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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 12, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> good morning, america. breaking overnight, oscar pistorius found guilty of manslaughter, not guilty of murder. the blade runner standing stone-faced as the judge read her verdict. headlines now screaming, "oscar's great escape." could he walk away without spending another night in jail? and it's a touchdown. >> the baltimore ravens taking the field for the first time since the shocking video of ray rice surfaced. the broadcast toned down. rihanna's theme song, pulled, amid new bombshell allegations that rice told the commissioner he punched his wife. and breaking overnight, a notorious school shooter breaks out of prison with two other inmates, the frantic manhunt for the 19-year-old killer after they scaled a fence. outraged parents demand answers. and a wild night for sarah palin and her family, caught in
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a massive brawl at a house party, after they showed up in a stretch hummer. one witness saying it was like an episode of jerry springer. her kids throwing punches. what sparked this rumble in the tundra? and good morning, america. happy friday, robin on assignment this morning. >> so nice to have this guy, rob marciano is with us. the new guy. >> great to be here. >> i just want to say, our chief meteorologist, ginger, is taking a nice long weekend. what's your title? >> senior. >> a well-deserved time off for her. >> welcome. >> thank you. glad to be here. lots of weather to talk about, and fun stuff too. >> welcome aboard, rob. we want to get right to the breaking news of oscar pistorius, the former olympian convicted of culpable homicide.
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and we are in the courtroom, matt, this verdict has shocked so many. >> reporter: absolutely, george. when oscar pistorius walked into the courtroom yesterday, he faced life in prison. but that culpable homicide conviction may be a victory for him. he's already out on bail and may never send a single day in prison for killing his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. this headline says it all, "oscar's great escape." >> mr. pistorius, please stand up. >> reporter: judgment day for oscar pistorius, on the count of murder -- >> not guilty and is discharged. instead he is found guilty of culpable homicide. >> reporter: after a contentious trial punctuated by recriminations. >> you killed reeva steenkamp. that's what you did. say yes, i shot and killed reeva steenkamp. >> reporter: oscar pistorius was found guilty of manslaughter for negligently firing into his
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bathroom door last valentine's day, knowing that someone was inside. but that conviction is not enough for the judge to throw out bail, despite the prosecution's protest. >> after negligently killing the deceased. the olympian breaking down in court on thursday, but this morning, showing little emotion, only staring stone-faced in his seat. today with the family of the women he killed shaking their heads and pistorius' family saying there are no victors today. >> it won't bring reeva back but our heart goes out for his family and friend. >> reporter: as pistorius left court, he was mocked and for the first time, cheered.
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>> next month will be his sentencing, but get this. they took him downstairs to a holding cell for about an hour during a lunch break. that could be the most time he will spend behind bars after his conviction. thank you, matt. dan, we sat here every day, watched the evidence come in, watched the trial. i'm one of those people, like you, who is shocked by this. >> it's not just that the verdict itself is stunning. the not guilty on the murder charge, it's the reasoning that the judge used. it appears that this judge believes it was all a mistake. believes that oscar pistorius thought that reeva was still in bed. that's right. and as a result, that this all was a horrible, horrible mistake. that, to me, when you look at the facts of this case, is the most significant thing that this judge found, and that led to the ruling. >> basically threw out the testimony for witnesses saying they heard fights and heard
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screaming. >> that's right. and says she believes it was oscar pistorius who was the one screaming. when we first heard that, it seemed absurd. the notion that earwitnesses heard a woman screaming and heard two people screaming. some heard a man and a woman screaming. and instead, this judge is saying, i believe that the defense said that oscar pistorius may have had a high-pitched voice, and it was just him screaming. because remember, if there was a fight, there was no way to avoid a murder charge here. >> also, seeing he's acquitted on one of the ammunition charges. which is hard to believe. the ammunition was found in his home, and he did not have the license to have it. it does make me wonder, is it possible. it's very unlikely he'll get no jail time. >> unlike here, the prosecutors there can appeal.
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>> they can appeal on matters of law. i would not be surprised if these prosecutors appeal on one crucial mistake that many believe the judge made about whether he had to have the intent to kill her behind that door opposed to anyone behind that door. >> okay, thanks very much. all right, george, move now to the ray rice scandal. his former team, the baltimore ravens, taking the field last night for the first time since that video from the elevator surfaced. this as questions are raised about just how much the nfl commissioner knew, and when. abc's ryan smith has the very latest. and we wish you a very good morning, ryan. >> reporter: roger goodell under fire once again, claiming that ray rice personally gave details to him, of the brutal elevator attack months before the video was released. and an investigation looming, new claims of insensitivity being levelled at the league, the potential fallout, enormous. overnight, more fallout from the scandal as the ravens took the field without rice, cbs sports pulling an opening sequence featuring rihanna, herself a victim of abuse at the hands of
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chris brown. critics saying the nfl should have made the connection sooner. another example, they say, of the league's insensitivity to domestic violence. tension over the rice controversy, spilling over into the parking lot, with some fans wearing ray rice's jersey, facing backlash from other fans. after the game -- >> care about the rice family. we have a tough family situation. our guys handled it tremendously with class. >> reporter: our sister network espn reporting, according to multiple sources, ray rice personally told roger goodell he punched his wife in the elevator in atlantic city, well before video of the incident went public, seemingly contradicting this statement by goodaell, earlier this week. >> when we met with him and his representatives, it was ambiguous about what actually happened. >> what was ambiguous about her laying on the floor, being dragged out by her feet.
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>> there was nothing ambiguous. that was the result that we saw. we did not know what led up to that. >> reporter: one source telling espn ray didn't lie to the commissioner, but another reporting rice told goodell, he slapped his fiancee. no one is reporting on the espn report. we know that former fbi director robert muller's independent investigation of the entire matter is set to begin immediately with the report to be shared with the public, a report that could determine the commissioner's fate. and calls for change in the nfl now coming from washington. yesterday, 16 of 20 women senators penning a letter to goodell, demanding a zero tolerance policy. to domestic violence, writing, quote, if you violently assault a woman, you shouldn't get a second chance to play football in the nfl. george, lara? >> thank you. and so much conversation on social media about the commissioner right now. and we want to hear from you.
