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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 5, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. in an instant, flash flooding turns roadways into wild rapids, trapping drivers in a wall of water. >> get out! get out. hurry. >> dramatic rescues caught on tape. cars swept away in las vegas. heroes racing in to help. water overrunning an entire airport in florida as this category 3 hurricane heads for hawaii. breaking now, the second american infected with ebola arrives in atlanta this morning. new details on the experimental drug helping both patients right now. hospitals on high alert. a patient put in isolation in new york city as fear spreads. ♪ the fired director of the world famous ohio state university marching band breaks his silence this morning. the man behind these jaw-dropping routines speaks out on the scathing report about an "animal house" culture.
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why he claims he wasn't the problem. >> we're getting rescued. >> we're going to live. >> this incredible rescue at sea all captured on a gopro camera. eight tourists clinging to safety after their boat sank off hawaii. how their quick thinking and cell phones got them help fast. cameras rolling the whole time. and good morning, america. we have been tracking a number of brand-new stories overnight including this allegiant airlines flight that experienced turbulence from ft. lauderdale to asheville, north carolina. >> it was a truly frightening story. it was so bad, in fact, some passengers thought the plane was going to crash. many were thrown from their seats. four people were injured. we're going to have much more on this story ahead.
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right now to those dramatic rescues overnight. serious flash flooding from the west all the way south to florida. ginger has these incredible pictures. >> astounding from las vegas all the way to naples, florida. it's a lot of rain, way too fast, but it's right outside of las vegas on u.s. 95 where the most dramatic story happened. >> they got to get out, man. they're going to get swept away. >> flooding and a suspenseful scene on a nevada highway. >> get out. get out! >> reporter: watch, one car surging toward that white prius. a woman trapped inside. >> hurry. >> reporter: a group of airmen passing by pulling the woman out just in time. >> they literally pulled her over the top of the driver's seat to get her out. >> one man helping nearly swept away himself. you can see him go down right there. the others saving him. over an inch of rain most falling in just 15 minutes flooding las vegas streets. in naples, florida, water filling the runways at the airport. thunderstorms dropping more than 6 1/2 inches of rain, the
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wettest august day on record. four inches falling in just an hour. water submerging vehicle after vehicle, the paddling, towing and the sweeping. workers using brooms to push the water back out of this restaurant. this hospital campus transforming into a lake complete with swimming fish. in chicago overnight standing water shutting down this interstate. people abandoning their cars trudging through the floods on foot. and now we go way west for more headlines. not one but two tropical systems in the eastern pacific. julio now a tropical storm and iselle. it's a category 3 hurricane headed towards hawaii, but fortunately it's about to hit quite a bit of cold water and will start to decrease its strength. for thursday into friday you could see winds up to 60 miles per hour. a lot of people concerned about this vacationing here. i'll have much more coming up in your nation's weather. >> i'm sure a lot will be listening. thank you so much, ginger.
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to those wildfires raging out west. more than a dozen burning right now. the severe drought there fueling these fires which have destroyed dozens of homes and buildings and forced so many people from their homes. abc's neal karlinsky is in burney, california, with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: a new development here overnight, rain, quite a lot of rain, too early to know if it might have helped with the fires at all, but there's a sign that lightning that came with the rain could have sparked even more fires. >> holy smokes. >> reporter: this morning, one homeowner captures the air war from a roof as planes drop retardant to block the flames from spreading into houses. from central california to oregon, lightning sparked fires chewing up thousands of acres and sending people scrambling. >> i've been doing this for 40 years. that's the most fire i've ever seen. >> reporter: volunteer fire chief randy garner and his men standing their ground against 20-foot flames as a restaurant and homes burned around them near castle, california.
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at least 8 homes and 20 structures burned so far in the fire which now threatens the small town of burney. do you think burney will be okay? >> it all depends on the weather and, you know, how much we did get done before we get bad weather changes. >> reporter: throughout the region, more than a dozen mainly rural fires, and some residents just barely holding out. you were out there with a hose right next to the firefighters with their hose. >> it's your place, man. a man's home is his castle, right? >> reporter: in washington state the carlton complex fire wiped out hundreds of homes, including the woods that sheltered this 6-month-old bear cub. neighbors spotted it unable to walk ask rescued her. doctors say she's on her way to recovery. nationally the number of wildfires is actually down for the year, but here in california, it is way up thanks to that relentless drought.
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hopefully this rain right here will help if new lightning didn't spark any new fires. george. >> the big question, okay, thanks. we turn to those growing fears about ebola here in america. doctors and hospitals on high alert. one patient in new york in isolation and tested for the deadly virus as the plane carrying the second infected american aid worker completes its 5,000 mile trek, set to land in georgia this morning. abc's steve osunsami is at emory university hospital with the latest. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, george. we talked with that special ooized ems unit that's going to be moving them from the other place to the hospital behind me. they moved dr. brantly on saturday. safely. they are doing all sorts of things. they are wearing specialized gloves and gowns, taping their sleeves out of caution and to protect themselves. doctors on high alert this morning. a man at mt. sinai hospital with a fever and gastrointestinal symptoms walking into the emergency room monday frightening physicians. >> we're going to work carefully with the cdc to make sure this patient does not have the ebola
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virus disease. >> reporter: just hours from now aid worker nancy writebol will land in atlanta. writebol, the second patient infected with ebola to arrive in the u.s. received an experimental drug in the days before her flight. >> nancy is able to walk around and really the good news was that her appetite started to return. >> reporter: the same experimental drug was also given to her colleague and fellow missionary, dr. kent brantly, the sick physician rushed back to the states saturday. health officials aren't certain it's the drug that's helping, but friends from his aid group say the results are dramatic. the disease is often fatal and there's some concern and fear in atlanta. >> somebody, a nurse or a doctor, let's just say they get infected. you, yourself and everybody agrees it's a 21-day incubation period. what if they go home and take it to their family? >> reporter: paramedics moving writebol are not taking any
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chances. exposed fabric, blankets, sheets, will all be burned. we got a look inside the ambulance, the same used to move dr. brantly. bleach i'm smelling is because we're dealing with ebola? >> correct. >> reporter: many of these aid workers travel overseas with their families who have since returned stateside. their aid organization tells us so far everyone appears to be healthy. george. >> thank goodness for that, okay, steve, thank you. dr. richard besser here this morning, as well. you know, everybody on edge given this virus, but this patient in new york almost certainly not ebola. >> yeah, i mean what we heard from mt. sinai, very low chance. this is around the sixth time someone has been tested in america like this. they traveled to the region and had symptoms of fever that were consistent and they were all negative. exactly what you want to do. hospitals be on guard. >> we know both these workers were given this experimental drug, z-map. some think this made the difference. you're not sure so. >> i'm not so sure. it's great that they're doing well. this drug is a combination of three factors that target ebola.
