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tv   Nightline  ABC  September 13, 2014 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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this is "nightline." tonight, travel hacks. hoy can you see the world in style, staying at luxury resorts for next to nothing? consider this your new family plan. one mom says it's easy, and she's revealing exactly how to do it. >> miss new york. plus, before they reach the stage, they have to go through this guy first. >> this isn't christmas. >> meet the king of the beauty queens. transforming contestants into champions for the price.
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and, sarah palin's wild night? >> she just reached back and starting clocking him. >> so, what sparked the rumble in the tundra? but first, the "nightline" five. stay in your lane. i should have made a reservation. i thought i was clear. number one, in just 60 seconds.
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good evening. thanks for joining us. most dream vacations involve the caribbean or france. well, you're about to meet a family that travels all over the world, in five-star style, and are revealing their secrets. >> reporter: the last time you took your family on vacation, you likely never said this word. >> free. >> reporter: so you if you want a vacation like this for only a few hundred, this is the mommy you want to meet. >> a fun pony ride for free. >> reporter: this year alone, summer hull and her daughter and husband had more than 19
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vacations, from bahamas to paris. the price tag, virtually for free. her secret? lucrative travel points. she calls them mommy points. we'll catch up with her in an airport. what are mommy points? >> they're kind of me, i guess. and i do that, earn points so i can give my family experiences we otherwise couldn't afford. >> reporter: she invited us along for her next trip. using miles, not money, to pay. she shares these trips on her blog. >> i write every day. earning points, and sharing deals that come up. >> reporter: preparing by earning savings inside this grocery store. >> today, i'm going to get an
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outback gift card for my parents. >> reporter: and summer will be getting rewards, too. and what's stacking? >> stacking a deal on top of a deal on top of a deal. >> reporter: and in another aisle, more savings. she spots a bargain. >> granola bars we eat. >> reporter: those purchases earn her 150 miles. by shopping here just twice a week, she can earn another ticket annually.
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>> just focus on one trip, and your knowledge base expands. >> reporter: her tricks pay off at the gas pump as well. she earns 50 cents off a gallon. and the small savings add up. over a year, she saves more than $1,000 on gas. and it was just a hobby at first, but now it's a high-paying job. now making money from advertising. and her frugal ways are now contagious. does it become tiresome for you to check in and out of hotels? >> well, after a while, it's not a big deal. >> reporter: and you get it. >> i've been conditioned, yeah.
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>> reporter: and they subject themselves to trips just to earn more miles, they don't even leave the airport. >> it's not a normal thing to do, but i spend a day in first class to get the points we want. >> reporter: and it's not just about getting points. by sending this picture into a photo contest, the family will get a five-star suite for free. it's 7:00 a.m., and the family is making final preparations. >> let's go. everybody just gets one bag. >> reporter: saving the family $75, and it's a money trap for most families, they only continue to save. access to the members-only
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lounges. >> i'm about to hang out in the family room. this would cost about $15, here, free. >> reporter: just about the only thing that wasn't free, their tickets. at less than $200 apiece, worth hundreds of points. so, well worth the price. >> we could have used miles. but other than that, we saved several thousand dollars. >> reporter: and the whole family is upgraded to first class. and her 4-year-old has her own frequent flier account. remember that shot? >> look at this. what do you think? >> reporter: this $700 suite was free. >> it's beautiful. >> reporter: even when the family is on vacation in beaver
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creek, advance planning saves them money. >> i looked for free activities for kids, and it just came up. >> reporter: so, by finding creative ways to save on meals, accommodatio accommodations, a vacation priced at $3,000 only cost them $675. a small price to pay. >> if anybody wonders if it's worth it, this moment is absolutely worth it. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm linsey davis in houston, texas. next, this man helps turn beauty pageant also rans into winners. and also, a wild party with
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♪ tonight, one expert is revealing the behind a beauty pageant. >> miss america is -- >> reporter: years before they
