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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  August 10, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> good sunday morning and thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller in for carolyn tyler. let's start with a first look at your accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, matt, good morning to we have tons of low clouds, although a. >> bit of sun around concord this morning. mist and drizzle. airport delays about 39 minutes. a clearing and mild afternoon on the way. 61 san carlos, 62 oakland. an area of low pressure is off the coast that will continue to spin in breezy conditions but mild numbers inland and the clearing from east to west throughout the late morning hours. so if you are planning your day, plan on some low to mid-60s in
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san francisco. low to mid-80s inland and around the bay temperatures cooler than afternoon, upper 60s to mid-app #* 70s. we will talk about the threat of lightning storms coming back in the next day or so. i'll detail it for you coming up. >> and a race car driver has died catch he was hit by a sprint car driver hit by tony stewart. stewart is a three-time nascar champion. he was scheduled to race in the sprint cup series in new york today but in a press conference this morning a spokesman for stewart said there's been a change of plans. >> our thoughts and prayers. this is a very tough, very emotional time for everybody. his family, our family. tony stewart. and with that being said, we feel as a group tony will not
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drive today. >> investigators say the accident does not appear to be criminal in nature and stewart is cooperating with authorities. >> developing news in vallejo. a man is dead following a hit-and-run accident. it happened on eastbound highway 80. a pedestrian was trying to cross the roadway when he was hit by several vehicles. >> the initial vehicle that hit the pedestrian most likely would be blameless in the accident depending on the circumstances we don't know yet, but for some reason we don't know yet, they failed to stop and call the police and wait at the scene of the accident. >> investigators say it's not yet clear if the man who was hit was homeless. the left lane of 80 was closed during the investigation. it has since reopened. chp says they have received a lot of calls about pedestrian crossing the freeway in that area. >> knew this morning, oakland police are investigating a
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rollover crash that left two people injured. it happened on red way road. they found a white ford mustang flipped upside down. two males were inside the car and both were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. no word on what caused the crash. >> a dramatic scene unfolded in vallejo after a fire truck collided with several cars. seven people were injured. four of them firefighters in the violent collision yesterday evening near main street in sonoma boulevard in vallejo. abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley has details. >> witnesses say the ladder truck en route to a house fire collided with a car driven which was driven by a woman who was on her way to pick up her children. >> the fire truck t-boned her so that after it t-boned her it started rolling down the street. >> barrel rolling? >> barrel rolling down the street and hit the street light and a fire hydrant. >> the hydrant exploded with water as a light pole toppled and a second car was crushed by the ladder truck at the corner
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of sonoma and pennsylvania. the front half of the truck twisted on its side. >> all tolled there were four firefighters injured, sustaining serious but nonlife-threatening injuries. they were transported to trauma centers. >> it took almost an hour to extricate one man from the second smashed car. both drivers are expected to survive. a third person was treated and released. >> i'm not willing to speculate if it rolled, barrel rolled, as you said. again, this is a very early stage of the investigation. but we will get to the bottom of how this accident occurred. >> leslie brinkley, abc7 news. this morning a man is in police custody accused of stabbing a man to death in san jose. officers were called to a house on charter oak place just after 6:00 last night. they found a man stabbed multiple times and a woman slightly injured. the man died at the hospital. police won't say if this is a family situation. >> we are exploring the possibillity that they are related at this point.
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nothing has been confirmed. we do believe they are known to each other and they are still trying to firm up if they are actually relatives or just known to each other. the suspect was arrested about five blocks from the scene. the names of the victim and the suspect have not been released. a hayward family is searching for their missing son. 25-year-old john cruz has not contacted his family for 11 days. yesterday family and friends passed out flyers hoping someone has seen him. they say he disappeared sometime on july 30th. it was between 1:30 and 5:00 p.m. on wednesday, july 30th. >> we haven't heard anything. >> the leads we have have been dead ends. we've been passing out flyers all over the bay area hoping that somebody may have seen something. the police are doing what they can. but because this is not a criminal act, there's not a lot that they can do. >> the family says cruz's bankcard, cell phone and social media counts haven't been used since he went missing.
