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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 13, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcasting center, this is abc 7 news. a good saturday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller. we're going to start with a quick look with your meteorologist lisa argent. good morning to you. >> a high cloud deck in addition to a low cloud deck about 350 feet deep. you can see the clouds have obscured the view of the transamerica pyramid. so we are looking at numbers kind of mild from san jose to oakland in the low 60s. the cooler readings in the high elevations of morgan hill have brought high visibility. the sun comes up at 6:50 this morning and we will be looking at another warm day today, starting out warmer than we were
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24 hours ago in napa and pretty much everywhere. inland today, i think temperatures will be just shy of the triple digits inland. along the coastline, we'll have that sea breeze mid-60s to mid-70s. that includes oakland and san francisco. around ba around the bay, upper 70s. police are searching for two people after fires were set in arvada. >> we hike up here all the time. it's so close to our house. >> reporter: they're sad dened to see this chunk of scorched earth, the smell of smoke still heavy in the air. firefighters responded. >> you can see there is definitely a lot of leaves so there is a lot of fuel to -- if they didn't put it out in time, this whole area could be lit up. >> reporter: not 60 minutes
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later, firefighters had another fire on their hand. both fires are suspicious, possibly the work of an arsonist. only a few months ago, someone was intentionally fighting fires in the north bay, and that person is still on the loose. in june 60 acres burned. in terra linda, 50 homes had to be evacuated. in may, someone started 11 separate grass fires and two more in arvado. now arvado has been hit twice. there is extra patrol in the area and neighbors are more than willing to do their part. >> maybe someone has seen something and will come forward. >> reporter: if you have any information about any of these fires, you're asked to call the nevado police department. developing news in southern california where dozens of homes had to be evacuated due to a rapidly moving brush fire. the silverado fire started in the cleveland national forest in orange county yesterday morning. it has charred more than 1600
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acres. fires being fueled by dry brush and hard-to-reach terrain. about 500 firefighters are working on this fire. new details about a police shooting in san francisco earlier this year. the san francisco medical examiner's office has released the full autopsy report for alex nieto. it says nieto suffered as many as 15 gunshot wounds from as many as 10 bullets. officers said nieto had brandished and fired a taser at them. his body did not have any of the medications prescribed to him. he had a history of aggressive and bizarre behavior including being placed on a psychiatric hold three years ago for attempting to burn his parents' house down. his death sparked protest from nieto's family asking for justice beginning with a federal investigation. someone is posing as a cop and hassling teenagers. here's a sketch from the real
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police of the guy they're looking for. he has a car with a fake badge. details from palo alto. >> reporter: on this stretch of highway about 4:00 in the afternoon last friday, police pulled up to two teens on bicycles and started shouting at them. >> they split ways and the car continued following one of the kids around a corner. and eventually the kid pulled over thinking maybe this is an undercover police officer. >> reporter: according to police, the unmarked car had what looked like blinking police lights installed, and the driver showed the teenage rider what looked like a police badge. >> the badge had some kind of tree on it, it was silver with some coloration to it. then the suspect pulled a black handgun or stun gun. >> reporter: one parent who doesn't want to use her name says she's concerned about the trust that might be involved. >> if someone stops them on the street, they're not going to know this is not an official
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cop. >> reporter: i talked with the resident off camera who said she saw a police car with blinking style lights outside her house a few days ago right where detectives say this went down. she will be telling her kids exactly what police are advising. >> if you're not at all sure, don't stop. tell them you want to be with an adult. >> reporter: palo alto police have reached out to neighboring departments to see if this man might work for them. a new scare for residents on the peninsula. another mountain lion sighting just north of where a six-year-old boy was mauled by a big cat on sunday. take a look. the latest mountain lion was seen on devonshire boulevard on friday night. what you don't see is how close the mountain lion is to homes. sightings are not rare, but it's leaving residents uneasy. >> i saw one. it was kind of scary. >> reporter: since the attack in
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cupertino last sunday, officials say there have been two more sightings on the peninsula and one thursday night in santa cruz near the lagoon. they were concerned mountain lion caught and killed this week are the one that killed the six-year-old. tests came back negative. the open space reserve will reopen to the public today. they've been closed since the attack. authorities are searching the california coast for a sailboat that may be carrying a nine-year-old boy believed to be abducted by his father. they left port in seattle on august 28. billy was expected to return to his mother in pennsylvania on september 4, but neither he nor his father, jeffrey hansen, has been seen since. this is the 1976 sailboat they're believed to be on. it's called the draco and has a six-inch red stripe on its side. this morning minnesota vikings star, running back adrian peterson, is out on bail after turning himself in to texas authorities late last night.
