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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 11, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 5:00. >> we will see what the weather is like today. i predict warm. mike? >> absolutely. warm to hot. again today. usually it comes in threes. we will have three days of excessive warmth. tracking fog this morning around half moon bay but it is work, up the coast and trying to push through san bruno but right now it is only to the west. around petaluma we are seeing fog forming and novato and santa rosa are okay.
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as far as temperatures, sunshine. "spare the air" day. poor air quality. 82 to 91 around the bay and 94 to 98 inland and the coast is 68 to 74 degrees. sue? >> pretty cool at 5:01. san jose is dark. the head hits on 101 and 880 overcrossing looking good but it is busy. we have fog in the golden gate bridge so be careful. from the central valley it is slowing from 205 to the am pass and then it picks up to the dublin entrepreneur. road work from the richmond-san rafael bridge and from novato northbound 101 down to one lane. ever republicans are --
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events are held today cross the nation to remember the victims of the 9/11 with the flag hanging at the pentagon where american flight 77 crashed and the building. tributes are paid to victims of the day 13 years ago and an annual bay area ceremony is at fire station 7. that is where amy hollyfield joins us. it is a nice respectful ceremony each year with the public welcome to attend. here is video from last area to give you a sense of what to expect. they do this at all fire stations and at number seven at 19th the fire chef and the mayor will be here to make a few statements. some san francisco firefighters went awol making their way to new york city to help without permission and still fly the new york fire department's flag at their station. today, they will ring the bell
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at 6:59 when the south tower of the world trade center collapsed and they will is a moment silence and read the names allowed of the 343 firefighters killed. the plagues will remain at half staff for the day in san francisco. >> in 45 minutes a moment of silence is held to mark the time the first plane hit the world trade center thin years ago today. rebound and the first lady and vice president paiden gather -- paiden will observe the moment of silence and will bring the certificate upon live then the first lady and the president will go to new york city those killed in the attacks will be remembered in special
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ceremonies. >> remembrance ceremonies are held through the bay area. the livermore fire department holding a ceremony at 9:45a. and union city is holding a ceremony of a flight 93 memorial at sugar mill happening park at 10:00 a.m. and hayward will hold a vigil at site of the new and future 9/11 memorial on mission boulevard at 8:00 p.m. 475 military trainers will pack for iraq with deployment part of the strategy to degrade and detry the islamic militant group known as isis laying out the plans in a televised nick? good morning, an overwhelming majority support the airstrikes again the targets in syria and said the united states will launch a campaign to take out isis wherever they exist. using airstrikes and partners on the ground president obama said
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the united states will not be constrained by borders. he pledged to destroy isis and authorize airstrikes and the deployment of more american military advisors so iraq. the president also said he will not send in combat troops. california congressman supports the president's plan but says he should seek congressional authorization first. we are talking about expanding the map and when you talk about syria and wherever isis is, that invokes the constitutional authority of congress. authority of congress. we will be stronger if >> saudi arabia has agreed on heavy the program. president obama said it will time to eradicate a cancer like isis. speaker boehner says the president's acknowledgments of
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the threat of isis is far too late. the california department of fish and wildlife says the body of a mountain lion is tested new for rabies after the wardens shot and killed the cat that attacked the six-year-old boy on sunday. yesterday, dogs pick up a scent and found the 65 pound cat and forced it up a tree in cupertino not far from the original attack site. it exhibited aggressive behavior toward the warren d.n.a. tests will be conducted. hiking trails remain closed until they problem they have the right animal and they need to pick up tracks in the area. the boy is involving now at home and is expected to be okay. >> in four hours a mass is held fora shown williams who was
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stabbed out a corner store in san francisco's mission district^. family and friends gather at the cathedral at 9:00 a.m. a memorial service was held in daly city to celebrate the student's life. miss have arrested a 14-year-old former classmate in connection with the death. 27-year-old novato man is under arrest for a string of indecent exposure incidents. he is linked to six incidents since september of last year approaching men offering to give a massage and pay for them and curing to the investigator he made the offer to four minors and, supposed himself. a juvenile took a picture of the car and they track hill down using the license plate. >> dozens escaped after the tour bus caught fire on highway 101 in san jose. this is the damage caused to the engine compartment. the fire briefly closed all
