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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 12, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc 7 news. good friday morning. it's 5:00 thanks so much for joining us. let's find out what the weather holds for us today. here's mike. >> let's go up to the north bay, petaluma, rohnert park and santa rosa has been popular because of the fog developing from golf course drive up towards guerneville road about a quarter mile. it's pretty dangerous at times. two miles in half moon bay, the
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rest of us doing okay even though the fog was out there just like it was yesterday morning. by 10:00, to 11:00 it turns into hazy sunshine. spare the air today so be careful with that. 79 to 89 around the bay. 89 to 99 inland. coastal san francisco free air-conditioning 66 to 76. how about the friday morning commute? so far so good, friday light at the bay bridge toll plaza no issues here. traffic looks good into san francisco. obviously no metering lights yets. we've got a report of an accident eastbound 237 to southbound 101, a tow truck has been called and they are requesting 30 feet of cable. we'll be following it for you. let's look at the drive out of the central valley. a few yellow sensors as you make your way from tracy to the altamont pass. and speeds up to the limit on the dublin interchange. san jose homicide
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investigators discovered a female victim on north 15th street suffering from blunt force trauma and she died at the scene. police say she was found in an area between the burger king and white way hotel at 2:15 this morning. right now north 15th street is blocked off between charles and commercial street. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is on the scene and will have a live update in the next half hour. we've got breaking news out of richmond. around 10:30 last night police responded to hearing shots fired from different weapons near ohio avenue and south 23rd street. they found a man in his 20s on the street suffering from several bullet wounds. officers recovered at least one gun at the scene. the other gunmen are still at large. we're waiting for a call back from richmond police. we now know why b.a.r.t. trains have been shorter and more crowded recently. the agency has been taking railcars out of service to fix a dangerous defect. amy hollyfield is live at
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pleasant hill park to explain. >> reporter: some of the wheels are defective. they started looking in to the problem when a wheel fell off a moving train at the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station. they inspected all of the trains and found 20 cars had defective wheels. seven cars, though, are still out of service and will be for the next two weeks. which means the trains will be more crowded. passengers we talked to this morning say they weren't surprised to hear about the wheel problems. >> it feels like it makes sense because the cars just feel like they're in real disrepair. you know, they could do a better job. it seems like they're charging more and more and there's less service. there's, you know, less cars. there's less customer care if
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you will. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. assistant general manager said the wheel issue is a serious problem and he's actually talking to the wheel supplier about possibly compensating b.a.r.t. he thinks the wheel company failed to properly cast the metal and inspect the product. this comes as b.a.r.t. is also working on a rehabilitation project taking trains out of service every day to replace the carpets, the seats, the air-conditioning systems. ridership is up. there are fewer cars in service which just means lots and lots of crowds. reporting live in pleasant hill, amy holyfield, abc7 news. breaking news from south africa. the blade runner oscar pistorius is out on bail this morning waiting for his sentencing after he was found guilty of the negligent killing in the shooting death of his girlfriend. the olympic runner stood in a pretoria courtroom to hear the verdict.