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>> now to the latest on the new american military mission in iraq. president obama is refuse to go put a time limit on the air strikes targeting isus militants. marka raditz has the late forest washington. >> overnight new information emerging about new air strikes against iraqi militants. 11:20:00 a.m. eastern time a combination of fighter jets and drones describe an isus arm ordered personnel carrier. 20 minutes later u.s. aircraft strike three more target and a follow-up strike destroying another. at 3:00 p.m. eastern the final target of the day was demolished. again, near sinjar. >> isus forces called for the systematic destruction of the entire people there, which constitutes genocide. >> we are learning more about the president's struggle to intervene in iraq. a war he's been opposed to for more than a decade.
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the president met with his national security advisors three times in less than 24 hours this week considering every option. this morning thousands of iraqi remains trapped on a desert mountain for a week, surrounded by isus fighters. u.s. cargo jets delivering more than 3800 gallons of water and 16,000 meals. >> innocent families are faced with a horrible choice. descend the mountain and be slaughtered or stay and slowly die of thirst and hunger. >> martha raditz, abc news washington. >> as american jet fighters and drones conduct more air strikes on the islamic militants. the u.s. has dropped food and water trying to escape the forces. on "this week" martha add as sat down with the former commander of u.s. forces in mosul. she said the u.s. military strikes in iraq are already having an impact on isus. >> it appears to at least give
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pause to the islamic extremists as they seek to advance other cities. but much more effort will be required to achieve a positive outcome. >> they admit it will be difficult to stop the humanitarian crisis without a u.s. ground forces but it comes down to having a responsible iraqi government. hawaii is catching a break. hurricane julio has weakened and is moving north of the island. good news after isselle made landfall friday morning. >> a lot of wind and rain. when the rain stops you have a lot of wind. trees are cracking. >> we have to clear the way. my mom is on oxygen and she's not doing good. we need to open this up in case i need to call the ambulance. >> yesterday hundreds waited in a line to get drinking water and ice from volunteers at a local police station. >> the outside lands music festival is going strong in san francisco. more than 100 artists are performing on 7 stages at the golden gate park.
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but the festival is not without problems. at least 35 people have been detained for selling fake tickets. abc7 news reporter nick smith has the details. >> i thought my neighbors were playing music. >> liz lives in san francisco. it's more than five miles away from the main stage from the outside lands music festival. >> it's surprising we could hear it all the way over here. >> she thinks the sound wall of mount davidson provided the perfect acoustics for music she didn't pay for. >> usually we don't hear noises that often from the city, but we do live in san francisco. so it's not that surprising we get a little noise now and then. >> this is san francisco's most popular music festival and sells out early. this year has been particularly luring for scalpers and fake ticket pushers, hoping to cash in on fans wanting a piece of the action. >> i came pretty much prepared. >> these ladies flew in from l.a. so they could hear their favorite bands.
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>> today local native, tame, which was amazing. >> the three-day music festival continues to be a huge moneymaker for the city and concert promoters, but not everyone is pleased. >> it's pretty, pretty tough looking for parking even when i live here. >> signs are up to notify drivers of the stiff fines and possible towing for not paying attention to where they put their wheels. >> with the concert going on it's pretty bad right now. that's why when i leave, i have to replace it with my other car to save the spot. >> there was a visible presence by the san francisco police department. our cameras captured this man being detained by officers. police declined to tell us why. at golden gate park, nick is smith, abc7 news. >> what's the weather looking like for today's activities? >> away from the coast it's going to be nice. the bay is going to be sunny, as well. we are already getting some of the clearing in san francisco. spotty drizzle along the shoreline and cooler-than-average numbers for everyone. i'll tell you how cool and how long it's going to last and we
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will still talk about thunderstorms that is included in the forecast, that's all coming up. >> thanks, lisa. also next, the latest on three south bay firefighters injured in helping battle firefighters across the state. and a new details about a controversial sex ed book in one bay area high foster farms chicken gets to the store in 48 hours or less. but it's 4 days to california. there's got to be another way. that could be any number of items, quite frankly. you know if this flight is less than 48 hours? i surwhat?e so.? foster farms. celebrating 75 years. always natural. always fresh. join the celebration at
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diverted to minneapolis... i think my giblets are frozen.
