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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 14, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. good morning, america. new this morning, i.s.i.s. execution. the terrorists released another horrific video showing the beheading of a british hostage and warning, there are more to come. what will their next move be after this brutal message to our biggest ally? not a super sunday. the dark cloud hanging over game day with two nfl players sidelined. the latest star running back, adrian peterson. >> we take all allegations of abuse against children very seriously. >> with peterson smiling in his mug shot, ray rice, the other embattled player making his first public appearance, his wife by his side. >> outbreak spreads. the mysterious enterovirus d68 that has been making children sick has hit the east coast.
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will it spread to the whole country? how to keep your own kids safe. ♪ and baby talk. is beyonce expecting a second child? the possible clue hubby jay-z dropped from stage. the good morning. we're going to get straight to the latest horror from the terrorist army known as i.s.i.s. the victim this time, a british aid worker by the name of david haines. >> he had a wife and children. i.s.i.s. posting the horrific video saturday and the condemnation was immediate and global. president obama who is in the middle of trying to build a coalition to fight i.s.i.s. calling this third public execution of a westerner, quote, barbaric. >> we have team coverage this morning and start with abc's
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chief investigative correspondent brian ross. brian, good morning to you, sir. >> reporter: good morning, british security officials are in emergency session this morning with the prime minister calling the beheading of british aid worker david haines pure evil. the victim was british. but the brutal video message was clearly aimed at the united states. it was the same desert setting, the same masked executioner with a british accent and the same horror. 44-year-old david haines was forced to kneel in an orange jumpsuit and read a script that laid the blame for his execution on prime minister david cameron. this morning, the prime minister announced the murder of haines. >> david has been murdered in the most callous and brutal way imaginable. we will hunt down those responsible and bring them to justice no matter how long it takes. they are an organization which is the embodiment of evil. haines is a father of two. who had served in the british military and went to syria as a civilian with a french aid group.
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haines is no stranger to civilian hot spots. he served as an aid worker in croatia. >> i don't know who to turn to. >> reporter: since his kidnapping a year and a half ago, his family tried to find a way to gain his release. his teenage daughter posted a love letter in march. but like the u.s., britain made it clear, no ran some will be paid for his release. the u.s. has been conducting drone flights over raqqah. looking for signs of hostages or the areas where they have carried out their execution, but so far, without success. one senior official told abc news this latest execution out in the open during the day is a sign that i.s.i.s. still feels it can carry its bar baric medieval acts with impunity and the u.s. officials say it still holds two young american aid workers and two more british citizen, one of whom appeared in this latest video described as the next victim. >> so four more families in anguish this morning. brian, thank you. let's go to washington now and our chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz. martha, good morning.
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is it possible that this was potentially strategically unwise move? on the part of i.s.i.s.? the white house is trying to recruit countries for a coalition to fight i.s.i.s. so would this latest act of barberism make that easier? >> it certainly seems like it would. it enrages the united states. it enrages the british. i think one of the reasons they do this is try to recruit more fighters. their violent jihad attracts people. we do not know why it is resonating so well but it does attract people, so they try to paint themselves as the winners. look, we just killed a british citizen. we just killed two american citizens and they think that will resonate with the kind of people who are attracted to them. >> that leads me to the question i want to ask this morning. as we prepare to expand our military campaign here, there are some critics at home who argue that i.s.i.s., the threat has really been overhyped, that
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they are actually not a threat to the homeland. what is your view on that? >> well, you know this all started with defense secretary chuck hagel who said it was an imminent threat. that i.s.i.s. poses an imminent threat beyond iraq to anywhere, he said. i think what you hear from the administration and others in the counterterrorism world is that it is a potential threat. but they want to stop that potential threat to the homeland. they don't think there are any specific targets in the homeland. certainly they are a threat to westerners who are in the area as we have seen from the executions and they would like to hit western targets but most people don't think they are capable of going beyond that and hitting the homeland at this time but i'll tell you, dan, the big worry, those lone wolves, someone down in the basement who is plotting an attack. >> that has been the worry for some time now. martha, thank you. martha will be hosting "this week" later this morning and she'll have much more on this breaking story including an interview with denis mcdonough, later this morning on "this week" on abc. paula, over to you. >> we look forward to it.
