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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 1, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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are warmer in september and october but everyone should start a cooling trend. but today we have a lack of winds and less than seven miles per hour and only 13 in fairfield. the air is clear and dancing lights on the bay bridge and twinkling lights on the east bay shore where we will have temperatures at 74 to 86 so mild and warm and a few clouds along the coast and 65 into san francisco and 88 to 94 warm and hot in the sunshine. >> sounds like barbecue weather. the traffic is very light. so far, it is holiday light. we have one accident in england in the east bay but i will have that in a moment but 24 more hours southbound 280 with the work underway from highway 101 to king street northbound lane
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is shut down until tomorrow morning and southbound lane is not affected at this hour and traffic is light away from san francisco to 101 interchange. >> thank you, the 49ers are waiting to see what action the nfl could take against defensive tackle ray mcdonald for hurting his pregnant fiance days after the looking announced tough new penalties. matt? san jose police officers arrived at his home at 2:30 on sunday morning. according to dispatch a woman reported being attacked. >> her certify answer was beating her at address and they tried to pull her out the she is pregnant. >> the neighbors say that he was hosting a loud party with a lost cars lining the street and this is a birthday part for mcdonald who towns 30 tomorrow. officers were originally called
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if a noise disturbance and his fiance showed officers bruises on her neck and arm and he was arrested without first incident on felony domestic violence. he posted $25,000 bond yesterday morning and was released. he is the first nfl player on be arrested since the commissioner announceed thursday a tougher penalty to the deal on domestic violence with the first offense six game suspension and second offense is dismissal. more severe presence of a child, or a pregnant woman, or multiple strikes. this is the same place where aldon smith was arrested. there have been ten arrests involving 49ers players since
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2010 and fur have been this area. in january, one was charged with public intoxication in tennessee. in march, another was arrested on misdemeanor hit-and-run accident and police arrested aldon smith in april. smith made a bomb net while at l.a.x. which were dropped charges. >> in napa, the red contracts is trying to help victims of the 6.0 magnitude earthquake but a school damage by the earthquake is racing to clean up in time to re-open tomorrow. amy? yes, the red cross will be setting up shop at 10:00 soviet union will have 12 case workers here to help people. they spent the first week after the earthquake on the ground in the community setting up a shelter for people who did not have a place to stay and in napa
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they have 30 people staying in the shelter n vallejo this are eight. they want to talk to people and assess their long-term needs. you are encouraged to come here today if you have suffered any loss. they are expecting to help 150 to 200 people. the good news is the donations are still coming in and people have been very generous. they do have stuff they can help you with. feel free to come here today. also in napa, the st. john baptist church is opening the school that has been closed for a week. the school was yellow tagged and it is an 80-year-old building and mortar fall after every aftershock so they have been working to clean up the inside which was a mess and to secure the building but now, ready to on the students back-to-school. good news on that front. napa continues to put one foot in front of the other and recover and the red cross wants to help people do that so they
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will receive chains at 10:00 this morning at the marriott. >> two men are doing fine this morning after a rescue near ocean beach rappel down the cliff to save the men who were stuck near the rocks below the famed cliff house restaurant. they were not hurt and fires had them back on top in less than an hour. >> in iraq law metro area are calling for confrontation against militants of isis. american airstrikes continued over the weekend in iraq isis but the question is, will the obama administration expand the airstrikes? lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say the president needs to confronts the radicals and united states intelligence says more than 100 americans have joined isis ranks and they have passports and could get back into the country.
