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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 1, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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this is abc 7 news. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings. larry beil is away today. i'm aim a daets. we're getting ready for the picking season after that 6.0 quake a week ago sunday. they're cleaned up and open for business today. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson joins us live to show us how the wine community has joined together. hi, tiffany. >> hi there, ama. it's absolutely been a race against the harvest clock. many of the white grapes have been picked and the red grapes are heavy.
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they're ready to go. at fontanelle family wineries, they're expecting the first batch p grapes tomorrow. at this point last week, they had no idea how that would even be possible. >> like jenga pieces after a bad fall, the winery cellar left a mess last sunday. today, nothing broken in sight. >> the cellar is back to working order. not completely organized yet. but we're getting there. >> outside the winery, today harvest equipment stands ready for grapes. last week at this time nothing but controlled chaos as everyone simultaneously cleaned. the transformation required 16-hour days and an entire team of friends, family, employees and volunteers. >> i think the adrenaline and the enthusiasm of everyone that was in here pitching in made it go very fast. >> along the way, gary fontanelle a discovered good news. the damage wasn't as bad as first thought. >> we're looking at a half a
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million dollars in damage as opposed to a million. >> they found what they needed time and time again. we found signs of generosity all over napa valley. at floral springs, tom shore personally delivered care packages to each of the winery clubs' members in napa. 47 in all. >> i think it was very nice break for some people to know somebody was thinking of them. >> the ceo drove around napa donating more than 50 cases of wine to dozens of restaurants. >> we have wine, a lot of other people don't. they lost 30 to 80% of their sellers. you can't replace it at the drop of a hat. we thought, that's we can do. >> she said many resipt yents used the wine to pay it forward by sharing with employees or for the earthquake relief fund. who wouldn't want to drink to that? tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. two schools injured in the napa earthquake are planning to reopen tomorrow.
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st. john baptist catholic school was yellow tagged because of significant cosmetic damage and stone bridge charter school is planning to reopen tomorrow also. there is still a need for help in napa. here's how to give where you live. text the word red cross to 9099 and a $10 donation will appear on your next cell phone bill. this was a quake in santa clara county at 9:00 this morning six miles east of gill foye. people reported feeling it in morgan hill, across san jose redwood city. >> it's time for a check of the weather on this holiday. >> let's outside to spencer christian. what a gorgeous day, spencer. >> it is a gorgeous day. hello everyone. labor day, sunny skies all over the bay area. high temperatures inland. i shouldn't say highs. we haven't reached the official highs yet. we've had temperatures in the upper 90s. look at live doppler hd. lots of blue sky.
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here's a live look towards the bay bridge. 72 degrees in san francisco. 81 oakland. san jose, 85. 93 in morgan hill. 66 in half moon bay. there's a lovely view looking at the golden gate. no fog now. 9 in napa. 97 at fairfield. 95 at concord and 98 at livermore. one final live camera view from the emeryville camera looking at the golden gate. the first forecast, clear and mild conditions inland this evening. coastal fog develops overnight and into the morning hours. tomorrow a strong sea breeze. cooler than today but still mild to warm. highs ranging from mid-60 s to the coast to mid and upper 8 os inland. i'll have a look at the entire week ahead later. cheryl and ama. >> thank you. lifeguards in san francisco credit a surfer with rescuing a boogie boarder this afternoon. he got in trouble near the cliff house. many people are lured into the water on warm days.