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it's never been tried in humans. in monkeys it was given when they were infected but they had no symptoms. they weren't sick. here they were very sick and this kind of drug doesn't work that way. >> it does appear, though, that both these patients are out of the woods? >> when you're hearing they're up and walking about, the normal course for ebola if you're not going to make it, it's a pretty rapid downward spiral. the fact she's asking for her favorite liberian dish is good news. that is good news. thanks very much. to "gma" weekend anchor dan harris with the news. >> good morning, good morning, everybody. we'll start with breaking news. american soldiers have come under attack at the top military academy in afghanistan. the afghan equivalent of west point. a man wearing an afghan army uniform turned his weapon on the americans and other afghan troops there. details are still coming in at this hour, we will give you more information as we get it. also breaking, an earthquake
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jolting south africa shaking buildings more than 1,000 miles away from johannesburg. one person was crushed by debris. a security incident over england. that's a fighter jet escorting flight to manchester after a bomb threat. there was a possible device on board. one man on board the flight was detained. no device was found. here at home a big scare for passengers on a flight out of florida. they hit turbulence so bad some people thought the plane was going down. >> i'm thinking like this is going to be a plane crash. >> reporter: midair emergency as allegiant air flight 916 hit turbulence over florida. flying from ft. lauderdale, florida, to asheville, north carolina, when passengers say it was a sudden dive. >> felt like a bad roller-coaster ride. whenny -- when you see those people flying up and down like
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in a movie? that's basically what happened. >> reporter: a flight attendant providing drink service hitting the ceiling and falling on top of a passenger. another person injured by the drink cart. >> she hit the ceiling. she has this gash on her side. >> reporter: others not wearing their seat belts flew out of their seats. >> everything flew up for like two seconds and, you know, everyone sat down and was like, what just happened? >> reporter: the plane abruptly changed course, descending 11,000 feet in just minutes before landing safely in clearwater, florida. horrifying and the passengers can thank the stormy weather over florida that ginger was just talking about for that turbulence. experts say this is a reminder, always best to keep your seat belt on even though the faa says three dozen people every year get hurt during turbulence. check out this close call at a sporting goods store in ohio. a car comes crashing through the front door, narrowly missing two shoppers, barreling through the racks, not stopping until it slams into the back wall. the driver had some sort of medical condition. the good news, no shoppers got hurt.
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a quick sports note this morning. this is what happens when a prefight trash talking session goes too far. these two ufc fighters were at a media event in vegas when they started to brawl for real, as you can see. crashing through the backdrop that was set up and spilling out into the crowd. the official fight will take place in a couple of weeks. >> pretty good publicity. >> good publicity. should be an interesting fight to say the least. finally something infinitely cuter. take a look at this baby seal making friends with a surfer. the type of thing that got me thinking we may never have seen an era before everybody had gopro cameras planted everywhere. it was shot off the coast of england and the seal pup spent an hour with the surfers even following them to shore when they were done. and a helpful commenter on youtube pointed out that these guys should post that video on their online dating profiles. to me, you know, i haven't been on dating market for awhile but strikes me as sound strategic
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advice. >> more you than them. >> me personally, no, i don't know what you're talking about. >> i'm surprised a seal would go up there. >> and stay there that long. >> wow. >> very cute pictures. thank you. moving on to the scandal involving the world famous ohio state university marching band. the former band director breaking his silence this morning, defending himself against charges of a sexualized culture among members that led to his ultimate firing. abc's alex perez is in columbus with the story. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, amy. many of those performances made famous here at ohio stadium. all this started after a parent filed a complaint triggering a two-month-long investigation and for the first time we're hearing from the former band director who insists he should have never lost his job. ♪ he's the mastermind behind some of the most intricate, jaw-dropping college marching band performances in the country. but this morning, former ohio state university band director,
7:14 am
john waters, is speaking out about his more recent and troubling claim to fame, a scathing report that cost him his job. >> the fact that this report makes that the culture is some kind of "animal house" fraternity is just not accurate. >> reporter: a 92-page report alleges he knew about and failed to stop a, quote, sexualized culture of pranks, tricks and rituals among band students, but waters argues more than the nine current and former band members cited in the report should have been interviewed. >> the sample size was tremendously small for such an important issue as band culture. >> reporter: according to the report, students regularly hazed rookies, performed sexually explicit stunts and marched into the stadium in their underwear late at night in a tradition called midnight ramp. in a video statement the university's president arguing firing waters was the only solution. >> even one instance of harassment or hazing or assault is one too many. >> reporter: do you feel you were a scapegoat?
7:15 am
>> i think that i was a victim of a rush to judgment and a very inaccurate report. >> reporter: waters argues the problems started long before he arrived. >> when you are dealing with a culture that is entrenched, again, since the 1930s, this does not change overnight. >> reporter: he says university officials never asked him to investigate misconduct, and insists he began working on culture reform before the investigation. >> no one came to me and said that the culture of the band is an issue and needs to change. i realized that myself. >> reporter: in a statement, ohio state tells abc news "the former director was aware or reasonably should have known about this culture, but failed to eliminate it, prevent its recurrence and address its effects." and the university has named an interim director and says they are beginning the process of launching a national search to find a new, permanent director. amy, george. >> thanks.
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we were saying everyone has cameras these days. lara, you have a great story. >> exactly. from seals to this, an incredible rescue caught on a gopro camera in the beautiful waters off hawaii. four teens and four adults clinging to safety after their boat sank, overcome by huge waves but thankfully some quick thinking and teamwork saved their lives. >> we're getting rescued! >> we're going to live. >> reporter: take a look at this dramatic firsthand video of a harrowing rescue at sea. you can see the eight stranded boaters, some of their heads just barely bobbing above water. as the u.s. coast guard swoops in to save them from hawaii's kauai channel sunday, 15-year-old mark reeves captures the whole ordeal on his gopro. the four teens and four adults have been on an overnight trip aboard this 21-foot boat when have been on an overnight trip aboard this 21-foot boat when they say it started taking on
7:17 am
water 12 miles offshore. jeff kozlovich, a lifeguard, was one of the passenger. >> it got scary rough where waves were breaking over the bow. before we knew it, too much water was in the boat. >> reporter: they were able to grab life jackets and kayaks before the boat sank and another potentially life-saving move. >> got out the cell phones and started making phone calls. >> reporter: with their kayaks tied together so they wouldn't lose each other they battled waves and the beating sun for two hours until -- >> we're going to live. >> whoo! >> reporter: their salvation in the sky. one coast guard member diving in, securing each person one by one as they're lifted to the chopper above. and back on dry land all eight are doing just fine this morning. >> it could have been bad. it really could have. you have to have a lot of respect for that ocean. >> they were lucky, and the coast guard says it was actually a special tracking device on board that automatically went off that when the boat capsized that was the real hero of the day. saved them. >> technology all around. doing its job. okay, lara, thanks very much.
7:18 am
ginger, we have a lot of rain coming. >> it's that time of year, but still to see it, the flash flood watches that i want to share with you. come with me. are still in place for four states, idaho, wyoming, utah and nevada. they blow up, 2 inches per hour and don't drive into it. we saw that at the top of the show. the moisture is going to be fueling here by a low pressure system, a couple of other variables but see where some of the 1 to 2-inch rates will be falling. let me take you along the stationary front. this is going to be a story going into the next 24 to 48 hours. right there through iowa into parts of illinois and indiana, the next couple of days. rainy and now leave you with a look across the nation. your local forecast in just 30 seconds. first the tuesday trivia brought to you by big lots.
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>> just a note, anybody with a gopro in hawaii the next couple of days, i would not do it, the hurricane becoming a tropical storm will be there soon. >> thanks for that. coming up on "gma," the michigan man charged with murder for shooting an unarmed teenager on his porch.
7:20 am
back on the stand this morning. he said he's scared for his life desperate search for a missing 6-year-old girl who vanished from her bedroom. why her parents took lie detector tests. then growing concern about paparazzi using drones to stalk celebrities. why they say it's putting everyone in danger. the video people cannot stop sharing, the ballerina proving so many people wrong and her powerful message. >> we have a big morning here on "gma". derek hough is here live. also talking to oprah and steven spielberg. don't want to miss this. derek hough is here live. also talking to oprah and steven spielberg. don't want to miss this.