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>> this morning, russian officials are calling phone at yeas sire in ukraine twine local forces and separatists. they are seen here preparing for a fight. the call is a day after russian president vladimir putin said ukraine should begin talks of statehood which is controlled by now. officials want to escalate america's response to the crisis and senators are calling on president obama to send weapons to help ukraine defend itself in addition to sanctions against russia. >> three americans detained in north korea have spoken out about their conditions. the three are allowed five minutes to give an interview to cnn and a tourist broke an united states specified law and miller on the right allegedly tore up his visa card and sought asylum and bay, in the middle, is a missionary from seattle area accused of carry out out of bring down the regime of kim
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jong-un. >> the condition in the labor catch i an working eight hour as day six day as week agriculture work to the neighborhood. >> you are being treated humanely? yes. >> all are asking for help to be released. >> vallejo police are conducting law enforcement training session at city hall from 8:00 am until 4:00 p.m. when the first half of the training involves crisis negotiator as and tactical dispatchers responding to a violent scenario so do not be alarmed if you see smoke from city hall or the swallet command vehicle the first time police will train inside city hall. today it will cost you more to ride muni. a single ride costs $2 fast passes increase $2 to $68
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for the monthly pass and the pass that be used for bart is $80 now. low-and-middle income youth remain the same, the first fare increase since wipe twine. >> two wild nears have merged and are now threatening 250 homes near happy ramp in the national forest began august 11 and combined into one fire over the weekend. flames have burned 98 square miles of forest and is only 15 percent contained forcing the closing of camp grounds and trailheads in the national forests. today is the warmest day if a lot of places around california. this morning, though, we are off to a quiet start in san
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francisco with west portal 56 and sunny side at 59 and the mission is 51 and portrero hill is 56. ocean beach is about 60 the same in richmond and walnut creek and 61 in union city and pittsburg is warmest at 68 and fairfield is 62 and everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 50's but for petaluma at 52 and tracy check out the lack of cloud cover, looking at golden gate bridge from san francisco to the marine headlands, up to 63 today. 66 to 84 at noon, and a few clouds along the coast at 7:00, 64 to 82 inland and a couple of degrees cooler tomorrow and closer to average with a couple of degrees cooling on wednesday holing through thursday. leyla gulen? >> many of the agencies of mass
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transit are operating on a difficult schedule for labor day so as far as bart is conditioned it is working on a sunday service schedule which means trains will not roll until 8:00 am so check with your transit agency to know exactly what the schedule is going to be. it is still quiet along 101 southbound direction with tail lights pushing to 580 through san rafael into san francisco and no delays. in oakland, we have c.h.p. on the scene and an ambulance where the vehicle is on its side with slight injuries westbound 580 between fruitvale avenue and grant with slowing and one lane blocked causing a bottleneck. a new accident in redwood city with the details ahead. >> another impact of the california drought and swimmers are warned against going into popular bay area lake. >> new images of a map accused of robbing several northern california banks and the latest
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target is next. >> the look at the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge and western span of the bay bridge western span of the bay bridge and the richmond san
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>> covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 5:13. authorities say the ak-47 bandit whose work extended to the bay area may have hit again. the f.b.i. is investigating if a robber who held up a bank in nebraska is the same person would hit local banks in
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surveillance video from the first nebraska bank shows the most recent heist carry an assault rifle, ordered employees to give him money and forced them into the vault before taking off. >> we want everyone to be aware how violent this individual is. he is not afraid to pull the trigger. he has shot a police officer. anyone who gives him resistance he is not afraid to act. >> authorities say there are similarities between the northern california robberies and the one in nebraska but they will not reveal the details. >> president obama will be in milwaukee, wisconsin, today for a labor day speech that will promote the economy. the first family boarded the plane for the badger state last night and wisconsin has been in the headlines because state officials have erased most public employee union rights and the president will speak at what is called labor festival before 5,000 people and is expected to talk about the strides the economy has made isn't the great
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recession. texas governor perry is apologizing for a tweak saying it was unauthorizeed with an image of the democratic district attorney at the center of the criminal inindictment charges captioning say "i don't always drive drunk at three times the blood alcohol limit but when i do i indict governor perry for calling me out, i am the most drunk democrat in texas." it is unclear who pasted it. move over black friday, labor day discounts are reaching nearly half off. here is america's money report. good morning, topping america's money, labor day discounts could exceed those on black friday. shoppers are expected to see 48 percent 50 original price on clothing and accessories compared to a 42 percent predicted for back friday and cyber monday.