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peterson was indicted by a grand jury last night on charges of reckless or negligent injury to a child. he posted $15,000 bail after being booked into montgomery county jail and was released about 30 minutes later. peterson told police he spanked his four-year-old son with a tree branch, which he referred to as a switch, when his son visited him back in may in houston and left these marks on the boy. peterson's attorney, rusty hardin, said peterson is a loving father who uses spanking to discipline his son. peterson says he uses the same discipline he received growing up. he said he regrets spanking him and regrets the injury. defensive lineman ray mcdonald's arraignment scheduled for monday has been postponed. mcdonald was arrested after a party in his home in san jose.
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authorities said mcdonald's arraignment is delayed because police haven't finished their investigation. he played last week against dallas and is expected to play in tomorrow's home opener. the san francisco 49ers will have the opportunity to test the field at levi's stadium since it's been resodded. they were there as workers put finishing touches on the field. it was resodded twice after harbaugh was forced to skip practice after players slipped on the grass in the stadium. it will be the first time it's used for a regular nfl game. the 49ers have an elaborate pre-game program planned for tomorrow. people who live in neighborhoods near the stadium say they're ready and hope things don't get out of hand. those attending the games are supposed to park in the neighborhoods, but during the pre-season events, people still found their way in, littering and urinating along the way. >> we just want people to be
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shelf-conscious about our neighborhood areas and just being courteous. >> those thousands of fans who will flood the stadium tomorrow will drop some serious cash and be part of history. tickets in the end zone sold for $400. we went on line and the cheapest ticket we found was $430 in the very top row. and you only spend $130 if you go by yourself. two tickets are $260. it adds up clara looking pretty. >> your neck of the woods. once again it will be on the warm side. low clouds and fog have begun to enter parts of the bay. it is 58 downtown, 60 at the airport. no delays yet. we'll talk about the warmest day of the weekend and when the cooldown comes our way, coming up. thanks, lisa. also next to family, a former vice president candidate sarah palin booted from a party after they got into a wild
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. a state trooper is dead and another injured after a shooting at a police barracks in northeastern pennsylvania. the shooting happened late last night in blooming grove, a township in pike county. right now the shooter remains on the loose. helicopters and swat teams have gone in to search for the suspect. investigators said the shooting happened during a shift change and it appears tarlgeted at stae police. investigators are still looking into a brawl with sarah palin last weekend. they attended with daughter bristol. palin allegedly attacked another guest who had previously dated his younger sister willow. bristol palin joined in and punched the party's host six times. >> i heard sarah palin scream out, you know who we are, don't you? it was like we were just on a
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jerry springer episode. >> police in anchorage confirmed the palins were at the party but stopped short of saying what role the family had in the incident. a tragic accidental tered the mood of a bay area teen's vacation but it inspired her to do something about it. news reporter alan long introduces us to a brentwood girl whose change in vacation plans changed an island. >> reporter: 16-year-old hannah richardson has traveled the world. she has options in life. but when she went to nicaragua for a vacation, her view of life changed. >> when i was there, a little girl drowned in the ocean. >> reporter: hannah also learned that few of the children on this impoverished island didn't know how to swim. >> because their parents don't know how to swim, so they're not going to teach their kids. they're scared of it.
