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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 10, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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your time. see you again right after the president's address. welcome to "world news tonight." and the breaking news. on the eve of 9/11, president obama's message to america tonight. what we're learning already. the plan to take down isis. are americans ready for this? also breaking, the dramatic moments inside that elevator. the nfl star punching his now wife, knocking her out. tonight, the new headline here. did the nfl know about that tape long before we did? the severe weather hitting tonight. possible tornadoes. schools closing early. and look at this tonight. you'll hear from the couple in that mini van, swallowed by the floods. and, over the edge. the dramatic moments, the camper sleepwalking off a cliff in the heartland. how did he survive? and the test tonight. are you sleepwalking without even knowing it?
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good evening and it is great to have you with us on this busy wednesday night. and we begin with the breaking news here. president obama and his message to america, just a short time from now. laying out his plan to take down isis, the brutal killers who executed those two american journalists, james foley and steven sotloff. tonight, three weeks after the first of those grisly videos surfaced, the killers still on the loose. at this hour, president obama facing a defining moment. our team getting a first look at what he'll say to the american people. it was just 14 days ago, he said, quote, we don't have a straty yet, about isis in syria. tonight, so many asking, do we have one now and what will it mean for u.s. troops and our safety at home? we have team coverage tonight. george stephanopoulos standing by an our entire team. but we begin with abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl tonight. jon, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, david. after weeks of muddled and contradictory statements, the president will say tonight that he has a clear and comprehensive strategy to, quote, degrade and
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ultimately destroy isis. under intense pressure to prove he has a plan, the president will say tonight, quote, i can announce that america will lead a broad coalition to roll back this terrorist threat. what does that mean? first, in iraq, where isis controls a third of the country. u.s. air strikes will be expanded. also, more military support for iraqi and kurdish fighters battling isis on the ground. also today, secretary of state john kerry met with the new iraqi government. the u.s. is counting on them to take the lead in confronting isis. >> this is a broad-based, comprehensive strategy that is being laid out. it will not just be reserved to bombs or direct military assistance. >> reporter: then, syria, where isis has a safe haven and is believed to be holding more u.s. hostages. the president is asking congress to give him the authority to train moderate rebels who are fighting both isis and syrian
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dictator bashir al assad. the president will also make it clear that he is prepared to order air strikes on isis targets in syria as well as iraq. as one senior official told me today, the president is prepared to go wherever necessary to defeat them. now, david, that's prepared. he hasn't made that order yet. and i am told it is not likely to happen right away. >> all right, we'll be watching tonight. jon, thank you. new numbers tonight, where americans stand on all of us. our newest abc news/"washington post" poll, 71% of americans support air strikes against isis in iraq. that's a huge surge in the span of just a few weeks. so, we want to get right to george stephanopoulos, who will be leading our coverage of the speech tonight. and george, what is at stake here? what does this president need to do? >> this is a high stakes speech, david. with a high degree of difficulty. here's the dilemma for the president. as you just pointed out, a majority of americans agree with him on air strikes. he's already authorized those. a majority agree with him on not sending ground troops in. but a majority of americans also think he's been too cautious in taking on isis and for the first time, a majority of americans
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disapprove of his foreign policy. so, here's what he's got to do tonight. he's got to convince the country he's doing what it takes to defeat isis without sucking us back into a ground war, without making this america's war. it's got to be muslims taking the lead. as i said, this is a high degree of difficulty and the stakes could not be higher. this speech, and this issue, is likely to define the final years of this presidency. >> a huge balancing act tonight. george, thank you. and of course, all of this coming on the eve of 9/11, and tonight, a new alert here. the head of homeland security and new york city's police commissioner now warning the risk of a terror attack is at its highest in years. no specific plot, but the rise of isis and fighting in the middle east raising the level of concern. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas tracking this right now from washington. pierre? >> reporter: david, sources tell me on the eve of the 9/11 anniversary, we're in a high tempo moment. isis has set in motion a new dynamic. new york city's police commissioner bill bratton said the terror threat is more
