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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 12, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> our next newscast is 6:00 p.m. welcome to "world news tonight." breaking tonight, the nfl in crisis mode. another major nfl star indicted today. one of the biggest stars in the league. also, what the nfl commissioner is saying about the other case. ray rice in the elevator, knocking out his wife. is he sticking to his story? and tonight, the joan rivers investigation, the doctor being asked to step down. and what really happens after you take your car into the shop? our team, and our cameras rolling. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> you don't? want to see what the video says? and our person of the week. sting, and the brand new american honor. why he's standing up for american jobs. and is it true? he's not leaving any of his millions to his children? how he answers that tonight.
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good evening, it's great to have you with us on a friday night. we begin with another crushing blow for the nfl. another pro football star under fire. minnesota vikings star, adrian peterson, indicted for reckless injury to a child. this, after what the nfl commissioner is saying about the ray rice video. rice admitting he punched his now-wife inside an elevator. tonight, the commissioner is standing by his story. and that new headline, another nfl player in huge trouble. ron claiborne leading us off. >> reporter: tonight, adrian peterson indicted. charged with reckless or negligent injury to a child.
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his own son. stemming from rough discipline of the boy with a switch. aid ron saying he never intended to harm his son. all of this, more bad news for nfl commissioner roger goodell. already reeling from the fallout of the tape being released of the ray rice incident. telling the nfl players' association that in june, rice told him a starkly different story about what happened in the elevator, and the brutal video reveals. he has made that claim before. >> when we met with rice and his representatives, it was ambiguous about what actually happened. >> reporter: but according to espn, he was told point-blank that he punched his now wife, janay.
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the nfl has still not responded to that report. and tonight, professional football and its embattled commissioner facing a new test. and now, greg hardy, recently convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, will take the field. 911 calls tell a chilling story. >> what's going on? >> domestic violence. some girl is getting her [ bleep ] beat upstairs. and a i heard it. and i seen it. we need the police here, now. before she gets seriously hurt. now. >> reporter: the court documents the victim says that hardy pulled me by my hair. screaming at me that he was going kill me. and threw me on to a couch covered with assault rifles. hardy was convicted and is appealing. sentenced to probation. and neither the nfl or his team have punished him at all. so much pressure on the league tonight. >> when will they get it? when will they understand that the ray rice story is resonating
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unlike any other story in the national football league? >> reporter: and the nfl has a lot on its plate tonight. late word coming from peterson's lair lawyer saying that he will not be playing on sunday. now to ohio and a dramatic prison break. families and neighborhoods on lockdown. a convicted school shooter on the loose. his name, t.j. lane. his t-shirt scrawled with one chilling word, killer. he was sentenced to life in prison two years ago, and breaking free overnight. tonight, alex perez takes us inside the manhunt. how they got him. >> i've got him on video. >> reporter: tonight, an escaped killer is captured after a massive manhunt. >> three inmates, they just
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escaped. they need any unit available. >> reporter: 19-year-old t.j. lane serving three life sentences. after shooting and killing three high school students in ohio two years ago. >> 911, where's your emergency? >> we just had a shooting at our school. we need to get out of here. >> reporter: in court, lane showing no remorse. even wearing a t-shirt with the word killer. last night, police officers rushing to the homes of the victims' families. all terrified. >> he should be in a maximum security place. you ruined six peoples' lives. >> reporter: it was 7:38 p.m. when lane, along with two other prisoners, apparently scaled the fence. triggering the alarm at the medium security facility. police units scrambled, officers with search dogs combing the area, a helicopter with thermal imaging in the sky. nearly six hours later, at 1:20 a.m., a police dog finds lane. the other prisoners captured, too. >> they didn't make it as far as they thought they would. >> reporter: tonight the prison guards union, who demands more staffing here, says prison officials knew of a potential escape plan but didn't do
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enough. lane and the other escaped prisoners have been transferred to a maximum security prison as officials investigate what went wrong here. >> thank you. and there are late developments tonight about joan rivers. what happened inside that clinic, and word a doctor has been asked to step down. here's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: tonight the doctor who treated joan rivers at this manhattan clinic has been forced out. sources telling abc news the medical director stepped down at the request of the clinic after he allegedly allowed an "unauthorized" physician to perform a procedure on the comedian. dr. cohen has since told patients he left to set up a new practice elsewhere in new york. sources tell abc news the other doctor in question, an ear, nose and throat specialist, performed a second procedure on rivers that day. that doctor was not authorized to work at the clinic. >> this procedure sounds benign,
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but it has some significant medical risks. >> reporter: abc news reached out to dr. cohen, but he would not comment. the 81-year-old comedian had gone to the clinic for tests because her voice was raspy. while rivers was under anesthesia she went into cardiac arrest. tonight, the state health department is investigating what happened. so far, there have been no specific allegations of any wrongdoing. the clinic has declined to comment, citing privacy laws. >> thank you. this evening, anguish and now anger from the parents of one of the americans executed by isis. they have direct words for president obama. they say their son, journalist james foley, dying a terrible death. and a startling claim. saying they were actually threatened by the white house. tonight, the parents going very public with this. brian ross, what are they telling you tonight? >> reporter: they say they're apalled by the way they were
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treated while their son was being tortured in a dark cell in syria. at the foley home in new hampshire today, diane and john foley delivered harsh words for how the obama administration dealt with them during their ordeal. >> we had to beg. >> the higher we went, it was more difficult. >> and we were an annoyance. it felt at some levels, they really didn't have time for us. >> reporter: long before their son james showed up in the isis hostage video last month, his parents had been trying to work behind the scenes to gain his release. but they say a white house national security official and a state department official both threatened them with prosecution if they tried to raise ransom money. >> we were told very clearly, three times, that it was illegal for us to try to ransom our son out and that we had the possibility of being prosecuted. i was surprised that there was
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so little compassion. >> reporter: the white house denies any threats were made, but acknowledged to abc news today that an official had informed the foleys of u.s. laws against the movement of money to terrorist groups. >> i can tell you that i am totally unaware and would not condone anybody that i know of within the state department making such statements. >> reporter: the foleys also said they had learned from released hostages the precise location of where their son was being held as of last april, but that the u.s. was hesitant to move in then. now, the foleys are setting up a foundation in their son's name to help other hostage families with what they call the devastating consequences of inconsistent, opaque and unaccountable policies. they say that is what their son jim, always positive, would want. >> thank you, brian. and elsewhere, judgment day for the blade runner.
