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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 25, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> brand-new video coming in after that massive quake devastates much of napa and the wine country. roads ripped wide open, homes on fire, more than 200 injured, thousands of broken bottles and more aftershocks causing fear at this hour. sudden and suprise freedom by an american journalist held by al-qaeda. they are about to launch raids in london, closing in on the man who executed james foley. it happened again. another security breach on the brooklyn bridge. how did this 24-year-old get passed security and scale the bridge? why he says he did it. ♪ from "bang bang" to beyoncé, women rule music's hottest
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night. ♪ >> ariana with a problem, taylor shaking it off in a show-stopping moment. >> welcome to my world. >> but queen bey steals the show. as the "vmas" turn into the show. as the "vmas" turn into the bmas. and good morning, america. happy monday. only one person in the world can upstage beyoncé, there she is right there, blue ivy. with a little "yeah, mommy," last night. what a way to end that show. just incredible. >> such a sweet family moment. then, miley cyrus also engineered her own statement when she sent a young, homeless
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man to the stage to accept her video of the year award as she looked on with tears in her eyes. what a difference a year makes. >> very classy. could do a lot of good. but we want to get right to the state of emergency in northern california after the biggest earthquake to hit the san francisco bay area in 20 -- 25 years, measuring 6.0. we have full team coverage, starting with cecilia vega in napa. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning. the governor declared a state of emergency, and downtown napa hit the hardest. just take a look at this. this building behind me, this was a law office and a wine bar. this morning, a pile of rubble with chunks of that building just dangling precariously here. 3:20 a.m. sunday, the quake strikes in the dead of night, the earth-shattering moment caught on surveillance video, shaking people out of bed, and rocking cars and buildings. >> i woke up and thought, oh, my god, this is it. this is the big one. >> reporter: these store shelves thrashed around before the power
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goes out. seconds later, the shaking is over, but the chaos has just begun. the monster 6.0 quake, the worst to hit the bay area in 25 years. fires rage in the scenic tourist town of napa. more than a dozen buildings in the historic downtown ravaged. shattered glass, cars buried in brick, and roads ripped wide open. >> the ceiling is crushed. the whole store is like that on the other side. >> reporter: the control tower windows at napa county airport, completely blown out. and this clock frozen in time, marking the moment the quake hit. >> the glass from the mirrors put shards and fragments everywhere. >> reporter: more than 200 people were taken to local hospitals, including a 13-year-old boy in serious condition after being hit by falling debris. >> a fireplace collapsed in the home. >> reporter: power knocked out
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for thousands, and more than 30 buildings and homes deemed too dangerous to go inside. >> stay away from buildings that look like they're leaning. >> reporter: and this morning, those allowed in, stunned by the damage. >> all the apartments pretty much look like this. >> reporter: but as the cleanup begins, so too does the fear of economic devastation as countless images emerge of the area's famed wine and olive oil stock now left in pieces on the floor and shovelled into dumpsters. authorities say this could have been so much worse. had this happened in the middle of the afternoon this building here, these streets would have been packed full of people. the price tag from the damage could top a billion dollars. >> still counting. thanks very much. you saw the fires. at least half a dozen. they spread quickly, snapping gas lines, hitting a mobile home park. abc's neal karlinsky is at one of those destroyed mobile home parks in napa. good morning, neal.
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>> reporter: that's right, it didn't just collapse buildings, it sparked fires like the one that absolutely ravaged these to give you a sense of how hot it was, melting these garbage cans next door like candles and sending residents running. at the napa valley mobile home park, this was the fiery scene just moments after the quake hit, forcing residents to fight for their lives. >> the fire just exploded. it was frightening, terrifying. >> reporter: the quake snapping gas lines, sparking a fire so hot, some people weren't sure they'd make it out. >> the earth moved, the house moved. >> reporter: four of these homes burned to the ground. another half dozen were damaged. the damage compounded by the fact that the quake also ruptured water lines, leaving firefighters struggling to find a way to put the fires out. >> we do have two swimming pools here in the community, and they were able to siphon water out of the pool into their truck and come back several times to fight
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the fire behind my house. >> reporter: homeowners bill and teresa still shaken as they faced cameras, lost everything but the clothes on their backs. >> we really didn't know what happened. the house was already on fire. it was hard to get out. it was scary. >> we lost everything. >> yeah, we lost everything. >> but we're not everything, honey, not everything. >> reporter: fortunately, everyone made it out of here alive. power and water were out for a time, they are now being restored. lara. >> all right, neal, thank you. and this quake appears to have hit along the dortmund fault line. they're now concerned it could trigger a bigger quake along the major fault lines in the area. ginger is here with us to explain how that works. sounds like a real concern. >> absolutely. i think it helps to see it on map. the san andreas fault is closer to the coast.
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this happened they think along the west napa fault, it's only 20 miles long, and this quake only ran half of it. it could have been so much worse. the west napa fault is part of a network of fault lines, they are concerned this is a precursor for a lot more activity. we have seen more than 150 earthquakes in the last 24 hours. you can see some aftershocks for up to seven days after, george, go up to 5.0 magnitude. the threat not over. >> thanks very much. and the latest now on the american journalist freed this morning after being held in syria for two years by a terrorist group. this comes as officials say they are closing in on the identity of james foley's killer. brian ross is here with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, george. even with the release of that one hostage in syria, at least three more americans remain in the hands of isis. but this morning any good news out of syria is very much welcome. >> my name is peter theo
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curtis -- >> reporter: until his release was announced on sunday, the kidnapping of peter theo curtis of boston had not been revealed. his only good fortune was that he was held by al qaeda in syria and not by terrorist group isis, who seems more interested in revenge than ransom with its american hostages. >> this is a game of revenge, and revenge is sweet to them, and they want to take it. we are, in their minds, the worst people on the face of the earth. >> reporter: today, this section of london will be the focus of british and u.s. authorities looking to track the isis recruit who killed foley. >> the british authorities have identified the key suspect and over the next couple of days, they're going to carry out raids in london. because, for them, the key question is not only who is he, but also, where in syria is he? >> reporter: whoever he is, authorities believe the killer is somewhere near the syrian city of raqqah, the isis
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stronghold and command center, and the location of the unsuccessful u.s. raid to rescue the hostages. u.s. authorities continue to be concerned that with their safe haven, isis will develop the ability to launch attacks on the u.s. mainland. >> and there are external operations, i believe, under way. they would love nothing more than to hit the united states of america. >> reporter: this morning, the family of that released american hostage, peter theo curtis, says he will be heading back to the u.s. as soon as he's ready to travel. george? >> okay, brian, thanks very much. and now, we turn to the strange and scary situation on an american airlines flight, on its way from dallas to san diego when fighter jets were scrambled. and the flight was diverted to phoenix. all of these part of a threat made on twitter involving the president of sony online entertainment. abc's david kerley is at reagan international with the details. good morning, david. >> reporter: lara, this attack seems to be connected, this cyberattack, on a gaming network
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with this social media bomb threat against a jet. the question this morning is why. passengers finally home after their nonstop flight made an emergency stop. >> there were police everywhere, dogs. rumors of terrorists. people in the back freaking out. >> reporter: the american airlines jet heading from dallas to san diego told to land immediately in phoenix. >> emergency 62 will need visual aid. >> 362, clear to land. >> reporter: this is the plane, in phoenix sunday, and according to two sources, it was shadowed by two fighter jets as it made that landing. a passenger tweeting pictures from the tarmac. >> they took us off the plane, and searched our luggage with dogs, and then gave us our onboard luggage back. >> reporter: and scrambling because of this tweet, our sources say, from a purported hacker group called lizard squad. saying, quote, we have been receiving reports,
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explosives on flight 362. please look into it. this tweet specifically mentioning jay smedley's plane. that's john smedley. he didn't want to talk -- >> i don't to want talk. >> reporter: he did tweet. yes, my plane was diverted. justice will find these guys. >> there is a process that the airlines use, fbi, law enforcement will use, tsa will use to vet each one of these threats. >> reporter: the lizard squad also claiming to take down the sony playstation network over the weekend. sony releasing a statement, saying its network was overwhelmed with artificially high traffic, denying service to some users. we asked sony why they might have been targeted, we didn't get answer. and the fbi is investigating this case. lara, the hacker group now says it is targeting the vatican. >> all right. thank you so much. and right to amy for the other top stories this morning. good morning.