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dangerous than in recent years and he's especially concerned about isis. >> the events of syria have spawned isis. isis creates a totally new area of threat for us and one that is probably even more potentially impactful on us than al qaeda. >> reporter: also today, homeland security secretary jay johnson said that isis had the most sophisticated social media and internet messaging system ever designed by a terrorist organization. that means it can reach people directly in the u.s. and encourage them to attack. a dangerous moment, david. >> all right, pierre thomas, george, jon, thanks to you all. and again, the president addresses the nation, 9:00 p.m. eastern, 8:00 central. george and the entire team will all be right here tonight. and one more note before we move on here. it was last night, we told you about the americans being recruited by isis. some of them, young women, hoping to marry a terrorist. tonight, one of them, a 19-year-old from colorado, pleading guilty to conspiracy. a nurse's aide who hoped to use her skills to help terrorists wage war on america. she was arrested in april,
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trying to board a one-way flight to syria. we move on now, to nfl star ray rice tonight and the growing firestorm. and a stunning new headline. all of this after that explosive video, rice seen hitting his now-wife, dragging her off the elevator, unconscious. a new report tonight that the nfl was sent that video months ago. abc's ryan smith with new reaction now from the nfl. >> reporter: a law enforcement source tonight telling the associated press, they sent the nfl a copy of that brutal ray rice beating video way back in april. tonight, the nfl responding. "we are not aware of anyone in our office who possessed or saw the video before it was made public on monday. we will look into it." nfl commissioner roger goodell has repeatedly insisted he first saw the tape this week. >> but what we saw yesterday was extremely clear, is extremely graphic and it was sickening. and that's why we took the action we took yesterday. >> reporter: a message he reiterated today in a letter to
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nfl executives, writing, "when the new video evidence became available, we acted promptly." the lingering question, why did goodell require video proof of the beating? police documents obtained by abc news show the severity of rice's attack was clear almost immediately after the assault. police said rice punched his wife, quote, rendering her unconscious. today, the national organization for women calling on goodell to resign. >> you need brand new leadership and you need an independent person to go in, do a top to bottom investigation of the entire nfl and get at the root of the nfl's violence against women problem. >> reporter: goodell was in north carolina today, speaking to school students. he refused to talk to reporters. this, as espn reports new details of the moments after the assault. when rice dragged his then fiance janay out of that hotel elevator. a security staffer telling them the football star said she was intoxicated and he was just trying to get her back to her room. that source saying, when janay
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rice regained consciousness, her first words were, "how could you do this to me? i'm the mother of your kid." goodell staying away from the public eye tonight. he was scheduled to attend an event in charlotte, but canceled. and meanwhile, 12 members of congress have sent him a letter today, demanding transparency on the league's investigation of ray rice. a lot of questions for him to answer, david. >> all right, ryan, thank you. to another developing headline here tonight, the severe weather threat. tornado worries this evening, and 12 days before the official start of fall. and already, look at this. drivers in calgary, canada, buried in snow tonight. and look at the map right now. more wicked weather on the way. 23 million americans in the storm zone tonight. and right here, the story behind this white-knuckle video, a mini van, swept away by flood waters. a terrified family inside. tonight, we talk to them. how did they survive? abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano now. >> reporter: tonight, angry skies and tornado warnings over akron, ohio.
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students at kent state university hunkering down in the hallways. at least three states under a tornado watch. severe weather, baseball-sized hail, lightning and flooding rain pounding the midwest overnight. >> rotation on the ground. >> reporter: stormchasers, out in force, catching this gustnado on camera. and out west, new details, harrowing stories of survival after days of monsoon rains. >> there's a car coming. >> reporter: watch as the rising water on this nevada highway swallows up a mini van. >> that guy got swept up in water. >> reporter: take a look again as the van goes over the edge, into the underpass. inside, loren miller and his wife, margie. >> our car started sliding. all the sudden there was a big whoosh of water, just pushed us down. it was like a waterfall. quite a miracle that we're still walking. >> reporter: the millers survived, but their car, an undrivable, muddy mess. and up north, a strong storm whipping up ten-foot waves across the shores of lake
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superior as near record-breaking snow moves into the north country. these residents in calgary not too happy about the early winter weather. >> it is a little early to be seeing that snow out there. rob is tracking severe weather as we head into tonight. what is your concern? >> reporter: not just ohio, where we say that tornado reported earlier this afternoon. but several states under the threat for severe weather tonight. including a tornado watch that remains in effect for parts of indiana, ohio, even southern parts of michigan. tornadoes possible for the next few hours. >> we saw the snow, the cold air. it's on the move tonight. >> reporter: it's part of this system. it's dropping down from canada. record-breaking cold heading south across the border. look at the temperatures. highs in chicago will barely get into the 60s. into the 50s in minneapolis. rapid city may not get out of the 30s tomorrow and there will be some snow with this. we've seen snow in montana. great falls. the earliest snow they've seen in 20 years. so, this is unusual. three to eight inches of snow. especially at the higher elevations. our friends in the black hills, the presidential icons that reside there, they'll see some white tomorrow. this is all about four to six weeks earlier than usual.
