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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 3, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> good afternoon, everybody. >> police have made an arrest in the stabbing death of a 14-year-old boy outside a san francisco store last night. rashawn williams was a high school freshman who had attended just one week of classes at sacred heart prep. police say he was with his little brother at a store in the mission district when he was confronted by another teen who pulled a knife and stabbed him. williams later died at the hospital.
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his uncle and others say there was a boy who had been threatening him on social media, but police aren't saying who they arrested. williams' cousin said he was a good kid who was never in any trouble. >> he was my favorite little cousin. he came to sacred heart because, you know, he was a great kid. just hard right now. i'm telling you, his smile, if you guys would have saw his smile, it would brighten up anybody's day. >> and school officials say williams was a 4.0 student who had just joined the sacred heart freshman football team. we have developing news in pittsburgh where police have just identified the man accused in a weekend deadly hit-and-run. >> jorge perez is accused of hitting michelle braz while she was out walking her dog. this happened sunday night. >> and late today, police arrested perez's brother, raoul munoz, as an accessory accused of hiding the vehicle. our reporter talked to the victim's husband about today's
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arrest. >> reporter: just three hours after releasing this surveillance video, police say they arrested the driver, bringing much relief to the victim's husband. >> i felt more at ease because this person is off the streets and it will be less likely for him to do any harm to anybody else. >> reporter: 50-year-old michelle braz was walking her dog on the sidewalk around 7:00 sunday night when the truck jumped the curb and hit her. investigators say they arrested a 29-year-old man at his home in bay point. >> the video was definitely very helpful. we did receive several phone calls as a result of that. and that coupled with the efforts of the police department and the community ultimately led us to him. >> reporter: police are still trying to figure out why he ran up on the curb. they say it doesn't appear he was texting, and it's hard to know whether he had been drinking. >> the incident occurred on sunday. the arrest was made last night. any impairment is not known for the simple fact that it's been a few days old.
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>> reporter: this morning, people continue to stop by a memorial for braz, which her husband calls a loving gesture from the community. >> it's very touching. and i'm not surprised because michelle was a very kind person. she always -- she got along with everybody. >> reporter: in pittsburgh, amy hollifield, abc 7 news. san francisco police kept watch over a railroad crossing this afternoon after a vehicle broke the crossing arm. a witness says that a truck traveling along gerald avenue sped up to beat an oncoming train across the tracks and that's when it happened. >> railroad arms coming down. and he just sped up and managed to go through. one of them clipped the back of his truck and then it broke off. and he kept driving. stopped halfway. about seven seconds. and then he kept going. >> reporter: san francisco police are investigating witness accounts that it was a city-owned truck. there is a municipal storage yard next to the tracks. with more trains passing through, police blocked car traffic for hours along gerald avenue until the crossing arm
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could be fixed. a man was arrested today after police say he assaulted a bus driver in san francisco. a witness says the man made racial slurs and then threw a handful of rocks and gravel at the driver. the witness said the man was yelling something about the driver not stopping for him. this happened on the 38 l line near 17th and gary. the driver was treated at the scene and is expected to recover. there has been an alarming increase on the number of coyote sightings and carcasses of cats. >> animal control says it may be because of the drought. our reporter joining us live now with more. vic? >> reporter: well, larry, this park is where a cat's remains were recently found. in fact, some of the folks who live next to this park tell us they have seen coyote tracks. and those with dogs say they have been acting rather strange lately, not wanting to go out at night.