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good morning, and we begin with new video overnight of a fast-moving wildfire now threatening more than 500 homes and businesses in north california. at least one building already up in flames in the historic town of weaverville. at least 150 homes evacuated, and nearby roads are closed. school cancelled today. crews have struggled to contain this fire because of the steep terrain, heavy winds and dry conditions. well, for the second time in a month, police here in new york are investigating a security breach at the brooklyn bridge. officers arrested this man who walked past security, and climbed the tower, walking across one of the cable beams. he says he just wanted to take pictures. but he now is facing criminal charges. it was barely a month ago that two german artists climbed the bridge and replaced the flags. more than 2,000 people are expected to pack into a st. louis church today for the funeral of michael brown, shot by a police officer more than two weeks ago. abc's steve osunsami has the latest.
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steve, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. the crowds are starting to gather here already for this funeral this morning. 600, 700 people outside this morning. we're told that three representatives from the white house are scheduled to be here today. the officer darren wilson who shot michael brown is in hiding this morning. amy? >> all right, steve osunsami with the latest. thank you. breaking news from virginia, reports that the ft. lee military installation near richmond is on lockdown because of a reported shooting incident. all personnel have been told to follow active shooter protocols. no details have been released. hundreds of military families live there. we'll bring you more information
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as we get those details on this developing story. and before this next story, we should say the young boy you're about to see is okay this morning. but take a look at this. he was playing in the street in china where you see right there an suv drove right over him. he stood up, as you see, walked away. he had a couple of scratches, that's it. amazingly, the suv was high off the ground, and where that little boy was, was right in between the two wheels. we are very thankful he is okay this morning. >> did we get a license plate? >> startling video. and finally, look at who showed up at the beginning of a soccer match. that's a black cat. >> oh, no. >> you can't tell a cat what to do. the cat forced a delay in action. a stadium worker sneaked up and got him. then he held on for a while. the team wound up winning. we believe the hex went to the visitors. and -- black cat -- >> yeah.
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>> excellent conclusion there. >> scientific, actually. thanks for that. it is vma time. and all the music's biggest stars in l.a. last night, beyoncé was there. and it was a night filled with some surprises. and ryan is here with all the highlights. >> beyoncé just flawless. the buzz started at the top of the show, thanks to nicki minaj on a quick change that wasn't quick enough. the "vmas," starting off with a bang. and a wardrobe malfunction. nicki minaj forced to hold her dress shut during her performance. explaining that she ran out of time transitioning from her solo performance of "anaconda." taylor swift creating her own fashion frenzy, with this blue leotard on the red carpet before shaking it off on stage. ♪ shake it off
7:16 am
♪ shake it off >> i want us all to take a moment of silence for mike brown -- >> reporter: there were more serious moments too. rapper common leading a moment of silence following the shooting death of ferguson, missouri, teenager, michael brown. >> miley cyrus! >> reporter: and in a 180 from last year's "vmas" -- >> i am accepting this award -- >> reporter: miley cyrus having a formerly homeless runaway, accept her vma for video of the year, drawing awareness to her campaign to end youth homelessness. the speech sparking a massive social media response. cyrus' facebook post about the campaign wracking up over 250,000 likes overnight and counting. >> welcome to my world! ♪ >> reporter: but perhaps the biggest moment of the night belonged to beyoncé. ♪ right away
7:17 am
>> reporter: queen bey getting the prestigious vanguard award and performing a medley from her new album. ♪ >> reporter: closing the show with an emotional tribute to and from her husband jay z and their daughter, blue ivy. >> i just thank god for this moment. i love ya'll so much. >> so many big names into her performance. lebron james tweeting, there's a lot of great artists, but none compare to beyonce. captivating on stage. #simplyamazing. and little blue got a lot of love on twitter. here's katy perry -- omg, she peresonally waved at me. my life is over. and taylor swift had this to say, every time i see blue ivy, i cry. now, we want to know, what is your favorite moment of the
7:18 am
"vmas"? tweet us. at # socialsquare. we will have much more ahead. but now severe storms in the midwest overnight. ginger? that's what i want to start with. over two dozen severe storms. but, look at this. this video coming out of minnesota, just north and east of st. cloud. the tornado reported there, and video of it. in part the severe weather fueled by the heat. look, excessive heat warning again for st. louis today. there are nine states with some parts of them in heat advisory. some of the heat indices could reach over 110 this afternoon. i'll tell you much more, but for now, the local forecast in 30 seconds, and this morning's select cities brought to you by walmart. the local forecast in 30 seconds, and this morning's select cities brought to you by walmart.
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good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with a lot of cloud cover and sunshine slow to arrive. clouds mostly and drizzle is lets likely in the extended week. today we are in the 60, and low-to-mid 70's around the bay and upper 70's to nearly 80 in south bay and east bay. the seven-day outlook shows the warmest days: the heat is on, wednesday >> the heat index later today from san antonio to chicago, just about as hot as the beyonée performance. >> well done. >> okay, ginger, thank you. coming up, frightening moments caught on camera.
7:20 am
a mother and four kids pulled over by police, ordered out of her car at gunpoint. it was a mistake, but why did a 911 call trigger it? also, fires shot at music mogul suge knight at a party run by chris brown. what set it all off. plus, a toxic milkshake at dairy queen? health officials investigating after a mother and a son end up in the hospital. and america's favorite little league team. we will talk to the jackie robinson west all-stars. about the biggest game of their lives. and then shake it off, people. rocking the red carpet and sizzling the stage. t and sizzling the stage.