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this morning the judge read the verdict. >> the accused is found not guilty and is discharged, instead he's found guilty of culpable homicide. >> culpable homicide is similar to manslaughter in our legal system. punishment ranges from a suspended sentence to 15 years in prison. it's up to the judge. the sentence will be handed down at a later time. napa police have released recordings of 911 calls that came in in the 30 minutes after the magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit last month, it comes in response to a public records request from the abc7 news i-team. you can hear the fear and confusion residents felt as they woke up to find their homes and businesses badly damaged in some cases. here's the story. >> 911, what is the address for the emergency? >> reporter: the flood of calls
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started immediately after the 6.0 jolt. >> my house shook. >> we had an earthquake. do you have any injuries or damage to report? >> i don't know. my son's here. my grandmother is elderly. >> if you determine you have injuries or damage -- >> i don't know! >> when you figure it out, call me back. >> the dispatchers have to prioritize the calls to separate people who are just reacting to the shaking from those with injuries or are in imminent danger. >> is there a rupture or is it just a smell? >> there's just a smell but i think it was a rupture. we just had an earthquake and the house fell. >> i can't get out of my apartment. there's stuff in front of both doors. >> ma'am, are you injured? >> i can't move them. >> are you injured? >> i am kind of worried about my heart. >> okay. take a deep breath for me. i'm going to go ahead and get help. >> reporter: most of the area is
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in darkness. the power's out. but fires light the predawn darkness. >> a transformer exploded in the dry brush. it's really big. >> okay. hold on. and it's a really big fire? >> yeah. >> how big is the fire? >> it's really big. i mean, i'm not sure how to explain it. it's just getting bigger. >> reporter: the worst fire at the mobile home park. >> we have a fire. >> okay. what's on fire? >> a home is on fire in the napa valley park. there's a lot of -- around here. >> we'll get the fire department started. is it a one story or two story? >> it's a one story. it's a mobile park. >> the dispatchers showed tremendous grace under pressure. >> i believe she's trapped in the house the caller is on the line. >> in my bedroom, i can't get out! >> comforting frantic callers calming them until help can arrive. >> i'll let the fire department
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know that you're there but it's going to be a little bit before they can get out there. i want you to just -- i want you to take a deep breath and i want you to know it's going to be okay and we're going to be there, okay? >> i feel like i'm going to throw up. >> okay. i understand you need to take deep breaths, okay? long, deep breaths. >> i can't even call her daughter. her phone isn't working. >> reporter: we heard the call from the family whose 13-year-old boy was crushed by chimney. all sorts of reactions that day. it's 5:08. this sunday is the first regular season game for the 49ers at levi stadium and fans are shelling out big bucks to be a part of it. the game against the bears is sold out but you can find tickets online if you are willing to pay a 131% markup in some cases. average price on the web for a ticket is $309 but standing-room
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only going for 165 bucks. the nfl said most expensive. one problem could be the heat after an exhibition game a fan said he baked in the upper deck. what about it, mike? >> you can count on temperatures 20, 25 degrees warmer than at the stick. if it was in the 60s sunday in the stick, it will be 90 in san jose and falling during the game but early in the game it's definitely going to be uncomfortable especially on the east side where you are sitting in the sunshine. heading to the beaches this weekend, temperatures still in the low 60s running 4 to 6 degrees warmer than average. you can see some of the fog trying to cross over san francisco. half moon bay is going to be 68 today. about 2 degrees warmer and not much warmer in the air than the water. san francisco, 76. 5 degrees warmer and san jose is
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89 and oakland 82. 7 degrees warmer than average. napa at 93 and concord about 96. 9 and 11 degrees warmer than average. your day planner, 50 to 62 and foggy spots this morning and sunshine will be murky. and 66 at the coast and 96 inland so about a 30-degree spread during the spare the air day. comfortable this evening to cool from 62 at the coast to 84 inland. hope you enjoy your friday. here's sue. >> happy friday indeed. we've got the niners and the raiders both at home and big dodgers/giants series and mass transit a great way to go. right now b.a.r.t. 38 trains all on time. a.c.e. train train no delays. and i believe it's a spare the air day. am i correct? mass transit would be a good thing to use as well. and he's giving me a big thumbs-up on the spare the air day. san rafael looking good at the limit all the way up the hill towards central san rafael and the 580 junction no delays here. just a little bit of fog up and
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over the waldo but not hampering your visibility at all. one accident to tell you about eastbound 237 to southbound 101 tow truck requesting 30 feet of cable there off an embankment. we'll keep our eye on it as usual. >> thank you. it's 5:11, fake students, the scam that may have cost a bay area college hundreds of thousands of dollars in financial aid. one of the nfl's top sponsors takes a strong stand on domestic violence in the wake of the ray rice scandal. the america's money report is next. and abc7 news now, a live look from our exploratorium camera and the bay bridge and the smaller pictures the golden gate bridge and the richmond/san rafael toll plaza.