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now to the nfl. rocked by two explosive scandals. the vikings' adrian peterson arguably one of the most talented players in the league charged with child abuse and ray rice released by the baltimore rainens seen on video punching his now wife making his first public appearance since that scandal. abc's ryan smith is here. good morning, ryan. >> good morning, paula. it's game day in the nfl. so many, though, talking about the nfl's growing problem with domestic violence of as ray rice garnered support with his family by his side, prosecutors laid out their case against star running back, adrian peterson, for allegedly beating his son. >> adrian peterson -- >> today, minnesota vikings star running back adrian peterson won't be in uniform as prosecutors claim he was criminally negligent in striking his 4-year-old son with a branch. >> we take all allegations of abuse against children very seriously. >> reporter: yesterday the football star taking a private jet to surrender to authorities in montgomery county smiling for this mug shot. in jail for less than 30 minutes
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before being released and returning to minnesota on the same private plane. and while peterson's attorney says he was simply disciplining his child prosecutors say the nfl star may have gone too far. >> a grand jury having indicted this case looked at the injuries that were inflicted upon this child and determined that that discipline was not reasonable. >> reporter: charged with one count of injury to a child peterson faces up to two years in prison. he has not yet entered a plea and the nfl reviewing peterson's case under its personal conduct policy. >> if family violence and domestic violence is going to be addressed, then the parenting issue does come into play. >> reporter: this as ray rice made his first public appearance yesterday since being indefinitely suspended by roger goodell here with his wife and baby daughter, attending his former high school's varsity football team. he didn't speak to reporters, but exchanged hugs with his former coach and other supporters on the surveillances. domestic violence, now
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dominating the conversation for a league hoping to focus on the game. but the cloud cast by both cases some say may not lift any time soon. >> the national football league realizes this is another very sensitive issue when you're talking about the innocence of a child and the standard that's going to be established is going to be elevated and probably changed even in the policies. >> now, ryan, there are going to be protests outside stadiums but at the end of the day fans are still going to watch so will the nfl feel pressure to amend it's policy? >> i think so. this is a huge black eye on the nfl. they've got to do something. the question, what can they do? not just about the nfl, the nfl players association has to be a part of this too, they are the players' representatives so a policy says if you do one thing you're out of the league even before your case goes forward, that might be a problem for the players association even though both sides want to make a change so i think there will be changes. i just think it's going to be
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tough to make them happen and the question is when, because the public wants change now. >> they do. a lot of public entities involved. thank you. dan? >> now to hillary clinton who's long been coy about whether she's running for president in 2016 but today she is taking an action that may speak louder than words. she and her husband, bill, are making a visit to iowa, the key early caucus state, so we sent jon karl to cover it. at this point i know she's not there to campaign for herself. she's there to campaign for local candidates but can there be much doubt that she is going to run? >> reporter: oh, i would say not really, dan. i'd put it at 99%. look, she has set up a political operation. she has done nothing to discourage the grass roots organizers preparing for a run. she's frozen out other democrats. if she is not running this is the biggest head fake in the history of presidential campaign politics.
