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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 12, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. the life and death of robin williams. >> in this class you can either call me mr. keating, or slightly more daring, captain, my captain. >> the actor found dead after battling severe depression, the news sending shock waves through hollywood and across america. >> we'll miss him. he left way too early. >> now his daughter speaks out overnight. >> and an outpouring of grief. >> it's shocking how fragile life is. >> for the man who made us laugh and cry as an alien. >> nanu nanu. >> a genie. ♪ you ain't never had a friend like me ♪ >> a nanny. >> hello! >> and everything in between. >> hello! >> and everything in between. >> fosse, fosse, fosse, you do martha graham, martha graham,
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martha graham. >> good morning, vietnam! >> whoo! >> celebrating robin williams this morning in a special edition of "gma." >> you make us feel good, robin. you know that? >> thank you. it's a good job. i like it. it's my day job. and we do say good morning, america. and, boy, he did make us feel so good about everything, and, ah, we are all in such, you know, like everybody else when they first learned about this. he was such a friend to all of us here at "good morning america." big part of so many people's lives and the disney company and all that he did. a legend. >> lit up the entire studio every time he came to "gma" with his incredible, incredible humor. president obama speaking out overnight releasing a statement saying, "he was one of a kind. he arrived in our lives as an alien, but he ended up touching every element of the human
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spirit." nanu nanu as he would say. >> indeed and there it is. take a look. there's robin williams' star on the hollywood walk of fame and the tributes just continue to pour in since the news broke. one person leaving a very simple note, "we will miss you, rest in peace." >> indeed. and cecilia vega is outside the san francisco home made famous in his hit movie "mrs. doubtfire." she has the latest for us. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is indeed that famous house. as you can see behind me, there's a memorial growing on the front steps. robin williams was last seen alive at his home in marin county, california, on sunday evening. police now calling this an apparent suicide. they're looking into the exact cause of his death. >> maybe you're perfect right now. maybe you don't want to ruin that. >> reporter: outside the northern california home of oscar-winning actor robin williams overnight, so much sadness for a man who brought so much laughter. mourners paying their respects just hours after the 63-year-old actor was found dead.
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investigators calling it a suspected suicide. police saying a 911 call came in just before noon reporting that a man, unconscious and not breathing, had been found inside williams' home. the comedic great pronounced dead at 12:02 p.m. his spokesperson saying lately the 63-year-old actor has been battling severe depression. last month williams checked himself into rehab, a follow-up to treatment he received eight years ago at a substance abuse rehabilitation center for drinking. >> he definitely said he had a drinking problem and that was the issue that he had most recently had to deal with. >> reporter: williams is survived by three children, zachary, zelda and cody. williams' family is in mourning, his wife susan schneider said, "i lost my husband and my best friend while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings."
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>> that's why i made her my wife. >> reporter: his final tweet a 25th birthday wish two weeks ago to his daughter zelda, "always my baby girl." zelda tweeting overnight "i love you, i miss you. i'll try to keep looking up." and those tributes coming from from all over the country. this iconic landmark in san francisco, no exception. flowers, candles all being left for a man who brought us so much joy. in just a few hours police will be updating the status of their investigation into the cause of robin williams' death. >> thank you very much. and the tributes like that all across the country. in fact, in boston, that bench that he sat on for "good will hunting" putting a tribute to him there in that park. >> it's stunning to see the stairway. he was going to reprise that role as mrs. doubtfire. we were so excited about that and his genius touched so many generations. yo and i were talking about this. range limitless, versatility
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through comedy and drama. he got his first big break on "happy days," 1978. look at this appearing -- he'll take richie cunningham back with him this if you remember that. and breakout role in "mork & mindy" and chris connelly has a look back at this unique career. >> reporter: he began in the 1970s as the most relentlessly funny comedian of the age. jokes, impressions and insights. >> flipping now. i'm melting. help me. help me. >> reporter: the sitcom "mork & mindy" became a showcase for his quick silver wit -- and dazzled on live television and on talk shows. >> i told you, i saw it first. >> reporter: soon the movies would utilize his rapid-fire always switched on skills. an armed forces radio deejay in 1987's "good morning, vietnam." >> let's play this backwards and see if it gets any better. >> reporter: the voice of the genie in the animated hit, "aladdin."
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>> 10,000 years will give you such a crick in the neck. >> reporter: and a father masquerading as a british nanny in "mrs. doubtfire." >> hello! >> yet he was more than a funny man. robin williams would make his greatest mark on the movies playing characters of compassion. as a teacher in "dead poets society." >> we must constantly look at things in a different way. >> reporter: as a doctor looking after children in "patch adams" and as a therapist counseling matt damon's math student in "good will hunting." >> you don't know about real loss. because it on occurs when you love something more than you love yourself. >> reporter: for which he would win a supporting actor oscar in 1988. >> this might be the one time i'm speechless. >> reporter: leads others to hope in the wake of despair. he did that in real life too entering the hospital room of his julliard classmate christopher reeve after the accident that had paralyzed him. he worked alongside whoopi goldberg and billy crystal for
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the charity comic relief, and on the 9/11 special, "a tribute to heros." more recently he shined playing darker, obsessive toroles in fis such as "one hour photo." last year he starred on "the crazy ones," his first sitcom since "mork & mindy" and reunited with his old co-star pam dawber. >> you're like an alien. >> really? >> reporter: for the millions delighted by his inexhaustible comic gift, or moved by his wellspring of deep feeling that williams' voice has been stilled forever is an occasion for sadness and tribute. >> thank you, boys. thank you. >> reporter: this is not a fairwell anyone wanted to see, because no performer was ever more generous with his comic gift than he was. david. >> all right, chris connelly, our thanks to you. pam dawber saying overnight she was completely heartbroken and speechless like so many friends and other actors who worked with him over the years. >> hearing from so many of them. >> indeed we are.
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the tributes for robin williams have been rolling in all night and as robin just mentioned the bench in boston from one of his most famous scenes in the movie "good will hunting," well, fans are writing notes in chalk on it including his line from the movie, "your move, chief." one of the many ways fans are remembering this unmatched talent this morning. overnight hundreds of onlookers stopped by the hollywood walk of fame, leaving personal notes and flowers, by the star of robin williams. eager for a chance to say good-bye to a legend. >> he was like a ray of sunshine in a way. >> like a fuzzy teddy bear. >> yeah. >> the whole captain, my captain standing on the desk. i almost felt like doing that today. >> reporter: outside the laugh factory in los angeles where williams first took the stage in 1982, paul rodriguez got choked up talking about his long-time pal. >> i'm not the only one. everybody in america tonight i'm sure felt like, wow, you know,
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you got punched in the stomach. >> reporter: at the premiere of "expendables 3" sylvester stallone expressed dismay. >> i knew robin from the '70s. it's just shocking how fragile life is. >> reporter: and henry winkler who met williams on the "happy days" set told cnn -- >> you met him and there was a wave of warmth that swept out of him that covered you like a blanket. >> we're absolutely stunned. >> reporter: conan o'brien got word of williams' passing as his show was almost done taping, and came back on set with guest will arnett to share the news with the audience. >> as funny as he was he's truly one of the all-time greats, he was even better as a person. he was even more fantastic as -- he was just the loveliest sweetest, one of the kindest guys. >> reporter: his legions of celebrity friends paying their respects. "mork & mindy" co-star pam dawber released a statement saying "i am completely and totally devastated. what more can be said?"
