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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 23, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, weather alert. good morning, america. this morning, weather alert. summer super soaker, fierce storms turning parking lots into lakes, stranding cars and waterlogging entire neighborhoods and more torrential rain is on the way. who gets it next? isis threat to the u.s. homeland security and the fbi sending a bulletin to state and local law enforcement to be on guard for an attack by the militant terrorist group. are there jihadist sympathizers here? >> everybody, stick their hands out the window. caught on camera. pulled over by police, a terrified mom handcuffed. >> what is wrong? >> four young children scared for their lives as guns are pointed at them. why they were stopped and why police are making no apologies this morning. and muscle man.
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the amazingly talented hugh jackman pumping some real iron. the wolverine's beastly feat in the gym with the video evidence, so how much can he lift? ♪ you make we want to say hugh jackman. who knew? >> how about that? >> yeah. he's impressive. >> good way to start our saturday morning. right? >> for some of us at the very least. others may feel insufficient. >> right here. >> good morning. at the beginning of a rough weekend weatherwise for millions of americans, look at this, hail in kansas, and as if this were not unpleasant enough, it was accompanied by 60-mile-an-hour winds. >> wow. and check out this guy going nowhere fast. that is alex ball of burbank, illinois, poor soul realizing that a boat probably would have
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been a lot more practical. >> absolutely true, and we're going to begin with the latest on the extreme weather and linzie janis is on the story. >> good morning, dan. heavy rain triggered flash flooding across the midwest and further south into kentucky and west virginia leaving entire towns underwater. one part of indiana getting nearly 11 inches of rain in just 24 hours. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: overnight lightning and heavy rains brought floods to kentucky where high school football games were postponed. fields like this one submerged. >> holy cow. >> reporter: in west virginia, motorists battled floods of their own. waters turning streets into rivers. downpours in an already saturated area making this street almost impassable. residents wading through muddy waters. flooding also plaguing the midwest. in indiana, a mobile home community swallowed by knee high waters. entire streets turned into lakes and in illinois, waist high water closing streets and flooding neighborhoods.
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residents dealing with water in their homes and in their cars. it was giant hail wreaking havoc in kansas as this major storm brought 60-mile-per-hour winds. and in colorado, drivers slowly making their way down flooded streets. storm drains at capacity as all that water has nowhere to go. and there is more rain coming. these storms now headed north to the dakotas and to minnesota. >> more unpleasantness on this weekend. thank you very much, linzie. appreciate it. >> thanks. and tracking the story is meteorologist jason nicholas from our abc station wews, good morning, jason. great to have you here. >> hey, paula, great to be here and good morning to you. we had the flooding rains yesterday. the good news is those areas that were hit so hard yesterday, indiana into portions of eastern kentucky and west virginia, a break today, however, no break as we head farther out west, the northern plains, the northern rockies, 2 to 3 inches of rain possible today. severe weather also possible.
