrow. then it is the weekend. it is thursday. 4:28. mike, how is it going? >> i do not want to restart the week. we will talk about what is going on. good morning, everyone, it is not groundhog day. nothing open live doppler 7 hd. just dry sky. we have the marine layer. about the same level as yesterday. maybe not so low. notice the winds are blowing out on shore and we will have a huge spread from mid-60's at the coast to 70 in san francisco and most of the bay is 73 to 85 and headed inland, 86 in the north
4:29 am
bay to 100s in the east bay. we start off with a picture of the bay bridge toll plaza looking clear. no issues. clear across the bay area. we have a couple of accidents. the first is in alamo northbound 680 up to stone valley where we have an accident. into san jose we have this accident northbound 101 and that could cause slowing with one lane blocked. southbound traffic, you could be on the brakes approaching 237 but checking in at top speeds for everyone. the next time you see a drone flying over san jose it could be the police. the department is the first bay area law enforcement agency to ge one and already there are concerns over how it could be used. casey katie is in san jose with that story. first in the bay area one of
4:30 am
the first in all of california and that drone is not anything yet. it doesn't look like it is going to without a fight. online tech magazine made public the documents that show the san jose police department acquired the drone with a gopro camera in january. it costs $7,000. it was paid for by a grant from the regional arm of the federal homeland security department. san jose police department has to share it with 13 other law enforcement agencies including oakland and san jose because it is a federal grant. san jose will use the drone with the bomb squat to assess threats that could save the life of a bomb squad technician because it could assess the threat where a human can and should not. they use robots usually on the ground but the


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