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ben stiller tweeted, "a tweet cannot begin to describe the hugeness of robin williams' heart ask soul and talent." and billy crystal tweeted simply, "no words." and robin williams was a great friend and legacy here at disney. our chairman and ceo bob iger saying overnight in a statement, "we're deeply saddened by the loss of robin williams. a wonderfully gifted man who touched our hearts and never failed to make us laugh." an incredible actor and a comedic genius. robin will always be remembered for bringing some of the world's favorite characters to life. indeed he will. robin. >> well said there by bob. thank you, lara. joining us for more is larry hackett the former editor of "people" magazine, always a good friend of the program. you saw in lara's piece, he was beloved by everyone in the hollywood community. >> he really was. he was someone who was hollywood royalty. you could tell by the reaction people have that he will be unbelievably missed. we talk about genius in this business, and when someone dies
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unexpectedly, everybody is beloved. this man truly was. you would watch him on television. my favorite of the talk shows with carson and others, and you just strapped in and you just unbelievably were amazed by the associations he could make and you were laughing. lots of people are funny, but to be funny and see those kind of comic connections to reference martha graham and ed sullivan and arnold schwarzenegger in one sentence, it was something to behold. it was absolutely amazing. >> it was and we were fortunate to be able to see it here on this program and people all across the world. this is when i love social media. it's like a huge embrace. everybody was sharing their favorite movie and line. what do you think ultimately his legacy will be? >> i think an incredible joy and an incredible humanity. when something like this happens, you look back at that person's life, but you also -- it's about your life. when you first saw "mork & mindy" or for my children when they saw "mrs. doubtfire" or "aladdin." everyone has their own personal memory that informs their own life. there is nothing about the man that isn't about joy and humanity and reaching out to the audience. he could be cynical and ironic
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and a bit cutting, but never came from a place of hate or meanness. it was 40 years of celebration about what life was about. >> i can't remember who sent out a tweet so appropriate and said, "the man who made us laugh made us so happy he couldn't find happiness himself," and i think that's what really took people aback. very familiar because he was very open about his addiction but not the depression. >> but it's what made him human, as well. everything he did, all of his roles, whether it was the kind of manic comedy or more serious roles, you could just tell there was a humanity coming out of there and pain and suffering is part of that. pain is suffering is part of comedy. we didn't know about the depression or the substance abuse. it was a shock when it happened but you just -- you know, he had surgery about six years ago and clearly affected -- open heart surgery. and notions of mortality crept into what he was feeling. or seemed to creep into what he was feeling. so an extension of that could be this depression. it's not only tragic and horrible but perhaps makes him
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more human and someone we can connect to. >> we will remember him with a big smile on our face. >> absolutely. >> larry, thank you very much for coming in. >> absolutely. >> we appreciate it. we'll talk more about robin throughout the morning but now to the morning's other top developing stories with amy robach. >> yes, good morning. we begin with a second night of violence near st. louis. police firing smoke grenades at protesters furious over the police shooting of an unarmed teenager. and new surveillance video shows the looting and chaos just after that shooting. and the fbi is getting involved and steve osunsami is there with the latest. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, amy. the streets were busy again last night with so many people trying to meet at this burned down quiktrip which has become the rallying point for young people protesting the death of this unarmed teen. police used tear gas and rubber bullets to try and send people home. michael brown's grieving parents are asking for peace saying if they don't get it they may close off their son's funeral. i spoke with them last night. they are heartbroken and
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demanding justice from local police. they may release the name of the officer who killed their son today. they say he or a friend fought with the police officer, but the family says that is just not true. amy. >> still so many questions. steve osunsami, thank you. now to the crisis in iraq, the u.s. has conducted its fifth air drop of food and water to refugees fleeing the isis terrorist group. the pentagon admits despite nearly 20 air strikes, the isis fighters are as strong as ever. and just this morning they posted a new message online threatening the united states. meanwhile, president obama is pledging support for iraq's newly nominated prime minister. but the current prime minister, nuri al maliki, is refusing to leave office. well, more than 1,000 people have now died in the ebola outbreak in west africa. overnight we learned the latest victim is a missionary priest from spain evacuated from liberia last week. the world health organization is now supporting the use of experimental drugs in treating patients. and take a look at this dramatic video from the pacific.
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a cargo ship rescued three people on this sailboat that became disabled in 30-foot waves off hawaii turn hurricane julio. winds gusting up to 150 miles an hour broke the mast but everyone okay, remarkably. it's being called the world's largest backyard pool. a man near houston spent $3 million to build a swimmer's dream. it features a 21-foot slide, a rock waterfall, a rope swing, a spa that fits 30 people. there's also a 500-foot lazy river, and there you see it, a swim up bar. the owner, though, has invited everyone in town over for a swim. no word on how he will get them out of his pool. >> exactly. exactly. >> they're never going to leave. >> with the heat in houston the pool comes in handy. a lot of people in the pool. thank you very much. to all the flooding and heavy rains and storms heading for the northeast. ginger, you have the latest. >> a natural pool on highways in the detroit area. i-75 closed for a bit. video from yesterday around the
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detroit area, all parts of mid-michigan, southeastern michigan. shutting down that highway for parts at a time and up to a half foot of rain. storms like that move to the east and so you can see there are some bull's-eyes in parts of pennsylvania and up through new england. this is the next couple of days. your local forecast is in just 30 seconds. but first tuesday trivia brought to you by kohls. good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the microclimate forecast. clouds to start day. breezy and partly cloudy by
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afternoon. temperatures are below average. clouds are lower tonight with drizzle possible at the coast and a slight walling trend this weekend. temperatures are in the 60's along the coast and san francisco and richmond. a few 80's in the east bay valley. the seven-day forecast show temperatures back to average on thursday through the >> two pockets of severe weather. i'll go into detail coming up in the next half hour. >> all right, thanks, ginger. robin williams gave us so many incredibly funny moments from movies to stand-up to tv appearances, his rapid-fire over the top style really unmatched by anyone. in addition to his oscar, he won four grammys for his comedy albums. and this morning, just a few of our favorite funny moments. ♪ i'm driving in my car ♪ i turn on the radio >> look at this thing. look, flipper. ah!
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>> they have signs. they have big signs that say you will not get into the kingdom of heaven, and i look at these geeks and go, are you going to be there? i'm not going. >> waiting for godot and did shakespeare, exciting to wear tights and have people go, i can't see anything. >> fabulous. >> oh, kind of dear, if you like that handsome rugged type. but personally i prefer short furry and funny. >> you tell us what you found out about the enemy since you've been here? >> we found out that we can't find them. >> you do an eclectic celebration of events, fosse, fosse, fosse -- martha graham, martha graham, martha graham -- or twila, twila, twila -- or michael kidd, michael kidd, michael kidd, michael kidd -- or madonna, madonna, madonna -- but you keep it all inside. >> lawrence, you saw, you saw what he did just then. >> who was involved? >> i am. >> who was involved? >> i am.