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>> good morning, a live look at the golden gate bridge. we have the marshall reason layer out there. foggy in some plays. a bit misty and drizzly, as well. lisa argen has your forecast coming up in just a bit. wildfires continue to burn across the western states. while progress is being made, they say the danger to firefighters is higher than ever. three santa clara county firefighters are now home after battling the large fire in mendocino county. they, along with five inmate firefighters, who were also injured, were airlifted friday night to u.c. davis medical center. >> the end result of some very extreme fire behavior that was unexpected. all three were transported to a hospital and eventually transported back down here in valley medical center to our regional burn center. >> and now they are home. >> officials say the extreme fire behavior comes from the state's extreme drought. hundreds of firefighters are making progress on a massive wildfire burning in oregon.
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the relena fire has grown to 3500 acres since thursday. one home has been destroyed in the fire. two more were damaged and more than 700 others remain threatened. fire officials say they are working on burning off any fuel to help contain fire lines. the fire is 55% contained. happening today two runways at san francisco international airport will reopen a month ahead of schedule. the runways closed in may. airport officials say they will reopen today rather than mid-september. at the end of the runways workers built buffer zones designed to stop a plane if it overshoots the runway. workers finished safety upgrades on the other two run ways last year. this week several areas will be fogged in an effort to wipe out any mosquitoes carrying the west nile virus raws. san mateo county mosquito control district will spray the 94025 zip code area monday night. notice menlo park area. mosquitoes carrying the disease were detected in that area.
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meanwhile parts of santa clara county will be sprayed next week. on tuesday, saratoga in the area of thelma and beaumont animals sprayed and san jose in the area of thrush and wren drives on thursday. new details on a story reported last week. the fremont area school district has decide today shelf a sex ed textbook. the book "healthcare today" was for ninth grade health classes. but parents said it contained inappropriate description of sexual activities. teachers will use last year's books while the district evaluates parental concerns. the city of san jose they will clean out a well-known homeless camp tomorrow. some people are protesting the decision. the encampment, known as the jungle. they say the city's plan to clean the area and put a fence around it will hinder homeless outreach program. they were close, but the boys from pacifica came up-close -- came up short in their bid to make it to the little league world series.
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last night in san bernardino, the pacifica american all-stars lost 11-2 to a team from los angeles. fans got together last night to watch the game from the batting cages where they practiced. spirits were high for the first pitch, but things got glum as the game pro grossed. however, hometown pride never went by the way side. after the game the giants congratulated the team on twitter. >> always great to hear from the big league club. >> amazing. we are looking at changes in the weather. you probably noticed looking out your window, gray and mist and drizzle in spots. the east bay getting into some sunshine by the delta. concord, livermore, and your temperatures already in the low 60s. so we look for a beautiful day inland. pretty nice around the bay and cool. atypically cool for some of you with the southerly flow bringing up some breezy wing. let's get the update on the hawaiian islands. aloha state enjoying a bit of a
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break. isselle has moved out of the picture and hurricane julio continues to track about 250 miles north and east of the hawaiian islands. still a hurricane at 100 miles an hour. it will take another day until it is not a hurricane. but even so, it poses no threat to hawaii. so the cleanup continues there. back home at our beaches, santa cruz, we are waiting on the sunshine here. it will be mid-70s here and sunny later on. 61 right now in san carlos. san jose getting into partly cloudy skies. 60 half moon bay. two mills and fog. the exploratorium camera here. it's awfully gray. we will wait on the sunshine and pretty similar temperatures. barely in the low 60s with breezy winds later on today. concord and livermore, another 20 degrees of warming on top. cool and gray for much of the north bay. here's a look at san jose. our forecast high with cloudy drizzle, highs from 2 to 7. 8 degrees below average today