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they often underestimate the power of the pacific ocean. you're average recreational swimmer, this is not a place to be today. like i mentioned, professional ocean beach lifeguards had trouble getting back in. >> we have really strong rips, cold water and people lose their lives here every year. it's not a joke. >> a coast guard helicopter found no signs of a second person who was reported to be in distress near the beach. 49ers defensive tackle ray mcdonald is the first national football league player arrested on suspicion of domestic violence days after the league announced harsher penalties. >> so the nfl's only response is we're looking into it. here's the dispatch call made early sunday morning. >> there's a new -- he was hitting her. they're at this address. he's trying to pull her out of the house. she's pregnant. >> officers were originally
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called to the house in the silver creek neighborhood for a noise disturbance. the sacramento bee reports mcdonald turns 30 tomorrow. they found bruises on her neck and arm. she is ten weeks pregnant. mcdonald was taken into custody before being released on bail. the nfl's harsher domestic violence policy means first time offenders receive a six-game suspension. second offenders receive a lifetime ban. a defense attorney specializing in domestic violence believes mcdonald could face prison time also. >> among the things that police are going to look at instead of injury, if any, and ray's fiancee was apparently ten months pregnant. that's probably a bad fact for ray. that's going to make the police more inclined to treat this more seriously than they might otherwise. >> the management will make a first public comment tomorrow. mcdonald is the tenth arrest of a 49ers player in less than four years. four have been just this year. police in pittsburgh are asking
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the public for help in finding the driver of a pickup truck who hit and killed this woman. michelle braz. witnesses saw the man drive off after hitting the woman. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez has the details. lieian? >> ama, police say the person who killed this woman was driving a chevy pickup. we're going to show you a picture of what that truck may look like. she was on the sidewalk. he jumped the curb and struck her. several people saw the man take off. pittsburgh police say a man driving a truck like this one hit auto-year-old michelle braz. it's a silver pickup. >> she was walking on the sidewalk like any normal person. >> she was walking her dog along willow pass road. she had a cart with recycled bottles and cans. according to police, the driver hit a light pole and then struck the woman. witnesses then saw the man drive
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away dragging the light pole for a few hundred yards. >> then he dragged the telephone pole with him down the street and then he lost it down there by the car wash. and then she was laying up here. >> people who knew her came to put flowers and candles where she died. a woman and her daughter had seen the victim minutes before she was killed. >> i was actually at the paramount and we actually passed her as we were going to the tower mart. as we pulled out, we seen the dog run down loftus. >> neighbors say the dog eventually ran home. >> he's really nice. he would give us stuffed animals and toys. >> police are hoping the information given by witnesses will help them find the driver. in pittsburgh, leeian melendez, abc 7 news. riders have to dig deeper in their wallets to get around in
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san francisco. single ride fares went up 25 cents to $2.25. monthly passes for adults went up by $4 a month. fast passes are now 80 z. m fast passes increases to $68. that fare increase does not affect minors, seniors or disabled adults. >> still doesn't surprise me. i don't know that there's any correlation between the fare increase and better service. i'm not real happy with the service as far as being on time. >> the fare increase was approved back in 2009. that's when the sf metropolitan agency decided to increase fares incrementally instead of waiting for a big jump. >> the happy camp complex fire in the forest are dealing with warmer temperatures. in the 80s today. the lightning sparked wildfire burned nearly 100 square miles near the town of happy camp off state highway 96. it's threatening nearly 700
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homes and has forced the evacuation of 250. firefighters are focusing on creating defensible space there. >> still ahead, a couple stranded at sea for a week. the first thing they wanted when they were finally rescued. >> plus -- >> i'm vic lee on the 280 extension to downtown san francisco. this extension has been closed since thursday but it may reopen sooner than expected. that story coming up. that's the one i hope i have right now. for me to go home and be reunited with my family. >> new at 4:30, a rare interview with three detained americans in north korea. their message to the u.s. 7 on your side michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook. he'll answer them live later. you can contact him at finney abc 7 and on twitter at m finney. >> at 4:10 on this labor day holiday, checking the skyway. it looks good.
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you can move in both directions. it's nice to see that. unfortunately, it's only because it's the holiday really. stay with us. we're back if she hand breaded chicken your mom would make that was delivered right to her door.
