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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 13, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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learn to manage your energy at islamic state extremists have released a video showing the beheading of a british aid worker. prime minister david cameron tonight calling it an act of pure evil. good evening. i'm katie marzullo. the chilling new video shows the brutal execution of a third westerner at the hands of the extremist group called isis. abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana is live in the newsroom now with more on this story. >> reporter: katie, this killing comes on the same day that the family of aid worker david haines appealed to the terrorist group for his release. this still image of the moments before david haines's execution looks familiar. the british voice of the executioner is similar to that of the person who killed u.s.
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journalist james foley and steven sotloff. haines is a british citizen who worked for a french humanitarian agency. he was abducted in syria in march of 2013. haines's brother released a statement writing, "his joy and anticipation for the work he did in syria is for myself and family the most important element of this whole sad affair. he was and is loved by all his family and will be missed terribly." haines had two children, a 4-year-old girl and a teenage daughter. in his wedding pictures to his current wife, dagana, he wore a kilt, proudly displaying his scottish heritage. in his weekly address president obama spoke about his strategy to counter isis, or isil. >> what's needed now is a targeted, relentless counterterrorism campaign against isil that combines american air power, contributions from allies and partners, and more support to force that's are fighting these terrorists on the ground. >> reporter: u.s. secretary of
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state john kerry traveled to the middle east and spoke in egypt, trying to build regional support for the president's strategy. >> it's only a matter of time before the threat of terrorism anywhere becomes a threat of terrorism everywhere. that has certainly been proven true in the case of isil. >> reporter: in the video the masked terrorist directly threatened uk prime minister james cameron saying haines's execution was retaliation for any military coordination between the united kingdom and the united states. prime minister cameron quickly issued a statement saying the murder of david haines is an act of pure evil. sergio quintana, abc 7 news. meanwhile, slain u.s. journalist james foley's parents say they never knew what the u.s. government was doing to help their son after his kidnapping in 2012 and they say they were told they could be prosecuted for raising money to pay a ransom for his safe return. foley's family announced the james w. foley legacy fund to support families of american
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hostages and aid american journalists reporting from conflict zone. san jose police plan to look at surveillance footage to see if they can link a suspicious device at a haute toll a person. someone reported seeing an object inside a nmen's restroom at a hilton hotel on almaden boulevard this morning. patrol officers asked explosives experts to help them determine what the device was. >> they x-rayed it, they examined it visually. we did a canvass for witnesses, evidence. we basically took it as far as we could take it without touching the device and manipulating it physically. and finally we made the decision to utilize a water charge to open it up and oftentimes that renders it safe, which is exactly what it did today. >> the bomb scad still doesn't know what the device was but say it was harmless. most of the hotel remained open for the ix is hours it took the bomb squad to give the all clear. only the first and second floors were closed. oakland firefighters capped a leaking propane tank after an suv pulling a trailer overturned in oakland.
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the chp tweeted out this photo. the wreck forced the highway patrol to close eastbound lanes on interstate 580 for about 25 minutes. the suv's driver and his wife both went to the hospital. chp investigators believe their vehicle was the only one involved in the crash. a fuel spill from a tour bus shut down a busy intersection near union square this afternoon. around 1:45 hazmat crews took over the intersection at geary and stockton streets, put down absorbent material to mop up the fuel. it's not known how much fuel was spilled, but fire officials say the bus has a 55-gallon tank. it's not clear also what caused the leak. developing news from southern california. an evacuation order remains in effect for more than 200 homes in orange county, silverado canyon as a wildfire continues to burn in the cleveland national treft. flames have now charred 1,500 acres. the fire is 10% contained. it broke out yesterday morning in the middle of a heat wave and triple-digit temperatures are expected through the weekend.
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that plus rugged terrain are making it tough, making it a tough fight for the more than 800 firefighters battling those flames. a brush fire has destroyed five to seven structures, possibly homes in montecito county -- excuse me, mendocino county. a viewer, kimberly mitchell, provided these photos of the smoke and flames in redwood valley. the fire broke out around 4:00 this afternoon. so far the flames have burned about 125 acres. red cross workers have set up a shelter for people who have lost their homes and those whose homes have been evacuated. you might notice there's some construction work going on if you're headed across the golden gate bridge this weekend. the work involves realightning the southbound lanes near the toll plaza. those lanes are being moved slightly to the center of the roadway, and that will give crews more space to finish construction on the southbound side of the roadway and build a shoulder. the new levi's stadium faces another test tomorrow. the 49ers' home opener.