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so, prepare yourself for winter. >> here it comes. rob marciano, thank you. and we have breaking news to tell you about tonight. that security breach at home depot now larger than we thought. there is word tonight, 60 million customers, their credit cards hacked, even bigger than that breach at target. 40 million customers then. abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis tracking this again tonight. rebecca, what do we know? >> reporter: david, our sources believe that 10% to 15% of those stolen credit cards will be used for fraudulent charges. that is likely more than $2 billion in fraud. we reached out to home depot for comment. they say they are continuing the investigation that customers will not be responsible for those fraud charges. but still, for anyone who shopped at home depot in the last five months in one of their stores, they should be on alert tonight. david, now is the time to call up your bank, call up your credit card company, tell them you have been shopping at home depot and you need a new card. >> all right, and you'll stay on this. rebecca, thank you. now, to apple tonight. it was last night here, our exclusive behind the scenes with ceo tim cook, that big reveal, the apple watch.
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this morning, it was everywhere, on the front pages of newspapers around the world. so many people asking, will apple's gamble pay off? will people go for the apple watch? tonight, the american workers hoping so. they're taking a gamble, too. >> david, how are you? >> reporter: just 24 hours after our moment behind the scenes with apple ceo tim cook, having just revealed the new iphones, the apple watch, tonight, factories across america in overdrive, racing to make cases that will hold the iphone. they were listening closely to those dimensions, hoping theirs will fit. even before the phone comes out days from now. >> hi, david, we're otter box in ft. collins, colorado. and we have cases available for the iphone 6. >> reporter: holding their first cases. and after their cheer, they were right back to work. and remember bodacious cases? we traveled to missouri, the signs, welcome made in america? still determined to keep their cases made here. and tonight, they're designing the new ones. and in san francisco, warming up the factory at waterfield designs. sewing their leather cases for your iphone. the leather, american, too.
5:43 pm
>> we are already busy here in our sewing shop. >> reporter: even these wooden cases from portland, oregon, tonight. all of them hoping for a shot at your business. with that new iphone that can take 21 selfies in two seconds. or that new slow-mo effect. how many flips in that jump? a lot of eyes around the world. and a lot of questions tonight about the apple boss and what many are calling his boldest bets yet. high expectations. and the big question now -- will it pay off? how do you convince america and the world to wear a computer on their wrist? >> you can't approach it by technology only. this had to be something that people were proud to wear. >> reporter: and last night here, we stepped up onto that treadmill, the watch measuring everything. but there was something else we won't forget. after they let me try one on, they wanted to show me something. so, rhonda, i can actually feel your heart beat through your watch? >> yes. i put my two fingers here and then i'm sending that to my friend who is wearing a watch. and you can feel it, as well, just by doing the same thing.
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>> reporter: that's your true heart beat. >> yeah. >> reporter: so we're not making you nervous. no, her heart beat was perfectly normal. and i could feel it. nice to get to know you, rhonda. >> nice to get to know you, too. >> rhonda and me, we're like this. there is still much more ahead onto "world news tonight" this wednesday. the dramatic rescue. the american camper sleepwalking off of a cliff in the heartland tonight. how they saved him. and then the test for all of us. the easy way to know if you are sleepwalking at night without even knowing about it. also breaking tonight, the alert for millions sending e-mail. were your passwords hacked? we'll have the latest. and one of the most famous cars in the movies, the batmobile. but take a close look tonight. the mystery in the motor city, right here. will you help us solve the case? e bladder medicine not working? ...can't handle the side effects? botox® treats symptoms of leaking, going too often, and the strong sudden need to go. ask your urologist if botox® can help calm your bladder. . . .
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next tonight, the camper sleepwalking in the heartland, right over a cliff. surviving a 60-foot drop. abc's gio benitez with the rescue, and the test tonight for the rest of us. >> reporter: it was a late night drama in kentucky's red river
5:47 pm
gorge. >> all search and rescue, we have a fall with a 27-year-old. >> reporter: ryan campbell camping with his buddies. >> the last thing i remember is getting in my hammock and went to sleep. >> reporter: waking up to a real-life nightmare. campbell, still asleep, getting up from that hammock, walking just steps, to the edge of a 60-foot cliff and falling off. his friend, watching it happen. >> he spoke to me, i spoke back, he saw me get up and start walking. when he just saw me take a step and disappear. >> reporter: amazingly, campbell landed on shrubbery. no life-threatening injuries. but here's what's really scary. campbell never thought he had a sleepwalking problem. >> obviously this sleepwalking thing, i didn't see that coming. i mean, i sleepwalked once in my adult life other than this. so, i hadn't really given that a thought. >> reporter: experts say almost 8 million americans sleepwalk, but many of us don't even know we're doing it. just last october, this woman falling asleep waiting for a train in boston, sleepwalking
5:48 pm
right onto subway tracks. others quickly rushing to pull her out. how can something like this happen? >> the most common cause for sleepwalking disorders is actually sleep deprivation. so, our country, we don't get enough sleep. >> reporter: so, how can you tell if you have a problem? well, doctors say the clues are right in your home. if you wake up to things out of place, or appliances you turned off now on. as for campbell, he'll keep camping, but -- >> i don't care how rare it is that i sleepwalk, i'm not sleeping by cliffs anymore. >> reporter: gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> just unreal. gio, thank you. and when we come back here, the alert tonight for americans of americans using e-mail. was your password hacked? what the company is saying tonight. and you remember the movie "the devil wears prada" and meryl streep? well tonight, the real woman behind that character and what she's saying now. that's all ahead right here. and here's what's coming tomorrow night. tomorrow, travel high above ground zero with david muir for a view you haven't seen, with the american workers on the new towers. >> helping build america. >> and bringing it back.