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do you think that nfl commissioner roger goodell should step down? tweet us using #socialsquare. >> a lot of pressure there. we're going to get the latest now about the prison escape overnight by the ohio school shooter who killed three classmates in 2012. t.j. lane was caught after some tense moments that had the entire region on alert. alex perez is on the scene. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, a long night for people here. authorities say those inmates somehow scaled the perimeter of the prison, and got out, leaving authorities on a long overnight frantic manhunt. the 19-year-old convict is serving three life sentences for killing three students at a high school in february of 2012, breaking out of the correctional facility in lima thursday night at 8:00 p.m. with two others. >> scaled the perimeter fence. and, again, this is an ongoing investigation. >> reporter: authorities quickly apprehended one of the men nearby, but lane and another inmate were able to get away. officers with k-9s and helicopters were searching the neighborhoods and woods around
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the prison. then at 1:20 a.m. -- >> which inmate? >> i believe the young one. t.j. lane. he's in custody. >> reporter: authorities located lane, apparently armed with a pitch fork just 100 yards away from the prison. and hours later, they caught the other. lane's escape just another painful reminder to the community in ohio of the school shooting two years ago. >> 911, where's your emergency. >> we just had a shooting at our school. we need to get out of here. >> reporter: it follows last year's court appearances, marked by erratic behavior and the chilling lack of remorse. lane at times shouting obscenities at the victim's family. even wearing a white t-shirt with killer written across the front. >> when we heard this happened, it opened up the wound for everyone. it immediately put me right back in the courtroom, thinking about the whole case again. no one thought we would even be talking about this again.
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>> reporter: and we spoke with one of the victim's fathers overnight as this was happening, he was in complete disbelief and questioning what kind of system authorities are running here. officials say they're trying to figure out what went wrong. george? >> bet they are. okay, alex, thanks very much. let's get the rest of the top stories from amy. >> thank you very much. and we begin with the new concern about the growing threat posed by isis. the cia says it could be three times bigger than thought, up to 31,000 fighters across iraq and syria. intelligence officials believe isis has recruited fighters from more than 80 countries. meanwhile, overnight, australia became the second u.s. alley to raise the threat level, from medium to high, joining the british who's threat level is severe. and new details about the nsa's controversial spying program. court documents show the government threatened to fine yahoo! $250,000 per day if it
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refused to turn over the e-mails of its foreign users. yahoo! fought that order and lost. and a man jumping a fence on to the north lawn last night. tourists running away as the secret service responded with guns drawn, eventually tackling the man who was carrying a stuffed animal. his motive, unclear. overnight a massive fire ripped through this factory in connecticut. chemicals fueling the flames, fireballs shooting into the sky forcing 400 neighbors to flee their homes. and a heart-stopping moment in the major leagues. marlins' all-star giancarlo stanton, struck directly in the face by an 88-mile-per-hour pitch. he was rushed to the hospital with multiple fractures but did stay conscious. he is likely to miss the rest of the season. and the next pitch, another player hit, a bench-clearing brawl and two ejections. the brewers' pitcher appeared shaken up and apologized. let's lighten things up a
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bit now. kids say the darn test things. some kids in a school in washington were told a surprise guest was coming to class. what a surprise, it was the president and the first lady stopping by. one lady not so impressed. she was hoping to see someone else, and made it clear to the president when he walked in. take a listen. >> i really wanted it to be beyoncé. >> i understand. malia and sasha would feel the same way. >> i realized it was going to be you, that's even better. >> oh, she made up for it in the end. but the president thanked her for saying that in front of the press. but here's the best part, mrs. obama even agreed. she admitted she would rather see beyonce, too. he got piled on there. >> she should be in politics. wrapped it up. >> made it all okay. thank you so much. i want to move on now to a bomb scare aboard a jetliner at seattle/tacoma airport. it happened thursday on 9/11. security officials taking it
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very seriously, detaining one passenger for questioning. and abc's david kerley is tracking the story from reagan international airport in washington, d.c. good morning, david. >> reporter: if there is a day flight crews were on alert, it is 9/11, so what was a passenger thinking making a bomb threat? and the way the threat was made is really unique. the southwest pilot wasted no time in seattle calling for when he learned of a threat to his plane. he called the tower. >> we need to go to a spot where we can hold a little bit. >> reporter: pulling off to a side tarmac, officers boarding the jetliner, looking for one passenger. >> they zeroed in on him really quickly. >> reporter: police seen here escorting him off the jet. >> i was nervous, with it being 9/11, we were concerned there could be a real bomb on the plane. >> reporter: passengers pulled off the aircraft, they and all of their bags were rescreened, some even checked by dogs. this is one of the most unique bomb threats in the digital age,
7:15 am
sources say the passenger turned an electronic device into a hot spot, a wi-fi connection, and assigned a name to that hot spot which threatened a bomb to the southwest flight. >> he changed it to the bomb is on this seat, his seat, and then he changed it to something about the stewardest being hot. once we found all of that stuff out, we figured he was probably just goofing off. >> reporter: the passengers able to reboard for the flight to denver. southwest told abc news in the statement that the captain made the call about the potential security threat and that southwest's highest priority is safety and security of passengers and employees. some of those passengers who were inconvenienced telling us they hope that this man is prosecuted. lara and george. >> thank you. turn to sarah palin now, back in the headlines this morning with reports of a bloody brawl involving the former vice presidential candidate and her family in a house party in anchorage. paula faris has what we know. >> reporter: this morning, sarah palin and her family at the
7:16 am
center of a lively party erupting into a fight. bristol palin allegedly throwing a right hook. >> bristol just reached back and started clocking him. she hit him, you know, reached way back here and caught him right in the chin like -- you know, i counted at least six times. >> reporter: eric thompson said he was one of 70 guests at the birthday party in anchorage on saturday. according to political blogger amanda coyne, palin with her husband, todd, and kids arriving in a stretch hummer. coyne also reported that as the beer started flowing, that's when the fighting started. >> they were knocking his head back, and he was straightening his head back up, and he got hit again. >> reporter: the palin family was asked to leave the party after track palin attacked another guest who previously
7:17 am
dated his younger sister, willow. that's when the 21-year-old's father stepped in to break up the fight. once the fight was broken up, the former vice presidential candidate and her family left. >> i heard sarah palin scream out, you know who we are, don't you? it was like we were just on a jerry springer episode. >> reporter: anchorage police only telling abc news that members of the palin family were indeed attending a party at this home saturday night, when a fight erupted outside. >> the police seemed to show up right after they left, asking people questions and wanting to know what was going on. >> reporter: overnight, sarah palin appeared on fox news' hannity show -- >> had barack obama listened to the best military advice -- >> reporter: -- but made no mention of the alleged altercation. the palin family could not be reached for comment. again, police telling abc news that no charges were pressed the night of the fight. but this is an active and ongoing investigation. >> yeah, there's got to be more to the story. >> there is. >> someone's cell phone had to be rolling. come on, people. >> yes. >> if it was, we will find it. thank you.
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want to welcome back rob marciano, first day on weekday "gma" in for ginger this morning, and we have some real winter weather out there. >> we do. first snow of the season, namely mt. rushmore, the presses there, 7 inches of snow there. and a little bit further away in buffalo, wyoming, more in the way of wet snow. and that caused some tree damage there. several states under winter weather advisories. namely frost and freeze advisories. 12 of them from nevada all the up through michigan. we have temperatures that are 10 to 30 degrees below normal. that front will stall across parts of the south, creating more in the way of heavy rains from texas to the carolinas. your local forecast just 30 seconds away, but first the weekend getaway brought to you by kohls.