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that's the power of the home depot. for a limited time these vanities start at just $189 bucks. good morning. i'm katie marrzullo. in san francisco, the coast guard is removing a fishing boat stuck just off ocean beach. and you are now looking at live pictures of those recovery efforts. plans call for using heavy equipment on the beach to pull the vessel back onto shore.
7:25 am
coast guard teams will then remove hundreds of gallons of fuel. the captain remains missing. he told other boaters he swimmed to shore early yesterday morning. let's get a check on the morning commute with leyla gulen. >> we have capital corridor now back up and running. however, we're still seeing residual delays after police activity shut things down between sacramento and davis. but at home, we have this accident in the northbound direction along highway 101. you are looking at delays from the nimitz, right up to the san jose airport. going to be a slow one. >> thank you. mike nicco has your bay area forecast when we com
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7:28 on the dot. look at our rainfall amounts, 0.04 at the beach, 0.07 in napa, 0.08 in concord. that's where we still see the best radar returns right across contra costa county, mainly in the higher elevations once you get into the eastern sections. this is sliding to the southeast and falling aart, but notice what's coming in, yeah, on the backside of this low, more weak layers of energy so, a scattered shower possible today through about midday tomorrow, then temperatures will get back to
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don't put it off any longer. >> announcer: this is an abc news special report good morning, everyone. for those of you just joining us, i'm amy robach, breaking news. a deadly attack on u.s. troops in afghanistan. a man dressed in an afghan army uniform opening fire in a so-called insider attack. one american killed, 15 others, nato troops, we believe, injured in the attack. it's at a base west of kabul. just one year olds, and considered the afghan equivalent of west point academy. the shooter was killed, and three afghan army officers wounded. and head to martha raddatz, joining us by phone. we know you have been to afghanistan several times. tell us what you are hearing from your sources at this hour.
7:31 am
>> reporter: a u.s. official confirms that the american who was killed was a two-star general. a major general in the u.s. army. this is a report from a u.s. official who would know the circumstances. this is, of course, the highest-ranking official ever killed in afghanistan. and as far as i know, ever killed in iraq as well. the last two-star general who was killed was in vietnam. that was not under hostile circumstances. he died in a helicopter crash. that was major general george casey sr. his son went on to become chief of staff of the army. but the reports from a u.s. official are that a two-star general was killed in this attack. it would seem to me that general was probably targeted. usually the generals are surrounded by personal security details. and also with afghan troops, you have a guardian angel, other
7:32 am
u.s. troops looking out for each other just in case one of these attacks happened. >> martha, this has been referred to as an insider attack. describe what that means. >> reporter: that means an insider attack, it's called a green on blue. it is forces we are fighting with turn on us instead. this has happened numerous times in afghanistan throughout the years, certainly in iraq as well. but mostly in afghanistan. it was a huge problem several years ago. i was other there at a time when there was an epidemic of the green on blue shootings. they have calmed down in recent months, but that may be because u.s. forces aren't out in great numbers anymore there. >> and you highlighted this, this general was the highest-ranking member of the american military to die in the conflict in afghanistan. talk about the significance of what has occurred today. >> reporter: well, when you lose a general officer like that, it
7:33 am
is absolutely devastating. certainly no life is worth more than any other life, but to lose a general, to lose a commander, is devastating to troops. and that two-star general was probably someone in his 50s. he has been in the army for a very, very long time. probably knows so many people and is so well-known by so many. it is truly devastating news for the troops. >> indeed it is. and i know you, martha, will continue to follow your sources to get the latest information as to what occurred. we want to turn to colonel steven michigan yard. and you can speak to the significance of the events of the day, and the impact on the military community in terms of u.s. response and troop morale as well over in afghanistan. >> amy, a couple of things to consider, consider it from the u.s. side. any form of trust between the afghans and the u.s. trainers has now been fully broken.
7:34 am
this is a premeditated attack. they picked us the general. there was a very senior afghan military official killed on wounded as well. it's going to break the bond of trust so important in the training environment. on the afghan side, probably an inside job set up by the taliban. it's a big propaganda coup for the taliban, it's not hard to be a traitor in the afghan military. >> head now to jonathan karl at the white house right now. very little time for the white house to have an official response yet. but surely that is coming. >> reporter: no doubt. no official response yet, amy. but i have to say, this is especially devastating because the central -- the center piece of president obama's strategy? afghanistan right now is to have u.s. trainers training up the afghan army to take over for the
7:35 am
united states. that is our mission right now. that is the u.s. mission is to train afghan troops so to have somebody reportedly dressed in afghan army uniform come in, kill an american two star general. and wes also know 15 other nato troops wounded. we don't know how many americans. but to have a shooting like this happen at the center of the training academy that the united states is using to train afghan troops to take over that mission, is truly devastating on many levels. obviously on a personal level, but also on a strategic level. that is what our mission right now is in afghanistan. it is to train those troops. hard to train troops from a foreign army when you have a situation like this coming in, such a devastating attack. >> speaking to the level of trust, or the non-trust at this point now. we appreciate that.
7:36 am
we know you'll stay on top of it. and martha raddatz, getting the latest from her sources on the ground, having been to afghanistan several times. i can only imagine what's happening on the ground. the chaos, you say this is a mass i have training base, just a year old. and now with this major general reportedly killed in this horrific attack this morning. >> reporter: the pictures you're looking at right now are at one of the training bases where they train the general troops in afghanistan. i have been to that base so many times. when i started going there, one of the generals in charge of training said the problem is the troops can't read, they can't shoot. they have certainly improved over the years in literacy and other training capabilities. the place where this shooti ini occurred was for officers. they were training officers at the base where the major general was reportedly killed today.
7:37 am
so that is a higher level. they'll want to know everything possible about who the shooter was, how this happened. did he know that major general was going to visit that base today? is there someone else involved? this was absolute chaos this morning. they didn't know at first how many americans were killed. there were early reports that i started hearing this morning that a two star was killed, but they couldn't confirm that, and now this u.s. official has. >> martha raddatz from washington. thank you so much, martha. we are going to return now to regular program. and in some parts of the country, that is "good morning america." and, of course, you can expect a complete wrapup tonight on world news with diane sawyer, and get those updates at i'm amy robach in new york. have a great day. >> up to a stranger and talk to
7:38 am
them. >> i could hear them calling her name. i didn't want to find something in the ditch. >> the neighbor has helped with the search. >> makes you think in the area that you felt safe around here, now who do you live next to? >> this is where you come in. remember, she's 3 feet tall and 45 pounds. she's just 6 years old. officially this is considered a missing persons case with suspicious circumstances. we hope she's okay. entering the first grade next month. >> thank you. we hope for answers soon. >> and to gin ger for more on the weather. >> and i have an amazing story with this photo. there have been 300 lightning strikes in california. they are beautiful and dangerous. and we know red flag warnings from california through oregon and washington state. a lot of them when you read the text, it says lightning is one of the biggest issues.
