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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 5, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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1:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon. crewed called for backup as companies raced to the departmentally packed block mission from all corners of san francisco. merchandise was packed from moore to ceiling inside the store. complaints prompted a visit from fire inspections pack -- in >> we came in 2009 on a customer complaint could not access the aisles. we came out in twin twine and did not issue a notice but directed them to widen a pathway to the rear exit. they complied. >> we know of two official complaints. the fire department with a similar complaint last year but an inspector determined it was inside the store. the salvation early spent the night providing cold water and snacks for the firefighters who kept an eye on the rubble.
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this is the pile stuff behind me. they are keeping an eye open it because the fire inspectors have not been able to go inside the store. two east bay teens involving at a hospital after eating cookies placed with mayor one. ambulances rushed to the high school in richmond yesterday and three other students would ate the cookies got sick. a 17-year-old senior sole them the cookies can was arrested. school officials are deciding whether to excel -- expel her. >> the debate for governor was caucus offering clashy visionsns of california. governor brown and kneel cab -- and neel kashkari took off the gloves for the only face-to-face meeting. >> when the bell rang the
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economies came 50. >> you should be ashamed for yourself. >> you should know --. >> i will fight for the people. >> back and forth the have it civil was like a tennis map. >> this is the only chance for votes to hear the candidates debate before the election the governor brown is running against neel kashkari who used to work on wall street and wants to build up the middle-class to help the economy. >> as a son of i grants, my dad wasn't governor. >> you learned your job working at goldman sachs and those who wrecked the economy. like the arsonist putting out the fire. >> neel kashkari supporters gathered outside the venue overshadowed by the field poll numbers that show brown's approval rating at 58 percent. brown reaffirmed his support for the high-speed rail project and
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suggested he will sign a statewide plastic bag ban. the first ballots are mailed out to voters in three weeks. 4:33. funeral lands are made for joan rivers. the 81-year-old will be buri >> i make fun of everything. make fun and get on with it. >> she attracted egyptians of fans with the sharp one liners and fashion critique. her heart stopped during an outpatient procedure in new york. she influenced many pay area comics. >> i grew up watching people like her and she was so smart and so brave. >> she would diffuse political correctness, as a result bar and
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controversial. i saw her live whether of after she was pooed and she came up with a phrase "grow up." >> the clinic that performed the roar is now under investigation by state health officials. we are preparing a special 20/20 "joan rivers, living for the laugh." tonight right here, and a photo gallery at the c.h.p. has act separated a silver alert for a missing san mateo man who has not come home. 56-year-old paul joseph morel was last seen near mount shasta. he was wearing a company jacket with brown plaid shirt and possibly a blue sailor hat and was last seen driving a silver 1956 mercedes license plate ezx295 with a stanford license
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plate frame. >> police are asking the public to look for a sexual battery suspect who struck again assaulting a jogger near west mechanic drive before 8:30 on when night. he asked for dresses before attacking the victim. she fought back and scratched his face, arms and hands and got arm. the same man is wanted in a string of sexual assaults this month. >> we are a few days away from the 4th anniversary of the deadly pipe line explosion and fire in san bruno and a law makes wants to ensure the fines paid by pg&e go to pipe lane safety not the general fund. democratic state accept hill who represents san bruno will introduce the bill today three days of at the regulators imposed $1.4 billion penalty on pg&e. he wants to reduce the money earmarked for the general fund from $950 million to $money
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million and dedicate the rest to improvements. he wants $30 million for an independent monitor. eight people died and 38 homes were destroyed in the 2010 disaster. extraordinary facts to share this morning of the power of the napa valley that was so strong that it war performed the surface of the earth. the 6.0 magnitude earthquake happened on part of a fault zone extending from san a set of the fault moved away from the other by up to 20". the second fact and less of a surprise is the ground shaking during ther was the highest level recorded in mod were times for downtown napa. officials the u.s. geological survey say the city sits on soft soil like los angeles which can cause prolonged earthquake shaking. the national hurricane center off the cost of baja,
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california, will weakening probably bringing huge waves. hurricane marie property these waves to the south-facing peaches and this hurricane could bring waves up to 7' along with thunderstorms that could affect air travel for fans traveling to phoenix for the monday nitrify gale between san diego and arizona. will the none california area see an effect from the hurricane? >> we thing not, but we will want it. sunday would be the better day if there are any effects. i am keeping the forecast dry and calm. if you are coming to san francisco, crissy field is 60 and headed to downtown the financial district is ryan and low-to-mid 60's from richmond and san leandro and palo alto and belmont and upper 50's in santa clara and saratoga and pacifica is 55 and 61 in walnut creek and american canyon is
