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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 4, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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still a very real threat that it could reignite. take a look at this video, our photographer was on the ground and closer than anyone else as this fire was really at its peak. so much fire, and water that there is now a danger of collapse on top of the danger of things reigniting. city inspectors ultimately will have to decide if they tear this building down, the chief of the fire department thinks they will have to do that. the fire erupted after 1:00 this afternoon, inside a 3 story building, we understand they had everything inside there from clothes to toys and trinkets, that kind of stuff, the people inside got out by themselves, firefighters didn't have to do any rescues. they tried to battle these flames which were massive, the reason for so much fire and possibly for hindering the firefight, the amount of merchandise inside the store and also in storage, the entire top floor of the store was storage. and the fire chief told us
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inspectors had to come out twice to the location to check things out after customers complained it was too crowded inside. >> in 2009 we came out on a customer complaint today it was a little overcrowded. couldn't access the aisleways as well. we directed them to widen one of the pathways to the rear exit. they complied and it was handled and in 2013 we got another complaint because we don't typically on a regular basis inspect these types of occupancies. in 2013 the inspector came out and thought there was reasonable life safety. we didn't recommend any changes at that time. >> they cannot say at this point if the clutter contributed to the cause of the fire. injuries, we know two firefighters and two civilians wasn't to the hospital. the combination of exhaustion and some smoke inhalatioinhalat. arson teams will investigate the cause of the fire, it's going to
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be a while before they go inside because of the collapse danger. pg&e has cut tower and gas to this entire area, it's going to affect people well outside the area of the fire, and if you're a commuter from muny, we understand no lines were damaged, they had to cut power to the lines on mission streets, and routes that would normally go through here have been rerouted. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> that fire generated so much smoke, people were calling from all over the bay area to tell us they could see it or smell it, here's what it looked like from our emeriville camera. >> check out this videotape along the street. you can see thick white smoke curling out of the building. much of it blew into apartment building as cross from the fire. the video is from inside a store across the street, all you can see is gray smoke. it produced advisability to a few feet. abc 7 news reporter alyssa
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harrington is live one block from the fire many. >> reporter: the smoke pushed people out of the neighborhood, police have taped off mission street, some people coming home, hoping to chic on their building are being told they have to stay out. you can see this is still an active fire and smoke is zrifting west into several neighborhoods making it hard for people to breathe. i'm seeing quite a few people wearing masks. the five alarm fire is burning in a busy area of san francisco's mission district. there are apartments, shops and homes and really almost no space in between buildings. firefighters have evacuated people who live on bartlett street. they have a different angle to fight the flames. the smoke was making it too hard to breathe. >> i stayed in as long as i could, gathering essential things and my pet, my cat,
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alerting neighbors so they could come to the building if they weren't there, so they could mostly collect their animals also. and got out of there, because the smoke started getting really heavy. >> i asked firefighters about damage, they say it's going to take a while to check out all the neighboring businesses and see what was damaged, what wasn't. red cross volunteers are on scene, they're here to help out anybody who has been displaced and i've seen them give firefighters water and food, things like that. reporting live in san francisco, alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. >> we will continue to follow this story obviously, you can get breaking news updates by following us on twitter at abc7news bay area. the oakland raiders and a group of its cheerleaders have reached a settlement worth more than $1 million in a squlas action suit. they sued the team earlier this year, saying the team did not pay cheerleaders for required appearances and for their own hair and make-up.
