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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 8, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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this vicious attack is touching off anger all across the country. the baltimore ravens taking swift action today against now former ravens running back ray rice after new footage emerges showing him attacking his wife. good afternoon, everyone. >> the nfl woke up to a new crisis with the release of more video involving baltimore ravens running back ray rice. >> rice initially drew a two-game suspension for the assault involving his then fiancee and now wife that was caught on video. he was eligible to come back on friday. today, more video of that
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incident became public and the ravens released rice immediately, who then was also suspended by the nfl. >> abc news reporter karen travers has the new developments. >> reporter: just hours after the damning video of ray rice assaulting his wife went public, the baltimore ravens terminated him. >> they had no choice. when that video comes out this morning, it's over. >> reporter: this new video obtained by tmz sports allegedly shows what happened inside that atlantic city casino elevator between the ravens running back and his then fiancee. here's rice hitting her, who charges back at him. then he lands a punch that knocks her out. tmz says it altered the video to quote, smooth out what it described as jumpy raw video. since that video came out, questions were swirling about what the nfl and the ravens knew and when. the nfl said today this was the first time officials there saw any video of what happened inside the elevator. but rice himself said this in july. >> i think roger goodell has
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everything that the court system has. >> reporter: the aftermath of that punch was already public. this disturbing video showing rice dragging an unconscious palmer out of the elevator. palmer defended him, so the ravens running back was charged with just third degree aggravated assault. he completes a diversion program, the charge could be dropped. in july, rice said repeatedly his actions were inexcusable. >> i made the biggest mistake of my life. >> reporter: the nfl has been under fire for rice's meager two-game suspension. in response to the backlash, the league announced a new domestic violence policy. first time offenders get a six-game suspension. a second offense, a lifetime ban. the nfl said today it has suspended ray rice indefinitely. he would have to apply to be reinstated. karen travers, abc news, washington. the 49ers are dealing with a similar situation after defensive lineman ray mcdonald was arrested on suspension of domestic abuse nearly two weeks ago. his fiancee who was ten weeks
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pregnant at the time, had visible injuries when police showed up for a disturbance call at his home. coach jim harbaugh is on record as saying the 49ers will not tolerate anybody convicted of abusing women or children on his team. he also said the niners are going to wait until the investigation plays out before making a decision on mcdonald. today, harbaugh did not budge when asked if the ray rice situation will in any way affect the 49ers' stance. >> we have been very clear on how we're approaching this situation, with determining facts, what facts will determine and information will determine principles. >> mcdonald is set to appear in court one week from today and adding to the situation now is a new report from the sacramento bee saying police were called to mcdonald's house another time previously, may 25th, 8:00 p.m., for a disturbance. though police did not clarify exactly what that disturbance
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was. it could be anything from a loud party or making noise or neighbors upset about anything, really. >> so here's my question. did the nfl see the video from inside the elevator before that two-game suspension? >> the league claims that they had no knowledge of this. of the second video, which makes you wonder how much energy they really put into the investigation to begin with. how could tmz get the video before anybody else? the nfl is a $9 billion a year entity with vast resources. it just stretches the credibility. the nfl has a real serious credibility issue on the way all of this has played out. >> seriously. thank you so much on that. in other news today, two people were hospitalized this morning after an accident involving a cyclist, a taxi van and muni bus. happened in the richmond district shortly after 8:00. muni says the taxi hit the cyclist, then ran into the muni bus. the bicyclist and the bus driver were both taken to the hospital. neither was thought to have
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life-threatening injuries. passengers on the bus were not injured. another muni accident also under investigation, this one involving a streetcar which hit a man around 5:00 a.m. in the bayview district. the man may have been using a walker when he was hit at third street and carroll avenue. paramedics rushed him to the hospital with injuries to his head and face. the accident caused delays for hours, prompting muni to set up a bus bridge while police investigated that crash. dozens of parents in the north bay are frantically searching this afternoon for a new place to send their kids after their preschool just suddenly shut down. >> abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman with the story. wayne? >> reporter: they are frustrated. imagine having a job and having a child and trying to balance the two. behind me, the play ground at the bridgeport academy, the last day there will be children here. it is closing, it is closing unexpectedly. let's begin with the director. >> we have been struggling for awhile. i didn't realize how bad it was.
