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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 10, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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them across the street. >> the kids are not safe on the street. >> reporter: it happened right in front of armand as he trimmed a tree across the street. >> the woman was happy, was laughing with the kids, showing them nature or whatever, and then this happened. i hope she's fine and the other kids, too. but she was the more damaged. >> reporter: she suffered head trauma but it's not life-threatening. the students have minor injuries. they attend special classes at nearby hillsdale high school and often walk in this neighborhood. >> it was part of their routine and getting, having the students out in the community and walking. it normally would be a good spot for a walk and therefore, that's why they choose the route. >> reporter: police say even though it is a thoroughfair, collisions are unusual. >> it's a residential street. generally people are respectful of that. but i hope speed is not what
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caused today. we'll know further later. >> reporter: he says officers are interviewing the driver in the hospital. in san mateo, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. a united airlines aircraft mechanic is suing the company after he found a noose hanging in his workstation. tony carter of antioch says he found the noose last september and reported it to his supervisor as racial harassment. but he says the case was dropped after no one came forward to admit putting the noose there. carter also claims united management destroyed evidence and failed to properly investigate. he's claiming racial harassment and civil rights violations. united has not commented on the case. a high school wrestling coach and church youth group volunteer faces charges of sexually assaulting a child. san ramon police say kevin lopez coached a california high school and volunteered at new life church. officers say the victim is under the age of 17. lopez was arrested last night. bail is set at $750,000.
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a 65-year-old woman who suffered a head injury when a television fell on her during last month's earthquake in napa has died. lori thompson said she had a headache but didn't go to the hospital until the next day. sadly, she is the first death attributed to the magnitude 6.0 earthquake which rocked the north bay. during the earthquake, this chimney fell on a 13-year-old boy. nicholas dillon is now recovering at home, determined to play soccer again. abc 7 news reporter vic lee joins us from napa with more of this story of perseverance. vic? >> reporter: nicholas dillon is a great kid. i really enjoyed meeting him. he's determined to get better, he's got a great positive attitude. all of these qualities that will help him heal quickly. his doctors say he's going to make a full recovery, but he's got two months of intense physical therapy and maybe then he can go back to school. >> i couldn't feel my legs. i thought i was paralyzed. was there a cut on my leg, was
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something cut open, is there something wrong with me that i'm not seeing or feeling? it was pretty scary. >> reporter: 13-year-old nicholas dillon remembers everything that happened on the morning of august 24th. he and his friend were sleeping in the living room when the rumbling woke him up. >> as i was starting to crawl, i put my knee on the ground. that's when the chimney came down on me. >> reporter: after a ten-hour surgery to repair a broken pelvis and spending weeks in three different hospitals, this ninth grader is finally back at home. he's happy and so are his buddies. >> as soon as i was home from the hospital, i've had a lot of my friends come over and talk to me. that's been helpful. that's been awesome. >> reporter: nicholas was enjoying his first weeks as a high school freshman when the quake hit but he has been studying at the hospital and now at home while he's mending. >> i'm struggling. i'm maybe a week behind in school, but i'm catching up. >> reporter: what he really misses is his soccer. >> i love soccer. it was like it's my passion. being homebound, like, i'm not
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going to be able to play for awhile, you know that? it sucks but at least i can still watch the games. >> reporter: talking to nicholas, it always seems his glass is half full. it's the positive attitude he says that keeps him going. >> i don't want to look at it negative. i see this as a setback. i don't see this as something bad. i see it as a setback. >> reporter: he's received a lot of get well cards and prayers from people around the world. he's known to many as the earthquake boy. so what does he think of his fame? >> when i was in the hospital, a bunch of my nurses told me you know, kid, there's other ways of getting famous. >> reporter: vic lee, abc 7 news. >> fine young man. two contractors have been arrested for trying to take advantage of residents in napa. in one case, a landscaper was caught trying to rebuild chimneys without a permit. can't do that. then a chimney contractor was offering a rebate which is illegal. well, you might be getting a new bonus at work.
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a new law requires even the smallest businesses to require paid sick days to employees, including people who only work part-time. laura anthony is in oakland with the story tonight. >> reporter: this whole stretch behind me here is occupied by small businesses and restaurants. we talked with the owners today about this new law. some told us they are a little nervous about it. others say they will figure it out. eddie just opened his new restaurant, crossburgers, six months ago and word that he will have to pay his employees for sick leave leaves him a little uneasy. >> i will look into it and see. but that's a tough one. >> this is the least we can do. >> reporter: thanks to a new law signed by governor jerry brown, all employers, no matter the size of their business, must begin allowing employees to accrue paid sick leave starting july 1st of next year. >> this is a real step forward. it helps people whether it's a person working at a car wash or mcdonald's or 7-eleven.