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>> just go up, jumps over there. >> reporter: so this is very fresh? >> fresh. >> reporter: fresh paw prints from what appears to be a coyote. it skam onto this deck sometime last week. he says the paw prints have become rather common in the last three weeks or so. >> oh, yeah. they destroyed my garden. >> reporter: his backyard garden, once lush was vegetables. worse yet, he says the coyotes are hunting cats. >> they killed one cat over there in my front yard, my neighbor's cat. >> reporter: he lives across the street from robliss park. what makes the coyote sightings unique is it's just a couple of blocks from busy el camino. it's a long trip for the coyotes which normally lives in the losaltos hills. but they have been migrating to
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urban areas like this in the past few years. >> we have had reports of cats being killed about one a day when i'm on duty. you know, about one cat a day. >> reporter: this animal control officer believes that the drought is forcing the animals to come down from their natural habitat. >> the water is drying up. resources are less plentful in the hills. >> they are scaring neighbors who have cats. sara has a cat and a dog. >> i keep him fastened up at night. >> and the reason? >> because of the coyotes. >> reporter: the only four-legged creature we saw in the park was a squirrel, but that's because coyotes are nocturnal. so please, keep your cats and small dogs inside at night. vic lee, abc 7 news. pg&e took the first step today to appeal a $1.4 billion fine in connection with a 2010 pipeline explosion. the utility today filed paperwork with the u.s.
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securities and exchange commission indicating it plans to appeal within 30 days. a pg&e spokesman told us yesterday that the utility should get credit for safety improvements made since the deadly blast. the utility also wants the money to benefit public safety. most of the fine would go into the state's general fund. a football player who suffered second degree burns participated in his first practice since flames engulfed his apartment back in april. jared liev has burns over 20% of his body. he joined the team for warm-ups today, did some drills with his fellow linebackers. coaches say it was a great surprise to see him out on the field. but leaf says he knows he's far from doing any contact and realizes he may have to wait until next year to actually suit up for the spartans. tesla motors has chosen nevada to house its $5 billion battery factory. several states competed for the
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electric car maker's new plant, expected to generate 5,500 jobs. the winner will shoulder 10% of the factory's cost, meaning $5 million in economic incentives. california's legislature adjourned last weekend without acting on a bill that could have delivered such a package. lawmakers said no legislative action would be taking before reaching an agreement with te a tesla. an official announcement is expected tomorrow. the 49ers showed off new high tech features at levi's stadium today, including their new mobile app. it's intended to help fans customize their experience. it also allows visitors to navigate directly to their seats, search for the nearest concession stand, check out instant replay on their phones as well, and also order food from the app and have it delivered in minutes. spencer christian had this app, he could order food from upstairs and have it delivered instantly. >> absolutely. but instead, today i ordered up some sunshine. remember yesterday here above the embarcadero in san
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francisco, it was drizzly and cool. what a difference today. sunny, breezy and mild. here is the live doppler. you can see sunny skies along a good portion of the coastline right now. although there is still quite a bit of low cloudiness on the north coast. and of course it is milder right now than it was at this hour yesterday. here is our 24-hour temperature change. you can see most locations are anywhere from four to about seven degrees warmer right now than this hour yesterday, except for san carlos, which is exactly the same temperature reading as it had yesterday at this hour. emeryville, you can see fewer clouds in the sky. 68 degrees in san francisco. mid to upper 70s in san jose. 82 morgan hills. here is the view from the tower, which was shrouded in clouds yesterday. we can see a little blue sky today. currently upper 70s at santa rosa and napa. low to mid 80s concord. 87 at livermore. one final view of the golden gate bridge, mainly under blue sky right now.
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this is the first forecast. we'll see a few coastal low clouds over the bay this evening. patchy fog will linger in the morning hours. it will be mainly sunny and mild at the coast tomorrow, and warm inland with highs in the low 90s in the warmest spot. i'll show you how long this pattern will last a little later. >> thank you, spencer. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, two armed men rob a north bay jewelry store. the unexpected witness police now have in their investigation. and what's going to happen to those misspelled tribute plaques in san francisco's castro district? and new at 4:30, saving lives in case the big one hits. the big names in the bay area today to help bring an early warning system here. and a reminder about michael finny, who is taking your questions on twitter and facebook. he'll be here to answer them live in just a few minutes. contact him at >> and checking your traffic, slow in both directions as
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usual. that's the traffic down the peninsula towards the 101 south. stay with us. back after a quick break.
