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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 15, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking right now, a massive category 3 hurricane makes a direct hit overnight, battering a popular tourist destination and trapping americans. winds topping 125 miles an hour, blowing out windows, torrential rains, as a massive wildfire explodes overite in california. 1,000 people forced from their homes. new this morning, ray rice fighting back against the nfl, as another star player is sidelined after surrendering to police on child abuse charges. and calls escalate for commissioner roger goodell to step down now. and fans rebel against a league in crisis. breaking now. the announcement this morning. the crackdown right now to combat the growing terror threat from isis here at home. after another brutal execution and the latest on the search for hostages still in isis' hands.
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♪ it feels good to be strong look who's back? >> tim tebow. >> i promise, it's me. >> the unbelievable story of a 10-year-old boy beating the odds. it's the "motivate me monday" story that only tim can bring. he's joining us live. the newest member of our team. >> thank you so much. good morning, america. and good morning, america. good morning, tim tebow. so great to have him as part of the team. >> if we only had a company flag football team. tim on offense, strahan on defense. >> put him at quarterback. >> i know. >> that's true. we have a lot of breaking news to begin with this morning. we begin with the monster storm making landfall, slamming the hugely popular mexican resort area of cabo san lucas.
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winds gusting up to 116 miles an hour, dropping up to 18 inches of rain. and abc's senior meteorologist, rob marciano is tracking the huge storm, in for ginger this morning. good morning, rob. >> good morning. you are right. it is a monster storm. look at the last 12 hours of this as it slams the baja peninsula. a distinct eye. this is the strongest hurricane to make landfall anywhere and the strongest on record to make landfall on baja last night, and last night, cabo took a direct hit. overnight, hurricane odile making landfall on mexico's baja peninsula. waves battering the resort town of los cabos. winds of 125 miles per hour, the category 3 storm, blowing out walls of windows in this hotel, spanning 600 miles across. hurricane-force winds extend 50 miles from the center. churning up deadly surf and torrential rain. mexican authorities setting up emergency shelters to hold up to 30,000 people, many of them american tourists.
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>> i thought, is part of the building falling off? the vibration was really intense on the building. it felt like earthquakes. >> reporter: two of those tourists, christina and nate mcfadden from san francisco, were celebrating nate's 40th birthday, when they had to take shelter in their hilton hotel bathroom. >> right before the window blew, we could feel the air pressure change and knew something was going to happen. >> reporter: a number of americans tried to flee to the airport and get out before the storm hit, only to find there were no outgoing flights. >> we booked a hotel room so we could be at the airport anytime there might be a flight going. >> remarkably, six hours after landfall, this is still a category 3 storm. still winds of 115 miles an hour and very, very wide. here's the forecast track. up the baja, and will diminish in intensity. look at arizona, in the forecast cone. i can't remember when the last time was that happened. they'll get tropical moisture. at this stage of the game, arizona and new mexico have seen
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more impact from hurricanes than florida or the carolinas this year. remarkable. >> astonishing. thank you, rob. now to the wildfires burning out west. ravaging hundreds of acres. forcing 1,000 people out of their homes. abc's aditi roy is on the screen. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is one of the homes completely decimated by the fire. i'm standing in what was once the porch of this home. these chairs, among the few things that remain intact. this fire has forced more than 1,000 people to leave their homes. the courtney wildfire which started sunday afternoon, consuming 320 acres overnight and threatening more than 400 structures. more than 20 already destroyed. these cars and homes, scorched. >> the frequency is disturbing. considering we had the fire last week. >> reporter: the fire even spreading to highways, bringing the traffic to a standstill. >> the fire is right here on the road. it's got a firestorm right here.
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i'm not going to go through that. >> reporter: 11 crews tackling the flames from the ground and sky. dropping relief to prevent further damage. >> the 100-degree temperatures are aiding in the spread of the fire, along with the winds we're getting. >> reporter: close to 400 firefighters racing to extinguish the blaze. still only 20% contained. the conditions not helping matters. >> that's the entire subdivision there in the middle of the smoke right now. >> reporter: and, as the courtney fire continues to grow, just north, in eldorado, fire crews still struggling to contain the king fire that's grown to more than 2500 acres and is threatening 500 homes. that blaze only 10% contained. here in oakhurst, this gutter that was once on the roof is now charred on the ground. officials believe someone may have started the courtney fire. they're not sure whether it was intentional or accidental. george, robin? >> we will learn that hopefully soon. now to the nfl. the league's off-the-field problems overshadowing sunday's games.