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a florida couple took this video of the stranded at sea nearly a week. the couple's trouble started when the engine on their sailboat stopped and a storm damaged their mast. they survived without food, water or a way of calling for help. >> we got a full boat, small
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boat of water. we don't have commune chags. >> they were relieved to see us. very excited. but they were actually in good shape. they were moving around. they were in good spirits. the only thing they requested was a nice cold bottle of water. >> the coast guard found the couple after a friend worried they didn't return home. next time they will bring extra water when they go sailing. >> northbound 280 has been closed for four days but the work is almost done. >> it might reopen ahead of schedule, which is great news. >> it is. vic lee is live on the job site with the latest. hi vic. >> hi. listen this is the 280 extension that's been closed since thursday. as you mentioned, they replaced the two hinges. one is right over there where you see that big crane. and then the other is farther south on this highway. there is another big crane oh,
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about a mile away. this afternoon when we got here, there were lots of workers and heavy equipment, but now as you can see, there is almost nobody. and the reason is they're almost done. >> it's very possible we'll open early. i'm not sure yet. like i said, there's still work to be done. >> that's good news. the 280 extension has been closed since thursday afternoon. workers finished replacing the two hinges yesterday. and they began pouring the fast-drying concrete at 10:30 last night. then three more pours. the last one at 5:30 this morning. >> it did set very, very quickly to probably drive on it an hour and a half, two hours after the concrete has been poured. >> this was the final job. replacing the steel and concrete guardrails. >> when you're dealing with walls that stop vehicles from going over, you have to spend a little bit of extra time and make sure that they're strong enough. that's going to take a little
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while. >> there's still deferred maintenance which cal trans maintenance workers will do. there's also cleanup work before they can open the extension. cal trans learned a lot from the two prior closures here. it's a good thing since this was a much bigger job than the others. >> that's why we were able to work a little bit -- a little bit quicker. the bottom line is, we had a total of seven extra hours to do twice as much work as we've done previously. >> so we will know later tonight if cal trans will open this 280 extension earlier than their self-imposed deadline which is tomorrow morning at 5:00 and every indication we have now is that they will. vic lee, abc 7 news. thank you, vic. here's a stand frsan francisco tradition that gets overlooked. it's the 40th anniversary of the bike race.
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it attracts some of the sports elite riders. the race features many sharp turns in the area around levi's plaza. more than 800 amateur and professional racers take part. three-time tour de france winner greg lemont. the race is part of the california cup racing series. >> they came by our building. california's great america celebrated the 75th millionth customer. >> the santa clara theme park expected the guest to pass through the gates this labor day weekend. it happened around 10:30 this morning. the lucky winner, the prosper family from redwood city. the foursome got the surprise of a lifetime and a 25-year season pass to the park. >> never won anything like this before. in 25 years, that's a lot of visits to this park. it will be great. saves us a ton of money. you know, it makes a lot of memories. we'll have a lot of memories here. >> wow. oh, yeah.
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the park's general manager thanked fem thor coming to the park with the quarter of a century free pass and a handshake. the daughter for the couple say they look forward to riding the water slides and roller coasters when they're older. >> got to make that height requirement. >> good for them. we had nice weather at great america today. so pretty outside, spencer. >> couldn't ask for more more labor day. tough day to be laboring. sunny skies, warm conditions. we're picking up a breeze which makes it more pleasant. >> live doppler 7hd. we've got sunny skies from coast to inland. we'll see fog returning in the offer night hours. certainly lovely weather right now across the bay area. the winds are getting just a little bit breezy. not very strong gusts. we have gusts of 18 miles per hour at mountain view. winds generally up between 15, 20 miles per hour. san jose, hayward, 10 miles per hour winds. fairfield, breezy but not windy. here's a live view from the east
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bay hills camera looking westward. the western sky is clear right now. these are our forecast features. coastal fog overnight. it will be cooler tomorrow with a stronger sea breeze. we'll have a steady weather pattern for the entire week. also look at the pacific satellite image you see. a quiet pattern. this is a line that shows high pressure, the dominant feature now. it will be a dominant feature the rest of the week here in the bay area. in fact, looking at the week ahead in san jose, an idea of how stead think pattern is going to be. temperatures won't vary more than a degree or two the entire week. we'll see highs in san jose in the low 80 s. this is typical of the kind of pattern that all of the bay area will see for this first week of september. let's look at the overnight lows under mainly clear skies inland and around the bay. we'll have fog at the coast. we'll see low temperatures mainly in the low 60s. in fact, there may be spotty drizzle near the coast. it won't be widespread, though. mild conditions during the overnight hours.