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covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area this is abc 7 news. welcome back, 5:14. berkeley police are again asking for the public's help solving the murder of a chilean man killed four years ago. he was shot while walking home from a party with his fiancee in 2012. amber nelson and seladone had just moved to berkeley and he was shot to death in front of amber and there's a $20,000
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reward leading for information and an arrest in the case. the college of marin are investigating 23 individuals suspected as posing as students in a plot to steal $200,000 in federal financial aid. faculty members alerted authorities after they discovered what students in their online classes shared which was the same address and phone number and they withdraw after getting financial aid. the plot involved federal pell grants which don't require repayment and the scheme is auld pell-running. on sunday the giants are holding striking out violence day at the ballparks for the 18th year in a row. this year it will feature a nonprofit called futures without violence. that group believes every workplace needs a domestic violence policy. sunday's event is time i had given the case of the former baltimore raven ray rice with critics calling for nfl commissioner roger goodell to step down. yesterday retiring baseball commissioner bud selig was at at&t park. but he would not comment on how the nfl is handling the
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situation. selig says major league baseball and the players union have talked about implementing a policy on domestic abuse in the past but nothing hack done. selig declined to comment on the oakland a's stadium issue other than to say they need a new ballpark. a major sponsor for the nfl with a billion dollar deal is also taking a stance on the ray rice investigation. >> here's abc >> a vote of confidence for the nfl. pepsico a major sponsor likes that the league is now treating domestic violence more seriously following the ray rice assault investigation. the nfl gets about a billion dollars a year from sponsorships. toyota's recalling 130,0002014 toyota tunnel dra pickups because the side curtain air bags may not deploy properly. some of the covers weren't installed correctly. the automaker said it has not had reports of accidents or injuries because of the impact.
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dolphin sail 2 is to have a good debut. bust the dolphins could be beat by "no good deed." and this gothic looking burger is a new burger being debuted in japan. there's no current plans to sell it here in the u.s. that's america's money. >> yeah, i keep squid ink around for my burgers, don't you guys? >> doesn't everybody. >> next to the seaweed. time for a check on the forecast this weekend. >> a little squid ink on a cracker with fine napa wine. >> that sounds delicious. >> you put that on a cracker, too? no? >> with a little saracha sauce. >> let's talk about how hot it will be today. >> that's overboard. >> it's definitely overboard. let's talk about where we're going to go with this as we look at the east bay hills cam, you
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can see a little bit of fog trying to roll through our neighborhood. once again mother nature not wanting to let up on the marine layer. it's about 1,000 feet thick once again this morning. let's talk about the winds and see if we have anything coming our way. 12 miles per hour at sfo but everybody else is less than 9 to even nonexistent in the south bay and inland eastbound and most of the north bay. here, again, is the beautiful picture of the bay bridge trying to peek through at least the western section of the cloud deck. the heat and unhealthy air lingers today and we're back in the spare the air. heat slowly that's the key eases saturday all the way through wednesday and really no rain in the forecast once again. all right. let's take a look at our time lapse as far as the models forecasting the cloud reduction. by 10:00 most of the fog is gone. it will still be very hazy around the bay and that will let up a little bit as we head towards the afternoon hours. the worst air quality is usually between 3:00 and 6:00 that's when most of us are out driving
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trying to get home from work. 70s, 80s and 90s for the most part. and 100 in gilroy. mid-80s to near 90 to most of the south bay until you get to los gatos and morgan hill, mid-90s there. millbrae final. the exception. everybody else in the midst to upper 80s on the peninsula. mid to upper 60s along the coast and look at the extra sunshine in downtown and south and sausalito, mid to upper 70s. 89 in petaluma but low to mid-90s for the rest of the north bay valleys and temperatures range from 80 in richmond to 82 in oakland and 88 in castro valley and inland midnen90s to 100 degrees. 7:15 your first pitch tonight for the a's and 65 degrees dropping down to 61. and it eases slowly, look at that. just a couple of degrees.
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and then sunday we'll drop a couple of more degrees and not going to drop significantly until possibly tuesday, wednesday when temperatures get back to average. don't drop the ball this weekend or your clicker. it's going to be hot so be careful. sue? >> i'm glad you said that. >> butter fingers over here, sorry. >> that's all right. 5:20 this morning and take a look at your san mateo bridge commute. a few brake lights as you make your way up and over towards the high-rise into foster city. no major delays. it's about a 16-minute drive between hayward and foster city. with this accident the interchange between 237 and southbound 101 tow truck on scene with 30 feet of cable getting a car out of the embankment there. checking on your drive out of the central valley we see slow traffic up and over the altamont pass. and eastbound 580 that roadwork at isabel will be picked up at 6:00 this morning and just a reminder, the dodgers are in town, mass transit a great way to get to at&t park. traffic will be jamming around
5:21 am
there this evening. >> no doubt, sue, thank you so much. 5:20 and straight ahead seven things to know as you start your day. a new challenge for a local war veteran and the special someone helping him do it. and one of the scariest things that can happen on a baseball field. ooh. and it happened to one of the best sluggers in the game. we'll have the results. and abc 7 news now as you are taking a live look at interstate 680 in walnut creek and the taillights southbound and the bay bridge toll plaza and a look at the maze and the south bay.