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ray rice expected to appeal his suspension this morning. and superstar running back, adrian peterson, is now under fire, benched sunday after being booked on a child abuse charge. abc's ryan smith has the very latest for us. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, robin. breaking overnight, according to our sister network, espn, ray rice plans to appeal his indefinite suspension handed down by the nfl after the brutal video of the football star attacking his now wife sent shockwaves around the country. and on game day, the nfl in turmoil over its players actions off the field, including yet another big star. >> kaepernick throws for a touchdown. >> reporter: nfl commissioner roger goodell visibly absent during gameday on sunday. but the calls for him to step down, loud and clear. a national women's rights group flying this banner over sunday's giants/cardinals game. goodell must go. doctored ads like this one going viral this morning. an nfl cover girl model with a photo-shopped black eye.
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and the same message, want goodell out. the calls for action coming on the heels of the brutal ray rice video. and now a new scandal. adrian peterson. the former nfl mvp and one of the nfl's biggest stars surrendering to police saturday charged with one count of injury to a child, after police say he repeatedly spanked his 4-year-old son with a branch. >> we take all allegations of abuse against children very seriously. >> reporter: in a statement, peterson's attorney told abc news, his client was simply disciplining his child, saying, adrian never intended to harm his son and deeply regrets the unintentional injury. the vikings deactivating peterson for sunday's game. espn reports the team could make an announcement about his future as early as today. but figures from across the sports landscape want goodell to act, too. >> take them off the daggone field. because you know what, as a man, that's the own thing we really respect.
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we don't respect no women! we don't respect no kids! the only thing roger and them do, take them off the field. because they respect that! >> this has been a terrible week for the national football league. the ball is in roger goodell's court. he needs to lead. >> reporter: peterson has not yet entered a plea or commented. but the six-time pro bowler did tweet biblical references to judgment sunday. and another scandal looming. greg hardy deactivated by the carolina panthers following his july conviction for domestic violence. prosecutors say that adrian peterson's next hearing on the child injury case will be in the coming weeks with the trial expected to take place next year. if convicted, he faces up to two years in prison. robin? >> thank you. >> and dan abrams joins us. we'll have more on this. as we're talking about the possibility of this going to trial with peterson, could take months, maybe a year. it could boil down to the personal experiences of those on the jury? >> it's a fuzzy legal standard as to what crosses the line between acceptable corporal punishment.
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and corporal punishment is not just allowed in texas. they have pretty permissive laws about it there. when does it cross the line into being criminal negligence? the standard is blurry or fuzzy. that reasonableness, and should there have been an expectation that something would happen, et cetera. so, who is on that jury, if this case goes to trial, becomes absolutely crucial. you have a very different case in a place like texas rather than massachusetts. >> in texas they're a little more lenient when it comes to corporal punishment. >> that's right. with regard to corporal punishment, both in the law and trackically in terms of people on the jury. it will not only depend on what state it's in but exactly who you're getting on the jury, where they're coming from. if the case goes to trial, there will be, i'll bet you, a lot of little battles when it comes to jury selection. >> the nfl doesn't have to wait until the trial? >> absolutely not. some people saying let's let
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this play out in the criminal law. let's let the criminal justice system do its job. the nfl doesn't have to wait. the nfl doesn't have to say, let's let this be completely adjudicated first. they can look at the evidence that they see now, they can take whatever action they want to now. and by just deactivating him, they're really saying, well, we haven't made a decision yet on what's going to happen. >> you alluded to ray rice, the possibility of him appealing. it looks like he's going to indeed do that. normally, the commissioner hears the appeal. >> that's the crazy thing. part of his appeal is, with regard to what roger goodell was told. was -- did he know? and so, to say roger goodell is now going to decide the appeal -- i think you'll see goodell and the nfl have someone else come in. they're going to have a lot of, i think, changes in the system as a result of those. >> exactly complicated. >> yep. >> all right, thank you so much, dan. now to the war against isis. the u.s. looking for ways to rescue hostages held by the militant group after a third captive was executed over the weekend.