5:15 am
>> reporter: so the next year she collected 120 swimsuits, developed a program and went back to coran island to teach the children how to swim. >> i was expecting maybe 20, 30, and when i got there, there was 80 kids there. >> reporter: hannah, who is a certified lifeguard, gently taught and tested each child. each of them passed ask hnd han was showered with thanks. >> i don't need to be paid to be happy. >> i always tried to teach my kids it's not about sitting in church every sunday. it's about helping other people. >> reporter: they have decided to continue the swimming lessons and hannah will return there to
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teach again. apple says it had record demand for its new iphone, and some of the people who tried to preorder it early yesterday morning found it extremely frustrating. reporter laura anthony has more. >> reporter: the frustration for iphone 6 fire was shown on line. the guy who is supposed to be reopening the apple store has a dead apple watch battery. eager iphone 6 buyers who stayed up to preorder might have been greeted with this or those associated with the new iphone was overwhelmed. she covers it for cnet. >> reporter: there was just a gigantic amount of demand and apple and a couple carriers weren't ready to handle the load they got in the middle of the night. >> reporter: young alex cervalo wants to get an iphone 6, but
5:17 am
when it comes to preordering, he has his limits. >> so if you had to wait an hour, is that worth it? >> yes. >> two hours? >> no. >> reporter: an apple spokeswoman said the site was busy without saying that's why it crashed. demands for the iphone 6 and iphone 6-plus have been incredible, with a record number of orders overnight. it was running and processing orders by early the next morning. >> i didn't have any trouble. i woke up before 9:00 a.m. before work, and i just went on and preordered and didn't have any issues. >> reporter: others got on before midnight. >> i think it went fine. >> reporter: the iphone 6 is still available on line, but apple says preorders for the iphone 6-plus are already sold out. the iphone 6 will be available in stores september 19. laura anthony, abc 7 news. people who have an itunes
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account got a gift from apple this week but not everybody is happy about it. apple added the u2 album for free on itunes on the icloud. whether you want it or not, it's there. instead of gratitude, many are creeped out. one tweeted, it scares me because i bought it. people thought it was an invasion of privacy. personally, i like the band, so i was thrilled. beginning in december, bart will offer overnight bus service between san francisco and its busiest east bay stations. bart is in talks with ac transit to operate the service. bart has said buses are the best they can do for early morning riders. track maintenance won't allow for 24-hour train service like in other cities. google is planning to test prototypes of its self-driving car close to home. our media partner, the san jose
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measuri mercury reports they will turn their cars into a test program. since moffit field is owned by the federal government, google does not need to require that they have steering wheels and brakes just in case the technology fails. san francisco's comedy day will have a somber start this year. organizers of the event planned a special tribute to robin williams which gets under way tomorrow. williams has a long history with the event. he performed in the very first comedy day three decades ago. it takes place tomorrow in sharon meadow and it's free. some of the head liners are marg et gomez and margaret cho. he showed some impressive pieces of equipment in its show yesterday. nasa has made a new machine that will launch astronauts further into space than they've ever
5:20 am
gone. at 170 feet tall, the vertical center is the largest spacecraft. it's based in new orleans. solar flares are hitting earth with a geomagnetic storm expected to peak today. the storm seen here thanks to nasa could also have another effect. some californians may be able to see the northern lights. says the northern borealis will be visible to the northern border. not seeing much from the sky this morning if you're in the city. >> absolutely right and along the coast. it's pretty cloudy, the marine layer with us, but we're looking at partly cloudy skies in napa and san jose this morning. the higher clouds are offshore so we have a combination of high clouds, low clouds. not doing much to influence the weather, though.
5:21 am
it's still going to be warm inland, perhaps not 103 like it was yesterday in vacville. wide-ranging temperatures with 60 in daly city, so 43 degrees spread there. you can see the cloud cover. 58 downtown. it's 60 in oakland. san carlos 61. half moon bay with the fog 57 degrees. from emoryville right now, it is kind of gray up in santa rosa, 57. also gray skies here. 55 in napa. nevado 57 and we're looking at 60s with partly cloudy skies. fairfield conquered 60. higher elevations well into the 70s already, so very warm above 2,000 feet. and that's where we're going to have the heat again. extremely dry conditions with, in fact, record heat in southern california. so high clouds and fog this morning. inland heat eases just a bit today, but the sea breeze picks
5:22 am
up dramatically tomorrow, so as much as five to seven degrees cooler for the second half of your weekend and a cooler pattern takes shape early next week. i wish we could add a few more words like raindrops to that panel, but not in the seven-day outlook. we do have high pressure that will begin to ease up over the weekend. in fact, slightly today. you may not notice it today, but more significantly tomorrow. so we're forecasting highs just shy of 100 degrees today. so that's a bit of an improvement, but boy, lots of things going on starting out with army at sanford later on today. 79 degrees today at 2:00 in sanford and 82 about 5:30. lots of sunshine. we will have the high clouds but still, it's going to be very warm out there. tomorrow the texans with the raiders, 75 degrees at 1:25. by 4:00, looking at 73 degrees. in the south bay today, look for 94, 80 santa cruz, low 80s from
5:23 am
palo alto to redwood city. here's where the fog will cling to the san mateo coast. sunshine and low 70s for stinson. we'll see 66 padago bay, 84 in fremont. you head inland, look at the reds here. 95 in pleasant, 97 out towards antioch. the accuweather forecast shows 70s, low 80s tomorrow. very similar temperatures next week but increasing clouds by wednesday and thursday from a front that could bring showers in the sierra nevada but not here. we'll let you know how warm it's going to be in your community by keeping track of bay area weather on twitter and live doppler hd. football fans excited this
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weekend. another "frozen" spinoff.