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americ am good morning, i'm abc 7 news, the bay area microclimate forecast the heat and unhealthy air is again today but it will ease this weekend and into next week. no rain in this forecast. i'm sorry. here's a look at the temperatures, upper 60s to 70s, coast and san francisco, low to mid-80s in the north bay and low to mid-90s south and north and near 100 inland. good news it will fall back into the 50s and 60s tonight. acuweather seven-day guys, this is the peak of hurricane season. it's been pretty quiet, but we have some things percolating. we'll talk about that in the
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next half hour. >> percolating. is that interesting? >> is that with a smile? >> i don't want to be alarming just yet. >> okay. i was very alarmed by the snow you showed us at the top -- >> embrace it. >> percolate away. coming up on "gma," the desperate search for the texas woman who vanished from a shopping mall parking lot, how drones are being used right now to hunt for clues. and the children of the gun instructor killed on the shooting range are speaking out. the incredible message too the girl who shot him. and true confessions from an auto mechanic, how to get away from unnecessary and expensive repair costs. and it's "sesame street" takeover. there they are.
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. last month's incident where a wheel fell off a moving b.a.r.t. train has revealed a far bigger problem. it shut down service at the height of the afternoon commute. 40 cars were immediately
7:25 am
grounded. since then b.a.r.t. crews found flaws in 23 train wheels on 20 cars. seven are still out of service. let's see how the friday morning commute is going. here's sue hall. >> it's not friday light, unfortunately. you can see the brake lights past the civic center, normal typically slow southbound 101 through san rafael. had an earlier accident southbound 101. look at all that traffic, it's just jammed all the way from petaluma to the scene. it's now out of lanes. in downtown san francisco at pine and battery, a minivan into a subway sandwich shop. that's a major inbound thorough fare. it's out of lanes. >> sue, thanks a lot. when we come back, meteorologist
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welcome back. it's 7:28. let's talk about the dodgers, they're in town to take on the giants and also two games ahead of us. so sweep them and we're in first place. 63 at 7:15 dropping down to 61 by 9:30. most of us in the upper 50s to low 60s except for up north where we have low to mid-50s. don't forget today is a spare the air day. temperatures 2 to 11 degrees
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oh, boy, oh, boy, me so excited for amy to come to sesame street. i'm going to pack her up. here we go. >> i bet he's excited for amy to come to "sesame street." we're excited that "sesame street" is here own "gma." there they are, elmo, cookie monster. helping amy pack. >> freaking me out right now. >> have seen better days. >> not better days, her dressing room was a beehive today. a lot going on there this morning. >> my little friends. so cute. >> you're going to have so much fun there. >> so much fun. i might bring a few people with me. >> please. >> come on, come on. good morning, america, robin
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on assignment. and having fun this friday. get to some news, the incredible message from the kids of the shooting instructor shot by a 9-year-old. what the instructor's children are saying now. and mechanic confessions, what some of them say and do to get you to pay for unnecessary repairs. and george clooney is a man in love. speaking out about it all the time. what he declared publicly to his fiance that had audience members gasping. i didn't hear the tape, i hope i'm not overselling that. people were gasping. >> yeah, you can just see. it's a good fit. >> a lot of women wearing black, i'm sure. all right, we are going to get to that. but begin with the desperate search for a missing texas woman who vanished from a texas shopping mall, the area where kristina morris went missing is so vast, they are using droebs
7:32 am
to help cover more ground. ryan owens has the story. >> reporter: they have been used to shoot breathtaking video like this, to target terrorists overseas, and now helping the search for a missing woman here in north texas. this drone is scouring for the 23 ye 23-year-old. last seen on this surveillance tape, walking with a friend at a mall north of dallas at 4:00 in the morning. are you hopeful they will find something? >> hopeful they will find clues. >> reporter: the search crews have walked the woods near the mall and found nothing. and with police struggling to come up with leads, the faa granted an emergency waiver, allowing drones to fly here for the next three days. they are called superbats, and have a camera that can snap up to 200 images every ten minutes.
7:33 am
flights cost one tenth of a helicopter, covering similar ground. >> we are not out to violate privacy. the images are erased. we are not looking for them, we are looking for miss morris. >> reporter: this morning, they are looking at a 20-mile grid, looking for anything out of place. her mom has her own theory. you think someone has her? >> absolutely. i don't think, i know. >> reporter: why? >> i have that feeling in my heart that she was taken and she's somewhere. and they have her, and it's time to give her back. >> reporter: and she's thankful for the new eyes in the sky, hoping some high-tech help can bring her daughter home. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, plano, texas. >> we hope so too. turn now to the gun instructor accidently killed trying to each a 9-year-old to shoot an yu uzi. the four children of the victim
7:34 am
are speaking out with a special message. >> it is heartfelt, compassionate and forgiving. not necessarily the letter you'd expect the victim's children to write so soon to the person responsible for taking the life of their father. >> we're his kids, we wrote to the little girl. we don't know your name, but we are connected by the tragedy. >> reporter: the children of charles vacca, teaching this girl to shoot an uzi. when the machine gun's recoil caused the 9-year-old to lose control, vacca was shot in the head by a stray bullet. he later died from the injuries, something his children fear may be haunting the young girl. >> you're only 9 years old. we think about you. we are worried about you. we pray for you. and we wish you peace. our dad would want the same
7:35 am
thing. >> reporter: the law firm hired by vacca's family provided this video of the children reading the letter to the girl who has not been named. >> this is about extending out, reaching out to someone who was hurt by this and saying that it's okay. >> reporter: the focus of the letter, forgive said. >> our dad would want you to know that you should move forward with your life. you should not let this define you. you should love yourself. >> some day we hope we can meet you, hug you, and tell you that it's okay. >> reporter: vacca's sons and daughters also wishing to share more about the army reserve staff sergeant and family man behind the gun instructor. >> they want the public to know who charlie was. and the kind of person he was. >> our dad wasn't just an instructor, he was funny, strong, a protector. a hero, and our friend. >> reporter: prosecutors say they will not file charges against the 9-year-old. the four children say they know that what happened was simply a
7:36 am
tragedy accident. but isn't it remarkable, these kids working out their own pain, we to want meet you, hug you and tell you it's okay. >> such big hearts. thanks very much. get the weather now from rob marciano, in for ginger this morning. >> good morning. miami, a little soupy, nice shot from our affiliate. 76 degrees, the current temperature. but it is humid and rainfall today. it will be quite tropical. it's been a quiet hurricane season. we have three things to discuss, tropical off the coast of africa, edouard, won't bother anybody but the fish, and for folks in south florida and miami, a tropical low, disorganized now, some rough surf and gusty winds. 3 to 4 inches of isolated rainfall, and an isolated
7:37 am
good morning. i'm mike nicco. warmer than average with poor air quality once again. 89 to 99 inland, coast and san francisco 68 to 76. around the bay, upper 70s to upper 80s. accuweather seven-day forecast, the heat eases saturday through >> and this weather forecast brought to you but quaker. and my first day here, i already need some help. hope to get it. >> i volunteer. >> i love -- >> you're -- something a little furrier. >> i get it. >> and you guys have already all volunteered. remember that. coming up, the surprising new study revealing why teen haves sex. this could be a real eye opener for parents. and coming up, auto mechanic confessions. what you need to know to avoid being charged for unnecessary repairs. and how one dad is using the ray rice story to send a positive, powerful message to
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welcome back. it is 7:41. we continue with an undercover investigation into the auto repair industry. so many people wonder in the shop, are they getting taken for a ride? gio benitez went under the hood with a veteran mechanic to find out the dirty secrets of the car repair business. >> reporter: stephanie wash is
7:42 am
making the drive that every vehicle owner dreads, a visit to the auto mechanic to fix a problem under the hood. but in this case, stephanie is an abc news producer, and the infinity suv has been equipped with an optional accessory. our hidden cameras. abc news is going undercover at auto repair shops to see if what our confessor says is true, that there are way too many mechanics out there who are willing to take advantage of their customers by doing unnecessary repairs. >> you're a bit at the mercy of whoever is looking at the hood and looking tat. >> reporter: joe the mechanic should know. he's been fixing cars for 30 years. we agreed to disguise his identity with hollywood makeup and not use his real name. joe says one of the most common and profitable ways to jack up a repair bill is exploiting fears over the check engine light, affectionately known by some in the trade as the idiot light.