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breaking news from boston where fire crews are fighting a major apartment fire right now in the austin neighborhood. this has gone to seven alarms. the fire broke out in the back of a brick apartment building, and crews are keeping people as far away as they can because they're worried this building might collapse. as you can see, they are pouring a ton of water on this building from every direction imaginable. one firefighter has been treated
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for smoke inhalation, but so far no word of any other injuries. we'll keep you posted on this situation and as always as breaking news continues on twitter. back here in the bay, two armed robbers run into a st. helena jewelry store and order everyone to the ground. >> the shopkeeper was next door and didn't realize a violent crime was taking place. >> reporter: tiffany wilson is joining us live from the scene with the story. >> reporter: well, that shopkeeper has no patience for people who park in red zones like this one. when a minivan pulled into that red zone in front of her shop, she pulled out her cell phone and started snapping pictures. patty started to suspect something was wrong when she saw the front of the van. >> the license plate wasn't a license plate. it was just a white paper and it is said "wow" in blue writing. >> reporter: about a minute
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later, two men burst out of david's jewelry store. >> they rushed into the minivan. i was just taking pictures, constantly, pictures. >> reporter: this one shows the suspect with a red bag. police say it was filled with jewelry and rolex watches. another picture captures the driver behind the wheel. the van pulling away, and paper covering the back license plate. here you were thinking you were going to catch someone parking in the red zone. >> yes. that's what i thought i was doing. but, no, it was a robbery happening. spooky. >> reporter: police called in backup and a helicopter. nearby schools went on lockdown. >> there was at least one handgun. and there -- of the two suspects, only one showed. we don't know if there was another handgun involved. >> it seemed like they just came in and rushed out of the minivan, ran back out. it was quick. >> reporter: the suspects are still on the loose. >> i was trying to remember another time in recent history where we've had a takeover robbery of a store. >> reporter: fortunately, no one was injured.
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>> i'm thankful i had the phone next to me, and very thankful that everyone just responded really quick. i feel maybe i was there for a reason. >> reporter: with patty's pictures, police are confident they can solve this crime. in st. helena, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. michael sam, the nfl's first openly gay player, is getting a second chance. sam has joined the dallas cowboys practice squad, meaning he'll practice but not play with the team until he's activated. the 4-year-old defensive end was drafted by the rams in may. he was cut by the team over the weekend. sam tweeted he is proud to be a member of the cowboys. you'll likely see him in street clothes this sunday as the cowboys host the 49ers. the group behind a proud moment that has turned into an embarrassment for san francisco's castro district hopes to use the mistake to raise money. the rainbow walk honors heroes
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from the lbgt community. it has several typos. >> we feel so strongly that we should do some good for this, make lemonade for lemons. the oscar wild plaque will be aucti auctioned. >> the whole project cost more than $100,000. all from donations, which the manufacturer of the plaque now says is enough to cover the corrections as well. new plaques should arrive any day. now to the forecast. the clouds have gone, and no more droplets or drizzlets. >> that's smaller than a droplet? >> that's right. a droplet is smaller than a drop, and a drizzlet is smaller than a droplet. whatever. sunny skies all over the bay
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area, even along much of the coastline. i happen to like sunshine. here is the live view from our rooftop. blue skies over the bay. these are our forecast features. patchy coastal fog overnight. mild to warm conditions will prevail tomorrow. and certainly we'll have some warm days ahead right on into the weekend with highs rising into the 90s. here is the cloud pattern today, much different than yesterday. sunshine and warmer conditions in places like pacifica, half moon bay. summer sea breeze from the southwest. forecast, starting at 5:00 tomorrow morning, carrying us into the afternoon shows fog staying away from much of the coastline tomorrow as well. so conditions will be sunny and seasonal from coast to inland, which basically means mild to warm. overnight, look for some fog near the coast. not all across the coastline. not very widespread into inland
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areas as it was last night. and maybe a patch or two of some spotty drizzle near the coast overnight. but generally looking at dry conditions mainly clear skies inland and low temperatures mainly in the upper 50s to about 60. ok. on we go to tomorrow. south bay, sunny and warm. highs ranging from low to mid 80s. but upper 80s can be found in morgan hill and gilroy. 77 in san matio. and mid to upper 60s on the coast. 68 at pacifica. i wouldn't be surprised if some of those locations approach 70 degrees. 73 in south san francisco. up in the north bay, highs of 84. santa rosa, 85. 83 at sonoma. east bay, highs in the mid to upper 70s to low 80s actually. 82 at fremont. 83 castro valley. 80 at union city.