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>> reporter: employees would have to work at least 30 days in a least and could accrue days of sick leave per year. >> three days, it's wherever you go get your positive energy is taking care of you most the time, especially the older we get. >> reporter: others worry it would push small businesses out of business. >> it's shrinking the business. it's terrible, the economic situation for us, it's unfavorable for our businesses, small businesses. >> we can give people sick days and not have, you know, the whole country freak out about it. >> reporter: the law does provide for some exceptions, for employees covered by collective bargaining agreements and home health care workers. laura anthony, abc 7 news. another potential bombshell tonight in the ray rice domestic violence case. a law enforcement official told the associated press today that a video of the football player punching his then fiancee was
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sent to a league executive several months ago. the official also played a 12-second voice mail from an nfl office number confirming that video arrived. yesterday, commissioner roger goodell told cbs news he had never seen the tape prior to its release on monday and neither had anyone from the league to the best of his knowledge. the league issued a statement a short time ago standing by the commissioner's comments. rice was released by the baltimore ravens and suspended indefinitely by the nfl after that tape surfaced. six undercover police officers will not face criminal charges for killing an unarmed suspect in sunnyvale last year. santa clara police shot 34-year-old juan ruellis 29 times during an undercover drug buy. the santa clara county d.a.'s office says the officers were justified because ruellis claimed he had a gun and made a threatening move. no gun was found. police revealed today they arrested a muni worker for stealing gasoline. police say he filled his
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personal vehicle with gas that's reserved for city vehicles. they say he stole thousands of dollars worth of gas. he was arrested on charges of grand theft and embezzlement. much more ahead for you this wednesday night. coming up, first you wait for the b.a.r.t. train, then you are packed in like sardines. tonight, what's behind all that crowding lately. commonly prescribed drugs could raise the risk for alzheimer's disease. we will tell you which ones. a california community cuts its water use by nearly 50%. you will find out which one.
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have you noticed this lately? a lot of people think the b.a.r.t. trains are more crowded than ever. tonight, b.a.r.t. is responding to those complaints, insisting the answer is pretty simple. abc 7 news reporter amy
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hollyfield has the story. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. trains are always more crowded in the fall but this season, riders are having to fight for space like they never have before. >> lately they have been like pretty crowded. we can't even like stand, sometimes i have to wait for the next train to come by. >> reporter: there are two reasons you are struggling to find a seat these days. first, look at these numbers. last week, there were a few days when 430,000 people climbed on board. a year ago, that number was 391,000. so there are more riders and then, there's the second problem. >> the train seems shorter. there's less ten-car trains. so that tends to make it more crowded. >> reporter: there are fewer cars. b.a.r.t. says it's for your own good. they are pulling out 19 cars a day for a newly launched rehabilitation project. >> tearing out those nasty dirty carpets, we are giving you new wipable seats and giving new air
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conditioning units which is great for the riders. >> reporter: add in the 100 cars that are typically out each day for repairs and you've got a big problem. >> kind of tough. i'm a big guy. it's harder for me. i carry a lot of stuff going to school and everything. i have a big backpack of school stuff. it's really tight in there. >> reporter: the biggest thing you can do is take off your backpack and put it on the floor. it takes up a lot of space and you are whacking people in the face with it when you keep it on. >> reporter: another tip, use the entire train. officials say people don't typically move to the middle of the train but that it could really help in this situation. >> the rehab project isn't going to be done until next year. we have to get through this period and hopefully we will have more trains available. >> reporter: new trains are also on the way so some relief is coming, but not for awhile. those trains aren't scheduled to start arriving until 2017. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. a teenager is back with his family in good health after being reported missing four days ago. 16-year-old minh ly was found at
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larkin street youth services in san francisco. he showed up there this morning. the straight a student left home after arguing with his dad. the teen's disappearance prompted a massive search by law enforcement. well, a south bay family is looking for help to give their loved one a fighting chance against leukemia. the 31-year-old needs a bone marrow transplant. he was diagnosed with leukemia three months ago. he has undergone several rounds of chemotherapy but doctors told him the ultimate cure is undergoing a transplant. unfortunately, none of his family members is a match. so his sister reached out to abc 7 news looking to get the word out about finding a donor. >> he can fight this. he's a fighter. he's a fighter and i'm sure he will. i really do my best until he comes back, you know. >> the family has organized a bone marrow drive at the bakery she owns in santa clara tonight and for the rest of the week.