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veteran. we are x-ray in the 50's and 60, and sunshine and the cost by noon and home 70's by the bay and inland, 76 and 90 by 4:00 and a delightful evening, low-to-mid 60's away the bay and to the coast and home 70's inland and a couple of games at home, cal will take on sacramento state at 67 and the u.v. index is high. a game right here at 12:30 tomorrow we have usc at stanford at 70 warming to 79 and the u.v. index is very high. the traffic now with leyla gulen. >> starting with the bay bridge toll plaza in the left hand lane we have cashpayers waiting their town on get by. as you look at the rest of the traffic it is moving smooth as you come in from emeryville. what we do have is construction if you are headed along in the southbound direction until 5:00,
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this should be wrapping up and southbound 680 to stop ridge that is where we have the protects going on so be careful and slow for the stone bridges from the amount pass from tracy, at 24 minutes and highway 4 westbound antioch to cop -- condition court is 14 minutes. the hollywood nude photo scandal is leading to big changes at apple with security changes icloud users will soon see. >> and iowa veterans who served with honor in a special trip this morning they will begin. >> looking like in the embarcadero on big scene and on the small screen at the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge gate bridge and the bay bridge western small all quiet this
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is identifying farmers within a 50-mile radius of the stores within their community. capay valley puts some of the most beautiful heirloom tomatoes in the box and we get those to the store on the next day. it's a really great relationship when you can buy fresh, flavorful, outstanding products from your neighbor. it's our passion for produce, combined with our strong sense of community. and we're able to deliver that experience by living local. ♪
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covering santa berkeley and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. apple will alert users with e-mail and notifications if someone tries to change a password or move icloud data to a new device or log in for the first time from a new device. the c.e.o. made the announcement in a "wall street journal" report coming after hackers infiltrated accounts can stole nude photos of celebrities such as jennifer lawrence and kate upton. >> part of a freeway will be dedicated if on of a highway patrol officer murdered in the hype of duty two years ago. the for died when he was shot by a driver he pulled over along interstate 680. another c.h.p. officer shot and killed the gunman. he leaves behind a wife and four children. his widow, and fellow c.h.p.
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officers and elected officers will attend the 11 o'clock a.m. ceremony. >> world war ii veterans take off on a visit to the world war ii memorial in washington, dc. one of the develops is boarding the honor flight. he served in the south pacific. after the war he spent 30 years working at a medical clinic in nepal and never thought he would see the membership. >> it will be a pleasure just the fact that we can come and see our friends, our comrade we knew so many them. we were so close to, for so many years, and they have gone before us. >> firefighters raised $30,000 to send a group of 30 veterans and volunteers to washington, dc, for the weekend. special tools and calm nerves helped a team of wildlife
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experts capture a deadly coe practice on -- cobra in a southern california neighborhoods. >> firefighters come to the aid of animal control officers from los angeles county descending on this yard where they have a cobra cornered. >> it came up through here bit trees. i was trying to figure out how to bypass this and i saw it. >> animal control captured the cobra. >> is it in the box? we will not take it out. sorry. >> when we grabbed it, it was afraid us and it tried to strategic at us but we had the proper equipment and we handled it. >> residents along the block are relieved. >> it is great.
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>> it is great. >> the the went interest hiding. animal control officers respond two difficulties searching for the snake but in the end it was crossing the street when it blew its cover. >> you are drive down the street, what do you see? >> i was driving. we see a white snake this thick just going across the treat and we stopped and started screaming. >> the snake is kept at an animal control facility with the future uncertain. >> the animal will be assessed. we will then make a determination as to the final disposition. time is 4:45.
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i am relieved. cobras are scary. >> they are scary. it would kill someone how quickly? >> in minutes. nerve damage. >> first weekend since school started for a lot of kids. will it be warm in or will be there a taste fall? a little of egg. we will have clouds and cool weather at the coast and sun and warm inland. starting with what is going on right now at 24 miles per hour wind we have a nice sea breeze from fairfield and the winds will pick up eat of the golden gate bridge and north of the bay bridge at 1:00 o'clock starting sooner today through 9:00 this evening and if you are thinking of taking the vote out from sausalito, watch out, it will be choppy. on the bay bridge from the exploritorium the clouds are
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hanging over us bring flight arrival delays from sfo in an hour. mild to warm through the weekend and clouds will return at might and we could be lightly cooler toward next week. notice between 10:30 and 11:30 the clouds openings the sun comes out, we will see a little sunshine with temperatures close to where we were yesterday, maybe a degree or two warmer in los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy where we are in the upper 80's and sunny at the pardon walk and low-to-mid 80's for the let of the south bay with san jose and cupertino at 83. 88 up toed with wood and mid-to-upper 70's for millbrae and nearly 70 downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and nearly 88 to the lowity through the north bay valley and mid-to-upper 70's along the east bay shore to union city. upper 80's to low 90 into inland east bay neighborhood.
