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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 28, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, super swells. two hurricanes kicking up the surf and creating dangerous conditions. new pictures of the damage just in and the historic building taken out overnight. developing right now, possible security breaches at several american banks including the country's biggest. the federal probe just getting under way this morning. a star college athlete goes from hero to admitted liar in a matter of days. how his story of saving his nephew quickly unraveled. plus, the roommates back together again. how the late night hosts pulled off this "friends" reunion. and a very good thursday
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morning to you. i'm dan kloeffler. >> and i'm brandi hitt. we begin this morning with the extreme weather causing wild and damaging conditions on both coasts. >> some new images from catalina island, california. the storm surge lifting boats out of the water and tossing them like toys on the rocky shores. >> even a van is seen partially buried in the sand leaning up against that sailboat. abc's tahman bradley has the details on what is causing it all. >> reporter: dangerous rip currents and high surf on both coasts, treacherous water and sand. overnight marie spinning in the pacific was downgraded to a tropical storm, but large waves, 20 feet in some areas, continue pounding the california coast. for daredevil surfers, bodyboarders and spectators, this is heaven. >> i try to surf all the best waves everywhere and this was the best i've ever had. >> this is amazing. this is huge. this is like nature's show for us. >> reporter: it may be a great
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show, but it's dangerous with the towering waves expected through friday, lifeguards remain on high alert. >> the people that go in there are definitely risking life and limb, and our guards are very careful about who we let go in the water. >> reporter: on tuesday a malibu surfer died after he was dragged from the swell. yesterday another was rescued by surf legend laird hamilton. >> laird grabbed his fins, swam out to him, and they brought him back in. >> reporter: on the east coast, hurricane cristobal is whipping up turbulent and deadly surf. a 17-year-old swimmer was killed off sandy hook, new jersey. and in ocean city, maryland, an 18-year-old caught in a rip current drowned. >> they saw him duck under, and after that they didn't see him no more. >> reporter: cristobal is expected to stay offshore, but it still poses a huge threat. waves up to six feet are possible. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. >> and you saw a bit of it there, those huge waves even claiming another victim
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overnight. a historic lifeguard building in ventura collapsed. that building was cleared out just hours before it was claimed by the sea. much more from california coming up on "good morning america." and now to the other major story we've been watching overnight. the fbi and the secret service are investigating possible cyberattacks against at least five major u.s. financial institutions. one of the hacked victims is said to be j.p. morgan chase, the nation's largest bank. this morning, "the new york times" says huge amounts of data were stolen including checking and savings account information. investigators are looking at whether organized crime rings were involved and whether the attack originated in russia. >> russian-backed rebel forces have launched a new offensive along ukraine's coastline. the heavily armed separatist forces captured new territory and could be seeking to create a land link between russia and the strategic crimea region. the state department says the u.s. is troubled that russian soldiers have been found 30 miles inside ukraine. the u.s. has conducted three
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more air strikes over iraq and destroyed isis vehicles and damaged a building used by them near erbil and the mosul dam. that makes more than 100 strikes against isis targets in iraq since august 8th. an american mother is pleading with isis this morning to release her son who is being held hostage. in the video shirley sotloff appealed to her son's captors to have mercy on a man sympathetic to the suffering of muslims. here's abc's brian ross. >> i'm shirley sotloff. my son steven is in your hands. >> reporter: the mother's emotional plea came eight days after isis said it would execute her 31-year-old journalist son seen in the same video release that showed the execution of james foley. >> i want what every mother wants, to live to see her children's children. >> reporter: shirley sotloff directed her plea personally to the isis leader, abu bakr al baghdadi, a brutal
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megalomaniac who claims he is the caliph of the muslim world. that's how she addressed it. >> i've always learned that you, the caliph, can grant amnesty. i ask you to please release my child. >> abc's brian ross with that report. breaking overnight, a major explosion at a bp oil refinery outside chicago. the blast at the whiting, indiana, facility could be felt two miles away. it's in a huge plume of smoke into the night air. investigators later said that a compressor at that refinery had exploded. an experienced pilot with the massachusetts national guard is still missing this morning after his fighter jet crashed into the mountains of west virginia. the pilot reported an in-flight emergency. the jet went down in a remote heavily wooded area. the pilot's commanders are hopeful, though, saying that he is well trained in survival techniques. the sister of the accused boston marathon bombers has been arrested for threatening the mother of her boyfriend's child. ailina tsarnaev is charged with aggravated harassment. police in new york say tsarnaev called the
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23-year-old woman on monday and said, quote, i have people that can go over there and put a bomb on you. switching gears now, time for the weather from across the nation. we have heavy rain in the middle of the country and possibly some flooding. the storms extending all the way up through the great lakes region and down to western texas. >> all that rain will make it cooler near the great lakes. just in the 70s. the eastern seaboard will reach the 80s. the 90s in the south and 105 in phoenix today. >> ouch. well, we want to congratulate now someone close to us at abc news. >> our colleague, diane sawyer, has signed off from her final "world news" broadcast. >> it has been wonderful to be the home port for the brave and brilliant forces of abc news around the world and to feel every single night you and i were in a conversation about the day together. >> thankfully for us, diane is not retiring, far from it. she is already busy with new projects here. our friend david muir will take over the anchor chair next week. coming up, a major fashion
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chain pulling a controversial shirt from stores. we'll show it to you. also, cause for concern. a brain-eating amoeba is found in a community's water supply. what's being done today to help kill the potentially deadly problem. plus, a star usc football player's heroic story turns out to be a lie. how the truth came out and his punishment from the team days before their opening game.