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>> reporter: now the bridgepoint school in novato, the staff knows and also the parents. last weekend the school announced it is closing, effective mehe fek immediately, leaving parents scrambling for new places to put their kids. >> school is already in session. it's a last minute situation for our kids. >> reporter: the school had 50 students. even today, several parents who never got the word dropped their kids off and found staff here to help them anyway, even though they lost their jobs and their last paychecks bounced. >> we can't make everything better for everybody. that's very frustrating. >> reporter: the school's owner did not go on camera today. in an e-mail, she told abc 7 news that the bridgepoint school had been in a situation for months. so people got word of it and pulled their kids. she said quote, it hurts me extremely to close the doors. i assure the teachers they will be getting compensated. as for parents who paid tuition in advance, no word. have they said anything to you
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about how you will get your money back? >> not at all. >> reporter: just one more question in a day filled with them. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. new developments today in the mauling of a 6-year-old boy who was hiking on a popular trail over the weekend. hospital officials say the boy is now out of the hospital and is recovering at home. meanwhile, the search for the big cat is intensifying. game wardens warn that the mountain lion could attack again. nick smith has the story from cupertino. >> this animal shows every sign and indication it was attracting this boy as a prey item. >> reporter: that kind of behavior is rare and extremely dangerous. that's why they are hunting the mountain lion down, to kill it. >> to be clear, you don't take the decision to put this animal down lightly. >> oh, my goodness, no. this is nothing we would ever want to do or try to do unless it is a very severe circumstance of an animal that has exhibited extremely aggressive behavior. that little boy would have been killed had his dad not intervened. >> reporter: you are convinced
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if you do not put this animal down -- >> there is a very high likelihood the animal will continue its aggressive behavior towards people. >> reporter: hiking trails were closed after the attack was reported and a three-man tracking team was deployed. two game wardens and an agent with usda wildlife services. >> they have a team of dogs working with the three of them. what they're doing is looking for any sign of fresh track of the mountain lion in the area. >> reporter: search teams will continue until nightfall. at that time, they will reassess the situation. california department of fish and wildlife say it is imperative that they find that cat. until they do, they will keep the trails closed. nick smith, abc 7 news. a fire burning in yosemite national park quadrupled in size in just a day. it's now charred more than four square miles. rescue crews have been flying around the clock to get people away from the flames. crews have picked up nearly 100 hikers so far. strong winds yesterday accelerated the fire, which started weeks ago during a lightning strike.
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the meadow fire is burning east of half dome in little yosemite valley. numerous trails are closed, but most of the national park remains open including all of the roads. a section of mission street in san francisco reopened to traffic this morning four days after thursday's huge fire there. engineers were at the site of the blaze near 22nd street today deciding exactly how to demolish this burned out structure. nearby mission street businesses are still closed because of smoke and water damage. that fire gutted the three-story building and destroyed a store that was on the bottom level. tomorrow marks the fourth anniversary of the deadly san bruno gas pipeline explosion and the neighborhood still hasn't fully recovered. there are still several vacant lots where homes once stood. the explosion and fire killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. today, the mayor said 24 homes have been rebuilt and ten more will be going up over the next year. pg & e may have to pay a $1.4 billion fine for its role in the explosion.
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the mayor wants most of that money to go to pipeline safety. let's get our first check of the weather. a beautiful day outside. >> certainly is. spencer christian is outside with the update. >> yes, it is a beautiful day. we began with a few lingering clouds, some gray skies here and there. temperatures have been a little cooler than average, but we have sunny skies just about everywhere. clouds have pulled away from much of the coastline. it's very pleasant. here's a live view looking out over san francisco under mainly blue skies. current temperature reading, 62 in san francisco, oakland, 67. 68 in san carlos. 82 in gilroy. 63 in half moon bay. how about this. blue sky over the golden gate bridge. it's currently 72 in santa rosa. napa, 73. 77 in fairfield. 73 in concord and livermore. some areas of low clouds during the evening and overnight hours. patchy low clouds will linger in the early morning hours, giving
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way t to a gloriously sunny day tomorrow. it will be mild to warm with highs ranging from mid 60s at the coast to about 90 in our inland locations. i will give you a look at a warmer week ahead in a few minutes. former governor arnold schwarzenegger famous for his sequels and today he returned to the state capitol for the unveiling of his official portrait. schwarzenegger says he owes all of his accomplishments to living in california, where quote, nothing is impossible. since leaving office, the former movie star has focused on making a hollywood comeback. perhaps you have seen one of e "expendables." still ahead, the announcement from buckingham palace that has the world buzzing. rumors swirl ahead of tomorrow's huge announcement coming from apple. what we can expect from that big event.