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and tomorrow. then we are going to get into more tropical moisture. you kind of probably know the routine here. it could produce the possibility of some lightning strikes. not until monday and into tuesday. today the forecast has been highlighting areas near the sierra nevada, the tate and the delta for the possibility of thunderstorms late tonight and into tomorrow. lightning strikes and low relative humidity and hot temperatures," it's a possibility. now the good news for us is that our relative humidity has increased with the low clouds and fog. temperatures staying a little bit on the cool side. but we are exceptionally dry and with this we could see the possibility of maybe that coming our way monday night into tuesday. so breezy and cooler for most today. here's a look at our forecast animation that shows the sierra nevada looking at the possibility of thunderstorms today. low 80s for tahoe and then as we go in to tomorrow, look what happens. the northern and the southern sierra, the northern mountains
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and the possibility maybe of some of those blowing off into our north and east bay higher elevations. outside lands, cloudy skies, cool, low 60s. maybe sunshine toward the later afternoon hours. back home the numbers continue to come down inland with low to mid-80s. a very nice afternoon for you. and live more 82. 73 fremont. it will take a while to get into the sun. late morning and early afternoon. then we will see 69 in oakland. the accuweather seven-day forecast, temperatures continue to be cool. then the low allows us to mix things out all together for more sunshine on tuesday. then slowly warming temperatures by the end of the week. we will let you know how warm it will be in your community by keeping track of bay area weather on twitter @livedoppler7hd. it's not been unusual to see this happen all summer long >> we have the summer gloom and then september the sun comes out. a facebook new messenger app is actually one of apple's
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hey a sure... you bet! that's our new interactive speaker wall. 'sup? thinks it's a speak-ing wall. this can even dim your lights. your 3-d-printed girlfriend will love that. real mature.
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there you go. a laser drone for cats. i wish i had lasers. i don't. pew pew pew... the new radioshack is finally here. the store of your past is now the store of your future. come see one of our remodeled stores and get a free portable power charger with a $15 purchase. unwanted guests are taking over a lake in northern california. for years 200 geese have called the area their home. birds fight and make a mess. and high bacteria levels in the
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water forced officials to close the beach several times. last week they brought out a decoy coyote, and on the first day, no geese on the beach. >> we have a coyote whose tall flaps in the breeze, and it's something about the eyeballs of this model we have. there's a bit of fright that's shared with the geese at this point. >> the lodi lake officials move it around the park trying to keep the geese guessing. they ordered another one and also will use a volunteer dog walking group and strobe lights to keep the geese away. a mom's wish to remember her son is taking root in a fundraiser to help send some young adults to college. they held the event for the fourth straight year yesterday. her 20-year-old son william died in 2010 in the san bruno explosion. >> i think he would be honored and proud. i really do think he would be proud of what they are able to accomplish here. we are able to affect people's lives. >> william overcame a disability to find a passion for cooking.
9:26 am
the scholarship will go to a student who will attend a culinary school in campbell. >> facebook's new messaging app for smartphones has become very popular. but also very disliked. the mobile version forces users to download a separate messenger app to continue to send messages. it's helped it to become the most common downloaded free app for apple and android. but users give it terrible reviews. some say it's clunky and takes up too much space. it has a one star rating, the worst possible. facebook said they are continuing working on improvements to their app. >> much more to come on the abc sunday morning news. a pair of families tied together by tragedy. their first get-together after a transplant swap. >> coming up, a unique product test. i'm michael finney. "7 on your side" is coming up.