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even 10 miles away. they can see the light of a single candle. look after them with centrum silver. multivitamins for your eyes, heart and brain. now, with a new easy to swallow coating. good morning. i'm eric thomas. napa residents and business owners hope to get a better estimate on what needs to be fixed from yesterday's quake. eight buildings are retag in
7:25 am
napa, another eight red or yellow tagged in vallejo. power remains out to 150 pger, customers down from 70,000 immediately after the quake. here's leyla gulen. the traffic lights are back up and running in napa. however, we still have closures throughout downtown napa around jackson street, between first and third, main street, a lot of old build tlgs and they all crumbled, unfortunately, so we still have some very unsafe structures and no traffic is allowed in that area. eric? >> thank you very much. when we come back, the forecast with meteorologist mike
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okay, we're back, looking at four miles visibility in santa rosa on live doppler 7-hd. a little bit of cloudiness trying to dip down. most of us aren't that cloudy. 56-minute flight/arrival delays into sfo. temperatures right now, mainly in the mid-50s to mid-60s. have a good day.
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hi ya'll, wake up this morning. i said, how did you wake up this morning? who's loudest? sing. ♪ you wake up ♪ post up ♪ round it the song was "flawless" and so was the performance. and we are all awake here at "gma." queen bey. and twitter crazy last night while she was performing, all kinds of raves coming in from all over the world. >> i love it, someone said it was bmas, her, her husband jay z, her daughter, blue ivy. watching her perform in the audience. making a special appearance on stage. so much more ahead, and d.j.
7:31 am
calcutta, and the hip-hop dancers live. we are in the mood for a little fun and dancing, a little vma fashion discussion. we have all that. >> and looking forward to all that. but we also have coming up, some frightening moments that were caught on dash cam. a mother and four children pulled over by police and ordered out of her car at gunpoint. it was a mistake. but why did a 911 call set this all off? and it's happened again, a toxic drink served to customers, this time at a dairy queen. health officials are investigating after a mother and son both ended up in the hospital. and then, an eye-opening new report on teens and sleep, how starting school early is hurting their grades. maybe sleeping isn't the best way to make the "a." >> kids going, yeah. >> absolutely. but a frightening moments for a young mother in a car with four kids. when police pulled them over, slapped handcuffs on the mom.
7:32 am
but it turned out to be a bad case of mistaken identity. abc's mara schiavocampo here with the details. >> reporter: mistaken identity is right, they stopped the wrong car. that mom was just trying to get her kids and god kids home. and it ended up being a ride they won't soon forget. it's a highly-charged traffic stop. >> driver, let me see your hands. everybody, hands out the window. >> reporter: new dash cam video showing texas police officers pulling over a car just outside dallas, guns drawn. >> keep walking backwards. hands on your head. >> reporter: the problem, the police admit they got the wrong car. this is law-abiding mom kametra barber. >> what is wrong? >> reporter: in the car, four kids under the age of 10 watching as she is handcuffed. >> what am i doing? >> hold on a sec, okay.
7:33 am
>> what is going on? my children -- >> reporter: moments later, barber's terrified son, just 6 years old, comes out with his hands up. >> makes me angry all over again. >> reporter: it all started with a 911 call describing a vehicle speeding down the highway, the driver waving a gun out the window. >> it's going to be a beige or tan-colored toyota, occupied by four black males. >> reporter: but her car, a burgundy maxima, doesn't fit the description at all. the caller even tells the police they have made a mistake. the real suspects getting away. >> they say you have the wrong car back there. >> very shocking. just -- i can't imagine what those kids went through. >> i cried. i have kids. it's hard to imagine. >> reporter: in the video, the police quickly realize the passengers are children. >> do they look young to you? >> they do to me. >> reporter: and that they've made a terrible mistake. >> gun down. gun down.
7:34 am
>> reporter: they immediately start working to calm the kids. >> i'm scared. >> it's okay. >> no, are we going to jail? >> no one is going to jail. >> reporter: though police apologized, they say they acted appropriately for what they thought was a dangerous situation. >> for the nature of the call, that a weapon was involved, yes. >> reporter: but she can't let this stop go. >> every time i listen to or hear or think about it, it bothers you. it's not -- i can't just say, okay, i'm fine. it's okay, it's not a big deal, it is. >> reporter: now in a statement forney police say the officers acted professionally on the information they were given, and they adjusted their methods when the situation presented itself to be otherwise. you have to wonder, a tan toyota and a burgundy maxima, very different cars. >> i'm glad they made up for it fast. all right, we want to turn now to a brazen hollywood nightclub shooting.
7:35 am
music producer marion suge knight was shot at a trendy l.a. nightclub at a party with chris brown. >> suge knight is famous for working with artists like snoop dogg and dr. dre. and this isn't the first time that he's been shot. new this morning, chris brown's representatives are distancing the singer from the attack. overnight, chris brown in attendance at the "vmas." less than a day after the party he hosted turned violent. this morning, suge knight recovering, the 49-year-old seen here crouching after a car after being shot reportedly six times. witnesses say he managed to walk out of the club before being loaded on a stretcher and taken to the hospital along with two others injured by bullets. the melee breaking out on sunday morning, at 1:30 a.m., at west hollywood hot spot 10. watch this video taken inside the club. gun shots ringing out amidst the
7:36 am
chaos and confusion, party-goers duck for cover. brown is seen in this video, on a table after the shooting, furious at what had taken place. other club goers racing out the exit door holding their hands up, and sheriff's deputies with their guns drawn. >> not sure if marion knight was the intended target. and the other two may have been trying to to get out of harm's way. >> reporter: brown was unharmed. his representatives told abc news this incident did not involve chris. he's going to cooperate with the investigation. this isn't the first time knight has been injured around the "vmas." he was also shot in the leg in 2005. his family saying suge is currently resting and lost a lot of blood. he's human. this morning police say no known suspects or persons of interest
7:37 am
and they don't know what may have sparked this confrontation. >> a busy area. very scary. thank you. >> good to see you. and ginger with the weather. i want to start with the efforts in the southwest, there will be some large surf. getting gnarly waves, hanging out in the barrel. i learned that this last weekend. the next couple of days, really bad. tuesday through saturday, we're looking for high surf advisories because there's hurricane marie, staying offshore, but the moisture is pooling up. the surf from san diego to los angeles beaches is rough, and the monsoon moisture extra. flooding throughout parts of the week. and cristobal is staying off in the ocean. it's a storm, it's gone. good morning. sunshine really slow today, 63
7:38 am
at the coast to 83 inland. check out the accuweather seven-day forecast, 70s at the coast, 80s around the bay and 90s inland by wednesday. >> all that weather brought you by activia. lara, good question, will it bring anything? yes, we could see some rough surf along the east coast. but nothing terrible. >> thank you. and a parenting experiment. what really happened when a mother stopped criticizing her daughter's bad behavior and got surprising results. and how could this happen? a toxic milkshake served at a dary queen. investigators investigating after a mother and son ended up in a hospital. but too many times i feel bloated, gassy, uncomfortable with gurgling. nothing seems to feel right! and yet another pile of clothes on my bed. so i'm taking the activia challenge. eating activia twice a day for four weeks may help reduce the frequency of minor digestive issues like bloating, gas, discomfort and rumbling.