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new at 4:30, an east bay police officer finds himself on the other side of the law. also, 7 on your side taking your questions on twitter and facebook. michael finney will answer them live in a few minutes. contact him at 7. checking your monday traffic, this is 101 on the left-hand side. the heavier traffic is 101 north. on the right-hand side, people are heading away from us going toward the city. easier going in that direction. hard it can
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call it another success in the line of succession. the british throne is going to get another heir. >> prince william and his wife kate are expecting their second child. jeffrey kaufmann with the story from london. >> reporter: they are pregnant. a second baby is on its way for william and kate, the duke and duchess of cambridge. >> the reality is the speculation about this second baby has been since january, she was supposed to be pregnant. >> reporter: the queen, the baby's great grandmother, was quick to issue a statement saying she is delighted. the announcement came earlier than expected because the ever popular kate has yet again been sidelined by severe morning sickness. >> it's great news. early days but i'm hoping things settle down and she feels better. >> reporter: when she was pregnant with prince george in 2012, kate was hospitalized because she was so ill. a healthy prince george was born in july 2013. >> got a good pair of lungs on him, that's for sure.
4:16 pm
he's a big boy. he's quite heavy. >> reporter: the little prince has become a celebrity in his own right, stealing the show last april during a royal tour with his parents in australia. come spring, he will have a little brother or sister, a prince or princess, to play with. the expectant mother resting in kensington palace. her baby will be fourth in line to the british throne after grandfather prince charles, father prince william and big brother prince george. with two royal babies, the duke and duchess of cambridge will have provided the royal dynasty with what they playfully call an heir and a spare. jeffrey kaufmann, abc news, london. rumors are swirling about the new iphone one day before the big apple announcement is coming. final preparations under way at the flint center for tomorrow's press event. tech insiders are reporting that apple will announce two new versions of the iphone 6 tomorrow, one with a pretty big screen. it will be 5 1/2 inches. a second one with a smaller 4.7
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inch screen. apple is also expected to roll out a smart watch or perhaps a high tech bracelet. it would mark the company's first new product since the ipad nearly four and a half years ago. twitter is testing a new feature today that could change the way we buy things online. the san francisco tech giant working on a new buy button that lets you make purchases while using the social network. a small group of users will soon see this button on advertisements when using twitter's mobile app. when you hit the button, the entire buying process will be handled within the app so you won't have to leave twitter. the company has not said if it will get a cut of whatever is purchased. more americans than ever are watching television but how we're viewing is changing drastically, according to new research from the ratings company nielsen. according to the report, the average american watches more than 4 1/2 hours of television every day. that includes time spent
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watching dim watching digital video on tablets. viewership is down on younger viewers, thanks to streaming content. you can see all abc programming on your smartphone, tablet or computer. go to watch or download the let's take a look right now at this format. live doppler 7 hd showing mainly sunny skies across the bay area even at the coastline. it's lovely although cooler than average. not so lovely over the desert southwest of the u.s., where thunderstorms and strong gusty winds and localized flooding have hit las vegas and reached over to phoenix and tucson as well. in fact, phoenix today had its highest single day rainfall total ever, 3.2 inches. check out tempe, arizona.