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apple is expected to unveil mobile payment system allowing you to use your 15 to purchase products for retailers that is designed to compete with others like pay pal and google wallet. kevin durant will resign with nike for a 10-year deal worth $300 million. espn says he was courted by others but nike made the good offer. "guardians" was the highest grossing film of 2014. "turtles" was second followed by "if i stay." our warm weather has prompted an algae warming at san francisco's mountain lake a type blue green algae is bloom on the that will lake on the son border of the presidio which could be bad for your health or your pet so it is banning access to the beach until the algae bloom subsides which could last several months.
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>> it is good swimming for some of us, we will to still get the warm temperatures in september and october but mostly because kids will be back at school. here is live doppler hd and it is dry. for clouds to contend with on 24 is what we are look at and is the drier air today, warmer than average and more clouds tomorrow night and that is when the drizzle will return and we will accelerate our cooling trend dropping a few degrees tomorrow, wednesday through saturday. focusing on today, in the south by, low-to-mid 80's through the heart of the bay and headed to los gatos and gilroy, upper 80's on low 90's and a few clouds
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around santa cruz and 75. 77 in millbrae and otherwise, home 80's on the peninsula and 85 in redwood city and in the mid-to-upper 60's loan the coast and downtown and south san francisco and mid-70's to same in sausalito and with more sunshine bodega bay will hold out in the mid-60's and we are 25 to 30 degrees warmer with low-to-mid 90's but for san rafael and vallejo at 88 degrees. we have money 70's along the east bay shore with oakland at 77 and hercules at 75 and low-to-mid 80's around castro valley and fremont and widespread heated is inland east way with low-to-mid 90's and antioch at 94 and fairfield is 94 the warmer temperatures. at the game today, sunglasses, something to shade director self from the sun and u.v. index is high and manners are in town and this is the holiday game at 1:00 o'clock, 77 degrees and upper 70 throughout the game. tonight we will cool into the
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mid-to-upper 50's in santa rosa and napa and morning were hill and half moon bay and much else in the low-to-mid 60's and antioch at 67 and we will have more clouds along the coast and some will spill across the heart of the bay but not inland. after labor day warmth, we will still be pretty warm tomorrow and we drop two- to four-degrees on wednesday and hold steady through friday with morning clouds and afternoon sun and a stronger sea breeze drops the temperatures a little bit more on saturday and sunday but in rain in the forecast. leyla gulen? >> no one is laboring through traffic here at the toll plaza we have barely any cars and moving up to richmond and san rafael bridge over the water to the north bay with cher conditions. in palo alto, we have a crash involving a vehicle in the brushes north 101 at embarcadero but the traffic is mostly moving quickly. westbound highway four from
5:20 am
antioch to hercules is 28 minutes and at i-80 wive from ford to the maze is 16 minutes and in san jose northbound 87 from 85 to the san jose airport is under ten minutes. >> as bay area constitutes heads -- students head back-to-school we will share some of our own school pictures. look at that face! >> we do know that matt draw up -- grew up in san jose and he is athletic so matt is suited up for football. >> 64, my day that was a lineman's number. we will see the position. you can e-mail the photos at or post it to facebook or tweet them to straight ahead seven things to know before you go. prince william and kate went on
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a romantic countryside date. >> unique tribute to the pioneers of the gay rights movement. smaller pictures of the san mateo bridge and 280 and 17 in the south bay. the south bay. stay
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5:24 am
from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and our news reporter is there with a full report in just a few minutes. >> livermore police have arrested this man, 21-year-old anthony torres in a shooting that superintendent five to the hospital. three men got into an argument at a party on saturday night and came back and opened fire shooting three women and two men. >> four, joan rivers remaining under close observation this morning in a new york city hospital. her daughter says they have keeping her fingers crossed that her 81-year-old mother will recover. they was brought in on thursday after stopped breathing during a minor throat operation. >> at 27 years on the boardwalk a casino in atlantic city closed its door with 2,000 losing their jobs. some will be transferred but employees say there is no guarantees. the casino is the first of three casinos ready to should down for
5:25 am
good in atlantic city over the next few weeks. on this labor day we will starting off with limited cloud cover and warmer than average everywhere and a cooling trend coming in the seven-day forecast it is a holt daylight and clear conditions across all the bridges and most of our roadways but we have had a busy morning with a couple of accidents. a walk arm memorial will debut this week in san francisco's castro district and the rainbow honor walk features 20 bronze plaques honoring lesbian and bisexual and gay and transgender people who had a positive impact on society. 14 plane and six women are featured and the opening ceremony tomorrow moving from plaque to plaque after local lgbt leaders dedicate the sites. >> duke and duchess responds on a romantic dinner date.