7:39 am
along with the erratic winds gusting to 30 miles an hour, it hits the dry brush and the wildfire gets going. and a beautiful day for so many folks yet in the northeast, and >> our morning rain gives way to a scattered showers during the afternoon hours and we go from 63 at the coast to 88 in the warmest inland neighborhood. seven-day forecast is dryer and >>ll >> all that weather brought to you by walmart. a lot of headlines this morning. >> there sure are. >> busy. >> thanks. coming up important new research reveals that what hospital you give birth in can really matter. >> the new fear about drones. paparazzi now using them to stalk celebrities and why the stars say this is putting everyone in danger. as a peach grower, i know the tastiest fruit is the freshest fruit. i know that what goes into this soil
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and we are back now at and we are back now at 7:43 with new fears about drones. celebrities are sounding the alarm as paparazzi start using them to capture photos of the stars and their homes from high in the sky. abc's nick watt has the story. >> reporter: there's a new weapon in the daily battle between the paparazzi and celebrities. drones. with cameras attached. >> we have enough paparazzi issues without the potential of these small hovering aircraft over nightclubs and restaurants. >> reporter: this cell phone
7:44 am
video shot by miley cyrus posted on instagram apparently shows a paparazzi drone hovering over her home. apparently this began in march. >> first paparazzi drone footage ever. ever. >> reporter: flying a drone over a selena gomez shoot and bragging about it online. >> trying to stop us from taking pictures and we was like, you know what, release the drone. >> reporter: a month later paparazzi sending a drone over the "spider-man" set in long island, new york. the documentary, "paparazzi: sharks of the french riviera," shows remarkically sophisticated equipment and techniques. >> this time the drone is to fly over private property. >> reporter: alex padea wants legislation to stamp this out. >> we have a right to privacy. >> doing some type of legislation specific to drones, i think it's not necessary. if you're out in public, you
7:45 am
don't have a reasonable expectation of privacy. >> reporter: the faa tells us that above 400 feet a flight that is not for hobby or recreation requires operating approval. and there's not a single paparazzo has that approval. will that stop them? probably not. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> thank you, nick. perhaps it will. the faa is considering tighter regulations on drones. all right, coming up, oprah winfrey right here in times square. there she is making an arrival like only oprah can. she's coming up on "gma." then we have this cute little boy at the county fair that has everyone talking. taking over the mike during an interview, wait until you hear what he has to say. ♪ applause applause applause
7:46 am
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introducing the mercedes-benz b-class. it's electric! it's electric! the first electric vehicle from mercedes-benz. ♪ applause applause applause ♪ applause applause applause we have been showing you this little boy -- little man, actually. he's an overnight internet sensation whose television interview and moments with the microphone going viral now for good reason. gio is in the social square with more. good morning. >> oh, amy, we love this little boy. his name is noah, he's the kid so many are talking about and he was at the wayne county fair in pennsylvania. our reporter from our scranton station, news watch 16, had a few questions for him, but he wanted to get one thing very clear from the start.
7:50 am
>> i've never been on live television before. >> uh-oh but he was then and noah totally takes the show from there, grabbing that mic, going rogue. offering a play-by-play of his experience on a ride at the fair very important check it out. >> i don't watch the news because i'm a kid and apparently every time -- apparently grandpa just gives me the remote after we watch the powerball. apparently you're spinning around and apparently every time you get dizzy, as long as you get dizzy -- >> reporter: is it fun? >> yeah. and i've never ever been on live television. i never ever be on live television. >> are you excited? >> yeah, and apparently i only went down the super slide. when i went down the -- i was scared half to death. i just freak out. >> ad-libbing, exposing his faults. all great tv. the video already racking up thousands of clicks since it was posted on youtube monday and that station that snagged his
7:51 am
first interview posted the video on facebook monday, asking for help getting in touch with noah and his family. you know what, breaking news, i'm hearing that he does have an agent and, george, he's gunning for your job. >> apparently he has -- >> and ben sherwood just hired him. there we go. >> all right, thank you so much, gio. coming up, derek hough is here live, and an unbelievable surprise from taylor swift and the clock is ticking down on day two of our big "gma" event, the time machine. ♪ i'll take back a card that gave you that "i'm 16 and just got my first car" feeling. presenting the buypower card from capital one. redeem earnings toward part or even all of a new chevrolet, buick, gmc or cadillac - with no limits. so every time you use it, you're not just shopping for goods. you're shopping for something great. learn more at
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. an earthquake rattled the north bay this morning. the magnitude 3.2 quake hit just west of napa at 5:40 a.m. no reports of any injuries or damage. people felt it, though, as far west as sonoma, as far east as fairfield. got some rain out there this morning. here's mike. >> dwindling quickly. good morning, everybody. eastern contra costa county head into the central valley, that's where our batch from this morning is going. another chance heading through the morning hours with sprinkles up north. the rest of us will get some scattered showers the next day and a half or so. by thursday, it's over. leyla? unfortunately traffic's not
7:57 am
dwindling. as we look at the peninsula, northbound side of 280 heading into san bruno, the san bruno avenue off ramp is shut down due to an injury/accident there. it is a sigalert. we are looking at heavy conditions in the southbound direction as you approach 380. eric? >> thank you very much. the news continues now with "good morning america."
7:58 am
take your time. no rcome on.y. with the chase mobile app you can get a lot done in a little amount of time from transferring funds wait a minute. you've got to be kidding. did you guys see that? that ball was out. to paying your coach for adding five miles per hour to your serve. that ball wasn't in. get your eyes checked. help me out here. download the best mobile app today. so you can always have the advantage. chase. so you can
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m., and oprah is taking over times square. >> good morning, america! >> and wait until you hear the awesome reason she's here. it's a moment only oprah can bring us this morning. you can see it only on "gma." ♪ baby baby and it's the hottest new parenting trend. why more moms and dads are turning potty training over to professionals. and right after taylor swift posted this cryptic shot gone viral, another huge surprise for one very special fan. her new 6-year-old duet partner. wait until you hear why they're getting back together. all that and derek hough is tangoing into times square as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
kind of say it right, but not really. >> pretty close. always love having derek hough out there signing autographs in times square this morning. boy, does he have a lot going on. including a brand-new book. looking forward to talking to him. >> i didn't know we still signed autographs. i thought everyone just wanted selfies. but i like that he was -- >> he does it all. >> old school there. great. in just about 30 minutes we will headed to our big "gma" live event. we have a look at 39-year-old mom amy before she stepped into our "gma" time machine. she lost 150 pounds using gastric bypass and now she wants to make her makeover complete with her new body. she wants to show off her new look and we cannot wait. >> looks so great. >> yesterday's -- the time machine is working like a charm. gretta monahan and our dream team, cannot wait to see the
8:02 am
results. and we'll give you great tips to use at home starting this morning. >> so much fun doing that. >> they sure do. boy, can they move. >> you got 60 minutes, you got to move. >> i would like to get into that time machine maybe. can we arrange that tomorrow? i may regret saying that. >> you may regret that. and breaking news, new details about the attack on american troops in afghanistan. a two star american general has been killed. and martha raddatz is here with more. joining us by phone. what do we know about this? >> reporter: a u.s. official is confirming that a two star general was killed in an attack by an afghan soldier, or at least someone dressed like an afghan soldier. this is an insider attack. it came at a training base for officers. the two star was visiting the base to see how the training was conducted. an afghan soldier opened fire, many others were wounded.