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5.8, nearly six inches of rain today from the storms there. let me show you why this turbulent weather is hitting the southwest. all of a sudden, okay, it's moving now. i'll get to it. here's a live view first of local conditions here looking at downtown oakland. harvest moon tonight. there will be a full moon that's nearest the autumnal equinox. warming up tomorrow, hot inland by midweek. here's the system kicking up the turbulent weather in the southwest. the remnants of tropical storm norbert. what's left of norbert is producing all this rainy, stormy, windy weather in the southwest with flooding and dust storms yesterday in the phoenix area, and things are going to taper off a little tomorrow. by wednesday, actually, as we look ahead on the radar satellite image. the only effect it will have on
4:20 pm
us is not much. just a little change locally, a few clouds will pass through the bay area. we do not expect heavy rain and thunderstorms here although we could certainly use some heavy rain. overnight, look for cloudy skies, increasing near the coast and locally, some low clouds will push inland. low temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 50s overnight. tomorrow, sunny skies, warmer in the south bay with highs in the low to mid 80s there, up to about 81 degrees at san jose. upper 70s to around 80 on the peninsula. mid 60s on the coast with some lingering fog tomorrow. downtown san francisco mainly sunny tomorrow with highs in the upper 60s. up in the north bay, we will see sunny skies inland with highs ranging from low to mid 80s to 82 at santa rosa. east bay highs tomorrow, 72 in oakland, 80 at castro valley. the inland east bay will be nice and warm with highs in the mid to upper 80s, almost up to 90. 89 at fairfield tomorrow and at
4:21 pm
antioch. it's certainly going to heat up midweek to late week. look for high temperatures thursday, friday and saturday in the mid 90s inland. mid 80s around the bay and upper 60s to around 70 on the coast. then temperatures will just gradually taper off a couple degrees each day, sunday going into early next week. it's going to be a warm end of the week for sure but not unusual for this time of year in the bay area. >> certainly isn't. thank you so much. up next, a bold new look for southwest airlines. their new paint job could signal other changes to come. new after 4:30, a potentially deadly virus infecting hundreds across the midwest and why doctors fear this could become a nationwide epidemic and soon. checking your traffic at 4:21 on this monday, the skyway in san francisco on the right-hand side. that is traffic heading toward the peninsula, toward 101 south. not too bad although slowing down a little right now but definitely not as bad as traffic approaching the bay bridge. that is the traffic on your
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actor neil patrick harris is now a married man. the star married his long-time partner in italy over the weekend. the two have been together for ten years and have 4-year-old twins, gideon and harper. harris is best known for his roles on "how i met your mother." the producer of "how i met your mother" officiated the ceremony. elton john performed at the reception. a wild scene in indianapolis captured on camera by a passenger waiting for what turned out to be a runaway bus. the driver got off for a routine break and closed the doors. the wheels on the bus kept going round and round. the bus crossed a busy road at the height of the rush hour. one man was able to stop traffic so the bus could pass without incident. nobody got into an accident. finally came to a halt with a gentle crash on the curb. indianapolis transit officials are investigating what happened here.
4:25 pm
the driver's on leave pending the outcome. southwest airlines has unveiled a new look. >> the airline is refreshing the paint jobs on its planes and rebranding the company's entire image. the heart will become the company's signature logo. >> southwest rolled out the first repainted boeing 737 this morning. it's the first new look for the airline since it unveiled the current canyon blue scheme in 2001. >> southwest is facing rising labor costs. analysts believe more changes could be coming soon to better compete with other carriers and that includes, brace yourself, possibly doing away with its popular bags fly free policy. don't do it. don't do it. we like that. get ready for an all you can eat pasta extravaganza. the olive garden now offering its first ever never ending pasta pass. here we go. for $100, you get all the pasta, salad, bread and soda that you
4:26 pm
can consume. >> sounds wonderful. >> for seven weeks. we will weigh 400 pounds each. at 12:00 noon, the chain started selling 1,000 of these passes. there is also an annual promotion right now which lets you eat all the pas pasta you w on one visit for $9.99. if you want to bring food home, they say that's okay. doggy bags are allowed. >> you can keep ordering pasta and take it home. >> bad idea on the face of it to let people take it home. >> they just need the people coming in. >> this will generate traffic. that's unbelievable. much more ahead in our next half hour. coming up, an east bay police officer answers to charges related to a violent off-duty attack on a stranger. we are live with the story. and being a good neighbor. the oakland park that is undergoing a huge transformation all thanks to the oakland raiders. plus, buddy-buddy behavior from two former political adversaries. the good cause that brought george w. bush and bill clinton together.
