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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 8, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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. >> skilled bay area pilot die ins a crash during the reno air race second deadly crash there in just 3 years. >> tonight we learn more about the man who flew everything from fighter jets to single engine sun mraechbilitys good evening. >> 63-year-old lee biel died if fatal accident at qualifying heat of the national championship air race this afternoon. >> cause of the accident under investigation by the faa and the ntsb. 7 news reporter spoke with his sister tonight and live m los gatos. allen. >> we are not far from his home in saratoga where neighbors learning just about lee biel death tonight. i had the pleasure of meeting him at social gathering few years bac back. we talked about air racing and he came off as very
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competent guy whether was very passionate about what he did. >> happened in an area of the race course called high g ridg ridge. squae-year-old lee biel of saratoga was killed after his sport class plane appeared to experience catastrophic mechanical failure. >> single plane incident. be did cancel racing and qualifying racing only one more heat after. that races will resume qualifying will resume tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. as scheduled. >> biel was former champion who founded the sport class division. retired lieutenant colonel in the nevada air national guard and flew f 4 phantom. sister spoke to us by phone. >> there are a lot of things that even a good pilot can't foresee. >>reporter: she says her brother passion began in high school when he built a plane in the garage. >> he was a natural pilot. he had he was just a great deal of quiet confidence. hi no, i
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never had any concerns or fear when i flew with him. >>reporter: biel owner stevens creek posh audi in santa clara that he sold 2 years ago. he was the 19th pilot to die in the 51 year history of the air races. in los gatos, abc 7 news. >> now there was another deadly plane crash in reno just three years ago. you remember the pictures. world war ii vintage plane slammed into the grandstand in september of 201 2011. pilot and 10 other people were killed. 69 others were injured. >> in santa clara couldn't tonight the search for mountain lions this time warden hoping traps will do the job. mount lions attacked young boy yesterday at the ranch open space preserve near stevens canyon road. lillian is live from the search area. lillian? >> dog are up the trail resting they will start again in the morning. the trap meanwhile have been placed in the area where the little boy was
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attacked. warden with the california department of fish wild life place dear carcass inside the trap they hope lure the elusive mountain lions at least 4 each wired with radio transmitters. wardens will know if a trap is triggered. process has had its shir of challenges. >> even trying to find a place to put the trap was difficult. because they need to be on flat ground basically but they also need to be in mountain lions habitat in the prime hiding places that is not flag ground. >>reporter: mountain lions they are looking for attacked 6-year-old boy sunday afternoo afternoon. the boy suffered bite wonder and scratches and release from the hospital but warden say it's important to find the cat and euthanize it. point lions was recently separated from the mother and hasn't developed full hunting abilities. >> this one was an opportunist animal and probably extremely hungry because this people don't normally provide a normal
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food source for the animals. >> fish wild life biologist spot add fresh print early this evening possibly left by the mountain lions. warden leaving no stone unturned in addition to the trap they brought in 4 more doing so 7 in all will again searching for the mountain lions at dawn. in cupertino abc 7 news. >> cooler weather helping slow the spread of wildfire that chase he canner out of yosemit yosemite. fire burning east of half dome in an area little yosemite vaechlt number of trails and camp site are closed. fire has charred more than foursquare miles. rescue crew use helicopters to evacuate nearly 200 hikers and campers. strong wind yesterday accelerated the fire that was sparked by light new england. >> nfl star caused of beating his wife unconscious suspended indefinitely from the league. after new video of the attack surfaced. >> shows baltimore ravens running back ray rice knocking out his then fiance and nfl claims it never saw that video