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a man fishing for salmon off the san francisco coast made an unusual catch. take a look. he hooked an endangered eastern pacific green sea turtle last weekend. they grow to be 3 to 4 feet in length. the captain of the chartered fishing boat knew what to do. he netted the turtle, unhooked it and returned it to sea unharmed. the turtle was about 2,000 miles
5:27 am
off course. pacific green turtles will mostly found in mexico and the galapagos. they said he may have been drawn to the warmer than normal ocean waters. disney's "frozen" will soon be a popular theme park ride. norway was the inspiration for disney an marietimators when th it. they have not said when it will open. more ahead on the saturday morning news. why the long-a waited presidential action is leaving out hundreds of property owners. we'll also show you what will soon be the
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good morning. we're starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argent. hi, lisa. >> hi, matt, good morning to you. here's a look at emoryville this morning. the sun not up until 6:50 and it sets at 7:20. the evenings overnight getting longer and we are cooler at 55 degrees in napa. partly cloudy skies in fairfield, 62. 66 in emoryville. we're going to see a mix of high clouds today along with low clouds situated along the san mateo coast. mid-80s san jose, upper 70s oakland, low 70s san francisco and upper 90s loemma linda. president obama is distinguishing the military campaign from the decade-long wars in iraq and afghanistan. in his weekly address the
5:31 am
president says this fight must avoid mistakes of the past. he says under u.s. leadership, more nations are joining a coalition against the extremists who control up to a third of the territory in iraq and syria and adds the fight against the islamic state can't be america's alone. >> what's needed now is a targeted, relentless campaign against isil that combines air power, contributions from allied partners and more support from forces that fighting these terrorists on the ground. and that's exactly what we're doing. >> the president announced this week a plan to launch airstrikes in iraq and syria and planes with fighters. the earthquake is now a federal disaster area. but if your home is damaged, you will have to wait for help. it's not bringing in a lot of money that people are hoping for, at least not yet. wayne friedman reports. >> reporter: here's the good news in napa. almost three weeks since the
5:32 am
quake downtown is coming on strong. sure, in some places it still looks like a disaster area, but at least the federal government now recognizes that fact. so why isn't linda cordair, who owns an art gallery, thrilled at the prospect of federal assistance? >> i'm disappointed that it's not more clearcut. if the aid is there, it needs to be there across the board. >> reporter: this disaster declaration unlocks federal funds but only for the city and county infrastructure thus far. napa mayor jill tuckle is both optimistic and disadisappointed. >> i don't know what happens back there in washington, d.c. i'm hoping they're quicker with our request. >> reporter: just off main street, al showed us where a rack of high-end wine fell over, turning it into a house blend on the floor. he estimates the quake cost him a quarter of a million dollars. businesses may be reopening, he says, but they're still hurting.