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lanes of southbound 101 early yesterday evening. emergency crews walked passengers to the median where they used a ladder to hop the divide and taken off the freeway by awaiting bus on the other side of highway 101. no one was hurt. >> today the san francisco flower growers association is scheduled to vote on whether to sell the flower matter to -- flower mart to a developer, office space for high-tech workers. workers want to save the historic market place and a guarantee the lease will be extended. the through we are mart has been operating since the 1950s. now a warm to hot forecast. unfortunately, a possibility of poor air quality. check out fog, that is what we are dealing with. you can see it is moving across the bay bridge and the dancing lights are about to be taken
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over by the cloud deck. inland east bay, santa clara valley you are like thousand have the poor of the air quality but all of us are under "spare the air" day so ozone is the big thing. car pool will help. here is a look at the temperatures in the east bay from 57 in men to concord in pittsburg and 77 at mt. diablo. northwest so a cool spot at 52 northwest so a cool spot at 52 and pinole is 5 today, 49 to 60 with fogs in the morning commute and mostly in the coast and the forth by open 101 from novato to santa rosa. noon we are 66 to 82 so 22 degrees warmer in five hours and 98 inland by 4:00 and 64 to 84,
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stuffy away from the coast in the afternoon to evening. good morning, everyone, "spare the air" day you may want to get off the road and take mass transit all running on time and looking well, bart and muni and ace train one from the central valley. golden gate bridge is covered in fog. it is very thick. low beams. they are reconfiguring the lanes from two to four in southbound direction. two in the northbound direction. the road work as you approach the bay bridge from san francisco, use extra caution and the lanes are merging. from the central valley slow up and over the a pass and it picks up at dublin/pleasanton interchange. >> the security breach at home depot is bigger than first thought. >> the napa, puts the eastern span of the bay bridge to the
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test can how transportation leaders say it did. >> and we are looking at san rafael traffic on 101 getting busy but, still, fine and the fog on the right, the golden gate bridge and the western span and the richmond san rafael and the richmond san rafael bridge toll
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covering los altos, petaluma, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. almost 5:14. support among likely voters for two health related issues is slipping according to a poll. proposition 45 lets the state insurance commissioner approve or reject health insurance rate changes. since july, spoor has dropped from 69 to 41 percent. it would raise the limit on medical malpractice awards and require random drug testing for doctors. the support has fallen from 58 to 33 percent. voter response is influenced by advertising. groups opposed to one or both have raised $83 million. $5,000 reward is offered in the shooting death of a pony, the 16-year-old horse was found pleading over the weekend in a pasture. a neighbor reported hearing a gunshot the night before. the reward is offered by the animal legal defense fund which
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gave us this photo was pet of her owners' four and six-year-old-year-olds. >> here is member's money report. >> big numbers on the home depot data prepare. sources say that 10 or 15 percent of the stolen card numbers will be used which is six to nine million cards with $2 billion in bogus champions. the airlines did a better time of arriving and departing on time a dramatic turn around from the first part of the year. mcdonald's wants to trademark mcbrunch and will not comment on what it will do it with. it could be reserving it but mcdonald's has other products that could fit in a mcbrunch menu. wal-mart has the top toy list
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for christmas featuring hot wheels and barbie and anything related to disney's "frozen." that is america's money. >> last month, 6.0 magnitude earthquake gave the new span of the bay bridge the first real shake test. it was given an exceeding expectations. the rods that replaced early snapped rods did what they supposed to do but the transportation mission says they will need corrosion protection. demolition on the old span is on schedule but both the bicycle path to yerba buena island and eastbound 80 from the island are expected to open next summer. >> if you are bicycling or running, mike will advise people to do it early. >> take the extra water because the air quality is worse in the afternoon and the heat will be
