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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 13, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america, breaking overnight, inferno, fire crews trying to put out a fierce wildfire in record-breaking triple digit temperatures. people told to evacuate their homes immediately. >> we're ready. we've got things packed. >> the all-out fight to keep the flames from jumping the ridgelines, will it be enough? also breaking overnight, a massive manhunt for a gunman who walked into a police station and opened fire. state troopers shot. what we're learning now. new details in the developing story, the football star surrenders. adrian peterson, the powerhouse running back, turning himself into police overnight to face child abuse charges. in the wake of the ray rice domestic violence scandal, what will the nfl's embattled commissioner do now?
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royal scare. new details about the terrifying moments when prince harry's motorcade was involved in a high-speed crash. all this as the prince takes the spotlight at his invictus games. plus what he's saying about turning the big 3-0. >> you should not have told me that, just for the record. >> are we going to reveal it? >> yeah, we may reveal it. something rob just told us. we'll tell you about it later. >> i made it up. we have something serious, though, fighting an out of control wildfire is hard enough, but when you have to do it in temperatures well north of 100 degrees, it becomes even tougher and more dangerous. >> and the wildfire roaring through a southern california canyon is tearing through the dry brush, burning out of control right now. aditi roy is on the scene. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're here at the local fire
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station. this engine behind me is the last one left here. all the other equipment are out on the front lines of this fire which officials say has already burned through 1600 acres. plumes of smoke and sizzling flames tear through the brush at silverado canyon in southern california. 30 homes are evacuated as choppers attack the blaze from the air with water bombs. >> silverado canyon is very, very hilly. it's what we call billy goat country. it's very difficult to climb up the sides of the hills. some areas are only accessible by aircraft. >> reporter: the fire spread fast, burning uphill friday. but officials were worried that down canyon winds would pick up overnight and fan the flames toward homes. >> when it gets bad, we'll leave. we're ready. we have things packed. >> reporter: some homeowners are staying behind, preparing their houses for the flames outside their doorsteps. >> this one's getting closer. i'm staying behind to keep my house wet. >> reporter: ground crews are cutting lines, trying to get containment on the blaze before
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temperatures soar again today. >> we're going to take advantage of the reduction in temperatures and the increase in humidity overnight. >> reporter: fire fighters are battling the blaze in extreme heat. temperatures are expected to soar to the triple digits today. officials also believe that the blaze started behind one of the evacuated homes. dan. >> thank you. as we have said, and you have said, this situation made much worse by the record-breaking temperatures. and issue is meteorologist, rob marciano, new to the team, this is his second weekend, covering that angle for us. good morning. >> heat advisories and warnings for much of so-cal. 94 degrees in los angeles. some of the hills around there. beverly hills yesterday, over 100. that heat is not helping the fire situation. winds should not be terribly strong. that's the good news. from reading to sacramento in through yuma, triple digit heat here. and sticking around for a few days. all the way up to the pacific
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northwest. they have had their issues with fire in the columbia river gorge there, strong winds. temperatures near 90 in oregon, 101 in sacramento, and the next three days, the heat doesn't let up, it's across much of california and the southwest. looking at 90s for los angeles for the next four days. we're not looking at a cooling trend here. phoenix up and over 100, medford and reading, near the 100 degree mark. while that area bakes, a lot of the country into cooler weather. we'll talk about that later. paula, back to you. >> thanks rob. heat and pressure on the nfl. and yet another scandal for the national football league. and breaking overnight, one of its brightest stars has been charged with child abuse. the bombshell comes as the league's commissioner is on the hot seat in the explosive ray rice domestic violence case. and ryan smith has the latest. good morning. >> good morning. and with the nfl reeling from the fallout from the ray rice brutal beating video. now another scandal emerging. one of the league's premier players, adrian peterson, indicted for child abuse, shining the light on the crime and the country's most popular
