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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 8, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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no word on the cause. >> in half an hour filibuster fish will -- in half an hour fish and wildlife will search for the mountain lion that mauled a boy in cupertino. nick? >> this is touchy. the crews will start the search in 30 minutes. look at some of video when we arrived: agents with the department of fish and wildlife started the staging process for the search of the mountain lion. officials closed the trail when the boy was attacked at 1:00 o'clock p.m. two miles from the picchetti winery. this is mountain lie corner -- lion territory but these attacks are "rare." it was called "aggressive."
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he was dragged into the bushes before the family could rush over and fight off the big cat. >> after the animal attacked the boy and was driven off the attack by the father, it followed him down the hill. >> more than 20 deputies and park rangers and officials with fish and wildlife are asking the public for avoid the area. the seven had some progress with crews finding tracks that show he followed the family after the attack and the seven dogs picked up a scent but, still, no lie beyond. -- lion, if you encounter a mount town lion, appear larger than the lion and do not run. maintain eye contact. these are manufacture the safety tests they have suggests to follow if you encounter a mountain lion. the seven will begins at 5:00
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am. they intend to use the dogs to pick up the scent. breaking overnight a royal baby is on the way. prince william and his wife are speaking their 2nd child. the palace made the atownment because kate canceled a planned appearance this morning experiencing morning sickness as with the first pregnancy and is treated by doctors. the palace suggested he is not yet 12 weeks pregnant so prince george will have a bore or sister in the spring of 2016. the queen and members of the families are delighted with the news. >> dozens of hikers were rescued by helicopter from a fair in yosemite national park which exploded your fueled by high wind and high temperatures. hikers were airlifted to camp grounds. helicopters and air tankers and
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hot shot crews have been battling the fire in the back country for weeks now. several trails are closed. roads into yosemite are open. >> fires getting upper happened on the -- hand on the bridge fire out of the row cement with evacuation orders for 700 homes lifted. the fire is burning ten miles along highway 49 and 70 percent contained. >> tomorrow is four years since the deadly pg&e explosion in san bruno. the public will be updated on recovery in the neighborhood where 38 homes were destroyed including pipeline safety across the state. the explosion and fire killed eight people and hurt 66 people. pg&e faces a $1.4 billion fine in connection with the blast. they will fight the fine. pg&e faces federal criminal
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charges in connection with misleading or missing pipeline safety records. >> the public utility commission will hold more public hearings today on a proposal by pg&e to raise gas and service rates. opponents say pg&e wants to raise gas bills by another $5 a month to raise $1 billion. the commission approved an increase of $8 >> victims of the napa valley have a resource to help in recovery. the city and county are teaming up to open a center that will provide information on building prime ministers, financial assistance, food assistance, mental health and other community resource programs. the doors open at 1:00 o'clock p.m. napa valley has a new website to assist in recovery efforts with a link at
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>> airbnb partnered with san francisco to respond to emergencies working with the department of emergency management in identifying hosts willing to help dismissed people and emergency workers when needed. they will use the technology for air b and b to notify hosts and guests of hazardous incidents. >> a veteran prosecutor has been pulled from the case of a woman found strangled 25 years ago. the body of the 38-year-old only was discovered discovered by a quilt if the back seat of her car in 1989. evidence tied her husband and brother-in-law to the killing. our media partner reports that deputy district attorney was pulled from the case because he failed to disclose his relationship with a criminalist who testified of d.n.a. ever. he says there are no indications that d.n.a. or other evidence was compromised as a result of the affair. there is a public meeting on new trains they want to buy with
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the than it agency want diagnosis know what you thing of the trains that are called e. e.m.u.'s replacing 75 percent of the diesel fleet. this is the first of several community meetings to be help this morning from 8:00 to 11 o'clock and another presentation is scheduled for 6:00 tonight. doctors are watching the mysterious vicious virus that is sickening a thousand children across continue states. they fear it could spread to other states if not controlled. here is that report. >> this morning, a mystery breathing virus is spreading. more than a thousand children across ten states have been sickened. the disease hasn't been identified. doctors at centers for disease control suspect it is a rare virus that is linked to the common cold. a 13-year-old had to be rushed
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to a colorado hospital. >> my start started hurting after my lungs starting closing up. >> he has asthma. his parents are sharing their story to help other parents spot the signs. >> he came really close to death. he was unconscious at our he passed out. >> children who have asthma and those under the age of five are most vol measurable. >> it starts like a cold. but it is the wheezing to watch for. >> one hospital in colorado has seen 900 children with symptoms. >> our pediatric floor is full of patients severe breathing distress. >> in scans scan, more -- kansas city 300 children are
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reporting symptoms. >> it is coming. watch out for it. the back-to-school kicks to high gear and that is a normal time for the illnesses to spread among children. meteorologist mike nicco is here talking about a cool weekend and we will warm things up. >> we will start to warm things up but today it will be as cool as it was over the weekend with temperatures below average and the dry air on live doppler hd has lowest visibility at eight at half moon bay and everyone else is doing well this morning under partly cloudy sky. the nights are getting longer when you look at west portal 55, phelps park, 57, same mission and downtown. across the golden gate bridge temperatures are 58 there but to the financial district it is 57. all of us are in the mid-to-upper 50's until santa clara and saratoga at 60.