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and this morning, the attorney general raising a new red flag about the terrorist threat at home. brian ross is here with the latest. good morning, brian. >> good morning, george. that's right. it's a race against time to try to somehow find the remaining hostages. the attorney general said there will be a crackdown on americans who try to travel to syria to join isis. essentially acknowledging the administration hasn't done enough yet to stop the problem. >> we must be innovative and aggressive in countering violent extremism. in combatting those who would sew intolerance, division, and hate. we can, and we must do even more. >> reporter: this morning, intelligence analysts are poring over this latest video, showing the execution of 44-year-old british aid worker david haines. based on initial voice comparison, the masked man was also the purported executioner of the two american journalists, and now a fellow countryman. >> this british man has to pay the price. >> people across this country will have been sickened by the fact that it could have been a british citizen.
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a british citizen who could have carried out this unspeakable act. >> reporter: haines, the married father of two children, was kidnapped a year and half ago. when he traveled to syria on a humanitarian mission. his grieving brother said haines was the victim of religious extremism. that threatens every nation. >> my family and i stand with our arms open to welcome those of any faith. >> reporter: this latest execution comes as u.s. drones are flying over the area. analysts say, isis may be trying to hide a new location they have moved to. the stark desert setting in the new video is different from the previous videos. with none of the distinguishing road, rock, and plant landmarks visible in the background before the white house said the u.s. is still looking for a way to mount a second rescue attempt. but he had few specifics on
7:13 am
"this week" with martha raddatz about the broader u.s. plans in what is called the war against isis. >> is there a limit to how many u.s. troops you will send to iraq? >> i'm not in a position to tell you limits one way or the other. >> the chief of staff also says he thinks the president's plan will be effective against isis. the question is, will it be soon enough for the two young americans still being held hostage by isis, george? >> thanks very much. let's go to amy with the other top stories. >> we begin with the investigation into the safety defect in millions of general motors vehicles. we're expected to learn today about more deaths tied to that problem. gm blaming 13 crash deaths on the faulty switches. experts believe the number is actually higher. today, the attorney oversee the victims' compensation fund will reveal who is eligible to apply for $1 million in compensation. meanwhile new questions about the federal agency that monitors auto safety. "the new york times", reporting the national highway safety administration has been slow to identify problems, such
7:14 am
as the gm defect and sticky gas pedals in toyotas and has a history of deferring to car companies. president obama is expanding efforts to battle the ebola outbreak in west africa when he visits the cdc tomorrow. he's expected to commit military resources, doctors, and health care workers to the region while asking congress for another $88 million in aid. hillary clinton visited iowa sunday for the first time since 2008 when she was trounced in the caucuses there. this time, she was there for a midterm election fund-raiser where she admitted she is quote, thinking about running for president. well, a big headache for some air travelers. two of the largest air liners. air france and lufthansa pilots are set to walk off the job. the strike beginning today, lufthansa's tomorrow. pilots are protesting budget cuts. a transformer problem is
7:15 am
blamed for causing a power outage that shut down the rides at six flags in new jersey. some people were stranded in the air for 20 minutes. a thrilling comeback spoiled a big party in the san francisco bay area last night. the chicago bears, da bears, scored three touchdowns in the fourth quarter, beating the 49ers 28-20 in the debut of their new stadium. the bigger shocker was in san diego, where the super bowl champion seahawks were upset by the chargers. it happened. yes. and finally, call it fixing nemo. doctors have performed a rare surgery to save this 10-year-old pet goldfish named george. ah, george. love that name. a woman in australia paid big money for this procedure. which required anesthesia. because she loves george so much and couldn't bear the thought of losing him. we're told the operation went swimmingly well and george is good as gold. >> yes, amy. [ applause ] >> nice. you two were stunning last night at miss america.
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both 6 you. i know we're going to share that a little bit later, but wanted to get that out there. >> and look good this morning with very little sleep. >> there's going to be a lot of puns. >> you have a story for us. i do. i do. this was actually very, very scary. golf legend greg norman is recovering at home this morning after a bad injury with a chain saw that could have been much worse. the hall-of-famer, though, is in good spirits. and gio is in social square with all of the details. good morning, gio. >> reporter: so many online are sharing greg norman's photos. the golfer everyone knows as the shark posting this happy photo just a week before the accident that would put everything in jeopardy. this morning, retired world golf hall-of-famer, greg norman, is making headlines not for his megaswings. but because he almost lost one of the hands that made him a golf great. nearly cutting it right off with a chain saw at his south florida home. the 59-year-old posting this photo to his instagram account saturday right from his hospital bed with the caption, working with a chain saw, always be
7:17 am
respectful of the unexpected. i was one lucky man today. damaged but not down and out. still have left hand. norman was using the power tool to cut back trees from the property when the weight of the branch pulled his left hand toward the chain saw. the blade hitting him just below the wrist. are doctors say the hall of fame golfer and entrepreneur is lucky that it missed his artery by a fraction of an inch. he's pictured here using a chain saw to trim a sea grape tree, a week before the incident. saying never ask someone to do something that you can do yourself. love to work. and this morning, it seems norman still has an intact sense of humor. posting this picture to instagram sunday saying, thank you all for your concern and good wishes. all well the morning after the accident. here i am at the scene of the crime with my new fashion statement. a fashion statement indeed. there he is with the photo again. showing us that thumb's up.