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sport and its handling of domestic abuse. overnight, adrian peterson making the trip from his minnesota home to a texas jail. surrendering to police. montgomery county sheriff's office telling abc news, the minnesota vikings running back quickly posted $15,000 bond and was released. on thursday peterson was indicted by a grand jury on charges of reckless or negligent injury to a child. espn reporting that his 4-year-old son allegedly sustained injuries to his buttocks, thigh and groin after peterson spanked him with a switch. his mother took him to two doctors who suspected physical abuse and alerted police. in a statement to abc news, peterson's attorney saying that the star running back is cooperating with police and used his judgment as a parent to discipline his son. adding that adrian never intended to harm his son and
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deeply regrets the unintentional injury. it's another bombshell for roger goodell, already reeling from the fallout of ray rice's caught on tape assault of his wife janay. in a letter, goodell says that it was a starkly different account than was originally shared by rice. changing it from a two game suspension to indefinite. and now the nfl has launched its own investigation led by former fbi chief robert muller. >> that's just stunning. there's a lot more that needs to be done by the national football league. >> referee: also this sunday, carolina panther greg hardy taking the field without punishment from the nfl or the panthers. convicted in july of assaulting his ex-girlfriend. and espn's "outside the lines" shares the chilling 911 calls from a neighbor. >> what's going on? >> domestic violence. some girl's getting beat upstairs. i heard it and saw it. we need the police here now before this girl gets seriously hurt, now.
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>> referee: in court documents, the victim saying that hardy pulled me by my hair, screaming that he was going to kill me. and picked me up over his head and threw me on a couch covered in assault rifles and/or shotguns. and yet another player under fire. san francisco 49ers ray mcdonald jailed last month on felony domestic abuse before posting bail. they found injuries on his fiance who was 11 weeks pregnant at the time. investigators are examining that case. they have not handed it over to the district attorney for review. the team saying they're allowing due process to play out and the league is looking into the matter. he too is set to play on sunday. >> now these headlines are devastating for the national football league. and considering half of the fan base is women, what's the fallout going to be? >> worst case scenario for the nfl, it costs roger goodell his job. we are a long way from that. this investigation has to play out. it goes with the theme of due process. they have to look into every aspect of this. right now they're focused on the
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ray rice situation. and what's interesting, how they respond to what's happening right now. adrian peterson, has to play out in the courts as well. but does the nfl have to act before that happens to send a message and what will that mean if adrian peterson walks? so a lot more to play out here. >> so ray rice suspended, and adrian peterson sitting out sunday. >> deactivated. but could come back. never know. >> appreciate it. >> thanks, ryan. now to another story breaking overnight, the massive manhunt for the gunman who walked into a state police barracks in pennsylvania and opened fire on the troopers. at least two of them were hit. marci gonzalez is here with the latest. good morning to you. >> good morning, dan. one trooper has died, and the other is hospitalized. and we're expecting police to update us in the next few minutes about the manhunt and what led to the shooting. shots fired overnight at this -- right in front of this state police bar racks in rural pennsylvania. two officers ambushed during a shift change. one state trooper killed.
