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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 8, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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he is granted a new trial after the death of a reno college student. dna testing revealed a new suspect. the dna at the cigarette butt at the crime scene and at two california murder cases belongs to rodney hallbower the fbi eluded to the evidence, announcing a task force to investigate what is now called the gypsy hill murders. >> reno murder occurred between five murders and reese yeventdz uncovered that leads us to believe the reno murder is linked to our murders. >> the reno victim and five bay area women died between january and april 1976. a 14-year-old tanya blackwell, gypsy hills area, 17-year-old paula baxter found behind a millbrae church. 26-year-old carol booth in a
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shallow grave near kaiser hospital in south san francisco, and denise lampy, stabbed to death in her car in daly city. >> and it was the cigarette testing in that case that may tie him to other crimes. these fbi pictures show how he looked in 1976. he's been able to escape from prison, twice. so you can be sure authorities are keeping an eye on him. >> a walnut creek police officer was in court today, but not to testify against someone he arrested. he's facing charges and answering to a bizarre crime accused of beating a woman while wearing a ski >> we've rerned officer thompson
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retired in the wake of a bizarre attack where he put on a ski mask and grabbed a baseball bat. >> sir, do you have anything to say about this? >> the 54-year-old police officer had nothing to say after appearing in court where he pled no contest to three felonies, inincluding assault, and being armed with a gun at the time of the crime. >> to his credit, he admitted guilt early and hopefully, he can get on with his life. >> thompson was arrested outside of his father's vacant home and suspected of brutally attacking a woman he thought was trying to break in. >> it appears he in somehow believed he may attempt to break into his father's house wchl a ski mask and gloves he beat her with a baseball bat. >> the investigators say the woman had run out of gas ask was walking when attacked her injuries were serious, but not life threatening.
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thompson is a 30-year veteran of the police department. >> thompson can be sentenced to a judge and will be back in court september 10th >> a teen made an appearance today in juvenile court. authorities say he stabbed a 14-year-old freshman as williams walked out of this mission district convenience store. police are investigating if the deadly confrontation rose out of a social media dispute. the school is now collecting money to help the family. >> we're coordinating parents too make sure they're delivering food to the family, whether hot meal or groceries, making sure the families have what they need. >> horace mann school held a community vigil for him this
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morning. >> tonight animal control officers are trying to find a mountain lion. a 6-year-old boy is recovering after being bitten over the weekend. he was attacked off montebello road the boy was bitten by the big cat as if it were he was a deer. we're glad to say the boy is doing well. >> that is right. he was treated at the hospital and released today. he had bite wounds on his neck and head. and right next to that sign is that box trap the game wardens will try to fill those traps with the carcasses of dead animals, and hope that the elusive mountain lion will take the bait and they'll capture it. the 6-year-old boy was with family and friends yesterday afternoon on a hiking trail just
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off the winery grounds. he was walking about ten feet ahead of the group when the lion grabbed and dragged him through the brush. authorities say his father, and another man were able to get the lion to release the boy by shouting and scaring it away. searchers and their hounds have seen tracks appearing to be from a same mountain lion. game warden travis jared was with dogs all night. >> we have cut tracks going up the hill and back down the hill and a few tracks that are fresh. >> tonight, searchers will bring in fresh traps that would enable wardens to watch the animal alive and dna against that left on the child >> this animal had to be
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euthanized. >> the trappers prefer dogs to sniff out tracks. here, they found one in z.chased it up a tree. visitors to the winery had mixed feeling here. . >> i feel it's safe. >> we had to cancel plans to take a hike in the woods today. >> game wardens say the lion fired the boy and family running back to the parking lot. >> there are important tips, first, don't run. face the animal head on. look bigger by waving your arms around. throw rocks and if you're attacked, fight back with everything ahead. >> parents in the north bay are
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scrambling after the sudden closing of a preschool. last year announcing it's closing effective immediately. there had been financial difficulties. and it's a double blow. the director is just as much of a victim as students and parents. i'm in the boat with the teacher was out a paycheck, without a job. >> the owner did not go on camera but told abc7 news that bridge point had been in a pending sale for months. that led parents to pull kids, causing hardship. >> a number of community are outraged by a new restaurant called banditos. for many, it's an old ethnic
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slur. now, people want owners to change that thing. >> remember the character frito bandito? it was retired in 1971 because many mexican americans were offended the same community is saying in the year 2014, someone would pick the word to name their restaurant. in just a week, owners managed to infuriate those in the community. >> it's upsetting. and i think we should be expecting our allies and friends in other communities to do the same. >> owners efed many posts criticizing the name banditos. margo gomez wrote basically you
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revived an old ethnic slur. it's really bad you're saying mexicans are thieves. >> for la teen yoez are older, it's a source of pain. it's there with wet backs and beaners. >> gomez has been in touch with the owners of the restaurant. they had posted on facebook our intention was never to discriminate or reference racial stereo types the restaurant received many comments and had to turn off all posting ability on facebook. a few blogs in los angeles wrote about it on how it had offended many. >> we can come up with a better name. you know? it's not anything comfortable for me. >> one person wrote sometimes, i think pc police in this town goes too far the owners said they were too busy working on the menu the owners of banditos removed the name from the glass above the door.