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eese good morning. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. hi, lisa. >> hi, matt. here's a look at santa cruz." we can see all the gray sky. the sun will begin to burn it back but he still have mist and drizzle at the coast. 59 gilroy. san francisco just 58 degrees. you can see the clouds here. it's going to be a cooler day than what we should experience for early august. 63 by the delta. breezy winds. sunshine. it's sunny in concord and livermore. here's a look at the visibility. this shows where the clouds are. here's an area of low pressure. this is what we are watching. this is what is keeping us cool and breezy, and also may
9:30 am
interact with some subtropical moisture come late tomorrow and tuesday to increase fire danger around the bay area, north and east of the hills. for today it will be mild inland with more sunshine and numbers anywhere from five to seven degrees cooler than where we should be. that puts our inland valleys in the low to mid-60s. about 80 today again in san jose. but southerly winds will keep the north bay cool. only 70s here all wait up toward santa rosa and about 70 over in oakland. pretty nice afternoon. lots of activity around golden gate park with cloudy skies. detailed forecast for your neighborhood and we will talk more about the possibility. rain or thunderstorms coming up. matt. >> thank you, lisa. turning now to the middle east crisis. palestinian negotiators in cairo say they have accepted an egyptian proposal for a new three-day cease-fire with israel. it will clear the way for new negotiations with israel on a long-term truce arrangement in the gaza strip. israel walked away from
9:31 am
negotiations over the weekend after rocket fire resumed, sag it would not negotiate under fire. more than 1900 palestinians and 67 israelis have died in the conflict. ukrainian troops have surrounded the city of denette. insurgents say they are willing to accept a cease-fire there in order to allow humanitarian aid in the area. ukraine's president said they are prepared to accept aid from russia, but uncertain conditions, including it not be delivered by military troops. >> an update on a story we told about last month. the two families touched by the gift of donor transplantation. both donar and recipient are doing fine. that was following a two to three-hour surgery. they hope their story will encourage others to become donors. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez met up with both families. >> bill mellard is carrying one of janice's kidneys. the operation was a success. the journey an unlikely one. >> well, before i didn't have much of a life.
9:32 am
i would really shake a lot. but i'm doing a lot better. >> this was mellard before the surgery. only four weeks later he's look lot healthier. no longer hooked up to a dialysis machine. >> they told him a few years ago that he wouldn't live to see 40. and here it is, he's 49 and he's still alive. they don't know how. but now he can maybe live until he's 70. >> we will still monitor his transplant and the function and we do lifelong. but we don't see why he couldn't lead a normal life once again. >> nearly ten years ago his son, calem, suffered an atv accident. the mellards made the hard decision to donate his organs. his pancreas helped save the life of a then 19-year-old petaluma boy named jake. yes, last month mellard received a kidney from jake's mother, janice. this diagram may help you understand it better. after the mellards lost his son, his pancreas was given to jake.
9:33 am
janice, his mother, then donated her kidney to bill mellard. more than 200 kidney transplants are performed every year here at california pacific medical center in san francisco. this one was certainly one of the more unusual ones given the families involved. >> simple everyday life is just so precious. >> having a functioning kidney is liberating to both mellard and his wife, tish. >> we will go somewhere, maybe do something. maybe take a cruise. we couldn't do that because he would have to be hooked up to the machine. >> the next big event is jake's wedding, which will happen on the one year anniversary of the latest transplant. in san francisco, lyanne melendez. abc7 news. >> a new playground in oakland is expected to open later this week. the playground is at concordia park. many of us here at abc7 pitched in with our parent company,
9:34 am
disney, and the nonprofit group kboom! to make it happen. it happened in just six hours. we have a great slide show of the event. check it out on our website. in san francisco hundreds of kids in need are now ready for the school year. yesterday the salvation army gave out 2,000 new backpacks stuffed with school supplies. families preregistered with case workers to make sure those who really needed the backpacks got them. this year's distribution was double that of 2013. an indication of how much the need has grown. in san mateo, the harley's owners group passed out binders and notebooks and pence and pencils, all donated by the motorcyclists to children of struggling families. outside lands features so much in addition to food, crafts, music at outside lands. it's impossible to see everything. but one stop everybody will
9:35 am
inevitably make is the porta-potty. michael finney has everything you need to know about the often overlooked, but essential, element, of any festival. >> reporter: these are just some of the more than 750 porta-potties awaiting concertgoers this weekend at outside lands. it's almost a fact of a life that using a porta-potty can be an unpleasant experience. but the folks at outside lands are doing what they can to keep the johns clean. >> they recommended the first year a certain number of cleanings, and we said double that. >> let's face it, porta-potties simply do not have a good reputation, as we found out standing outside one at a san francisco construction site. >> they are filthy. they are really dirty. >> i don't want to go if there. don't go in there. i hover. >> sarah is founder of a san francisco start-up,
9:36 am
"stand-up." her new product allows women to avoid any contact with a dirty seat by letting them stand up the entire time. >> as you see, it's really small, cute little triangle, which is why it's an accessory. it directs the urine perfectly into the toilet. you put this up against your body and the urine comes out here and goes straight in. >> we showed "stand-up" to women. we stopped on the street and asked if they would use it. >> it's like a standing pee thing. >> got it. yeah, i would use it. >> yeah -- i don't think so. no. no, no, no. i probably wouldn't use it still. >> others were more adventurous and gave us their feedback after giving stand-up a try. >> actually it worked. i figured it out and it was pretty good. you can do it standing up without sitting and it was convenient. >> seems like you have to be on top of the bowl and i don't see why that's better than squatting on the bowl. >> samples of stand-up will be passed out to women at this week's outside lands.