4:20 pm
tomorrow, forecast shows we start out with a bit of coastal fog in the early morning hours. fog remains at the coast. sea breeze becomes a little bit more brisk and we'll see cooler weather tomorrow. highs from mid-60s at the coast. mainly mid-80s in the locations. farther inland to the east, we might see 90s. sunny skies with highs ranging from 8 is at santa clara to morgan hill. 79 at redwood city and mountain view and mid 60s on the coast at pacifica and half moon bay. downtown san francisco 68 degrees tomorrow. 65 in the sunset district with fog clinging to the coastline. on the north bay, look for highs in the mid-80 s at cal stowing a and santa rosa. 82 at napa. east bay highs, 72 at oakland. 75 at san leandro. highs in the mid to up ir 80s, 86 at fairfield, 85 at livermore.
4:21 pm
87 antioch. notice how steady the pattern is. not much variation through next week. upper 70s to near 80 in the bay. mid-60s on the coast. first week of september is looking pretty good. by the way, fall officially arrives three weeks from today. cheryl and ama. >> thank you, spencer. >> coming up next, they're hometown heroes in chicago. the generous offer made for one of the team's star players. new at 4:30, a hacking scandal rocks some of hollywood's biggest names. what are the stars saying today? looking at the golden gate bridge. look at the traffic. you can tell it's a holiday. everything is moving great in both directions. under sunny skies. ama and i will be back. as students head back to school, we want to share photos from school. i have no idea what grade this was. maybe first. you can e-mail your back to school photos to or post them to the facebook page
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pope francis ready for some soccer. this is hours before the athletes were scheduled to meet in rome's olympic stayed youm to play a match for peace. it was set up to promote peace and raise money for children. a chicago businessman stepped in to help one of the stars of the little league world series team help keep a roof over his head. 12-year-old benton helped lead the jackie robinson team to the united states title. benton's family recently lost their home after her hours were cut at work. that's when had someone decided to step in and pay the rent for a year. >> he's a superstar.
4:25 pm
you can't -- >> superstar and homeless don't go together. our superstar, chicago's superstar. >> chicago recently honored the little league heroes with a parade and celebration. a party the chicago cubs haven't seen since 1908. congratulations to them. still ahead at 4:00, inside north korea. rare access to three detained americans. what they're saying about their living conditions and the message to the u.s. >> plus, britain's prime minister announces new steps to keep islamic fighters out of the country. later -- >> take a ride on a sleed. i'm wayne freedman in oakland. remember what we helped build. it's open for busine
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>> announcer: this is abc 7 news. the three americans currently detained in north korea are speaking out about their conditions in an exclusive interview with cnn kenneth bae, matthew todd miller and jeffrey edward foul signed statements admitting their guilt and pleas for help from the united states. here's more on the interview. >> told they were going to meet with a high ranking official, the cnn group was given something rarer.