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crews have been working feverishly to get everything ready, and fans, they need to be ready for the heat. abc 7 news reporter nick smith is live in santa clara with details. hey, nick. >> reporter: you know, officials tell me, katie, they can't do anything about the heat but they are working feverishly, like you said, behind me just to put the final pieces in place. i understand, a source tells us, that crews will be here as late as 4:00 a.m. to make sure that everything is perfect for the san francisco 49ers' face-off against the chicago bears. the wait is nearly over and the final security pieces are being put in place. levi's stadium is preparing to welcome more than 70,00049ers fans to the first regular season game in their new billion-dollar stadium. chris francis made the trip from rancho cucamonga. >> we got here earlier today. we're going to be here till monday. i expect kaepernick to kick their butts like he did on his debut. >> reporter: the couple wanted to avoid the traffic trouble that have become an notorious
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association with the stadium. attempts to solve the parking and transportation woes have been mixed. long lines to board trains, cars backing up side streets, signs warning of parking restrictions, and to top it off confusing detours that have left many frustrated drivers scratching their heads. john johnson has never missed a home game. he's staying at the nearby hilton to avoid traffic issues. >> we're 25-year candlestick veterans. so this is a walk in the park, man. >> reporter: the hotel put up these signs to alert guests of parking. but another concern may be the heat. >> tomorrow's going to be an evening game. i don't think it's going to be too bad. >> reporter: during the preseason game there were a number of heat-related calls. attempts for the 49ers' face-off with the bears could reach 81 degrees. >> sunscreen and a baseball cap. and if we win i don't care. burn me. i don't care. >> reporter: santa clara mayor jamie matthews is hoping that before fans head to the game they'll help children in need by having a bite with him at the k through college pancake
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breakfast. >> all proceeds go to help our homeless children here in silicon valley. i know it's hard to believe with the prosperity in silicon valley but there's a lot of underresourced children that need help and k to college does an amazing job doing that. >> reporter: football and fund raidsing. what could be better than that? in santa clara nick smith, abc 7 news. >> parking lots at levi's stadium will open at 1:30 tomorrow for the game. gates open at 2:30. fans are asked to be in their seats by 5:00 for a pregame show and festivities. tickets are available on the nfl ticket exchange and other resale websites. they are running between $160 to nearly $6,000 for a ticket. we have a full list of traffic and transit resources to get you to the game tomorrow on our website, let's head over to abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma. >> live doppler 7 hd we'll show
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you a dry scan. as we zoom in and show you the forecast for tomorrow. in the afternoon temperatures around 82 degrees. by 8:30 as we're winding down the game still pretty warm out there, temperatures right around 70 degrees. sunset, by the way, 7:19. look at highs today. upper 90s. 101 in ukiah. 98 fairfield, 98 livermore. there's relief coming to our inland spots. we'll talk about cooler air arriving on the accuweather forecast. we'll see you in a little bit. katie? >> thank you, drew. still to come on the abc 7 news at 11:00, using cameras to fight crime. a bay area city wants more electronic eyes on the streets. but in this case they belong to civilians, not cops. and starting off the school year on the right foot. we'll show you some very happy feet and show you who made it possible. and later another nfl player in legal trouble. the case prosecutors are building against one of the league's top running backs. that's when ab
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a north bay city is hoping to add hundreds of new crime-fighting tools to its police force. rohnert park is encouraging anyone with a security camera to join a new register. abc 7 news report er cornell barnard has the story. >> you can see the bar. >> reporter: he says it's the best investment he's ever made. four security cameras inside and out, watching over his restaurant 24/7. the data base in back records everything the camera sees. >> cameras inside the restaurant have come in handy at least three or four times when stuff behind the bar went missing.
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>> reporter: velasco was on board plan by rohnert park police for a registry of security cameras to help them fight crime faster wherever it happens. >> instead of spending an entire day walking a block the first person i would go to would be someone that's on this database, knock on their door. they show me evidence. >> reporter: the program is statistically voluntary. anyone with a camera can sign up. fremont and san jose already have similar registries. last january this security camera video identified a suspected serial arsonist in san jose, leading to his arrest. but there are privacy concerns in how the information will be used. christine capper-ton works in this shopping center. she says safety outweighs everything else. >> we've got too many invasive things happening in our lives. big brorkt's watching all over the place. but there's already cameras everywhere you go. >> reporter: asidro velasco and his cameras are on duty. >> this helps the police.