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no word on whether they'll change the name entirely. >> just hours away until apple's big day. just next, excitement building and people are expecting something big. >> yes, fire destroys a rollercoaster at magic mountain. how could this happen? >> today look for summer heat by the end of the week. >> there may be a solution for your broad band or wi-fi connection. i'll show you one that invented low-fares so everyone could fly.
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the rumor mill is abuzz over an announcement just hours away. apple expected to unveil a new iphone, maybe something else, tomorrow in cupertino. jonathan bloom vefls into the anticipation to see what it's about. >> at the conference, endless rows of entrepreneurs are talking about start ups and something else. >> this is the conversation here. >> in just hours, tim cook will take the stage in cupertino. >> not yet. >> someone else has apple insider posted this video of what looks like a giant white box. there is speculation it could be a huge demo area at the least a new iphone.
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also, this leaked video shows someone in china may have one. >> all of our devices have gone higher. >> samsung just unveiled it's galaxy note four. we can see something smaller. >> people are excited about that because we haven't seen leaks. that many leaks. and so this is a surprise >> tech crunch writer thinks apple might not call it a watch at all. >> it's not just a smart watch. it's something that hasn't resonated yet. >> would open new doors for app developers. >> it's not just techies that care what apple announces.
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there is broad appeal. walk into a coffee shop. >> yes. i'm excited. >> why? >> just here to see something new from apple. >> and so is wall street. >> it's going to be the first evidence of what apple is without input. >> just maybe one could be sitting inside of the white box. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> and be sure to join us tomorrow for abc's world news tonight. david muir will be in cupper tino at 5:00 >> four years after that deadly gas pipeline explosion, the devastated neighborhood is still showing a lot of emotional and physical scars. there are empty lots and
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rebuilding has been slow and it killed eight people. pg&e bought several of the lots and the mayor accused it. >> takes it to a new discovery. it's upsetting and taken a long tiechl we want to see justice done. >> pg&e may have to pay a $1.4 billion fine. the mayor wants the money to go to pipeline safety. >> a fire burning in yosemite park is now heading towards popular camp grounds. flames are four square miles east of half dome. crews have picked up nearly 100 hikers so far. trails are closed but most of the national park remain open, including roads.
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a fire erupted in southern california and you can see part of the kol lossus collapse. the park was not open at the time. it opened in 1978 and ride being converted into a modernized wooden and steel coaster. >> a sizeable donation will help upgrade a native park. today, nfl and raiders presented a $200,000 check to the city used to install a turf field that will help keep the field open all year. it is forced to close during wet weather season and requires less maintenance than grass. we have small crews and rely on
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volunteers here that will take appreciate off of that. >> the complex has damaged fences and needs work here the city is raising money to fil them.o7b=o%ç >> that is great in a drought, too. >> it doesn't look like we can expect rain for a couple months and maybe longer. we'll see. a lovely day. sunny skies over the coast. here is a live view looking west. you can see clouds off there and so coast is clear now. mid-60s in oakland. 73 degrees in gilroy.