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here are today's headlines at 4:30. a 6-year-old boy who survived a mountain lion attack yesterday in cupertino is now out of the hospital. the search continues for the animal. abc 7 news reporter vic lee will
4:30 pm
join us with a live update at 5:00. a wildfire burning in the back country of yosemite national park near half dome has grown to 2600 acres. helicopters rescued close to 100 hikers yesterday. lightning sparked this fire back on august 16th. abc 7 news traffic reporter susan hall visited yosemite and got this picture of the fire while it was still a controlled burn. you see the plume of smoke in the background on the right. a walnut creek police officer is in front of a judge facing assault charges. police say he used a baseball bat to attack a woman. cornell barnard is live with an update on the case. >> reporter: the d.a. office says 54-year-old police officer gregory thompson will never be a police officer again after agreeing theo a plea deal. he's a 30-year veteran of the police department and appeared
4:31 pm
nervous as he pled no contest to three felonies, including assault with force likely to cause bodily harm, felony vandalism and being armed at the time of a crime. the d.a.'s office says thompson was arrested on august 16th outside of his father's vacant home which had been vandalized before, wearing a mask he attacked a woman he did not know with a baseball bat because he believed she was going to try to break into the home. turns out her car had run out of gas and she was on foot. authorities say thompson crossed the line when he took the law into his own hands. >> it appears that he in some way believed that she may attempt to break into his father's house to seek shelter. and with a ski mask on and gloves, he beat her with a baseball bat. >> reporter: the victim was not seriously hurt. thompson, who had nothing to say to us today, will be back in court october 10th. he could face a year in county jail. he remains on paid leave from the walnut creek police
4:32 pm
department. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. the ninth district court of appeals in san francisco heard arguments this afternoon on three cases challenging same sex marriage restrictions. people lined up outside the federal courthouse on mission street to get into this hearing. the cases involve same sex marriage bans in hawaii, idaho and nevada. hawaii actually legalized same sex marriage late last year, but the lawsuit had already been filed. several couples directly affected by the restrictions attended the hearing, including dina and maryann from nevada. >> we were already married from massachusetts. we went there. we have been together 36 years and we were hoping to be able to also get married in our home state of nevada. >> the ruling by the three-judge court of appeals panel could apply to all nine states in the district including california, arizona, alaska, oregon, montana and washington. former new orleans mayor ray nagin turned himself in at federal prison today.
4:33 pm
he's now serving a ten-year sentence for bribery, wire fraud and money laundering. the crimes span his two terms as mayor, including the years following hurricane katrina in 2005. he was convicted of accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars from businessmen in exchange for granting them contracts with the city or support for their projects. nagin is appealing his conviction. president obama says he will reveal to the nation on wednesday the game plan going forward in the fight against the islamic militant group isis. the president expressed confidence yesterday that with help from the international community, the u.s. will be able to wipe out the terror organization. the president says he has a three-stage plan that includes military, diplomatic and economic components. former president george w. bush shared some grandfatherly advice with former political opponent bill clinton today. their buddy-like banter included heartfelt comments from the 43rd president on the arrival of former president clinton's first
4:34 pm
grandchild. >> be prepared to fall completely in love again. you're not going to believe it. you're just not going to believe the joy and the fun and i'm looking forward to talking to you after that child is born, and we all hope the very best for chelsea and that the child's health be strong like i'm confident it will be. it's going to be an awesome period for you. yeah, get ready also to be like the lowest person in the pecking order in your family. >> the two former presidents got together to launch a program to help business leaders and academics learn about leadership. an oakland park is getting new turf on its athletic field thanks to a sizeable donation from the nfl and the raiders. the team presented a check to the city today for $200,000. it will be used to install synthetic turf at the flood sports complex. people in the community play
4:35 pm
soccer, baseball, softball and more at the field. however, the natural grass is difficult to maintain, especially with the city's budget problems. the new turf will stand up better to high use and harsh weather. >> it feels like this is so used, we often have to take them out of service for weeks or months at a time, particularly during the rainy season. so an artificial turf will allow this field to be used safely and by teams all year round. >> this is part of an ongoing restoration project. the sports complex has dilapidated benches and damaged fences. the city is raising money to fix them and add amenities like lights and a concession stand. up next, a serious respiratory illness that's sickening hundreds of kids in the midwest. coming up, why doctors fear this nasty virus could possibly turn into a nationwide epidemic. today's 7 on your side is just ahead. i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook.