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a six-pack sells for $6 or you can get a 36-pack for $30. we have information how to purchase it on our website. go to abc7 and click on the selections tab. then select "7 on your side." we have a link on our home page called "contact 7 on your side" where you can tell me about any consumer issues you may be having. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> still ahead, the hot thing in today's expensive new cars. how you can add a heads-up display to the windshield of your old ride. >> and here's a live look from our emeryville camera. cloudy out there this morning. cool temperatures. just warming up into the upper 60s. lisa argen will let you know your full forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
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eese we have good news and bad news this morning. good news, it is going to be pretty nice in santa cruz. 79 degrees and a great day on the beach. the bad news, it may be the last for several kids who have to go to school there. >> it won't be fine dining, but taco bell is ready to rollout a new sophisticated members. they will have smoked biscuit tacos and vanilla hit, you will get a chance to see more in the bay area
9:41 am
>> tonight you will get a chance to get a glimpse of a rare event tonight in the sky, a look at the super moon. it occurs at the point in the moon's orbit when it is closest to earth. one more will be visible this year on september 9th. maybe that will be a better time for people to see it. >> around here, yes. right now look atom the fog along the peninsula. temperatures certainly cooler today. some mist and drizzle and low 70s on struck a power for san mateo. we will talk about the rest of the bay area when we return. >> next, pitcher derek norris has another five rbi night as they roll over the twins. you won't believe how he got the first two.
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eese good morning. here's a live look from our golden gate bridge camera. you can see we still have those clouds out there, the marine layer socking everybody in. no sun right now, as you can see. temperatures cool, especially around the city. >> in sports, the a's will go for a weekend sweep of the minnesota twins this afternoon at the coliseum. first pitch is at 1:305. yesterday oakland beat the twins for the 12th straight time. here's abc7 news sports anchor mike shumann with the highlights of this morning's sports. >> good morning. baseball top of the order. a's hosting the twins with a two game win streak and trying to add to their lead in the west. the former a's manager tony la russa throwing out the first pitch. derek norris, 2 rbi in the first inning without swinging the bat. and not one, but two with bases loaded.