4:20 pm
76 in oakland. inland east bay, warm to hot weather. upper 80s at walnut creek, concord, liver more. liver more actually will hit 90 tomorrow. here is the seven-day forecast. it's really going to be warm op friday and saturday. inland highs in the mid 90s. mid 80s around the bay. upper 60s to near 70 on the coast. then a gradual cooldown, slightly cooler on sunday. cooler still on monday. monday the coolest day in the forecast with only upper 80s inland and upper 70s in the bay. but a few degrees up tuesday and wednesday. generally warm. certainly dry. mainly sunny afternoons ahead, carrying us into the second weekend of september. larry and alma? >> all right. thank you, spencer. up next, reunited after
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three decades. how one california man got his 1964 thunderbird back. and later -- ♪ >> new after 4:30, the disappointment for one bay area high school band after performing at the giants game earlier this week. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill.
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oh, wow. they are now looking after this pair of 6-day-old raccoons. wild care has admitted 90 raccoons this year, the majority orphaned babies needing round the clock care. these two will go into foster care for about four months and then be released back into the wild new yearç
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>> gary watched with great anticipation as a pickup rolled up in front of his house towing a classic. he had not seen that car since 1981 when it was stolen outside of a bar where he was working. he had just bought the car a few months earlier for $1,600. >> beautiful. >> just the way you left it? >> a few bumps and bruises, but not much changed. considering it's a 50-year-old car and it's been gone for 30 years. you have no idea where it's been. >> he says he couldn't believe it when police called and told
4:25 pm
him the car was found in washington state. apparently someone was trying to register it, and it came up as stolen. more thunderbirds were stolen in 1981, nearly 10,000 of them, than any other year of the car's long history. >> and pushing it may be the only way that thing moves at this point. but at least he got it back. still ahead, saving lives when the big one hits. officials from around the world gather in the bay area today. how far are we from an early warning system? plus, president obama's harsh words to the isis terrorists who executed another american journalist. and later -- >> i started thinking about children who have been shot, families who have been shot. >> dramatic details from the family's whose minivan was
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broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> in headlines at 4:30, san francisco's sacred heart high school is remembering 14-year-old rashawn williams, a freshman stabbed to death near his mission district home yesterday. the school tweeted, quote, today we mourn the tragic loss of one of our brothers and friends, a member of the class of 2018. may christ's love and peace be with his family. aftereffects of the napa earthquake are still being discovered. pg&e is checking on a major gas
4:29 pm
main that crosses over the fault line, digging it up to check for leaks or cracks. they haven't found any at this point. the napa quake has created a new push for an early warning system. a year ago, state lawmakers voted to design a system to warn us before an earthquake strikes. so what happened? abc 7 news reporter has an update live from berkeley. >> reporter: well, one year has gone by, and nobody really knows how this will be funded. the federal government will not set aside any money for this, and many believe the private sector needs to get involved. hopefully soon, since i'm standing right above the hayward fault. had bart been running when the napa earthquake hit at 3:20 on a sunday morning, all trains would have automatically slowed down. >> we had a 10-second warning associated with that. that would have allowed us to take a 30 mile an hour train and bring it down to 0 completely. >> reporter: since 2012, bart trains have been tied in to a
4:30 pm
computer network system at uc berkeley. >> however, the public did not get a warning. >> reporter: a year ago, lawmakers in sacramento voted to design a system for the entire state. state senator alex perdia of southern california authored the bill. >> i have no doubt that given the various funding, that a final funding panel will come together sooner rather than later. we gave the secretary of emergency services two years in which to do that. i'm confident it will be finish in much less time. >> reporter: it will cost close to $100 million to have it up and running for five years. a more realistic plan would include the private sector. >> there will be a plethora of apps, devices you can install on the wall of your house. surgeons will have devices in the operating theater. >> reporter: right now, the early warning system has about 300 underground sensors in california, oregon, and washington. that information is sent into networks and transmitted just seconds before it's felt in