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>> right. it would be perhaps a move to boost book sales but elaborate at that. this is her first visit to iowa since 2008 when she lost to then senator barack obama. she has called that experience excruciating. has she learned any lessons since then, you think? >> reporter: that's right, more than 2,000 days since she set foot in this state. i wouldn't look for evidence of lessons learned today. she's only going to be on the ground a couple hours but also a question of what the real threat would be to her in iowa. you know, the -- one of the only other big names you hear about talking about running is joe biden. he's going to be in iowa next week. but biden came in fifth in those 2008 caucuses. he got less than 1% of the vote. so, you know, i wouldn't be -- she doesn't have a lot to worry about in iowa at least no evidence of it yet. >> i guess not. all right. all of that remains to see if that 1% prediction you just made comes true. jon karl, we'll hear more from you later on "this week." but thank you for now. now a health alert impacting our children. the enterovirus d68 virus
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spreading rapidly now on the east coast sending kids to the hospital. all told it is confirmed or suspected in 21 states. abc's dr. richard besser with the latest on this outbreak. dr. besser, good morning to you. i know so many of my friends, parents, right now are scared. the symptoms mirror the common cold. how do you know if your child has enterovirus, since there is no test. >> you won't know unless they get into a bit of trouble. the kids getting into trouble who have asthma, wheezing in the past. children who may have been premature. you have to know those signs to look for difficulty breathing. it may be you're looking at their belly and see it pulling in hard or having trouble eating or speaking or maybe some blueness around the lips. if you're seeing that and starts like a cold you want to get to the emergency room right away. they may not have a test but they'll be able to see your child has trouble and may need some help. >> let's talk about prevention. we know prevention because you tell us all the time is washing your hands but when it comes to treatment, what can you do if
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you believe your child has this? >> well, you want to get them some help because there's medicine that they can give your child that open up the airways. and help the breathing. it's the same medicine used for children who have asthma but when i was in the emergency room this week in st. louis, they were giving it to children who didn't have asthma and you could see them turn around. their airways would open up. some could leave the emergency room. some had to stay but the medicine helps a lot and i want to make a point about the hand washing and give parents a bit of relief. do your best. you're not going to be able to prevent every cold. you're not going to be able to prevent every illness. you'll cut down on it. but it will help a lot. but if your child gets it, it doesn't mean you're a bad parent. it's really hard with little kids to keep their hands cleaned. >> we are talking little kids but adults and older children not immune from contracting, as well. dr. besser, thank you very much. and now a look at the other developing stories. for that we turn to ron claiborne. >> hi there, good morning to you, paula and dan, dr. besser. we begin in california where hundreds of firefighters are battling a massive wildfire in
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triple-digit heat. dozens of families near the cleveland national forest have been forced to evacuate their homes. right now nearly 400 homes are without power and the flames are tearing through 1500 acres of dry canyon brush and it's only about 10% contained. heat and smoke advisories in effect as temperatures may reach as high as 105 degrees fahrenheit in coming days. overseas in north korea american matthew miller who has been detained in that country since last april, was tried and convicted sunday just a short while ago, sentenced to six years in a labor camp, without any chance of appeal of that conviction. he was accused of entering north korea illegally and trying to commit an act of espionage. back in this country a three-state manhunt under way are to the suspects plural who ambushed a police barracks fatally shooting a veteran state trooper and injuring another. after scouring the wooded area saturday officials there now say they think whoever shot the officers are no longer in that area. new york state and new jersey
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officials have joined in the massive search for the suspects. they say that the two troopers had no chance to defend themselves when they were attacked outside of that police barracks in blooming grove, pennsylvania, friday night. and in rome, wedding day as the vatican or at the vatican pope francis presides over 20 weddings including couples that have been living together, some of whom have had children out of wedlock. the weddings are a further sign the pope's determination to stress the importance of marriage and make the catholic church more inclusive. and legendary golfer, australian golfer, greg norman, is recovering this morning after nearly cutting off his left hand with a chain saw by accident. norman now retired posted this photo from the hospital on instagram. on twitter, he posted, working with a chain saw, always be respectful of the unexpected. good advice if you're working with a chain saw i suppose. earlier this month he posted this photo of himself on his property working with a chain
7:15 am
saw. finally a minnesota cat lover has built the ultimate feline fun house for his pets. his name is greg krueger, not john krueger, greg krueger not to be confused with paula's husband carving through his walls and building elaborate passageways like that one you see there. he's been doing this for 15 years. >> we're only covering it now. >> yes. >> has four cats and they get to play in 100 yards of overhead. catwalks and several secret hideaways with lights and padding. krueger was diagnosed with asperger's at the age of 49. he says it's a blessing which has helped him stay focused. >> some people have train sets -- i want one of those in my own house for adults. >> you can do it. >> he needs a reality show. i love it. >> that's really cool. >> you could produce it. >> thank you, ron. i could produce it. yes, i'm on my way.