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>> let's go over to the bus station. pretend we're going someplace. come on. >> i'll make those announcements like you never understand. >> i want the guy who does soccer to do golf one time. the ball is rolling. the ball is -- oh! those models are like deer in a thong. they walk by like this, hello. ♪ mr. aladdin sir while your pleasure be ♪ ♪ let me take your order jot it down ♪ ♪ you ain't never had a friend like me ♪ >> i'm not afraid. this is mork signing off till next week. nanu nanu. [ applause ] >> that's how we first got to know him. just the breadth of everything that he did. >> hard to pick your favorite because he was so good at everything he did. >> it's funny, i asked people to tweet us their favorite moments and so many said all of them. >> great answer. >> too many. too many to choose. >> his voices, improv. >> genius in "aladdin." brought tears to my eyes in
7:20 am
"birdcage." >> yeah, ""birdcage." >> martha graham. >> "mrs. doubtfire." >> i know people at home you're doing the same thing as we are and we're going to have much more of our special tribute to robin williams, a look at also his years battling addiction in his own words. >> he was really the bob hope of his generation, remembering that robin williams gave back to our men and women in uniform. something he would do after every show that we never even knew about coming up right here. >> forget you! you have no idea! everyone in america almost every day, you notice a few things. like the fact that you're pretty attached to these. ok, really attached. and that's alright. because we'll text you when your package is on the way. we're even expanding sunday package delivery. yes, sunday. at the u.s. postal service, our priority is...was...
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7:25 am
it's scheduled to begin at 11:00 this morning in san rafael. right now a check on the morning commute with leyla gulen. >> all right. just about 20 minutes will get you across the water from hayward into plaza city along the san mateo bridge. you can see how slow it is. we have a stalled vehicle trying to get onto the cesar chavez on-ramp to 101 northbound. you will find this accident also slowing there as you head toward the curves. southbound traffic slow and go past the 280 extension. eric? >> thank you. when we come back, meteorologist mike nicco has the bay area fore
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sorry. get a free quote at robin williams in "good will hunting." >> nominated three times, this is his first academy award. >> thank you. oh, man. this might be the one time i'm speechless. and most of all, i want to thank my father up there, the man who when i said i wanted to be an actor he said, "wonderful, just have a backup profession like welding." thank you. god bless you. >> oh. and i love that billy crystal was on the stage with him when he won. how fitting that was. one of the many highlights from robin williams' career. his oscar for best supporting actor in "good will hunting." as we say good morning, america. and there is so many moments, so
7:31 am
many more that we want to share with you this morning. >> and we love welders, but thank goodness he followed his heart. can you imagine? >> that's true. >> if he hadn't. part of remembering robin williams was also his honesty, his honesty about his battle with addiction in his own words coming up this morning. >> you know he loved, of course, making people laugh and one of his favorite audiences was our troops. he began touring with the uso in 2002, and you'll hear what he had to say about meeting those heroes coming up. we also have one of robin's co-stars to join us talking about working with and cracking up with the star. can you imagine working alongside robin and keeping a straight face? >> no, because i know when he came here in our studio we were all cracking up, so i can only imagine what it was there on the set. robin williams, very open, though, about his struggles throughout his career, no matter how successful he was, he could not shake the demon of addiction. a problem that plagued him for decades. putting him in and out of rehab. our juju chang is here with more on that. good morning, juju. >> reporter: it's a tragic truism we all kind of know in
7:32 am
our gut that depression and substance abuse also go hand and hand. and robin williams often made self-medicating a punch line to a lot of his jokes but he also knew through years of personal suffering that it was no joking matter. >> ah! ah! >> reporter: you wouldn't know it from all the hilarious roles he conjured up on screen, like "mrs. doubtfire" and "the birdcage." but off screen legendary actor robin williams was tormented by addiction for decades. a dark demon he frequently joked about on stage. >> and alcoholism is especially dangerous for people like myself, alcoholics, or you can say ethanol challenged. whatever you want to call it. >> reporter: it wasn't just alcohol, abusing cocaine in the early '80s, but quitting after his friend john belushi's overdose in 1982. telling barbara walters in 1989 that that moment was a wakeup
7:33 am
call. >> he was one of the toughest people you can meet and it cleaned up a generation of people because he was as strong as anybody you could ever meet. >> when we hear about people using drug, most of the time they use them to get a high. >> for me it was basically a way to escape and cut off from people. >> reporter: the comic genius told abc news in 2011 the role of a lifetime that helped keep him sober for 20 years was that of father. >> the one thing that cleaned me up was having a kid. that's immediate. if that's the same -- i didn't have any rehab or any, you know, any groups. >> reporter: but after those two decades of sobriety, williams says he sampled some whiskey in 2006, and within a week he was hooked. his family reportedly staged an intervention. he spoke about the grip of addiction with diane sawyer just two months after leaving rehab. >> away, quiet time, good though and back. people say, how do you feel? with my fingers. >> just alcohol? >> just alcohol. that's enough really. >> to talk about it as caused by
7:34 am
something -- >> not caused by anything. it's just there. it just lays in wait. for the time when, i'm fine now, i'm okay. and then, beep. and then the next thing you know it's not okay. you're standing at a precipice and you look down, there's a voice, it's a little quiet voice that goes, "jump." and for someone who has no tolerance for it that's not a possibility. >> reporter: was there something somebody said, one sentence that got through that sailed through -- >> you're a drunk! no, it's like it got through to me saying you need help, and that's the best sentence that got through. >> reporter: williams said he spent years thinking he could handle his alcohol problem on his own. >> i can do this, i can stop and you really think you can and you realize i need help. >> reporter: it was that relapse in 2006 that reportedly cost him his second marriage. earlier this summer williams checking into the renowned hazelton clinic to focus on his continued commitment to sobriety. his rep telling abc news it was not a relapse. the world now left with the
7:35 am
advice a wise williams once gave to a younger version of himself. >> don't be running so fast and that's it. how much have you loved? that's a simple question. how much have you loved? love doing what you do or love being with people. if you can answer that pretty positively you're doing okay. it's a good life. >> the most profound lesson he is giving us all is that whenever someone is universally beloved and hugely successful, losing such a hard-fought battle with depression, it reminds us all that this is a brutal, cruel disease that strikes people no matter who you are. no matter how much wealth or stature or support from loves ones somebody has. robin. >> all walks of life. you got that right, juju. thank you. abc news senior medical contributor dr. jennifer ashton joins us now with more. addiction, depression. people want to know what exactly is that relationship? >> it's very complicated and we do see quite often they can exist in parallel. i mean, of course, depression can lead to addiction and
7:36 am
addiction can lead to depression but they can be two parallel disease processes, and when one or both are out of control, they can spiral precipitously downhill very quickly with life-threatening and fatal consequence. >> we knew so much more about robin williams' addiction. he talked openly about that, but not about the depression. we can talk about cancer and all these different types of diseases and ailments, but when it comes to depression, jen, it seems like there's a stigma attached. why is that and how do we get past it? >> we have to get past it. it's something that existed when i was in medical school. it exists today, and we keep seeing these well-known figures again and again with their lives lost because, in many ways, we as a society are not really that equipped to handle embracing something that doesn't have a scar. or as you were saying if you're on chemotherapy and lose your hair people can see that. people can't see depression all the time, and tears of a clown, right, that famous song, this was what robin williams embodied and what so many people who live
7:37 am
and battle with depression deal with. they can be smiling on the outside and they can be in utter agony, and in some cases frankly psychotic on the inside and we need to be more embracing of this and drop the sigma. >> there are a lot of families watching right now that are shaking their head because they deal with this. it's not just famous people like juju said. it's not because you're wealthy. it does not matter. it does not discriminate at all. what is the lesson we learn here? >> let's not let another person die in vain. and increase our awareness and understand when a person is profoundly depressed they need one to one medical attention. it is a true medical emergency and the first step is getting that person help. >> that's a part of the story this morning. all right. jen, thanks so much. appreciate that. time for the weather and ginger. >> it is such a great conversation to have. like you said, so many families nodding. i do want to start with some really great video out of seattle because we do have to talk about severe weather, a real threat today, but last night, it was beautiful. in slow motion you're seeing it there. the lightning itself.