4:29 pm
ripley was allowed to speak with three americans, detainees jeffrey fouled, matthew miller and kenneth bae. they all signed statements. he's accused of leaving a bible in a hotel where he was staying. >> i'm good for the time being but i need to let the people know that i'm getting desperate. i'm getting desperate for help. >> my situation is very urgent. very soon, i'm going to trial and i would directly be sent to prison. i think this is -- this interview is my final chance to push the american government into helping me. >> miller won't learn of his charges until he goes to trial. kenneth bae has been in custody the longest. the missionary, now serving a 15-year sentence in a labor camp. the north korean government maintains he was part of a plot
4:30 pm
to overthrow the regime. i've lost 15 pounds or more. it's difficult to stay in the camp right now. i do ask the u.s. government and people out there to really put effort to send somebody. >> the unplanned, unexpected five-minute interviews. each painted a picture of uncertainty in a country few outsiders see. >> i'm sandoval reporting. bae's family has been pushing for his release. his sis tear reacted today after seeing that interview. >> years of being isolated and working in a labor camp. i know it's not easy. i think you can see that he is taking a toll. both physically and mentally. you know, we are concerned about him. >> what are you asking of the u.s. government this morning? >> we are asking that -- this is an american citizen, hard working father of three, who has been in prison in north korea for almost two years. please do everything possible to
4:31 pm
bring him home now. >> bae says he's working eight hours a day, six days a week at a labor camp but he's treated as humanely as possible. russian rebels in ukraine appear to be backing away from demands for full independence. this comes as a new round of talks began in belarus today. the meetings aim to end the conflicts between the russia and the republic. there are no talks about handing crimea back to ukraine. the two sides plan to meet again on friday. lawmakers from both parties are urging president obama to become more decisive in to confronting islamic extremists in the mideast. president obama is working on an isis strategy. they outlined both measures to keep british citizens from joining their certificate ris ranks. susan saulny reports. >> international leaders are
4:32 pm
confronting terror plots. with a new sense of urgency in the united kingdom. prime minister david cameron want a law to give british police temporary power to seize passports if british citizens are suspected of traveling in support of isis terrorists. >> people who declare allegiance elsewhere can return to the united kingdom and pose a threat to our security. we believe 500 people traveled from britain to fight in the ee john. >> the uk raised the terror threat level on friday. >> with the terrorist threat is not just about new powers. it is also about how we combat extremism in all its forms. >> the grip of isis remains strong across northern iraq and syria. loosened only by u.s. air strikes over the weekend that helped to end the two-month siege of several farming villages in northern iraq. in washington, president obama is facing criticism about his larger plans to confront the islamic extremists with
4:33 pm
lawmakers from both parties saying his strategy or lack of one isn't good enough. as for the question of expanding air strikes to hit isis safe havens in syria, the white house's go slow approach doesn't have much support. >> we have to defeat isis. not contain, not stop. but defeat isis. because they are a direct threat over time to the united states of america. >> the president is traveling to europe later this week for a nato summit where he plans to rally support from world leaders. susan saulny, abc news, washington. a streak of bad luck forced atlantic city casinos leaving thousands unemployed. three casinos are slated to shut down over the next few weeks. revel casino closed today. the showboat closed doors yesterday after 27 years on the new jersey boardwalk. nearly 2,000 employees there lost their jobs and many aren't hopeful after being told they would be considered for other positions within the company.
4:34 pm
>> being repositioned within the company doesn't guarantee you work. if you're not working, you're not getting a paycheck. if you're not getting a paycheck, you're still on unemployment. >> another casino closed back in january and come september 16th, trump plaza will close up shop. atlantic city's gaming industry has been on a downward trend for a decade as new casinos open in neighboring states. this labor day, president obama focused on job growth and workers in milwaukee. he said he faced constant opposition in his effort to improve working conditions for american. >> but it was worth it. every gray hair is worth it. every gray hair is worth it. and at least i still got some hair. >> the president praised the unions for watching out for members saying that if he were looking for a good job, he would "join a union."