7:18 am
by the way, he said that chain saw wasn't running at full speed so that's why he doesn't have any major damage. robin? george? >> he's very, very fortunate. thank you, gio. the shark didn't have on a shirt. if he was up in the northeast, rob marciano, he would need to bundle up a little bit. >> even the flowers george gave me are starting to wilt. >> it's amazing, two days in a row. >> it's the thought that counts. >> take a look at this picture high atop mt. washington. it's frosty up there. basically, the supercooled water drop lets, it's so cold, they freeze on anything they touch. at 6,000 feet in new hampshire, it's easy to do. there are freeze and frost warnings out for seven states. temperatures starting in the 30s in some spots. 36 de gliese saranac lake. meanwhile, out west, record-breaks heat. they have those fires to deal with. it will be 94 in los angeles. that's a look at your national forecast.
7:19 am
>> good monday only, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the microclimate forecast. an area of low pressure at the coast and a chance of light shower on thursday. mud to upper 60's and lower to upper 70's along the bay and napa 80, and last time we will see 90's for a while in antioch and livermore. a couple of degree cooler until the shower >> this weather reporoug >> this weather report brought to you by kohl's. a raw and chilly day in chicago.
7:20 am
we'll talk more about that. if i'm going to hang out with water droplets, i want to hang out with the supercool ones. they produce that rime that look pretty cool, too. >> thanks very much. k0 coming up on "gma," the latest on that slender man stabbing case. one of the young girls in court this monday. why she may not face a trial. and the urgent manhunt for the suspect that attacked state troopers at police barracks. the search expanding right now. and caught on commonly. the burglary ring that uses maids to find out if houses are empty. how you can protect your house now. and tim tebow here live. there he is in our social square. honestly, it's time to switch to the venture card from capital one. with venture, use your miles on any airline, any flight, any time. no blackout dates. and with every purchase, you'll earn unlimited double miles. from now on, no one's taking your seat away.
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30 minutes. the moral: nothing works faster than claritin-d good morning, i'm kristen sze. we have breaking news out of san leandro. traffic is just now beginning to move following a terrible major accident on 880. let's go to leyla gulen with details now. >> yes, multiple injuries involved. well, we have all southbound lanes now reopened, and now we are just getting word that two
7:25 am
northbound lanes have reopened. here's a look right now from sky 7 hd as we look towards the nimitz. this is in san leandro right at marina boulevard so we do have traffic flowing through two lanes open northbound side, all lanes open southbound side but the backups are immense, kristen. >> thank you so much. we'll check in with mike nicco for your forecast when we come
7:26 am
7:27 am
welcome back. we're tracking some fog up around santa rosa, half mile visibility there so be careful this morning. that's where most of it is while
7:28 am
the rest of us are pretty cloudy with 47-minute delays at sfo right now. if you're leaving the house right now and stepping outside, we're in the mid-50s up in the north bay to san mateo. we've got 57 in los gatos and san ramon. everybody else pretty much in the low to mid-60s. let's talk about what's going to happen this afternoon. we'll have high clouds and sunshine, especially the farther north you are. temperatures will be just a couple of degrees cooler with 65 at half moon bay to 90 in antioch and livermore. accuweather seven-day forecast, cooler all the way through
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you can change that: vote yes on proposition 46. your lives are in our hands. ♪ way clap along if you feel like a room without a roof ♪ well, there it is. miss america. there she is, miss america. that moment went viral last night. the winner from new york, miss new york, channeling a little pharrell and anna kendrick from "pitch perfect." it was surprising what she said. she said she wanted to prove to girls you don't really need to have a talent to be miss america. >> okay. >> that's what she said. >> you guys, gorgeous last night. >> that's what see said. >> oh, nice. >> so fun. >> was it fun? did you have a good time? >> yes, it feels like it was just a few moments ago. it was. >> it's one of those special pinch yourself nights. it's part of american, i don't know. it's a big tradition.