5:26 am
according to onlookers they were holding hands and seen gazing into each other's eyes during the evening. baby george stayed home and the royal couple have been staying in the country checking out their new digs and overseeing the final stage of the renovation including a new kitchen. they will spend more time when he begins the job as an ambulance helicopter pilot. >> we will have a full 90 minutes of news including an unspeakable instance of animal cruelty in san francisco and circumstances that led to the shooting of a dog. we have a live short from the camera of the bay bridge and other bridge shots.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, and happy labor day. >> here is hoping you are not laboring on your labor day but mike has the forecast. >> going to the beach? going to the lake going to the pool? it will be that will set what everywhere. look how light the winds are only 13. our marine laser thicker than yesterday at 1,200' but it is dry. no cloud cover at all in the east bay valley. inland we are sunny from 88 to 94 and the coast in san francisco is 65 to 73 with cloud cover from half moon bay south along the coast and the north by will be pretty clear and the rest of the bay is 74 to 86 headed into san jose. enjoy the sunshine. relax. >> if you need to head out, you
5:30 am
will not be stick in traffic. we do not see many tail lights or headlights so that is 7 in the distance and everything is moving fine. we have an accident a car ran into the withs in palo alto northbound highway 101 and as i pull out, the dumbarton or san mateo bridge, all moving at top speeds and 70 miles per hour along 101 and 280 with clear conditions and no accidents our top story is 49ers defensive tackle ray mcdonald is in court in two weeks to face felony charge of domestic violence arrested early yesterday morning at his home in san jose accused hitting his pregnant fiance. the 29-year-old was arrested 72 hours after the commissioner institutes harsher
5:31 am
domestic assault charges. they have to get their act together. they have to ice with away from trouble. >> you want did represent an organization that is classy and has great attitude and everything about how you want to see in your team. >> domestic violence should not occur. we have the consequences. >> the manager said that the team takes the matters seriously and will not comment until it gathers more information. there will be more on the arrest at the top of the hour. >> new help this morning to victims of the napa earthquake the american red cross is opening an emergency assistance center and amy hollyfield is in the napa valley marriott hotel
5:32 am
to tell us more. this is where they society set up help for those who are red tagged. it will be 150 to 200 people who are going to look to the red cross for help so you encouraged to come pier and talk to a case worker. they do have supplies for victims but so far 250,000 has been donated for earthquake victims. the donations have been kind. as far as supplies, we are looking well. looking good. people have been helping financially and we make sure that gets to the clients. in napa, st. john the baptist school will reson tomorrow
5:33 am
closed for a week because mortar is falling when there is an aftershock. they have had a lot of work. they say they are ready to open. they will open up here at marriott at 10:00 so if you need marriott at 10:00 so if you need help consider stopping by. churches. the first united meg different is red tagged and off limits for a year but the morning service went on because of the 7th day adventist church. >> we worship on saturday so they worship on sunday and we were the only ones, the only church available. >> people come together in
5:34 am
disasters. so nice to donate the church. >> churches welcomed people. at st. john's lutheran comfort dogs were long in to offer relief and help healing process. >> police in pittsburg are looking for the driver of a silver pickup after a deadly hit-and-run accident that happened before 7:00 last night at willow pass roads and the victim is 50-year-old bay point woman who died at the seen. witnesses say a man in a truck hit her after striking a light poll he dragged for two blocks before taking off. >> police in oakland investigate the shooting death of a man at a popular coliseum public mark oat that happened yesterday afternoon. the man was shot by a security guard. he saw him trying to break into a car. the man was killed in front of his sister and mother. ed victim is a 22-year-old, the 50th homicide victim in 9 city since john. of thes to reach the organizers