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another rushed to the hospital. police still searching for the gunman. >> we are putting every resource available to the pennsylvania state police in action. >> hundreds of officers and a s.w.a.t. team called to the area. their search complicated in this heavily wooded remote area near the new york and new jersey borders. police releasing little information as they are working on tracking down the gunman. >> we are focused on the investigation, it's going to be a very difficult time for them and for all of us. >> and police aren't saying how many suspects they're looking for. and we're still waiting for them to release the names of the two troopers who were shot. this story still developing quickly. >> a lot to learn, thank you. >> thank you. and now a major development in the investigation into the tragedy death of joan rivers. the doctor who performed throat surgery on her before she went into cardiac arrest, no longer working at that clinic. this is as we're learning another physician was not even
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authorized to practice there. e.j. manu e.j. manu e.j. manu e.j. manuel -- linzie janis is in manhattan where it happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the clinic where joan rivers had the endoscopy the day she had to be put on life support. now word that the main doctor treating her was asked to step down. and the reason throwing up more questions than answers. in a dramatic turn, the doctor who performed a procedure on joan rivers the day she went into cardiac arrest has been forced to step down. in a statement the clinic saying rivers' gastroenterologist, dr. lawrence cohen is not currently performing procedures nor is he serving as medical director. the outpatient facility declined to give a reason. but sources tell abc news that cohen was asked to step down after he allegedly allowed an unauthorized physician, an ear, nose and throat specialist, to treat rivers at the clinic. that specialist who has not been identified did not have privileges to work at the facility, but did so anyway,
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performing a secondary procedure on rivers. >> this does not look good, but does not mean any malpractice has been committed. this is a rule of that particular business. this man is medical director, head of that business and apparently broken his own rule. >> reporter: dr. cohen has not responded to request for comments. rivers went in for the diagnostic procedure 16 days ago, requiring her to be sedated. and something she told joan london almost 30 years ago she had to be especially cautious about. >> i have an arrhythmatic heart. one in four ladies have it. it scares the hell out of me. when you go under a plastic surgery, that's when your heart can go out of kilter. i'm always careful. >> reporter: and this clinic is at the center of an ongoing investigation by the state department of health. and although medical examiners have competed an autopsy on
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rivers, they're awaiting the results of a toxicology results before determining a cause of death. so dan and paula, perhaps some answers to come here. >> and more to come on this as well. as with many of the stories this morning we're covering. and a lot of overnight stories developing this morning, and we turn to this gentleman, mr. ron claiborne. good morning, sir. >> good morning, everyone. secretary of state john kerry is in egypt this morning, trying to muster international support to defeat the islamic terrorist group, i.s.i.s. in a meeting on friday in turkey, kerry said as many as 40 countries have offered support in the fight against i.s.i.s., and france wants to invite iran to diplomatic talks in paris on monday for combatting the group that occupies parts of iran and syria. but kerry said including iran would be inappropriate because of differences between the west and tehran, including iranian support for syrian president bashar assad. and the search resumes today for a missing navy fighter pilot after two navy pilots, their jets crashed into the pacific ocean. a seahawk helicopter is scouring
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the ocean 2300 miles west of honolulu for any sign of the missing pilot or the jets. the second pilot managed to eject safely. and in ohio, convicted school shooter t.j. lane and two other inmates who escaped from prison have been transferred, they were caught again, to a high security prison. this following the daring prison break thursday. helicopter infrared cameras show the moment that officers nabbed lane in the woods. investigation is underway to determine exactly how those inmates managed to get away. and frightening moments at the hard rock seminole casino near tampa, florida. a temporary 15-foot wall collapsed friday night. 18 people were injured. the wall came down without any warning. an investigation is underway. and kevin ward jr.'s number 13 car returned to the speedway friday, more than a month after he was killed during a sprint car race. ward's best friend dylan swernick, behind the wheel during the canadian sprint car nationals. ward got out of the race car and
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was struck and killed by a car driven by nascar star tony stewart. authorities are expected to reveal next week if stewart will face any charges in ward's death. and a quick-thinking north carolina girl is quite the hero, or heroine. saving her family from fire not once, but twice. 7-year-old sage first alerted the familyi about the fire in the kitchen thursday evening. it went out, and started up in the middle of the night. once again, sage sprung into action and got everyone out of the house safely. turns out sage had used tips she learned from a fire drill at school earlier that same day. and sage says that it is fun to be a hero. as sara is. >> i know every day of my life. the heroine of the show. >> really quick thinking, though. >> looks great in the shades. she's cool. >> and a great name, isn't it? >> absolutely. good for her. thank you. this morning we are hearing from the family of the woman killed by oscar pistorius, the blade runner.
