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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 9, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> people expecting big things. the media is expecting big things. check out how many are here in cupertino. the big white box shaped the apple c.e.o. will take the same. apple does not say what will take place. experts are speculating of the iphone 6. the big sellers will get a bigger cent, possibly closer to samsung's galaxy and they could unveil something smaller. >> recently people are excited about the fact we have not heard or seen leak leaks of the design
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>> some experts think apple could not call their device a "watch," but it could open up new doors for developers and a big deal for apple c.e.o. because he have not opened a new lineup of products since steve jobs died. that could be behind the white box. and u2 is rumored to play for the event. there will be a rally outside of the apple event pointing out not everyone who works in silicon valley is live the dream. organizers cite reports by the "wall street journal" and "usa today" the valley has created an underclass of black and that family workers who cook, clean, board and maintain technical facilities for low pay and no benefits and calling on giants to make sure all who contribute to the industry's success have good jobs to expert their families. the rally is at 9:00 a.m.
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>> this evening we world news tonight with david muir in cupertino. >> happening now, game wardens are preparing to resume the search for a mountain lion that attacked a six-year-old boy putting deer caucus in the traps yesterday. each of the four traps has a radio transmitter so the ward weres will know if an animal tries to get to the deer. the mountain lion attacked the boy as he walked with the family. he was released from the hospital and is recovering from bite wounds and scrapping. the wardens say he will be euthanized when found. >> federal investigators want to know more of a crash in reno that called a skilled pilot from saratoga. the 63-year-old died in an
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accident during qualifying of the national championship air races yesterday. his experimental sport class plane had a catastrophic mechanical failure. his sister said his passion for aviation began in high school when he built a plane if their garage and rose to the rang of lieutenant lt. colonel flying in the air national guard. he was a mall pilot, a great deal of confidence and i never had any fear when i flew with him or concern. >> he sold a car dealership two years ago and is the 19th pilot to die in the june 53-year history. >> a world war ii vintage plane slammed into the grand stand
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killing pilot and ten on the group. 69 others were injured. >> now the scandal involving ravens running back ray rice and questions of whether the nfl has turned a blind eye in the investigation. tmz is reporting that the nfl never contacted the atlantic city casino to get the video which shows ravens running back ray rice knocking his wife unconscious. they only asked law enforcement for the video but but suggests they decided on the two game suspension without seeing video. the casino said they would hand it our. when the video surfaced he was cut from the ravens and suspend indefinitely. a new longer version of the video shows the couple shouting obscenities at each other and she spit in his face before the attack. >> the 49ers are not changing their stand on ray mcdonald
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after an incident at his home over a week ago. he is accused of hitting his fiance who was ten weeks pregnant at the time. the 49ers will wait for the investigation to lay out before deciding to he should be punish ed. police were called to his house in may for another disturbance but with not say what it involved. >> a vigil is held for a teen would was standed to death in san francisco, the 14-year-old rashaun williams was stabbed on tuesday at 26th by a firm class mate. the suspect appeared in court yesterday and online fundraising campaign in his memory has raised $18,000 and a moment service for the teen is set for tomorrow in daly city. >> today is the four area anniversary of the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion and the city hers will take a moment to honor the victims. the city council will hold a moment of silence at 7:00 during
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the regular meeting to honor the eight people killed in the blast. the 2010 explosion injured ds more and destroyed 38 homes. san bruno mayor says the city has completed $15 million in repairs and expects to have it completed by next year. pg&e faces $1.4 billion fine and criminal charges. >> cooler weather is helping slow the spread of a wildfire in yosemite burning in an area known as little yosemite valley. a number of trails and sites are closed. the fire has charred four square miles. crews used helicopters to evacuate 200 hikers. lightning strikes started the fire early on sunday. strong winds helped the fire spread quickly. meteorologist mike nicco will see what we facing. >> we are facing cooler conditions this morning but that goes against our august preliminary temperature,
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satellite-businesses temperatures and compared to 309 year acknowledge -- entirering was a third of degree warmer with the tropics up a quarter of a degree and the southern hemisphere .1 degree warmer. warmer. this is preliminary. in san francisco from crissy field and presidio and ocean beach, downtown, 59. same in the van at walnut creek and american canyon. today, mainly clouds and the 50's. the clouds are back to the coast by noon. low 60 to mid-60's at the coast. mid-70 at noon to 4:00. mid-70 to upper 80's for the
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warming trend today. especially inland. >> road work this morning to watch out for, slow for the cone zone. this is san rafael traffic at the limit this morning. i was the only one on the road so you can see it is picking up. no problems as you make your way to the golden gate bridge with fog there this morning but not down on the roadway. east 24 we have road work, highway 13, the caldecott tunnel so watch out for that. richmond-san rafael bridge eastbound 580 from the pack way you have road work and possible slowing from marin county to the east bay. the threat posed by isis hits home in the pay area. next, the tweet that has security at san francisco based twit iron alert. >> the race to fine the fountain of accurate with $1 million
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prize funded by a bay area >> at commercial break we have a look a downtown san francisco and the big picture, the smaller picture showing up the western span of the bay bridge and the span of the bay bridge and the toll
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>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back at 4:41. residents in southern california forced to evacuation wait homes because of another water main break. the rupture of the 16" main caused a 20' section of street to collapse. several yards were flooded. two homes were evacuated. it was 66 years old. >> a group associated with isis has tweeted threats, threatening to kill employees of twitter.