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exceptional. we will see triple digits inland valleys in the east bay. >> good morning, live doppler hd showing the middle of the drought showing how dry it is. check out saturdays above walnut creek southbound along 680 to the san ramon valley another area that has upper 90's to nearly 100. year, today, and tomorrow, we will have or had our warmest high. "spare the air" is there today and likely tomorrow with decreasing heat on saturday it will be less likely it will be a pair spare day. the fog along 101 at 7:00 and pushing into the bay so we will watch fog and it is about to take over the airport and it fades quickly like yesterday and it will be hazy throughout our neighborhood and more cloud cover at the coast yesterday but we can crack the 70's with 80's and 90's for the rest of us. we will start to the south and gilroy is triple dig
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upper 80's to low 90 forest of the south bay. cruz is 77. money 80's on the peninsula. and redwood city is soaring to 88 and pill bring at 84. a few upper 60's on the coast and low 80's in south san francisco and 85 in sausalito. low 70's along the north bay coast and mid-to-upper 90's through the valley with santa rosa at 97 for a warm spot. east bay shore is 83 in berkeley comfortable compared to 90 in castro valley. inland, mid-90's to nearly 100. a warm game. at at&t first pitch is 12:45 starting at 76 and warming to 80 and it will feel ten degrees warmer in the sunshine. we are bombing and cooling in
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the mid-50's to possibly mid-60 so there is no heat advisory because we will be comfortable overnight. september. october. november. not looking good, above average weather. if it can shift to the northwest if it can shift to the northwest 300 miles it would be, seven-day outlook shows triple digits today and tomorrow and 70's at the coast through sunday and significant cooling monday and tuesday and wednesday. sue? >> the trillion toll -- bay brie toll plaza shows a couple of cars stack is all but no meter lights. watch out for the fog. the giants game is 12:45 and
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surface streets will be busy loan with 280 and 80 off of the bay bridge and the ferry says get there early, the 11 o'clock boats sell out as do the 4:45 and 5:00 p.m. so get there early or leave late. the giants ferry will be running especially to at&t park. we have a new weekday afternoon lineup to tell you about. the new season "who wants to be a millionaire," is at 1:00 o'clock p.m. and then "jeopardy," at 1:30 and "general hospital," now on at 2:00 p.m., a new time and then rachel ray at 3:00. seven things to know as you start your day. >> a tooth repair formed on a giant panda. >> the efforts to give a leukemia parent the procedure he needs and how you can help.
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5:24 am
fire stations today including fire station 7. a bell will ring at 6:59 signifying the last alarm when the south tower of the world trade center collapsed in new york. it will be followed by a minute silence. the public is invited to attend. the transportation authority is honoring the victims of 9/11 this morning and at 5:46 the time the first plane hit the north tower of world trade center the buses and light rains will pause and cease operations to observe a moment silence. >> before a big development in the oscar pistorius murder trial, the judge has ruled the blade runner cannot be found guilty of premeditated murder because the prosecution did not prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. he could be found guilty of homicide. >> nfl commissioner has fired foam f.b.i. director robert mueller to conduct an independent probe into the handling of the ray rice
5:25 am
domestic violence case much the graphic video showing rice knocking out his then fiance was sent to an nfl executive in april but officials say they did not see the video in this week. >> tracking for, a possible day of poor air quality and "spare the air" and it will be hot again. i tell you how long it will last in the seven-day forecast. 15, sue hall is following the commute with a look at the san mateo bridge. fog is a factor in certain areas with visibility limited on the waldo grain at golden gate bridge and the peninsula. take extra care this morning. 5:29. a south pay family is looking for help to give their loved one a fighting chance against leukemia. the 31-year-old need as bone marrow transplant after being diagnosed with leukemia.
5:26 am
the ultimate cure is to have a tran plant but no family members is a match. family members have organized a bone marrow drive at the bakery they own in santa clara through the rest of the week with location and times for the vent on our website at a giant panda at san diego zoo is involving from dental work. he had a chipped tooth and after an examination the vet decided to do repair work and the zoo provided this video of the operation yesterday after giving the 23-year-old pan ask a yep the 23-year-old in on the tooth probably breaking the tooth on the bamboo
5:27 am
which and chewed it will hours ago. >> pg&e substation was aunderstand by gun person but officials are now saying it was not a terror attack. >> that is the golden gate bridge covered in fog and san mateo bridge on right side and the 101 and picture of san francisco with fog traveling through here and mike will tell us more with the forecast coming (vo) ours is a world of passengers. the red-eyes. (daughter) i'm really tired. (vo) the transfers. well, that's kid number three. (vo) the co-pilots. all sitting... ...trusting... ...waiting...val. ...for a safe arrival. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. designed to help the driver in you... for the passenger in them. the subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan.