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here is a live view from our tower camera. thin puffs of clouds over the city. low 70s in fairfield. and another live view looking at western sky, you can see clouds continuing to drift in from west. a big harvest moon tonight. warming up tomorrow. hot conditions inland here is our radar composite showing stormy weather in the state. how about southern arizona, around phoenix area as a matter of fact. it has been pounded yesterday but a dust storm. and today, heavy flooding rains.
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and arizona had six inches of rainfall today. tapering off now but there is still rainfalling. here is why. you can see over next 36 hours, we can see it tapering off with no affect on weather here in the bay area. low clouds in the mid to upper 50s tomorrow, sunny skies and mild to warm. highs into 70s, upper 70s for the most part. mid-60s on the coast. near 80s on the east bay. here comes heat. high temperatures inland thursday, friday, saturday, mid-90s, midz 80s around the
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bay. and temperatures moderating sunday, monday, into next week. a wave of heat there towards end of summer. >> thank you. >> just ahead here, the makeover for a family shelter in a rough neighborhood.
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students in union square are just blocks from the city's gritty tender loin neighborhood. >> but in many ways also, worlds apart, they decided to bridge the gap in a way that is making a difference. >> there are many things students at fashion institute of design and merchandising learn in the classroom but there are also lessons in the real world. >> changed my sper suspective, a lot. >> she transformed the family shelter in san francisco's tender loin. 22 families with 32 children live. >> there is >> young designers went to work, revamping kids rooms, learned how to tile a kitchen and painted a sitting room.
6:25 pm
he says this lifted his spirits. >> now, they've redesigned the kitchen, just means more home. >> families can stay up to six months. the setting makes a difference. >> often, people ice yoel yat during homelessness. people talk, share resources and extends into the community. >> from the paint to toys for children, everything was donated. >> it's awesome to be able to help people. to restart their journey, too. >> it took two days to make changes that should last for years. >> just ahead here at 6:00 never seen before video of football star ray rice's attack on his fiancee, and action taken today by his team, and the nfl.
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>> also, severe respiratory illness across the mid west. >> and a premier of a different kind for the former governor the reason for his visit today n]
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there has been a fatal crash at the reno air races this evening. in 2011, that is the video here, a plane crashed into a grandstand and killed 11 people, including the pilot. ntsb report stated the plane hit the seats like a missile. today's crash involved one plane in a heap the rest of the races have been cancelled for today. >> and an nfl star accused of suspending his wife has been suspended indefinitely. >> it shows ray rice knocking out his future wife.
6:30 pm
the nfl claims it never saw the video before today. >> this video is awful to watch. >> it is terrible z everybody is wondering what the nfl knew and when did they know it? did the commissioner wake up and see the video for the first time like rest of us did? the claim from the nfl and ravens is that they had not seen the interior elevator video until it appeared on tmz which begs the question how could goodell levy a suspension without finding out? did they just take his word for it? how could a $9 billion business with its own security team and political, law enforcement connections not gain access to a video on tmz? >> it's something we saw for the first time today
6:31 pm
you know? all of us. and changed things, of course. when someone you tear about does wrong, you know, and faced with consequences of doing wrong, it's tough. it's hurtful. and my pain is for them as a couple in going forward, my hope is that they can make it work. >> ravens terminated his contract. keep in mind he'd been paid $22 million in bonuses. it remains to be seen what he would need to do to return to nfl. his career may be over but before we jump to that conclusion, remember, michael vic came back from a dog fighting conviction, and prison, welcomed back to the nfl. i doubt we've seen the last of ray rice on a personal opinion. just got news tmz is saying they
6:32 pm
have proof the nfl knew. so we'll see if they have proof. >> yes. >> thank you. >> well, a niners defensive lineman faces domestic violence charges as you know after an arrest at his home. and there is a report that says police were called to that house just weeks before. today, the sacramento bee reported police were called to his house in pay for another disturbance the team and league said they'd let the investigation play out before deciding whether he will be punished. he's expected back in court a week from today. >> secretary of state john kerry says he'll travel to the middle east in a new effort to gain international support in the fight against isis, saying iraq had cleared a major milestone in defeating the islamic militant
6:33 pm
group and iraq's parliament swore in the new government today. >> tonight iraq has a unity government. tomorrow, i will continue to build the broadest coalition of partners around the globe to confront and defeat isis. >> the president says he'll make an announcement on wednesday in the plan going forward. >> a serious health scare for children. hundreds of kids coming down with an extreme respiratory virus, many have to be hospitalized. some doctors worry could become a national outbreak. >> a potentially deadly virus spreading, infecting just children. over three weeks a thousand kids in more than ten states have been stricken with a serious