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the message comes as twitter crashed down against accounts linked to isis and the supporters. twitter has not indicated if security is being increased at the market street headquarters. the giant says the security team is working with law enforcement. >> a team investigating the the downing of malaysian airs over ukraine say it was hit by multiple objects. it stop short of saying the boeing was shout down by surface-to-air missiles but this points to that as the cause of the crash. the poeing 77 was blown from the sky other rebel held territory in eastern ukraine killing all 298 passengers and crew. >> certain giants fans can speed through security lip at at&t park. the eye -- giants have a fast track lane to get fans in
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the park faster. it is a special subscriber program in place in many airports. it will be available until the end of the regular soap. >> how without hike to win $1 million? that is the rise money in a planned new contest launching today. my special report is only on abc7 news and the goal is to keep us looking and feeling young. >> the science version of "who wants to be a millionaire." >> i am donating a million dollar price to hack the coast aiming. >> a stanford radiologist has been pursuing the science of youth for 15 years. he hopes to turn the dream into reality by funding the palo alto prize. doctors and scientists and students are welcome to answer. >> the goal is to not only end
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aging but be able to reverse aging and to be able to promote healthy longevity. >> imagine derek jeter keep his form or beyonce holding on to her incredible beauty or you, keeping your body healthy and limber for years longer than thought possible. >> organizers of the contest hope to get more teams after the official launch from around the world. >> we study brain function. >> a neurologist lead as dr. taylor leads another team. >> i have said aping is a failure of stem cells. when i read of prizes i thought, okay, it is time to put up or shut up. >> the doctor says this can help
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us live longer hives and lower the crippling cost of health care and launch new industries which is why silicon valley investors are watching this contest closely. >> is it a pipe dream? >> a long shot. i am cautiously optimistic the senator is advanced enough. >> a moon shot with $1 million to start and more prizes to come. >> official launch of the contest is this afternoon in san francisco. if you are interested in entering or learning more we have more at >> launches this afternoon, when should we expect a winner to be selected? >> there are a panel of experts and it will take a few years with several steps to follow at every stage of the contest. it will be a couple of years. >> do mike and i have time to
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enter? absolutely. it does not have to be scientists were the requested can come from anyone. mike in. >> we will talk weather this morning. there it is, beautiful super moon, the harvest moon, a beautiful picture of that. did you see i last night? if you did and you went to bed early, that is why we are showing the picture to you now. showing the picture to you now. >> miles per hour and the rest of us are less than ten miles per hour so we have an onshore breeze. it is cloudy this morning, the winds at the golden gate bridge are as light as they have been
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all week at 11 miles per hour coming from the west. here is a look at the forecast, highlights have a cooler start and a warmer ending and well reverts the fall flavor from yesterday. still clouds during the night and a warming trend today will make it hot inland and we will is a strong of 90's that will last four or five days. gilroy is upper 80's and mid-to-upper 80's and the rest of the south bay is upper 70 to low 80's and mostly sunny today at board walk and santa cruz is 74 degrees. we have mid-70's to nearly 80 degrees for the peninsula and milbrae at 72 and money 60's along the coast into downtown and south san francisco is 70 and sauce least at 69 and your beaches are in mid-60's to the north and upper 70's to low 88 in most neighborhoods until napa at 83. up and down the east bay shoreline in the money 70's and cooler in berkeley and oakland
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and mid-to-upper 80's throughout inland and east bay neighborhood and probably to 90ant at antioch and brentwood. sunny at giants at 7:15 and drop to 5959 end of the game. 90's inland for sure on wednesday through at least on sunday and we were some 70's on the coast for friday and saturday. glad the fog is not a factor for the commute. the bay bridge toll plaza shows no delays. in metering lights, either. the upper deck is looking good into san francisco as is the beautiful new eastern span. look at road work we are going to san leandro southbound 880 with cones in the lanes between davis and marina with slowing through the area.