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he is out on bail right now after the verdict that surprised so many people all over the world. with the real possibility that pistorius could face no jail time, the victim's outraged father is speaking out, and abc's matt gutman is in south africa. >> reporter: oscar pistorius, stepping out of court friday and closer to freedom. you can see the interest here, how intensely people want to catch a glimpse of oscar pistorius. the screams, how his fortunes have turned in the past 24 hours. that reversal not just amongst this crowd, this morning the international paralympic committee tells abc news, we wouldn't stand in his way to compete in the future if the judge allows it. that stunning turn started here in this pretoria courtroom friday -- >> mr. pistorius, please stand up. >> reporter: the judge handing down an acquittal in his murder charge. >> instead found guilty of culpable homicide. >> reporter: essentially manslaughter which experts say
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has loose sentencing laws here. do you think it's possible that pistorius may not spend a single day in prison for this? >> he may receive a sentence of a fine with a suspended sentence, house arrest. whether he sees a day inside a jail after he's been sentenced i think is actually quite unlikely. >> reporter: overnight, the family of the woman pistorius shot dead in his bathroom, reeva steenkamp, more heartbroken than outraged. telling the bbc -- >> only people that have gone through this will understand. only once they have gone through it will they know what we feel. >> samantha taylor, oscar pistorius' ex-girlfriend said in her first interview she is lucky to have survived her 18-month relationship with the blade runner. when you first heard she was killed, what went through your mind? >> i definitely thought it could have been me. >> reporter: for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, pretoria, south africa. >> thanks, that hearing is next month. and prince harry, showing
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off his movies at a wheelchair rugby match at the invictus games. this after the high-speed drama involving his motorcade. bob woodruff has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. prince harry made his way back to the basketball courts in support of the wounded veterans, playing in the invictus games. but this morning, it's the continuing investigation into the accident involving prince harry's motorcade. overnight, new details of prince harry's convoy in a dramatic crash on thursday. one of his police escorts on a motorbike smashed head on head into a toyota prius, catapulted 30 feet into the air. london's police told abc news both the policeman and driver who suffered injuries have now been discharged from the hospital. >> slowly starting to feel old, but i think i'm always young at heart. you have to stay on the ball. >> reporter: prince harry took to the court last night in an
7:18 am
invictus games exhibition rugby match. his sister-in-law, pippa middleton watched, even shocked, and loads of laughter when the hero prince was sent to the sin bin for a foul. the invictus games, which he created. >> americans started it, i stole it. i made it bigger. >> he's still the prince, but there's also the camaraderie of knowing he's been on the battle field and he's one of us. >> reporter: using sports as a game of recovery for 400 wounded veterans from 13 countries. >> i have no doubt that lives will be changed this weekend. >> reporter: so what to you get for a prince turning 30 who seems to have it all? we know his mother, the late princess diana, has a special gift for him, over $17 million, inheritance from her estate. >> i don't think he will go out and spend it like i would if i suddenly pocketed $17 million. >> reporter: money aside, it promises to be a happy birthday, his brother and sister-in-law reportedly having a private part -- party for him here at
7:19 am
kensington palace. now prince harry got another gift yesterday in those wheelchair rugby game. it was the united states against britain. now britain won, so he had a huge smile. clearly he is a very competitive prince. paula, dan. >> and i love the invictus games. he does such a good job of giving back and being a part of it. but invictus meaning unconquered. >> he gets right in there as we were saying. he gets right in there. unafraid. >> you know who else is unafraid? unconquered? rob marciano. >> yes, yes. actually that's what marciano means, right? >> exactly. >> no. >> the true meaning coming up in just a little bit. check out this, the northern lights the aurora borealis, is that gorgeous or what? above mt. washington, above 6,000 feet there in new hampshire, above the clouds. that helps. a pulse of solar flares the last few days. interacting with the magnetic field above the atmosphere. that's what you get. you may see them again tonight. that's if you're lucky if you don't have any clouds.