4:36 pm
i'm spencer christian. we are looking live at a view of the beautiful blue sky over lake tahoe. i will show you what's coming our way in just a few minutes. tahoe looks good. so does the traffic and the san mateo bridge. slowing in both directions. on the right-hand side is traffic heading to the peninsula. stay with us.
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british military engineers and medics are being sent to west africa to help fight the world's worst outbreak of ebola. they will set up and run a treatment center near the sierra leone capital, freetown. there will be 50 beds for local patients and 12 beds for health care workers who become ill. medical services should be up and running within eight weeks. the world health organization says more than 2,000 people have already died from the ebola outbreak in west africa. a serious health scare has broken out in more than ten states. hundreds of kids have come down with an extreme respiratory virus. many have been hospitalized. doctors fear the virus could become a national outbreak. >> reporter: a potentially deadly virus spreading. so far, infecting just children. over the past three weeks, about 1,000 kids in more than ten states have been stricken with a serious respiratory illness. the cdc confirming that dozens
4:40 pm
of those children have now tested positive for the rare enterovirus 68. symptoms begin loike the common cold, runny nose, coughing, sneezing and fever but quickly turn much more serious with wheezing and trouble breathing. >> whenever i hear of a virus triggering wheezing, triggering difficulty breathing, i'm very concerned as a pediatrician and a parent. you have to pay attention. >> reporter: children with asthma are especially susceptible and the severe symptoms can come on fast. >> my heart started hurting. my lungs started closing up. >> reporter: something 13-year-old will knows first-hand. >> i was scared. i remember thinking that i was going to die. >> it can go from a cold to, you know, being probably minutes away from death. that's kind of scary. >> reporter: he's now recovering at a denver hospital, where at least 900 children have already been treated for symptoms. >> our pediatric floor is full
4:41 pm
of patients with pretty severe respiratory distress. >> reporter: the cdc also identifying cases in the kansas city, missouri chicago areas. doctors worry the enterovirus 68 will keep spreading. >> i think it's a matter of time before we see this across the united states. >> reporter: doctors believe it's spread just like a cold, stressing the importance of good hand washing and again, urging parents to be aware. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. time to check in on the weather. >> spencer christian, enjoying the sunshine and plenty more ahead. >> you're right about that. plenty more warm weather ahead, much warmer than today. here's live doppler 7 hd. sunny skies from coast to inland. a few clouds touching the north coast a little bit there. let's take a look at the national weather picture for tomorrow across the 48 contiguous states. thunderstorms along the midatlantic coast between new york and washington, d.c. down south, from southern georgia to the florida
4:42 pm
panhandle, showers, wet weather over the dakotas and in the area between salt lake city and denver. otherwise, mainly dry day. notice the remnants still of what was tropical storm norbert kicking up moisture into the southwestern u.s., the area you can even see as we take a look at statewide conditions tomorrow. it will be sunny, warm across most of interior california with high temperatures in the mid 90s to sacramento to fresno, 98 in palm springs, 96 in los angeles which is quite warm. in the bay area, it will be warmer than today. sunny skies from coast to inland tomorrow, maybe a few patches of coastal fog will linger into the afternoon. we will see highs ranging from mid and upper 60s near the coast to upper 70s, near 80 around the bay to upper 80s to near 90 in the warmest inland locations and we've got some low to mid 90s coming into the inland areas later in the week. >> thank you so much, spencer. still ahead, a warning for expecting dads who smoke. the harmful effects of lighting up on your unborn kid.
4:43 pm
7 on your side michael finney with some interesting questions you have been sending me. we'll be right back.