4:35 pm
>> coming on abc 7 news at 4:00, the marathon baseball game that took four days to complete. okay. first thing you got to do is you got to find a new -- >> plus -- >> today 7 on your side q and a is just ahead. i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. you can contact me right now at michael finney and on twitter and i'll answer your questions live here a little later. i'm spencer christian from the south beach camera. traffic is flowing nicely on this sunny labor day afternoon. more sunny days ahead and the accuweather forecast is just ahead. traffic is moving on the skyway and now we're looking at the san mateo bridge. traffic going away from us over to the peninsula. traffic coming toward us heading
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two high school baseball teams redefined the phrase extra innings in japan. nobody scored for the first 49 innings. one team scored a wild play in the 50th inning and hung on for a 1-0 win. the teams played that game over four days. the two starting pitchers both pitched in all 50 innings. so much for pitching -- one
4:39 pm
threw 709 pitches. if they were tied after 54 innings, the tournament rules would have decided a winner with a drawing. >> wow. the baby isn't even out of the womb yet, but it's already lfg a cool lifestyle. check out this sonogram posted by brandon hopkins of his baby giving a clear thumbs up. the parents are expecting twins in january. fans of the photo on social media nicknamed the laid-back baby fonzie fetus after the happy days character who always had a thumbs up. >> so cute. >> teens and young adults always seem to be connected via technology and social media. >> one british dad made a spoof hoping to prompt his teens to do more chores around the house. >> this instructional video is number one in the series. how to change the role. it's a difficult one. first thing you got to do is you
4:40 pm
got to find a new toilet roll. second thing is this is a toilet roll holder. >> while he jokes with kids, teenage children, he will post-it online if they weren't more tidy. they said go ahead. they thought nobody would be interested. his how-to video received more than 420,000 views in three days. >> wow. spencer christian is checking our weather on this holiday. spencer? >> this is awesome. i could stay out here all night. i didn't mean that. all day is what i meant. we've got blue skies around the bay area. it's been warm on this labor day and cooler weather is coming tomorrow. here's a live look at doppler sunny hd. coast to inland, let's look at the national weather picture for tomorrow. at least for the 48 contiguous states, the western half of the 2/approximate of the country, will have a high of 9 at phoenix. cool at seattle a high of 66. in the east, we'll have areas of
4:41 pm
showers and thunder showers up in the great lakes. a few thunder showers will rumble into the ohio valley. western new york state. down to the lower mississippi valley, parts of arkansas and louisiana will see thunderstorm activity tomorrow. across the state of california, no thunderstorms likely tomorrow. just sunny and warm to hot conditions. look for highs of 98 at chico, 92 at san clement. 89 yosemite. 109 at palm springs. 82 in los angeles. here in the bay area, another mild to warm day. not as warm as today. fog will linger at the coast. a cool sea breeze with highs in the mid-6 os at the coast tomorrow. mid to upper 70s in the bay. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. when we use the term steady pattern, this is what we mean. little variation in the temperature range or in sky conditions from day-to-day for the remainder of the first week of september. highs in the mid to upper 80s inland. mid to upper 70s in the bay. mid-60s on the coast.
4:42 pm
no rain in sight. we could use some. but none on the way for a while. ama and cheryl? >> spencer, thank you. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the parents fighting to give their sick little boy the best care now fighting the law. plus, hollywood hacked. hackers released compromising photos of some of the biggest stars. how did they do it? >> 7 on your side michael finney. can you get a refund for airline tickets if you can't make the trip? we'll talk about that next in my q and a session. we want to share photos of our abc 7 news team as students head back to court. this is reporter lyanne melendez for her first day in new york city at mother ka brynn a catholic school. you can e-mail your photos or post them to our facebook page or tweet them to us using #abc 7 back to school.
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joan rivers remains on life support four days after going into cardiac arrest at a doctor's office. according to the new york daily
4:46 pm
news, doctors have begun pulling rivers out of her coma. they're going to assess damage to her brain tomorrow. part of her brain that controls motor skills might have been compromised. they're worried she will end up in a vegetative state or paralyzed. rivers family is considering legal action against the doctors who performed her operation. a spanish judge must decide if a british couple will be sent home to face child neglect charges for taking their son overseas for care. 5-year-old king's family posted this video. he has a brain tumor. his parents removed him from a hospital in britain to seek a new type of radiation treatment not widely available in england. the father spoke out before spanish police arrested him and his wife. >> call off this ridiculous chase. we're not neglecting our son. he's in perfectly good health. speak to the nurses.