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look north, if you live north, that wouldn't hurt. 71 degrees in new york city. and light rain showers across the northeast. and look at temperatures, it will be cooler but drier tomorrow. not so lucky down across the south. a wave develops along the front down across the south. heavier rain across parts of georgia, mississippi, alabama, and into the carolinas. upwards of 2 inches there. and the chilly air entrenched across the northern plains. 13 states under frost and freeze advisories. 43 in kansas city, 44 in chicago. boy, it's been chilly there. you may get out of the 50s today. enjoy that. here's a look across the country. the rain across the gulf coast, it will continue to be hot out west as we mentioned there. and into the 90s in so-cal. maybe up and over 100 degrees. that's what's happening there. here's what's happening across the country, a loo shot of the sunrise. ha
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>> wey, guys. >> hey, guys. >> what's happening? >> hey, ron, how is it going? >> a little golf game yesterday. >> we did learn the true meaning of the word marciano which we will explain. that's coming up in the next half hour. how is that for a tease? also coming up, vanished. the all-out search for the college freshman last seen on campus more than a week ago. where they're looking for her and what her family is saying about the young woman's demeanor the last time they saw her. and which of the as seen on tv products can make the grade. can they make your life easier? and jennifer lawrence and bradley cooper on the big screen up ahead in "pop news." >> "pop news"! >> "pop news"!
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visit "trick or treat." ♪ this girl is on fire okay, never underestimate the power of a 10-year-old girl. this is kayla going head to head with a cadet. that was in high school in north carolina. it was a fundraising event. but when he got to 54, he was done. she went on to do 30 more. dan, if you're adding, that's 84. >> i have never been good at math. thank you for that. >> we hear she's trying out for the junior olympics. but the burning question. dan, do you do girl-style pushups? or do you do dude-style pushups? >> you're assuming i do pushups at all. >> look at this. you have to do something. >> these guns, they were that way without pushups. >> au natural. >> yes. au natural. changing the subject now. coming up a little bit later on "gma" this morning.
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check this out, this is a contraption, this is more up my alley, rather than pushups, makes stuffed burgers. >> i want one. >> one of these as seen on tv products. we submitted several of these products to our panel of mom testers. the verdicts coming up. the moms are generally pretty tough. >> yes, we are. first this half hour, a desperate search for a college freshman who vanished not long after the start of school. >> anna smith, last seen near her dorm room on campus. her parents are now making a desperate plea that she returns home. this as volunteers join in the search to find her. bazi kanani has more on the leads that they're tracking. >> reporter: the emotional gathering overnight. prayer for 18-year-old anna marie smith to return safe. this morning, so many questions remain about the perplexing disappearance of the appalachian state university freshman missing now for 11 days. >> scouring these mountains and trails and hills around campus and on campus, we have nothing. >> reporter: according to
7:32 am
police, smith was last seen on campus september 2nd. her roommate reported her missing the next day. smith's cell phone, laptop and money left behind. her last communication with her family, a labor day facebook message saying i love you. the university says police investigated reports that smith may have been the victim of an off-campus sexual assault just days before she disappeared. but police found no evidence and a report was never filed. >> we want to do everything in our power to just love her and see her back and safe. >> reporter: smith's family says she was anguished the last time they saw her, now fearing she could be somewhere hurt or frayed, and believing that someone must know something to help find her. >> we need anna to come home. she makes our hearts whole. >> she is bright and sunny. and just a joy. >> reporter: for "good morning
7:33 am
america," bazi kanani, abc news, washington. >> we are pulling for that family. thank you. and another look at the headlines. mr. ron claiborne. good morning again. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, begin with the huge wildfire in california. 30 homes have been evacuated as thick plumes of smoke and flames tear through the brush at silverado canyon in southern california. the fire spreading fast, burning uphill friday. but officials were worried that down canyon winds could pick up and fan the flames toward homes. and more trouble for the nfl. minnesota vikings star running back adrian peterson out on bail this morning after being indicted for allegedly spanking his son with a switch. his mother took the child to two doctors who thought it was physical abuse. he will not be playing on sunday against the patriots. and lava from one of the world's most active volcanos is creeping toward a rural subdivision on the big island of
7:34 am
hawaii. the lava could reach three vacant lots. paula, so far no evacuations have been ordered. and finally, this couple from mississippi is flooded with happiness. dustin lanthrop thought he had it all figured out, going to propose on a trip to nashville, tennessee. but that all changed when they had to be evacuated because of flooding there. he saw the flood waters rising into the car with the ring inside. ran back to the car, endangering his life, got the ring -- >> got to get the ring. >> proposed on the spot, only to be rescued by the coast guard. after all of that she said no. >> she did? >> no. >> no. >> ron makes it up. >> she said yes. she said yes. >> the last story is usually -- >> i love it. >> should demand a prenuptial nonetheless. >> when ron does the news, here are the headlines, some of these may be true. >> we should have a disclaimer underneath, right? >> are we going to find out what marciano means? >> what does rob marciano mean? find out now or make us wait?