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in healthy living news today, disturbing findings from a new study about how unprepared the nation's schools are when it comes to dealing with childhood asthma or allergy attacks. only one in four children suffering from asthma and one in two with food allergies has emergency health plans filed at their schools. researchers say the consequences are deadly. they found when students have died from an acute allergy or asthma attack, school staff did not have a plan for responding to the condition. the study is published in the "journal of pediatrics". you probably heard about the lifestyle changes expectant mothers need to make before con sooefg b sooefing but there's a study out saying men should do the same. they were found to have a greater risk of asthma if they smoked, according to new research from germany. researchers found smoking altered the father's dna. they passed on that trait to their offspring. the study is published in the journal "science." 7 on your side's michael
4:47 pm
finney is here answering questions sent to him by facebook, twitter and e-mail. first we start off with a viewer who tweeted do stores [ inaudible ] also prohibit use of plastic bags provided in the produce department? >> great question. no. i don't know of any single law in the state of california that although it bans the bag at the checkout counter, it does not ban the bags in the produce aisle. it also doesn't ban it in any of the areas where they sell bulk food like raisins or nuts, allowed to have plastic bags there. also in the bakery section, for breads, you are allowed to use the bags there. although we call it a bag ban, it's really not 100% complete bag ban. >> selective bag ban. >> it is. one more thing i should add. there's a bill on the governor's desk that would make all counties, all cities, everywhere. we expect him to sign that. via facebook, can you
4:48 pm
suggest no foreign fees credit cards we can use overseas. >> i can, kind of. sort of. i will tell you how you can get the exact right one for you. what she's talking about, credit card companies used to have completely bogus charges where if you charged something overseas, they would charge you a 3% fee to put it back into u.s. dollars. the cost to the bank basically nothing. it was just a rip-off fee. well, people got on to it so a lot of companies moved it to 2% or 1%. there is a whole bunch that now offer 0% because they know that means you will sign up for them. recently, it's an airline i'm trying to think of. southwest. southwest just switched over. they used to charge, they don't anymore. you need to check to make sure your particular card doesn't. the platinum card from american express doesn't. there's a bunch, capital one, many of their cards. what i want you to do is go to or
4:49 pm
and search with that parameter. say i don't want any of these foreign transaction fees. there's a bunch of them out there now. >> it's out there. you've just got to look for it. >> yeah. >> now, what is the difference between a red tagged building and a yellow tagged building from the earthquake, of course? >> man, it is huge. it is huge. a red tagged building, you're not even supposed to go back into for any reason, even to get your stuff out of it. it's like get out, it's too dangerous, we don't know what's going on so stay out. when that happens, it is a huge, huge problem for a homeowner. as a matter of fact, if you ever get your house red tagged and you think it's safe, you really need to fight this. this is what happened in the marina district. all these people were red tagged and they were trying to chase them out of the neighborhood. they ended up squatting on their front lawns, saying we're not going anywhere. that's the only reason those houses are probably there today, because they fought back. just because you are given a red tag doesn't mean you have to live with one. yellow tag says you can go in, move furniture around under some
4:50 pm
circumstances, some locales. that means they will actually allow you to still live in the house, just not particular rooms. >> thank you, michael. well, up next, a new san francisco restaurant less than a week old is already infuriating some neighbors. what has some people so upset. coming up, new at 5:00, meaningful makeover. >> it was a very humbling experience. >> why some design students took on a kitchen remodel. and selling your used iphone. michael finney on the best time to get the best price.
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here is tonight's prime time lineup on abc 7. at 8:00, the bachelorette. at 10:00, watch shark tank followed by acb 7 news at 11:00. many latinos in san francisco are outraged over the name of a new restaurant,
4:54 pm
bandito's serves mexican food. that's spanish for bandit, outlaw and for most mexican-americans, the world is an ethnic slur. i assume people want the owners to change the name of the restaurant? >> reporter: they do. let me tell you, activists say it's not only the name banditos which is so offensive to an older generation of mexican-americans and latinos but there are some things on the menu which are rather derogatory. for example, there's a drink called juan in a million. juan of course being the name juan in spanish. but much to their credit today, the restaurant took a big important step to appease the community. this afternoon, the owners of the restaurant removed the glass which had the restaurant's name on it. no word on whether they will change the name entirely. the owners received many posts from members of the community criticizing the name bandito's. one of those was an activist.