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welcome back, everyone. spanish fashion retailer zara is apologizing for its controversial sheriff t-shirt.
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the company says it was inspired by classic western films. it has drawn, however, heavy criticism for its resemblance to uniforms worn by jewish inmates in concentration camps. the shirt is now gone from zara stores and website. general motors says it's moving production of its next generation cadillac crossover suv from mexico right here to the u.s. starting sometime next year, the srx and a still to be identified second vehicle will be produced at a former saturn factory in spring hill, tennessee. the move is expected to create or retain roughly 1800 jobs. apple freaks or fan boys as they're called are buzzing about rumors a new iwatch could be debuted within the next couple of weeks along with the next generation iphone, as well. the wearable smartwatch is expected to include health and fitness sensors, as well as messaging and notification features. prices estimate right to be around $300. well, before you put that dollar bill into the vending machine, you may want to check the serial number because taco
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bell is offering free food for life if and only if -- here's the catch -- you find 1 of 11 special dollar bills with winning numbers. now, the odds of winning are about 1 in 2.4 billion. check the serial number, head to taco bell's website starting next week. and everyone knows eating out in manhattan, it's expensive. but is breakfast really worth $300? well, that is how denny's is celebrating its first restaurant in the big apple. the meal, it does feed two. it does include includes pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs and, yeah, a bottle of dom perignon champagne. >> that would boost the price of any meal at denny's. >> tasty. when we come back, a video gets real. a s.w.a.t. team barges into a home. how it all started with a prank. >> one of the best players in the world gets tangled on the tennis court.
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take a look at this. at first a couple near harrisburg, pennsylvania, thought these lights were an airplane or brighter than unusual planet then the lights started changing color. they're now all wondering if maybe ufos are real. they still don't have an answer. >> while the answer is here, the possibility of flooding very real. if you're driving in the midwest from west texas all the way up to the great lakes, roads also are expected to be wet in florida and along the gulf coast and in montana. >> also if you're flying, airport delays are possible today in denver, kansas city, houston and minneapolis. back now to the news, health officials in louisiana are taking action today after a brain-eating amoeba was found in the water supply. >> they're beginning a chlorine burn which is going to last for about two months in order to clean that water. residents of st. john the baptist parish are being told
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they can still drink the water right now but just to make sure it doesn't go up their nose. >> to a tragic story now in texas. a father has been acquitted of murdering the man who ran down his sons. the two boys were pushing a truck ha had run out of gas with their father steering when a drunken driver plowed into them. police said david barajas then went home, got a gun and shot that driver. no murder weapon was found, though, and barajas was found not guilty. he says though it doesn't help. >> i'm tried. i'm missing my sons, always and forever. >> the driver's family left the courthouse without saying a word about the verdict. barajas says he feels for them because they too lost a son. there has been yet another one of those frightening swatting episodes. this one in a denver suburb. an online video shows officers burst through to investigate reports of an active shooter. now, the report proved to be
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false and now police are looking for the person who used a land line to call in this hoax. the shooting all too real in omaha. a crew member for the "cops" tv series was shot and killed during an attempted robbery at a wendy's. so is the suspect who was armed with only a pellet gun. it was the first major accident for cops which has been on the air for 25 years. police are upset about the man's death they say but the chief also says his officers had no choice but to open fire here. in california, josh shaw admits he is not a hero, he is a liar. the usc star football player has told school administers he made up the story. that is not how he sprained his ankles. the head coach says he is extremely disappointed in shaw who has been suspended indefinitely day as after he was elected as captain of the team. >> it's clear there's quite a few conflicting stories out there, you know, any information that we've been provided up
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until this point we've pushed along to campus authorities. >> one of those stories is about someone climbing outside of a second floor apartment of shaw's girlfriend. the trojans play their first game saturday without him. you can add soccer to the sports can concussion controversies. there's a group of parents that filed a lawsuit against the international governing body and several organizations and claims the groups have been negligent in monitoring and treating head injuries. not demanding any financial damages, just changes to the rules. and even a top professional tennis star can still look a little silly on the court. watch here as caroline wozniacki gets her braid caught in her racket, ah, while even while hitting a forehand. she said it almost took her head off. >> i didn't know whether to just laugh at it or to be annoyed or to be -- which emotion to have.