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and we are back now at 7:42, with a scary episode at dairy queen. just two weeks after a utah woman was hospitalized after drinking iced tea from a local barbecue laced with chemicals, there's a toxic shake from dairy queen. abc's clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: finally out of the hospital two weeks after a single sip of tea. they say an employee mistook the chemical, lye, used to clean the deep fryers, for sugar, mixing it into the drink. now it's happened again. >> it was bubbling on my tongue. >> reporter: this time in colorado, 7-year-old riley chase going to the hospital after
7:43 am
drinking a vanilla shake from this dary queen. >> it was just like you were drinking a very strong cleanser. >> reporter: lisa chase said the manager said an employee left a container with a chemical cleaner in the sink, and filled with vanilla sir up thinking it was clean. >> it just burned all the way down. >> reporter: they accidentally sold the bad batch to at least two other customers who also had to be taken to a hospital. federal regulations require hazardous cleaners to be stored away from where the food is prepared. and businesses are supposed to provide proper training for employees handling chemical cleaners. >> they need to be held accountable for what they're doing, because they could have cost people their lives. >> reporter: in a statement, dairy queen told abc news this was an isolated incident and the employees responsible had been reprimanded. the rest of the staff is getting
7:44 am
new training. >> there's no reason that should have ever happened. >> reporter: both incidents are now being investigated, not just leaving the bad taste in the mouths of customers, but a dangerous one. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. coming up here, ariana and miley in black leather. gwen stefani in hot pink. we will have the best fashion. >> yes. and america's favorite team, the overcomers from the south side of chicago, made it all the way to the little league world series championships. and we're going to talk to them live. ♪ championships. and we're going to talk to them live. ♪ uh, hi. i'm here to drop off my resume. password? i'm sorry, i'm just here to what's the password. uh,synergy? datafication! gamification!
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(girl) where are all the seats... excuse me, excuse me... can i sit here? ahhh... sure. (sigh) i'm maisy and i'm six. hi maisy, i'm tanner. you nervous? yeah, a little. don't be.
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♪ can't touch this all right, so we want to turn now to the little league baseball team that captured the nation's attention and our hearts. jackie robinson west from the south side of chicago had such an unbelievable run, making it all the way to the championship game of the little league world series before losing to south korea on sunday in a score of 8-4. we are joined now by this hero team and their coach, their leader, darold butler. and coach, is it true that the president of the united states called you and you put him on hold? >> it's going to sound like that. the time his assistant called s
7:49 am
us, we were just about to go live on espn, "sportscenter." so when the call came through, i did ask if there was any way he could call me back in five minutes once we got done with "sportscenter." >> so, what was it like leading this team that would just not give up? >> right now it's still unreal. i'm proud of the guys. they battled the whole entire time. we came up the loser bracket and found a way to win four or five games straight. i'm so proud of the guys, i'm happy for the city of chicago and the state of illinois and everybody who rooted for us. >> trey hondras, this is lara spencer. congratulations. going back to your game against vegas, you were a hitting machine, 3 rbis, a homer. how does it feel to be the best team in america? >> it feels great to be the best team in america because, i mean, we're u.s. champions. that's real big for us.
7:50 am
we're great lakes. great lakes is supposed to lose all the time. it's always supposed to be like west or japan or south korea. so it's real big for the great lakes and the u.s. region. >> and coach, i want to ask you, guys, feel free to jump in. representing the south side of chicago, the mayor said you guys are the pride of chicago, rahm emanuel. how does it feel to speak to the city like that and overcome so much and become part of this story we're all talking about? >> it's huge to have the mayor supporting us and throwing the watch parties at home. we had a chance to take a look at a few of the clips after winning games. and it was like watching the bulls win in '96, people were running in the streets and celebrating and cheering. we love the support and very happy that everyone was proud of us. >> well, a little birdie told us
7:51 am
there will be quite the celebration fur you guys when you get back. you indeed are the pride of the south side, the pride of chicago, and the pride of the usa. congratulations. >> thank you so much, we appreciate it. >> take care, and thank you for not putting me on hold, coach. >> you're welcome. >> and there's going to be fireworks and a giant parade. so well-deserved. >> you outranked the president. coming up next, jennifer aniston's trainer revealing the superstar's secrets to staying in shape. ston's trainer revealing the secrets to staying in shape. 's s to staying in shape. ann's train secrets to staying in shape. 's secrets to staying in shape. i's secrets to staying in shape. s's secrets to staying in shape. t's secrets to staying in shape. on' secrets to staying in shape.
7:52 am
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. it could cost at least a billion dollars to repair damage from the 6.0 earthquake in napa. 17 people had to be admitted to the medical center in napa mostly from injuries from falling debris or broken glass. this morning a little more than 115 customers are still without power down from 70,000 at one point. here's mike with the forecast. >> still having minor aftershocks. in fact, you can't even feel them they're so minor but they're out there. 77 in napa is as warm as it will get. 60s and 70s until you get inland where we have some 80s. warmer weather starting tomorrow. leyla? we have a problem at the
7:57 am
maze. westbound 580 to eastbound 80, the connector there. solid delays there heading through berkeley. heavy traffic making it up to bay bridge. your drive the north bay, southbound side of 101, it's a sl
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. school's back, studying's important, but we may want to encourage our kids to sleep in a little. what parents need to know right now. and jen aniston revealing a personal moment with her fiance, plus, the secrets to how she's staying fit at 45. and mo'ne davis is with us live, leading her team to times square. taylor swift sizzled on stage and off. all the big fashion hits and misses of the night as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
that's not all, d.j. calcutta, rocking us through the morning along with -- >> look at the moon man, go. >> that's the moon man. that moon man can dance. >> oh, yeah. >> it's freedom of the helmet, george. >> yeah. >> you never know. >> it was a big night. we're going to hear a lot more from some of the biggest stars at the "vmas" in a minute. >> hold on, i just want to take a look. moon man? moon man. they're very, very close. we have the moon man statue right here on the set. and so much excitement outside. and the hip-hop dancers are jamming out there. we have fashions to talk about. taylor swift looked incredible with the blue onesie, i guess we'll call it. people are talking about it. i think onesie is not the right thing. it's a short -- whatever it is, it's short, taylor. and we have fashion expert kristin here to break it down.