4:31 pm
other nearby cities. mexico and japan have had this system in place for several years now. >> it works well. and it issues a warning about 15 seconds before. but it is not perfect. so we have some problem. we need to improve our system. >> reporter: if california can come up with the funding, the system could be up and running in two years. at uc berkeley, abc 7 news. president obama says americans will not be intimidated by the horrific violence of isis militants after the heb beheading of a second journalist. today, u.s. officials authenticated the video showing the beheading of stephen sock love. >> president obama delivered a blunt warning wednesday morning in eastern europe. >> our objective is clear, and that is to degrade and destroy
4:32 pm
isil. >> we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice. >> reporter: lawmakers back home applauded the administration's tough talk. >> i have no doubt we'll either fight them now or we'll fight them later. >> reporter: but exactly how or what the u.s. military will do against isis, on that, president obama was vague. >> this is not going to be a one-week or a one-month or six-month proposition. >> reporter: isis is believed to be holding at least two more american hostages. and investigators are scrambling to try and identify the man seen in these two videos that show the executions of american journalist steven sotloff and james foley. u.s. officials said it appears to be the same executioner. and before killing sotloff, he has this message. and sotloff sent a message of his own. >> he was no war junkie. he did not want to be a modern
4:33 pm
day lawrence of arabia. he merely wanted to give voice to those who had none. >> reporter: chuck hagel said today that the president's team is providing mr. obama with options to destroy isis, and that's the objective, not options to contain isis. abc news, washington. authorities in libya are trying to determine why a fighter jet crashed into a residential neighborhood yesterday. three people were killed, nine others injured. that jet was taking part in a memorial ceremony to honor the pilot of another warplane that crashed just last week. the jets are part of libya's outdated air force. american ebola survivor nancy writebol says she's thankful to be alive and getting stronger each day. writebol made her first public mea comments today since her release last month. she contracted the virus while working in liberia. the 59-year-old described the moments after her husband, david, broke the news to her that she had ebola. >> as i got up out of bed, david
4:34 pm
came towards me to give me a hug, and put his arms around me. and i knew how dangerous that was. and so i said no. just -- no. and i said, david, it's going to be ok. it's really going to be ok. >> writebol says she had no idea how she contracted the virus, which spreads through contact with bodily fluids. she was evacuated by plane to atlanta where she received an experimental vaccine. today a gathering of the minds at the state department in washington, d.c. secretary of state john kerry hosted five of his predecessors in a rare public reunion. henry kissinger, james baker, madaleine albright, colin powell, and hillary clinton joined kerry to break ground on a center that will offer interactive exhibits and other educational programs. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, the father who says he no
4:35 pm
longer wants to walk his daughter down the aisle. the reason why will touch your heart. coming up, i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. contact me on facebook or twitter. i'll answer your questions right here live in just a little bit. i'm spencer christian from the east bay hills. the eastern sky is sunnier than yesterday, but low clouds at the coast. i'll show you what's coming our way next in my forecast in just a moment. and a live look at the afternoon commute at the golden gate bridge. sunny, mostly clear skies, and traffic moving pretty nicely in both directions. back with more on
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if she hand breaded chicken your mom would make that was delivered right to her door. and if she had a pressure cooker in her kitchen. and if she knew the combination to the vault in kentucky where they keep colonel sanders' secret recipe. yep! this is the kind of chicken she would make, but she doesn't have to-it's done! you're welcome, mom. ♪
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some animals are smart enough to work together to get a job done. these two dogs are trying to get a tire out of a temporary backyard pool. the dog in the water has a hard time pulling the tire, but his buddy is there to grab it, and then they pull together and they drag it on over the edge. teamwork. not exactly sure why they wanted the tire so much, but those are two smart dogs working the. >> they did a great job. no idea why, but determined. >> they'll chew on that for a while, i'm sure. an emotional video from 2012 of a doctor's relationship with a little girl fighting cancer is touching hearts once again on the internet. >> the video features dr. alex levy of older, florida, telling the story of chloe williams. he explains how chloe came into the emergency room in 2009, and what happened when he broke the news to her parents that their 4-year-old had a malignant brain