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i just started to laugh. you know, it's one of those things, you know, us women, we keep it interesting. >> the irony is that wozniacki now puts her hair in a braid for matches because it used to get caught in her racket as well. didn't help here. wozniacki did go on though to beat her opponent in straight sets and advance to the third round despite the bad hair day. >> so, maybe a haircut now. >> maybe. time now for baseball where all four california teams were triumphant. >> details from our friends at espn. >> welcome to our "sportscenter" set in los angeles. this is the very excited neil everett. i'm stan verrett talking baseball. >> talking angels first, listening to the travis rogers show talking about the angels coming in to work. they're down 1-0 to the marlins. marlins are still in the nl wild card hunt. mike trout, gordon beckham scores and angels tie it at 1 after henderson alvarez who was an all-star for them. josh hamilton, hamilton. he doubles, angels take a 3-1
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lead and bottom of the seventh, oh, let's go to rocking fish, man. get our red on. trout, 30th of the year, angels win it, 6-1. >> you should get a deli tray from one of travis' supermarket sponsors. a's and astros, top nine tied. sam if you would off chad qualls, no need to chase it. it's out of there. two-run shot, a's take the lead and his third home run of the season. bottom nine, same score now. chris cotter at the plate. all he does is hit home runs, his 33rd of the season. the astros cut it to 5-4. next batter is dexter fowler. andy perino will handle that. a's get another win and take it 5-4. >> the angels and a's win and angels are still up a game. i don't think that's right. >> four coming up thursday. >> whoo.
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>> very excited over there. well, baseball is not quite your taste, maybe pitching tomatoes is. >> some 22,000 people took part in this in spain along with 125 tons of tomatoes. a major tourist attraction in eastern spain and sold out weeks ago. it costs nonresidents ten euros about $13 to participate and the number of those taking part actually outnumbers the residents. >> looks like fun, messy. >> a lot of good sauce coming out of that one although you might want to boil it first. up next in "the pulse" long-standing question about tony soprano. was he killed in the final episode? also, who are you going to call? why today is national ghostbusters day. but do you know what's in your skincare? neutrogena naturals. a line of nutrient-rich skincare with pure, naturally derived ingredients, carefully chosen and clinically proven to cleanse, purify and moisturize... and you'll never find any harsh chemical sulfates,
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♪ i woke up this morning got
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myself a gun ♪ >> welcome back, everyone. time to check "the pulse" beginning with that moment seven years ago. >> yes, we are talking about that epic ending on "the sopranos" when the screen went black. today millions of fans are still wanting to know if mobster tony soprano is dead or alive. >> we thought we had the answer when a reporter from vox quoted david chase saying tony is not dead. chase's rep says that was misconstrued adding that continuing to search for the answer is fruitless. >> big mystery. okay, today of all days, who are you going to call? well, it is national ghostbusters day if you can believe it celebrating the 30th anniversary of the hit movie. the action comedy has been remastered and is returning to more than 700 theaters tomorrow. >> it will also soon be released in blu-ray and all sorts of 30th anniversary merchandise. no word yet on a sequel but for young adults of a certain age it is a fond memory from our childhoods, our childhoods, right? >> yes, of course, marshmallow
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man, slimer. '0s throwback. the ladies of "friends" staging this mini reunion. >> jennifer aniston, courteney cox reprised their roles on that set along with tv apartment. kimming playing the role of ross. >> now you drag court into this. >> that's not court, that's monica. >> oh, my god. >> why, hello, friend, so good to see you, phoebe and monica. >> good to see you, ross, but more importantly, how you doing? >> aniston criticizing the script's sophomoric humor calling the dialogue stupid and dumb and kimmel asked is it dumber than living in a new york city apartment for eight years even though you work in a coffee shop. >> that's a good point that's long been criticized for the show. >> as for the fact they probably couldn't even afford the apartment that all three were living in.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning on thursday at 4:28. will need this, here is meteorologist mike nicco. >> you mean because everyone was jolted. we are always seeming to be a day ahead. >> i saw you attacking the coffee. >> i heard there was a limited amount of coffee so i when and got mine. it is dry this morning. the forecast shows more cloud cover this morning. still between the 9:00 and 10:00 timeframe it will retreat to the coast. 84 to 94. will you need the air conditioning inland? depends on how were the coolness has taken over. 72 for high 59 san francisco and
4:29 am
at the bay up to 84. >> the drive is clear at the golden gate bridge. pretty early this morning. we still have cars on the road moving along pretty well. no complains. a wide you have of the bay area is green. we are in good shape. we this afternoon at 2:00, a shutdown of northbound 280 between 101 and king street where the hinge replacement project lasting until tuesday at 5:00 a.m., a full labor day weekend closing. plan ahead with plan "b" in reach. happen now sheriff deputies are watching a substation where thieves break in and stole equipment the scene of a shooting attack a year ago. matt? >> security has increased since the attack a year ago and you
4:30 am
can see they have surveillace camera and deputies and secured guards patrolling but some people break in, anyway. the sheriff says thieves nipped through a fence three times creating holes large enough to enter the substation. it was not reported until 7:30 yesterday morning. thieves stole construction equipment including heavy power tools. preliminary investigation suggests human error with pg&e blaming the security temperature for not adequately addressing fence alarms. >> i understand the public wants to know how this happen and we want to know. >> this is 16 months after a sniper took aim and shot out 17 transfollowers causing a major outage and then pg&e pledged $100 million security upgrade for the vulnerable substations. the security upgrade involved deputies checking i.d.s and crews repairing the


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