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check it out here in the bull's-eye, we're talking about the dakotas, also into western sections of minnesota, the chances are there for strong winds, some hail, even an isolated tornado. and, hey, we're in the middle of our tropical season across the atlantic. you wouldn't know it. only two named storms. this here could be number three, cristobal. take a look at our forecast models on this. they do diverge just a bit, but it's still early in the game but nonetheless it's worth watching heading into tomorrow and into early next week all the way from the outer banks to the florida keys. nation's weather in a few. dan. >> worth watching, indeed. could be trouble brewing. thank you. now to the urgent fears of a handful of american families this morning. their loved ones being held hostage by isis. the jihadist group that beheaded james foley. with foley's brother now saying the white house didn't do enough to save him, the administration is hinting it may now expand the fight against isis, and abc's jon karl is with the president on martha's vineyard this morning. jon, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan,
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the white house is now calling the killing of james foley a terrorist attack on the united states as the president is weighing options to step up the fight against isis. u.s. warplanes hit isis targets near iraq's mosul dam friday even as the terrorists who executed jim foley are threatening to kill more american hostages in retaliation. u.s. officials tell abc news the group is holding at least three americans including steven sotloff, who isis threatened to kill next in the video it posted earlier this week. in an exclusive interview with katie couric for yahoo! news, foley's siblings talk about the last hate-filled e-mail the family received from his captors just 11 days ago saying "today our swords are unsheathed towards you, government and citizens alike, and we will not stop until we quench our thirst for your blood." >> i don't even understand where that type of hate comes from. >> reporter: foley's brother michael said the u.s. did not do enough. >> the united states could have
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done more on behalf of the western and american hostages over there and still dealt with the broader worldwide issues. >> i can assure you that we have done everything that we can possibly do to try to bring home our hostages. tragically we weren't able to rescue mr. foley, but we're going to keep trying for all of our hostages. >> reporter: the one thing the the united states government will do not, however, is pay ransom. >> the u.s. government stays absolutely committed to the notion we will not provide funding to terrorist organizations. >> reporter: european governments, in contrast, have paid an estimated $165 million to terrorist groups since 2008. well, all u.s. air strikes so far and there have been 93 of them over the past two weeks have been on isis targets in iraq. the president is now considering hitting isis targets in syria, as well. as one of his top advisers said, paula, we're not going to be restricted by borders.
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>> all right, jon karl with the president today, thank you very much, jon. so what does this mean here at home? an urgent bulletin has gone out to police forces across the country to be on alert for possible isis attacks. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas joining us from washington. and, pierre, has a legitimate threat been made? >> reporter: good morning, paula. no specific threat has been identified, but what they're concerned about is that the likelihood that isis has sympathizers here in the u.s., so-called lone wolves. more than 100 americans have gone to join forces with radicals in iraq and syria. my sources believe that this proves there's clearly a pool of people here in the u.s. who identify with these foreign fighters, and that could be dangerous. >> you mentioned those lone wolves, and what is the biggest concern about that group? >> reporter: these are people the government may not have identified who could just be watching the events unfold from iraq and not be officially tied to isis at all. they could come out of nowhere. paula. >> all right, pierre thomas, thank you for that report this morning.
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>> such a scary threat. a lot of other news developing overnight and for that, as always, we turn to mr. ron claiborne. good morning, sir. >> good morning to you, mr. dan harris. paula faris and sara haines, good morning, everyone. we start with an overnighting shooting in a concert in san francisco, california. shots fired backstage at the shoreline amphitheater where the rapper wiz khalifa was performing. one person was hit multiple times and taken to a nearby hospital. people are looking for any witnesses who may have more information about that. they believe the suspect is a male in his early 20s and was dressed in all black. and in ferguson, missouri, a grand jury has been selected to look into the killing of michael brown. 3 members -- 3 of the 12 members of that grand jury are black. the others are white. by gender, seven men, five women. the st. louis county prosecutor bob mcculloch expects it to take the grand jury several weeks, he says, to decide whether to file criminal charges criminal charges against officer darren wilson who allegedly shot and killed brown. and, meanwhile, there were peaceful protests friday night.
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no arrests made there in ferguson. and an explosion rocks an ohio town. fire and smoke filling the air in the village of evendale, that's outside of cincinnati, where a grain elevator exploded on friday. the loud boom coming from a facility owned by a global food company. no one was injured in that explosion. the cause is under investigation. and now overseas, where tensions are rising between russia and ukraine, again. more than 260 russian humanitarian trucks are now headed back home to russia. this comes after ukraine says the trucks crossed the border into ukraine without permission from the ukrainians. suspecting that they could be used by russia to smuggle supplies for rebel fighters. the u.s. and nato are condemning the trucks entering ukraine. and police in west virginia say a routine highway accident turned into a scary discovery. guns and ammunition, even ieds as well as several chickens were found in this suv after it crashed. the -- i know, odd. huh? >> yeah.