8:02 am
and what happens when a mother of two stopped criticizing her daughter's bad behavior. it's a surprising experiment. i'm very interested in this one. >> me too. >> heard it from the moon man there. >> getting waved off. news first. good morning, everyone. and we begin with the massive cleanup effort in california's napa valley after the most powerful earthquake there in 25 years. damage this morning estimated at $1 billion. the magnitude 6 quake sent about 200 people to emergency rooms, cracked buildings and bucked roads. nearly 2,000 customers remain in the dark and many will not have running water until next week. dozens of homes are now uninhabitable. and from the earthquake to another major wildfire spreading overnight. right now, more than 500 homes and buildings in far northern california are threatened by this fire. 150 homes evacuated so far. and the american journalist released from captivity in syria over the weekend will soon be
8:03 am
heading home. 45-year-old peter theo curtis had been held by al qaeda in syria for two years and they're responding to possible air strikes by the isis, saying that they be coordinated with the syrian regime. the u.s. believes that foley's killer is somewhere near the isis command center in syria. the all-clear has been given at the ft. lee military base near richmond, virginia, after a lockdown the base tweeting earlier, an active shooter was on the loose. details on the incident and the suspect are still coming in. but we're told no one is in danger. the morning commute around washington, d.c. is more hectic than usual because of strangely drawn lines. look at that. this is on a highway in northern virginia, it looks like a
8:04 am
kindergartner drew them. a contractor working on a nearby bridge put down the temporary lines. but they're not exactly sure what happened to them. hundreds of beach goers in florida have ended up in the hospital after being stung by jelly fish. stings like this. they invaded daytona beach. the unusual specie is tiny and almost entirely clear. and uninvited guests at a surfing contest overseas recently. take a look, dolphins crashing right into one man in the surf, knocking him clear off his feet. we're going to show it to you again. boom. there he goes. the dolphins clearly not impressed by his skills in the water, so they took him down, those friendly dolphins. everyone was okay. back to you guys. >> okay. we're going to turn now to an eye-opening report out this
8:05 am
morning on teens and sleep. and the study says starting school classes too early could hurt grades and health. jen ashton is here with the details. and these doctors sounding the alarms. they want changes. >> this could be the secret to getting an "a" this year for the kids. it looked at the causes of poor sleep quality, reliance of caffeine, technology use, and just the normal teen sleep patterns, a link to obesity, depression, drowsy driving, and poor academic performance all tied to not getting enough sleep. >> so, what is your prescription to fix this? >> well, we have to get on it now. because we're getting ready to head into the school year. watch the caffeine, make sure they unplug from everything with a screen at least an hour before they go to bed. >> no screens in the room. >> absolutely not. >> the flashing of the screen keeps you up. >> absolutely. and then work backwards. if your child has to be at
8:06 am
school at 7:00 a.m., and they should get eight to nine hours of sleep, that means they need to be closing their eyes at 10:00 or 11:00 at night. not easy to do. >> this does not mean you can sleep late and be late for school. >> they want schools to start later. >> that's right. this is a call to action. schools should start later, and once in a while, hit the snooze button. >> i think kids will like this. >> why didn't we have this? >> can we implement this at "good morning america"? i'm just wondering. thank you. >> you bet. "pop news" and weather coming up. ryan with the morning menu. >> that's right, let's take a look at what's ahead. come on over here. so much to talk about. the "vma's" red carpet, fashion. oh, my goodness. trending, everything that's going on on the red carpet. remember taylor swift right here looking great. that's just the beginning of it. okay. got something on prince. i got to get into my purple frame of mind. come on.
8:07 am
i want my all purple -- okay, it's coming. but his all-female band, third eye girl, will be here live this morning to reveal it. you don't to want miss that. and jennifer aniston's trainer revealing the secrets to get one of hollywood's hottest bodies. plus, coming up, d.j. calcutta keeps the party going right here on "gma." ♪ ♪ it won't be the same ♪ can't take it the same ♪ ♪ can't take it everything your mouth does in a day is building up layer, upon layer, upon layer of bacteria. and to destroy those layers? you need listerine®. its unique formula penetrates these layers deeper than other mouthwashes, killing bacteria all the way down to the bottom layer. so for a cleaner, healthier mouth, go with #1 dentist recommended listerine®. power to your mouth. also try listerine® pocket paks
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8:12 am
let's watch it again. got to watch it again. a husband documents his wife's entire pregnancy in just six seconds. beginning to end. little newborn baby getting cuddled. the nine month vine, looped more than 10 million times. >> if only it were that easy. >> watching friends, it goes that fast for me. >> it is. >> and it was like six years when you're pregnant. i'm just saying. >> well worth it though. that's my favorite vine i have ever seen. wonderful. >> "pop news" time. let's start with jennifer a ann any ston. and posted on youtube over the weekend. she's accepting the challenge from her fiance, look at her, just the anticipation. he was kind enough to help her complete the task. and her reaction was priceless.
8:13 am
>> he's doing it slowly. >> that's not nice. that's agonizing. >> no, it's -- it's the slow -- the slow draw doesn't work? >> all for a great cause. everybody is talking about als as a result. >> exactly. so she -- look at that. you have to see it again. it's always good when you do it slow. drag it out. aniston nominated courtney cox and chelsea handler. and going to make a huge donation for a good cause there. she took the pain. >> nice work, jennifer. >> exactly. next up, can't get enough of tair tayle taylor swift's shake it up. this is the durham bulls, that's right, from bull durham fame. you like that? yeah, in time, shaking it off as they gear up for the game over the weekend. look at that.
8:14 am
>> the guy on the left. he's really good. >> got to do this on set. why aren't we doing this more often? >> go for it. >> okay. come on, george, do it with me. this is part of a rapidly growing trend, plenty of flash mobs popping up to taylor's brand new hit. i have to see that again. and a big mystery finally solved. london police have been searching for the couple behind this romantic proposal. and we learned they have been found. check this out. the metropolitan police were cruising around on saturday when they spotted these words from the sky, will you marry me, spelled out below. they believe it was spelled out in candle. look how it glows? and you saw the person getting down on one knee. they posted photos on twitter hoping to find out who the lucky couple was. look at them on one knee. isn't that beautiful?
8:15 am
forcing guys around the world to up their game. >> or take credit. >> the couple wishes to remain anonymous. but did she say yes, right? police revealed, she did. >> congratulations. >> how could you not? >> i love "pop news" today. >> makes you feel romantic. >> thanks, ryan. heat index coming up, check the weather first. >> so smart. they made a sign that they can just rewrite on so that way they can pull over anybody. i love it. keep that there, permanently. let's go ahead and check chicago. you know, chicago, a hazy, hot and humid today. they have not had a hot summer, will today. it will break in the midweek. throughout the great lakes, 91 in chicago, 91, des moines, and the cold front sinks south eventually. guess who's going to warm up? us here in the northeast.