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we have an animal story a very different variety. it's about a 12-year-old boy who fought off an alligator and survived. he went to the hospital with a leg wound and emerged with an incredible tale to tell. here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> just happened way too fast. it was like a sneak attack. >> reporter: the attack so fast matthew kelly at first didn't realize what was pulling him under water. >> i thought it was my dad playing around with me but it was actually an alligator. >> reporter: a ten-foot alligator latching on to the 12-year-old's leg while spearfishing with his dad last weekend on louisiana's lake pontchartrain. >> whenever i came up, i said, it got me, it got me. and my dad said, are you bit? are you bit? >> reporter: before his dad could get to him matthew reacted claiming he grabbed the gator's mouth and incredibly it let go. >> maybe he hit something sensitive. maybe he hit its eye. i'm not real sure why it let go. all i know is that he's the luckiest boy i know. >> reporter: lucky but still in some pain now home from the hospital with 50 stitches in his
7:17 am
leg. evidence of how one little boy took on a giant gator and won. >> i would call it a miracle and i would say that he's a hero for fighting off an alligator and surviving. >> reporter: for "good morning america," marci gonzalez abc news, new york. >> we are just grateful that he is okay. now to beyonce and jay z and a rumor their love is on the rocks but now the rap mogul hinting that little blue ivy might be a big sister. sara is looking into all the clues including a possible lyric from jay-z himself. you're really good at interpretation. what's going on here. >> listen to me. in typical queen bey they could be hinting at a pregnancy leading us to believe are we getting ahead of our selves or is there a reason for her to be smiling from ear to ear? ♪ beyonce baby buzz. rumors swirling around music's first couple after jay-z allegedly changed the lyrics to a song in paris friday night on
7:18 am
the last leg of their hugely successful on-the-run world tour. this video posted to instagram by blogger philip network claiming it shows that jay z altered the lyrics to the song "beach is better." ♪ >> listen again. many fans saying he changed the verse from "if the oven's on" to quote 'cause she's pregnant with another one." headlines from tmz to "people" magazine on the run with speculation that beyonce is expecting. >> they're not confirming that there's a pregnancy but all of the speculation and all of the buzz around that is only going to ramp up the publicity for this hbo special. >> abc news reached out to both camps and did not hear back. but the hip-hop icons are no stranger to highly publicized reveals. a houston radio station says this photo of jay z with his arms wrapped around beyonce's
7:19 am
belly was taken friday night. a callback to beyonce dropping jaws at the 2011 vmas announcing her first pregnancy with blue ivy. fans cheering then, and now tweeting, i hope beyonce is pregnant again. another asking don't play with her emotions. one fan even hoping the baby is himself. now fans waiting for word if beyonce has her second bun in the oven comparing queen bey to a real queen-to-be's pregnancy already garnering so much attention. >> no doubt when it comes to music they are music royalty. you can compare one thing between them and the royal couple in england and that's the public interest in the possibility of a pregnancy. ♪ hold on to me >> so whether it's hype or it's actually facts being revealed, i love a good treasure hunt. >> can we talk about that recording? he could have been saying anything. >> closed captions -- >> did you hear it?
7:20 am
>> it's like listening to a beatles record backwards. there's nothing. >> if you listen to it, you can. >> play it backwards it says paul is dead. >> what? >> that's a beatles reference. >> i do. destroying that high moment. >> okay, i thought you were trying to -- never mind. >> that was an old paul mccartney reference, don't worry, don't worry, not a paula faris reference. over to rob marciano. can i still call him our new meteorologist? is the statute of limitations -- >> i think if you play it backwards it says ron claiborne may be the father. chilly morning out there. i speculate. you know, that's just speculation. outside in boston we have temperatures in the mid-50s. it's a chilly start to your day for sure. the winds blowing. some power being generated off in the distance and breezes will continue as we head throughout the day. temperatures right now actually are in the 40s in some spots. going to be frosty tomorrow morning, 46 degrees in chicago. we're calling it a refreshing day today, all right? temperatures will be in the 60s,
7:21 am
struggling to get to 70 degreer western edition without do >> paula pointing out itot >> paula pointing out it's not refreshing in phoenix. >> 100. >> hot in the southwest and we'll talk about hurricane odile, a category 4 storm. off the baja later in the broadcast. the poison coffee trial. did a doctor at a prestigious cancer center put a chemical used in antifreeze in his lover's drink? plus, there see is, our amy robach giving us an
7:22 am
exclusive behind-the-scenes look at tonight's miss america pageant from atlantic city. the one unusual, first of a kind talent she saw. and "the simpsons" turn 25. their big birthday bash coming up in "pop news." doh! doh! "good morning america" brought to you by pier 1 imports. find what speaks to you at pier 1 imports. imports. find what speaks to you at pier 1 imports. before using her new bank of america credit card, which rewards her for responsibly managing her card balance. before receiving $25 toward her balance each quarter for making more than
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>> if you think tim tebow has inspired so many, just wait till you meet this kid. >> can i get a hug? good to see you man. >> monday, dead ready to. >> put some good in your morning. >> with tim and motivate me monday. now this is how to start off your monday, macklemore and fences in an exclusive concert. it's "gma's" fall concert series monday on abc's -- >> good morning, america. >> presented by emergen-c.