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>> the driver, 21-year-old seth grimm, lost control when this dog attempted to jump out of the window. grimm allegedly made anti-government remarks on the scene. he's been arraigned, and bail was set at $25,000. this is something you don't find in your backyard every day. it's a piece of a commercial airplane that landed in the yard of a long island home. the piece of sheet metal is labeled a380, which means an airbus 380, a0380, and has printed instructions for maintenance on a wing strut. the faa is looking into that matter. and finally, a big birthday for a fluffy little panda. bao bao, the baby -- bao bao means baby or darling in chinese, aisle told. >> ah. >> at the smithsonian's national zoo celebrating her first birthday. caretakers have tracked her growth over the past year from a scrawny 4.5 ounces as a cub, now a playful 40-pound bear and growing. giant pandas are endangered. less than 2,000 remain.
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there's a big event happening later. it's called lucky draw where bao bao will select among various items that she chooses to foretell something about her future. stay tuned for that. >> thank you, bao bao. you said that means darling. right? that's what we call ron. >> that's ron's new name. >> bao bao. bao bao. >> all right. i'm going to change subjects now. we have an extraordinary and perhaps for many of you infuriating piece of video to show you this morning. here it is. a law-abiding mom pulled over by police and cuffed with four little kids in the car. guns drawn. children scared out of their minds. and it was all mistake apparently so why no apologies? abc's michelle franzen is on the story. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, dan. even though police called the harrowing incident a big mistake, officers say their actions were justified given they were following up on reports a driver was waving a gun outside a window on a highway, and that is where this troubling mistake involving the texas mom began. >> driver, let me see your hands. everybody stick their hands out
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the window. >> reporter: this shocking dash cam video shows a young mother being pulled over at gunpoint. kametra barbara was driving four children under the age of 10 home when she was suddenly stopped by police. >> what is wrong? >> i'll tell you in a minute. get in the car. >> my kids. they're 6 and 8 and 10, 9. what are we doing? >> reporter: barbara gets out of the car. moments after being handcuffed, a terrified 6-year-old exits the vehicle with his hands above his head. >> gun down. gun down. come on back here, son. come on back here. you're all right. >> makes me angry all over again. >> reporter: police say that they were responding to a call that a motorist was waving a gun out the driver's side window. >> it is going to be a beige or tan-colored toyota occupied by four black males. >> we got a complaint of a vehicle matching your description and your license plate pointing a gun out the window. >> reporter: the big problem, the car's descriptions don't match.
7:13 am
>> i drive a nissan maxima that is burgundy red. >> reporter: police soon realized they had the wrong car. >> do they look young to you? >> they do to me. >> reporter: and tried to calm the terrified kids down. >> no, i'm scared. >> it's okay. >> no, are we going to jail? >> no, no one is going to jail. >> everyone is fine now. >> reporter: police say they responded appropriately for what they believe was a dangerous situation. >> for the nature of the call that a weapon was involved, yes. >> reporter: barbara says she understands they were making quick decisions, but she's still upset. >> make sure that you have all the facts because it doesn't -- you can't just say, okay, i'm sorry and then i'm over it. >> that understanding mom, of course, she says she and her kids are still not over it and watching the video every time, she says, makes her angry and upset all over again. understandably. >> i can imagine. it's infuriating to watch the kids with their hands up. really tough to watch. >> and screaming. >> very troubling. >> thanks, michelle. >> thank you, michelle. now we have a new warning for parents this morning after we saw this shocking video out of texas. it shows a child being rescued
7:14 am
from a car on a steamy houston day. the mom was in a store shopping. now, we have heard about several of these cases this summer and we're so happy to have mariana atencio from our sister network fusion on the story this morning. good morning. >> it's a pleasure to be with you. parents nowadays have so much going on, so many distractions, errands, this morning the case out of houston should serve as a reminder to moms and dads, thank god this baby is all right, but it only takes a few minutes for the summer heat to turn deadly. overnight this boy crying found locked in a car in a houston mall parking lot. concerned security guards rushing to help the infant, pushing the slightly open window down just enough to unlock the suv door. his mom later came out of this store. she is seen begging for her son. this morning she's behind bars charged with child abandonment. she has not yet entered a plea. this incident occurring just a