8:16 am
good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with a lot of cloud cover and sunshine slow to arrive. clouds mostly and drizzle is lets likely in the extended week. today we are in the 60, and low-to-mid 70's around the bay and upper 70's to nearly 80 in south bay and east bay. the seven-day outlook shows the warmest days: the heat is and a quick greeting for folks in louisiana. who are they? >> mindy and james. >> happy anniversary to you. let's get back inside. happy anniversary. and the heat index with an anti-smoking campaign getting a lot of buzz at last night's "mtv video music awards." shows all these caught on camera smoking, and the ad goes on saying they are serving as
8:17 am
unpaid spokes people for big tobacco. it's a way of shaming them in these widely distributed photographs, encourages people to think before smoking. >> it's pretty powerful, i have to say. and they say please stop posting selfies of yourself smoking. one-third of all young people who start smoking will die a tobacco-related death. serious issue. >> nothing glamorous about it. >> no. also in the heat index, a brand new phone charger disguised as a fashion accessory. a place brais let now that unclasped and drugs into your phone, android, iphone. capable of recharging most smartphones, about 60%. the company saying they focused on the technical aspects and the sleek design, giving men and women different versions of a bracelet. we have been there, you have your charger, you're in a jam, if won't get you fully charged,
8:18 am
but my question is it okay to have the charge that close to your skin all the time? so many questions about the phone in your ear. >> it's never sexy to pull out that cord from your pocket. lingering as you plug it in. >> searching for an outlet. >> i never thought of it that way, but i guess you're right. >> it's a hot idea. it could become the next big thing, and we talked about it first. and speaking of fashion, it was a fashionable night at the mtv "vmas." full of red hot look welcomes and kristen cavalleri is here with the picks of the most mem able outfits. nice to see you. >> hello. >> you have said that iggy azalea owned the red carpet. >> i do. she looks absolutely gorgeous. it's unexpected, the dress. fits her like a glove, and the
8:19 am
silver is so beautiful on her. >> it is gorgeous. look at that. she sparkled. and j.lo, looking great. >> show a little skin, why not? she gets better and better. it's amazing. >> and there were risk takers for the number three spot you have taylor swift in what people are calling a onesie. is that correct? >> that's my problem. i think it would have been better as a romper, and a little bit more coverage. she has the legs to pull it off. >> you have legs like that, why not? >> exactly. she looks great. >> and katy perry in a versace custom gown in denim. >> paying homage to britney spears, and her and that moment of justin timberlake will stick out. i love it. >> she can always pull off something a little stunning. we asked you at home, who wore it best?
8:20 am
we have the results from our viewers poll at, and i can't h-- yahoo!. and it's j.lo at 43%. double the age of some of the others, rocking that in her 40s, as another woman in her 40s, i don't think i could pull that off. she did. thank you so much. we are going to send it back over to george. thank you, guys. next up in the heat index, the no complaint pledge. one mom is experimenting with no criticism. she's focusing on praising good behavior. lindsey davis caught up with her to see how it's working. >> reporter: all too often, parents hoping to curb bad behavior may sound like claire
8:21 am
in modern family. >> grow up a little. i need things to change or i will. no tv or no internet. >> reporter: but one florida mom decided to put restrictions on her own behavior. >> instead of focusing on whatever they didn't do right, i decided to stop myself, stop criticizing, and instead focus on the good things. >> reporter: jeanettecap lin made a conscious effort to praise her children for being good and lay off the negativity. but she admits it wasn't easy. >> thank you for helping me. you want to keep complaining, yelling, criticizing in general. >> reporter: but she could have never anticipated her kids' reaction to the positive reinforcement. >> they started behavioring better. the more you call them out on what they're doing well, they want more of the praise instead of the disappointment that they'll get from you when misbehaving. >> reporter: but others say
8:22 am
parenting requires more of a balance between the carrot and the stick. >> it's essential to have the positive reinforcement, not in lieu of critiquing. >> there's a need for balance. you need to let them know when they have done something wonderful or what you're not going to tolerate. >> reporter: there are times she has to draw line. >> insults and hid hitting allowed. >> reporter: she plans to continue. much to her children's delight. >> she makes me feel proud of myself. >> she says one of the main things her kids love is to be publicly praised. like when she tells family and friends something great. now they compete against each other to do more great things. we're in the same boat, we don't criticize our kids. >> no. >> babies. >> you can talk to the two of us. >> they're so good right now, right? >> exactly. >> they don't say no --
8:23 am
>> they just don't sleep. >> remember as an athlete, performing better when i got positive reinforcement than negative. >> it makes sense. >> you want to have more praise than criticism. i don't know if it's possible -- >> who doesn't love praise. >> it's good that you're hitting your sister. >> find the positive. >> tell us what you think. is constructive criticism good for kids. tweet us #socialsquare. and work out talk. the health whiz who transforms the bodies of some of hollywood's most sizzling stars. and we found out just how she does it. >> reporter: she's the secret weapon behind jennifer aniston and kate becken sale. >> i work with people so they are always in red carpet shape. >> reporter: and now mandy, is revealing her treasure chest of
8:24 am
fitness secrets and tips. first tip, h 2 o. >> hydration, you burn more calories. drink half your body's weight in ounces. if you're 150 pounds, drinking 75 ounces of water. so you don't need that much water, actually. you're tiny. >> i like her already. >> reporter: second tip, healthy choices. >> i do encourage people to eat protein to fuel muscles. i prefer plant-based protein. >> reporter: third, a surprise to me, meditation. >> five minutes in the morning and afternoon to ground you. >> reporter: fourth tip, yoga. >> yoga to energize or wind down. anything that is a backbend, opening up your chest, is an energizer. it's like having a couple of coff coffee, right? and anything in a forward bend is like a tranquilizer like a sleeping pill. >> reporter: and lastly, variety is the spice of exercising.