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jose police are investigating a murder. they say a woman was found on north 15th street early this morning suffering from apparent blunt force trauma. she died at the scene. matt keller is there talking to homicide investigators and we'll have a live update coming up in just a few minutes. number two, b.a.r.t. has a train wheel problem. the agency found 23 wheels flawed on 20 trains following the recent check. the check was prompted after a train lost a wheel last month. 40 cars were grounded. crews checked over 5,500 wheels. seven cars remain out of service. number three, oscar pistorius is free on bail this morning after a judge ruled him guilty of culpable homicide in the shooting death of girlfriend reeva steenkamp. culpable homicide is similar to manslaughter in this country and could result in a suspended sent edges sentence or 15 years in prison. president obama has declared the napa earthquake a major disaster which releases emergency federal aid for napa
5:25 am
and solano counties and federal emergency management agency is still surveying the damage and may recommend more resources. number five, the giants and a's open series against division rivals in the race for the play-offs and the giants take on the dodgers at at&t park this weekend as the two teams battle for the national league west lead while the a's are in seattle by a game and a half in the wild card race. number six, giants are just about as hot as the weather right now and plus we've got fog to talk about. quarter mile in santa rosa and 2 1/2 mile in half moon bay. that's what's showing up on doppler 7. the heat will ease this weekend. show you the newest numbers in your seven-day forecast. and number seven, your friday morning commute. a live look at the macarthur maze, traffic flowing nicely onto 880 and 580 and the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet. we'll continue to follow this and hope for friday light. >> sue, thanks so much. boy, this is a little
5:26 am
frightening to watch. miami marlins all-star outfielder jan carlo stanton is out for the remainder of the season after getting hit in the face with a pitch. just a chilling scene in milwaukee. brewers pitcher mike fire struck stanton. saw him go down flush on isface with a 88-mile-per-hour fastball. he was hit over the eye. blood poured from his face and he was taken off on a stretcher and driven from the field in an ambulance. he suffered facial fracture and dental damage and needed stitches. stanton is the national league home run and rbi leader and was a leading candidate for most valuable player honors. 5:26 now. as part of his effort to raise money for a permanent korean war memorial in san francisco, korean war veteran wally stewart will make a one and a quarter mile swim from alcatraz to san francisco in the 19th annual alcatraz invitational.
5:27 am
it starts at the island and ends at the south end rowing club along the pier. with him will be his grandson tom ferrere. he made the swim five times in the '70s and '80s and knows he's in for a serious challenge. >> it depends on the weather. if it's flat and calm on a scale of one to ten, maybe a seven. if the tide doesn't work the way we think it's going to work or the wind comes up or the fog comes in it could be a nine. >> if you'd like to give where you live we've added a link to the korean war memorial foundation on our website at 5:27. coming back with a full 90 minutes of news. >> including parking pains the mistake leaving some drives with pricey tickets even though they paid their meters. and we take you to break looking at traffic on the golden gate bridge and on the small screen the san mateo bridge and the san rafael 101 and downtown san francisco all looking fine.