7:15 am
day after a new twist in the connecticut hot car death of 15-month-old benjamin setiz. >> come to mommy. >> reporter: his death now ruled a homicide. authorities from the medical examiner's office confirming to abc news the baby boy suffered hyperthermia caused by environmental exposure. >> ben was an angel. he honestly laughed every day, smiled every day. he was just a joy in our life. >> reporter: the toddler's dad kyle was supposed to drop him off at day care but forgot, instead leaving his son inside a sweltering car, even reportedly driving back to the day care to pick up his son before discovering his body. no charges have been filed against mr. seitz. >> homicide just means the death of one person at the hands of another. that's not always a crime, and if the authorities here believe this was just a horrible mistake, he may not be charged. >> reporter: benjamin's mom lindsay now fighting to warn other parents. >> we're definitely not going to give up, even if it's something as simple as being there for
7:16 am
other parents. >> reporter: and lindsay's story can really happen to anyone. paula, according to a study by, 14% of parents, 14% have admitted to accidentally leaving their kids unattended in a hot car. >> and that's just those who have admitted it. you know, parents, we get so distracted and think this will never happen to us. a great piece of advice someone gave me once, put something in the backseat that you know you have to retrieve whether it's your wallet, your purse, a flip phone just to make sure that baby is safe. >> makes a lot of sense. >> yes. >> thank you for that piece of advice. the more we keep talking about this, the more awareness we'll raise. >> great story and great to have you with us this weekend. we should say that mariana is on every night on our sister network fusion. it's a joint venture of abc and univision's, which she tells me is correctly pronounced univision. >> very good. >> very good. >> i love to hear that. >> way to go. >> yeah. i'll be here speaking in spanish all weekend. check your cable listings for more. [ speaking a foreign language ] moving on now.
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[ speaking a foreign language ] there is an old expression, when elephants fight, it's the grass that suffers, but this morning some corporate behemoths are doing battle and us little guys -- we're the grass in this analogy -- are actually benefiting. your wireless bill may be going down, and abc's rebecca jarvis explains. >> reporter: call them a casualty of the fierce competition for your mobile phone business. >> welcome to the framily, dad. >> i've been hearing good things about sprint network. >> reporter: sprint ditching the so-called framily plan and now in place of that talking hamster. >> no dropped calls. better call quality. >> it's fast, right? >> reporter: launching a price war to lure customers away from rivals. for $60 a month sprint unveiling unlimited talk, text and data. that's 20 bucks cheaper than the same plan at t-mobile, plus this extra sweetener from sprint, dump the competition and get up to $350 back. >> all the carriers are enemies. they're all competitors
7:18 am
and they're doing everything they can to lock up subscribers. >> reporter: t-mobile fighting back with its own new offer. get a friend to ditch sprint, verizon or at&t, and you both get unlimited lte data for a year for free. >> so much for at&t's best ever family pricing. >> you're not making phone calls anymore. you're sending imessages and you're checking facebook. you're streaming video and that eats up a lot of data, so people are trying to find the best data plan and the best value. >> reporter: the best news about this battle for your business, the winner may actually be you. >> if you live in an area with a good connection from sprint or t-mobile, go with whatever is cheaper and you're going to win out. >> it's unbelievable. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> all right. we are heading into a huge night for a little league team that we've been following now for a long time. they've defied the odds and charmed the pants off of many americans. >> the kids from the south side of chicago, one of the toughest neighborhoods in america, they are playing for the championship in the little league world series. they're up against the
7:19 am
powerhouse team from las vegas, and sara has this story. good morning, sara. >> good morning, guys. yeah, this world series has so many people on the edge of their seats, and one reason this scrappy team from the south side of chicago, so if you like a cinderella story, this is a game you don't want to miss. today to make it into the little league world series final, south central chicago's underdogs from jackie robinson west will have to take down the powerhouse mountain ridge team from las vegas. for these players from one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city of chicago, the little league world series trophy is more than just a prize. it's a beacon of hope. >> it's a good thing to know that kids can do anything. >> reporter: for the first chicago team to make it this far in decades, getting to this pivotal game was no easy task. on august 21st they had to get through another fan favorite team, philadelphia's taney dragons. >> chicago to the united states championship game. >> reporter: their opponents,
