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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 5, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> sounds good. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. making news in america this morning, deadly virus. a second american on her way to the u.s. to get treatment for ebola. what we're learning about the experimental serum. plus, the scare in new york. another american being tested for possible exposure to the virus. with seconds to spare, drivers are pulled to safety while their cars get swept away in a flash flood. the dramatic rescue caught on camera. shoppers and employees run for safety as a car careens out of control smashing through a store. new details this morning about why it may have happened. an amazing encounter. two surfers get an unexpected guest while riding some waves.
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well, good tuesday morning. right now the second american infected with ebola is on her way to the united states. >> yes, nancy writebol's journey from west africa will end in just a few hours when she arrives in atlanta. >> she'll be the second patient treated at emory university hospital for the deadly virus that's killed nearly 900 people. abc's tahman bradley has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, doctors are fighting to save the lives of two americans infected with ebola. nancy writebol is said to be improving after receiving a dose of an experimental drug. the 59-year-old missionary from charlotte was in liberia helping to decontaminate doctors and got sick. >> she was eating a little bit, able to take in fluid, so, you know, we're cautiously optimistic. >> reporter: according to the president of writebol's missionary group, nancy's condition has improved enough to make special requests. >> she asked for her favorite liberian meal of potato soup and coffee.
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>> reporter: 33-year-old dr. kent brantly, who arrived in the u.s. on saturday in a full biosuit, is also taking the experimental drug, and we've learned his fever is lower. it's not clear if the experimental treatment is the reason the americans are improving. ebola has already killed almost 900 people in three african countries. only 44% of patients survive. the scare has u.s. health officials on alert. at new york's mt. sinai hospital a male patient who had recently traveled to west africa was treated for fever and gastrointestinal problems. the man was placed in isolation, but initial tests show it's unlikely he has ebola. >> the first thing we'd like to stress is that odds are this is not ebola. it's much more likely that it's a much more common condition. >> reporter: the cdc told u.s. doctors to ask about foreign travel by patients showing ebola-like symptoms. at least three people in the u.s. have tested negative for the disease. reena and devin. >> tahman bradley live for us in washington. thank you, tahman. well, both dr. brantly and nancy writebol took that experimental drug, which has never been tested on humans.
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>> earlier this morning, we asked dan childs, managing editor of the abc news medical unit, what's in the drug and how it works. >> well, what we know is that this drug contains proteins called antibodies. now, these things actually target the ebola virus and actually attack it directly. so far this drug has only been tested in animals, so we really don't know exactly how it's going to happen in terms of the treatment of humans. people are going to be watching this very closely because this is something that just hasn't been done before. >> and stay with abc news as we cover the ebola crisis. look for our live updates later on "good morning america." well, after nearly a month of fighting, israel and hamas have agreed to yet another temporary cease-fire. the three-day truce went into effect overnight just as israel announced that all of its ground troops had been pulled from gaza. both sides are expected to hold indirect talks in cairo aimed at ending the conflict that has claimed nearly 2,000 lives, but there is plenty of skepticism on whether the cease-fire will actually hold this time. well, some wild weather back
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here at home where storms in the west unleashed heavy rain that triggered flash floods. >> get out! get out! get out! >> that was the incredible scene in las vegas. troops from a nearby air force base pulled off a dramatic rescue after several cars got stuck in the mud. they saved an elderly couple pulling them from a car just seconds before fast-moving floodwaters swept it and another car away. >> meanwhile, southwest florida is also recovering from a deluge, more than 6 inches of rain in just a few hours. floodwaters in naples overran roads, trapped drivers in their cars and came right up to the doorsteps of many homes. a number of streets were totally impassable covered under more than a foot of water. many flights were rerouted because of flooding on runways. thunderstorms could prove helpful today to fire crews battling more than a dozen wildfires in northern and central california. two of the fires burning within miles of each other have already destroyed 8 homes and 100 square miles.
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a hospital has been evacuated, and 700 more homes may still be in danger. both the east coast and the west coast will get their share of wet weather today. >> for the latest on those storms, we turn to accuweather meteorologist jim dickey. good morning, jim. >> good morning, reena and devin. holding on to some heavy rainfall across the west but trying forward in time. this is what we've been seeing since the weekend. pumping in that moisture this week breaks apart the next couple of days allowing it to paper other off. the gulf coast and across florida, iselle will be the iffers to move in. powerful storm but weaken and before it does will pass over hawaii later this week. reena and devin, back to you. >> thank, jim. the cleanup is underway where flash flooding damaged dozens of homes. sunday's storms created a giant wall of thick mud and debris that's ten feet deep in some points.