5:35 am
of the glee market were -- of the flee market were unsuccessful. >> someone shot a dog after 10:00 last night in the visitacion valley area. officers say the dog was rushed to an animal hospital but there is no word on his condition. police took an armed man into today near the scene and have not said if he is the one would opened fire. >> leyla gulen mentioned, caltran is ontrack to re-open 280 stretch this time tomorrow morning and all northbound lanes of 280 from the 101 split to the king secret off-ramp have been closed since thursday to replace two bridge hinges. this morning, crews will do their final concrete pour and put the final finishing touch on the project. >> we are on schedule or thankful to be on schedule and that is due in large part because of the public being accepting of this and letting us make this road safer. >> the hinges will help the
5:36 am
bridge move in the event of an earthquake and israel says this is the last hinge replace 349 project on 280. >> good news for drivers in the south bay an off-ramp from southbound 85 in cupertino that was closed because of a water main break re-opened an hour ago. a line running along the boulevard ruptured before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. water started bubbling up through the asphalt forcing the sheriff deputies to close the off-ramp to 85. one lane of the creek headed westbound is still expected to be closed until this afternoon. today, a new playground mere and dear to our hearts opened today in east oakland. the play ground is at concordia park. most of the news team pitched in with disney and the none profit group can bomb to build the playground in six hours and now the city inspections have been completed, rubber mattes have been installed and the new play ground is ready to go and will open today for kids to enjoy on this holiday.
5:37 am
the weather will be just perfect. >> congratulations to the volunteers and the community members who helped. >> it was fun. >> it was fun and exciting and not so warm as today so the kids need more water and sunscreen and mid-to-upper 70's at the park. at the beaches we are running at four to seven degrees warmer-than-average at 59 at bodega and 62 at san francisco and half moon bay and monterey is 63 and you see the greatest amount of sunshine from pack can north with a few clouds clinging around half moon bay. the day planner, a few clouds in the same areas right now with temperatures running in the mid-50's in santa rosa but that is the exception with most of us away the low 60. 80 degrees and 94 at 4:00, and 90 -- no, it will be 80 at at the coast we are at 68 and
5:38 am
dropping to 66 at 4:00 and 64 by 7:00. today, it is the warmest day in the seven-day forecast and tomorrow, still warmer-than-average and we will be back to average wednesday into thursday and cooler this weekend. that forecast is coming up. leyla gulen? >> yes, as we talk about mass transit because it is a holiday we can have all mass transit running on altered schedule and bart is on sunday schedule so a.c. transit is on sunday schedule and ate train has in service today at all and here is a look from emeryville camera to the eastern span of the bay bridge with traffic is light pushing to san francisco and treasure island and in san francisco, we will not be able to take 280 in the northbound direction because hinge replacement continues from 101 to king street and the closure remains this place all day long up until tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. and that is expected to re-open southbound lanes, though, are open and we have traffic coming
5:39 am
away from king street through the extension and up to 101 you have clear conditions into daily certify. >> a new scandal is rocking hollywood, next, the compromising photo for various big named celebreties that are being hacked online. >> there was severe weather in the northeast and the worst is not over. >> looking at san francisco and in the small scene, the eastern span of the bay bridge and sfo span of the bay bridge and sfo and the san
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covering daly city, dublin/pleasanton, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning on labor day. a shot from the exploritorium camera of the smooth as glass bay and bay bridge in the background. it will be warm. >> new details on condition of joan rivers. she remains in the hospital four days after going into cardiac arrest at a her daughter thanked everyone for love and support and remains hopeful her mother will recover. the family has not revealed details on the prognoses.