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you just can see who broke a window, decide to do something bad, you know? >> reporter: many say rohnert park is a small safe city and they'd like to keep it that way. in rohnert park, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> alameda county contributors are putting their best foot forward, donating some 2,100 pairs of shoes to students. it's the 18th annual school shoe giveaway at arena. oakland's first african methodist episcopal church have partnered with facilities to help low income k through 12 students and their families kick off the school year on the right and left foot. if you will. the 19th annual ghirardelli chocolate festival in san francisco. visitors to ghirardelli square are satisfying their sweet tooth while raising money for project open hand. the organization delivers meals and groceries to people living with hiv and aids. more than 30 vendors are handing
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out samples of all things chocolate. you've got cupcakes, chocolate bars, and ice cream. while chefs demonstrate how to cook gourmet meals. there's also a school so guests can learn how chocolate is made. the festival runs through tomorrow. and i think abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma and i should be there. >> yeah. it's going to be beautiful. another sun-filled day on the way for our sunday. live doppler 7 hd. we'll show you a dry scan. we have clouds out there but they're harmless. they won't bring us any rain unfortunately overnight tonight. look at temperatures. antioch still very warm. upper 70s. 70 degrees right now. upper 90s earlier today. so inland heat is still with us at this hour. 65 in oakland currently. san francisco right now is at 60 degrees. mountain view 65 and fremont currently sitting at 63 degrees. live look outside our explore torium camera. we'll show you a few clouds upstairs. we'll call it partly cloudy. you can still see some stars out there. but a quiet evening on tap. our forecast features the high clouds and a little bit of
11:18 pm
coastal fog overnight tonight but thain land heat will begin to ease tomorrow. see those numbers start to come down. and a cool pattern on the way for all of us on the seven-day forecast. our satellite imagery will shee the cooling wave. it inches closer to california, bringing wind more south-southwesterly. an onshore wind. that's a cooler wind for us, helping to drop those temperatures each and every day on the seven-day forecast. into the 80s we go as early as tuesday. inland locations, relief is on the way. sunday you'll see your forecast animation. a little bit of cloud cover, some fog right along the immediate coast early on. that pulls back. we turn to sunnier skies and most of the afternoon we'll call it mainly sunny. a few clouds here and there but not as much cloud cover as we had today with the high veil of cirrus clouds. fur headed to at&t park tomorrow, the game forecast, dodgers taking on the giants. 1:05 first pitch. 67 degrees by 4:00. it's going to be breezy but temperatures 69 degrees. across the bay waters we do
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have. coliseum. 72 degrees. but with full sunshine the uv index will be very high and that will warm us up to about 74 degrees by 4:00. overnight lows in the bay area, mainly in the 50s. 59 oakland, 58 san francisco. 59 vallejo and 60 the overnight low in san jose. highs tomorrow will start to bring them down a bit than we were today. 94 morgan hill. 83 for santa clara. 89 los gatos. 80 redwood city 79 menlo park and palo alto. san francisco you'll see a high of 69 degrees. downtown tomorrow. 64 for daly city. as we head north. 65 in bodega bay. 85 santa rosa. 89. 84 sonoma. 83 for napa. the east bay locations we'll see mid 70s. 73 oakland. 79 newark. and inland spots. still in the 90s but we're not as hot tomorrow as we were today. 93 the high for pittsburgh. 94 for antioch. 92 for walnut creek and livermore. still pretty warm with highs 95
11:20 pm
degrees. accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll show you, though, as you get into monday and to tuesday. that's when you start to see the temperatures really come back down into the 80s on tuesday. and then we'll watch wednesday into thursday, guys. the latest models we just ran is the possibility of bringing a couple sprinkles around here. we'll keep our eye on that but right now we'll just call it high clouds. >> that would be wonderful, though. thank you, drew. over to shoe now. moved on to baseball? >> i'm more interested in baseball. giants have a chance to lock up a tie in the national league west with the dodgers tonight at at&t park but the dodgers like being alone at the top. they put up 17 runs on the g-men and the giants fall two b