7:20 am
this las vegas squad of home run hitters so dominant in their run that they've outscored teams 33-5 in just three games. >> we are going to appear alive. we are going to do some defense, some offense and practice and we're going to get ready for the west. >> reporter: regardless of the outcome, jackie robinson west have already won the hearts of an entire city. >> what they've had to overcome is substantial, the lure of the streets, and they have just embraced baseball the way kids should everywhere in america and they've been successful. >> reporter: they also caught the eye of their namemake jackie robinson's widow, rachel robinson, who wrote to one of the players and said "thank you for upholding the legacy of my husband, jack, through your hard work and excellent teamwork." >> doesn't matter what happens. it matter what happens tonight but these kids are winners. >> they've already won making it this far after 31 years they've won. >> if you want to catch the big game, sara, thank you very much. las vegas versus chicago right here on abc this afternoon at 3:30 eastern. before that, at 12:30 it's south korea and japan, and the two winners will play for it all, the international title
7:21 am
tomorrow. did you get that? >> so they could -- so the kids from chicago could win the u.s. title and the world title. >> yes. >> all right. i'm excited. >> win it all, all the cookies. >> all the cookies. let's make a segue now to weather and the meteorologist from wews jason nicholas, great to have you with us this weekend. what you got? >> dan, great to be with you, as well. you know, it's been a summerless summer for many spots across the east coast, and that will change today. dangerous heat and humidity across the south and east. heat indexes running 100 to 110. so when you combine the air temperature and the humidities, 15 states, heat advisories and heat warnings. there's no heat across the north and east. pleasant weather, our dearth of dog days continues. boston, no 90-degree days so far this month. new york city has seen only four all year. temperatures will slowly warm. take a live look right now. new york city, the big apple they're playing the third round of the barclays today. should be some pretty good weather after morning clouds.
7:22 am
and seasonable weather across the pacific northwest, temperatures in the lower 80s. meanwhile, rain and believe it or not, mountain snows across northern montana, winter weather a look ahead, a warmer across >> another look at your nation's weather coming up next half hour. dan, paula. >> thank you, sir. did you hear him say dearth of dog days? >> that's called alliteration. i love that. coming up on "gma," the baby-sitter who got so fed up with the kids in her care, she did something radical, burning down the house, the security footage that led to an
7:23 am
arrest. plus, gutsy gator hunters. the death-defying mission to wrangle a record reptile. they bagged a 700-pound whopper. >> also alliterative, by the way. >> did you like that? >> yes. >> and rehearsal gone wrong. what happened when nicki minaj did a run-through of her performance for the mtv video music awards ahead in "pop news." >> this went very wrong.
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paralegal by day, alligator hunter by night. >> the alligator queen. >> the alligator queen. >> well, meet these gator hunters on the prowl for -- not gio benitez -- but for the massive monsters in mississippi. there we go with the alliteration again. you won't believe how big these creatures can get. gio benitez goes along for the ride and good morning, america. i'm paula faris. better him than us. >> i was just going to say, this is an assignment i would rather give to the guy with the big biceps. >> so big of you. > so big, yes. that's one way to put it. also coming up, it's going to be tough for many of us to say good-bye to "mad men" when the final show airs soon. it's also tough apparently for the cast and crew. we're going to show you the souvenirs they
7:31 am
took with the one and only sara haines. first the baby-sitter accused of shocking behavior. she's now under arrest down in texas. >> authorities calling her an arsonist claiming that she set fire to the very home where she was employed, apparently upset over the way she was being treated and abc's ryan owens has more. >> reporter: police say this baby-sitter got so annoyed with the preteen girls she had been caring for, she set their bedrooms on fire. 57-year-old martha dreher is charged with arson this morning. glenn williams says she targeted his daughters. >> it was definitely a vendetta against the two girls. >> reporter: the girls were out of town with their dad so no one was hurt. dreher worked for the family for a couple of months. she denies setting the fire but tells investigators she was tired of dealing with the girls and wanted to quit. >> and she said that it was horrible, that the girls -- my oldest had been very disrespectful. >> reporter: detectives say these surveillance cameras caught her driving up to the empty house in austin, texas, earlier this month, then leaving 20 minutes later.