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live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc 7 news. >> good friday morning. 5:30. thanks a lot for joining us. and just how warm is it going to be and is it going to cool off? questions for mike this morning. >> answers right now. good questions. let's look first what's going on this morning. still some fog in north bay if you are joining us. petaluma and rohnert park up to santa rosa a quarter mile, be careful there. but notice the golden gate bridge this morning is looking quiet right now. i think the fog will lower onto the deck as we get deeper into the morning commute so watch out for that. hoar it's a spare the air day. hottest inland from 89 in the north bay to 99 in the east bay. coast 68 to 76 into downtown san
5:31 am
francisco and around the bay 78 to 89 as you head to the south bay. let's get a check of the friday morning commute. hoping for light. >> we are, so far, so good. we're checking your mass transit this morning as you, mike, just mentioned, it is a spare the air day, great way to get out of the car and into b.a.r.t. or whatever form of mass transit and everybody is running on time right now. we've got the dodgers in town, the big giants/dodgers series and uni or caltrain to get there because, yeah, it will be busy especially friday evening commute. we've got minor slowing here. no metering lights yet but folks paying dark are going to wait just a little bit longer at the bay bridge. one accident to tell you about eastbound 237 the car is still out there in a ditch. on the transition ramp to southbound 101. tow on scene. new this morning, san jose police are investigating a homicide. a woman's body was found near a motel and a burger king parking lot. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live on the
5:32 am
>> reporter: we learned that homicide detectives and the mobile crime unit just arrived on the scene. police say a woman around 40 years old and possibly homeless was found on the sidewalk near burger king and a hotel here on north 15th street near commercial street. they say some people walking down the street saw her and called 911. >> it's just trauma. it's trauma and there's blood. and we can't get a good look at the body. she's wearing clothes so we don't know if there are any stab wounds or gunshot wounds. we just know that she has trauma. >> reporter: police say they have two people of interest in custody. we saw at least one taken away in handcuffs. investigators also say they are interviewing a couple of wntions back at their headquarters. several homeless people were in the area at the time police arrived at the scene. police say those people are cooperating. police have north 15th street blocked off between charles street and commercial street. now, investigators say this investigation could take until at least 9:00 or 10:00 this morning at least out here on the
5:33 am
scene. matt keller, abc 7 news. breaking news this morning abc news is reporting two navy f-18 fighters have crashed into the pacific ocean. there's word the jets collided before crashing into the ocean. early reports say one fighter pilot has already been rescued. the search is continuing for the second pilot. the f-18 is from the ""uss carl vinson"" it set sail from san diego three weeks ago. they're not giving us any more details about the possible location of the fighter jets and the crash. we've got more on this story. we're continuing to follow it and we'll have updates on twitter at abc7news bay area. and olympic runner oscar pistorius has been found guilty of culpable homicide in the shooting death of his girlfriend. pistorius was ordered to stand as the judge read the verdict. the double amputee was also found getty on a firearms charge. culpable homicide is similar to
5:34 am
manslaughter and the sentence can range from a suspended sentence to up to 15 years in prison. pistorius who remains free on bail will be sentenced on october 13th. a shooting victim is fighting for his life this morning at san francisco general hospital. the victim in his 20s was found here the hospital at 23rd and utah streets around 8:30 last night. he'd been shot several times in the upper body around the time the victim was located officers received reports that shots had been fired earlier around the 500 block of ellsworth street. police are investigating whether the two incidents were related. more gunshots in san francisco last night. just after 10:00 shots were fired near the intercontinental hotel on howard street. at least two cars were hit by gunfire. police began escorting guests back into the hotel for their own safety. so far no confirmed victims or suspects. a 1-year-old boy is recovering this morning after he was accidently shot in east oakland. it happened early yesterday afternoon on 77th avenue in the
5:35 am
east mont neighborhood. investigators say the boy was outside the home with some family members when the gun went off. the child is in the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. police are still trying to determine who fired the gun and whether that gun was legally owned. b.a.r.t. officials say they've discovered flaws in 23 train wheels on 20 cars after checking all the trains following last month's incident where a wheel fell off a moving train. it came off at the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station shutting down the afternoon commute. they grounded 40 cars with suspect wheels and since then the crews have checked more than 5,500 wheels. the testing forced b.a.r.t. to pull cars out of service and in turn it resulted in overcrowding on some trains. amy holyfield will have a live report at the top of the hour. president obama has officially declared aft month's magnitude 6.0 quake in the napa valley a major disaster.