7:35 am
>> we'll give you the spanish definition in just a second. hit google up, and our viewers can play along. viewers in chicago, a chilly morning. let's take a look at the live shot there. temps in the lower 40s, you haven't gotten out of the 50s the last couple of days. that is unusually cool. very much like fall. and there are some of the buildings there through some of the lower clouds. you'll see that throughout the day today. temperatures may get up above 60. 60 for the high. 10 to 20 degrees below normal, and some of that cooler air gets to the east. and it was 71 degrees in fairbanks, alaska. so a little bit of flip-flopping going on there. tropical storm edourd in the middle of the atlantic, where it will stay. and watching this area of disturbed weather across the southern tip of florida, drifting into the gulf of mexico. may develop into something tropical. either way, more heavy rain across the gulf states in the next few days. hurricane, or what will be
7:36 am
>> this weather brought to you by walgreens. marciano in spanish means martian. i liken myself to be the cherry on top of the sunday, but that would be maraschino. >> you're other-worldly. >> i like that. >> a lot of things. >> a little green man. >> read into that, right if now extreme intrigue coming up on "good morning america." i cannot wait to see this story. mom testers on the case. can the knot genie get to the root -- get it? of your problem? the results coming up. and singer alicia keys throws her husband an epic birthday party. fit for a king. the amazing throwback theme. >> can't wait. epic birthday party. the amazing throwback theme. >> can't wait.
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we recruit moms to test those as seen on tv products in the crucible of the average american home. we should do it in your home. >> i purchased one and liked it. i will tell you about it. this time around, moms are trying out inventions that are promising to make back to school crunch time a whole lot easier. yes, please. our tried and true tester, becky worley on the case. >> reporter: for many of us moms, back to school means back to morning meltdowns, carpool chaos and dinner dilemmas. luckily these as seen on tv products claim to help. >> you guys ready? >> yeah. >> reporter: we rounded up a new group of "gma" mom testers to see if the back to school saviors make the grade or deserve time in detention. our moms are westchester, ohio's molly hinker, shantlea johns, and colleen middlebrooks, all moms of two. first up, is there a way to make getting ready in the morning less hairy? >> normally i'm hearing, oh, this hurts.
7:42 am
>> reporter: this genie may finally grant their wish. >> nothing works better on problem knots than the knot genie. >> it's so cute. >> let's see if it works. how does that feel? >> it was good. >> it does get the knots out. >> seems to be detangling her hair. >> does that hurt? >> no. >> i don't see any tears yet. >> reporter: the knot genie worked its magic, conjuring up a unanimous mom-approved. next up -- >> catch caddy. >> the revolutionary car catch caddy to catch things before they fall into the black hole. >> i have high hopes. >> let's give it a try. >> fits. it fits. >> reporter: molly and colleen were quick catch caddy converts. >> i dropped some change. oh! it caught it. >> i'm going to keep it in my car. >> reporter: but for shantlea, the catch caddy fell short. literally. >> by the end of the night, the catch caddy was down on the floor. >> reporter: all-star products group, the company behind the
7:43 am
catch caddy says it was developed with a one-size fits most design. snugness and fitness based on the car's make and model. she still gave it one mom disappointed, two moms approved. finally, after a long, busy day -- >> we're going to have burgers tonight for dinner. >> reporter: not just any burgers. >> stuffs makes the most amazing, perfectly-sealed patty every time. look at that. >> it definitely does look delicious. >> reporter: our moms started stuffing. >> here we have it. >> reporter: it was a stuffed success. >> turned out pretty good. >> reporter: and colleen's turkey burger passed the taste test. >> it works. >> close the lid. >> reporter: but for molly, the stuff was stuffed with complications. >> too many steps involved. this will not make my life easier. >> reporter: the company says we recognize that making a stuffed burger may take more time than a traditional burger and we always welcome customer feedback and continue to modify
7:44 am
and add to the instructions in order to simplify the process for first-time users. but molly's thumbs down makes it one mom disappointed, two moms approved. "gma" mom testers to the rescue yet again. dan, paula, this time of year, i may be trying some of those products, really try anything to tame the back to school chaos. wish me luck. >> chaos is an understatement. >> it's chaotic in your house? >> this is the biggest fight. trying to comb my daughter's hair. yes, in the morning. >> can we get my cowlick during the break? we have to take a little break. and coming up, rory mcilroy, you have to see this, his one in a million shot. where the ball ended up, and how one spectator handled being on the receiving end. that's coming up in the all-important "pop news" with sara haines after the break. ove. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves.