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oscar pistorius, found guilty of culpable homicide. cleared of murder yesterday. the equivalent of manslaughter in our country. tonight, reeva steenkamp's parents say justice was not served. he could be sentenced to 15 years in prison, or he could serve no time at all. back at home, the cold and snow coming. just look at the weather wall. a 50-degree difference from the southwest to the rockies. that's just the beginning of this. in texas, a funnel cloud. spinning on the horizon there. and snow in wyoming tonight. seems early. here's rob marciano. where is the cold hitting this weekend? >> the cold sliding south and east. but it will moderate. 60 degrees in cleveland. chicago getting out of the 50s. and the pacific northwest, into the 90s. red flag warnings there, potential for fire. and so-cal, temperatures up over
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100 in some spots. watching the tropics as well. and tropical storm eduardo. heading to the atlantic. not a threat. but a low over miami could head into the gulf. could potentially develop into something serious. we'll be watching. >> thank you. and now, to a crackdown on a crime costing americans tens of thousands of dollars. and putting lives at risk. you saw the pictures before here. a s.w.a.t. team closing in, but it's an enormous hoax. it's called swatting. and tonight, the newest case. a 21-year-old charged with fake bombs, threats, gun scares, hostage situations. linzie davis tonight. >> get on the ground! >> reporter: it's a terrifying experience. heavily-armed s.w.a.t. teams bearing down on innocent people. it's called swatting. pranksters disguising their
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phone numbers, calling 911, triggering warrantless raids. today, in a separate case, in federal court. allegedly part of an international swatting ring. calling themselves team crucifix or die. that ring is behind fake calls to high schools in new jersey, texas, even sandy hook elementary school. is there a particular type of profile? >> it appears that kids in their teens and early 20s. involved in online gaming life oftentimes. >> reporter: the fbi says there are more than 400 swatting attacks each year. each costing thousands of dollars in taxpayer money. place say he never actually spoke during the calls, but admitted he was in the background laughing. he's out on $100,000 bail tonight. but could face 15 years in prison. authorities still looking for others in the ring. some of them younger than 18. >> and putting others at risk. the teams answering the calls. there's still much more
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ahead on "world news" this friday night. you've got to see this. our abc news undercover investigation. what really happens when you take your car into the shop? paying for repairs that never happened. our cameras rolling tonight. and this solar storm bearing down on us. will our cell phones could be affected? what you should really be looking for. and the legendary singer, sting, standing up for american jobs. and we're the only ones invited in for his big, new gamble. and what about the headlines about him not leaving any of his millions to his children? that's coming up.
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when folks think about wthey think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america. we're going to turn next tonight to an abc news undercover investigation. what really happens when you take your car into the shop? gio benitez shows what some mechanics say and do to get you to pay for costly repairs you may not need. >> reporter: stephanie walsh, an abc news producer, takes her infiniti to two highly-rated mechanics to ensure her vehicle is in perfect working order.
5:46 pm
>> this car is road ready. >> reporter: ace mechanic audra fortin unplug a wire so the check engine light, known by some as the idiot light, will be on. a diagnostic test, which costs $50 to $100, should quickly detect the problem. stephanie goes to this repair shop, monty's in north babylon, new york. >> my service engine light's on. >> oh, okay. >> referee: our hidden cameras show a mechanic fixing the actual problem just seconds after opening the hood, by plugging the loose wire back in. but another mechanic suggests he can take the sensor apart and fix it for $190. >> and $190, i can remedy your problem. >> reporter: when we return to pick up the vehicle, the mechanic at monty's proudly shows stephanie their work. >> so what i do, i open it and go one by one, clean it, you know. >> reporter: when we check our hidden cameras, we discover that monty's never even touched that sensor they said they would take apart. we did get a quick spray and rinse of the engine. and, of course, that loose wire was plugged in. gio benitez with "20/20."