9:45 am
the walk-off. trevor made his major league debut. a's led 4-1 after two. plenty for jeff samardzija. allowed 2 runs in 6 innings, striking out 5. steven hit a two-run homer. they add another a two-run jack in the fifth. seventh of the year. 6-2, a's. then in the sixth this time norris swings the pat and look what happens. three-run blast. third game this season with five or more rbi in one game for norris. the a's go on to win it 9-4. giants game. scoreless until the fifth. alex gordon took care of that. a solo bomb off tim hudson. 11th of the year, 1-0 royals. kansas city adds four more in the seventh. lorenzo with an rbi single. hudson draws to 8-9. royals pitcher james shields goes the distance. complete game shutout. allowed just 4 hits, struck out 5, including pablo sandoval to end the game. giants fall 5-0 and remain three and a half back of the dodgers who lost to the brewers. little league action with
9:46 am
pacifica american facing mountain ridge, nevada. the winner of the west region in san bernardino advancing to the little league world series. tough first inning for the local heroes from pacifica. they spotted nevada a 9-run lead -- a 9-1 lead after a half inning. highlighted by the three-run bomb. bottom of the first. pacifica rallies with two runs of their own. a sac fly on the comebacker. they still trail by 8. pacifica's run came to an unfortunate end. nice play by nevada on the final out. they advance to the little league world series with the 11-2 victory. congratulations to pacifica on their season. well, it's moving day at the 96 pga championship and seems like everyone got the memo round three. jason day nearly done on round 2. he had to cross a creek to get there and get help up the bank but he gets the ball out and makes the incredible par in the hole.
9:47 am
he's 10-under, three back with a 69. rickie fowler has been in the top in all three majors this year. starting on 10. 30 on 10. alone at third. 11-under. phil mickelson, second shot on the par 4-16. two bogeys on the back. wished deed four of his last five for a 4-under 67. he's 10-under. and bernd wiesberger came out of nowhere, 6 under 65. holds down on the 17 for a that. settles for a birdie. he was the co-leader at 12-under. but then rory mcilroy takes over. starts with that putt on 15. finished his push on 16. sticks it within a few feet. birdies the hole to get to 12-under. tied for the lead. looking for back-to-back major championship. rory continues with a birdie on the par-5 18. he's 13-under. one up on the field with a 4-under 67. weisburger will join rory in the final twosome. it should be a great final round. we will have your winner tonight at 5:00. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. eese the weather is not perfect
9:48 am
for golfing in some parts of the bay area burks you head south, maybe like coyote golf club, it may be nice. >> that's right. the area of low pressure is bringing up the mist and drizzle, and even though it will be cooler than average, we will see some sunshine today. you know what? the coast it's possible by late afternoon you will clear out as well. right now live doppler 7hd not detecting anything in the form of precip. but we are watching the rain move out of the aloha state where it is sunny now in honolulu and maui where the remnants of the cell continue to track off to the west. we are also looking at cooler air. still a hurricane but no threat to the hawaiian island. category 2 at 100 miles an hour and it continues to decrease in intensity. only a tropical storm by tuesday. it will remain a hurricane for another day or so with no problems here in the hawaiian islands. back home it is cloudy along the coast. we are looking for a warmup
9:49 am
today in the 70s here as the sun will win out today as it evaporates the cloud cover. right now the marine layer pretty deep at 2300 feet. we are looking at that as it moves over into the east bay valleys to allow for the cooler air mass today. evening for the delta some breezy winds this morning. 53 and sunshine in san jose. 57 half moon bay and the fog is there. but the winds backing off a little bit along the coast today as we look for that clearing. then as this low pushes on out of here come tuesday, we will get back to our normal sea breeze. today winds out of the southwest. that will cool the north bay down. 59 napa, 63 by the delta. livermore and concord has been sunny. low 60s for you. it's all about the wind flow and an area of low pressure that is off the coast and parked there for the next day and a half. here's a look at brightening skies in san jose. later on today you should reach about 8 to. spotty drizzle will continue
9:50 am
along the coast for a couple hours. afternoon highs cooler than average. anywhere from a couple degrees cooler to about 7, 8 degrees cooler. we are looking at the possibility of lightning strikes late monday into tuesday. today we are looking at the national weather service indicating a red flag warning on the west slope of the sierra nevada and possibility of fire starts here from sacramento through the delta. subtropical continues to be pumped up from the south and with that we are looking at low relative humidity, extremely dry conditions. and this is what it is expected to do. maybe creep our way. higher elevations of the east bay and the north bay late monday into tuesday. only about a 10 to 20% chance. but it's out there so we have to pass it along to you. here's another look at san jose. temperatures today will reach about 80 degrees. two degrees below average. really not a problem for you folks in the south bay. but san francisco noticing a cooling trend, as well as
9:51 am
oakland. three degrees cooler than average. should see a high about -89s today in livermore. forecasting a high of 82. so that's seven degrees cooler than average. and up in napa, 70. so feeling pretty good there. it will be mild inland. we will have the southwesterly wind. but there's the low. you can see it offshore. and what it will do is eventually disrupt this marine layer and allow for clearing. it's also going to be transporting the cooler air and allowing perhaps for the triggering mechanism that will ignite showers, maybe a thunderstorm east of us. so breezy and cooler today because of the low. as we go through the next couple of days, we will look for the showers and thunderstorms today with low 80s in the sierra nevada. and then some of this may get awfully close into the valley tomorrow into tuesday. so highs today around the bay, well, they will be cooler than this. 92 in sacramento. 65 in monterey. and looking at temperatures for outside lands, pretty darn cool. low 067s.