7:32 am
with flames visible from the girls' bedroom windows. hours later, the girls' older brother came home. >> my son adam came in and said, dad, i just went to the kitchen. there's a lot of smoke. >> reporter: dreher has pleaded not guilty, and her attorney said she had no reason to lash out at those girls. >> the thing that we are going to be pushing for in addition to obviously lie detector tests and everything else that we can do to prove her innocence is evidence. >> reporter: meanwhile, glenn williams is gutting his historic 90-year-old home but repairing that is easy compared to explaining to his daughters that their baby-sitter is now an accused arsonist. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, los angeles. >> domestic situation going very, very wrong. >> and the one thing you always look from your caretaker or nanny or baby-sitter, trustworthiness. >> absolutely. a lot of other news overnight.
7:33 am
we're going to take another look at the headlines and for that we turn it over to the man we know by his mandarin name bao bao. >> just call me bao bao. hi again, dan and paula. and sara, good morning, everyone. in the news, the white house is calling the execution of american journalist james foley a terrorist act against the united states. this as the president is weighing options to step up the fight against the islamist group isis which executed foley. u.s. warplanes hit isis targets near iraq's mosul dam on friday. isis is threatening to kill more american hostages in retaliation for those american air strikes. and take a look at this. a large explosion in the middle of the air. spacex. a private space agency founded by billionaire entrepreneur elon musk was performing a test flight friday night in texas when things didn't go quite as planned. >> not really. >> not really. the test of the three-engine rocket was pushing the limits of the vehicle further or farther than any previous test. there were no injuries, however. and an important recall to tell you about. more than 2 million bean bag chairs that are sold on amazon
7:34 am
and at walmart stores are now being recalled. the reason, children could, could become trapped inside and suffocate. the bean bag chairs are being blamed for the deaths of two children. and finally, sara, an unbee-lievabe story. >> yes! >> right here in new york city, 50,000 bees, 50,000 discovered living in an apartment in queens. the woman said she noticed a few bees in her home and given no thought to it. it was a neighbor, a friendly neighbor or adversarial neighbor who finally complained to the building's manager which led to the discovery. beekeepers -- look at that -- removed the bees and their 17 honeycombs. they, the bees, not the people who live there will be relocated outside the city on a farm. >> that's a honey machine. >> isn't that amazing? >> does she get to keep any of the honey? >> she does not. she said she -- get this, she said she misses the bees already. >> she misses the bees. >> she misses the bees. >> the low hum helped her fall asleep at night. >> who knows? >> a lot of white noise there. >> i don't know how you miss 50,000 bees in your home but it happened. >> yeah. >> allegedly happened. >> that's an unbee-lievable
7:35 am
story. >> unbee-lievable. >> wow. >> that was for you, sara. >> so bad. i'm so sorry. i apologize. >> there's no -- >> i thought it was funny. >> you did, ron? >> maybe jason nicholas can help us recover. >> maybe not. >> un-beelievably not, no. here's what's going on now across the south and east, we do have showers and thunderstorms of. temperatures in the 80s and nice. how about charleston, south carolina, 99 yesterday and 99 possibly today. that's the warmest air they've seen in more than two years. 46 how about a live look now? myrtle beach looking live, the grand strand ocean boulevard. temperatures today there along the coast near 90. but all eyes are on the topics. cristobal could form as early as monday into tuesday affecting the south and east. rough surf the big story here across the southwest. temperatures in the 70s and 80s and because of the tropical systems across the pacific, we'll watch for those high seas across southern california. the midwest, our absent summer continues. no 90-degree days for chicago. so far this month only three this year.