6:34 pm
respiratory illness. cdc confirming dozens have tested positive for the rare entero virus 68. sirp symptoms begin like a cold runny nose, coughing and sneezing. fever. but quickly turn serious with wheezing and trouble breathing. >> whenever i hear a virus triggering wheezing and difficulties breathing i'm concerned as a pediatrician and parent. >> a severe symptoms can come on fast. >> my head started hurting. my lungs started closing up. >> this 13-year-old knows firsthand. >> i scattered showers scared i remember thinking ways going to diechlt >> to go from a cold to probably minutes from death, that is scary. >> in a denver hospital, 900
6:35 pm
children have been treated. >> our pediatric floor is full of patients with severe respiratory distes. >> with school in session, doctors worry it will keep spreading. >> i think it's a matter of time >> and doctors stress importance of hand washing and urging parents to be aware. >> homeland security department internal watch dog says the agency is ill prepared to respond to a pandemic saying nearly all of the antiviral medicines will expire by next year and that the stock will be unusable after 2014. >> arnold schwartzeneggar was
6:36 pm
back today for an official unveiling. >> i have missed being here many times >> arnold schwartzeneggar was back in sacramento. in the capitol rotunda to unveil a portrait. one that will hang with those before and after. >> never did i think i would be governor or that one day, there would be a portrait hanging here in the state capitol. i might have envisioned a sculpture ominousel beach. >> two of his sons joined him for the ceremony, featuring comments from jerry brown. >> he did a hell of a lot. just like everyone elgs, you had flaws and critics >> brown joked about his official portrait. an ab tract piece. >> california is a rare leader in climate change because of
6:37 pm
governor schwartzeneggar >> both schwartzeneggar and brown attended a climate change conference, an issue both democrats and republicans were able to come together on during schwartzeneggar's tenure. >> arnold schwartzeneggar first two years was very different than last two years. that showed a capacity to listen, and to efrp pathize. >> as for schwartzeneggar's new portrait, it will be stored for a week before hung next to the man he succeeded, gray davis. in sacramento, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> well, just ahead here at 6:00 michael finney on why broad band and wi-fi signals in your home may not be so
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is the broad band and wi-fi in your home as strong as you would like it to be? >> chances are, it's probably not. >> a bay area company based company says it thinks it has the chance to poor broad band and gave us a peek allen's broad
6:41 pm
band signal was so weak, he couldn't stream movies from the cloud. >> saying you don't have the speed so i won't be able to down load >> larry couldn't get a wi-fi signal. >> and previously, i can only use them to the front door. couldn't stand on the porch. he is ceo of intuitive environments. so for him, it was critical. john hopes the solution is in the palm of his hand the beep is measuring speed of the wi-fi across the network. >> that means it's faster. >> the app is known as cloud
6:42 pm
check and developed by his company. >> it's is from your iphone to wi-fi router as well as back to the internet. >> if there is a problem, sais will suggest you buy it's service. software will be down loaded into your router to improve your service from the cloud. >> i couldn't go to my driveway. we saw the range increase he sells a piece of hardware called dsl boost. allen got to try it free. he is stream from the cloud. >> the athe end they have
6:43 pm
everything this speed went up, and stayed up. >> the service which is used to improve wi-fi will cost per month. both are scheduled for release in october. for more on the reports go to abc7 then select seven on your side. and there is information there on how to contact me to tell me about problems you may be having >> excellent. >> thank you. >> just ahead, new concern about stroke. >> this can happen, to anyone. >> why this total isn't dropping li
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>> you know many people associate stroke was aging but doctors at stanford health care
6:47 pm
say they can strike younger patients the key to survival is often recognizing symptoms cheryl jennings has the story. >> jen is an energetic mother of three, in her 30s that may explain why she did not recognize the symptoms that appeared out of nowhere last january. including a severe headache and diminished vision >> i told my husband i was going to take it easy, sleep, drink fluids. >> 24 hours later doctors diagnosed a stroke. saying they're not uncommon in younger patients. >> we see 10% or more occurring in young patients under age 45. >> a new nationwide study found while incidents of stroke
6:48 pm
dropped, most improvement was patients over 65 years old researchers believe some may not have seen improvement because of an increase in risk factors. other others, it may come down to physiology. >> below age 45 there is probably a lot of nonmodifiable risk factors. >> jen made a strong recovery. her family keeps a reminder of stroke signs on the refrigerator. including symptoms such as slurred speech offer loss of function in arms. and anyone of which could indicate a trip to the emergency room. >> it could happen to anyone. >> that is a warning for all. >> yes. it is.