5:33 am
>> usually they offer like zero interest rate in loans or something for businesses. i'm not really sure how they're going to do it this time, but that would help a lot of us small businesses on the retail side or the production side. >> reporter: it's a familiar refrain. in linda's art gallery it broke windows and wrecked walls. she's tens of thousands of dollars in debt and impatient with a federal government that, in her opinion, should and could have made napa more a priority. >> we should have heard by now, i think, already. we absolutely need it. everybody needs it. there are people that are homeless, businesses that are closed. i get that the roads need fixed, but it's about people's lives. some napa county inmates are being transferred to neighboring selano counties so workers can fix earthquake damage to the jail. the county plans to transfer about 55 inmates to solano county. that includes 25 female inmates
5:34 am
that have already been moved. inmates have been able to chip off pieces of concrete to use as weapons. >> we notice inmates are picking and tearing at those concrete cracks. what that is allowing them to do is basically horde these concrete pieces. as you can imagine, that creates a safety and security risk for the jail. >> the jail is closed to the public, but inmates are receiving video visitation and the jail is still taking in new inmates. two weeks from tomorrow, the producers of the bottle rock music festival have scheduled a benefit concert called napa valley rocks. 100% of the proceeds will go toward earthquake relief. you'll find the schedule at beyond the headlines tomorrow morning, we'll look at the quake and how the cities of napa and vallejo are coming back. they look at the support they're getting from the community. >> there has been an amazing recovery. the amount of work these restaurants had to do to get
5:35 am
cleaned up. everybody lost, you know, 10, 20, $30,000 worth of food and glassware. people were saying, i've got some old glasses from the quantus fundraiser, do you want to use those? >> everybody is helping everybody. the steel workers have put up the last beam on a massive expansion of the san francisco museum of modern art. only abc 7 news can only show you what's going on inside and what you're about to see can only be summed up as extraordinary. >> reporter: the new addition to the san francisco museum of modern art is taking shape. now rising 20 stories above the street. >> very exciting after years of work and preparation to finally see the building coming up. >> reporter: only abc 7 news was there when the director checked out the progress on the $305 million expansion. it is desperately needed.
5:36 am
since the current museum opened in 1995, the collection has grown in size and popularity. exploding from 12,000 pieces to roughly 32,000 works of art. that includes 1,100 works from don and doris fisher, co-founders of the gap. 20 million people have visited the museum since it was founded in 1935. more than half of them have come just since the museum moved south of market. >> this is going to be the best museum in the world. >> you can see it rising above buena gardens. when completed, it will be as cutting edge as the art it will hold. the expansion was held by the architectural firm. >> as you approach the building from a distance, you should recognize it has a unique function in the city. >> reporter: the expansion is going up behind the existing landmark building designed by famed architect mario bota.
5:37 am
when completed, it will add 235,000 square feet, a huge new space for exhibitions and installations. >> it's a very calm experience. the rooms are designed to allow the art to move forward in your consciousness, so it has less scul sculptural identity on the interior. >> reporter: last year crowds gathered for a final look before it closed for construction. they are packing up many of the priceless works being stored in an undisclosed loication. but not everything is tucked away. the museum loaned some to other museums around the state. there is an exhibit running until 2015. it will be just a peek of what will be on display when the expanded museum of modern art reopens in 2016.
5:38 am
in san francisco, leyla gulen. >> it includes a contribution from the fisher family of the gap clothing chain. they will host a back to school giveaway to benefit children in need. over 4,000 children are expected to receive new shoes during the community-sponsored event, now in its 18th year. the state's ongoing drought is forcing one high school football team onto the turf of its rival for tonight's opening game. santa cruz high school cardinals field used to be barren thanks to the drought and water rationing. last month the city granted the school an exemption and they began receiving water. but the sod still isn't ready so the game will take place at the watson school at 7:30. a look at an invitation-only
5:39 am
event pointed toward entrepreneurs. it's all about making things. we have some fog out there in the city and along the coast. lisa argent will let you know just how it's the yoplait greek taste-off and we are asking the music city which 100-calorie strawberry greek yogurt is the next big thing. i'm a random lady with a table full of yogurt. want some greek yogurt? can i ask you a question? tell us what tastes best. this one is definitely the winner. that one is good. a is great. yoplait greek 100! that's the stuff right there. you want to see which one yoplait greek beat? chobani yes! yoplait greek wins again. take the taste-off for yourself! it is a beautiful day for yogurt.