5:43 am
twitter is cracking down on anyone involved if living nude photos of the biggest celebreties. they suspending all accounts that publish nude photos of jennifer lawns or anybody other celebrity released yesterday by a hacker who claims do have gained access to private foes to of lawrence. officers believe it was because of a flaw in the apple service which is patched and claims do have nude photos of kate upton and others. a federal judge has blocked louisiana from enforcing the restrictive new abortion law that would have closed all file of the abortion clinics in the state. a district judgment says the law can still take effect but officials cannot penalize the doctors and clinics that sued until after the hearing requires the doctors to have admitting privileges 30 miles of the
5:44 am
clinic. >> a ben who claimed to have explosive at a car outside an airport is in custody at kansas city international airport. the person made the throat in the terminal. passengers remain evacuated and bombs walked through the dog. -- and dogs walked through the talks sniffing for bombs. >> we had lunch before the flight and it is scary not knowing. we had lunch, and then saiden had to get out. >> after the "all clear," passengers had to go through security again. a number of flights were delayed. now the wild weather for labor day weekend celebrations, torrential rain interrupted concerts in the northeast and stopping play at the u.s. open dozens of flighted were delayed
5:45 am
from washington, dc, to philadelphia, to new york and in new york city three were struck by lightning at a beach if the bronze and 40 million were in the storm zone yesterday across the eastern united states. today, round two is ready. >> and a possible tornado ripped through boston yesterday tear down trees and damaged home. there are no reports of injuries. >> a huge dust storm is blamed for 50-car pileup in washington state with strong winds kicking up so much dust drivers could not see in front of them. nine people were taken by ambulance to hospitals with minor injuries mostly cuts and scrapes. >> nothing like that, nothing wild around here for labor day. >> if we had winds we would have a tough storm.
5:46 am
thanks for joining us early on this labor day at 5:46 and this is live doppler hd even not completely full of cloud cover although our marine layer is taller than it was yesterday up to 1,200 or 1,400', the warm spot is to the north and mid-to-upper 50's until mill valley at 51 and napa is at 59. same temperature in lafayette and san francisco and half moon bay and 61 in newark and redwood city. cupertino and san ramon at 57. 65 in brentwood the warmest spot out there. you can see one lone star holding on as the sun is pulsing and maybe that is a plane. check it out. dry weather today and warmer-than-average from tuesday night into wednesday morning and we get the cloud cover back and it is thicker and we could have
5:47 am
drizzle and we will see the significant cooling in the afternoon. today you can see the clouds hanging around half moon bay south so north of there you will have a tremendous amount sunshine and especially across the north bay coast, 70's and 80's and a few 90's hanging around and down into the south bay if you go down to gilroy. home 80's for the rest of the south bay and partly cloudy in santa cruz at 75. 77 in millbrae and everyone on the peninsula low-to-mid 80's. money 60's along coast and mid-70's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and low-to-mid 90's through the north bay valleys and 25 degrees cooler at the coast and mid-to-upper 70's along the east bay shore and oakland is 77 and home 80's around present and castro valley and low-to-mid 90's headed into the east bay valley. at the game this afternoon, manners in town, and taking on the a's at 1:00 o'clock first
5:48 am
pitch at 77 and remaining to 78. the u.v. index is very high. wear the sunscreen. the seven-day forecast shows one or two degrees cooler tomorrow and the bigger drop on wednesday and we hold steady with morning clouds through friday and a stronger sea breeze brings us a couple more degrees of cooling for saturday and sunday. >> it will minutes until 5:00 and traffic is barely there. the san mateo bridge from hair to foster city is a breeze with no delays and no crashes. to san jose, however, we have a reported car fire northbound 101 which is slowing on the transition from northbound 280 and southbound 680. that is when it leaves 280. the rest of san jose is wide open and clear conditions to the nimitz. and the san jose airport has no
5:49 am
delays on 280 or 85. over the a pass, it will only 24 minutes which is holiday lite. and 101 is slower at 19 minutes from san rafael to san francisco. when planning for a disaster you normally thing of food and water but japan's government is suggesting you stock up on something else. >> totally interesting and surprising urging citizens to put aside a month's worth of toilet paper. toilet paper. 40 percent comes from a high risk earthquake zone and the trade ministry is promoting specialty toilet paper because this could be a toilet pain crisis if the area is hit by a mega earthquake. pace is such an issue in japan everyone in small apartments it is hard to imagine carrying a month's worth of toilet paper.