7:38 am
two pockets we'll watch today. one in the northeast damaging wind possible from this part of west virginia all the way through baltimore and washington, d.c. it includes pittsburgh. and then another one right back here in the west, this could spark some lightning and that would not be good. flash floods on some of those burn scars. >> mostly cloudy and then partly cloudy this afternoon with temperatures below average and breezy. 63 at coast and 83 inland. the seven-day outlook is >> all that weather brought to you by elmer's school glue. robin and david. >> all right there, ginger. thank you. coming up, a terrifying scene. >> that stroller. we all watched it. rolls on to the tracks. a baby inside. you'll see it right there and then another woman runs in. we don't know if it's the mother to get the stroller, just extraordinary. we'll have more on that. >> boy, everybody all right. and robin williams was the bob hope of his generation.
7:39 am
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7:43 am
that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. >> profound words this morning. 7:43 now and robin williams so good on the big screen, so generous off the screen. we have been saying it all morning. sort of the bob hope of his generation touring with the uso and abc's martha raddatz has more on what he gave the men and women in uniform. >> good morning, vietnam! >> reporter: playing the air force disc jockey, adrian cronauer, he made the troops laugh in "good morning, vietnam." and off screen, around the world -- >> good morning! >> good morning, virginia! good morning, america! >> reporter: robin williams made instant connections with our troops wherever he went. he traveled to war zones, entertaining close to 100,000 of
7:44 am
our troops in 13 countries during his uso tours. >> can i get your photo? merry christmas. >> reporter: after his shows he'd always stick around, seeking out those who couldn't come to the main event. >> he'd go to the guard towers. he'd go to the dining facilities. he'd go to the security police who couldn't come to the show because they were on duty. and he would spend time with them individually. that was very moving. >> reporter: and for the veterans, and especially the injured back home, williams used comedy as therapy. telling our own bob woodruff during a fund-raising stand up for heroes event in 2012 -- >> i'm so honored to meet them and know what they've gone through and say, hey, dude, this is just something that really humbles me. >> reporter: another humbling moment for williams came during a performance in kuwait in 2007. [ bugle sounding ]
7:45 am
>> uh-oh. >> reporter: the soldiers knew that bugle meant the flag was being lowered. williams wasn't sure why the troops were turning their backs on him, but he, of course, found humor in that moment. >> i'm not going to forget that. [ laughter ] i've never had an entire audience just go, forget you! i was also wondering what's coming from that way? >> reporter: williams would joke about that for years to come. but you could always see that pride in our troops, that respect, and they always gave it back. >> i just want to say, thank you to all our men and women serving our country. thank you very much. >> general ham who you saw in that piece traveled with williams on uso tours. he said to me simply of williams, he loved the troops. they loved him. and the general added, i did too. david. >> so powerful. i love that moment when they turn around. never had an entire audience -- >> he was just so quick. >> it's happened to us all. coming up here -- walmart making a big move into medical care.
7:46 am
this caught our attention this morning. should you really get your checkup where you do your shopping? so many touching messages to robin williams flooding in. social media this morning. what his friends and co-stars are saying this morning about the hollywood legend. are saying this morning about the hollywood legend. no test rides allowed. i can't show you the inside, but... trust me. are you kidding me? at university of phoenix, we think you should try before you buy. that's why we offer many first time students with limited to no college experience a risk free period. so you can commit to your education with confidence. get started at that new guy is like yeah but you'll regret it. what about him? healthy like this super smoothie. yeeeeuk! the perfect man and the perfect snack,
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but never duplicated -- duplicated. duplicated. duplicated. genie of the lamp! >> such a great moment from "aladdin" where we really see robin williams' immense talent. and so many people sharing their favorite robin williams characters and moments. all the top trends on twitter overnight celebrating the one and only robin williams. and this really captured people's emotion. this image tweeted from the academy with the caption "genie, you're free." and that moment from robin williams' famous "aladdin" role retweeted more than 225,000 times overnight. and over here, steve martin was one of the first celebrities to pay tribute on social media praising him as a mensch, a great talent, acting partner and genuine soul, and the word heartbroken coming up in so many remembrances. robin, want to get back to you at the desk. >> it was like a collective hug
7:51 am
from everyone when you went on twitter last night, and just everyone just sharing their moments. and you just feeling this connectedness. >> people will have robin williams marathons, i guarantee it, watching all their favorite movies. >> goes on and on. we want to know your favorite robin williams moment, so tweet us @gma #socialsquare. coming up much more of our tributes and talk live to one of his co-stars. come on back.
7:52 am
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. save water or you can pay a $100 fine. according to the chronicle, the san francisco public utilities commission is set to announce today it will begin fining people who hail first of all to reduce outdoor water big 10%. primarily this rule affects large customers like schools, shopping centers and complexes. weather-wise, what are we looking at, snik. >> cool conditions, breezy tonight, at&t park. sox are in town. dropping down tonight. 60s along the coast, 70s elsewhere, 80s inland. accuweather seven-day forecast, warm they are weekend. leyla? it's a busy drive in san
7:57 am
jose northbound along 101 coming away from the nimitz. bumper to bumper traffic as you pass by the san jose airport. we also have this accident in the clearing stages in richmond westbound along 80. look at the delays it's left pup backed up on highway 4. >> the news continues with "good morning amer
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the life and death of robin williams. >> no matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world. >> saying good-bye to one of hollywood's greatest talents. >> it's not your fault. >> from mork. >> live, be free. >> to mrs. doubtfire. >> hello! >> to the genie and the poetry professor. >> boys, you must strive to find your own voice. >> his most memorable interviews. >> yes! i told you i saw it first. >> you make us feel good, robin. you know that? >> thank you. it's a good job. i like it. it's my day job. >> celebrating the life of robin williams in a special edition of "gma" this morning.