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♪ because the players are going ♪ because the players are going to play play play and the haters are going to hate hate hate ♪ baby i'm just going to shake shake shake it off shake it off shake it off ♪ >> dan is dancing. you can't see him. it's his favorite song. >> i'm surrendering my man card along with -- >> these are some fraternity brothers doing an amazing lip-sync to taylor swift's "shake it off." it even caught the attention of taylor herself. coming up, what she did when she saw it that had those frat brothers cheering. good morning, america, sunday morning. >> the song is incredibly catchy. incredibly catchy and rob marciano was dancing to it too. >> i'm enjoying it. it's catchy for now. >> it's catchy for now. that's the exact right way to put it. >> until the end of september. >> we'll see. also coming up this half hour new miss america will be crowned tonight. some of the contestants have already made names for
7:31 am
themselves. will one of them take the crown? >> why did you stop talking? >> well, i was attracted by some of the images on the screen but, you know, i was still humming the song from the beginning of show. anyway, moving on we'll start this half hour with a doctor on trial in a case that is really right out of hollywood. >> she is accused of poisoning her lover, another doctor by tampering with his coffee and abc's mara schiavocampo is here with more on what to expect as this case plays out. good morning, mara. >> paula, good morning. that doctor is facing charges of aggravated assault. the alleged victim, not just her lover but a co-worker and now there are new explosive telephone recordings that prosecutors want admitted as evidence. she was one of the most respected oncologists in the world seen here in a profile by the susan g. komen foundation. >> one of my aunts died with lung cancer when she was 35 and i was 10. that was when i made the decision that this was what i
7:32 am
wanted to do. >> reporter: now dr. ana maria gonzalez-angulo is on trial accused of poisoning fellow researcher dr. george blumenschein. last year, police said she allegedly laced his coffee with ethylene glycol, the colorless and odorless chemical commonly found in anti-freeze. according to court documents when blumenschein told her his coffee tasted sweet and he liked it black she allegedly told him it was just splenda. blumenschein survived but his attorney tells abc news his kidneys are severely damaged and he is not 100% and may never be 100%. gonzalez-angulo pleaded not guilty to attempted murder charges but according to prosecutors she was recorded on the telephone claiming she's no stranger to taking these types of drastic measures. >> we haven't heard the recordings in detail. we know that they're six hours long.
7:33 am
we know that they are explosive. >> reporter: prosecutors say gonzalez-angulo claimed she had people assassinated and that she takes care of things the colombian way. >> there's no doubt that the defendant's attorneys are going to argue that it is not criminal to have a wild, vivid imagination. >> reporter: now as it turns out those calls will not be admitted as evidence. experts say they could have been very damaging. that trial gets under way tomorrow and is expected to last two weeks. very interesting allegations here. >> yeah, it's a wild case. we will be following it right here on "gma," i'm sure, mara, thank you. let's check the overnight headlines once again with ron. >> good morning again to you, dan and paula, good morning, everyone. we begin with the brutal new video of the beheading of a british aid worker by the terrorist army known as i.s.i.s. the group posted the videotaped execution saturday. president obama calling this third public execution of a westerner barbaric. u.s. officials say i.s.i.s. is still holding two
7:34 am
young american aid workers and two more british citizens, one who appears in the latest video and described as the next in line to be killed. minnesota vikings star running back adrian peterson has been deactivated after being charged with criminal negligence for an injury to his 4-year-old son for allegedly striking his 4-year-old son with a switch. ray rice made his first public appearance since his suspension, appearing with his wife in new rochelle, new york. police in boon found near appalachian state university is that of missing student anna smith. smith disappeared 11 days ago and emergency workers say emergency workers say someone called police saying they heard a screaming a week ago near the trail where her body was found. and finally, a celebration 200 years in the making. ♪ [ playing "the star-spangled banner ] >> you may recognize that tune. decked out in red, white, and blue. baltimore is the national spotlight this weekend for the
7:35 am
bicentennial celebration of the "star spangled banner," festivities include tall ships, air shows, live music and much more. more than 1 million people are expected to visit baltimore by the end of the weekend, of course, that by francis scott key in 1814. i did not know this. it was not the national anthem until 1931. really? what was the national anthem before that? >> there were a couple of others. it would take too long to explain. >> i hear on, by the way, they clipped together all of the worst examples of people singing. >> that high "f" note is a real killer. when i was a kid playing little league i thought the last two words of "the star-spangled banner" were "play ball." naturally. >> sweet. very sweet, ron. >> i just figured out it wasn't a couple of weeks ago. >> talking like two weeks ago. rob marciano is tracking hurricane odile. did i say it correctly? >> if you want to really get into it. as long as we learn something every day, ron. that's the main thing here.