4:39 pm
tumor. >> i'll never forget that the dad said to me, he said, will i ever get to walk my daughter in her wedding? and i said to him at that point, i don't know, but we're going to try damn hard to make that happen. >> dr. levy goes on to chloe's brave fight through chemotherapy and then remission. the doctor becomes emotional when chloe's dad breaks the news to him that he wants him to walk chloe down the aisle the day she gets married. >> when that dad gives me a call and tells me to walk chloe down the aisle for her wedding, i'll
4:40 pm
probably retire after that because i don't think there could be a greater high or sense of fulfillment after that. >> chloe has had a couple of setbacks since the video was made, but she's doing fine now. if you'd like to see the entire video, we have posted a link on >> that's pretty emotional and really touching. one more check of the weather now? >> spencer christian with our update. >> that was one of the most heart-warming stories i have ever seen. our weather, sunny skies right now across most of the bay area. we do have some clouds near parts of the coastline, but still mainly sunny summer day. across the 48 contiguous states tomorrow, look for a mainly dry day. hot in the nation's midsection from the south central states to the southwest. we'll see mid 90s from st. louis to dallas to phoenix. a few showers over in the south atlantic and mid-atlantic coastline. but otherwise a very quiet summer day. across the state of california, warm to hot tomorrow. highs in the upper 90s at chico.
4:41 pm
sacramento 100. fresno, 107. mild to warm 79 in los angeles. here in the bay area, fog holding steady away from the coastline tomorrow. so it will be mainly sun fre coast to inland. and warm, temperatures to mid 70s on the coast. upper 80s to near 90s in the inland locations. lovely day tomorrow. still ahead, you'll hear the dramatic details from the family inside a minivan as the police open fire. plus -- >> we have an infant who's not breathing. >> there's an app for that. the technology that saved an infant's life by delivering a good samaritan. and i'm michael finny. we all get them, credit card applications. ♪ whoo! mmm! ♪
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if you experience any of these symptoms, stop taking invokana® and call your doctor right away or go to the nearest hospital. tell your doctor about any medical conditions, medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems.r insuliny increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. in kansas, these are some persistent thieves. video shows the men slamming into a convenience store with a van.
4:45 pm
one man gets out trying to crack open the atm. that doesn't work, so they start ramming it with the van, but the machine is bolted to the ground. the thieves did not get away with any loot. they did, however, leave about $30,000 in damage. police are still looking for them. it was a wild thing caught on video by a police dash cam. police fired on an suv with a mother and her children inside after a routine traffic stop. >> that mom is now speaking out on the family's first television interview in an abc news exclusive. >> i'm feeling complete and utter fear. >> reporter: it's the dash cam video seen nearly everywhere. a traffic stop gone horribly wrong. it's a day she and her children say they'll never forget. >> i started feeling very unsafe. i thought, this guy is almost creating things to maybe create a ticket. >> reporter: in her first television interview, the single mom of five says she was terrified during those moments when officers wrestled her from
4:46 pm
her minivan on this new mexico highway and then shot at it as she drove away with her kids inside. >> i started thinking about children who have been shot, families who have been shot. i think about trayvon martin. >> go ahead and turn the vehicle off for me. >> reporter: the ordeal begins when an officer pulls her over, alleging she was speeding. she says when he walks away without giving her a ticket, she pulls away. >> i started pulling out slowly. >> reporter: that's when the officer chased her down. >> get off the vehicle right now! >> reporter: he pulls her out of the vehicle as her children screams. >> were you thinking at all that maybe he's angry because i pulled away? >> never thought it, because i never thought i pulled away. >> reporter: she says her confusion gave way to fear when the officer tries arresting her. thinking his mom is in danger, 15-year-old zeke gets out of the car. >> i got out of the car because he had her hands on her and that wasn't ok with me.