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xfinity internet from comcast, now double the speed. some people think vegetables are boring. but with green giant's delicious seasonings and blends, we just may change their minds. ho ho ho green giant! you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh after a 9-0 win over the dodgers last night the giants had a chance to move into a tie for first place with a win tonight. instead l.a. posts the largest
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shutout over the giants in franchise history. actor and san francisco native benjamin bratt one of katie's favorites watching the giants tonight. not a good night. bottom first matt kemp takes tim hudson down into the corner. yasiel puig scores. 2-0 l.a. hanley ramirez doubles the other way kemp scores 3-0 dodgers. tim lincecum took over in the second. change-up to kemp down the line nest will. another double for the dodgers slugger. 6-0 l.a. now 9-0 in the fourth. former giant juan uribe crushes a change-up deep into the seats. his ninth of the year. made it 10-0. 24 hits, 17 runs, the most ever given up by the g-men at at&t. dodgers rout the giants 17-0 and go up two games on the g-men in the west. meanwhile the a's are in a freefall clinging to a half game lead in the wild card race. they faced off against felix hernandez and the mariners tonight in seattle and pulled out a rare victory against the kings. revealing the a's didn't give
11:25 pm
up. a's up 1-0. josh donaldson took care of that with a solo shot. his 27th of the year. in the seventh josh reddick on third. eric sogard with some nerd power off the king felix. rbi single. a's up 2-1. sonny gray struck out seven over eight innings but he wants this one back. robinson cano, see you. his 14th ties the game at 2. seattle closer rodney wild got a little wild in the tenth. coco crisp scores. 3-2 scores. after injuring his oblique mike zunino gives it a ride but stays in the yard. a's win 3-2. they have the first place wild card spot by half a game over kansas city. we'll take a quick time out before we hit the sod for college football. sanford hit the cadets of army. we have the details as we continue.
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the 15th ranked stanford cardinal hosting army for the first time in 35 years down on the farm. stanford coming off a tough loss to usc looking to get back in the win column. broke out the aerial assault against the cadets. the black knights bringing their famed triple option to stanford stadium. first series for the cardinal kevin hogan finds a i'd say wide open devon kejuce. 7-0 stanford. cardinal flexing their defensive muscle. army's larry dixon stumbles. cardinal take over in the red zone. they would capitalize. 14-0 stanford. cajuste. four touchdowns. stanford improves to 2-1 with a
11:30 pm
35-0 victory. >> three touchdowns. that's what we do in practice. there's no difference to me. the standard will always be very high. and i'm not perfect, but that's what i shoot for. and if i'm not perfect in the game then everything else is just okay, good game. pac-12 action. ucla deep in the heart of texas face the longhorns in the jerry dome. ucla quarterback brett hundley travels for 11 yards, injuries his left elbow on the play. he would leave the game. his replacement jerry neuheisel, son of rick, in the fourth. 33 yards over the top to jordan tate. he threw two tds and the bruins hold on to win 20-17. will ferrell cheering on his alma mater usc in boston. in the fourth boston trying to pull off the upset. quarterback tyler murphy finds the gap. gone. 66. 191 yards rushing. usc goes down in chestnut hill 37-31. that's the final. oregon hosting wyoming at austin stadium. mascot optional.
11:31 pm
cowboys strike first. tanner gentry hauls in the kirkguard pass. marcus mariota threw for 221 and two tds. flips over the pylons. 48-14 victory. coming up later in this broadcast some upsets in college football and we'll tee it up in the final event of the year on the pga tour. stick around. i'll see you then. >> i'll be here. thanks, shu. much more ahead in our next half hour. another nfl player finds himself in legal trouble. the child abuse case prosecutors are building against one of the league's top running backs. caught on camera, a brazen shootout in texas after store owners fight back against an armed robber. and a washington sixth-grader gives
11:32 pm
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good evening. i'm katie marzullo. in tonight's headlines, isis released another video showing the beheading of british aid worker david haines. the video warned another british man being held captive in syria will be killed next if the uk continues to fight against isis. this follows the execution of two american journalists by the militant islamist group. a bomb scare closed part of the hilton hotel in downtown san jose for about six hours today. someone found a suspicious object inside a men's restroom. explosives experts determined the device posed no threat. and santa clara, you ready for some football? the 49ers will play their first ever regular season game at levi's stadium tomorrow night.