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before today. >> he's here with the latest. >> this is terrible for everybody involved. commissioner goodell and the baltimore ravens claim they never saw the video of rice punching his fiance until this morning. so then the question has to be why not? casino had to furnish all the video to police and prosecutors in atlantic city as part of the criminal investigation that resulted in aggravated assault plea and no jill time for reec reece. so ray rice attorney either had the video in his possession or certainly knew what was on it. all the nfl had to do was in situations the entire tape be handed over as condition of rice being allow to play. if that conversation never took place grows negligence by the ravens and the league. if the nfl actually viewed the video and tried to bury it, that is even worse. head coach john harbaugh claimed today the ravens had no knowledge of what happened until this morning. >> something we saw for the
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first time today. all of us. it changed things of course. it made things a little bit different. >> tmz claims the nfl knew of the existence of the second video but turned a blind eye to it and they claim that they will prove that tomorrow. now i spoke to an attorney tonight who has represented nfl players in several misconduct cases dealing directly with the commissioner these situation. that attorney told me he's always been forced to turn the over all the evidence and then in his view goodell almost certainly had to know what was on the video. if that can be proven roger goodell may be joining ray rice as next guy looking for a job. >> wow! >> thank you larry. >> all right. well this news of ray rice did not change the niner stand on ray mcdonald defensive line man suspected of domestic abuse for accident at his home northerly a week ago now. niners will wait for the investigation to my out before deciding if mcdonald should be punished. the bee also reports
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tonight that police were called to his house in may for another disturbance though they would not say why. >> new details tonight. teenager made his first appearance in juvenile court today facing charges in the death of a 14-year-old in san francisco. the suspect is former classmate of williams. williams was stabbed outside a corner store last tuesday on 26th and folsom street. vinl will be held there tomorrow. on line fundraising campaign in williams memory has raised nearly 18,000 dollars. reward to help track down 17-year-old oakland girl killer has been rested to 25,000 dollars now. tonight oakland police held news conference with the family and friends of december redavis to make a plea for help. she was killed 5 years ago yesterday at 54 and gaskell street. davis was a senior at oakland technical high school on her way to graduating when she died. >> she was very innovative gir girl. very sweet. loved her
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friends very much. she had a lieutenant to live for who know what is she could have become but she was on her way. that's why we are still here fighting for her. >> davis uncle says she considered going to college at uc davis. >> turning to tech news. in just a few hour apple unveil next generation of product ending months of speculation. a live look at apple web site showing count down to the big event. anticipation has grown if cupertino especially because apple has spent the last week building this mysterious white building. rumored to be a huge demo area. apple wouldn't confirm. that here's what apple expected to announce tomorrow. i-phone sex with bigger screen and more powerful battery. also rumored the i watch. apple expected to preview it. apple likely introduce near field communication that could revolutionize how people pay for things. could make physical credit card obsolete.
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>> joan us tomorrow for abc world news tonight. david muir in cupertino with apple exclusive at 5:30 at 7 news at 9:00. >> very ep snooing technology doesn't do it for you how about looking feeling younger longer. next on 7 news. local competition to make aging a thing of the past. >> but can scientist really discover the fountain of youth. story only on abc 7 news. >> plus new details on local school band ripped off. they reached out to us tonight why they won't be missing a basement and the jockey jumped in action. must see video of scary situation that could have been much much worse. >> i'm sand yachltd harvest moon tonight. heating up later this week. i'll be back with look at the temperatures but first here's jimmy kimmel. >> thanks take a gander what is up with us after the news. >> you talked before off television but so much mr. reward to go talk on televisio television.