4:47 pm
>> reporter: some kids at that point would have been terrified, but you jumped right out. >> it's kind of my job. >> reporter: moments later, backup arrives. >> open the door! open the door! [ gunshots ] >> reporter: a shaken farrell speeds away. an officer fires three shots, unaware of who was in the car. >> it was the most terrifying moment of my life. >> reporter: no one was hurt, but she says there's a lesson to be learned. >> even if i was speeding, that doesn't require being shot at. >> now the case isn't over. prosecutors charged farrell with child abuse for putting her kids in danger when she left the scene. she's been unable to get chose charges dropped. the officer who shot at minivan was fired, but he is suing to try to get his job back. >> wow. say spokane, washington, man saved a newborn's life thanks to a smartphone app that alerted him that a person nearby was in need of cpr. jeff olson was at his job when
4:48 pm
his phone began to give off what he says an amber alert like alarm. the volunteer emt ran to the store where a clerk had called 911. a 1-month-old boy named nolan had suddenly stopped breathing. >> i asked -- the lady was standing outside. i said, is there a medical emergency here? she said, yes, it's an infant. he's blue. and i said, you know, you just kind of suck it up a little bit. >> and this guy came out of nowhere. and just scooped the baby up and really knew what he was doing, which was just such a blessing to all of us. >> the app, called pulse point, used the gps on olson's phone to identify him as within a two-block radius and thus able to help. nolan is the first person saved since the spokane fire department connected pulse point to its dispatch center. >> that's incredible. michael finny is here to answer questions.
4:49 pm
first question from jose c, who emails, how much am i paying for a cable box that stays on even after you turn it off? >> that is a fabulous question. this has been a very big deal for a couple of years now. the report was just issued earlier this week about this exact subject. here is the deal. those boxes on your tv or sitting next to your tv now generally use a lot of electricity. so they have been replacing them slowly. so the ones this year use 5% less than the ones the year before, and the year before that it's about 13%, 14% different. but what's the dollar amount? $50 is what you're paying to run that thing. some refrigerators only cost $50. so now the government and activists are getting on cable companies. for you, ask your cable company, is this the most energy efficient one you have available? you're looking for energy star 4.1. that's the new rating.
4:50 pm
that's the one you want. >> $50 per -- >> per year, just to run the cable box. >> ok. all right. >> the electricity. >> val z asks via facebook, is there any way to stop companies sending me applications for credit cards? >> there is, and it's funny. it's a two-tier thing. actually, three-tier. you can do nothing and just get them in the mail all the time. or you can opt out for five years or opt out for life. there's actually a system for this. those are called pre-screened offers. if you go to a website, i'll post something there to tell you exactly where you need to go. there's a phone numberer a website, and you can quit having them arrive. and douglas g emailed, why do we have earthquake insurance outside of a typical homeowners policy? >> because we have a complete mess of a situation here. here's the deal. the majority of californians used to actually carry -- or at least half of us carried earthquake insurance. it was another $100, $200 on a
4:51 pm
policy. everything was going along fine. then the north ridge quake hit, and more money was spent fixing the homes in north ridge than they had collected forever in earthquake payments. so the insurance company said, look, we've got to get out of this. we're not going to do it. state said you have to do it. they said ok, we're not going to sell insurance at all. and that's when the state set up the california earthquake authority, and that's why we have this system today. >> and that's why the rates are prohibitively high. >> so few people do it. as a matter of fact, it's somewhere between 5% and 10%. and a lot of activists don't believe it's even that high. up next, the big disappointment for a bay area high school band and what you can do to help. i'm dan ashley in the newsroom. coming up new at 5:00, if you've noticed more branches falling in your neighborhood, you're not alone. why the bay area is living in limbo. and cracking the code on price tags. 7 on your side's michael finny is back on how to unlock hidden discounts at your favorite stores. those stories and more on abc
4:52 pm
save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.d everybody knows that. well, did you know pinocchio was a bad motivational speaker? i look around this room and i see nothing but untapped potential. you have potential. you have...oh boy. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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the new daytime lineup begins on monday. "jeopardy at 1:30. "general hospital" at 2:00 a.m., followed by the abc 7 premiere of rachael ray at 2:00 all starting on monday. a north bay's band, annual visit to san francisco, has turned into a disaster. and now a criminal case. the band members left their instruments in the usual spot after they finished performing at at&t park. that is the last that they have seen of them. abc 7 news reporter wayne friedman with more now on how the band is going to play on. wayne? >> reporter: well, they are going to play on, but the question is what are they going to play on with? they do have spare instruments, but on the other hand, this is really an interesting story because they moved to a place like this to get away from the problems of a big city.