7:36 am
odile. we have hurricane force winds not just that but category 4 status with 135-mile-an-hour winds. it's getting closer to cabo and there are hurricane warnings posted for the baja of california. it will skim that coastline. might be close enough to get a direct hit so we've got the warnings out. there will be big winds on the east side of this but big rains, 10 to 15 inches of rainfall. that means mudslides. life-threatening situation there. dangerous heat across the southwest including los angeles once again today. battling a fire down there. not much in the way of winds but the heat is going to be a problem across las vegas, as well. up through yuma, arizona. pacific northwest, too. heavy rains across the southeast and and over the next couple >> this weather report brought
7:37 am
to you by listerine. ron, i'm not going to kiss you until you rinse. >> that is cold, man. i wore a clean shirt for you. >> you're looking good. >> the bromance continues, excellent. thank you, gentlemen. coming up on "gma," tonight's miss america pageant breaking with tradition. what they're doing this year that's never been done before. and "the simpsons" celebrate their silver anniversary in a big way up ahead in "pop news." doh! >> don't touch that dial. of y. so why treat your mouth any differently. brushing alone does less than half the job leaving behind millions of germs. complete the job with listerine®. kill up to 99 percent of germs. and prevent plaque, early gum disease and bad breath. complete the job with listerine®. power to your mouth™. also try listerine® floss. its advanced technology removes more plaque.
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♪ so in just a few hours a new miss america will be crowned. as we speak the contestants are naturally battling the butterflies -- before tonight's big event. >> i think you have butterflies too. you've been waiting for this story all morning. before the winner takes the victory walk sara tells us there are many judges to impress. >> all week women have been competing in preliminary rounds and our own amy robach is live from atlantic city this morning where all the action takes place tonight. >> that's right, sara. we are live counting down to the big night with 53 women all vying for that one crown. last night, after four days of grueling preliminary competition, we all came together for the parade of
7:42 am
shoes, it's a tradition that started back in 1921. and my daughters and i had the opportunity to attend this grand tradition where all of the contestants showed off their fabulously festive shoes and costumes as they rode past the thousands of cheering fans. including us. >> who were some of the front runners that we should keep our eyes on tonight. >> the preliminary rounds sara spotlighted some of the women we will all want to watch including miss ohio and her very unique talent. ventriloquism. ♪ supercalifragislistic- expialidocious ♪ even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious ♪ yes, miss ohio, and her puppet, roxy, made quite a splash in the talent earlier this week. the swimsuit appearance highlighting some of the women as well, including miss idaho who inspired other diabetes patients by wearing her insulin pump while she wore her bikini. >> sounds like we're up to are a good show. >> tonight you'll be live from the dressing room with all the contestants in the hour leading
7:43 am
up to the competition? >> yes, we are and we're so excited because in the 94-year history of miss america they have never allowed cameras inside that dressing room but that all changes this year and in addition to that we're going to show you all of the highlights from this week's preliminary rounds including those ever-anxiety causing questions from the panel of judges. you'll be surprised some of the questions they were asked and what they had to answer. >> we're not going to miss it. amy, thank you so much and abc's special countdown to miss america with all the exclusive backstage coverage begins at 8:00 eastern 7:00 central followed by the miss america competition hosted by our own lara spencer and "the bachelor's chris harrison. >> thank you, sara. rob and ron and i were so distracted by the insulin pump we couldn't see the swimsuit. we'll have to reair that. >> really? >> try. we're not buying that. >> thank you. >> totally not buying it. coming up here on abc i'll save myself and switch gears entirely and talk about a pig who appears to be -- living the high life. >> oh, this pig. >> "pop news" coming up after a quick break. a little shark.