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it's a subaru.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. thanks for joining us. it is evenful thursday, 13th anniversary of the 9/11
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attacks and it will be warm. marine layer is come resolutioned to 800' creating fog this morning and north of novato near petaluma, rohnert park and half moon bay where it is half half a mile and six miln napa and you can see it right here the cloud cover coming over our neighbors right now and it is also a "spare the air" day, check out the heat so we have a triple threat today, 94 to 98 inland and the coast was 68 to 74 and the bay is 82 to 91. hope you are ready. we will look at mass transit a "spare the air" day a great way to go and everyone is out on time with no delays. at the psychiatryants game the ferry is expecting sell outs at game time. get there early. this is 680 southbound to walnut creek a few brake lights making your way to highway 24 as we go through the san ramon valley or head to the tunnel with an early fatal accident and c.h.p. has
5:31 am
left the soon southbound 280 you are free to roam the area. >> in vallejo, the nation is >> in vallejo, the nation is marking the 13th ground zero. this is the refleshing pool at the 9/11 memorial. many rememberans are held in the bay area and one is by valley transportation authority and matt keller"s us from san jose. in 15 minutes all light rail train and buses will pause for a moment silence in honor of the innocent victims would lost their lives on 9/11. they will pause at a station or safe location at the time of first plane hit the north tower of the world trade center and workers will hand out information of security measures
5:32 am
including the department of homeland security, if you see something say something campaign they have a a pole app allowing people with smart 15s to notify law enforcement of issues on the buses or train. 600 notifications have been made including reports of vandalism and suspicious activity and assaults and theft. phones are on every light rail platform with the moment silence taking place at 5:46 this morning. in san jose for abc7. ceremonies begin if less than 15 minutes at the white house to on the victims lost in the terror attack, the worsters on united states soil. we are in new york city with security and the heightened terror eastern cans in the middle east. >> again today the nation pauses
5:33 am
to reflect. on the 2,983 lives los attacks on 9/11. with the heightened concerns in the middle east, security is tight for the memorial ceremony but the traditions condition. in new york city, the world trade centered it and family members read the name of each victim. just waiting for the pain to go away. >> in shanksville, pennsylvania. and at the pentagon. this is the first area the 9/11 memorial museum will be open to victim families and first responders on the anniversary. a collection highlighting the heroism and loss and legacies honored on this day. morning police commissioner say there is no specterror threat there will be thousands of specialized officers on patrol.
5:34 am
the nation wide moment of silence is held the 5:46 our final the exact time the first train hit the world trade center during the attacks of the rebound, first lady and vice president biden will gather on the south lawn of the white house to observe the somber moment and we bring you the ceremony in a special report. terrorism was not involved in the rifle attack at pg&e substation curing to the f.b.i. flashes of rifle shots were captured by the cameras during the attack in april mutilating 17 transformers and cost $15 million in damage at the substation. the fbi says the attack was not in violation of federal law no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. in preparing news, oscar pistorius will not be found
5:35 am
guilty of intentionally murder his girlfriend because the judge said the prosecution did not prove their kiss. law requires the judge to recount and analyze the evidence by each of the 40 witnesses in the case. the judgment has not issued a verify. oscar pistorius was chaned with premeditated murder of his girlfriend and faces other possible verifies including homicide the equal of our manslaughter. >> in the pay area petaluma police are regulating a shooting that left a 49-year-old man dead. officers were called to a home before 4:00 p.m. yesterday after a distraught woman called 9-1-1 to report someone was shot and police found the victim dead inside according to the santa rosa precedents relatives and neighbors identifyied victim. no one has been arrested. police say they do have leads. >> police are investigating a fatal shooting outside a home
5:36 am
last night a hand was found dead with several wounds at 8:45 last night investigators have not releases any suspect information. firefighters are investigating a fire at a commercial and residential complex in pleasanton hill that break out with the chief saying it started in an apartment on the 2nd floor of a commercial building at 11:45 with crews fining heavy smoke and flames they kept the fire from spreading to the walnut creek retirementville am right next door and everyone got out safe. >> the body of a mountain lion is being tested for rain byes afterwardens shot and killed the cat they believe attacked the six-year-old by on sunday. dogs picked up the scent and forced it up a tree in cupertino not far from the original attack site. they say the mountain lion showed aggressive behavior toward the warren. d.n.a. tests will confirm
5:37 am