8:03 am
but this appears to be some sort of targeted attack. because usually a general like that would be surrounded by a security detail. >> a lot of these attacks, but it this the highest-ranking officer to be killed in the attack? >> reporter: it's the highest-ranking officer to be killed in the entire war in afghanistan and iraq as well. >> a sad day for american forces overseas. an juupdate on another stor. pilots over england reported a bomb scare. it landed safely, but it was a hoax. the second american infected with ebola is on her way home. nancy writebol is making her 5,000 mile journey to a hospital in atlanta. they're not sure that an experimental drug made the
8:04 am
difference. and in new york, a man was quarantined showing up with symptoms. a heart-stopping rescue in las vegas, waters in the area trapping people in their cars. troops from a nearby air base pulled a woman from her car moments before it was swept away. news for scrabble fans. 5,000 new words. bromance, chillax and buzzkill, three from george stephanopoulos' mouth, especially chillax. two two-letter words, da, and the second is gi, a white garment worn in martial arts. but the newest, quinzhee, is this is apantly a shelter
8:05 am
made from digging in a pile of snow. i have heard this several times during "pop news." >> would have got an lot more if you put it up on triple word. >> there's the potential of a 401-point play there. >> been there, done that. >> i got a couple they can have. right? >> new for scrabble. see jen here. we have a new study we are going to talk about. it shows that where you give birth can actually matter a great deal on how severe the complications are going to be. >> exactly. and the fact that hospitals play a role in complication rate is to be expected. what's surprising is just how much. regular deliveries at a low-performing hospital faced twice the rate of major ob complications than those at a higher-performing hospital. with a c-section, that rate went up to five times. what didn't matter, this was regardless of the size of the
8:06 am
hospital and whether it was located in a rural area. >> you delivered 1500 babies. you know more than anyone. what other kind of complications are we talking about here? >> there's maternal and fetal complications. those were affecting the moms. hemorrhage and blood clots, they can come out of the blue. it's less about where they're occurring and the role of the hospital in the complications, but more about if it is ready to deal with the complications. >> running out of time, but how do women know whether their hospital is low-performing? >> some women just don't have a choice. ask questions. research your provider. are they board certified? where did think train? the hospitals, do they have pediatrics, emergency operating rooms, and can they respond to an emergency or complication if it course. >> "pop news" and weather coming up. lara, the morning menu.
8:07 am
>> george, in the morning menu, here's what's coming up, first in "pop news." the numbers were crunched, reveal who the highest-paid actresses in hollywood are. and also coming up, high-tech workout wear that reduces sweat and encourages you to work out more. i love it. and the big "gma" live event, turning back the clock for one lucky mom. 60 minutes, ten years. the big reveal coming up, and this guy. derek hough is with us. [ male announcer ] nexium®, the purple pill, is now available without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. because the best moments in life aren't experienced from the sidelines. now there's nothing holding you back.
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8:11 am
♪ ♪
8:12 am
♪ >> love this video. >> 6-year-old jordan, look who he's jamming with, taylor swift. a little a cappella. "never getting back together ♪ ♪ ♪ we are are never ever are getting back together ♪ >> i love it. >> this happened at boston children's hospital over the weekend. jordan fighting leukemia and it was a great surprise from taylor swift. ♪ getting back together >> ah. >> so good of her to do that. >> yes. >> terrific. >> so into it. it's so cute. >> it's such a difference in those lives. jordan, you look great. we'll begin with "pop news" with some hollywood news. "forbes" announced its list of the highest earning ing ining n
8:13 am
hollywood and rocketing into first place, sandra bullock with a "gravity"-defying fortune of approximately $51 million. that was last year alone and making the list, jennifer lawrence who saw a serious pay raise and made less than a million dollars for the first "hunger games," now the second highest annual earner with $34 million last year. finishing out the top five, jennifer aniston, gwyneth paltrow, angelina jolie and cameron diaz. they tied for fifth. one race i wouldn't mind tying for fifth. >> a lot have been in the top five or been around for awhile. >> yeah. >> you know, it's real, real hangers on. >> in the best way possible. despite the huge salaries, "forbes" says -- >> i'd pay to be a hanger on. >> interesting, lara. >> despite these huge salaries "forbes" says the top earning women still earn less than half of the top earning men. >> really? >> wah-wah. >> we have a long way to go. >> even sandra bullock. >> added up the totals for the top ten then added up the totals
8:14 am
for the top ten women and it's half. >> she was only behind robert downey last year. >> enough of a difference that makes you go, huh. >> still really still? >> exactly. >> yep. we're working on it. more and more leading roles, we're seeing right now with scarlett johansson, these leading roles for women. so it is changing. >> even helen mirren too. >> by the way, one, two, three women at the desk right now! >> hey. >> not making that list. >> no, you're not. but we're all here. very excited that kelly, my producer found this story. if the hamburglar has stolen your heart no need to grimace, mayor mccheese can officiate your dream mcdonald's wedding. the food chain is offering in-house weddings with four options that won't make you grimace. ranging from $400 to $1300.
8:15 am
that premium package has two themed weddings and instead of a thee-tiered cake a massive apple pie. a massive one, could be coming your way. cut the cake, feed each other. it's beautiful. 50 favors for guests including mcdonald's characters. you know, considering the average price of a wedding is $30,000 these days we're lovin' it. the only hitch is weddings are currently available at mcdonald's in hong kong. dan, before you ask, they have grown from four restaurants offering to now over a dozen so it is catching on. >> i thought this was a joke. this is not a joke. >> this is not a joke, george. >> george, you could renew your vows in hong kong. >> and then -- >> let me plan your next vacation. >> go off under the golden arches. into the sunset. beautiful. it's beautiful. and then sometimes on a tuesday morning, you know, it takes a little time to get up and moving and a little music always helps boost the mood like, for example, this little lady. she's having a rough day. ♪ >> and then --
8:16 am
[ laughter ] >> i so relate. i feel the same when i hear this song. come on. let's do it. >> fantastic. >> that is good. >> i love that. ♪ >> turn that frown upside down. >> the magic of katy perry. ♪ >> that has gone viral. i thought i'd share it with you on this beautiful tuesday. >> i could watch that all day long. thank you, lara. that just put a huge smile on my face. oh, so cute. "heat index" coming up. a check of weather with ginger. >> a healthy dose of cute. this is brooke and she's going to help me get into the first story of what in weather? >> bertha. >> bertha which was a hurricane and now tropical storm and still offshore. i wanted to show you this because you may even see some rip currents anywhere from virginia beach even long island eventually from it, but not going to affect us much at all all going off to the north and
8:17 am
east. and quickly show you too the southeast, so many issues with that record rainfall yesterday in naples. today, you'll stil >> so you always get a little bit of everything. i found a scavenger hunt for charity. so i'm just going to put this on and send it back to you. >> all for charity, ginger. >> good sport. >> thank you very much. >> i'm terrified. we're kicking off our heat index this morning.
8:18 am
a powerful new ad is going viral. the company under armour is probably best phone for commercials featuring football players, but now it is using a ballerina to show women can do everything. deborah roberts has the story. >> thank you for your application to our ballet academy. unfortunately, you have not been accepted. >> reporter: when it comes to female empowerment, this ad isn't dancing around the issue. >> you have the wrong body for ballet. >> reporter: in a brand-new much buzzed about campaign from under armour, misty copeland, a soloist with the prestigious american ballet theatre takes center stage while a young girl's voice reads actual rejection letters she received while starting out. >> and at 13, you are too old to be considered. >> reporter: the ad is part of under armour's i will what i want campaign which features female athletes and their stories of strength against the odds. copeland seen here in this exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. >> being a part of the i will what i want campaign for under armour is so much bigger than myself as an individual. >> reporter: people are getting the message.