11:36 pm
officials have worked to avoid some of the traffic delays fans have encountered so far getting to and from events at the team's new home. meanwhile, the nfl is scrambling to explain itself following what seems to be an epidemic of domestic violence involving players. the latest incident involves the minnesota vikings' adrian peterson. abc news reporter rich cantu has an update on his legal trouble. >> he's going to go all the way! touchdown. >> reporter: it maybe quite some time before adrian peterson makes it to the end zone again. one of the nfl's top running backs is on the bench. >> okay. >> reporter: out on bail and under indictment by a grand jury that charged him with child abuse. overnight peterson traveled from his minnesota home to turn himself in at this montgomery county, texas jail. the vikings star was released on $15,000 bond. his alleged crime -- hitting his 4-year-old son with a switch. here at his sprawling mansion outside houston, causing injuries to his buttocks, thigh,
11:37 pm
and groin that two doctors called child abuse. >> a grand jury having indicted this case looked at the injuries that were inflicted upon this child and determined that that discipline was not reasonable. >> reporter: peterson's lawyer says the incident involves using a switch to spank his son. the same kind of discipline he experienced as a child growing up in east texas. >> adrian peterson said he was just disciplining his son and trying to give him a good old-fashioned whooping at the time. obviously, law enforcement differs. >> reporter: it's the latest storm in this season of discontent with the nfl. still rocky from its handling of ray rice's assault on his future wife, which has commissioner roger goodell on the spot too. the league has brought in former fbi director robert mueller to investigate that case. also smoldering, the conviction in july of the carolina panthers' greg hardy for assaulting his ex-girlfriend. hardy will play sunday without punishment from the league or the team. and the season is barely two weeks old. richard cantu, abc news, new york.
11:38 pm
former baltimore ravens star ray rice appeared in public today for the first time since being suspended from the nfl accused of abusing his wife. rice and his family watched a high school football game from the sidelines in his hometown of new rochelle, new york just north of new york city. rice's wife, janay, was with him. the nfl suspended rice on monday after a video surfaced of him knocking janay down in an elevator. that was before they were married. the only marketplace etsy has announced it will no longer celt items that bear the washington redskins' name and logo. they updated their sales policy this week and called the redskins' name offensive to native americans. the company called the team's mascot disparaging and damaging. despite calls for the team to change its name, owner daniel snyder has refused. he says the name represents a winning football franchise and is in no way meant as a slur. pennsylvania state police are intensifying the manhunt for whoever ambushed two state troopers last night, killing one
11:39 pm
and critically wounding the other. it happened just before 11:00 east of scranton. the state police commissioner says the troopers were shot without warning and had no chance to defend themselves. law enforcement officials from across the region including new york and new jersey are searching for the shooter or shooters. surveillance video captures a store clerk defending his family against an armed robber in texas. the robber bursts into the store with a shotgun and pointed it at a young woman who was behind the cash register. little did he know the victim's father and brother had guns of their own. they shot him once. but things did not end there. >> i warned him again, hey, drop your gun. i won't do nothing to you. but he was not listening. he was keep pointing the gun on me. and for my self-defense i shot him again. >> store owner says he's been robbed before several times, he does not believe this man robbed him before. >> it was not only my life, it was my dad and my sister's life too. >> the robber did die from his
11:40 pm
injuries. downtown napa's only grocery store and pharmacy is still closed because of damage done in the august 24th earthquake. safeway has not said if or when its store on clay and jefferson streets will reopen. a company representative says the quake caused extensive damage that must first be evaluated. city inspectors have yellow-tagged the building. about 50 employees have gone to work at other safeway stores in the area, including a second napa location on jefferson street and in nearby vallejo and st. helena. prince harry turns the big 3-0 on monday. cause for a weekend full of birthday celebrations. the late princess diana's youngest son hopped in a wheelchair and took to the court in last night's invictus games exhibition rugby match. he created the event as a means of sport for recovery for wounded veterans from 13 countries. >> we made it bigger. >> he's still the prince but
11:41 pm
there's also the camaraderie of knowing he's been on the battlefield and he's one of us. >> his sister-in-law pippa middleton watched from the stands. his brother william and sister-in-law kate reportedly have planned a private party for him at kensington palace. also at age 30 harry will inherit more than $17 million from his mother's estate. president obama gets schooled this week. kind of. by a sixth-grader while packing donated supplies in backpacks at a washington, d.c. school. >> when somebody said you were coming i really wanted it to be beyonce. >> i understand. malia and sasha would feel the same way. >> you thought we were going to be beyonce? >> then i realized it was going to be you. that's even better. >> the first lady joked and said she would rather see beyonce.