9:52 am
but it will get brighter throughout the afternoon. highs today from the low 80s inland. that will be pretty crescent out there. and in lapped will get the warmup but not until the middle or latter part of the week. we will let you know how warm it will be in your community by checking in with twitter, and that should kind of give you an idea what it's going to be like for much of the week. very, very stable air as we bet into the middle and the end of the week. >> thank you, lisa. it was once the stuff of fighter jets. now it's in some high-end cars and soon maybe your car, even if it's old and beat up. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom took a ride with a item that puts a heads-up display in just about any vehicle. >> altitude. altitude. >> f-16s have them and so do cadilacs. digs place that make critical information seem to flat in mid-air as you focus on the information in front of you. >> the information is always there within your field of view. you don't have to think about it, you don't have to look down. >> doug simpson wanted that technology without having to buy a new car, so he built it. he calls it nav-d.
9:53 am
>> there's a high-quality projector that puts the u.i. in a transparent screen in your field of view, projected like it's a few meters out in front of you. >> this product video shows how it works with your smartphone. >> read new text. >> where are you? >> reply. >> i'm right here, friend. share my location. >> it plugs into the port that some insurance companies use to show data like speed and gas mileage. and as its name implies, it navigates. >> unlike the heads-up display built in new cars, it doesn't have a button that goes on the steering wheel, but they have another solution for that. >> you can swipe left, swipe right and give the device a thumbs-up to confirm. >> a tiny infrared camera recognizes gestures even in the dark. it beats fumbling with your phone. >> touch screens are not designed for in-car use. they force you to look down and take your eyes off the road. >> they aren't designed for sunlight either. it gets about 40 times lighter -- or brighter than an i-phone.
9:54 am
>> this is the best one i've ever seen. cadillac has a really good one. and view-net has a full color one, but the nav-view one has the most crisp imagery. >> he has just one reservation. >> i wonder how many people will actually want to put this in their cars because it's a fairly big investment. >> when it ships next year it costs $500 but you can pre-order for $300, which makes it about the world's most expensive bluetooth speakerphone. >> hi, mom. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> next, a pen quinn chip at
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9:57 am
>> new this morning, an amazing scientific's breakthrough is underway at seaworld in san diego. the 12-week-old penguin is one of hundreds hatched at seaworld over the years. but this feathered girl stands apart from all the rest because she's the first of any penguin species to be produced through artificial insemination. using a revolutionary technique through their reproductive research center, officials hope it will help them make strides in conservation efforts. definitely not penguin weather in the bay area, although it's going to be a little cool. >> a little cooler than average but it should be very nice around the bay. low to mid-80s returning for the inland valleys. 73 fremont. san francisco in the low 60s. more sunshine as we work through the afternoon around the bay. even the coast, a few peaks here and there. temperatures stay rather stagnate. we look for partly cloudy skies tomorrow. a chance of thunderstorms
9:58 am
through tuesday and then we are back to the usual with a slight warming trend by the latter half of the work week. >> thank you, lisa. and thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday mourning news. the news continues online, on twitter and on all your mobile devices. abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. have a great day, everyone!
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