8:19 am
so far more than 3.5 million views on youtube. under armour's not alone with campaigns telling women to grab the reins. from pantene. >> sorry, not sorry. >> reporter: to always -- >> show me what it looks like to run like a girl. >> reporter: to verizon. >> encourage her love of science and technology. >> they are realizing these are resonating with women and going viral and a lot are picking up on it and continuing the trend. >> reporter: and under armour is now going over the top taking a leading role in promoting fierce females. in misty copeland they found the perfect pitch woman. raised by a struggling single mom, she overcame a tough childhood to take the ballet world by storm. twirling into history as only the second ever black female soloist at american ballet theatre. >> it was either my skin color, i just didn't fit in, was too short and i willed myself here. >> wow, what a woman. we're all sitting here with our mouths open.
8:20 am
you may have noticed that the race is not actually mentioned in this ad, but misty copeland says it is clearly something she has had to overcome in the world of ballet and something she has lucked over too. so gracefully. >> so beautifully. she is just stunning. >> i've seen her dance and, wow. >> she's such a strong woman. thank you. >> deborah, thank you so much. how do you combat the negative people in your life? tweet us @gma, #socialsquare. george. one of the least fun jobs of parenting. what's the guess? >> potty training. >> frustrating and messy and seems to take forever. some parents have found the way around the challenge and paula faris has the details. >> ta-da! >> reporter: it's something many parents dread. potty training. ♪ come along and be my potty boy ♪ >> reporter: some dance like john travolta and kirstie alley in the classic "look who's talking." others read books.
8:21 am
♪ and then there are those who hire professional help. >> i'm a professional potty trainer. >> reporter: enter samantha allen. a new york city potty trainer who says she can get the job done in just two days. >> i know some parents will be skeptical. how do you do it in two days? >> i create as many opportunities for practice as possible. and i choose a good reinforcer. it doesn't matter if the child likes to be thrown up in the air or if it's candy. >> reporter: marisa and doug tried training their son for months. >> you're frustrated. you're annoyed. why did you call samantha? >> it made sense to call in somebody who can put it together quickly. >> reporter: you guys are embarrassed by this. >> no. >> she has more experience than we do. if there's an area where you need assistance, there's no harm in asking for it. >> reporter: how does samantha do it? she starts by giving ethan, lots of liquids. >> here. >> then sets a timer to buzz
8:22 am
every 30 minutes. >> that's it. ready? >> reporter: this routine plays on repeat again and again, until a child can finally go on their own. but a service like this doesn't come cheap. a two-day session will run you a whopping $1700. but for mom georgeanna, that money was not flushed down the toilet. >> i thought it was a miracle. he had this sense of achievement like he's proud of himself. >> reporter: while samantha doesn't guarantee she can potty train every child, her success rate speaks for itself. >> 100%. >> reporter: 100%. >> 100%. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> of course, in the long run everyone is 100%. our expert, dr. robyn silverman. what's your take on this? >> it's easy to criticize and
8:23 am
judge, of course, but there are a lot of different reasons why somebody might do this. yes, we have the parents who just don't want to do the dirty work and they pass it off to a professional. but you also have parents who might be challenged by work/life balance and are working full time, they are a single parent, they're not able to be grounded at the house. >> because you have to immerse yourself to get this done. >> they're not able to be there so they need to pass it off to somebody else. and you have some parents who are at their wits and out of ideas and so they don't lose their minds. >> just one problem with many that erupts over -- >> a missed opportunity for some parents? >> i do believe when we go through challenges with our children, we bond with them and they're able to trust us and they know that we're the ones to go to when things get challenging. not just when they're little but when they get bigger so important 0 lay the groundwork for homework difficulty, dating difficulty, whatever so that's really helpful.
8:24 am
but we know that some parents just don't have the time and they need to pass it off to somebody else. >> fair point. okay, robyn, thank you very much. we had a "gma" flash poll and asked you would you hire someone to potty train your child? here's what you had to say. not a surprise, 5% said yes. 95% said no. >> we're with you, guys. my mom gave me great tips. don't bring the diapers on the trip and -- >> once they are done, they are done and bring that potty on the go. you know? take it with you. i had it everywhere. >> great advice. thank you, robyn, as always. also on "heat index" high-tech trend in workout gear. cecilia vega has more on this story that we first saw in "the new york times." >> reporter: no workout is complete without a good sweat. well, now the makers of the hottest workout gear are introducing high-tech fabrics that promise to keep you sweat-free and smelling fresher. is this a trend that we're seeing in the market right now? >> it's a big one, athletic
8:25 am
apparel is selling better than all other apparel so all these retailers are trying to get a bigger and bigger piece of the pie. >> reporter: "the new york times" elizabeth harris wrote butt -- about these new technologies. anti-odor and anti-sweat clothes are flooding the market with lululemon, under armour, athleta, and duluth trading company getting in on the action. duluth even has buck naked underwear described as no sweat, no stink and no pinch. >> for the anti-sweat underwear helps sweat evaporate and the anti-stink stuff there's antimicrobial things in the thread. so you're going to get sweaty and smelling, but the clothes don't hang on to smell. >> reporter: they'll cost you more, but make the workout better? >> working out has more to do with your own personal intensity. when it comes to technology, it makes working out more enjoyable. if it's more enjoyable, we're more likely to do it.
8:26 am
>> reporter: i am outfitted in the latest technology. this headband is anti-sweat. the shirt they tell me is anti-stink. these are sweat absorbing. i'm about to go on a run and put all this stuff on a test. i'll let you know how it does. i'm back from my run. i am significantly sweaty, out of breath too as you can see. these clothes i have to say totally dry. as for the shirt whether or not it stinks i don't know that i want to submit anyone to have to be the judge of that one. yeah, i wasn't willing to ask anybody to smell my shirt. i am wearing the clothes. this is an anti-stink shirt and anti-sweatpants, the catch is you'll pay about 90 bucks just for the pants alone. >> thanks for putting them to the test. >> you smell beautiful right now. going to go work out.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. happening now, the coast guard has started to remove stranded fishing vessel at ocean beach in san francisco. new video taken this morning shows crews attaching cables to the ship. heavy equipment will then try to pull it onshore. the captain told other boaters he was going to swim to shore yesterday morning. he remains missing. here's leyla gulen with the commute. >> two sigalerts working. this is the new one, a stalled big rig blocking a lane westbound highway 37 on the bridge there. pretty tough traffic, slow making it up to the point. and sigalert at san bruno avenue off ramp, injury crash there, but most traffic is in the southbound direction as you approach 380.
8:28 am
>> when we c is it the biting? ...we need to break up. cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show. it's cable. customers are more satisfied with u-verse. switch and we can stay together forever. forever? ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years.
8:29 am
good morning. rain moving through the east bay now pretty much in the central part. up north, an area of low pressure that will wrap around some moisture. right now, just sprinkles up there but the wave ut brings through, you can see how it will create some showers by noon up north and those will sweep across the north bay and the rest of us during the afternoon. evening hours and during the overnight hours and through probably midday tomorrow.