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the next 12 hours starting off with clouds by 7:00 and money 50's and sunny everywhere and the coast, not so point as year. 64 at 4:00 and chilly 58 by 7:00 and in the mid-to-upper 60's around the bay at noon with money 70's at 4:00 and back into the low 60's by 7:00, and nearly 70 inland at noon and low 80's at 4:00 but you need the coast this evening dropping to 68 degrees by 7:00. sue? >> good morning, everyone, we will go to fremont. we have reports from c.h.p. of walnut creek with a shot southbound 680, no delays. the accident i am speaking of is in fremont southbound 880 south of mission and the accident is a cadillac on the side of the road after beginning through a fence.
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you could fine slow traffic north 880 south of mission in the fremont area. elsewhere, road work will take you now to the oakland area from fruitvale to 23rd until 5:00 this morning. >> he is back. the event this morning that is drawing former governor arnold schwarzenegger back to the state capital. >> a summit that could determine when and how nfl players caught using illegal drugs are punished a look at downtown san francisco and the big picture, the smaller ones showing golden gate bridge and western span of the bay bridge and the richmond-san rafael toll plaza which is empty. more news and weather and more news and weather and traffic after
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covering novato, oakland and
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sunnyvale this is abc7 news. >> arnold schwarzenegger today is at state capital for the official portrait. he returned to acting made few political appearance since leaving the governor's office in 2010 and will be joined by governor brown for the unveiling of the portrait to be hung on the 3rd floor of the building. >> >> scientists shown they will know when asteroid gets so close to the earth as yesterday, 25,000 closest to the earth closest to new zealand measuring the size of a house. astrongers did not know it was coming in a weekend and it takes 10 years to have enough time to deflect an asteroid away from earth. >> family and friends say goodbye to joan rivers
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yesterday. she wanted her funeral to be a huge show business affair and that is what she got with new york city's 5th avenue shut down and famous guests including whoopi and donald trump. the private service features a performance by hugh jackman. and kickoff by jokes from howard stern. >> it was off color, just like her humor. >> she died on thursday after cardiac arrest during a routine procedure on her vocal cords. she was 81-year-old. >> nfl players union leader and officials will meet in new york for what could be a major summit on the league's long delayed drug policy. the leading is after both sides changed proposals but failed to have the policy in place for the start of the regular senator. -- regular season including
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rules on arrested if d.u.i. and rules on marijuana. union leaders want a punishment to wait until the court resolves a 8:00 case. >> regular season action provided mixed results for fans with 49ers say the best offense is a good defense, forcing a dallas scum bell and a 35 yard touchdown was taken and 49ers went up big early and never looked back. san francisco beat the cowboys 28-17. >> raiders opened with rookie quaterback in demand and oakland made jets' quaterback pay, and whit son publics off smith, not pad for 17 year nfl vet. 12 yours to streeter but the good times fadeed and
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winning 19-14. oakland has a new reason to celebrate as does san francisco, they are peg on a new top ten nominee list. >> "usa today" readers put oakland on the best cities for sports in the united states. >> it is a nominee to be including factors of loyal zach raiders fans who dress up in costume, and other pluses for oakland are warriors and of course the nine time world series champion the oakland athletics and s pulling up, at at&t park, it is a nominee because of the giants and 49ers. both of our cities, san
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francisco and oakland. >> and the garlic fries. >> too bad the fans are not treated well. >> a's are always talk about moving and the raiders moving to los angeles the. >> this respect hopefully will solidify the fan base. >> send your cards and e-mails to meteorologist mike nicco. >> i think the fans should be treated boater. >> our temperature swings get wilder this time of year depending on how the wind is blowing out and it is now blowing out inland were we will see cooler-than-average temperatures with 26 miles per hour wind in fairfield and on the ferry building the winds are blowing out from the ocean inland and we will have a bright afternoon, a lot of sunshine and it will be cooler than average and now the dry air over the top of us will bring cool nights
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ahead and more dew on the car or grass because of cooler nights and warming trend starting on wednesday and it ranches up toward thursday and friday and saturday and here is a look at the cloud cover by 10:00 or 11 o'clock it is gone. the coast will not be so bright but holes developing. 60's for you. 70's and 80's for the rest of us. in the south bay, mid-to-upper 80's morgan hill and gilroy and inelse from 75 at sunnyvale to 80 in los gatos. 78 in san jose. low-to-mid conference on the planes and millbrae is 68. mid-60's along the coast into downtown and 67 in south san francisco and moving through the north bay valley mid-to-upper 70's and money 60's around the bin and the east bay shore, richmond and berkeley at 69 and home 70 for everyone else and as we head inland we will have