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at least a dozen homes have been deemed unlivable. a couple who just got married returned to find their dream home buried and their beloved dogs nowhere in site. >> we knew that our dogs were missing. we're now realizing that they're gone. it's too much. >> reporter: overnight some mountain roads were re-opened freeing thousands of people stranded by the mudslide. new this morning, severe turbulence shook up a passenger jet over florida and triggered an emergency landing. the allegiant airlines flight had taken off from ft. lauderdale on its way to north carolina when it hit a patch of rough air. one flight attendant was cut in the face. three passengers suffered minor injuries. the pilot diverted to st. petersburg where the flight attendant was taken to the hospital. well, former press secretary jim brady is being remembered this morning as one of the nation's most significant advocates for gun control. brady was severely injured in this 1981 assassination attempt on then president ronald reagan. after that he became the face of the gun control movement in the u.s.
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jim brady died at the age of 73 after suffering multiple medical problems as a result of the shooting. and a remarkable young swimmer to tell you about this morning. last night 16-year-old charlotte samuels completed the grueling 20-plus-mile swim from catalina island to southern california mainland. it took her just under 20 hours. now she's just one more long swim away from becoming the youngest person to complete what's known as the triple crown of open water swimming. she's already swam around manhattan island. now she just needs to complete a swim across the english channel. well, still ahead, a popular food chain releases new details about a recent credit card breach. and an abc news exclusive, alarming numbers of drones forcing pilots to take evasive action. what the faa is saying about the latest incidents. plus, courtroom drama. emotional statements from the man who admittedly shot a teenager on his porch. why the prosecutor isn't believing his tearful testimony.
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some bad news for air travelers this morning. ticket prices continue to climb. in the first half of this year, the average round trip ticket cost just over $509. that's up 14 bucks from the same period last year. analysts say the combination of fewer seats and more people who want to travel leads to the higher airfare costs. p.f. chang's is providing new details about a data breach that was discovered in june. the chain says customer data may have been stolen for 33 restaurants in 16 states. it's believed an intruder may have stolen card numbers and possibly names and
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expiration dates from cards used over an eight-month period. she made $51 million over the last year largely because of that incredible success of the movie "gravity." in second place is jennifer lawrence, who made 34 million, and jennifer aniston was third making $31 million. >> they deserve every dollar. they're good actresses. >> all right. when we come back, a brawl. fists fly during a press event during two fighters before their much anticipated bout. and a close call for shoppers in the path of an out-of-control car.
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tropical trouble in the pacific this morning. iselle is a major hurricane, a category 4 and behind it tropical storm julio. both are headed toward hawaii and could reach the island thursday into friday though it will probably weaken into a tropical storm by then. now for a look at morning road conditionas, a soggy start to the day from northern pennsylvania to new england. roads could be slick along the gulf and in parts of florida and rain and flash floods could make driving tough from northern california across the rockies and into the northern plains. if you're flying, lightning and thunderstorms could cause airport delays in detroit and salt lake city. there's growing concern this morning about close calls between passenger jets and private drones. >> a senior aviation official tells abc news there has been an increase number of incidents even forcing pilots to take evasive action. experts say the small largely unregulated drones could cause
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damage by colliding with a plane or they could be ingested into the engine and shut down. it's once again safe to drink the water in toledo, ohio. public investigators sounded the all-clear after the water got a heavy dose of chemicals to clear out toxins. for two days now, residents were told not to drink or bathe with the water coming out of the tap. it was a wake-up call for some people. >> my appreciation for water has jumped tenfold. i never realized how much water that i use during the day. >> huge algae blooms in lake erie were suspected as the cause of the toxins. experts blame an increase in fertilizer runoff, sewage and climate change for an increase in the algae. theodore wafer faces a second degree murder charge for shooting 19-year-old renisha mcbride. yesterday an emotional wafer told his side of the story.
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>> this poor girl, she had her whole life in front of her. >> do you remember ever crying within 2 1/2 to 3 hours after you shot renisha mcbride? >> no, i don't think so. >> you didn't cry, right? >> i don't think i did. >> there's no jury there at the time you were talking to lieutenant saratoski, right? >> objection. argumentative, your honor. >> police say wafer should not have taken the law into his own hands but called the police. he said he feared for his life and refused to become a victim in his own home. from arizona a ruling that will allow jodi arias to act as her own lawyer in a penalty trial. a jury convicted her of the brutal killing of her boyfriend but couldn't decide if she should be executed. a new penalty trial begins september 8th. arias has no law experience, never finished high school though she did get a g.e.d. in prison.
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in hawaii a lucky rescue for four adults and four teens who bose went down. fortunately, they had three kayaks with them which they latched together to make a sort of floating island. a gopro recording all of it and they used their cell phones to call for help and the coast guard found them quickly because they had an emergency beacon with them, as well. and a wild season for a sporting goods store in ohio. that car slamming through the front door nearly missing a couple of shoppers outside then plowing through the racks all the way to the store's back wall. the people outside were fine. police say they believe the driver who is in his 70s may suffered a medical condition. he and a passenger were hospitalized. a bear cub that survived a wildfire in washington state is being nursed back to health. the six-month-old black bear was severely burned when she crawled up to a house. look, her paws raw, her legs and face singed. the homeowner called for help and she was flown to take tahoe. wildlife experts there called her cinder and they're
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optimistic she'll make a full recovery. a fight breaks out during a media event in las vegas. ahead of an upcoming ultimate fighting championship event. there on the stage, the stare-down generating into a brawl. luckily for them, they settle their differences in the octagon at the end of this month. >> well, tiger woods' agent says it's too early to know if an aching back will keep him out of pga championship which begins on thursday. as for baseball, here's some highlights from our guys at espn. >> stan's back. from vacation. >> yeah. >> and he's ready to do a sports segment from the los angeles "sportscenter" desk. >> yep. rays and the athletics. athletics started monday a game up on the angels. jeff samardzjia on the mound. longoria says so what. of that, longoria's 14th of the season. rays up 1-0. solo shot for him.