8:25 am
>> you want to incorporate other activities into your work out routines. i have an app coming out, there's a different cardio activity, different recipe each day. like what i do with jennifer is that i will incorporate 20 to 30 minute s of cardio activity and practice yoga. >> reporter: that's what jennifer does? >> yes. >> i have to brag about this guy, five for five. >> good too. >> not five for five. but i was close. mandy has been training jennifer for over ten years. clearly it is working well. thank you for those great tips. and coming up, a national sensation fresh off their run in the little league world series. mo'ne davis and is it taney? taney little league, they are with us live.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. napa residents and business owners hope to get a better estimate of what needs to be done to fix damage from yesterday's 6.0 earthquake. the u.s. geological survey believes fixing the damage could cost in excess of a billion dollars. 33 build rgs red tagged in napa, another eight red or yellow tagged in vallejo. power is still out to a little more than 100 pg&e customers down from 7,000 immediately after the quake. here's traffic on this monday morning with leyla. >> we have a couple problems across the bay area if you're trying to get to work. you'll find this accident southbound side of highway 101 at third avenue blocking one lane. as you take a ride up to the maze, we still have this accident involving an 18-wheeler westbound side of 580 to the eastbound 80 connector. two lanes are blocked and really
8:28 am
heavy jam-up coming away from the hoffman split. >> thank you very much. when we come back,
8:29 am
♪ at kaiser permanente, everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ hey, we're back. we've had about 50 reports of aftershocks in the napa valley in that particular fault over the last 24 hours or so. our probability of a big aftershock is now down to about 29%. rockies in town to take on the giants 64 at 7:15, dropping down to 61. our current temperatures are running still in the 50s to
8:30 am
mid-60s. upper 50s to mid-60s. today in the accuweather seven-day forecast, it's the ♪ you are listening to prince, body logical. a new song from the all-female band, third eye girl. and take a look at this, times square all decked out for prince. he has a huge announcement coming. third eye girl is going to reveal coming up live. a lot of fun with them here this morning. >> all right, sorry, i was just rocking, george. i just can't stop. oh, my gosh. we're in times square. and d.j. calcutta and our hip-hop dancers. and standing -- hello, go, moon man, don't hurt yourself.
8:31 am
and fresh off their run in the little league world series, star pitcher mo'ne davis and her team. hi, guys, welcome to "good morning america." >> listen up, everyone, our audience, apparently has a question for you. our audience has a question for you. >> i think that's what they're supposed to say? >> yes, this morning, testing the limits of your waffle iron from mac and cheese to salmon. trying some recipes to find out will it waffle. >> have waffle, will travel. it all works. going to see. but first, the 2014 m"mtv video music awards" had some of the most daring fashions. caught up with miley, j.lo, and
8:32 am
joining us from l.a. this morning is cam to talk about it. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. let's -- let's face it, lara. the vma red carpet is like one big party. packing the fans in, everybody lining up, trying to snag a selfie with their favorite performer before the big show. so much action on stage. but red carpet styles we just can't stop talking about. ♪ >> it's a little bit of a mad house. but in a really good way. >> being here is a freaky experience. i have watched since i was a young, young boy. trying to take it all in. >> reporter: screaming fans begging for celebrity selfies drowned the planes of landing at l.a.x. >> this is so loud. it's not as loud in england. >> when you love something, you scream. is that right? [ screams ]
8:33 am
>> before the show even started, winners crowned on the red carpet. the australian group five seconds of summer picking up a prize voted on via social media. >> just found out we won best lyric video. i'm still kind of shake. >> reporter: congratulations. you just found out? >> literally. >> reporter: are there any fashion rights and wrongs on the red carpet here? >> always. >> reporter: really? >> i think so. just try to be on the right side. >> i think all the wrong things are the right things. that's my attitude to fashion. >> this is right, some people think it's wrong. >> reporter: i love this. look at this. you will not lose this tonight. that guy's wearing spandex -- whatever kind of pants. >> those are sparkly. i want ten pairs. >> reporter: best-dressed couple. you look fantastic. >> thank you. >> reporter: and look at the
8:34 am
kicks. can we have a sneaker off? put your sneaker up there. there it is. >> miley cyrus, wrecking ball. >> reporter: video of the year winner miley cyrus picked her outfit based on her hunger for hamburgers. >> i wanted to go to in and out, so wear something that wouldn't stand out too much there. >> reporter: i love it. good times at the "vmas." miley cyrus making very different headline this is morning compared to last year. >> no kidding, that was a touching moment. before we go, cam, all of us at "gma" want to say one thing -- happy birthday! back over to you, george. cam, i'm here with the stars from the little league world series, philadelphia's taney little league, and mo'ne davis, and the catcher, and the head coach. what a great run you guys have
8:35 am
had. >> thank you very much. >> what was it like dealing with all this pressure? >> i mean, it wasn't really a lot. i know i kind of kept it a little loose, so then i could also have fun at the same time. >> and i'm glad you guys did have some fun. you were so much fun to watch. what's it like catching a 70 mile an hour fast ball? >> i have been catching it for a long time now. for six years now. so i'm used to it. >> you got it together. we could really see that. one of the things i loved, all you guys were having so much fun also with jackie robinson west. great to see them in the finals? >> it was great. we became close friends with them. probably the closest out of all the teams. and see them make it to the finals was really cool. >> and you guys haven't slept yet, huh? >> not much. not yet. looking forward to it. >> i'll bet you are. and i guess it must be just great, moe nay, to give brand new definition to throw like a girl.
8:36 am
you showed everyone. what was your favorite moment of this whole time? >> probably playing on all the fields and just making it to williamsport. playing with these guys. very, very excited, and i was -- i was excited for it. i knew we could make it this far. i mean, it was fun playing on the fields the most, though. >> well, congratulations. you guys showed a lot of spirit. you were fantastic. thanks for being here today. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> over to ginger. i'm going to take a toss from the team. you got it. and wish you a happy birthday from midland, michigan. and over here, i have been told the weather's not the only hot thing in texas. these ladies are. let's get the forecast. and start with the twitter photos. guess what, it snowed. yes, in utah over the weekend. snow bird, you have a beautiful picture there. just a little bit of snow. and then some of my fair dogs from yorkville, illinois, keeping cool.
8:37 am
and have to today, oppressive heat in place from louisiana and texas up to northern illinois. look at some of those heat indices. the numbers it will feel like later this afternoon, and good morning. sunshine really slow today, 63 at the coast to 83 inland. check out the accuweather seven-day forecast, 70s at the coast, 80s around the bay and 90s inland by wednesday. all that weather brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> we are so excited about this. kicking offer the "gma" dance off. this is our daddy-daughter edition. we are soft yis. you remember dancing with your dad or you're a dad now yourself. we cannot get enough of the talented dads and daughters lighting up the internet with their epic dance routines. this week, two lucky
8:38 am
daddy/daughter duos will dance to type ms square. >> yes, so many incredible entries from across the country. and they will dance it out live right here. let's take a look at our first two contenders. >> they mastered the moves and the old school classic beat. now, meet the first two semifinalists in our "gma" dance off. daddy/daughter edition. jason and lilly denney from kansas city, missouri. >> the bond we have is strong ever since she was born. normally kids don't like the songs their parents liked. but we like the same music. >> reporter: they enjoy rocking out on car rides, which helped inspire their "gma" video submission. >> we sent in a video we dance all the time anyway. >> we love to do it together. the second duo, jason and
8:39 am
cecily johnson from florida. >> we have a natural bond in dancing. it's an opportunity to let go and be carefree. >> and we can be silly. >> that's right. >> reporter: 8-year-old cecily is a cheerleader at school and created the steps in their competition, having the acrobatic hip-hop movies to give dad a classic routine. >> it's a chance for me to learn from her. we want to win because i want the world to see what an amazing daughter i have and how much fun i can have with her. >> you are so sweet. >> that is so sweet. >> take it down a notch. >> catch up with her. >> so, head to the website, on yahoo! right now. cast your vote. both so adorable. but which of those two teams you want to see hit the dance floor
8:40 am
live on "gma" on tuesday. we're going to check out two more semifinalists. do you remember dancing with your dad? >> i do. and even my wedding, just recently. getting down. >> it was the only time. >> you could be a special submission. we would like to see that. >> i don't know that we want to see that. coming up, testing the limits of your waffle iron. sampling, and we are going to answer the burning question, will it waffle? and then a big announcement from prince. big. you don't to want miss this. coming up on "gma." ♪
8:41 am
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8:43 am
♪ i'm walking on sunshine look at that waffle go. and don't waffle on this. try out the latest food trend. it's our friends at buzzfeed doing it again. going viral with a video, unusual foods in a waffle iron. and the man who literally wrote the book, daniel shumpsky is here. he's asking will certain foods that you never imagined waffle, and oftentimes the answer is yes, correct? >> absolutely, yes, it will waffle. >> we have some kpachls here. and this surprised me.