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the suit involved 90 women and applies to squads from 2010 to 2013. some cheerleaders will get $6500 in back pay. the team pays cheerleaders now $9 an hour plus overtime. dozens of fast food workers protested low wages. and they were arrested today. >> this protest is in sacramento, at least 10 people were taken into custody, for blocking traffic. protesters are calling for $15 hourly wages for fast food workers. in oakland musicians played and marched in the demonstration there. police also made arrests, abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is there live tonight. wayne? >> a classic case of civil disobedience, we had 14 people arrested today, at the end of the day, the police were complimenting the demonstrators, the demonstrators were thanking the police, was this a protest
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or a lovefest? >> are you fired up? >> in keeping with the finest conditions of the protest movement, this would be a drama. >> i believe in this campaign. and i'm willing to do whatever it takes to be heard. the fast food worker, that means civil disobedience. >> i don't want to make a career out of this. >> nor did the rabbi. >> the plan today is to stand with workers. >> one of many such actions today, as fast food workers went on strike asking for a $15 an hour minimum wage. >> $15 is a living wage, enough to take care of my daughter, my mother and go back to school. >> how many hours do you want -- do we as a society say a person has to work so they can live, eat, maybe even raise a family. >> the march wasn't lengthy, just two blocks from city hall to a burger king they planned to
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enter and occupy, demand $15 an hour and not leave until they got it. the owner locked his door. change of plans. >> we're going to sit here in the intersection and lock arms. >> it might as well have been written in a script. >> you are being ordered to clear the intersection or you will subject to arrest. >> which is what they wanted. >> did they request to be arrested? >> they did. >> if you've never heard the police described as being accommodating before. there's always a first time. >> why not try to help the next generation who comes in, you know? >> she skaz scheduled to work in a kfc/taco bell later today. no word on whether she got out of jail on time. in oakland, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> for further proof of just how peaceful this demonstration was, the oakland police lieutenant tweeted, best part of the day being complimented by arrestees
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for how kindly and well we handled them. to the death of joan rivers, the sharp witnessed comedian was the first woman to break into the maelg dominated world of the late night comedy. >> do you know what it's like to go in the morning and take off a facial mask and realize you're not wearing one. >> she had a heart attack one week ago. she was taken off life support today. she knew how to make people laugh. joan rivers wrote, i want meryl streep crying in five different accents and i want a wind machine, so even in the casket, my hair is blowing just like beyonce beyonces. why joan rivers is being remembered so fondly here in the bay area. >> i'm not even going to attempt to say her classic line, can we talk? she was a genius when it came to comedy. she wrote tight one liners and
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was a master at it. the world of comedy was forever changed by her presence. joan rivers was known for making fun of herself and others and always seemed to get away with it, she was born joan malinski in brooklyn. it was her new york accent and raspy voice that set her apart in a world dominated by men. a san francisco comedian says rivers opened doors for all women. >> she was rude, outspoken. and women just didn't do that in the '60s, it's like, wow! not only did she do all that, but she was funny while she did it. >> reporter: rivers was the first woman to have her own late night show. it was later cancelled. >> she inspired me as a woman in comedy to be ready for rejection, to rise above it. >> reporter: margot gomez is a well known comedian who met her several times.
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rivers performed at the hungry eye and the purple onion in san francisco. she wrote several books about her life, the most recent one was diary of a mad diva. books incorporated had just one copy left. she never once apologizes. >> after her husband committed suicide, and for three or four years like anybody that had been through that, it was a raw thing, and then it became part of the schtick. >> i'm still not over his suicide. >> she became the most popular red carpet fashion critic. >> that dress has more creases than my face did before botox. >> her greatest joy was to make people laugh. >> i'm making fun of everything. just make fun of it, and get on with it. >> and tomorrow night, 20/20 will have a spibl edition, joan rivers, living for the laughs.
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it airs tomorrow at 10:00 on abc 7. much more ahead for you here tonight. >> this is a result of the council's inaction. the new signs of trouble for the san jose police department. the hunt for a bumbling burglar, and what it was that finally caught him. i'm sandy patel, right now we have low and high clouds across the bay area, i'll let you know what changes you'll expect for the upcoming weekend straight ahead. >> watch again from sky 7 hd, a live picture from the mission district fire, firefighters will be here all night making sure there are no flairups.
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fairfield police are looking for a man who attacked a 17-year-old jogger last night. he's described as white 5'7" slim build with blonde hair and facial hair. he assaulted a teenaged girl in the area of west america drive and sand stoneway in fairfield. police say the suspect matches the description of a man who committed two other sexual batteries last month. another sign of trouble for san jose's police department. the next police academy class will only have 29 cadets. that's about half the normal capacity of 60. this on top of the loss of 153 officers this year because of resignations and retirements. the police officer's association says it's not able to recute because of cuts since measure b passed. >> it's a sign that staffing will continue to plummet, and now is in a free fall.