7:43 am
>> it's expensive, people are afraid of the check engine light. >> reporter: we would like to see if people would take advantage of stephanie over the so-called idiot light. but first, stephanie takes her infinity to two highly rated mechanics to ensure her vehicle will be in perfect working order. >> this car is road ready. >> reporter: ace mechanic audra, comes up with a plan to make the check engine light go on. simply unplugging the cord connected to the mass air flow sensor. a diagnostic scan from $50 to $100 could detect the problem. and check out this in north babylon, new york. >> the check engine light is on. >> reporter: they fixed the actual problem seconds after opening the hood by plugging the loose wire in. still, the mechanic suggests he can take the sensor apart and fix it for $190. >> 190.
7:44 am
i can remedy the problem. >> reporter: when we returned to pick up the vehicle, the mechanic proudly shows stephanie his work. >> so we did it, go one by one in there. you know? >> reporter: when we check the hidden cameras, we discovered that monte never touched the sensor. for $190, we got a quick spray and rinse of the engine. and, of course, our loose wire was plugged in. gio benitez with "20/20." time to get some answers. you said you took apart the sensor, and you actually didn't do anything. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> reporter: you know? you want to see what the video says? he said another mechanic did the actual work. that mechanic later told us all he did to fix the problem was plug the wire back in. and he said there must have been a break in communication. for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> on the case. >> he sure is. >> and you can see more behind the scenes secrets by tuning
7:45 am
in to "true confessions" on "20/20" tonight, 10:00, 9:00 central on abc. and coming up, what george clooney said publicly to his fiance that stunned an audience. he's in love. >> and this woman's social experiment, why she transformed herself to walk in her sister's shoes. just apply to the gumline of sensitive teeth for a quick 10 minutes. the special ingredient forms a lasting barrier that provides immediate relief and up to one month of protection. crest sensi-stop strips. a whole new way to treat sensitivity. that's 1 strip. 10 minutes. and up to 1 month of protection. satisfaction guaranteed. life opens up when you relieve sensitivity.
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♪ hey baby okay, george clooney closing in on his wedding day. speaking out more and more about it. sara haines has all of the scoop in the social square. >> george clooney, a winner in the finest role yet, husband to be, trending on youtube and trending everywhere. you can see why. >> i want to thank all of you. because for the last dozen years or so, you've made me an honorary citizen. and i have -- i have enjoyed every single moment of it. and i have to tell you, i've --
7:50 am
i've met my bride-to-be in italy, and i will be married in italy soon, in a couple of weeks. [ applause ] in venice, of all places. and i -- i also, i guess, in closing, i would just like to say to my bride-to-be, that i love you very much, and i can't wait to be your husband. thank you very much. >> i can watch that video over and over again. we know that the couple got their marriage license in august, but no date confirmed yet. we're going to wait for it, though. >> i want to see sara watch the video. >> i do too. that's going to go viral too. i'm sure. it's very sweet. so nice to see. >> coming up here, "sesame street" taking over "gma" this morning. what are they doing with amy's
7:51 am
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7:55 am
monday, see who is coming to "gma." if you think tim tebow inspired so many, wait until you see this kid. "motivate me monday" only on --
7:56 am
>> "good morning america". good morning, i'm eric thomas. first up let's check the weekend forecast. here's mike. >> we'll start with the air quality today. good morning, everybody. inland east bay, santa clara valley, that's where we'll have the poorest air quality but all of us under a spare the air once again. excessive heat, temperatures above average. half moon bay 68, 76 at san francisco to the 90s as you head inland, possibly some triple digits around morgan hill, antioch and brentwood. the heat will ease ever so slowly this weekend and cleaner air moves in also. sue. >> well, we've got a problem on the peninsula, southbound 101 just before 92, cars getting into it here.
7:57 am
you can see very slow traffic as you make your way towards 92. san mateo bridge also very crowded. west 580 at grant line an earlier accident involving seven and eight cars. that's now cleared off to the shoulder but debris remains there. still a grind out of petaluma due to an earlier accident south 101 near the state park. >> sue, thank you very much. the news continues with "good morning america."
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america, it's 8:00 a.m. and what's the real reason your teens are having sex? a new dereveals why kids aren't waiting. not what you think. and one dad turning the ray rice story into a positive movement. how he's transforming it from negative to something nice. and trending night you, one of the most glom rous actresses in hollywood, why does jennifer aniston say she let herself go, and why it's liberating to be makeup free. and a social experiment, why one sister transformed to walk in her sister's shoes. the transformation you have to see to believe as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
>> good morning, america. and a happy crowd in times square, looking forward to the weekend right there. what a group of stars we have today, not only from "sesame street," but jaime foxx and that's from annie. and sesame street taking on "gma." >> unbelievable. and i believe we have a very special guest. come on in. oh! >> the one and only. that is not a figment of your imagination. we have had so many of the sesame street gang, this is your first time, huh? >> i thought it was time to finally meet my hero, george stephanopoulos. >> hey, thanks, snuffy.