11:42 pm
still ahead, the tribute planned by local comedians to honor the late robin williams. and only on abc 7 news, the quest for a fountain of youth right here in the bay area. the local competition to make aging a thing of the past. >> i'm abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma. warm in our inland spots. some areas hitting the triple digits. but a cooldown is on its way. i'll have the details
11:43 pm
11:44 pm
11:45 pm
san francisco's comedy day will include a special tribute this year. organizers of the annual event plan to honor comedian robin williams at the start of the 5 1/2-hour comedy fest tomorrow. williams has a long history with the event. he performed in the very first comedy day three decades ago. comedy day takes place at sharon meadow in golden gate park at noon. it's free. some of the headliners will include will dirst, and margaret cho. would you like to win a million dollars? that's the prize money in a brand new contest that was officially launched this week in the bay area. its goal, to keep us from aging. abc 7 news morning anchor kristen sze has the story you'll only see on abc 7 news. >> the it's science version of who wants to be a millionaire. >> i'm donating a million-dollar prize to hack the underlying koej of aging prrpt dr. joon yun
11:46 pm
is the stanford radiologist turned silicon valley investor who's been pursuing the science of youth for 15 years. he hopes to turn his dream int reality by funding the palo alto prize. doctors, scientists, students and others with a bright idea are welcome to enter. >> the goal of the prize is to not only end aging but be able to reverse aging and to be able to promote healthy longevity. >> reporter: imagine yankee shortstop derek jeter maintaining his top athletic form or singer beyonce holding on to her incredible beauty or you keeping your heart healthy and body limber, all for years, maybe decades longer than previously thought possible. ten teams have already entered to compete. organizers of the contest hope they will get many more from around the world after the official launch. >> this is where we do a lot of different things to study brain function.
11:47 pm
>> reporter: stanford neurologist dr. jen lee leads one of the teams. dr. doris taylor at the texas heart institute leads another team. >> for years i've said aging is a failure of stem cells. when i read about the prize, i went, okay, it's time to put up or shut up. now you can prove it. >> reporter: dr. yun says they hope to help us live longer healthier lives and lower the crippling cost of health care. they may also help launch new industries, which is why silicon valley investors are watching this contest closely. >> is this a pipe dream? >> it's a long shot. but i am cautiously optimistic that the science is already advanced enough and that this is the time to take the moon shot. >> reporter: a moon shot worth $1 million to start with more prizes to come. in palo alto kristen sze, abc 7 news. >> if you're interested in entering or just learning more about the palo alto prize we have a link on our website, if you were hoping to get an iphone 6 plus next weekish it's
11:48 pm
probably not going to happen. preorders for the new gadget rolled out friday and sold out within hours. so there's now a three to four-week wait for the new phone. some hope, though, the smaller iphone 6 is set to ship within ten days. the new line of iphones is expected in stores september 19th. walnut creek residents came out tonight to show off their civic pride. huge crowds of people lined main street in downtown walnut creek for the 78th annual twilight parade. high school bands, community groups, and local elected officials put on a grand show ahead of the start of this week's walnut festival. the event of course celebrates the city's rich walnut-growing history. great weather lately for festivals of all kinds of. let's check in with abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma. >> we're tracking a cooldown over the next couple of days. inland spots now we're in the upper 90s today.
11:49 pm
you'll gradually go back to the 80s by about tuesday. live doppler 7 hd. we'll show you a clean sweep across the region. we'll show you the nationwide picture of weather. a defrpting front along the east coast will bring some residual showers to parts of gulf coast. storms in new orleans and even miami. many of the u.s. quiet. temperatures in the mid 60s for highs in chicago and minneapolis. back here in the golden state still warm in spots. 104 for fresno. 100 degrees in sacramento. 99 chico and 94 the high in los angeles. closer to the bay area we'll see 90s in our inland spots. but a lot of those locations hit the triple digits today. we're improving there. 94 for antioch. 94 fairfield. 92 concord. 69 the high in san francisco. 84 san jose and 7979 the high in palo alto. we'll show you a bit of clouds early on tomorrow morning. more sunshine on the way but the bigger story, a cooldown heads our way by tuesday. 80s inland and some high clouds move back into our forecast wednesday into thursday. all the way down to the 80s. brr. chilly already.