8:44 am
good old mac and cheese. is there a trick to it? >> no, it just works really well on the waffle iron. especially great for left over mac and cheese. >> we have two people willing to taste. audience, the question? >> will it waffle! >> absolutely. >> this is fantastic. yeah, absolutely. the waffle iron cooks it with high heat on both sides. so you have the crispy outside, and the cheese is super melty inside. >> this has breading? >> you bread it a little bit. you do. it make it is a crunchy on the outside. >> does everybody have enough. waiting for the team to weigh in. >> i like it so much, i'm eating with the knife. >> aside from having that, any tricks -- is there other tricks? >> not really, nope. >> okay. well. -- >> it waffles. >> absolutely. >> it does. >> salmon and ravioli?
8:45 am
>> these are super-simple. pick up the ravioli from the grocery store, and the salmon, nothing complicated. do you think it will waffle if. >> i have to check, hold on. audience? >> will it waffle. >> that is the question. and the answer is -- a resounding yes. but should we say, how does it taste? here a piece of salmon for you -- >> dipping sauce. >> what's great about the dipping sauce, the waffle, you can collect the sauce in the nooks and crannies. it's perfect. and ditto for the salmon. fantastic, absolutely. >> it's an appetizer. >> all right. >> that's one. >> i'm waiting for the next one. >> hold on, please. the last one is on a cookie of some sort, daniel, talk to me about that. >> these are chocolate chip cookies. nothing wrong with them out of the oven. it can take a while, you have to
8:46 am
make a batch. what's fantastic about the waffle iron, you can make two cookies in just a few minutes. >> let me confirm that. audience? >> will it waffle? >> it will. they look fantastic. >> what i love about this, you look at them, and your eyes say waffle, and you taste them, and it's chocolate chip cookie. yeah, it's fantastic. >> how long does a cookie take? >> two minutes. >> so much faster. >> much faster, don't heat up the whole house. >> i love the idea of a giant cookie. >> whipped cream. >> you can put the dough in the freezer and pop a couple on when you're ready. it's fantastic. >> answer a question we have all been wondering. let's ask it one more time, shall we? >> will it waffle? >> and daniel is the man. his book is awesome. really fun idea. a lot of people have them, don't
8:47 am
use that them that much, and go to "good morning america" on yahoo!. and up next, prince's band, third eye girl with a huge announcement from the man in purple. ♪ ♪ do you like michael ♪ i want to kiss you is it the biting? ...we need to break up. cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show. it's cable. customers are more satisfied with u-verse. switch and we can stay together forever. forever?
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♪ the moment has arrived. i am here with prince's all-female band, third eye girl, donna, hannah and eva, and they are here to make a very special announcement. we have been excited about it all morning. welcome. >> thank you. >> what am i hearing right there? a new song? >> yes, this is a brand new song by prince called "clouds." >> very exciting right here on "gma." this has to do with your big announceme announcement. go ahead and make it. >> prince will be releasing new music very soon. [ cheers and applause ] and so awesome because it's actually a double surprise. there's going to be two albums released. one is a prince solo album,
8:51 am
"artificial age," and the second one is plectrum electrum. they are up at third eye and >> these are the first albums released by prince since 2010, correct? there's a lot of time to make his music fantastic. what can we expect? >> everything. >> and anything, right? >> yeah. >> i know we to want point out too because all of times square is in celebration for the big announcement. prince is everywhere. times square is purple here. what's the experience, you were hand-picked by prince. i can't even imagine collaborating with the legend that he is. >> yeah. it's been a beautiful journey. and we are learning so much, and we all love each other and we're so proud to be able to release this album with him. >> yeah. >> so many things. >> it's such an incredible
8:52 am
learning experience. everyone knows the genius of prince. to be hand's on on a daily basis, becoming a family. we're tight like eva said, we love each other. it comes through in the music. >> the music is so good. we have our favorites. it's evolved. and we cannot wait to hear these two new albums. remember, prince's album and the other will be out september 30th. what is your favorite prince song? i'm going back and forth between "raspberry beret" and "little red corvette." tweet us, we want to know what your favorite prince songs are. you can't pick one, they're like your children. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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which means managi) especially during a drought. learn to save water and money at . friday, brad paisley takes over central park in a live "gma" concert. labor day weekend kicks off crazy great with brad only on -- >> good morning, america. >> presented by claritin. we thank you to d.j.
8:56 am
calcutta. kicking off our monday. and the amazing dancers from the alvin aley extension. look at them go. tomorrow, going to have all the highlights from the primetime emmy awards. don't want to miss that. >> have a great day, everybody.
8:57 am
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. first up a check on the forecast. here's meteorologist mike nicco. >> all right. we're going to take a look at what's going on with the visibility out there, eric. you can see that. a little bit of drizzle, a little bit of fog around santa rosa, five miles visibility, six in half moon bay. flight arrival delays around sfo running up to nearly an hour. your accuweather seven-day forecast, today's the coolest day. we have some warmer weather on the way starting tomorrow, 80s and 90s away from the coast. leyla? >> all right. ave some closures up in napa now. not downtown napa itself but old sonoma road will be shut down start agent 9:30 this morning until 6:00 between congress
9:00 am
valley drive and bumin drive for emergency earthquake repair. thank you very much. your next announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today on "live with kelly and michael," from "true blood," anna paquin. and the co-hosts roll up their sleeves and learn to make cheese. plus, anderson cooper joins kelly for the hour. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and anderson cooper! [cheers and applause] kelly: hi! hi! [cheers and applause] kelly: wow. it's monday, august 25, 2014.


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