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astros take on the a's at 7:00 first pitch and cooling to 62 by help of the game. we have the 43rd annual art can wine festival, a big festival, saturday and sunday starting in the upper 60's at 10:00 and warm to the upper 70's by 6:00. >> we will focus on the weekend where we are warmer and temperatures on sunday are same and watch out for the high clouds blowing out from the tropical storm to the south and we will hold steady through next week. as we head to 101 northbound direction we have a report of a crash that is blocking one lane, northbound 101 and in the southbound direction traffic is not affected but we have delays approaching lakeville highway. in san francisco there are no street closing because of the mission fire. all streets are open and muni is not re-routed.
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there is a lot of damage but nothing to close down the streets. southbound 80 through pleasant hill into walnut creek the drive is smooth ahelp rolling smooth as you approach highway 24. breaking news in san francisco. firefighters are at the scene of a fire that just break out. it is glendale secret in twin peaks area. a working fire right now in san francisco. at 4:49. forget packages and letters, a special delivery the post office will make for amazon in san francisco. >> an important health discovery for women. researchers debunk a myth about bras, breast size and cancer. a picture from our exploritorium camera and the bay
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and the bay bridge and the bay bridge toll plaza and the eastern span of the bridge with eastern span of the bridge with traffic in the south bay,
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a look at traffic on the golden gate bridge headlights coming into san francisco looking fine. we will check with leyla gulen and see how the rest of the commute is making up in a moment. >> chevron will cough up $278,000 to settle air quality violations at the refinery in richmond. the air quality management district says it will cover 27 incidents between 2010 and including the release of excess chemicals into the air and does not cover the explosion that resulted from an oil leak in 2012. chevron says all problems have been corrected and they are make
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sure it does not happen again in the future with certain steps. >> ready for football? the bay area nfl teams begin the regular season sunday. on the road. the rookie will start for the raiders visiting the jets on sunday after a strong performance in the reseason games. the raiders have not won in the eastern time zone sin 2009. yes, 2009, 13 games >> 49ers visit dallas on sunday. kaepernick may have to take the heat off the depleted defense. aldon smith is suspended if the first nine games and another is out with an enjoy. defensive ray mcdonald's status is clear after being arrested on domestic violence. meteorologist mike nicco, what is going on?
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seattle looks salty. you can pound your san francisco chest but you have a lot of trouble with them. they look good. we flag warning until 11 o'clock. mid-to-upper 90's through the central valley, 83 in lawnsance and 73 in san diego. high surf advisory and dangerous swimming conditions and a lot rip occur -- sierra, sunshine and 88 and mid-40's for lows over night. >> 31 bart trains are on time. ace train one, no delays, and no delays across the golden gate bridge with crews picking up cones. they trying to push the traffic to the right side so the work can be completed. be careful if that area.
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in oakland the eastbound to the caldecott tunnel, closings until can and the westbound traffic is unimpeded. more than 8,200 face risk of being cut off from the hawaii big island by a lava flow with steam lying as the volcano moved closer to employees will go door-to-door to urge residents to leave the home before lava blocks the only highway can they want outsiders to avoided area. >> and wearing a bra does not cause breast cancer. there is no evidence to suggest a link define wearing a bra and breast cancer. researchers say it does not matter your cup size, how old when you first started wearing a bra or how long you wear a bra.
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>> amazon and the postal service are teaming up to deliver groceries around san francisco. it is part of a trial delivering groceries define 3:00 and 7:00 in the morning when the post office is not using vehicles to deliver mail. am citizen is delivering grocery in san francisco and los angeles and seattle and the participateship allows amazon to test new ways to expand grocery division. >> that is early. >> between 3:00 and 7:00, but that is good use of the trucks that are sitting idle. an east bay high school students decides to become a sales person and we have the product that sent two classmates to the hospital. a military exposition in oakland calls protests and what will be demanded of city leaders. a look at the golden gate bridge and the big picture in
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the smaller picture, you can the east bay interstate 680 and the bay bridge with more news the bay bridge with more news and weather and
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forever? ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. abc7 news begins with breaking news. we have breaking news at 4:39. if san francisco a fire burning inside an apartment building on the sleep of twin peaks. the first firefighters called for a second alarm because they worried the flames could spread to other buildings. we have a crew en route.
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you can follow us on twitter, twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> hopefullywe do not have issues with the winds carrying the embers. >> the winds are light but at 2,000 feet they are blowing out quickly and probably 10 or 15 miles per hour at twin peaks. too bad there is no rain. they will have a fight up there. the winds on the ferrieding or blowing to the east and inland east bay is the warmest at 87 to 92 and sunny coast at san francisco is 66 to 71 and mid-70's to mid-80's in the south bay and the north bay. >> at the bay bridge toll plaza in the left hand lane the cashpayers have moved out with cleaver conditions and it is pretty friday light and bouncing around a little bit.


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