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this is a live look from the san mateo bridge this morning. traffic flowing smoothly and temperatures will be a little bit cooler today. i know those places that saw the triple digits yesterday are looking for a little relief today, and they will get just that, a little relief. well, singing the national anthem took on special meaning yesterday morning at a san francisco school.
5:42 am
♪ and so proudly we hail >> these are students from francis scott key elementary. key, of course, is the author of "the star-spangled banner." he wrote a poem that became a song 2,000 years ago this month. >> they need to know what their past and history was. when they hear this song, they know that today they celebrated the 200th anniversary. >> key wrote the star-spangled banner during the year of 1812. he was inspired when he saw the flag still flying in baltimore. parts of main street, mt. diablo boulevard, olympic boulevard and civic drive are among the streets that will be closed for the walnut festival and parade. side streets will be towaway zones. maybe a little cooler today, huh? >> just by a few degrees.
5:43 am
they were close to 100 degrees yesterday, and today maybe upper 90s. a slight improvement, but cooler weather on the way the second half of the weekend. 58 degrees san francisco. they won't last so we're also going to see some high cloud in the mix. i'll explain, coming up. madison baumgartner
5:44 am
they often say, "i wish i had done this sooner." don't put it off any longer.
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call 1-800-dentist today. ♪ good morning. here's a live look from our abc 7 roof camera. yeah, we have some fog in the city this morning along the coast. cooler temperatures today, but not that much cooler. a change is coming next week. well, there's something going on in san francisco that's part conference, part festival, and it's all about making
5:46 am
things. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom takes you inside fort mason where the second annual re:make is under way. >> reporter: san francisco plays host to hundreds of conferences, but this may be the only one with a giant paint by numbers in the furont lobby. >> we're really about instilling responsibility in adults. >> reporter: last year it featured 3-d printed jewelry. >> printed metal, which is great. >> reporter: this year it's a little broader. >> we're really focusing this year on the state of the maker movement. what is changing and who is the maker? >> reporter: it's no accident they're given a box of art supplies to play with while the speaker is talking. >> i'm making this fabulous base. we have some cork board and paint. >> reporter: she came from nashville as one of the 500 selected for the conference.
5:47 am
>> i've been picking people's brains this morning. i'm really excited to collaborate with some new folks. >> reporter: it may sound exclusive, but actually it's anything but that. the second day of re:make is a free public festival where the makers will get to show everyone what they're made of from inv. t from invent torz to artisans to sponsors, it's about new things. >> it's not just about making new things but it's about connecting new things. it's about making all those things talk to each other. >> reporter: but making isn't only about gadgets. it turns out even traditional crafts are getting a huge boost from technology. >> now they can post what they did on facebook or pinterest and they get a lot of positive feedback on what they've done, and it's a great motivator to keep doing more. >> reporter: the re:make festival is saturday from 11:00 to 6:00 here in fort mason. jonathan bloom, abc 7 news.
5:48 am
we're not exactly remaking the weather forecast, but we are tweaking it a little. getting a little cooler, right? >> los angeles, and of course the bay area, a little bit of a cooldown on the bay, but the big cooldown comes into place tomorrow and stays with us all next week. so if you like it warm, today is your day, especially inland. here's a live look at doppler radar hd where we have high clouds and low clouds filtering in in the afternoon hours, but it won't do much to change the picture for the weather forecast. we had 60 at daly city yesterday, 103 in vacville. 58 san francisco, 60 in oakland. good morning san carlos, san jose. low 60s. half moon bay in the upper 50s with five-mile visibility. here is emoryville this morning where it is cloudy. 67 in narvada.