11:50 pm
do you feel the chill? >> i do feel the chill. college football. stanford back on the winning side as they set off against the cadets of army. and in other contact sports, floyd mayweather jr. put his undefeated record on the line toni
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
stanford cardinal hosting army for the first time in 35 years down on the farm and the
11:53 pm
black knights, by the way, won that game back in 1979. stanford coming off that tough loss to usc. they got back in the win column with an aerial assault. the cadets tough to defend with their triple option. no one runs that anymore. first series for the cardinal kevin hogan finds a wide open devon cajuste. 23 yards. 79-yard drive. 7-0 stanford. cardinal defense flexing their muscle. larry dixon fumbles, concern anderson recovers. they take over in the red zone and capitalize. guess who? hoge sxn cajuste again. for the second time. 14-0 stanford. third time the charm. hogan finds cajuste again. 15 yards hogan threw four touchdowns. stanford wins 35-0 improving to 2-1. here's the head ball coach. >> a lot of credit to our capital sxnz our seniors in particular. to lead the team back and show guys how to bounce back and show guys how to work after a loss and find a way to victory. around the nation we go. rain delay the start of the
11:54 pm
georgia-south carolina top 25 match-up. thunder off the field and on. ow. bulldogs safety quincy mogur hits johnson but still holds on to the ball. four minutes left in the game georgia kicker marshall morgan for the tie. misses wide by inches. morgan actually set the record for most consecutive field goals earlier in the game before missing two. south carolina upsets fourth-ranked georgia, sixth-ranked, that is, 38-35. 17th ranked virginia tech coming off a huge upset last week. pirates quarterback shane cardon, one of three tds right here. the hokies try to come back. virginia tech scored two touchdowns in the fourth. but the pirates too much. threw for 492 yards. third most the hokies have ever aallowed to one quarterback. east carolina upset virginia tech 28-21 that final. a little baseball. giants came back to reality after a 9-0 win last night over the dodgers. but talk about a rebound.
11:55 pm
l.a. put up 17 runs and 24 hits tonight on the g-men. you know who this actor is anyone? anyone? benjamin bratt. thank you, drew. wasn't a good night. matt kemp takes tim hudson down the corner for an rbi double. 2-0 l.a. ramirez doubles the other way. 3-0 dodgers. tim lincecum took over in the second. change-up to kemp down the line to left. another double for the dodgers slugger. 6-0 l.a. 9-0 in the fourth. former giant juan uribe crushes a change-up deep into the seats in left. his ninth of the year made it 10-0. dodgers rout the giants 17-0. up two games on the g-men in the national league west. a's facing kings. felix and the mariners in seattle. ms up 1-0 in the sixth. josh donaldson takes care of that. solo shot. his 27th of the year. in the seventh reddick on third. erik sogard off king felix. rbi single. a's up 2-1.
11:56 pm
sonny gray struck out seven over eight innings but he wants this one back. robinson cano out of here. ties the game at 2. seattle closer fernando rodney got wild in the tenth. bases loaded. he walks jed lowry. coco crisp scores. a's win it 3-2 and remain a half game up on kansas city in the wild card. let's tee it up to our championship in atlanta. third round. rory mcilroy for eagle on 15. 67 today. mcilroy and bill yy horsch. tied going into sunday's final round. both will play for the big payday. million and a half to win and 10 million to claim the fedex cup prize. to boxing, floy mayweather jr. and marcos maidana in las vegas. the fight was a walk-over. mayweather, sweet counterpunch. may weather, shots to the body, then upstairs to the head.
11:57 pm
money wins the unanimous decision on all three cards, improves to 47-0, retaining his welterweight and junior middleweight title world title. mayweather was guaranteed at least 32 million. about $900,000. 49ers host the bears tomorrow night. raiders host houston tomorrow afternoon. and both their home openers. where can i make $900,000 a minute? >> if you let someone punch you in the face. >> okay. >> that's going to do it tonight. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. i'm katie marzullo.
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