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>> it's not as many as we would like, we expected the numbers would drop down somewhat with three academies instead of two. >> mayor reid says the capacity may be 60, but the average number of cadets who go through this is 43. now to a burglar in sacramento, george warren explains why it's only a matter of time before this guy is caug caught. >> home surveillance video doesn't get much better than this. the burglar who stole electronics and tools from this house on four separate trips over the weekend, tried to unscrew a couple flood lights. the black and white infrared images might be better than with color. he took to social media to try to put a name to face. >> i don't have friends on facebook, i have friends that
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have friends that have friends. >> in the end it wasn't social media or that clear image of the burglar that solved the crime, it was the grainy picture of the burglar's car parked across the street with distinctive wheels, a rear spoiler and minor body damage. >> in the footage, if i looked real closely at the reflection, it looked like there was a dent of some sort. >> jeffrey launched a neighborhood search and found the 1991 honda parked on the street just 2/10 of a mile from his house. we ran the license plate through dmv and came up with the name paul guyeski. his facebook page leaves little doubt that he's the man in the video. >> you saw the news? >> yes. >> what did you think? >> is he serious, what was he thinking. >> he doesn't live in the house where the car was parked, but he is a frequent visitor. >> he's actually a good person, he really is. and i'm not just saying that because he's my cousin, he's a
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really good person. he's just -- dumb. just so dumb. >> sacramento county court records show a long history of property crimes, county jail time. even a stretch in state prison, they have an active investigation underway now on his latest kapper. >> i just hope that the neighborhood's a little safer now, and i'm going to keep those cameras on all the time. >> in sacramento, george warren, abc 7 news. >> we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, for many people cereal is the first thing they reach for in the morning. >> how do you get a cereal that tastes great and is healthy for you too. >> we always hear about healthy and you see the ones that were taste good, they were looking at the two put together.
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cereal is a staple in 90% of house holds. the most nutritious cereals that also taste good. >> nine out of ten families in the u.s. kick off the morning with a bowl of cereal. >> you want some blueberries. >> it's important for us to start off the day eating something nutritional, i think it will carry us through the day and make us feel better. >> there are so many choices in the cereal aisle with healthy claims on the labels. consumer reports set out to find which healthy cereals taste the best. what is healthy? cereals that contain at least five grams of fiber or more, a maximum of three grams of fat, 140 milligrams of sodium and under 8 grams of sugar per serving. also important, a short ingredient list. >> when you have fewer ingredients in a cereal, you tend to have less artificial ingredients and more natural ingredients. >> consumer reports was asked,
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can a cereal be healthy and not taste like cardboard? the answer yes. topping the ratings, bob's red mill country style kind large oat clusters, puffed rice that nearly fooled the century team. another cereal rated good? regular cheerios. it goes great with a banana. in all, consumer reports recommends 13 healthy, good tasting cereals that will begin your day on a yummy note. >> okay, so how important is breakfast? studies show it may protect you against heart disease. reduce your risk for type ii diabetes. it can enhance memory, attention, and verbal abilities by stabilizing your glucose
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levels. >> thank you so much, michael. something else that will keep you healthy, it's a nice gorgeous sunshine and nice weather. >> a little vitamin d, sandy. >> do coco puffs count? >> i'm kidding. they're good. total's good. there are a lot of great cereals out there. it's nice looking outside, but it's changing. i'm seeing high clouds moving in here, i'll let you know what's coming for the weekend. first, let's check out live doppler 7 hd. it's pretty socked in along the coastline. we got up to the low 90s in anti-of course today. you see the cloud layers i'm talking about right now, temperatures 66 san francisco, 69 in oakland, 76 in san jose, 63 in half moon bay. here's a gorgeous look. sun in between, and the marine
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layer down below, low 70s in santa rosa and napa. 85 in livermore. beautiful view from our south beach cam looking toward the port of oakland, great day -- expecting foggy drizzle, at least the possibility tomorrow morning with mild to warm days into next week. i want to give you a quick update. this is the monthly update on el nino, you take a look at about a month ago, near the equator, what the water looked like, then you check out the sea surface temperatures this week, we're seeing a little bit of warming. the ocean temperatures higher, week el nino conditions are expected in the fall, winter, and what does that mean, just because we have an el nino, it doesn't mean we're going to get heavy rain or light rain. the impact of the drought remains uncertain. el nino equals heavy rain, not necessarily. where they may be getting some pretty good rain, as we look in the pacific.