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go down easier. for a limited time, get your four-dollar coupon at our "instant index" tonight. and if you use gmail, perhaps you saw that headline late today. reports of nearly 5 million passwords hacked. so many asking, am i at risk? well, tonight, google telling us there's been no evidence they were hacked, but they did acknowledge there was something. less than 2% of user names and passwords were perhaps made public and vulnerable. google alerting those users in that case to change their passwords tonight. we all remember the movie "the devil wears prada," inspired by anna wintour. today, this video going viral on their website. wintour explaining those signature sunglasses. >> anna, there's no windows in here. why are you putting those on? >> hiding from you. >> can you put back on the sunglasses and take a selfie with my phone? >> i've never taken a selfie and i don't plan to start now. >> we'll keep trying. anna wintour tonight. and a mystery in the motor city this evening. is this the new batmobile? that picture snapped in detroit
5:53 pm
where the new batman movie is being filmed. and eagle-eyed fan spotting it parked on the street. he was shooed away after taking the pictures. the studio not commenting tonight. when we come back on "world news tonight," you'll remember that movie "bull durham." kevin costner and that dream. you got to stay tuned here. you're about to see that dream come true in real life, right after the break. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k) or you are ready for retirement, we'll help you get there. no question about that.
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5:57 pm
demonstrated by the athletic career of one guilder rodriguez, who last night had his first ever major league at-bat. >> guilder rodriguez, a second baseman, 31-year-old, native of venezuela. >> reporter: playing for the texas rangers at home, learning that sometimes, sticking it out, working at it, does pay off. his story reminiscent of the hollywood classic "bull durham." because yesterday's moment was one rodriguez expected to come years ago, when he was 18, recruited to play for milwaukee, who just thought he needed some seasoning down in the minor leagues first. and down rodriguez went. and years went by and he played and was moved around among teams, performing well at lots of positions. shortstop, second base, even pitching. and setting a record that nobody really goes for. more games played in the minor leagues than anyone else, now active in baseball. 1,095.
5:58 pm
and then this week, the rangers had a gap in the roster. >> to see my name? the starting lineup is unbelievable. >> reporter: as for his batting, the pitch -- okay, not great. but then there was this. >> nice play into that outfield grass. >> reporter: not bad for 31 years old and 13 years of waiting and finally getting there because he did not quit. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> and we are cheering him on. and a reminder, the presidential address, george and the team right here, 9:00 p.m. eastern, 8:00 central for live coverage of that address. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. good night. >> good evening, we'll take you to abc news coverage of president obama's address to the nation on isis in just a few moments but first, headlines >> state fish and wildlife officials have shot and killed a mountain lion they believe is the one that attacked a
5:59 pm
6-year-old boy sunday they say the cat was a 65-pound male in a tree but exhibited aggressive behavior. dna tests will be conducted to confirm if it was the cat responsible. the boy is okay now and recovering at home. >> a car plowed into a group of people, sending five people to the hospital the victims include three special-needs students and their teacher. police are interviewing the driver, the 50-year-old man is also in the hospital. >> we have had our first fatality associated with last month's napa earthquake. 65-year-old laurie thompson died from injuries when a tv fell on her during t earthquake. >> governor brown is signing a bill for three sick days per year p officials say most don't receive paid sick leave.
6:00 pm
>> that is all for now. the president's address on isis is next. we'll be watching the speech and tweeting throughout. you can follow us on twitter. this is an abc news special report. a presidential address to the nation. now, reporting, george stephanopoulos. >> good evening, we're here now because president obama is about to present his plan to defeat the group isis. it's a big moment for the president. after a summer where isis executed two american journalists, he's ready to dramatically expand the u.s.'
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sign of a life-threatening condition.


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