5:47 pm
you said you took apart that sensor, and you actually didn't do anything. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> reporter: you don't? >> no. >> reporter: you want to see what the video says? he says another mechanic did the work. that mechanic said there must have been a break in communication. how can you protect yourself? time and again we're told, know your car. read the owner's manual. and tonight on "20/20," a mechanic is going spill the beans. there's a lot more to look out for. >> see you tonight on "20/20". when we come back, the solar flares hitting us. the power grids, our cell phones. are they safe? what they're saying. and you're not going to believe where this golf ball ends up. that's coming up here tonight. and here's what's coming up next week. >> david muir searching for that one thing that could create jobs and make you millions. it will have you asking, why didn't i think of that? will it be in your hometown?
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visit to find a botox® urology specialist. our "instant index," the earth tonight feeling the heat from two massive solar flares. the result of powerful storms on the surface of the sun. scientists say we're lucky. they could have short-circuited the world's power grids, but we're safe. instead, the northern lights will be more vibrant. check it out this weekend. and president obama, a visitor to a school. but a student saying she had someone else in mind. >> i really wanted beyonce. >> i understand. >> and mrs. obama saying she would rather see beyonce, too. and they say there's an exception to every rule. in this case, golf, play it as it lies. rory mcilroy's ball going into a fan's pocket. officials making up a new rule. shake hands, and play on where the fan was standing. check your pockets tonight. coming back, we all know the
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finally tonight, here, our person of the week. the legendary singer who will receive a kennedy center honor. why he's standing up for american jobs. and he's not leaving any of his millions to his children? is that true? sting telling me it's all about work ethic. earning it. our person of the week. >> reporter: 42nd street here in new york. and we were invited through the doors, up the elevator. the music already bleeding through the doors. ♪
5:56 pm
and on the other side of that piano, sting. composing and now watching his very first musical. but it was sting who had the first question. when does it become official? you're not officially person of the week until it airs. you can't claim -- >> so, i'm pre-person of the week. >> reporter: we watch the rehearsal with him. ♪ how does it feel to you? >> pretty good, except i'm not singing. >> reporter: but we all know that voice. ♪ every breath you take >> reporter: 100 million records sold. 16 grammys. and tonight, his musical, "the last ship." influenced by the town he grew up in. his mother, a hairdresser. his father, a milkman. and he would work every day of the week? >> he would work seven days a week. >> reporter: did that leave an impression on you? >> it gave me a work ethic.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: many folks would never know that it was your mother who would play broadway music in the house. >> i was educated by my mom's record collection. all of the rodgers and hammerstein collection. and so i ate those records for breakfast. >> reporter: was there a particular show you remember best? >> "carousel" is probably my favorite. followed by "oklahoma." ♪ >> reporter: and now, his musical. about workers in a town who lost jobs, but not their spirit. >> we need to work. we need to make things. otherwise, we're just sitting with our little devices, tweeting. >> reporter: and we ask about his wife of more than 20 years. you told me when trudie walks into the room, your world lights up. >> she's my sunshine and my oxygen. absolutely. >> reporter: "every breath you take." everyone thinks this is, like, a great romantic song. >> i think it is a great romantic song. but it's also on the other side quite a dark song. there's an element of
5:58 pm
surveillance in it, you know, i'll be watching you forever. that's not entirely healthy. ♪ i'll be watching you >> reporter: and about that new headline. sting saying he would not leave his money to his children. is it true that you plan on leaving them none of your material wealth? >> it's actually, it's never been an issue with my kids. my kids have inherited my work ethic. it's a privilege to actually make your own money. and we need that. and that generation needs that, too. >> and so we choose sting, now officially our person of the week. great spending time with you. i'll see you later on "20/20" and next w tonight a long-awaited presidential action leaving out hundreds of property owners. >> can you make out the mountain lion in this tennis court? why many have been showing up this summer >> delay of games in the case
5:59 pm
against a 49er lineman. why due process for ray mcdonald is taking so long. >> a neighborhood gears up for the debut of 11 eyes stadium. will the commissioner show up? >> damage from earthquake in napa held on as a federal disaster area. we're going to have to wait for government help. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> the president's disaster declaration is not what people were helping for. not yet.
6:00 pm
and >> in maces it looks like a federal government area, but the federal government recognizes that fact. why is it linda that owns an art gallery thrilled at perfect suspects of assistance? >> i'm disappointed it's not more clear cut. if need is there, it needs to be there. >> and business owners aren't everybody. nor homeowners or renters. this unlocks funds but only for city and county infrastructure, thus far. >> i don't know what happens in washington, d.c. >> until now, just off main street, he showed us where high end wine turning into a house blend. it cost him


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