8:01 am
>> and so wonderful for the crowd to come out here with us and celebrate as we are remembering the actor and a legend, robin williams. so many great memories being shared all morning long. he was a great friend to all of us here at "good morning america." oh, that was 2009, and you just sit back, and you just knew that you had the best seat in the house sitting in front of that man. >> he tells you, it's my day job. >> yes. >> we're going to look back at some of his most memorable performances and interviews. we're also going to talk with one of his co-stars through the years. talking about what it was like to work on the set with him. how you keep a straight face and who he was when the cameras weren't rolling. huge blank spots in the script where he would ad lib. you never knew where he would go with it. >> what a joy and i know all of us so heartbroken when we heard the news. what a loss. and then we also will have this hour should you really get your checkup where you do your shopping? walmart is making a move right now into medical care, and we'll
8:02 am
get into that as well as celebrating the life of robin williams. >> that too. we're also talking about a trend that is changing how people live right now. the question, could you spend every day in a tiny house under 100 square feet? if it looked like that. it looks nice. how easy would that be to clean is what i'm thinking. >> with all of times square looking in, yeah. >> there's that. >> that's a lot of new york city apartments right there. >> i was going to say. >> a lot of us do. >> we weren't complaining. we were like, yeah, it looks like our first apartment. >> a lot of people fighting you for it. >> absolutely. >> so true. >> we have so much to discuss but we'll begin with the latest on robin williams, the actor and comedian found dead in his northern california home monday afternoon, and abc's cecilia vega is outside the san francisco house that, well, he made famous in his hit movie "mrs. doubtfire." good morning, again, cecilia. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. you can see this memorial right here at this house on the steps outside. robin williams was last seen alive at his home in marin county, california, on sunday
8:03 am
evening. and in just a few hours, police will be updating the status of the investigation into the cause of his death. this morning, the shocking news of the sudden death of comedic icon robin williams. >> maybe you're perfect right now. maybe you don't want to ruin that. >> reporter: the 63-year-old oscar winner was found dead in his marin county, california, home on monday just after 12:00 p.m. investigators calling it a suspected suicide. overnight williams' spokesperson saying that lately the comedian has been battling severe depression. >> you made a 50-year-old jingle sound like a gold record. >> reporter: williams is survived by three children, zachary, zelda and cody. williams' wife susan schneider saying in a statement, "i lost my husband and my best friend while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings." >> that's what made her my wife. >> reporter: the comedic icon's final tweet, a 25th birthday wish nearly two weeks ago to his daughter zelda adding, "always my baby girl," and zelda tweeting overnight, "i love you,
8:04 am
i miss you. i'll try to keep looking up." and i can tell you firsthand just what a huge part of the san francisco community robin williams was. i grew up out here, and you would see him riding his bike. he was all over this city. and this memorial is just a small example of how much he will be missed. >> yeah, and he was a big sports fan there too. many of the local teams were tweeting about him. okay, cecilia, thank you very much. and we're going to speak to one of his co-stars in just a little bit. but now other top stories from overnight. >> you know the memorials will just get bigger and bigger over the days and shows the impact he had on so many people but, yes, we will talk about the other headlines this morning. we begin with the new fire threat that's in the northwest. more than two dozen major wildfires burning this morning and more thunderstorms today could spark even more, unfortunately. this morning, though, we have a story of survival. three firefighters in northern california became trapped in the wind-driven flames on monday.
8:05 am
they were forced to deploy their personal fire shelters like these ones, and it allows the flames to burn over them. all three survived with no serious injuries, remarkable. and overnight police near st. louis fired tear gas and rubber bullets to break up crowds protesting the police shooting of an unarmed teenager. this is the second night of unrest. the family of the victim, michael brown, is demanding police reveal the name of the officer who fired those shots. they deny their son ever fought with the officer. the fbi is now investigating. also breaking overnight, militants in iraq have issued a new threat to america vowing to plunge iraq into further crisis despite u.s. air strikes saying "this is not a game." the u.s. is promising significant new aid for iraq if the new prime minister forms an inclusive government, but iraq's current prime minister right now is refusing to leave office. in medical news, the fda has approved a dna test that will screen for colon cancer.
8:06 am
it's called cologuard. it's detected 92% of colon cancers in a study of 10,000 patients. colonoscopy is still the most accurate screening tool, but many people avoid the invasive procedure, so this is certainly big news. and a stunning number from the postal service. it lost $2 billion between april and june. this is a far bigger loss than the same time last year even though it raised prices. and a wild scene near phoenix. shoplifting suspects caught on camera spraying a security guard with pepper spray as they tried to flee this mall. police say the suspects are from the same family and have been hitting up stores for more than a year, reselling those items then at yard sales. well, some frightening moments at the subway station in london. take a look at this. a baby stroller left unattended, oh, my goodness. it rolls off the platform onto the tracks with the baby inside. you'll then see a woman jumping
8:07 am
down and rescuing the child before the train arrives. no word if she's the mother or just a good samaritan, but police are trying to find her and everyone is okay, remarkably. and finally one man stole the show at wrigley field. watch this home run, and then watch the man, oh, my goodness. he is sitting in the last row. what an arm. he catches the ball, he nabs it and watch again and he comes pretty close to falling off that bench right there. he throws the ball back on to the field. guess what, he caught it, but it still counted as a home run for the other team. maybe he should, you know, go on the field. >> a nice snag there. >> hope he's feeling okay this morning. no back injuries. >> advil. >> thank you there, amy. how about what's coming up, lara? >> thank you. >> here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." first robin williams, being himself. we have highlights from some of his most memorable interviews. and then his genius and energy as a stand-up comedian, just unmatched, and we'll have a look at where robin williams got his start. and then we will turn to the big new trend of going small.
8:08 am
actually going tiny. could you live in a house if it was less than 100 square feet? we all said, yeah, if it looked like that, and we're going to show it to you live on "good morning america" here in times square as we celebrate the life of robin williams. stay with us. ♪ "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by nexium. new nexium 24 hour, now available without a prescription.
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8:13 am
lady ♪ >> that's a scene to remember letting loose as mrs. doubtfire. whoo! one of his most vivid and beloved transformations, yes, we are celebrating his incredible life and career all morning long here. >> i think that might be my favorite movie. i really do. >> it's fun. it really is. >> i can watch it again and again and again. >> i mean, i love what cecilia was saying, he was part of the san francisco community too. you would see him in the corner store. >> riding his bike. >> that was off the bike there. >> i want to have a movie marathon now just because so many moments -- >> wouldn't that be something. >> wouldn't that be great? just because he gave us so much. not only in his comedic roles but also in the roles where you saw his drama, yeah, his heart. >> yeah. we all have our favorite movie scenes. you know that and robin williams was often at his best when he was just playing himself. funny, smart, touching, always lightning fast, a guest so many
8:14 am
times on "good morning america" throughout the years, and it was a privilege to sit across from that man. let me tell you, he kept you on your toes. robin williams, a man so gifted, friend billy crystal once said, he bounces around the room like light off a mirror, and he brought that special light to each and every interview he gave. here on "gma" over 30 years ago in 1982. >> robin, can you ever turn off? >> easily, yeah. >> can you really? >> well, yes, watch. >> did you go into comedy because you couldn't make it as an actor? >> yes, actually -- >> is that true? i mean, that's what i had read, that you couldn't debt a job as -- you cry on this program and i won't run any of it. you promised me you wouldn't cry. >> i couldn't make it as an actor. i remember doing "hamlet" going, to be -- line. i found it very difficult being in tights, you know, and you're wearing ties and doing shakespeare and they can tell what religion you are.
8:15 am
>> if tears come down your cheeks i will never -- robin, do you ever just talk straight? >> yeah. >> for how long? >> hours at a time. >> yeah? >> yeah, i mean i can for a long time. i don't like to because it's more fun to play. >> it sure is. >> reporter: behind the playfulness williams struggled with the demons of addiction something he spoke about with diane sawyer in 2006 just two months after he left rehab. >> was there something somebody said to you, family, friends? >> many people. it was pretty much unanimous on that level, and then you go and you say, that's it. yeah, you're right. >> how long before you decided this is it? >> i don't know. i was -- a couple of years of just thinking i can do it on my own, and you can't. that's the bottom line. i can do this. i can stop, and you really think you can, and then you realize, i need help and that's the operative word. >> reporter: williams was dealt another blow in 2009 when he had open heart surgery to replace his aortic valve. he later told barbara walters
8:16 am
who herself faced the same procedure the experience was humbling. >> are you a different person today? >> yeah, i think much more grateful for everything. you and i both have been given a second chance literally and to take that and go with it. >> and i too was one of the lucky ones who basked in the light that was robin williams. >> my sister robin, so lovely to see you again. >> diane kept confusing us. >> people confuse us all the time. let's do this whole thing. oh, my god, it's robin roberts. >> separated at birth. >> yo, baby please. >> bless your heart. you make us laugh. >> thank you. it's a good job, i like it. it's my day job. thank you. >> don't ever quit your day job. >> thank you. >> don't ever. >> thank you. >> no, because it's something that just seems like it's -- it's just -- you were meant to do this for us. >> cool, thanks very much. >> a man meant to bring joy, and for that, we thank you, dear robin, as you travel home. >> go back. go back.