7:36 am
normally they'd have had 14 by this time of the year. slowly though, the heat, the humidity will >> and that weather report brought to you by target. back to the desk. >> stick around, jason. we are going alligator hunting coming up next. >> was that your deep voice? >> that was my deep, serious voice coming up on "gma." in the water, in the dead of night and on the hunt for giant alligators lurking in the waters, our gio benitez going for the ride. and a snake surprise. nicki minaj's rehearsal at the video music awards not what she expected all up ahead in "pop news." >> and we promise there will be some news without reptiles in
7:37 am
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like the vmas? well, leave it to "gma." >> "gma" goes vma. >> say it again. >> "gma" goes vma.
7:41 am
>> "gma" goes vma. >> plus, a mega-announcement from prince monday on abc's "good morning america." >> oh. look at this. alligator hunters down south trolling the waters for giant beasts of the bayou landing huge record-setting monsters like this 15-foot-long creature caught in alabama. last weekend. >> it doesn't even look real but it is. >> it is. >> how much did it weigh? >> according to the teleprompter, it weighed over a thousand pounds, paula. >> and the people searching for these gators in the dead of night, they aren't letting anything stop them. abc's gio benitez went along for the ride. >> reporter: it's midnight deep in the dark waters of the mississippi delta, and we're along for the final 48 hours of this record-breaking alligator hunting season. meet beth trammell and her family of unusual gator hunters. they caught this 723-pounder. and just an hour later, dustin bachmann and his team wrangled this one, four pounds heavier, so on this night we hit the
7:42 am
pitch black swamps of mississippi with that ordinary suburban family turned reptile wranglers. >> beth, you're a paralegal by day, alligator hunter by night. >> the alligator queen. >> reporter: the alligator queen. for the next three hours of chasing, the trammells would spot gators, but they'd disappear underwater as soon as they spotted us. i saw his eyes, those red eyes. >> come on, buddy. come on up. >> reporter: at about five feet long, some people might be wondering why do you do this? >> we eat the meat. i don't see any difference between the prepackaged meat in the grocery store. >> reporter: in fact, with that giant catch from last week, >> jerk the line. >> reporter: enough to last months. and that record breaker dustin bachmann, the battle would go on for hours. >> i got it. let it go. stop. >> reporter: an 11-foot monster
7:43 am
captured right in front of our cameras. >> we set out tonight with hopes of catching an alligator. it's really hard to get one. i just enjoy being out here and love doing it. >> reporter: for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, the mississippi delta. >> speechless. well, coming up on "good morning america," from one beast to another, hugh jackman's secret to that superhero bod. it's all coming up in "pop news" with the one, the only sara haines. >> that's me. >> that's her. ara haines. >> that's me. >> that's her. ♪ intense joint pain that got worse and worse. then my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. enbrel helps relieve pain and stop joint damage. i've been on the course and on the road. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region
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♪ >> we got a drummer over here. >> you know that when ron starts tapping on his coffee mug, it's time for "pop news." >> time for sara. and a slithering snake stole the show during nicki minaj's rehearsal for her appearance on this weekend's mtv video music
7:48 am
awards. tmz reports the reptile took a bite out of one of nicki's dancers, which is why you should never dance with snakes while she was performing her hit "anaconda." the snake was said to be nonvenomous but the dancer was taken to the hospital as a precaution and no word on whether it, the snake, of course, will be performing in sunday night's show. plus i've always wanted to do this. breaking pop news, this just in, another mishap. this one involving iggy azalea. the singer in a slightly less than fancy move -- sorry for the pun -- falling off the stage. >> oh, no. >> during a benefit concert for the vmas but she proved herself ever the trouper, barely missing a beat and going on singing. >> she is so fancy. >> she is fancy. the snake was my favorite. didn't we learn from britney spears. i mean, you don't -- >> you'd think. >> -- carry reptiles on stage but britney did it very well. hugh jackman is keeping that wolverine body of his in crazy and the superhero pulling off some major moves just like dan harris during some grueling training sessions while filming his new movie "pan" produced by disney, which