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>> oh. wow! terrifying moment at the track. that's a jockey really knows his horse and how to respond. got spooked on race track in ireland. look at him. back on the thingment spectator posted video on you tube. watch this. the jockey was able to position himself perfectly to land on his feet. he was even able to regain control of the horse and just a matter of seconds and hop become on. amazing. >> how would you like to win 1 million dollars. that's the prize money in brand new
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contest that will be officially launched tomorrow in the bay area. it's goal? to keep from us aging. kristen has story you see only on 7. >> welcome to millionaire. >> it's the science version of who wants to be a millionaire. >> i'm donating million dollar prize to hack underlying code of edging. >> dr. june is the radiologist turned silicon valley investor pursuing the science of university for 15 years. he hopes this turn his dream in reality by funding palo alto prize. doctors scientist students and others with bright idea are welcome to enter. >> goal of the praises is to not only end aging but be able to reverse aging. and to be able to promote healthy long jim. imagine yankees short stop jeter maintaining top after let he can form or singer beyonce holding on to incredible beauty or you keeping your heart healthy and bode limber all for years maybe
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decades longer than previously thought possible. 10 teams already entered to compete. organizers of the contest hope to get many more around the world after the official launch. >> this is where we do a lot of different procedures to study brain function. >>reporter: stanford neurologist dr. lee ladies one of the team. dr. taylor of the texas heart institute lead another team. >> for years i have said aging is the failure of stem cell. when i read about the prices i went okay. it's time to put up or shut up. now you can prove it. >> dr. june if they succeed they could help us live longer healthier lives and lower the crippling cost of health care. may also help launch new industry which 80's silicon valley investors watching the contest closely. >> is this a pipe dream. >> long shot. but i am cautiously optimistic. that the science is advance enough and this is time to take the
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moon shot. >> moon shot worth 1 million dollars to start. with more pricess to come. in palo alto, kristen abc 7 news. >> if interested in entering or learning more about the palo alto prize we have a link on our web site. the. >> remarkable work. is he boss poll high school band won't miss a beat thanks to your generosity. the high band performed the national anthem at giants game and believes someone stole container holding their instruments from the parking lot. we first told but the storyless wed. since then viewers helped replace 13 of the 14 instruments. band needs only 1 more pick lo to be made whole once again. >> new at 11:00. levi embracing the role with the frainers naming rights. lee have i wants the fans wearing the clothes to games. so they reward fans who are seen wearing levi by picking up the beer tab or happeneding out
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invitation to the 501 club the stadium beer garden. stadium rep spot you and not everyone will get this free stuff. >> tonight the last chance to catch the super moon at least for this year. >> this here is video of the monster moon. no our celestial neighbor not grown it's close to earth and spectacular. >> sandhya is here with the details. >> hi amma and dan. it was just an amazing sight. >> show you a shot from our roof cam are as you watch the harvest moon known as the super moon. i want to show you another view from our different camera south east camera. yes absolutely come. it's the full moon closest to the start of the autumn equinox which by the way is two weeks from tonight. let's check out live doppler 7hd and show you what it look like right now. we have cloud cover along the coast and already pushing in over the bay as we take a look at what happening happening down over
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the desert south west. they have seen rain thunderstorms parts of arizona record rainfall for today and with the rain thunderstorms from what was once hurricane nor berth still a concern of flash flooding so flash flood watches for parts of california until tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. the ones for nevada arizona going if tomorrow night. take a look at our computer animation. remnant of norberg the low will continue to send moisture in that direction. so if you nye out tomorrow traveling just keep that in mine and then by wed things quiet down. typical enter pattern for news the bay area. wasn't so typical today. temperatures were actually well below average this afternoon only in the 60's and 70's morgan hill to get to the yankees. here's beautiful view from our exploratorium camera barely can see the moon. low clouds just really pushing in. may ran layer pretty deep. temperatures falling 59 in san francisco. san carlos 61 oakland 57 san jose. 54 in gilroy. you will want to bundle up tomorrow morning.