8:02 am
you have made a whole generation of kids know how to pronounce my name. it's fantastic. >> mispronouncing. it. hey, stephanopolous, snuffleupagas, we might be related. >> what do you think? >> there's a resemblance. the lashes. >> a lot of fun with you. first a little bit of news from amy. that's right, good morning, and breaking news, two navy fighter jets crashed in the pacific. flying f-18s similar to this one, one pilot has been recovered, one is missing. they were flying over the western pacific near guam. a cruiser, destroyer and helicopters are searching for the missing pilot. no word on what caused them to crash. and oscar pistorius is out on bail this morning, free to go home after being convicted of culpable homicide in the death of his girlfriend, similar to
8:03 am
manslaughter. because he was cleared of murder, it's possible he could avoid prison time altogether. his first sentencing hear is next month. and pressure is building on nfl commissioner roger goodell in the ray rice domestic violence case. espn reports rice told him he had punched his fiance in the elevator. that would contradict what was said this week. there has been an 84% spike since the ray rice video was made public. and police uncovered a different kind of data breach at saks fifth avenue. store employees stole credit card numbers from the computer in new york and went on a $400,000 shopping spree. buying everything from designer shoes to handbags. they say 100 boxes of shoes were found in the alleged ringlead
8:04 am
ringleader's apartment. and a daring move in this jewelry heist, four men smashed cases. but as they escape, that one customer on the side there, snatching the bag from one of the robbers. it was filled with $80,000 worth in jewels. the store owner said recovering that bag save ed him from going out of business. and finally, a high schooler in upstate new york didn't want the same yearbook picture. showing him with his beloved cat, mr. bilgs worth. the school said it's not a portrait, but he is taking a head shot with the cat on his lapel pin instead. thank goodness, that was almost a catastrophe. >> it's friday. >> come on, that was horrible. >> i happen to love it. >> let him into the picture.
8:05 am
>> yes, mr. bigglesworth deserves to be. and the new study with teens and sex. one-third say they have had sex by 16. some of the reasons may surprise you. we know hormones are at play. and we have heard about peer pressure, this goes beyond that. >> everyone is gripping their coffee mug a little more tightly. this was studies looking at three factors that have been known in driving the teen's to become sexually active. think their friends are doing, appear to be doing, and peer pressure. they found all three were important, but what carried the most power and made the most impact on the teens was whether or not they thought their friends were doing it also. this represents a target for intervention to help teens make the right decision. >> how to do that? in your practice you work with a
8:06 am
lot of teenagers. what do you say and take away from that? >> it's half my practice. i tell my teenage patients, do it because you want to do it, not because someone else is. and the physical and the emotional, can't completely uncouple them. find an adult you trust and respect that you can really discuss the issues with. >> what is your advice for parents, ready to talk to the kids about birds and bees, what do you say? >> i'm struggling with it also. >> i'm taking notes. >> try to listen without reacting, number one. number two, reach out to professionals, social workers or physicians. they are there to help make the difficult decisions. and avoid the mini-me trap. things are different than when we were teenagers, and don't make your kid into a mini version of you. >> that's great. dr. ashton will be taking your questions on twitter, tweet
8:07 am
her, and now saczar -- sara hais has the social square. in "pop news," jennifer aniston brought it down a notch, and it's liberating. and how one dad is turning the ray rice scandal into something positive. and our sesame street takeover, grove, elmo, all here for friday fun, all coming up live on "gma" here in times square. hi!
8:08 am
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8:10 am
hello, guys. >> hi. >> what are you doing? >> well, we packed you up and you're all ready to come to sesame street. here you go. there you go. >> there's cookies in my shoes. >> yeah, yeah. >> oh -- >> thanks so much for the help. >> yeah, no problem, see you there. >> okay. ♪ and it's time to fight it. quaker's good energy is just what you want. ♪ it's how we help keep go-getters like you... going... and getting. one bite at a time.
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introducing the leggings studio. more looks than you can imagine. only at white house black market. over 12,000 financial advisors. so, how are things? good, good. nearly $800 billion dollars in assets under care. let me just put this away. how did edward jones get so big? could you teach our kids that trick? by not acting that way. ok, last quarter... it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. ♪ ♪ sunny days >> you can do it. welcome back, our sesame
8:13 am
street takeover is just getting started. >> oh -- >> abbey, anybody else? out there? >> she's flying solo. >> she is flying solo. there you are. we have cookie, our grove, we saw snuffy, they're all here. cookie is here -- cookie, there are no cookies out there. we have "pop news" for you. inside, sara haines filling in. >> they are getting bashful. i'm not. and a movie transformation taking the internet by storm. and unrecognizable for the upcoming film, kate. she opened up about preparing for the role, letting herself fall apart physically. she brought a standing ovation this week in toronto, plus early awards buzz for the leading lady. i always wondered what they mean by let it go. >> every time a beautiful
8:14 am
actress makes herself look less attractive, she's up for an award. >> what was it, the good girl? that was a great movie. >> it helps you go with the role. don't recognize the actress. >> nalszed the picture, did she put on dramatic. and a word of advice, when anna wynn or tells you to try out a look, you do it. that was learned by caroline wozniaki, saying loving my new haircut. thank you anna for setting it up for me. they were seen at the runway show, sounds like someone was dishing advice from the front row. >> got tangled in the racket.
8:15 am
it was good advice for playing tennis. >> can you imagine walking down and seeing her? >> cut your hair off. >> right. >> pressure. >> what's the question? sorry. and finally, one of the hottest stars in tv drama shocking fan this is week, grey's anatomy ellen pompeo opening up with others, revealing she doesn't have a strong desire to keep acting when her time comes to an end. but she'd like to try and challenge herself by trying new things. but rest easy, grey's fans, nothing standing in the way of season 11. i love a career change. >> did she say what it would be? >> she didn't. take it where you will. >> she's been that character for so long. maybe just a break, maybe a -- >> 11 seasons. >> yeah. and i can't wait for the new one. and "scandal." did i say that out loud? sorry. and coming up, out to rob
8:16 am
marciano, got the weather, joined with some of his friends out there. >> i'm more excited than some of the kids in times square right now. we are with the cast of sesame street, cooky, elmo, grove, these are the culprits who infiltrated amy's dressing room. where are the cookies? >> yeah. >> they're all there. i'm trying to get amy to take me to sesame street. how do i get to sesame street, abb abbey? >> you have to practice, practice, practice. >> sounds like a jack benny joke. start with the pacific northwest, heat building, red flag warnings through the weekend. upper 80s in l.a. so where it's hot, it's cooler east of the colorado rockies where temperatures are in the 50s again today. a cold rain across chicago. heavy across parts of the south, and a beautiful day acr
8:17 am
good morning, i'm abc 7 news, the bay area microclimate forecast the heat and unhealthy air is again today but it will ease this weekend and into next week. no rain in this forecast. i'm sorry. here's a look at the temperatures, upper 60s to 70s, coast and san francisco, low to mid-80s in the north bay and low to mid-90s south and north and near 100 inland. good news it will fall back into the 50s and 60s tonight. acuweather seven-day for >> all right. 20th birthday to miracle here. back yo you guys in the studio. >> that's right. and keep to going here on the heat index. story turning big in the new york times overnight. a lot of tech executives, including former apple ceo steve jobs put limits on the screen
8:18 am
time their kids have. and ban them from using it on school nights, time limits on the weekends. others said they set boundaries, keep it to a minimum. don't take it too far, if you ban it completely, kids want it even more. later on -- but, boy, i wish i could do it as well as they seem to do it. >> i love the idea. >> we created a drawer down stairs. and we have a charging station. hand the phones over before they go to bed. get a good night's sleep. >> definitely not in the bedroom. we're okay on that one. >> no devices -- >> try to keep it down to 20, 30 minutes a day? >> we have an hour a day. >> clocked it, think about if the phone naturally clocked -- >> you should create that, you'll be a guy swrbillionaire. >> don't take that idea. >> i agree. i love that steve jobs s was dg it. homework first, and then a little time. it's a way to connect?