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hurricane norbert not too far away from the southern tip of baja, about 115 miles away, packing maximum sustained winds of 90 miles an hour. expected to weaken, dump 3 to 6 inches of rain across southern baja peninsula. and look what happens down toward the southern california area, they're expecting some rain out of this between sunday, slight chance of thunderstorms and monday. and during that time period with the high tide period coming in, they could see some coastal flooding. southern hemisphere is swell, coming out of the south, along with swells from hurricane norbert, could produce a risk of rip currents down there, dangerous swimming conditions. beach hazard statement, through monday night. south facing beaches. 4 to 8 feet. watch out for slick spots during the morning commute. i would bundle up the kids if i were you, and look out for the fog along the coast and bay. tomorrow, warm and sunny alone
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the coast. we'll keep you in the 60s, everyone else in the 70s and 80s. hot inland as a matter of fact. slight dip in the temperatures, sunday, monday going into tuesday, with a few extra clouds around here. cheryl, dan? >> thank you very much. just ahead, a look into the future. the ambitious plans for a piece of prime bay area real estate. that's coming up, and dealing with the drought, new at 6:00, the help on the way for families who had their wells run dry. we'll have those stories and more
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google will refund at least $19 million over claims it unfairly billed parents for purchases kids made. the kids were playing video games including ice age village. google will change its billing practices to make sure that parents know about and agree to purchases their children make.
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the commission settled a similar case with apple in january. it's still in negotiations with amazon on the same issue. here's something you can get involved in, the public's ideas for 13 acres of new space which will open up after the doyle drive replacement project is finished in 2016. five landscape architect teams from europe and across the u.s., including one from san francisco revealed their design ideas today for presidio parklands. it will reconnect the presidio with chrissy field. >> we're asking the public to imagine with us for a while, work with these teams and tell us what you like. and even if you don't like any of the teams, concepts, tell us what you would do with the space. >> those teams have come up with areas of educational space for kids and adults, and constructions to highlight native wildlife and plants. only one gubernatorial
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debate is planned for tonight. the candidates will participate in the exchange in sacramento. we will be streaming the video live. you can use our abc 7 news app or access the stream online at abc that debate begins at 7:00. here's a question, what is called the dread not us, weighs 65 tons and is bigger than a boeing 727. >> we'll have the answer when we come back. abc 7's new daytime lineup begins on monday. terry cruz will host the new season of who wants to be a millionaire at 1:00, then jeopardy at 1:30. general hospital moves to 2:00 p.m. followed by rachel ray at 3:00.
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coming up new at 6:00 the bay area experts working on the west africa ebola crisis. tonight what they say is the
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best immediate solution short of a vaccine. and from 7 on your side, the experiments being conducted that lets you know of a water leak in your home. that's all coming up in half an hour, on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> see you then, thanks. scientists have discovered the fossilized remains of a dinosaur that weighs more than a boeing 737. >> the 65,000 pound creature unearthed in the patagonia region of argentina. >> it's 7 times bigger than the t-rex. it's named after the battleships in the 20th century, the name means fear nothing. >> this is the first of its species and it's most complete fossil ever of the gargantuan group. >> the bones are 77 million years old. they could have done little more
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than eat to support that massive frame. >> we appreciate your time, see you again at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight," the breaking news, the death of joan rivers. word now of an investigation, what her daughter is now saying. plus our interview with the comic legend, what she said about johnny carson, the moment that broke her heart, taking me inside her new york apartment. also breaking, one of the most wanted men in the world. who is the american man allegedly helping isis with their terror? is he the man behind so many of their videos raised right here in america. severe storms on the move tonight. flash floods, drivers stranded, and this evening the new hurricane gaining strength. and the shark attack, the two young women in their kayaks when the shark takes a bite, flipping the kayaks over. >> we're stuck in the water and there's a shark. >> what happens next?


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