4:56 pm
now the problems of a big city from just one visit have caught up to them. >> anybody else need music? >> reporter: band practice this mor morning. 100 kids or so about to wrap their hearts and songs and instruments around "the star spangled banner." ♪ >> reporter: but there's a problem with this picture and this practice. the band isn't quite whole. they are missing instruments. calvin will tell you all about what used to be her flute. >> it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: back alat the house, her mother katrina was more direct. >> she walked through the door, slammed the door, started screaming, crying. and she actually couldn't talk for the longest time. >> reporter: and from what should have been the warmest of memories. last week, the band continued a 20-year tradition with the san francisco giants by playing "the star spangled banner" before a
4:57 pm
home game. it had been a fine performance. then the trouble. before taking their seats, the band went back to store their instruments in their bus in the parking lot. while doing so, they left one bin on the ground. only later, after returning to their own parking lot, did the band realize the unthinkable had happened. >> somebody took our bin of flutes and clarinets. >> reporter: 14 instruments owned by both the program and the students worth $8,000. but the monetary value is the least of it. >> the more you play it, the more you love it. kind of like a friend. >> my mom got it when she first started playing the flute, and then she passed it down to me. >> they took something that had a lifetime of memories. >> reporter: in the last week, they have checked swap meets, pawnshops, ebay, no luck. if the thief would just return what he took -- >> no questions asked.
4:58 pm
i would love to get the instruments back. >> reporter: in reality, though, they know it won't happen. a big lesson of big city woes now resonating through a small community. >> too bad. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with alma and dan. an arrest is made in the stabbing death of a san francisco teenager. the incident and the innocent thing he was doing with his little brother before he was killed. >> he had the best smile. it would brighten up anybody's day. also tonight -- >> i was just taking pictures constantly, pictures. >> using a cell phone and quick thinking, an alert shopkeeper practically solving an armed robbery all by herself. and -- >> i saw something that you would pretty much see in the olden days. >> what he saw and how police say this man was right in the middle of it. and mild to warm today, but hot summer weather is coming. i'll let you know when, straight
4:59 pm
ahead. >> announcer: live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is abc 7 news. >> he was a brand-new student here. played on the football team. >> and his coach says this young man was wonderful, quiet, and smart. tonight, friends and family are devastated over his fatal stabbing. but late today, an arrest. good evening. >> tonight, san francisco police have the person they believe is responsible locked away, accused of stabbing the 14-year-old at a corner store in the mission not too far from sacred heart cathedral prep where he played freshman football. our reporter is live where it happened tonight. and everyone says this young man never caused any kind of trouble. >> reporter: everyone, dan. they say he was just the sweetest, nicest, smartest kid. and the crowd behind me illustrates that. you can see a large group has formed. they brought balloons, flowers and candles on the sidewalk there. and they taped photographs of the young man up to the wall of
5:00 pm
the liquor store as well. i talked with the employee inside who was there when it happened last night around 7:00. he says the teen is a regular customer. that he had bought candy. and it was when he went outside that two boys were waiting for him. police have not offered any details about who they arrested. 14-year-old rashawn williams was with his younger brother, leaving ruben's market in the mission district when someone stabbed him. family members say the younger brother ran for their mother, who took rashawn to the hospital. he did not survive. >> i'm tore up. i'm broken up right now. >> reporter: rashawn's uncle says he was like a son to him. he shared these pictures with us, so proud of the young man with a 4.0 grade point average. he was also about to play his first season on the football team at sacred heart. >> he was part of our family. everyone knew him and knew of him. as a family member kind of us to. we bring everyone in. that's kind of the way we do with our football


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