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we have the times on our website. >> i wish him well. new research finds older people who have relied on drugs to relieve anxiety or induce sleep, maybe, are at higher risk of developing alzheimer's disease. the five-year study conducted by french and ka ncanadian researc found participants 66 years or older who use a class of drugs called benzodiazepines are more than twice as likely to develop alzheimer's. research suggests drugs like xanax and atavan bind in the brain. there's a new law on the books tonight in california to protect your right to be heard. >> 7 on your side's michael finney is here now. >> word of mouth has been codified into law. that's what happened here. governor jerry brown just signed 2365, a first in the nation law
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banning contract provisions that gag consumers. yelp, another online review site had given consumers a loud voice so more and more businesses have tried to stop consumers from reviewing them online by using contract language. in california, that will no longer fly. a couple new studies out show millenials treat money differently than the rest of us. more than a third of millenials forfeited employer contributions to their 401(k) plans by leaving their jobs before they were vested. usually about five years. compare that to just more than 10% of baby boomers. the survey from bank found more than six out of ten millenials don't have a credit card. >> this is a generation that grew up in a place where the economy wasn't doing so hot, they were looking for a job and not the best job market, and they had tons of student loan debt and they are just really reluctant to take on any further
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debt that could contribute to their financial woes later on. >> even though avoiding debt now is a responsible financial move, a good credit history is important when you look to finance a car or home. sometimes just tweeting 7 on your side for help can get you results. today, i got a tweet from a viewer who found bed bugs at the home where he was supposed to be staying in istanbul. he said they would not rebook him. by the time we got through to the company, they said they had already taken care of it, telling us we always want to ensure our guests have a positive experience and we reached out to this guest to provide alternative accommodations, alternate accommodations at no extra cost. they tell us they have already moved him into a motel. we haven't heard back yet from the viewer in istanbul but we will make contact. >> we will follow up. thanks, michael. president obama is addressing the nation in less
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than 45 minutes on how he plans to fight back against a serious terror threat. i spoke with abc world news tonight anchor david muir about that just a short time ago. >> it was great to be in the bay area in the last 24 hours. coming up, we will have more on the breaking news. president obama's message to america, the plan to take down isis. also 60 million customers, their credit cards breached. what you should do. sleepwalking tonight. the unbelievable rescue of the man who sleepwalks off a cliff, all coming up. >> david, we saw you here in the bay area. it was so exciting. you were so lucky to be at the big apple reveal. >> backstage with tim cook at apple but here's the problem. i came back empty-wristed. i didn't get one of the apple watches. we have to wait for that. we will show you one thing tonight that i didn't have time to show you last night that has stuck with me here. it really sort of freaked me out. one thing the watch can do that i had no idea. we will show you coming up. >> we will see this shortly. world news tonight right after this newscast at 5:30 on abc 7. cities with strict water
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allotments are seeing big savings. pleasanton, livermore and santa cruz are under mandatory cutbacks and fined for not meeting the limits. they are seeing 36.7% and 35% and 25.1% reductions, respectively. the city with the most savings is cambria. people there cut water use by 49% in july, nearly in half. northern california is cutting more than so-cal. bay area residents cut water use by 13% in july compared to a year ago. los angeles and san diego is only 1.7%. we are doing relatively well here in the bay area in terms of conserving our precious water. >> no rain in sight. >> that is true. meteorologist sandhya patel is outdoors with the forecast. >> yeah, there is no rain in sight. i do have some hot weather in the forecast. right now, as i look to the north, i am seeing a thin layer of smoke coming in from the wildfires burning up to the north. let's check out live doppler 7 hd. we will talk about what's
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happening from that perspective. fog is still sitting right near the coastline across some parts of the bay area and that's what's kept you on the mild side in half moon bay. 66 today but up to 97 in livermore, concord, fairfield. a good 31 degrees spread from coast to inland. if you count ukiah, there's a 35 degree spread. they were up in triple digit territory. 88, san jose. 84, oakland. 80, san francisco. 96 today in santa rosa. take a look at nasa satellite imagery showing you the wildfires up in northern california. the happy campfire we have been watching the smoke actually drift in our direction because of the wind flow. so if you have been noticing some haze in the atmosphere, you know what i'm talking about. a spare the air alert has been issued for tomorrow due to the smoke from the wildfires. the hot weather expected with the light winds. poor air quality inland, east bay, santa clara valley, moderate elsewhere. the bay area quality management district encourages you to walk,
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bike, use public transit basically. a thin layer of fog over san francisco. we are at 66 right now. 73 in oakland. 85 in san jose. cooking in morgan hill, 93 degrees. gorgeo gorgeous view from the east bay hills camera. you can see the fog coming in. here are the temperatures. still in the 90s in santa rosa. mid 90s, concord, livermore. blue skies from the kgo roof camera. and a look at the forecast. the heat recedes early next week so really, high pressure building in has put a cap on the atmosphere so that's why we have stagnant air. also the shallow marine layer, warm to hot pattern will continue the next few days going into your weekend, really, as you look at the livermore temperature trend. it's not until early next week that the numbers will drop down to the 80s. tomorrow morning, starting out with the fog, could be dense in pockets. watch out. mid 50s to low 60s. some of you might think it's not great sleeping weather, especially if you don't have air
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conditioning, but it should cool off pretty good tonight. 90 in san jose tomorrow afternoon. 99 in gilroy. it will be another hot one. 88 in sunnyvale. 91, cupertino. on the peninsula, 88 in redwood city, 87, mountainview. low 70s near the coast. a nice warm day. daly city, 70. 80 in downtown san francisco. in the north bay, we will bring you the low 70s at our beaches with some fog. hot sonoma. inland highs away from the effects of the sea breeze, it will be hot. 98, livermore, 97, walnut creek, pleasanton and ant yaiochantioc. a look at the seven-day forecast. spare the air alert up tomorrow. upper 70s to 90s through the start of the weekend. the second half of the weekend, we will see a slight dip in the temperatures early next week. we will start to see noticeable cooling around here. until then, i think best thing to do is head to the coast. >> that is the best thing to do. thanks very much. still ahead, a chunk of the
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sierra nevada fractures and the moment is captured on camera. you will see it next. plus, new map, new monument. stonehenge gives up its secrets.