8:19 am
or no on school nights? >> we're not absolutists on it, but i wish we could control it a little more than we do. >> keep try, george. also coming up in the heat index, a stunning transformation. a model working with a makeup artist and skin clinics to cover her flawless skin with fake acne. her younger sister suffers from a severe case and wants to experience it firsthand. she says looking in the mirror, feeling less confident. she realized it's something her sister had to deal with every day for years. and the campaign is raising awareness of what acne sufferers are going through, and offering solutions to make it better. this is a good idea, and bold to do so. >> it's a tough time. you think about how tough kids are on each other. and that's the years when you feel the worst. >> so insecure. >> you know it's going to pass, but it's painful. >> raising awareness. also in the heat index, an interesting debate online, comfy
8:20 am
or chic when you travel? one writing that pulling yourself together while traveling signals you're invested in making the experience pleasant for everyone around you. and je swre bell firing back, saying passengers shouldn't have to dress up. >> it's a debate. >> i have gone both. going for a business meeting, you are dressed up. when i'm going just to have fun, i'm in leggings and a sweatshirt. >> you're dressed up, you're going for this notion, and then you're delayed on the tarmac for hours and hours, and you're in a suit. >> when you know what's coming, you want to be comfortable. >> always have my girls comfortable. you never know. >> no food anymore. >> yeah. >> sometimes you can't recline. >> you can't recline. >> sweat pants on the plane too. >> yeah. >> yours too. >> i put on my dressy sweats. >> wait, is that an oxy moromor?
8:21 am
>> yes. they're bedazzled. >> comp if i or chic? tweet us, #socialsquare. and next up, the father who turned the ray rice scandal from a negative into a nice with a message on the football jersey that's gone viral. ryan smith has the story. >> reporter: this morning in the wake of the nfl scandal, a new photo is making headlines. 6-year-old brin bartlett, supposing in her one of a kind ravens jersey. >> i had this idea, a little bit more positive of something to do with the jersey. >> reporter: her parents struggling what to do with her ray rice jersey, cleverly changing the word rice on the back to the word nice. >> i think it looks really cool. >> reporter: the change, all part of her parents' quest to send an important message to her daughter. >> my wife showed me posts on
8:22 am
facebook with people burning their jerseys. it really didn't seem like a very good idea. it seemed like a violent way to deal with a violent act. >> reporter: the photo, instantly going viral. but her parents say this wasn't just an art project. they want to make sure she understands the meaning behind the message. >> before we made the shirt, we had -- we had talked to both of our kids. we told them that they know that no matter how mad or frustrated they get, not hit anybody, not a boy, not a girl, nobody. >> reporter: parenting experience say they have the right idea. >> this is something that is ideal for allen parents to do. which is taking a bad situation and turning it into a good, teachable moment. >> reporter: four small words. >> be nice to girls. >> reporter: sending one powerful message. for "good morning america," ryan smith, abc news, new york. >> well, good for him. >> love it. nothing else to say but that.
8:23 am
and finally in the heat ind index, the miss america competition. lara and i might be headed to atlantic city for sunday night's pageant. but we have been watching the preliminary rounds. here's a look at the contestants to keep your eye on this sunday. they've come from across the country, all vying for one crown. >> i'm here, miss america. >> this is great television. >> reporter: the last four days of the preliminary competition had these 53 contestants showcasing interview skills, talents, and the ever-popular swim suit and evening gown appearance. and emerging from the pack, lifestyle and fitness and swim suit, miss florida, miss oklahoma and miss maryland. and for talents, miss ohio and her friend roxie. ♪ it's something quite atrocious ♪ >> and i rocked the house.
8:24 am
>> reporter: miss kentucky and her fiddle. ♪ and miss pennsylvania and her singing chops. ♪ no more silent -- >> i love performing. just breathing and remembering it's okay. >> reporter: but perhaps the moments that caused the most angst for all, the interview with the judges. >> you have ten minutes to introduce yourself to someone who decides your fate. >> they ask about i.s.i.s., foreign policy, it's such a big topic in the news right now. >> i'm still shaking. >> i think my toughest question was, how do you feel about michigan's game this weekend? i just graduated from the university of michigan, and we lost miserably to notre dame. >> i think that i'm the next miss america. this interview was the best interview of my entire life. >> and i'll be hosting countdown to miscellaneous america, a live special giving an unprecedented
8:25 am
look behind the scenes of the competition. all happening live. and lara and the barb lor's chris harrison co-host the 2014 miss america competition, starting at 8:00 p.m. right here on abc. and what happens in ac stays in ac. >> deal. >> we're going to have more of our sesame street takeover coming up. and we have been on the street all morning with murray, check it out. >> i have been reporting from times square all morning. so far we haven't been able to answer the age-old question -- >> so you want to know how to get to sesame street? >> yes, i do, sir. >> take the a. >> take the a-train. >> take the a to the b. >> then the b. >> then the c. >> then the c. >> then you're going to make it. don't get lost. >> i won't, sir. >> that's the way there. ♪ where the air is sweet
8:26 am
♪ can you tell me thousand ghow sesame street ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:27 am
good morning, i'm eric thomas. dna analysis and rabies test results are expected to be completed today on a mountain lion believed to have attacked and injured a 6-year-old boy last sunday. search dogs picked up a scent on wednesday and forced the 65-pound cat up a tree. game wardens shot and killed the big cat. hiking trails remain closed until dna results prove it's the right mountain lion. friday morning commute, here's sue hall. >> it's not friday light, unfortunately. we're watching the commute on the san mateo bridge where traffic is just crawling along. we had an earlier stall on the high rise, a pickup truck, that's out of lanes. over towards the other side, the foster city side before 92, an earlier accident there cleared out of lanes but the damage is done. eric.
8:28 am
>> sue, thank you very much. when we come back, meteorologist mike nicco and the bay area weekend forecast.