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low-to-mid 80's from 82 in san ramon and 86 in brentwood and mid-to-upper 50's and clouds but for inland east bay it will be cloudy. the seven-day forecast shows temperatures jumping significantly as we head to the end of the week. >> we are looking at light conditions so far on the roads and here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with no metering lights and traffics are slowing nicely on to the upper deck into san francisco and it is looking good. so far. we have road work and an accident as you make your way from milpitas to fremont north 880 south of mission we have slow traffic out of the roadway with a car going how a fence on the shoulder. road work north 880 to 23rd remaining until 5:00 this morning. in santa rosa eastbound 12 the ramp to southbound 101, one lane
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is closed until 5:00 this morning. you could find slow traffic. >> you can now order your own pair of google glass frames. >> ikea pokes fun at apple. here are the tech bytes. happy monday. netflix goes for the short game streaming video service figures most mobile users will not watch 9090 on the you phone so ad short features. a new processor allows thinner laptops and tablets leading to more devices that function as laptop and tablet were the first is on sale next month. >> anyone can get google glass the internet eye glass frames on sail in google play at eye popping $1,500 but other models
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and manufacturers are expected to follow suit. >> ikea has a commercial in asia for the latest catalog point out it is wireless, battery never runs out and comes with content already installed. never crashes, either. >> do you know where your stuff is? local police department is going to reunite victims of theft with their stolen things. >> children are drilled in what to do if there is an evening or four but there is one emergency they may not be ready for. >> look at downtown san francisco on the big screen and the small screen, the toll plaza the small screen, the toll plaza ,
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9 san rafael police department has their own page to reunite people with their lost or stolen property. here is a look at the site
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photo of a ring possibly stolen, items found during investigates or turned in by the public. redwood city police have found success reuniting own ares with lost property. >> now a check on the weather forecast. meteorologist jon james, what -- meteorologist mike nicco, what did you have for us? >> miles an hour from the hurricane, our former hurricane, now is moving through the sierra from south lake tahoe all the way down to just east of fresno and to the east of bakersfield and it is moving away from us. we will not get anything from this other than thunderstorms around yosemite and 86. cloud cover and 96 in fresno. maybe scattered thunderstorms. palm prick is -- springs is 95. chico is sunny and 92.
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sue? good morning. we are going through san rafael southbound 101 with no delays. remark is moving nicely. this is the golden gate bridge moving well, too, and fog free. minor accident in fremont moving from milpitas to fremont. we had a car on the road through a fence. some may be slowing to look south of mission northbound 880. you probably are still digging deep to fill up but gasoline prices have dropped two cents the past two weeks with americans gallon over 11 weeks. we pay more in the bay area with san francisco the highest price at $3.88 a
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a federal appeals court will consider gay marriage bans in idaho, nevada and hawaii with two hours of argument on whether they should be struck down on idaho and nevada. hawaii legalized gay marriage in december so that appeal could be dismissed. the court has preferly ruled in favor of gay marriage. an alarming study on health emergencies for children. researchers say only a quarter of students with asthma and only what children with food allergies have a health management plan in place at school. if they have a life threatening attack the schools may not have their medication or know their treatment plan especially for minorities and poor children looking at kids in chicago public cools. >> a child mauled by a mountain >> a child mauled by a mountain lion on a
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have the final say on a contract. traffic on the bay bridge and going through walnut creek traffic is light and moving right along. right along. we will be
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 5:00 a.m. and we thank you for your company. clouds. sunny in the afternoon. does that sound familiar?
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>> i have heard this story before. mike will tell us about it. >> we see a lot of sun quickly but the low pressure is bringing in all this dry air that will keep us cooler-than-average. uneventful weather-wise with no low clouds or fog. no rain. no drizzle. headed into the afternoon hours the bay is around 69 to 78 headed into into the south bay and north bay and the warmest is 86 with clouds along the cost interest (and 634 to -- the coast and inland 63 to 67. >> the golden gate bridge showinging it right nowen is moving at the limit with no road work. the hayward and milpitas area we had an early accident through the fence north 880 south of mission that is


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