8:17 am
>> there we go. hmm. sweet power. robin, go back. >> those are the days when you added ten minutes to the segment with robin williams, right, because he would just take it. >> that's when you just sat back in your chair. >> let him do -- >> do the work and many of our crew members, they've known him over the years too and have said the same thing. he was just incredibly personable. good to see you, jess. >> jess cagle, from, of course, "people" magazine, "entertainment weekly." we always love it when you come on. this morning, a tough subject because this is such a loss. he was universally admired and loved in hollywood. wasn't he? >> he really was. a lot of comedians are known for being angry. i mean that's sort of the rap they get and you couldn't say that about robin williams. he clearly was a complex guy but by all accounts he was always incredibly professional. he was very, very kind. whether you were -- whether you
8:18 am
were operating the camera or acting with him or whether you were sitting in a movie theater he wanted you to like him. he wanted to make you laugh and he was always on. and i think what's so sad about this is we realize that manic energy was really -- it was masking such profound, you know, sadness and difficulties in his own life. >> and we've heard that from many people saying that about tears of a clown. >> yeah. >> that that's something we don't realize that they're dealing with, and as you said, and the same here, he was always on. and no one knew really about this side of him, did they? >> no, and he never unleashed his demons on the rest of us. you know, he really wanted to make the world a better place. he was -- whether he would decorate his house, you know, for the holidays and hang out with the kids, he loved children because they were a great audience, you know. they loved to -- he loved to make them laugh. >> he had a childlike
8:19 am
enthusiasm. >> yeah. >> in everything. what do you think his legacy will be? >> i think he's like jonathan winters of a previous generation. he really defined a particular kind of comedy for a generation. and nobody -- it's really hard to find anybody who has ever had that kind of versatility as an actor. you know, that -- from "mrs. doubtfire" to the, you know, to the therapist in "good will hunting," he just -- i think that his own -- i think again his own complexities also made him a great actor. >> he just embraced everyone. do you know what i mean? even on screen and off screen it just seemed like -- >> he was best at playing himself. that's what somebody said and i think that's so true when you see all those clips from over the years. >> a very generous guy too. you saw those clips with the troops and did a lot of charity work. >> for the homeless. >> jess, thanks so much. thanks for sharing your thoughts on the one and only robin williams. now we want to get to cheryl hines now. she starred with robin in
8:20 am
"rv" and remembers her co-star and friend. cheryl, good morning. thank you so much for being here to celebrate the life of your friend, robin williams. >> good morning. i'm really glad you're celebrating his life because it's such a sad time, but he brought so much happiness and laughter to everybody, and i think that's the right thing to do is celebrate that. >> and that's what his family has wanted everyone to do, as well. and so tell us, because we were talking about how we knew him here in "good morning america" but what was he like when the cameras were rolling when you were doing the film "rv"? >> one of my first encounters with robin, i didn't know him before we started shooting "rv," and we shot in canada, and it was very hot, and between scenes i made a comment about being hot and sweaty, and he immediately lifted up my arm and planted his
8:21 am
head in my armpit and the whole -- of course, the whole cast and crew was watching, and that was the beginning of our relationship. >> cheryl, he was famous for sort of ad-libbing, leaving big spaces they did for him in all of the scripts because they just knew he would take it and run with it. >> yes. of course, that's what he did best, so i would wait for him to finish. it didn't matter trying to memorize your cues because there was never a cue. you had to just wait till he wound down, and then you'd say your line. >> and, cheryl, you have worked with so many comedic greats, but how does robin stand out for you among all of them? >> well, you know, robin was a very, very generous soul, and he knew that people were excited to meet him and were excited to be on the set with him and just
8:22 am
like you all have been talking about this morning, he really did make it a point to talk to the person that was picking up the trash on the set, and even when my mom came to visit from florida, and he -- every time he saw her would get up and hug her and make her feel special, and that was a quality that a lot of people in general don't have, much less comedians. >> yeah. >> so true. >> so true. so wonderful. hey, cheryl, thank you so much for sharing your insight. >> thank you. >> your memories, and before we go, we all want to say congratulations. >> congratulations, yes. >> on your recent marriage. >> thank you. >> wish you all the best. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thanks for taking the time to celebrate robin williams. and we do want to get one more check of the weather with our ginger zee. >> oh, and you know what, we are all celebrating too out here. the life of robin williams and a couple of other things. i met jonas from new jersey. what did you want to say? >> today is my mommy's birthday. i love her just the way she is.
8:23 am
>> that's what he told me, so i said say it again. how sweet. happy 39th birthday. let's go ahead and check the forecast. because we do have a couple of things to share with you including more moisture for the southwest so there are in places like las vegas flash flood watches that are going to go through wednesday night and then red flag warnings and some of those burn scars could see some big issues. you could see gusts up to 50 miles per hour. the west will be a headline for days to come. it is much nicer drier but cool. look at chicago today. a high of only 71 off the lake there. 80 for minneapolis and 80, st. louis. 85 for memphis, and that's what i'm going to leave you with, a good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the microclimate forecast. clouds to start day. breezy and partly cloudy by afternoon. temperatures are below average. clouds are lower tonight with drizzle possible at the coast and a slight walling trend this weekend. temperatures are in the 60's along the coast and san
8:24 am
francisco and richmond. a few 80's in the east bay valley. the seven-day forecast show temperatures back to average on thursday through the and we continuing our celebration. one more thing we wanted to say hello to who? >> max. hi, max. >> love you, max. >> little max is her little brother. hi, max. all right. let's get back inside. >> little max at home is smiling. so are we when we think about the scope of robin williams' career and the moment that might have started it all, and we wanted to show you this. this is mork. it all started thanks to a small role on "happy days," 1978. take a look at when someone shows up at the door, and the fonz opens it. >> remember me mork from ork, you once called me the nutso from outer space. >> you tell me that men don't kiss women on your planet. >> kiss, i don't know what that means. nice word, has a pleasant ring to it. kiss, kiss, kiss. can you hear the ring?
8:25 am
>> yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> but you see, i need your help. you are known throughout the universe for your expertise in this field. >> oh, yeah? oh, yeah, that's true, right. all right. all right. i'm going to try to find you a date. >> hey, hey, hey. >> you just got to do me a favor. go up to richie's room and get on some of his clothes to at least make you look normal. >> my clothes do need time warping. >> timeless. >> so funny. right? garry marshall auditioned him and he said he hired him on the spot because he had never interviewed an alien before. >> and he played the role. >> took it as a compliment. >> i can't imagine anybody else doing that role. >> 60 million people -- >> you're going to have a special tonight on "20/20." >> an hour look back at all the great moments to celebrate him. >> how are you going to fit it into an hour? there are so many. >> can't wait for that. >> coming up next on "good morning america," we're talking about a new trend that is changing the way people live. a home of less than 100 square feet. >> what? say what? >> tiny houses coming up.