7:31 am
>> wasn't kate there with you? >> kate was there. you had your girls there, too. >> we had a big girlfest there. >> kate cartwheeling across the stage in dress rehearsal. >> a good time had by all. as rob and george sit here and nod. >> don't cancel it. the desperate manhunt for the suspect whose am barbed state troopers in pennsylvania, killing one, critically wounding another. the search expanding right now. we're behind the scenes before tonight's "dancing with the stars" premier. a bombshell admission from one of the most popular pros. what cheryl burke is talking about. she told us only and we'll tell you, coming up. it's great to have tim tebow here. our newest teammate. he joins us live this morning. kicking off his new series, "motivate me monday." an inspiring story from him. the first of so many he'll be sharing with us. >> looking forwarded to that.
7:32 am
we begin with the latest on the slender man stabbing case. two girls stabbing their friend 19 times to please the fantasy character. one girl is already declared incompetent to stand trial. the other in court this morning to learn more about her fate. abc's alex perez has the story. >> reporter: later today, 12-year-old anisa will be back the court as her attorney argues she's unfit to stand trial. she and her friend, morgan geyser, both charged with first-degree intentional homicide, after allegedly stabbing a classmate 19 times in an attempt to gain favor with a fictional character known as slender man. the attorney said his client met with a psychologist. and in their opinion, she's not capable to proceed. >> now the judge has a duty to ask more questions, get other experts involved. not just the defense attorney's hired gun expert. >> reporter: the same argument working for 12-year-old geyser
7:33 am
just last month, when the judge ordered her to receive treatment after two mental health experts saying she is incompetent. >> despite our serious conversations, she would laugh, hysterically almost. and ask anything that would potentially be relevant. >> the defense benefits tremendously from putting the brakes on in case like this. fighting about competency is one of the ways to put the brakes on. >> reporter: this morning, the survivor's spokesperson says the family stands behind prosecutors' efforts. >> at the end of the day, they know justice has been served. >> reporter: the 12-year-old survivor has remained anonymous since the attack. as she rode on a bicycle to get help. >> she's laying on the grass. >> reporter: this morning, she's back at school. and making major strides. >> to be so excited to be -- to go back to school, to want to hop on the bus and to get back with friends and classmates, it's been a journey. one done by a very brave young lady.
7:34 am
>> reporter: and the girl's family said part of her return to normalcy, is she now sees herself as a survivor, not just a victim. that hearing here at the courthouse is set for early this afternoon. george? >> thank you, alex. dan abrams back with more on this. even if both girls are found incompetent to stand trial, that doesn't mean they'll escape punishment? >> that's temporary. that basically says they can't assist in their defenses currently. they basically don't understand the proceedings against them. the goal there is to cure them so they can go to trial. this is not a resolution of the case in any way, shape, or form. >> if they're found to be cured and stand trial, does it rule out an insanity defense? >> no, they'll almost certainly pursue an insanity defense. which mean, i am saying i didn't understand right or wrong at the time of the incident. remember, competency to stand trial relates to their mental state today. insanity relates to the mental state at the time of the crime. i would expect they would say
7:35 am
they didn't understand right from wrong when this happened. this is where their age comes into play. i think both of them, at age 12, will be -- their lawyers will be saying, not only were they mentally incompetenincompetent, how old they are. they didn't understand it. >> that's the real goal. get it into children's court. >> that's the most important thing. they want to get this out of adult court, in wisconsin. they want to get it out of adult court and into juvenile court, most important thing for them. there's a presumption in wisconsin, if you're over the age of 10, it goes to adult court. >> dan abrams, thank you. now to the massive manhunt for the gunman who ambushed two pennsylvania state troopers late friday night. killing one, critically wounding the other. a big reward is being offered for tips that help track down the killer. abc's linsey davis has that story for us. >> under fire! we're moving the landing zone to the middle school. >> reporter: this morning, an urgent manhunt, police across
7:36 am
three states desperately searching for a person or persons behind a violent ambush, leaving one state trooper dead and critically wounding another. >> the individual that perpetrated this heinous crime is still at large. we do not have a description or any real information on their identity. we're covering a number of leads right now. >> reporter: the shooting occurred just before 11:00 friday night in pennsylvania during a shift change at a police barracks in blooming grove. the attack happening so quickly. officers didn't have time to react. police calling the attack calculated, gamed specifically at law earn forcement. >> we have a dangerous, armed criminal not in custody. we don't believe any particular person is at risk. >> reporter: 38-year-old corporal brian dixon, a husband and father of two young boys, died at the scene. 31-year-old trooper alex douglas is recovering in a hospital. >> this is unbelievably heartbreaking to all of us. >> reporter: the search for the potentially armed criminal or
7:37 am
criminals is expanding after an extensive search in the immediate area came up empty. which included wooded areas and possible hiding spaces. police setting up checkpoints, stopping motors to see if they may have seen anything that night. >> it's a cowardly attack. it's an attack upon all of us in society and the people of pennsylvania. >> reporter: the reward is increased to $50,000. trooper douglas is now conscious and talking. investigators are hoping to get additional information from him. they're describing some of the tips that have come in as fantastic. robin and george? >> and hopefully helpful. thank you. time now for the weather. i haven't had a chance to welcome you, rob marciano. everybody else has. obviously, george gave you flowers. >> very warm, george. >> welcome in for ginger today. >> thank you very much, robin, great to see you again. i want to start off with chicago. lake shore drive. a chilly start today. that's nothing knew.