5:36 am
it releases emergency federal aid for napa and solano counties. the white house did not say how much money may be available but a preliminary assessment by governor brown's office found $87 million in earthquake costs that could be eligible for federal assessment. the federal emergency management agency fema is still surveying the damage and may recommend more resources. 5:36. dna analysis and rabies test results are expected to be completed today on the male mountain lion that wardens believe attacked and injured a 6-year-old boy on sunday. wednesday morning search dogs picked up a scent and forced the 65-pound cat up a tree in cupertino not far from the original attack site. they say the mountain lion exhibited extremely aggressive behavior toward the wardens who were forced to shoot and kill the mountain lion. state senator jerry hill will hold a news conference to
5:37 am
urge governor brown to sign a bill that would have the state mediate a resolution to restore public access to martin's beach in half moon bay. the governor has until the end of the month to sign or veto the legislation passed by the state senate last month. it requires a silicon valley billionaire to negotiate with the state lands commission to restore public access to martin's beach. he co-founded sun microsystems closed a private access road to the public beach when he bought oceanfront property in 2008. he's argued he doesn't need permission to close the road. walnut creek's new downtown parking system is leaving some paying customers with tickets rather than minutes on the meter. the problem is the inground sensors that were installed last year. they wirelessly tell sidewalk meters if a car is in a spot or not and the meter resets accordingly, however, some meters have proven to be too sensitive and can be tripped when a truck rolls by, it resets
5:38 am
to zero leaving a red light blinking indicating the car in the spot was not paid up. city officials are saying the sensitive sensors are being recalibrated. the iphone 6 and 6 plus are now available for online preorders but the midnight debut did not go off without a hitch. the apple store actually went down for about two hours this morning and here's the message many saw when they tried to place the preorder. we're busy updating the apple store for you and we'll be back soon. other preorder sites had hiccups including at&t likely due to overwhelming demand. we've reached out to cupertino-based apple and waiting to hear back. 5:38 now and time for the check on the warm weather forecast but maybe we'll get a break. >> the break will come slowly especially for our inland neighborhoods but it will start at the coast and work its way towards the east as we head towards the weekend and into next week. here's a look at sfo. you can see the lights in san bruno mountain in the distance and the fog coming through the
5:39 am
gap not over the airport so no delays. we'll keep an eye on it for you. i'll have it on twitter. we'll have some poor air quality today. spare the air the second spare the air the second consecutive day and santa clara valley, will have the worst air quality. we'll have the reasons check out the fires to the north and watch the prevailing northwesterly wind bring it right down and did it in our neighborhoods plus because of the stagnant wind we're getting too much ground-based ozone. by noon your day planner today 64, 72, 84. the coast the bay and inland will go 66, 84, 96 at 4:00. it will be pretty comfortable this evening especially after 7:00 temperatures will be fading quickly. and so will the poor air quality. 60s at the coast and mid-70s to mid-80s around the bay and inland.
5:40 am
hope you enjoy your evening. let's look at your drive times if you are headed out right now 5:39 and coming up on 5:40 in the central valley it's moderate and bunching up a bit but not too bad. a half hour from trailsy to dublin and antioch to concord looking good under 20 minutes and a nice drive san rafael to san francisco no fog on the golden gate right now but it's still a nice beautiful drive out of san rafael. here we go, we got the walnut creek southbound 680 making the turn towards 24 a few brake lights here. getting a little bit heavier but moving at the limit. no delays. just one accident out there. tow truck on scene trying to get a car hooked up to 30 feet of cable. eastbound 237 to southbound 101. >> sue, thank you very much. it's 5:40. back from the front lines. next the bay area doctor who is putting his life on hold to play a big role in the fight against the deadly ebola outbreak. and mark zuckerberg gets attention in washington. the ulterior motive that a gop
5:41 am
senator accuses the facebook ceo of having in supporting immigration reform. and abc7 news now, the big picture there a live look at san francisco and the fickle finger of fog floating over it and also right now a smaller picture showing the maze. we have san francisco international airport. and the san mateo bridge.
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5:43 am
welcome back. it's 5:43.