8:26 am
now, this is a morning television first. >> it's a 10. >> it's the big "dancing with the stars" exclusive. tomorrow we reveal this year's pro dancers live, so will your favorite return? don't miss it only on -- >> all: "good morning america." >> on abc.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. san jose and major league baseball are playing hardball in federal appeals court. city wants the court to strike down mlb's antitrust exemption which if used has been blocking the move. under the new deal, they could leave oakland if they're willing to pay. cameras will be allowed inside the san francisco courtroom today. your morning commute, how's it going, leyla? >> a little slow. we now have an consistent involving a motorcycle. this is at the toll plaza on the bay bridge. we're taking it into the east bay as we take a look at that 680 drive coming into alamo. we have an accident that did clear, but left a backup. we're looking at delays come eight way from highway 24, push eight way from walnut creek in the westbound direction, also
8:28 am
quite slow. >> we'll check out your fore
8:29 am
welcome back. red sox against the giants, 62 dropping to 59 at at&t park. let me show you the current temperatures out there. upper 50s to mid-60s. joe is shaking his head. must be bothering him. here's our temperatures today. we're going to be anywhere from about 2 to 7 degrees cooler than average. i apologize for the beginning.
8:30 am
let's end it on a good note. here's your accuweather seven-day forecast. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, warm ♪ baby >> we have a wonderful crowd outside here. hello, everybody. good morning to you. thank you for being with us. you're listening to florida georgia line. their smash hit "cruise" and the country superstars will take over central park this friday and hoping you'll join us then because we can't wait for it. >> can't wait for that. also this half hour we'll ask that question a lot of people go to walmart for the deals and shopping but do you go to get your diagnosis there? check in with the doctor there? we're going to look into that coming up this half hour. yeah. i'm excited to hear about it. and, hey, have you noticed, these guys, tiny houses outside here in times square. this is a trend to go smaller and that trend is getting
8:31 am
bigger. so we asked could you live in -- under 100 square feet? and pretty darned good. this one especially is so cute with the bunk bed. however, there's no bathroom. so that's -- >> i thick that one. >> as long as you're living alone and not with all my children. as long as it's one person. >> how many people actually are living inside there. we'll find out but more now our special tribute to robin williams. his creativity and natural comedic timing and abc's chris connelly has more from leaks. good morning, chris. >> reporter: you're so fast. so fast, so dynamic. watching robin williams do stand-up could be as exhilarating as watching a great athlete in motion. at least when you weren't just laughing your head off. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome robin williams.
8:32 am
>> reporter: stand-up was the beating heart of robin williams' body of work. >> you know the difference between a tornado and divorce in the south, nothing. someone is losing a trailer, number one. >> reporter: on stage in clubs on records or live on one of his concert tours. he displayed a comic mind working at the speed of a microprocessor. >> football referees would have that, too much commercial time. bad white men dancing on the field. >> reporter: with a mouth to match. >> you telling me that the oscars are also political? oh, my [ bleep ] god. >> reporter: he could combine a kind of improvisational wizardry with the attention span of an overcaffeinated kindergartner. every word, voices and sounds. with a velocity of a fire hose. >> under the influence of quaaludes entitled -- >> reporter: and amid his mouth mouth madness there was a meth thoed to miss mad this is tackling from -- >> obama is a kenyan word for
8:33 am
kennedy, god bless us. >> reporter: to technology. >> be the good parent and put on a videotape. okay. >> reporter: to relationships. >> it isn't even sex anymore. it's emotion, it's freud, it's psychology. you are a relationship you go to therapy. you find out, so my momma is a guy, so what? >> reporter: even his own issues over the years. >> ebay and alcoholism. perfect storm of addiction. find yourself with george foreman grills and sham wow. >> reporter: he could leave both audiences and his colleagues in the comedy elite incapacitated with laughter. >> good night! >> reporter: that same laughter that so many are remembering so fondly this morning. so much of his comedy, i mean you couldn't write it down. you couldn't retell it. it was just uniquely robin williams. and we're really going to miss that robin. >> we certainly will. you got that right, chris.
8:34 am
>> wow. >> it's one of those mornings where, yes, you're sad but it's like cheryl hines and how robin williams' family said let's remember how he lived his life. let's remember and celebrate that and there is so much to celebrate. >> there is. >> well, just wondering if we need to water the flowers on this little house here. is it going to rain out. >> you know it is. we may get a sprinkle -- you guys have umbrellas with you? no, these people from l.a. they may or may not be used to this but we are going to get some rain in the next 24 to 36 hour, heavy at times throughout the northeast. that's where i want to begin. flash flood watches in parts of the northeast and mid-atlantic because we could see severe weather that we were talking about earlier. the warm front has a lot of l t ling, lifting in the atmosphere, new england, upwards of 3 must inches for the next couple of days. i wanted to leave you a look across the nation. the stormiest stuff certainly happening in the northeast. drier back in the midwest and
8:35 am
>> mostly cloudy and then partly cloudy this afternoon with temperatures below average and breezy. 63 at coast and 83 inland. the seven-day outlook >> all this weather has been brought to you by audi and i do have one more thing to talk to you about, shark week. we got to talk a little more about it. i want you to look at this exclusive preview. remarkable footage of great white sharks on attack. it continues with jaw-dropping, heart-stopping and if you watched any of this stuff it doesn't let you sleep documentaries about those beasts from the deep. >> you would know. >> i do. >> swimming with the sharks. >> a little too close. >> hey, coming up, you can find almost anything at a walmart including now a diagnosis. so should you be getting your medical care where you shop? we'll get into that coming up on "good morning america." here in times square.
8:36 am
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the coolest thing you can do this summer is dump a bucket of ice coal water over your head. no, seriously it's called the ice bucket challenge and friday live in central park this could be the biggest ice bucket challenge ever so watch us raise the bucket and als awareness on "good morning america." well, you can get pretty much anything at walmart these days and now you can add a
8:39 am
doctor to your shopping list. the retail giant is opening primary care clinics in many of its stores and abc's brandi hitt has the story. >> reporter: walmart, the one-stop shopping destination for everything from groceries to clothing even treadmills and now your physician. the nation's largest retailer is marketing itself as a primary medical provider in addition to 100 basic care clinics walmart is opening six primary care clinics inside stores inside texas and south carolina with licensed nurse practitioners ready to diagnose and treat chronic illnesses and injuries. all for $40 a visit. just $4 if you're a walmart employee. the clinics are located in areas where doctors are scarce and all sites supervising physicians are ready to step in when needed. dr. michael rodriguez is not affiliated with walmart. >> more access to care is extremely important but that care needs to be high quality
8:40 am
care. >> reporter: it's the latest step in a growing trend. drugstore clinics at walgreens and cvs stores offering limited screenings and vaccines have been growing in popularity. >> when i am jammed with time, our time schedules are tight, it's very convenient for us. >> reporter: but dr. rodriguez says walmart is taking it a step farther and he's concerned that primary care givers at the helm are nurse practitioners, not doctors. >> their training and expertise is not the same as primary care physicians. >> reporter: walmart is opening six more primary care clinics by the end of the year. it tells abc news we aim to be part of a continuum of care while driving down costs for our associates and customers. adding that it also offers referrals to specialists as needed. for "good morning america," brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> and abc news senior medical contributor dr. jennifer ashton joins us now. brandi mentioned i got my flu
8:41 am
shot at the pharmacy. this is about access and there's concerns about quality. what are your thoughts on this? >> you know, usually i'm a big believer in staying in your lane when it comes to medical qualifications but i actually think this concept is a net positive and i think we teed to see how it plays out. i don't think that doctors should feel threatened from the get-go. the reality, there are many people especially those who live in poor rural areas whether they have insurance or not they don't have the access to a medical professional and they need that interface with someone whether it's a nurse practitioner, a medical assistant or an md to continue their medical management of chronic issues. we're not talking about doing dialysis or fibroid management at a walmart. this is, you know, low-level things that need some kind of medical oversight that could be absolutely done by a nurse practitioner who is very skilled, very qualified and while they may not have the exact same credentials as an md, they are more than capable and competent to handle these issues. >> it's affordable, convenient.