4:47 pm
they've seen him as much as this. he's smiling and happy. >> his parents will spend at least three days in custody. a spanish judge decides this, they'll be sent back to england. a suspected shoplifter in utah thought she fooled police by hiding evidence in a place they'd never look. an expensive ring lodged in the stomach of 25-year-old christina shah league he will. she's accused of stealing the ring from a zales store and driving away in a car with a friend. police pulled them over and she gulped the ring. she was taken to the hospital nor an x-ray. no word on whether the ring has been returned. >> apple is now investigating several icloud account violations resulting in hackers spreading nude photos of several celebrities online. abc news reporter kirk hawkins reports on the hacking scandal that outraged hollywood. >> oscar winning actress jennifer lawrence, super model
4:48 pm
kate up ton and nickelodeon star victoria justice, among those who explicit nude photos were stolen and posted online. a user on the photo sharing site posted the risque photographs sunday of numerous a-list celebrities in various states of undress. it appears the alleged hacker may have accessed some of the photos from the icloud service. an internet storage program to keep users' information and media private. >> when you delete them from the phone, they continue to exist. >> the pictures posted on fortune are real. necessity told abc news this is a flagrant violation of policy. after one selfie of kate up ton posing nude with justin verlander online, her attorney plans to go after anyone who disseminated these images to the fullest extent possible.
4:49 pm
not everyone says the pics are legit. victoria justice denies they're real. >> it's one great big duh. >> jeanne wolff said celebrities are more -- after another high-profile hacking in 2012 revealed photos of scarlett johansson and mi la kunis. one thing is clear. >> people are less sympathetic because it's happened too often. the fbi is sorting out the allegations. the lapd is preparing to make an announcement about the next step of the investigation sometime tomorrow. kirk hawkins, abc news, los angeles. 7 on your side, michael finney is here answering questions sent to him by facebook, twitter and e-mail. >> anna asked, my social security card has been stolen. can i get a new number? >> yes. you can get a new number but you're not going to get one. it is all but impossible. do you it in the first worse cases. what you have to prove is that
4:50 pm
your number was stolen. it's being used and it is irreparably harming you. it can't just be a hassle. it's not enough. it can't be stolen. that's not enough. many thousands, millions of people have had their social security number stolen. saying give it a shot. but it's very, very difficult. they're not likely to do it for you. >> wow. >> they'd be reissuing millions of numbers a year. >> they're just not doing it. >> muddy underscore. cat wants to know. how is the lucky store in santa clara able to use plastic bags when the county has a ban in place? >> i'm glad you asked me that question. the county can only ban plastic bags. it can only make laws for areas outside of city limits. so it's the unincorporated county. that's why, because the city hasn't taken action. here's what's interesting, though. there is a bill that's whipping its way through sacramento. it's going to be passed. it will ban plastic bags.
4:51 pm
>> taking bags to the stores all the time. >> it's about education. martin s. asked, i recently purchased airline tickets. how can i get my money back if i can't make the trip? >> okay. i get asked this question so much. did you buy refundable ticket? the answer is probably no. so the only legal way you can do it, the only way they have to do it for you is if you return the ticket within 24 hours of buying it. the department of transportation has a fairly new rule that says, you have 24 hours to turn in the ticket. okay. past that, you need to buy trip insurance. i keep talking about this because i'll no longer fight for you. everybody knows, we've been 30 years down this road. a nonrefundable ticket actually means nonrefundable. so you can argue with them, that's a good shot. but most of them are charging 200 bucks to replace a ticket. it's a pretty expensive ticket before it's worth changing. >> it's not that much, is it?