8:29 am
could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know you that former pro football player ickey woods will celebrate almost anything? unh-uh. number 44... whoooo! forty-four, that's me! get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts! whooo! gimme some! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. whoo! forty-four ladies, that's me! whoo...gonna get some cold cuts today! check out t63 tonight at th giants game. it's 65 in antioch, livermore 66 and los gatos 74 up in the hills. here's the way it looks here in downtown. pretty clean-looking air but it is a spare the air day and
8:30 am
temperatures today even at the coast warmer than average. here's your accuweather seven-day forecast. the he his art he wishes he never would have made it to escape ♪ ♪ ricochets and the escape ♪ lives in the city and that is the music video for aeros fences, featuring macklemore, lesser oceans and coming up monday, we have a special performance from macklemore and fences monday on "gma." and we're having some friday out here, lara. >> yes, we are. i was hiding behind snuffy. hi, snuffy. you're going to love, rachel ray is withes i, cooking up fall classics. >> oh, boy. >> just in time. football season is upon us, and we made some awesome tacos. >> maybe that's why you're
8:31 am
sticking around. your friends are on their way to sesame street. what are you doing here? >> i can't fit on the subway, so i'm waiting for my ride. >> understand, understand. well, that's coming up. >> you're not going fit in the subway, how do you fit in a car? >> i'm just waiting for the snuffleupabus. >> me too, waiting my whole life. >> should we see if amy and robin and sara made it to sesame street? >> we made it, george and lara. ♪ ♪ the sun is up and the birds are singing ♪ ♪ la la ♪ they are ringing ♪ has some oatmeal he's about to eat ♪ ♪ it's just another good morning here on sesame street ♪ ♪ cute and furry neighbors say hi ♪
8:32 am
♪ and the blue guy ♪ hi, s♪ ♪ ernie is scrubbing his feet ♪ another good morning on sesame street ♪ ♪ cookie monster the chock rola chips ♪ ♪ and dancing to a funky beat ♪ it's just another good morning on sesame street ♪ ♪ and coming in skirts ♪ chilling in hawaiian shirts ♪ and performing it ♪ it's just another good morning here on sesame street ♪ ♪ listen to us gail ♪ take a hike ♪ or check out amy robach on a bike ♪ ♪ and sara haines seat see the countdown, that's one cup of joe ♪ ♪ and lightning strikes ♪ looks like rain ♪ you can be there meet some
8:33 am
letters like g, m, a ♪ never know who you'll see ♪ ♪ never know who you'll meet ♪ it's just another good morning -- yes it is ♪ ♪ it's just another good morning here on sesame street ♪ >> that was fantastic. >> it was incredible thanks to this guy. >> and every day on broadway in the tony award-winning performance as the genie in aladdin. >> does that mean he's a jeanny? >> absolutely. >> they can sing too. that was so much fun. what did you think, snuffy? >> did you like that? >> that was good. i wish i was there with all my friends now. this is nice too. >> we're glad you're here with
8:34 am
us. ready for the next story? it's a great one. it's about the big remake of annie, starring jaime foxx and quvenzhane. and they have teamed up to help kids make their dreams come true. sara haines has that story ♪ it's a hard knock life for us ♪ >> reporter: little orphan annie, the tale that's delighted audiences for generations as a broadway classic and on the big screen has now been introduced to a new generation. north port elementary school in minnesota is taking part in president obama's turn around arts program that uses arts education as a tool to turn around america's struggling schools. >> for our kids, it's very important. the art builds critical thinking skills, empowers them. helps them to believe in themselves. >> reporter: the kids will perform the play at the end of the school year and are gathered
8:35 am
together today for what thing is to learn more about the new annie movie. starring jaime foxx, and 11-year-old beast of the southern wild star quvenzhane wallis who dazzles as annie. but do we have a surprise for them. >> look who came to join us today. ♪ >> shake it out. >> reporter: and after shaking off audition jitters, the kids had a chance to show the stars what they got. ♪ oh >> nice! >> reporter: and wallaquvenzhann got a new admirer. ♪ you're always a day away >> reporter: how was it to walk in and see the kids? >> the front row was stunned, they couldn't clap or anything. >> they'll never forget that moment. and that is what it's all about. >> reporter: how important was
8:36 am
it to be associated with this program. >> it was really awesome for me. i hate school, they come to the school and they say i love school. >> any time you have a program that goes into the inner cities, people with don't have a lot, it's fantastic. a kid being able to come to school and dance and sing and -- and meet quvenzhane and do those type was things all over this country, it's amazing, because, like i said, that could be something they could hold on to. ♪ tomorrow tomorrow >> reporter: it's safe to say these kids will be holding on to tomorrow forever. ♪ [ applause ] >> fantastic. >> what a great thing to do. so good so see them. cannot wait to see the movie. back to amy on sesame street. >> hi, george, lara, here we are in hooper's store. i'm with carol, the senior vice president and executive producer of is sesame street.
8:37 am
we are excited to be with you, this is the 45th anniversary of sesame street. whard to believe. what can we expect? >> well, we are all about our celebrating 45 years of helping kids grow stronger, smarter and kinder. and we have a whole bunch of celebrities, viola davis, jonah hill, one direction and even the first lady. >> that's an impressive array. >> not too shabby. >> and what is impressive, at the famed studios. and shoot "orange is the new black," nurse jackie, give us behind the scenes secrets at sesame street? >> being in hooper's store, most people don't know that toilet paper is the best-selling item. >> that's good to know. >> and periodicals you won't see, rubber ducky digest, and here i am with a bad hair day.
8:38 am
>> you are the pros at making kids laugh. what do kids find funny? >> can't go wrong with physical humor, and in a pinch, the word underpants. >> you're right. sadly, i know that. you were the first executive producer to have been a viewer as a young child. that has to be an incredible feeling for you to now be running this show. >> oh, my goodness. i am a pretty lucky girl and i did love the show as a kid. now being a part of this family is a dream come true. >> it's a dream for us, still running strong. carol, thank you for being with us. sesame street's 45th anniversary season starts september 15th on pbs kids. but first to rob and sara with the weather. >>bert is dressed with the weather. >> what's going on weatherwise down here, but big bird, what's going on way up there? >> well, the weather up here is for the birds.
8:39 am
it's 120 degrees out, but it's raining cats and dogs. yuck. >> then i'm going home. >> she's laugh, it's not that bad. here's a look at the national forecast. new york city, looking good, cooler over the weekend. not quite as cold as the northern plains. down to 70 degrees in d.c. and over saturday, showers as well stretching across much of the east coast. rainfall in the carolinas and florida. and cooler in chicago, and warm and dry out wet with red flag warnings across the pacific northwest. and heavy rains, good morning. i'm mike nicco. warmer than average with poor air quality once again. 89 to 99 inland, coast and san francisco 68 to 76. around the bay, upper 70s to upper 80s. accuweather seven-day forecast, the heat eases saturday through wednesday.