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we are live over the pash he picchetti reserve where we have reports that the mountain lion that attacked a 6-year-old has been captured. >> fresh mountain lion paw prints were found this morning, giving them hope the lion is still in the area and they might capture him. we also have a crew on the ground trying to figure out exactly what's going on with the mountain lion hunt and apparent capture, as we said. we will have a live report from the scene coming up on abc 7 nous news at 6:00 following the president's address. we are getting word of an earthquake in lake tahoe, a magnitude 3.5. we have no reports of damage or
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injuries at this point. beginning tonight, some key offramps in the south bay will be closed. here's a look at the closures that begin 11:00 p.m. they include the offramp from northbound interstate 280 to northbound 80 -- 880. they are set to reopen at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. road crews will be doing work that transportation officials say will improve traffic flow in the area. archaeologists say stonehenge will never be the same after a discovery that's g giving new insights. they uncovered ancient monuments, including some that had never been seen by archaeologis archaeologists. it was a complex of ancient burial grounds and shrines include a building likely used
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for ancient burial rituals. my goodness. now to some rocks in the sierra. a college instructor captured pictures of it crumbbling apart. experts theorize its pressure builds up and the rocks just split. watch it happen. >> see that? it just popped right up. yeah, baby. >> how bizarre is that. he teaches at modesto junior college and took these pictures of the granite popping at the dam. boy, you don't see that very often. coming up, a big beam represents a big milestone for a bay area museum. >> that story as we continue. stay with us.
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tonight at 6:00, president obama will promise a relentless
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effort to destroy isis in the middle east. abc 7 news will carry his address live. then we will hear from the family of a man who died in this accident on highway 17. they are blaming it on an inexperienced truck driver and poor maintenance. plus, america's aging infrastructure. things like this are happening everywhere. tonight, area officials take their complaints to washington. that's all coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00 following the president's address. >> see you then. thank you. now to a town where the streets are actually paved with rice. >> looks like a golden road, doesn't it? but in fact, it is rice left out to dry. >> well, farmers raked tons of rice across the road in china after the harvest. >> they don't mind cars on the road. they say the draft by the passing vehicles blows away the husks, leaving the rice in place. that is wild. >> wonder if that's sanitary. okay. a landmark moment in san
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francisco's museum of modern art today. >> sf moma has been closed since last year as you may know, if you have tried to visit, for a major expansion project. this afternoon, workers hit a big construction milestone. >> a topping-out celebration marked the moment when steel workers installed this enormous beam in place on the museum's new ten-story addition. >> mayor ed lee says san francisco needs places like moma to complement the influx of tech. >> you can't have innovation without it being stimulated among our people. art does that. art stimulates our ability and our willingness to innovate in every aspect of our life. that is why we are really the innovation capital of the world. >> the museum will reopen in 2016. if you want a sneak peek, it's on our website. the architecture of this building is absolutely over the top. fantastic. >> can't wait to see it. thanks for joining us.
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>> for all of us, we appreciate your time. see you again right after the president's address. welcome to "world news tonight." and the breaking news. on the eve of 9/11, president obama's message to america tonight. what we're learning already. the plan to take down isis. are americans ready for this? also breaking, the dramatic moments inside that elevator. the nfl star punching his now wife, knocking her out. tonight, the new headline here. did the nfl know about that tape long before we did? the severe weather hitting tonight. possible tornadoes. schools closing early. and look at this tonight. you'll hear from the couple in that mini van, swallowed by the floods. and, over the edge. the dramatic moments, the camper sleepwalking off a cliff in the heartland. how did he survive? and the test tonight. are you sleepwalking without even knowing it?


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