8:30 am
accuweather seven-day forecast, that'll keep your temperatures down, but by thursday we're back to normal. ♪ just dance >> this great crowd we have out here on this tuesday morning. it feels like summer today. loving it. >> derek hough is at our twitter mirror right now. the "dancing with the stars" pro is here to tell us all about his brand-new book and so much more. we love having him on the show. someone is going to dance, i know it. i already did it. who's next? >> you know who else we love having on the show? oprah winfrey arriving at our studio only like oprah can coming up with steven spielberg about a new project, their brand-new movie, it is spectacular. >> speaking of huge stars, take a look at this. this is lara appearing in the new issue of "us weekly" along with her daughter kate, inside. >> yes. big round of applause. inside she talks about her loves
8:31 am
of crafts and yard sales and she shares great projects you can do at home. it's part of the hollywood moms issue and hits the stands this friday. she'll also teach you how to get two dogs to pose perfectly. >> the dogs -- >> how did you do that? >> that was a very quick lens. a very quick shutter because what you missed was just mayhem. always great. we had a great time. thank you, dan. >> my pleasure. i'll pick that up today. >> i figured that you would. >> several copies. the moment has come. this is it, you guys. here we go, amy garavito there she is. entering our "gma" time machine, the high-tech machine that helps her lose 10 years in just 60 minutes with a little help from our beauty team, gretta monahan ted gibson, hair stylist. and makeup artist to the stars mally roncal. here's sara haines with her story. >> reporter: when amy garavito heard about "gma's" lose 10 years series, she knew it had be
8:32 am
the perfect reward. >> i want to feel sexy for the first time in my life. >> reporter: after undergoing gastric bypass surgery, she dropped 150 pounds. >> something that's been on my bucket list if i lost the weight and maintained it, i wanted a makeover one day. >> reporter: while this california wife and mom said she's proud of her weight loss she feels the remaining loose skin has aged her. >> i don't know what to do to my hair. i don't own dresses or skirts. i do feel i look ten years older. >> reporter: so we showed amy's photo to people on the street to get their thoughts on her age. how old do you think this woman is? >> 57. >> 55. >> that's exactly what i was going to say. >> 52. >> reporter: amy's true age -- 39. what would you say if i told you she was only 39? >> no possible way. >> wow. >> reporter: but our beauty team makeup artist to the star, mally
8:33 am
roncal, celebrity hair stylist, ted gibson, and style guru gretta monahan are here to make all of amy's dreams come true. >> she does a lot for us and been wanting this for a long time. >> i want my husband to be able to say that's my wife and be proud? >> she's sexy no matter how she looks, the most beautiful woman in my eyes and always will be. >> i'm so excited to lose ten years. >> reporter: for "good morning america," sara haines, abc news, new york. >> thank you so much, and the time has come. let's take one more look at amy before she entered our time machine and now let's see amy 10 years younger. gretta, do the honors. here she comes. [ cheers and applause ] so. amy has not seen herself yet, but it's time. show amy her new look. >> come on over. >> oh, my god. wow! >> look at her. >> so what do you think? >> come over. >> oh, my god, i am amazed. >> how does it feel?
8:34 am
>> oh, my god. this is a dream come true for me. i don't know what to say. this is amazing. >> i don't know if you noticed your husband ray's face. >> i just fell in love again. >> oh. >> oh, my god. she looks amazing. you look great. >> i'm so happy. >> you two go next to each other. i don't want to get in between that. but i want to ask gretta, though. you look beautiful. let's start with the clothing and congratulations, by the way, on your weight loss. >> thank you. >> this was a big step taking the next step. talk about it. >> absolutely. she's lost 150 pounds. she is a mom of six and a grandmother to three and she is hot and rocking. so what i had to do is lighten up her wardrobe. when you lose weight you can't get there and think you have to wear huge clothes. light and bright. take advantage of sunset color, instant bounce.
8:35 am
metallic shiny jewelry and also you got to go white jeans, if you can wear them like she can rock them, do it. it's instantly youthful. >> so now hair, the hair is a big difference. ted, the hair to me is -- was incredibly dramatic. you had that sort of '80s -- a lot of product. >> a lot of product. you know what's great about her in particular, 150 pounds. you have to give it to her. the fact you lose the weight you have to change your hair, you have to change the focus. bring out the neckline, beautiful jawline. that bod is so hot and on trend and makes her look fantastic. >> i love it. how do you feel with shorter hair? >> i've never had hair this short before. it's amazing. >> and ray? >> she looks gorgeous. always georgeous. >> mally. the makeup is beautiful. it looks like less makeup. >> she was stuck in that '80s makeup. hard liner. those dark lips that made her
8:36 am
lips look like two little slits. no more. beautiful light eyes. brown eyeliner instead of black this time. >> softer. >> look at that beautiful face and she's alive and gorgeous and we love you. [ cheers and applause ] >> yay. >> we have to go to weather. before we all do, i just need to know. ray. take it all in and tell us what's your favorite part of the new look. the new amy. >> i love it all. it's awesome. i fell in love with her once again. >> well, let us let that love come alive as ginger does the weather. >> let that all go. i have to share a story with you because six years ago i had a 3-year-old girl judy and i have a picture right there, come visit me at my station in chicago when i worked there. now judy is 9 and she said she still wants to be a meteorologist just like me, so we'll do the forecast together. right? okay, so let's go ahead and get started. she's from illinois and eventually we'll talk about illinois in the rain forecast.
8:37 am
see the rain out west. yes, a wide swath of 1 to 2 and some storms bring 2 inch per hour rainfall rates. look at that. judy, right there in southern and central illinois, seeing the >> our morning rain gives way to a scattered showers during the afternoon hours and we go from 63 at the coast to 88 in the warmest inland neighborhood. seven-day forecast is dryer and >> all that weather brought to you by choice hotels. i totally think judy fits right in here. a beautiful sign from the couple from sacramento. who do you have? >> they forgot our newest correspondent. my mom. she's here and so is derek hough from "dancing with the stars" talking about his new book coming up right here on "good morning america." >> cool.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
friday is going to be big with -- tell them, robin. >> one of the biggest stars in country music. >> luke bryan is taking over central park. >> it's going to definitely be a good morning. >> it's going to be a great morning. >> only on -- >> good morning, america. >> presented by claritan allergy brand. >> it is going to be a good morning. right now i'm out here with derek hough, five-time winner on "dancing with the stars," has written a new memoir "taking the lead: lessons from a life in
8:41 am
motion." we'll hear more about that after this look at some highlights from derek's life. ♪ he's been the breakout pro champ for 14 seasons with "dancing with the stars." [ cheers and applause ] five-time mirrorball winner, derek hough, changing the way we look at dance after an unforgettable season with paralympian amy purdy. >> you've redefined choreography for this generation. >> reporter: a third generation dancer, hough grew up in the ballroom and spent most of his teen years in london studying the arts. ♪ keeping it in the family, hough just wrapped a 40-city tour with his sister and fellow dancer, julianne. ♪ fantastic [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: now he's dancing
8:42 am
across the pages in his new book, "taking the lead: lessons from a life in motion." welcome back to derek hough. i get tired just looking at that video. >> yeah, that was fun to watch that. that was fun to see that. >> you know, the book is so revealing. i think you surprised a lot of your fans as you give the back story on so much of your life including the fact you were bullied when you were a child. >> when i was writing this i was reflecting back on the past experiences and, you know, i was -- i was bullied. i was bullied and there's some neighbors that went after my family. but i look back at those experiences as, you know, something that happened for me, not to me. what if life is happening and it's happening for you. i look back on that and looking back at people in general, all around life and not just like the typical bully, but just in everyday situations, you know, you really wonder what's going on with them and honestly what's going on, you know, in their life because, you know, power over others is weakness in disguise. it really is.