8:40 am
that's your latest weather. now back to you, lara, george. and coming up, heading back to sesame street for more fun with the game "it's halloween time my and disneyland is ours!" "going down!" "boo!" with haunted mansion holiday... space mountain ghost galaxy, and wicked fun in both parks, the disneyland resort just got spookier! visit "trick or treat."
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everybody is so happy because rachael ray is here. the smells are delicious. and we have season number nine gearing up. i can't believe it's been on for
8:43 am
nine seasons, your daytime show. >> almost a decade. >> that's phenomenal. >> it is. i have been on many times. >> and debuting a brand new segment. you're our first. a brand new game. and lara, so good -- >> new season, premiers monday. the rachel ray show. and we have football, fun, food, fabulous. >> our first episode this year -- >> strahan is on. >> and tony michigan swra less -- gonzalez. i thought it would be fun to do a food that everybody can share on football night. and the whole family can feel good about because it's really healthy. >> and one other great thing too -- >> sure. >> i love that you're doing 9 million meals. it's incredible. >> it's a really big goal, guys. our show has a goal of feeding 9 million hungry americans. we want to raise enough money to feed 9 million people. we can do it --
8:44 am
>> together. >> we can absolutely do it. >> right now a great meal for football season, tacos, a fun twist. >> so easy, sweetie. you can do this. >> i'm going try. >> chipotle and adobo that's this here. and two pounds of lean, ground turkey, 94% lean turkey. >> okay. >> and add all of those spices. let me tell you what they are, cumin, nice and smokey. >> paprika. >> good job. and mexican orrag know and coryander. let it set overnight. you just made your own homemade turkey chorizo. and then a little oil in the skillet. throw the meat in here and break it up. >> okay. >> hey, everybody. it sets overnight because if you want to lock in the flavor -- >> magically, i've done that.
8:45 am
>> looks like this guy over here, and you have the delicious, homemade superlean color chori chorizo. and chop the potato, you're done. put it out on the kitchen counter, let everybody make their own. to want build one of these babies? >> i do. >> a little potato, salsa. >> potato is unexpected. >> chorizo, a little lime, chopped, pickled vegetables, some onions, cilantro. look, i have one already made. >> one more thing, on top of season nine, on top of feeding 9 million people, you and guy -- >> the kids cook off on food network. watch on sunday nights on food network. these kids are thrilling in the kitchen. >> also thrilling, recipes on our website for green rice.
8:46 am
>> green rice. >> this is awesome. >> potatoes. >> rachael ray, check your local listings and we'll be right back.
8:47 am
8:48 am
now we have a special performance from the amazing a great big world. >> they are going to sing rock star from their debut album "is there anybody out there." >> all right, let's see what they got. ♪ ♪ there's a girl in a backyard banging on her drum sitting in a
8:49 am
junk pile laughing at the sun singing ah ha i just want to be a rock star ♪ ♪ and there's a boy in the backseat singing to the song playing on the radio knowing he's the one and singing ah ha ha i just want to be a rock star ♪ ♪ singing ah ha ha i was born to be a rock star ♪ ♪ there's a girl in a tree top looking at the stars waiting for a touchdown coming in from mars thinking is there anybody out there ♪ ♪ there's a boy thinking of her playing his guitar searching for the answer buried in his heart thinking ah ha ha is there anybody out there ♪ ♪ singing ah ha ha is there
8:50 am
anybody out there ♪ ♪ if there's a meaning can you show me a sign ♪ ♪ the more i look it just gets harder to find ♪ ♪ the world is beating and i want in a wide ♪ ♪ ♪ and they're all getting older wishing we were young hanging on the memory of what we would become ♪ ♪ singing ah ha ha i was important to beborn to be a rock star ♪ ♪ singing ah ha ha i just want to be a rock star ♪ ♪ singing ah ha ha i was born to be a rock star ♪ ♪ and maybe we will never figure it out ♪ ♪ i got a feeling that's what life's all about ♪ ♪ i'm learning anything is possible now ♪
8:51 am
>> do you guys want to sing? just repeat after me. >> okay. ♪ take a ticket and get off the line ♪ ♪ take a ticket and get off the line ♪ ♪ take a ticket and get off the line ♪ ♪ take a ticket and get off the line ♪ ♪ so take a ticket and get off the line ♪ ♪ take a ticket and get off the line ♪ ♪ take a ticket and get off the line ♪ ♪ take a ticket and get off the line ♪ ♪ take a ticket and get off the line ♪ ♪ take a ticket and get off the line ♪ snoit ♪ singing born to be a rock star ♪ ♪ take a ticket and get off the line ♪ ♪ singing ah ha ha i just want to be a rock star ♪ ♪ singing ah ha ha i was born to
8:52 am
be a rock star ♪ ♪
8:53 am
8:54 am
this is how to start off your monday. macklemore and fences in an
8:55 am
exclusive concert. it's "gma's" fall concert series monday on "gma." big thanks to the whole gang from sesame street. thanks for making our friday so much fun. it was great. and we're going to hijack the last minute for a special good-bye today. see up in the screen, that is our executive producer tom swre brow ski. he's been in the control room for eight years. got a big promotion. right now going to be the senior vice president of just about everything at abc news. coming up, but we want to say thank you, tom. we know you're not going very far, but we're going to miss you in the control room every morning. >> i'm going to miss your little funny lines in our ears every day. you have been such a joy, such a friend, such a mentor.
8:56 am
>> he is a consummate news man, a wise man. he takes all kinds of grief from all of us and the entire team every day and does it with a smile. this is the grief he doesn't want to take right now. we've embarrassed him right now. but all for a good cause. you have earned it, tom, you have done such an amazing job for all of us. and we know it's going to continue here. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, true honor. >> come back on monday. >> i will be here. >> have a great weekend. >> we love you, tom. a broader mix of energies, world needs to move, to keep warm, to make clay piggies. that's why we are supplying natural gas,
8:57 am
to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. ♪ ♪
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good morning, i'm eric thomas. the weekend is here. let's check in with mike. >> we'll start with tonight's events over at at&t park. dodgers and giants, 7:15 first pitch, 63 cooling down to 61. we have a spare the air today. temperatures from 68 in half moon bay to near 100. low to mid-90s up in the north bay. let's take a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast and the heat and poor air quality ease through the weekend. we're back to average by wednesday. sue. >> we're taking a look,ffic seems to be easing up a little bit through terra linda, but still jammed up out of novato. we have an earlier accident near central san rafael blocking a lane of traffic there. look at that long line of red
9:00 am
from highway 37. also an accident south 680 near 242. announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the series, "nashville" and the film, "this is where i leave you," connie britton. and star of the comedy "the mindy project," mindy kaling. plus, your questions and comments when the co-hosts open up the "inbox" all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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