4:52 pm
>> it's relatively cheap. some of the airlines are selling it and some deals are better than others. they'll charge you maybe 100 bucks on a $500 to make it refundab refundable. some of them are really a lot of money. not worth it. do your homework. >> michael, thank so much. >> sure. up next, time to play. a new playground opens today that's very special to us here at abc 7 news. boy, it sure is. new at 5:00, new aftershocks and new ruptures. why cracks are turning into craters in the north bay. and money management 101. as students head off to college, michael finney on the hidden credit card fees and how to avoid them. those stories and a lot more when cheryl and i see you for the news at 5:00.
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wants to be a millionaire at 1:00 and jeopardy at 1:30. general hospital moves to its new time at 2:00 p.m. that will be followed by the abc 7 premiere of rachael ray at 3:00. tonight on abc 7 news, it is bachelor in paradise. followed by 8:00 followed by mistresses. abc news 7 at 11:00. what a difference a small addition can make to a neighborhood. it's a new playground open for business in oakland. volunteers from abc 7 news and our parent company walt disney company joined kaboom for the project. abc 7 news reporter wayne freed man has a look at how things played out. >> say hello to 15-month-old gab rea and her mother at a playground to something that's gone from something conjured -- >> it's clean, it's new. >> in the mills mont neighborhood it's the fruit of an effort by the walt disney
4:57 pm
company and project kaboom. it went up in just a few hours last august 8th but took a while to open last week as projects sometimes tend to do. neighbors had been getting impatient. 5-year-old trinity rhodes confessed to sneaking in. >> i played for a little bit and got out so i wouldn't get in trouble. >> trouble with her grandmother. >> there was a lot of kids. they was like admiring the colors and everything. they was like so when it's going to open. they're asking me. i'm like, soon. >> the rubberized base took an extra week to install. city council member brooks described the delays as not entirely unexpected. >> there were a couple of things with respect to the swings and there were a couple of things on the play structure itself that they needed to adjust to make sure it met the requirements. >> but now we're there. the only necessary adjustment now, a matter of attitude in letting out the inner child. no matter what his or her age. >> how to make it -- a member of
4:58 pm
the -- >> yeah. let's keep it up. >> from oakland, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. >> the fiancee is in man. >> ray mcdonald. police are looking for as the team leads the league in arrests. also, rescue at the beach. the alert tonight from a lifeguard who swam out to sea. new aftershocks roll out of napa. along with new ruptures. >> eight days about 2 inches. >> tonight how a story of inches turns into a matter of degrees. >> i'm spencer christian. it's been a hot labor day in some locations. i'll give you a look at what the remainder of this first week of september will look like. the arrest of ray mcdonald
4:59 pm
spot lights the issue of domestic violence charged with assaulting his fiancee. this case we'll test the league's new crackdown and the nfl is imposing stricter penalties. thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. the 49ers are facing a major distraction, a player facing pressure and new national attention. abc 7 news reporter is outside ray mcdonald's home where police made the arrest. >> dan, this weekend the 49ers are off and i'm told by neighbors that there was a pretty big party here saturday night celebrating ray mcdonald's birthday. it's a party that ended in his arrest. >> neighbors describe a loud party that went on for hours at ray mcdonned's house. police originally arrived because of a noise complaint but then got another call about a domestic attack. >> there's a new -- her fiancee was hitting her at this address. they're all over the house.
5:00 pm
she's ten weeks pregnant. >> officers conducted a short investigation, then arrested mcdonald for felony domestic violence. it's not clear how many people were still at the house when the calm came in just after 2:30 in the morning. according to neighbors, other members of the 49ers were at the party. defense attorney davidson says that means they're part of this investigation. >> if witnesses are intoxicated, if you get conflicting accounts but to put in a high-profile case like this, the police are going to be under pressure to get it right. i'm sure they'll want to talk to everybody at the party. >> davidson prespecializes in domestic violence cases. the district attorney's office will have other considerations before moving the case forward. >> just because ray was arrested doesn't mean that he should be charged. >> the 49ers and the nfl will be under close scrutiny. this is the first case since roger goodell described tougher new penalties for anyone involved i


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