6:49 pm
yes. >> low clouds and sunny skies, warm conditions tomorrow as a matter of fact. with clouds and moisture lingering down into the southeastern part of the state. tomorrow, here we'll see sunny skies and inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. temperatures above 90 later in the week. and late summer warmth. >> if sports is making news as you've heard here tonight. >> yes. >> surprisingly, this at the player's request, next.
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jenny jenny carlos alex carlos good morning burrito team! we set out to make a bigger, tastier breakfast burrito and i think we nailed it. introducing bigger, better breakfast burritos. the grande sausage, packed with hash browns, sausage, and creamy sriracha sauce and the meat lovers, sburritos so big, they make severything look smaller.a warm guerrero tortilla.g, they make ravens cutting rice today after the new video on tmz.
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rice was set to rejoin ravens this story. ravens owner said he first saw the new video this morning and decided almost immediately on the spot that the team was going to cut tie was rice. ravens played steelers in thursday night football this week reaction from pittsburgh corner back william gay, whose mother was killed in a domestic violence incident when gay was only seven years old. >> my mom passed away from domestic violence. and so that is wrong of him. at the end of the day, you don't need to run away from ray rice he needs help. that let's you know domestic violence is real. it's real in the nfl. like i said, we're not immune to it. best of luck
6:54 pm
news on the field now, 49ers cut la michael james, who asked to be released. james second round draft pick and never hit in, plagued by injuries just never made an impact as a return man, either. and speaking of hide, he ran like he's shot out of a canyon yesterday. this is 235 pounds of raw speed and power. >> you dip your toe in and understand there are improvements to make. there are things that are better for it. >> raiders opening with a 1914
6:55 pm
road loss yesterday. most of the game from the jets listing from every angle imaginable. >> i think you've got to pay wall balanced and got a guy back there, he's going to be a special guy we just have to make plays and help him out. >> instead of the final we got today's u.s. open final in new york. one of the coaches was scrappy has a player. he was down the line here. and had a big forehand right
6:56 pm
there. he wins a first career major and $3 million on top of that. baseball, a's and white sox. josh reddic, two run blast. next batter here it comes there it goes again. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> join ama and me tonight, massive home deeper breech. millions at risk. what should you do? at 9:00 >> then at 11:00 quest for fountain of youth here in the bay area, competition making aging a thing of the past. >> abc7's new daytime line up is
6:57 pm
up and running and jeopardy on at 1:30. then airing rachael ray at 3:00. >> yes. that started today. >> that is this for this edition of abc7 news. >> from all of us here, we'll see y
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this is the "jeopardy!" battle of the decades. let's meet today's semi-finalists -- in 1986, he won the tournament of champions. now he's living in rome, italy. here's... in 2004, he was a tournament of champions winner. from fort collins, colorado... and in 2004, he set a 74-game winning streak record that may never be broken. from seattle, washington, please welcome... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. and thank you, ladies and gentlemen. the line i heard most often following each of the quarter-final games last week was,
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"that was some of the toughest material we've ever had to deal with." but that's to be expected, isn't it? the winner is playing for $1 million. let's start finding out what happens in the semi-final games. chuck, russ, ken, good luck. here we go. here are the categories in this first round... next... and finally -- you'll love it... ken. uh, let's do ocean commotion for $200, alex. ken. what's the indian ocean? yes. ocean for $400. here's sarah. from the shores of antarctica, the pacific ocean stretches north over 9,000 miles to this narrow passage.


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