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roof cam are coyote tower still advice in in the 50's for santa rosa. down to fee mid upper 50's for the rest of you. you know fall is around the corner when getting cool at night and from our emeryville camera there's a look at the low cloud. low clouds fog warming up tomorrow afternoon. hot conditions inland by midweek. tomorrow morning could be some patchy drizzle right near the coast lane. temperatures in the low upper 50's around the region. you will need a jacket or sweat tore keep you warm. seasons change in a couple week but the nights definitely allowing for good radiation cooling. tomorrow afternoon it's going to be warmer than today. 68 san francisco, 72 oakland all the way to 87 in livermore. yeep in antioch. 89 fairfield. 83 nap a.santa rosa 82 degree degrees. san jose 81. 78 in palo alto and 65 in half moon basement giants game tomorrow night make sure you grab a jacket or sweater as they take on the d backs. low 60's to
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high 50's. we turn up the heat mid 90's inland toward the latter part of the 70's at the coast line warmest time of year for the could he go, as you know. >> thanks. >> we need to get the a's a shovel quickly to start digging out. >> yes. larry. >> yes. let's all grab shove else because they need help. a's sinking in the play off chase. extra inning agony. tonight in chicago. sports is chase. extra inning agony. tonight in chicago. sports is next
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>> good evening. it all seems to be going wrong for the a's right now. steam that had the best record in all of bail for so much of this summer now in a fight to hang on to wild card spot and tonight certainly didn't help. a's starting 4 game set in chicago against the white sox. they were counsel 2
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nothing. top of the fifth. josh reddick. 2 run blast off of hector. next batter here it comes there it goes for jed. same spot. back-to-back jack and a's take a 3-2 lead. bottom 5 ramirez high deep but no aloha because sam stanford man at the wall preserves the 3-2 lead with great catch. a's so desperately need shawn do also to come off the dl and close games. 4-3 in the 9th. 2 outs in fact down to the last strike and tyler flowers smoke that is pitch. now it's 4-4 on to extra. flowers again. in the 12th. off chavez. good night game over drive home safely. 5-4 white sox. a's lost 11 of the last 15 up by only a game and a half in the wild card chase. day after caring 2 times for zero yards against dallas running back james asked for and was granted his release by the 49ers. he
11:26 pm
was second round pick in 2012. really fit in with the 49ers. so explosive in college and oregon but in the hamper by injuries. never able to make impact as return. catch on the eagle and kelly. 49ers division rival from arizona. played on monday night football. larry fitzgerald only 1 catch. would that be enough. that's a broader mix of energies, world needs which is why we are supplying natural gas,
11:27 pm
to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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>> the superbowl will be played in arizona this season. cardinals would love to host i it. opening tonight against the chargers. but down 17-6 in the fourth quarter. palmer orchestrating the come back with some help from the former stanford man. taylor. look at farmer. former raider there.
11:30 pm
the 17-12 2 and a half minutes left to john brown. road runner look at the moves. cardinal win 18-17. more monday night football. manning and the giants facing about the lions but matthew and johnson were the stars of the show. look at stafford. maneuvering here then finds mega tron. might want to guard the best receive interfootball. 67 yards. later stafford again. elusive rolling left throwing back across the field. john catch back of the end zone. 164 receiving yards on 7 reception. pair of td fantasy football gold detroit rolls 3 35-14. men final u.s. open. chang and one of the coaches. coaching marion. bottom of the screen there. fore happened happened withiner down the line. battle of 2 men in the first major finals and this is match point. 14th seed marion prevails 6-3, 3 and 3. victory
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"it's halloween time my and disneyland is ours!" "going down!" "boo!" with haunted mansion holiday... space mountain ghost galaxy, and wicked fun in both parks, the disneyland resort just got spookier! visit "trick or treat." >> here's the wake up weather. dress warm in the morning. temperatures in the 50's low clouds fog. light breeze. mike will be hear tracking upcoming heat. 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> thank you sandhya. >> that is our report we appreciate your time. >> continues now on line on twitter facebook and on all the mobile device with the abc 7 news app. our next newscast is at 4:30 tomorrow morning. >> tune in and right now stay tune on jimmy kimmel actress leena dna.
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tune on jimmy kimmel actress leena dna. >> have a great night everyone. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- lena dunham. ben schwartz. and music from misterwives. with cleto and the cletones. and now, headed this way, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi there. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you all for coming. that's very nice. your ent


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