7:49 am
is the parent company of abc. you can see him there. >> oh. >> do you know who that is? >> that's him deadlifting nearly 400 pounds. two ron claibornes. >> why doesn't he have hair? what's going on? >> well, the actor is sporting a shaved head and heavy facial scruff for his role as blackbeard in that movie coming up. >> i could deadlift like 100 pounds probably. >> but would you shave your head and grow -- >> no. >> -- a goatee? >> that's tomorrow in "pop news." >> talking about anacondas, you seen these? >> because you don't want none. really? >> that's what i'm saying. >> "mad men" will always be remembered for its incredible period clothing and furniture. well, the cast and crew took that to heart on the final week of shooting actually snapping up some serious souvenirs. creator matthew winer took don draper's clio, the one you remember he broke on his desk and he took roger sterling's bar because it was the happiest bar in the show and elisabeth moss who plays copyrighter peggy olsen snagged the ring she wore in every
7:50 am
single episode, the red thermos she took from show to show and her beloved typewriter. how cool. >> i'm going to miss that show. >> i am just catching up now so i cannot wait -- >> and when does the season start to air? >> it's soon. i don't actually know. >> love when i get to ask sara haines a question that she doesn't know. >> next year. >> it's next -- i think it's next year for the last episode. >> yeah. >> why do you -- >> don't -- >> seriously. >> a mad woman -- >> dan, this is one -- if dog is man's best friend, how do you explain this parrot? check out vito the macaw who is just -- >> dan. >> he just loves to follow his owner on his motorcycle until greece. this is a macaw which is a parrot. a colorful bird. riding along. >> he's videotaping it on his motorcycle while he's doing it. >> well, he has someone on the back and i think he has a gopro. you don't drive and shoot at the same time ever ever. >> it's a good idea. >> the two apparently do this all the time. macaws can fly up to 30 miles an hour. this guy obviously has a need for speed. this video goes on for six some minutes and the bird just keeps
7:51 am
going side to side and coming close. it's so cool. >> it's beautiful. >> almost looks real too, huh. >> that's what taking your pet for a walk looks like when you have a bird rather than a chihuahua. >> got you. >> what do your chihuahuas do on a walk? >> prance, prance, prance, go right back inside. it's a short walk. >> mommy, i can handle it. >> that's why i got the little ones. we don't take too much activity. >> fair enough. much more on sara haines' pet life after we come back and i'll look up on the google when "mad men's" final season finally airs. >> the google. >> the google. google when idea mad men's" final season finally airs. >> the google. >> the google. because the best moments in life aren't experienced from the sidelines. now there's nothing holding you back. this is nexium level protection™. the #1 prescribed acid-blocking brand now without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection™, available at walmart and sam's club.
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7:56 am
so we put sara in the unfortunate position of asking her a question she didn't know the answer to but now you do know. >> yeah, because of the google. >> what's the answer? >> thanks, googs. >> it starts in january 2015. >> spring. >> the spring of 2015. nobody explained spring to me. thank you. >> we'll be back with more "gma."
7:57 am
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>> announcer: live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. good morning, i'm katie marzulo, it's 8:00 a.m. on saturday, so glad you're with us, we'll start off with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> we're starting off with live doppler 7 hd, our sweep on top of mount st. helena this morning, check out this cool shot from the exploratorium camera, you can see the clouds and the sunlight trying to break through, it will, and we should have increasing sunshine in the city. 61 right now with sunny skies in san jose. it's 60 in gilroy. half moon bay, 59 degrees and we're looking at a temperature change of about three degrees in our inland


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