whether the cat is the one responsible. trails will remain close until it is proved they have the right animal and they need to pick up traps. mike has good advice, get out early and take extra water. >> absolutely. a good time. in san jose it is quiet as we look at the clear sky over 101 and 880 but it is this area along with inland east bay neighbor that could have the poor of the air quality. we are looking at temperatures in the fists to nearly 60 and as far as everyone else we are in the upper 50's to low sick and the day mapper today is looking at temperatures holding steady with patchy fog through 7:00 and by noon look how warm it is, 80 around the bay and inland and 66 at the coast topping out at 70 but mid-80's to mid-90's inland and we will see temperatures warmer in other spots and we
5:38 am
could hit triple democrats to antioch and brentwood. if you are outside it will be in the upper 80's inland and mid-70's around the pay and 64 at the coast. in san rafael, clear skies and the roads are moving nicely with in reports of delays and there is an emergency vehicle going through the screen and i do see a little pit of break lights at the top of the hill in central san rafael but in reports of citizens unlike this, in redwood city, southbound 101 a hit and run and the veto got out of the car in the left lane and he was almost hit. ambulance was called and last lane, southbound 101, extra caution is needed and coming from the central valley westbound 205 we have an s.u.v. blocking a lane of traffic. >> happening now, 9/11 families getting ready to mark the 13th and was of the terror attack and
5:39 am
this is a picture of white house on the south lawn with the first lady and vice president marking the anniversary in just a few minutes. we will take you to new york city and to washington with the moment of silence. >> a new twist in the ray rice we elevator scandal. the high profile person hired to lead an independent investigation. we are showing you the view from our rooftop camera, the embarcadero and the bay and smaller pictures on the side of screen, the trillion toll plaza and san francisco international ♪ foghorn soone seattly ♪ here's a good one seattle... what did geico say to the mariner? we could save you a boatload! ♪ foghorn sounds loudly ♪ what's seattle's favorite noise? the puget sound! ♪ foghorn sounds loudly ♪ all right, never mind doesn't matter. this is a classic. what does an alien seamstress sew with? a space needle!
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>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is 5:42. a new development in the ray rice case, nfl commissioner says that he hired former f.b.i. director robert mueller to conduct an department investigation into the league's handling of the incident. this comes on the heels of a potential bombshell, a law enforcement official said the video of the football player pumping his fiance bass sent to an nfl executive several months ago. the associated press says the official played a 12 second voice mail confirming he had seen the clip. the commission are said the league did not see the video
5:43 am
until this week and rice and the ravens released him hours after the video became public. a change for millions in california who will now get sick delays. workers earn a minimum of an hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours, worked. the law goes into apicket next july and most workers can earn three six days. home held aides and people with disapills are not covered. it is a job killer and it will prevent small businesses from expanding some say. continue coverage of the 9/11 anniversary with so many heroes emerging. the first hijack plane hit the north tower of the world trade center at 5:46 a.m. our time. you can see the marine guards are waiting to on the doors at the white house to the south listen ceremonies involving the president, the first lady and
5:44 am
vice president. we join abc if the special report. report. here is george stephanopolis. this is a scene from new york city. former mayor bloomberg and current mayor and of course a lot of the people from the day rueing giuliani who was the new york city mayor weapon the attacks happened thin years ago and a lot of the family members are holding uppers of lost loved ones who died that day. there will be a reading of names.
5:45 am
♪ at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ >> s would broad stripes and bright stars ♪ over ramparts we watched ♪ ♪ were so gallantly streaming ♪ and the rockets red glare ♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪ gave truth >> announcer: this is an abc news special report. >> and we are coming up on 8:46 this september 11th, marking that moment 13 years ago when the first plane hijacked by terrorists hit the world trade center. almost 3,000 died that day in
5:46 am
new york, the pentagon and pennsylvania and you see downtown, new york, the white house there, president obama will be observing the moment of silence there, as well with the first lady and vice president biden. every year since then we have marked this moment remembered the victims that day and their families and now a moment of silence. [ bell tolls silence. [ bell tolls [
5:47 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:48 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> gordon m ammott jr. edelmiro abad maria rose abad andrew anthony abate >> the names of the victims being read at ground zero. america pausing to remember those victims of the 9/11 attacks 13 years ago today at this moment. president obama leading them with a moment of silence at the white house. and all those names will be
5:49 am
read. as the white house staff remembers with the president, as well. boy, it brings you right back, doesn't it? >> it really does. it was a morning like this, so clear, crisp morning. >> and we honor their memory today and we'll return now to our regular programs. for many of you on the east coast, that is "good morning america." coast, that is "good morning america." >> >> they continue to read the names of the victims in world trade center and the ceremony is happening right now marking the moment the first plane hit the world trade center. >> we will continue to take you back to new york throughout the morning. we want to bring you back here to the bay area.