4:55 pm
>> it's an outlaw, a criminal, someone who steps out of what is mainstream. so for us to be perpetuated as such is no different than being perpetuated as, you know, other derogatory terms in other communities. >> reporter: even san francisco comedian margot gomez stepped in. >> when younger mexican-americans, however they identify themselves, say well, it doesn't bother me, i say wonderful, because the activists who came before you fought, so you would never know that name. >> reporter: gomez has been in touch with the owners of the restaurant. earlier, they had posted on facebook our intention was never to discriminate or reference racial stereotypes. the restaurant received so many comments, it had to turn off all posting ability on facebook. a few blogs in los angeles even wrote about it and how it had offended many. even outside the latino community. >> calling me a little -- child
4:56 pm
which i'm not, it's nothing pleasant. >> reporter: one person wrote sometimes i think the p.c. police in this town goes too far. we reached out to the owners. they said they were too busy working on tonight's menu. for giants fans, if you ever wanted to skip the long pregame security lines at at & t park, this is your chance. sounds like a good one. >> the same company that maintains security fast lanes at the airport are bringing their concept to the ballpark through the rest of the season. >> clear customers will be able to breeze through ballpark metal detectors beginning tomorrow, when the giants host the arizona diamondbacks. those customers will enter through the marina gate. now, clear is a trusted traveler security screening program that gives subscribers access to the fast lanes at tsa checkpoints. >> you have probably seen it. i always think i should be part of that. flying right through.
4:57 pm
>> the difference is, i don't know how they will set this up with clear, you pay for that privilege with the tsa. i think it's something like $75 to $100 per year. if you are a season ticket holder, at the giants games, and there are thousands of them, i just wonder whether the clear lines are going -- those lines are going to be clear because you have so many people lined up. it's certainly worth a shot. >> worth looking into. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. it looks like a crime scene. a trail blocked off by yellow tape. >> the animal still is considered to be a threatening animal. >> the search intensifies for a mountain lion that attacked a little boy. his condition tonight and the new effort to catch a predator. a harbaugh-coached team cuts a player accused of domestic abuse as everyone sees exactly what happened inside the elevator. why this video just now is
4:58 pm
emerging. plus -- >> i walk up and they tell me it's closed forever. >> a preschool abruptly shuts its doors. what happened to all the tuition paid in advance? a little cooler today but we are expecting temperatures to recover this week. details on the warming trend coming up. with a family group hiking, the probability of being attacked is extremely, extremely low. >> yet it happened to a 6-year-old child. park officials cannot believe it. tonight, they want to catch a mountain lion before it attacks again. thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings. >> the young boy attacked by the mountain lion is out of the hospital tonight, a truly remarkable recovery we are glad to tell you about. this big cat jumped on him as he walked ahead of his parents and another family member. they were on a hiking trail. the chp says the mountain lion bit the 6-year-old as if he were
4:59 pm
a deer. vic lee is live tonight with the effort to find that mountain lion. now that it has a taste for humans, it attacks again. >> reporter: that's right. you can see this trail is still closed here. the boy yet unidentified had bite wounds on his head and neck, but he was released from the hospital today. if you can swing the camera around, that is one of the traps, one of the box traps which the game wardens are going to set in the park tonight hoping to catch this puma, this mountain lion. we are also waiting for a fresh group of dogs to come by here today to try to track the elusive mountain lion. it is, however, rare for mountain lions to attack people, as you said. they have only had 16 attacks since they began recording these incidents a hundred years ago. searchers and their hounds have seen tracks that appear to be from the same mountain lion in a drainage area of the canyon
5:00 pm
where the 6-year-old boy was attacked. game ward travis jarrett was with the dogs all night. >> feels very comfortable in that specific area. we have cut tracks going up the hill, back down the hill, and then also a few tracks that are fairly fresh. >> reporter: the 6-year-old boy was with his family and friends yesterday afternoon on a hiking trail just off the winery grounds, walking about ten feet ahead of the group when the lion grabbed and dragged him through the brush. authorities say his father and another man were able to get the lion to release the boy by shouting and scaring it away. tonight, the searchers will bring in fresh dogs and traps with road kill carcasses. the traps would enable the wardens to catch the animal alive and test its dna against that which was left on the child. >> we could conclusively demonstrate this was the animal that attacked this young child, it would very likely be euthanized. if not, of course we would let it go. >> reporter: the trappers say


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