7:44 am
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♪ it's all about sara. without further adieu. >> you'll love this first one. the video that's gone viral thanks to kentucky frat boys not afraid to make like taylor swift and shake it off ♪ because the players are gonna play play play and the haters are gonna hate hate hate baby i'm just gonna shake shake shake it off shake it off ♪ >> check it out. these guys from transylvania's university's delta sigma phi. they pulled this off like champs which means performing the whole song in a single take no edit and taylor got wind of it and tweeted them a message saying,
7:49 am
i'm personally inviting all of these guys and a date to a show on tour next year. it's on me. nailed it, bros. >> are they going to be able to get dates after that video? >> heck, yeah. that guy that age with that sense of humor, those boys are all adorable to me. >> maybe she would get a date with one of them. maybe. hard to believe it's 25 years since homer simpson and the gang first graced up with such words of wisdom as, don't have a cow, man, and donuts, mmm. ♪ the simpsons >> to mark their silver an versery, they're throwing a three-day shindig called "the simpsons take the bowl" including spider pig. our love for them has made "the simpsons" the longest running american sitcom. introducing the latest fashion sensation, priscilla the mini pig has a massive following on social media. her fans can't get enough. of her sassy style. she has an outfit for every occasion, from tanning to tailgating.
7:50 am
here she is rocking a tutu in tiffany blue and running along the beach in a chic shark costume. she even does back-to-school style with her younger brother popleton and nothing that pig can't pull off. >> carrying backpacks. >> the caption should be this pig will work. >> look at that little hauling. that is adorable. i always wanted a mini piggy. finally breakfast time at "gma." these are doughnuts from the winning food truck at the venue awards in new york city. they name the best on wheels. the cinnamon snail took top honors and brought us some treats. the vanilla bourbon, creme brulee, smoked almond maple bacon, raspberry cheesecake. >> yes, please. >> which one is the bacon one? >> i'll try it. >> right there. >> right after the pig story, a little -- >> i'll trade you. i couldn't help but notice the doughnut shop on "the simpsons" is called lard boy. >> doh! >> this looks really good.
7:51 am
thank you, sara. nice "pop news." >> do you get the calories when you just smell it? i'm trying so hard not to -- >> oh, no, these are props. >> sara, you should try these. sara is in prewedding mode. so she's not eating many donuts. >> i'll eat both of them. >> you could have brought me some greens, people. >> you are beautiful so -- no matter how many doughnuts you eat. >> i love you so much. >> smooth.
7:52 am
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"good morning america" "good morning america" brought to you by walgreens at the corner of happy & healthy. >> before we go we want to tell you about an incredible new global initiative to get these high-tech soccer balls which never need a pump and never go flat to disadvantaged children worldwide. our sponsor chevrolet which partnered with one world futbol project, donated 1 million of these soccer balls to a school in south africa. they've been delivered to more than 60 countries impacting more than 30 million kids. >> i'm going to have to play about 17 hours of soccer to work off the doughnuts that you
7:56 am
provided us during -- >> that gave me a visual of you playing soccer at all. >> dan working out. no. >> he does actually. i saw him. >> it's embarrassing. you don't want to see the faces i make. anyway, thank you for watching "gma." we appreciate it. we'll see you next weekend. >> soccer on the pitch.
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starting right now on abc's "this week," breaking news, i.s.i.s. releases another chilling execution video. this time, a british hostage. how will the uk respond? plus, president obama making his case to destroy the jihadist army. what does it mean for our troops, our safety? are we really at war? this morning, answers, plus breaking developments from our global team. football furor. that shocking video provoking a conversation about the hidden epidemic, domestic violence across america. and hawkeye bound. hillary's first trip to iowa in six years. jon karl and our powerhouse roundtable are on the road in iowa. from abc news, "this week with george stephanopoulos" begins now. good morning.


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