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and from powell they are in the process of picking up that work and the eastern span has in delayed headed into san francisco just a nice clear morning so far. it is now 4:49. ocean swim take as horrible turn in the deadly attack that has some on edge. >> a special spot for lucky fans at levi stadium, the right clothes could snag you a free better. >> the new abc7 news now. a look at the bay east were span and san jose at 280 and 17. 280 and 17. all
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>> good morning at 4:51 on tuesday and a look at the
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embarcardero in san francisco. not enough clouds to hide the super harvest moon. >> job hunters a great opportunity, we are hosting a job fair from noon to 4:00 p.m. at the hotel on market street in san francisco and. employers will hire for more than 500 positions and mor details on abc7 news come. >> san francisco supervisor has a plan to replace vehicles that are city owned with car sharing vehicles calling for eliminating passenger cars and light duty trucks from the city threat by 2027. the city welcomeers with use car sharing services like zip car or city car share to get around and would save the city money and the city would still own emergency vehicles like police cars and fire trucks and specialized public works vehicles under the proposal.
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>> you may want to take extra time to pick out your outfit for the next 49er game, levi wants to see their fans wear their clothes and are rewarding fans seen wearing almost evis by scoring them in an invite to the beer garden. representatives will look for fans with levis slide and outside, with the perks ran democrat and not everyone gets the free stuff. the free stuff. >> forecast. >> i would wear my tv. >> would you? >> halloween. >> tv. >> the golden gate bridge is for free for the morning compute. our temperatures today show the biggest jump the further you are
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away from livermore it will jump up and san jose and much else is fur to seven degrees and 83 in napa. notice the thunderstorms moving away from our state today and more sunshine and warmer weather today and home 90's in central valley and a sunny 76 in lake tahoe. we go to walnut creek southbound 680 moving nicely moving past north main and the 24 intersection or junction with no problems and it is a nice drive through the valley. road work is still in the lanes for a few more minutes westbound 580 to san ramon road and they should pick that up shortly and eastbound direction you will find road work to north flynn and westbound is slowing up and over the altamont pass and again, we will go outside to the san mateo bridge where it is a lovely drive from hayward to
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foster city. >> police in trail say a man died after being attack by a shark. he is in his 40's and was surfing alone and the shark attacked. he suffered severe wounds to his right leg can died at the scene. the bay is 500 miles north of sydney. >> that is video of a terrifying moment at a race track in ireland going viral. a horse reared up after getting spooked and the joke kept his cool and was able to pivot perfectly and land. he regained control of the animal in a matter of seconds and hop back open. >> good news and bad news for college. the good news is americans are saming more than ever for college. the bad news? the average amount saved is not enough to cover one year at a
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furrier public university. the study showsed average save account is worth about $20,000 double the amount of six years ago. a year at uc berkeley acknowledges $32,000. >> the community is coming through to help a north bay high school bands would instruments were stolen outside a giants game. we told you of the story last wednesday. since that time viewers have helped replace 13 of the four instruments stolen from the band after they performed the national anthem 59 the august 25 game. they believe someone took a container homing the instruments as the bus was being loaded. >> still on the loose and still a big threat, we are this administration the senator resumes this morning for the mountain lion that attack add six-year-old boy. >> apple's unveiling of a new
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iphone is in five hours and what you need to necessity if you are selling your old phone. >>. >> we take to you break. this is golden gate bridge the this is golden gate bridge the western span and 680 and walnut
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is tuesday. at 4:59. thanks for weaking up early and joining us. >> did you see the super moon? here is mike with the forecast. he did not see it. >> outed. >> i saw it driving to work but it is not the same as coming up
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at 7:13. we will have plenty of pictures. we starting off with no rain, no drizzle, but a cloud deck. very thin. an the bay, 71 to 81. i land, 82 in the north bay 288 in the east bay and the coast in san francisco. it will be partly cloudy at 63 to seven. the temperature is back to average after the town of fall. a look at the morning commute. sue? >> in san jose it is looking good from 280 and it is very quiet. i am not seeing any headlights. here is a car. overcrossing here is getting busy from the santa cruz mountains. it is light. it is early. we have road work in the lanes in the process of clearing west 580 with a little bit of slow traffic is all so caltran will


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