8:42 am
what are the downsides. >> you mentioned cost. $40 a visit sounds enticing but when you think about the fact that a lot of these people have chronic issues, some people with chronic issues need to be seen once a month. now all of a sudden you're talking about almost $500 a year so the cost is a factor. what i really worry about also, amy, is the doctor/patient or health care provider patient relationship. will that continuity and follow-up exist here? >> what should you do? do you have advice for people who are planning to go to these facilities or go to the ones that are doc in a box. >> i often have patients away at college or traveling and go to an urgrcare or doc in a box. if possible, always bring someone with you. i mean these are your extra set of ears and eyes for something that might be a very stressful situation for you and get copies of everything. that means your tests, your results, the interaction, the notes that the health care provider did, all of those are very important when you
8:43 am
hopefully will see another provider down the road for follow-up because -- >> if something serious comes up you want to go to an md. >> and uniformly when have a patient that went to one, what kind of test, what was the diagnosis people say, i don't know so get the paperwork. >> all right, dr. jen ashton, always great advice. thanks so much. we appreciate it. we asked would you use an in-store clinic. 36% said yes and 64% of you said no. coming up, we are squeezing into some pint-sized homes that are becoming a bigger trend than you might think. ♪ suddenly i see
8:44 am
8:45 am
oh, yeah, when it's this hot. ♪ you make we wanna roll my windows down ♪ >> florida georgia line takes over central park live. check out how they roll only on "good morning america's" summer concert series presented by
8:46 am
claritin. ♪ suddenly i see >> check this out. we are living large inside this tiny house. here i am right on the corner of wee and tinytown. this one is a demo so you can get a good look. a sleeping loft but homes like this are where people really live year round. the new reality series "tiny house nation" is where you can find them. here's a look at a tiny living trend. ♪ from tiny dogs to tiny cars, even tiny "gma" anchors. >> let's get a look at the weather from ginger. >> and now tiny homes. >> it's your new home. >> beautiful. >> oh, my god. >> the tiny trend is growing so fast there's even a tv show about pint-sized palaces. tiny house nation so what's the big deal? >> basically makes you feel like james bond because you have things that fold out of the wall. everybody likes to show off their gadgets. >> oh, my gosh. >> tim and shannon's 210-square-foot studio features a dog crate island.
8:47 am
>> for the dog. >> dog food. >> so cute. >> you like to have guests so what we did was make this actually leaf out. now it turns into your kitchen table. >> this is awesome. >> normally this would be a bedroom. we managed to fit the bed underneath your office. >> they say their tiny home doesn't feel cramped. >> like i hate to even call this a tiny house because it's really not that tiny. >> with a full kitchen, living space, music studio and sleeping loft it's practically spacious. >> one of the best things about tiny house living is the freedom that it provides you. >> for the kassel family the decision to downside was easy. >> we value our experiences together as a family more than our possessions. >> the hardest part, getting rid of stuff. >> it's gotten easier and easier to get rid of all the excess and now it's really exciting. >> reporter: aside from purging material possessions, the key to successful small living is all about creativity. >> use the vertical space and furniture that does more than
8:48 am
one thing and storage. all about storage. >> gram, how is it going? >> that's something graham hill nows all too well in his micro manhattan apartment. >> it transforms into five or six different rooms. so it's a living room. it's the office. it's a master bedroom. >> living proof that good things come in small packages. >> okay. i'm getting sold. i don't know about you. let me show you a little something. we have a real tiny house owned by dan lushay of atlanta. we've got just a little something to show you. hello. look at this. so you sleep up top here. it has a very cabin feel inside and you've got a bathroom. like it's an actual stand-up shower. your toilet. you have that small mini kitchen. everything is so cute and someone really uses this home. he was nice enough to let us borrow it. little kitchen has plenty of room to cook and look at this. we even have some tiny cupcakes. they're delicious. i love it so we're really
8:49 am
celebrating all tiny things but it does make you think like could we do this and we thought why not because it's getting a little stuffy. let a little air in here and there's an actual window. of course, isn't that nice? this is such a beautiful place. lightning is perfect. chandeliers in the other -- i think you could dress them up and see a whole lot more because we want to tell you that show is on fyi network. you can join us for that tiny trend and see a whole lot more. we want to thank our friends at melissa's bakery for that tiny little cupcake. you can see that show again. fyi network wednesdays on fyi. i haven't even had an idea -- i want to come out here one more time. look at this thing. baked by melissa. had the tiny cupcakes and we have the tiny houses right in times square. we'll see you soon. right back here on "gma." ♪ makes me feel like i could be a tower ♪ hey ca sure... you bet! that's our new interactive speaker wall.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by listerine, power to your mouth. we appreciate everyone joining us for a special edition of "gma." celebrating robin williams' life. we're going to leave you this morning with some very special words from his amazing performances. have a good day. >> it's not your fault.
8:53 am
it's not your fault. >> why can't we treat death with a certain amount of humanity and god forbid maybe even humor. death is not the enemy, gentleman. >> you are my life. i apologize for every time i failed you, especially this one. >> i can also tell by the way you treated me so far and the way you carry out your job you're a good man. good husband and father and man who appreciates his good fortune. you're not the type of father who would cheat on his wife or hurt his family, betray their trust. >> i love you. i love you. and i think you're the greatest
8:54 am
thing since spice racks and i'd be knocked out several types if i could just have that first kiss and i won't -- i won't be distant. i'll come back in the morning and i'll call you if you let me. >> it is very simple. he can do wonders when he's wearing his magic gloves. if his wife is sad he touches her with his gloves and he's happy. if his children are crying, he toughs them and he smiles but he can't feel them. he yearns to feel. he can even hold off death with his magic gloves but he can't feel life. >> it's work, play, friendship. family. these are the things that matter. this is what we've forgotten. ♪
8:55 am
♪ ♪ >> thank you, boys. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> whoa! thank you, all. thank you. good night. whoo! [ applause ] >> good night. [ applause ]
8:56 am
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. memorials and tributes continue to pour in today for robin williams. an autopsy is scheduled for today after the 63-year-old was found dead in his home yesterday, an apparent suicide. the sheriff's office plans to release more information at 11:00 this morning at a news conference. here's mike with the weather forecast. >> sum ears back, at least on this side of the bay. san francisco giants taking on the sox, 62 at 7:15, dropping down to 59. it will be breezy. there are your temperatures, mid-60s to low 80s. leyla? good conditions on the golden gate bridge as you're coming in from marin toward san francisco. no accidents to report. as we take you right over to
9:00 am
this, we do have an accident and it is causing some delays there, northbound 680. kristen? >> ley >> all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now, here are michael strahan and whitney cummings! [cheers and applause]


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