5:44 am
a new firestorm over nfl star ray riles. new details are coming out about what happened. and nfl commissioner roger goodell is under fire as critics call for him to step down. our sister network espn reports rice told goodell on june 16th that he punched his then fiancee in the elevator and it contradicts goodell insistence he did not know the extent of the beating until tmz released the video on monday. a hotel staffer told espn that when janay rice said how could you do that to me, i'm the mother of your kid. ravens owner assumed before he saw the tape it was a drunking brawl. >> we sat back and let others do it. >> last night the ravens played their first game since rice was released defeating the steelers 26-6. an initiative to split
5:45 am
california into six separate states could be on its last legs today. the initiative is over 207,000 valid signatures short of qualifying for the 2016 ballot and must have those by the end of business today. los angeles and four other counties have not reported their numbers to the secretary of state. the initiative the brainchild of a venture capitalist would divide california into six states each with its own governor, legislature and two senators. tonight the giants open a huge weekend series against the rival los angeles dodgers. boo! at at&t park. >> the last time the two teams squared off in late july the dodgers swept the giants and led the n.l. west since leaving town. this time the jeegiants are on roll having won 12 of the last 15 and 9 in a row at home. yesterday the giants completed a series sweep of arizona closing to within two games of the dodgers with 16 games left to play. san francisco leads the wild
5:46 am
card ralce by four games. first pitch at 7:15 tonight. the a's open an important series of their own in seattle tonight. oakland has lost 13 1/2 games in the standings in the past month and are now clinging to a one-game lead for the top wild card spot with only a game and a half separating the team with the mariners for the second spot. yesterday the a's' slide tonighted wetonight continues with a loss to the white sox. first pitch at 7:10. i could tell you something super important to say. you had the look in your eyes. >> i was going to say sports is funny that way when you do the exact same thing that was winning games early in the season and all of a sudden you start losing games doing it. it's funny that way. >> yeah. >> he sold high when he got rid of johan. >> joe panic, whoo!
5:47 am
>> you beat the teams with the worst record. you sweep them and hopefully play .500 against the dodgers and you have pretty good chance. >> three games. you can't do .500 with three games. >> during the season. >> oh, okay! my math is a little funky but -- >> i understand. >> how's the weather going to be tonight? >> it will be fine. it's going to be pretty good. not as warm as it was yesterday but it will definitely be in the 60s. you'll probably need the hoodie, whatever you need for low to mid-60s. all right. sometimes i love the way you think. sometimes it baffles me. 12-mile-per-hour winds. everybody else light and variable. high pressure definitely dominating our weather. all right, let's take a look at what's going on. up north, good morning to you, low to mid-50s for you guys except for napa and seran rafae. and lafayette and brentwood 63,
5:48 am
and redwood city, 60. and everybody else mid to upper 50s. cupertino 57 and you can see the fog in the east bay hills and barely see the bay bridge. once you go over the water it's not as prevalent but, you know, how many of us are going to be over the water for the better part of the morning. heat and unhealthy air lingers in the forecast but with the heat easing slowly so will the air quality starting tomorrow through wednesday and unfortunately still don't see any rain in the forecast. let's talk about temperatures today. how about mid-80s to near 90 in the south bay until you get to los gatos, morgan hill and gilroy, midne-90s. and sunshine in millbrae and look at the mid to upper 70s throughout our peninsula neighborhoods. 86 at menlo park. and mid to upper 70s downtown. and heading up to wine country, 92 in sonoma and 93 in napa and 92 in santa rosa and then 80 at
5:49 am
richmond, 82 at oakland. 88 in castro valley and fremont. inland mid90s, concord and san ramon and pleasanton. here specifically is the game forecast for tonight. 7:15 first pitch. 65. dropping down to about 61 degrees. now, we've got this semipermanent area of high pressure but it will lose its grip as we head through the weekend and that's why we see a little bit of a cooling trend. tomorrow once we get rid of the morning cloud high clouds and sunshine and 2 to 4 degrees cooler and that will be the case sunday and again monday and tuesday and finally our coolest day wednesday when temperatures are back to average. have a great weekend. here's sue. >> thanks, mike. let's talk about football on sunday. we've got both the niners and the raiders at home. mass transit a great way to go. as a matter of fact, the capital corridor, a.c.e. and vtm are all requesting you purchase your tickets ahead of time to avoid waiting at the stations.