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probably figure that out. bottom of the sixth. two runners on, two runners out. two on. derek norris has an opportunity and he's making the most of it. a's stranded 18 base runners but got this one home and that's all that matters. sam fuld scores the winning run. a's take it, 3-2. >> kind of slow on the cue because i thought this would be the first game to talk about. >> but you were wrong. >> i was wrong. zack greinke, he was wrong in this game. carl crawford was wrong to try to stop that. greinke who hadn't hardly given up a run since the millard fill more administration. gave up four in the first. hey, hamilton, we will serve no fries before their time. 1 for 24 until he went yard there and the angels win one of this three-way series, 5-0. really should be freeways series, because there's so many different ways to get to dodgers stadium. >> take 110 to the 5. boom. >> no, but you go the 405 to the 10. >> that's all we got, back to
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switching to xarelto® was the right move for mary. ask your doctor about once-a-day xarelto®. no regular blood monitoring; no known dietary restrictions. for information and savings options download the xarelto® patient center app, call 1-888-xarelto, or visit ♪ welcome back. time to check "the pulse," stories we think you'll be talking about today. starting with the college list you don't want your high school senior to get ahold of. >> syracuse university has claimed the title of the nation's top party school. that's according to a nationwide survey by "the princeton review." university of iowa, second, university of california-santa barbara, third. and rounding out the top
4:23 am
five, west virginia university and university of illinois at urbana-champaign. >> you know, my school, george washington university was the number one party school when i went in. >> because you were there. >> it was before i entered. then it went down. >> i wish i got my hands on the list before i enrolled. >> there you go. >> would have been a little different. >> could be. up next, a baby seal that just wanted to get on while the surfing action began. here's the video to prove it did just that. >> one guy had his gopro camera mounted on his board as the seal swam up and started making himself comfortable. he obviously had some trouble staying on but wouldn't we all? >> yeah, we should say this happened in the waves along the coast of england, and it went on for about an hour or so. most importantly, it sure seems like everyone really enjoyed themselves, and apparently they were worried that the seal wasn't doing okay. but he was checked out. >> he looks so cuddly and fun and slimy and good. all right, this one is my favorite. a little boy from pennsylvania may have his eye on my job here. meet this guy. noah ritter visited the county fair with his grandfather and
4:24 am
took in some rides. >> when a reporter from our scranton station interviewed him about the fair, noah smoothly took the microphone, made eye contact with the camera and completely stole the show. >> i've never been on live television before, but sometimes i don't watch -- i don't watch the news because i'm a kid, and i've never ever been on live television. i never ever been on live television. >> are you excited? down the super slide but i was scared half to death. >> oh, we love you, noah. you're incredible live. apparently a very poised and serious young man. >> could have fooled me. and apparently he's destined for a career in tv news. microphone hog. very poised. good for him. >> i love that video. >> go, noah. for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everybody else we'll be back with more on the teen who just completed a 20-mile swim.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good tuesday morning, everyone. >> what was different this morning than yesterday? >> tuesday? >> rain. >> not in san francisco. mike, elsewhere? >> elsewhere. you can see it here on live doppler 7 hd. rotating from north to south. moving backwards from what we used to, usually south to north lately. over napa we have light rain. sliding to the south around martinez and highway four between hercules and the east bay hills we have better radar runs. in walnut creek, you can see it is dry on 80.
4:29 am
the rain did not make it here yet. it is a possible that could bring scattered hours and re-develop this afternoon. temperatures run from 78 to 88 inland and 63 to 72 coast and san francisco and around the bay in the low 70's to low 80's. >> welcome back, everyone. over highway four we are seeing an indication of rain so possibly moist roads if you are headed between antioch and concord. we have an accident in daly city northbound along 280 with c.h.p. doing a traffic break but we know it is mocking one lane. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with cars clear from emeryville with a few cashpayers waiting to get to the tolls. the rest of the problem has no problems. mike was telling us about the rain. knick is at the north concord
4:30 am
and martinez bart station. the roads are slick. >> indeed. i have the glasses on so you can see the rain is coming down. this is what we are talking about. the rain is coming down on the pavement and making for possibly slick conditions such as leyla gulen discussed. the puddle can only happen as the rain comes down and you can see the video we shot this morning when we got a chance to see it from the drive in movie theater in concord, you can see the rain was falling through the lights and people could see it falling on the windshields making for interesting viewing. we have video from the wet streets in concord. you can see the wet streets and


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