8:43 am
>> we learn a lot about the people who helped you in your life as well. you moved from utah over to london as a teenager and mark ballas' parents took you under their wing. >> they did. they changed my life for the absolute better and the experiences with their family were incredible. they're my extended family. i'm happy to have such an amazing family. >> you and mark have a new tv show. >> yeah, we do actually. >> tell us about that. >> you know, we love to create and make things. we love to, you know -- i have a saying, created to create and even if that means to build a house, you know, so, yeah, so we're building a house, you know, and we're going to sell it. it's just fun. funny to get your hands dirty. >> that's great stuff. you have been on tour with your sister. she could not be here today, but she has a special message for you. >> hey, d-man i wanted to be there in person to surprise you but obviously there were some really bad weather conditions and i'm so hard at work here in l.a. so i just couldn't make it but just want to say how proud i am of you.
8:44 am
about the book and if anybody could write something as inspiration mall and beautiful as this, it's you. >> it looks like she's doing the right thing after the tour out there. >> i know. she's taking some time. no, i love her to death. she's amazing. we had an amazing, amazing experience on tour. it was amazing. >> you've been so great for so long now on "dancing with the stars." when you look back on that what's been your most memorable moment? >> there's been a lot of memorable moments. i think obviously this season with amy was incredible. >> it was. >> she really taught me some amazing, beautiful things and, you know, that a disability isn't a physical thing. but true disability is really between the ears, it's our mind and we're so hard on ourselves and, you know, the fear just keeps us from doing things and she didn't let that fear top her. she's really an incredible, incredible lady. >> so inspirational. >> if you could dance with one of these three, lady gaga, michelle obama or kate middleton. >> i'm going to say kate
8:45 am
middleton. so elegant and so refined and i would love to -- yeah, why not. a bit of royalty. can't go wrong with that. >> if you could make that happen we'd blow out the whole morning for about a week. >> let's make it happen. let's make it happen. >> let's play "dancing with derek." a period of your life and you'll set the dance to it. your childhood in utah. >> i'd have to say jive. i was scatterbrained. i was all over the place. my mom had to keep me from killing myself. >> your adventures in london. >> a fusion of rumba and paso. >> paso and rumba. >> i was a teenager. rumba, you know, dance of love. lots of that going on. >> finally, your life today? >> honestly all of the above because all the different types of dance -- you know, on a day-to-day basis i go through so many different emotions and colors so it would have to be all of the above. all of dance. >> and there is so much packed into it. thanks a lot for coming back. derek's memoir "taking the lead"
8:46 am
hits stores today. got to go out and get that and coming up here, oprah and steven spielberg are back together
8:47 am
8:48 am
♪ i'm on top of the world ♪ i'm on top of the world >> talk about a dynamic duo. sitting here with me, steven spielberg and oprah winfrey, who worked together on a film for the first time in nearly 30 years. "the hundred-foot journey" about a clash of cultures and cuisines opens this friday. and oprah and steven have been kind enough to bring us a sneak peek. take a look. >> you must understand that the site and this village property would be very expensive. well, i heard you asked for a discount in claude's hotel. >> but you didn't? >> let's not do this. [ speaking a foreign language ]
8:49 am
>> madame, asking for discount doesn't mean i'm poor. it means i'm thrifty. >> one of my favorite lines from the movie. this movie has heart. this movie has humor, and i want to know what you all were hoping audience members would take away when they walked away from this film. >> i'm hoping that, you know, people who love the idea of great food, celebrating connections and friendship and it's a love story too, will come out and watch it. >> steven, you mentioned this for you -- it's a fusion between two cultures. >> uh-huh. it takes a second to sit down and share a meal and when you share a meal, you know, usually if it's a good meal puts a smile on your face. >> helen mirren when she was here yesterday said it's the perfect date movie because you leave the theater so hungry, you are ready for dinner. movie and a dinner. >> it is a perfect date movie. side say that too. nothing to worry about even if it's a first date. you don't have any of those uncomfortable moments where you go, oh, god.
8:50 am
what are we going to see this for on the first date? >> speaking it to that, it is truly a family movie. i watched it with my daughters and there aren't many films like that and i thought it was a beautiful thing. >> you're welcome. >> to be able to share. >> thank you. >> i thank you for that and was that also an important part of this for you, this was something everyone could sit down and watch? >> this is what steven spielberg does and what i have felt for years, you want to be able to be able to sit down with your family and -- or go to the theater, hello, with your family and not be embarrassed and not, you know, say, oh, oh, maybe we shouldn't have brought the children. >> or reaching over to -- >> maybe i shouldn't have brought my parents. >> holding ears because of a bad word. none of that here, but it's a wonderful love story about two families and the funniest parts are this competition. these two restaurants are literally 100 feet from away from each other which is why the movie is called and the book was called "the hundred-foot journey."
8:51 am
it's 100 feet door-to-door from an indian tandoori and a french restaurant. >> i went to france for some of the filming. sitting on set as producers and i was like, wow, this -- you could not tell that these guys were actually acting. they felt -- they jelled so it's so authentic. >> anymore acting in -- >> i have a little more coming up. >> really? >> yeah, yeah, i just finished another film i'm producing along with "plan b" called selma" who played my son in "the butler" playing martin luther king. >> you may not remember this but maybe you do. ten years ago you were on "good morning america" and you said you really wanted to do a musical, and there was a little rumor a few months ago that maybe that musical might be "west side story." any truth to that? >> you know something, "west side story" is one of my favorite broadway musicals. >> me too. >> and one of the greatest
8:52 am
pieces of musical literature. my goodness, one of the greatest scores and some of the greatest lyrics ever written for a musical, so let me put it this way, it's on my mind. >> whoo. i'm going to leave it with that. >> that's good, amy. >> you got that. >> steven, oprah. we're on a first name basis. i'm teasing. thank you so much. >> amy, thank you. >> thanks, steven. thanks, oprah. we really appreciate it. "the hundred-foot journey" opens nationwide this friday and we'll be right back. ♪ i'm on top of the world hey
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tomorrow we'll show you how to look 10 years younger in 60 minutes. and the beauty surprise we have in store will blow you away. plus, eat ice cream and cleanse your body? really? see how ice cream is all the rage. look and feel great tomorrow with "good morning america." tomorrow on abc. ♪ because i'm happy fun show today. and we end on the perfect note. matt gutman welcomed little boy ben and big sister libby. everyone doing great. look at how much hair he has. matt calls him the little werewolf. >> he's beautiful. >> congratulations. he is beautiful. we're so happy for all of you. have a great day, everyone. >> bye-bye. ♪ talking this and that
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. we've had some rain move through parts of the bay area this morning. what's the latest, mike? >> 0.09 in concord. that's the most we've received. now everything is kind of fading away. watching this next batch of energy also fall apart, but as it rotates around it will get more energized heading through afternoon. around noon, possibly 20 o'clock, some of those showers will develop and roll through the rest of our neighborhoods during the evening and overnight hours. i eep keep them in the forecast through tomorrow, then dry and seasonal after that. ley leyla? an accident causing some backup cleared from the roadways but the backups are there to stay southbound 101 um to embarcardero. but you can see the red is heading away from the dumbarton
9:00 am
bridge. eric? >> thank you very much. our next newscast at announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, academy award-winning actress dame helen mirren. and from the new series, "legends," sean bean. plus, the lovely maria menounos returns for another day at the co-host desk. all next on "live." now, here are michael strahan and maria menounos! [cheers and applause] ♪ maria: thank you. michael: there you go, my love. maria:


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