5:50 am
>> okay. a 20-year-old man has broken a new world record. >> he took the most sell selfies in an hour. the unofficial number was 625, ten a minute. the official result will be announceed by world record officials next month. previous record was 421 set by a canadian actress early this year. >> they were all in focus? we ask about that. kristen is a selfie perfectionist. >> okay. at 6:00, indoor plants and the positive impact they make at the work face. >> here is something doctors don't see every day, a diamond ring landed a couple behind bars >> looking at the bay bridge a gorgeous shot on the big screen and little screens have the bay
5:51 am
bridge and live doppler hd and. bridge and live doppler hd and. stay
5:52 am
5:53 am
check out the sausalito art festival, the 62nd annual event wraps up today. the festival features art displays and dancing and water games and wine tasting and plannive arts and crafts for sale. >> another vehicle dry for the man known as joey jaws or san jose's eating machine, joey chestnut chomping his way do a world record in competitive eating and in new york he downed 192 buffalo wins in 12 minutes betting his own record. he is seen here at the hotdog
5:54 am
eating contest holds 3 competitive eating recording including for twinkies and apple pie. that wasn't video of wings because he would be spitting owe the bones, hopefully. >> hopefully. now the weather forecast. >> beautiful art of sausalito, 69 degrees at 10:00 this morning and a few clouds and sunny and mid-70's in the afternoon. and it will be a breeze to provide comfort but not from the sunshine, it will be strong again. in danville we have a one day event today, the antiques and art fair will start mild in the only at a 72 to 83 by 11 o'clock and the low 90 to mid-90's as we head through the sunny afternoon. triple digits through the central valley and mid-to-upper 80's and quiet in the sierra and
5:55 am
cooler in san diego and los angeles. leyla gulen? >> today this is where we are seeing street closing into san francisco and it is the race from the maze and a right turn and comes back and we will find streets closed in the area if you are headed out, want out, and drive time traffic southbound 101 we from san francisco to the airport if you are traveling, 11 minutes to get you there and 880 northbound from 238 to the maze is 13 minutes and 101 northbound from highway 85 to the san jose airport is only 12 minutes. >> 5:55, an experimental new drug could be a game changer for 5 million americans who sufficient from congestive heart failure combining two drugs to target the root of most problems, fluid overlook. studies fond that it reduces the risk of death of heart failure
5:56 am
by 20 percent there is no name but the drug was fund to perform significantly better than the older drug that it would replace. if approved it would be the first new oral medication for heart failure if a decade and it could be on the market by next year. >> the results of a study will put many parents' mind to rest. children diagnosed with attention deficit activity disorder do not have to worry about medicationstinct their growth after kids were followed through adulthood and compared their height with children would were not on medication. researchers found growth spurts for boys were delayed lightly but the height as adults ended up average. >> a suspected shoplifter thought she hid evidence in a place that the police would not look but the x round found the evidence an expensive ring in the stomach of a woman accused
5:57 am
of stealing the ring from a jewelry store and driving away with the license plate covers in pink sticky notes. that with attract police. they pulled her over and she swallowed the ring. she was taken to the hospital for an x-ray and we do not know if the ring has been run. >> or cleaned off. >> a southwest passenger suffer as heart attack in the air and the life-saving tools the flight attendant could have used to save his life and why the widow claims they din. -- didn't. >> san francisco owns can get a tax break for playing dirty. >> a look at san francisco on the big scene. the small scene shows the sun about to rise and san mateo bridge traffic and 680 and walnut creek. walnut creek. stay
5:58 am
jenny jenny carlos alex carlos good morning burrito team! we set out to make a bigger, tastier breakfast burrito and i think we nailed it. introducing bigger, better breakfast burritos. the grande sausage, packed with hash browns, sausage, and creamy sriracha sauce and the meat lovers,
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sburritos so big, they make severything look smaller.a warm guerrero tortilla.g, they make
6:00 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a week after the napa, a new resource for victims to fine help and get back on the road to recovery. >> the football world is waiting to see what the nfl will do after the arrest of 49ers defensive lineman ray mcdonald on felony domestic violence charges. >> muni riders are paying more crass the board but not for everyone. >> it is labor day at 6:00. this is the unofficial end to summer which means it is time for warmer temperatures, of course. mike has the forecast. >> we always have to do things differently. some of our warmest days are ahead of us around oakland and san francisco and today, for all of us, it is warmer than average. the next 12 hours just a cloud or two from the cost but mostly sunshine at 63 a


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