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♪ yes, all right, martian boy. pay attention, this is "pop news." >> high point of the show. here we go. hollywood's dream team is back together again. megastars jennifer lawrence and bradley cooper are reuniting for the third time in a new movie called "serena." it's a fairly big contrast from "silver linings playbook" and "american hustle." they are fighting against all odds in depression-era north carolina. it's been a long-time coming. it was filmed back in 2012. but luckily we won't have to wait too much longer, the dynamic duo is expected to be back on the big screen later this year. >> a little romance. >> i love those two. >> great chemistry. >> really good. and alicia keys threw her husband a birthday party fit for a king. the theme is "coming to america," the '80s pop culture classic. being the guest of honor, he
7:50 am
played the role of prince akeem. made famous by eddie murphy. and his mom, dad and grandma dressed up. >> is that james earl jones there? >> not really. but they looked like they walked off the movie set. alicia looked regal, and it was complete with lots of dancing and celebrity guests including rappers dmx and p. diddy. my favorite line is, whatever you like, dan? >> keep saying it. >> what's your favorite? >> whatever yours is, dan. >> i like that. and next up, rory mcilroy has scored argue my the shot of his career at the tour championship. look at this. the tee off into the trees, and somehow miraculously lands in the pocket of a spectator trying to get out of the way. that really happened, you guys. not surprisingly -- >> where's the guy? >> right here. >> his pant pocket. >> in his pant pocket. >> he had to play it out of there? >> he did. he had to drop it, and took the shot -- no, ron. from where the spectator stood dumbfounded. and he ended up finishing the day tying for the clubhouse lead.
7:51 am
i don't know the odds, but i think they should rush out and buy a lottery ticket. >> find out the odds, and he'll have them tomorrow. >> exactly. >> our censors would not allow us to show rory actually pulling the ball out of that man's pocket. >> now as we continue to honor rob, our newest edition. you saw us at sesame street friday morning, and it's rob's second week. i took it upon myself to show him the ropes. >> thank you, sara. >> but i feel the need to call out on some of his acting skills. look at this outtake. ♪ ♪ sara haines ♪ enjoying a latte ♪ see the count count -- >> saw your head, rob. >> come on. >> like you have never done this before. >> no, they took good care of us at sesame street, but rob needed a little guidance in his acting. we'll be right back after this. >> duck out, duck out. >> his head count -- >> his head count -- h acting. we'll be right back after this. .
7:52 am
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♪ marciano ♪ looks like rain another giant mulligan. >> looks like rain!
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and start living a life well lit. geisinger. good morning. thanks for joining us this saturday. i'm matt keller. a lick look at the weather, here's lisa argen. >> a few high clouds and low clouds this morning, as well making for a nice picture around the bay. san jose at 60, 62 in oakland and 56 in morgan hill. more low clouds and fog here. the wind blowing a little bit in the city. later on this afternoon, back into the low 70s, san francisco. still 60s at the coast with fog along the san mateo coast. look for upper 80s to upper 90s today in the mariner coast. we're out of the triple digits and oakland upper 70s and upper 80s near


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