5:50 am
there are also evens if san francisco fire stations and san mateo and many fire stations throughout the bay area autopsying the victims in their own ways. now a look at weather forecast. mike? we start off with talking about the hot temperatures. we have a breeze and fog but it will dissipate into another hot day. year, today can tomorrow are the hottest days this week and pair spare today and likely tomorrow. we will see the heat subside as we head through the weekend into next week. we are in the upper 90's and triple digits in the east bay, and mid-90's in morgan hill and low-to-mid 80's through most of the bay shore and 70's along the coast. at the game it will be warm. wear the sun cent. 12:45 and warming to 80 by 3:15. tonight we will caucus and cool nicely from mid-50's up north to
5:51 am
upper 50's to mid-60's for the rest of us and here is the seven-day forecast, tomorrow is jump just as hot as today with probably poor air quality again and we will get the sea breeze back and air cleaner and we will back and air cleaner and we will lose two- to four-degrees sat >> big problem on the peninsula before willow several cars involved with a hit-and-run accident but a car on the side of the road a gentleman got out and another car slammed into his car and now there are three cars in the last lane, three lanes, three cars. an ambulance is en route. it will be nasty southbound 101 area of redwood city. it is now 5:51. millions of passwords stolen in posted and you could be a victim and not know it. >> new at 6:00, who says you cannot get great field economy in a heavy cut pickup truck.
5:52 am
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or liver problems.r insuliny increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. a nine-year-old gill is praised with saving her family fromness she learned at school when the flames ben out in her
5:55 am
home. she want her sleeping parents the first floor was on fire and wet a towel covering her most and mouth. they tried to take the stairs but they blocked by flame so they were forced to crawl back to a bedroom. >> i saw smoke coming on the bottom of door. i used it to smoke coming in. >> she and he parents were able to escape from the second-story window when a construction crew put a ladder to a window. investigators say it appeared the fire was started by a faulty rice cooker. we are still watch the fog to the west of fog and it is starting to crowd san bruno mountains with no delays. temperatures todayç are eight o telephone degrees warmer than average and we are in the 80's and 90's everywhere and around the state we have triple digits
5:56 am
through the central valley and yosemite is 95. >> san mateo bridge has heavy traffic working over to foster city and the peninsula and the peninsula we have a problem with c.h.p. updating the accident to southbound 101 with these cars, three lanes, traffic will be jammed down the peninsula influence palo alto and menlo park. thank you, google is urging gmail users to containing their passwords after five million gmail addresses and passwords appeared on a russian bitcoin forum. there is in telling if the list is real but the gmail were not breached. experts say people would use the same password on multiple sites are most at risk. president obama reveals his land to shut down and destroy isis in a rare rim time address.
5:57 am
we have reaction from a bay area lawmaker on capitol hill. >> a look from new york city where 9/11 families gathering to remember their loved ones on this 13th anniversary of the attacks. we will bring you the next moment of silence in minutes. we go to break with a look at the golden gate bridge on a small screen we have san jose traffic, bay bridge toll plaza traffic, bay bridge toll plaza and walnut creek traffic on
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. happening now, 9/11 families remembering their loved ones 13 careers after the terrorist attack, another moment silence minutes away. breaking overnight, a shooting in the north bay leads
6:00 am
to all out except by police and the investigation under way right new. condoleeza rice a stanford recovery and former secretary of state but is nfl commissioner is neither future in there is new speculation happening this morning. before we get to weather and traffic we will start this morning in new york city. right now family members of 9/11 victims are continuing to read the names those killed in the terrorist attacks 13 years ago. >> this started after the 5:46 moment of silence marking the first plane hitting the north tower of the world trade center. if three minutes we will bring you live to morning for the moment of silence to mark the 2nd plane striking the south tower thin years ago at 6:03 a.m. now a check on the forecast. good morning, everyone, we will talk about how hot it will


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