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can do this, they need to do this. >> it doesn't matter. we have a plan. we're not laughing to jesus. have your eyebrows lightened. >> reporter: it often takes years of coaching, prepping and strategizing. but above all, a thick skin. >> do you read books? >> i'm not the best at reading. >> that's problem number one. it's going to end today. >> reporter: bill alverson, his job is to turn people into beauty queens, and he won't spare anyone's feelings while doing it. >> this isn't christmas. i'm not santa claus. we can't make a wish and it will
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happen. >> reporter: people pay $125 an hour to get a dose of bill. >> if you can face bill, you can face the toughest jobs. >> reporter: he's one of the most successful pageant coaches in america. his win streak includes the reigning miss america. and in fact, this year, he's coached six of the 53 women vying for the miss america title this sunday. his specialty, readying women for the interview competition. no amount of makeup can compensate for a contestant that doesn't know what they're talking about. remember this? >> i personally believe that
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americans are unable to do so because some people out there in our nation don't have that, and i believe that our education like in south africa and iraq, everywhere, such as -- >> reporter: he knows what it takes to win. >> clearly, the purpose wasn't for the drugs. >> reporter: he's a seasoned lawyer, facing judges and juries in alabama. >> well, coming from the aspect of client preparation. >> reporter: and he's just as passionate about the pageant world. >> we're going to make it happen, and you embrace it. >> reporter: clients come from all over just to get one hour with him. nearly all 30 spots are filled.
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>> there's no question you're likable, pretty, and pretty on stage. but i'm not going focus on this. you have that. what i want to do is what's behind your ears. >> i'm here because i want your input. everyone talks about how you are with your coaching. you take them, send them in the direction they need to go. >> reporter: she has won regional titles, but she wants more. >> this is not going to disney world, it's about doing things to win. >> reporter: trying to flesh out her interests. >> what magazines do you like to read? >> whichever ones are cute and have fashion. >> so, we need to know your resources so you have authority
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to say what's up. >> i can't keep my eye on the ball, but i can keep my eye on the crown. >> don't oversell the cute. when you oversell it, it's like, too much sugar in a dessert. >> reporter: despite the tough session, she's thrilled. >> it turned out to be really good. >> she's up next. 15, already won pageant. immediately, bill as a critique. >> you wear all the cute bracelets, and have that piece of junk? >> reporter: first, she needs to learn how to answer basic questions. >> what would you change about yourself? >> i wouldn't change anything.
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>> i would say, i wish i was more aggressive wearing different things. >> reporter: after a bruising hour, she and her mother are happy customers. >> i was happy he was honest, because i don't think i could have learned half of what i did if he wasn't. >> let's see if you can be lively and vivacious. >> reporter: some are regulars, like this 11-year-old. >> do it again, and come alive with it. >> reporter: she's worked with him for a year, but she's still struggling. >> you're talking with spurs. push it out. hello, hi. i'm laura. >> reporter: his coaching doesn't seem to be sinking in.
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>> i've done a lot of volunte volunteering. >> reporter: laura is determined to press on with her pageant career. at the end of the three days, he's done all he can. the rest is up to the contestants. >> they haven't done the work they've supposed to do. >> reporter: he feels that telling it like it is is a necessary evil. >> life is hard, cruel, but why did you fail? and if we can work from that and see where it's going, if you don't win the crown, you are getting life experiences. >> reporter: even after the beauty fades -- >> my catch phrase, life is a
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if sarah palin has taught us anything, there's never a dull moment in alaska. tonight, we're learning more about a fight when alaska's former first family turned reality show clan went out partying. an alleged altercation in sarah palin's alaska has them embroiled in controversy again. local police say a party got out
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of hand, with a fight with 20 people. her son allegedly attacked his sister's ex-boyfriend. >> he was being physically assaulted with full-on punches. >> and the palins had made a grand entrance. but as the beer began to flow, tempers began to flare. according to reports, todd leapt into the melee. >> everyone is the same, whether it's joe schmo or the palins or anybody. we do believe that alcohol was a
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factor. >> reporter: she then appeared on fox news' hannity show, but didn't mention the incident. no one wanted to press charges, but police stay charges could still be filed. thanks for tuning in. good night, america.
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