5:49 am
we're looking at high clouds and fog this morning for everyone. inland heat eases just a bit today. three or four degrees cooler there but still quite warm. just shaving off a few degrees to hopefully keep you out of the triple digits, then a cooler pattern sets up next week for everyone. you will feel that sea breeze tomorrow mostly around the bay, and then getting breezy around the coast. it's all about high pressure easing its grip on the bay area over the weekend, and that increases the low clouds and fog and the sea breeze by tomorrow. in fact, we're going to look at the gradients increase, and that allows for some of that cooldown to reach into our inland east bay. right now that southwesterly wind is cooling the delta. in the 60s there, but it will be well over 100 degrees in sacramento. 99 in chico. tahoe plenty of sunshine at 80 but 92 in los angeles and a heat
5:50 am
advisory right on through san diego today. 96 in yosemite. look at monterey at 70 degrees, so very warm. if you're headed to at&t park today, 65. temperatures will be mild to start out, in the 60s. sun setting at 7:20, and by 9:00, just holding onto 60 degrees. santa clara, a big game tomorrow at 5:30. it will be warm at 82 degrees and dropping into the upper 60s by 9:00. tons of sun there, so be advised of how warm it can get there. 78 in oakland, 82 in palo alto, 86 in vallejo. still upper 90s inland. lower 70s along the marin county beaches but only in the 60s san mateo beaches. the warmest day out of the next seven is today with upper 90s inland, lower 80s around the bay. tomorrow a cooling for everyone and then the cooling pattern really takes hold all into next
5:51 am
week but increasing clouds by wednesday and thursday with a system that will not reach us, bringing just extra clouds. so feeling a little bit more like fall, sort of. >> that's good news, especially with fire dangers. we can always get the cooler temperatures. big weekend for sports in the bay area. both the raiders and the 49ers play their home openers tomorrow with the niners taking the lead at levi's stadium against the chicago bears. they try -- the navy tries to k off against the army. the dodgers first pitch at at&t park at 6:05. abc 7 news sports director larry biel with the highlights of this morning's sports. good morning, everybody. the giants opened a series with the dodgers last night. he was handed a nice early lead.
5:52 am
check out the dodgers lotto card. i heard that bangarner guy is pretty good. buster posey doubled in the first inning. next batter, hunter pence, base hit. diving manny ramirez. giants put up four runs in the first. time for tops in the majors. i got your bangarner right here. crawford adding in the fifth. a three-run pointers as the dodgers explode. just one game back of l.a. the a's sad plummet oblivion continues. 2-0 in the third.
5:53 am
josh donaldson, nice hitting right there. in the fourth, runners on the corners felled with a bunt. bottom 5, mariners. long ball, high, deep and a low. handle goes only five innings, allows three runs. the wild card lead in kansas city down to just half a game. a scandalous week for the nfl continues. first ray rice and now adrian peterson. the vikings running back has been indicted on charges of reckless or negligent injury to a child, his own child. authorities in texas say peterson used a tree branch to spank his four-year-old son to the point where the little boy was covered with cuts and bruises all over his body. peterson's attorney says his client never intended to harm his son. peterson will not play on sunday
5:54 am
and will turn himself in to the police. well, they're billing this as mayhem. floyd mayweather and marcus adana fighting again. madana an even 106. mayweather will make a minimum of $32 million for this bout. midona 3 mill. do not forget, college football coming up tonight. tennessee and fourth ranked oklahoma. the kickoff is at 5:0 on p.m. followed by another edition after the game. hope to see you then. i'm larry biel. still to come, a weekend of decadence in san francisco. the sweet
5:55 am
5:56 am
here are the winning numbers from last night's $52 million
5:57 am
megamillion draw. 18, 28, 34, 36, 42 and the mega number 7. tomorrow's jackpot grows to $62 million. happening today, chocolate lovers have a date with decadence at san francisco's girardheli square. thousands of people are expected to pour into the popular destination for the chocolate festival. they will be giving out samples of their chocolate creations. it is on today and tomorrow. profits go to feeding elderly people in the bay area. saturday morning news at 6:00. a wildfire in southern california forces people to evacuate. also, a bay area teen gives up her vacations to help children in central america. how this young lifeguard could be saving lives long
5:58 am
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a good saturday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm matt keller. let's start with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argent. hi, leaisa. >> high clouds and low clouds. another 50 minutes to sunrise. we have a combination out there. we'll call it partly cloudy, but low clouds here in san francisco making it a little of an obscured sky here. the deck is not too low, so no problems over the golden gate. it's 50 in oakland and the clouds are in argos. san francisco bay low clouds, and we're looking at numbers all around the bay. warmer this morning. we'll look for another warm afternoon, but despite that, the sea breeze kicks up throughout the day and we will see numbers hopefully shy of 100 degrees inland, upper 80s to the upper 90s. san francisco, look for about 72 today.


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