5:50 am
today is a spare the air day. the 880 overcrossing and traffic flowing nicely. pretty dark out there. no delays. eastbound 237 to southbound 101 the car off the road is cleared off of lanes. no problems here. >> sue, thanks a lot. facebook founder mark zuckerberg has not yet responded this morning to scathing words from a republican senator on the u.s. senate floor. alabama senator jeff sessions accuses zuckerberg of putting his money behind immigration reform so that he could have more low-wage foreign workers for facebook. instead of hiring american workers. sessions made the comment in regard to president obama considering offering amnesty to some undocumented immigrants. zuckerberg along with many tech executives believes current immigration policy is keeping bryant, scientific minds out of the u.s. 5:50 now. a massive solar storm begins to pound the earth. the impact it's going to have technology we depend on. new at 6:00 a startling new assessment of isis. the country's top spy agency
5:51 am
admits the threat posed by the militant organization is much worse than first thought. abc 7 news now at 5:51, looking live at san francisco international airport in the big picture and the smaller one showing the western span of the bay bridge and below that the bay bridge toll plaza and interchange 680 in the walnut creek area. the wait is over for even faster internet. xfinity is now doubling the internet speed... ...on two of our most popular plans. xfinity continues to innovate, bringing you the fastest, most reliable internet...period. xfinity internet from comcast,
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welcome back. 5:53. more than 1,000 firefighters are in shasta county battling a wildfire that doubled in size to nearly 1,200 acres. evacuations have been ordered outside redding. the gulp fire threatens more than 100 homes and it's 15% contained. investigators believe a car fire
5:54 am
started it but the fire grew out of control when it jumped a fire line. officials at yosemite plan to reopen the half dome cables, which guide you to the top of half dome were shut down last sunday when a wildfire broke out. the meadow fire has burned almost 5,000 acres and is 23% contained. many trails and camp grounds near the fire remain closed but the park's maybe entrances and most of its attractions including yosemite valley are open. let's see if we have cooler temperatures on tap to help with the situation. >> they'll cool down a little bit heading through last week but 97 in yosemite with smoke and 100s in the central valley and 72 at monterey and sunshine and mid to upper 80s san diego to los angeles. average temperature in tahoe supposed to by 75. we'll be in the low 80s all weekend and sunshine and maybe a few high clouds saturday. if you are going to the stanford/army game it will be another hot one with 80 degrees or warm one but the sunshine's really going to get you there.
5:55 am
and we've got a football game, raiders and texans, 75 degrees at 1:25. dropping down to 73 at 4:00 and get ready for 82 at levi stadium dropping down to 68 by the end of the game. sue? we've got a backup at the bay bridge now. authorities are telling me no metering lights but we did have an earlier stall and you can see traffic is now stacking up back towards the macarthur maze. i suspect the metering lights will be on shortly. will be on shortly. eastbound roadwork at livermore and fog in the north bay, the organize, but the roadwork is ongoing the widening project from petaluma to novato. it's 5:55 now. new details this morning on what led honda to issue a massive recall involving air bags. "the new york times" reports an air bag exploded in a honda accord in 2004 in alabama shooting out metal fragments and injuring the driver.
5:56 am
honda and its air bag supplier deemed it an anomaly and did not issue a recall or seek the involvement of federal safety regulators. "the times" reports the delays meant other automakers were not aware of possible defects in their own vehicles for years putting off their recalls. today more than 14 million veks have been recalled by 11 automakers over air bag rupture risks. a massive solar flare may affect technology on earth today through the weekend. nasa released this image of the solar flare the bright white spot in the middle of the picture. the national weather services space prediction center said it's likely the flare produced a geomat nettic storm that can temporarily disrupt power grids and radio communications on earth for two or three days after the eruption. breaking news next at 6:00, a gun battle in the east bay. police called to the scene. the two discoveries they made helping them in their investigation right now.
5:57 am
should california get rid of the death penalty? what a just released poll rev l reveals about golden state voters and their attitude toward capital punishment. abc 7 news now had the big picture of the san mateo bridge, the smaller picture golden gate. bay bridge toll plaza and 101 in san rafael. we'll see you at the top of the hour.
5:58 am
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6:00 am
400,000 passengers daily across the bay area admits something is seario seriously wrong with its wheels. thank you for joining us. >> let's check in with mike with the forecast. >> good morning, everybody. here's a look at the fog that's developing from about petaluma to santa rosa half mile visibility there. 2 1/2 in half moon bay. it's not quite as thick along the east bayshore as it was yesterday where we had ride delays into oakland. here's your day planner for the bay. 61 this morning. foggy spots, hazy sunshine spare the air day. mid-80s at 4:00 and comfortable low 70s this evening. and looking at fog in the one oone corridor but cheer east bay. mid-80s by noon and mid90s at 4:00 and low to mid-80s during the evening. along the coast temperatures in the mid to upper 60s with in-and-out sunshine. sue? let's go to the


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