7:38 am
a record streak of temperatures not getting out of the 50s last week. i don't think today you'll get out of the 50s either. another cold front sliding down. it reinforces the already raw area that's out there. into the 60s, detroit, the next three days. chicago, you might not get to 60 today. d.c. and new york city, still cool. but not incredibly. watching the potential for flooding across the carolinas and south georgia. >> this weather report brought to you by mazda. hopefully, the chilly start to what is the end of summer won't be a sign of what is coming for this winter. >> good point. >> better not be. coming up, the latest nfl scandal setting off a firestorm. is it ever okay to use physical punishment on your kids? experts weighing in right now.
7:39 am
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introducing the leggings studio. more looks than you can imagine. only at white house black market. :43. book with a warning about a burglary ring attacking homes. two women posing as maids. they're looking for homes.
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>> reporter: caught on surveillance video, two women knocking on doors in an upscale california neighborhood. plus say offering their services as maids. but this morning, investigators are accused them and their accomplices of cleaning people out. robbing home owners of tens of thousands of dollars worth of property in the last two weeks. >> we do know it was five suspects. >> reporter: officials say if no one answers the door, the women then call their male accomplices who break in. surveillance video inside this bel air home shows the men ransacking the living room. taking cash, electronics, even passports. the home owners say the thieves ripped a safe from the wall, making off with up to $40,000 worth of property. >> if we could identify who these people are, they could be directly linked to other crimes. >> reporter: posing as service providers is not an uncommon
7:44 am
tactic. in august, man was arrested in orange county, california, after allegedly posing as a delivery man to get into homes and rob residents at gun point. so, how can you keep yourself safe? experts say, always ask for credentials and -- >> have adequate lighting outside or windows, if you live in a house, to physically see who is out there to begin with. >> reporter: now, police hope this surveillance video will lead them to the suspects. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> good tips at the end. behind the scenes for tonight's big "dancing with the stars" premier. and cheryl burke's bomb shell admission at rehearsal. >> what could it be? and miss america, she's pitch perfect. lara and amy were there for all the action. they're going to dish for us, aren't you? >> oh, of course. >> come on back. woooo.
7:45 am
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♪ i'm happy clap along if you feel ♪ the new miss america is happy this morning. amy and i got to be part of the great american tradition. 53 young women competing for the crown. in the end, the result was a familiar one. >> and your new miss america is, it's a three-peat, miss new york. >> reporter: here she is, your new miss america. miss new york. kira kazantsev. beating out 52 other hopefuls for the coveted crown. the third time in a row for the empire state. ♪ clap along if you feel like a room without a roof ♪ >> reporter: hoping for a pitch perfect portitalent portion, sh channeled an da that kendrick. >> there are a record 20 women
7:50 am
serving in the senate. what is one specific issue where these women leaders should challenge the male majority? >> i really believe that sexual assault in our military is an issue that these women have gone to fight for. >> reporter: other memorable moments. miss idaho, proudly displaying her insulin pump in the swim suit competition. and miss ohio show casing talents, singing and venn twill quiz m. and miss virginia wowing the judges with her operatic range. ♪ >> reporter: bringing her to the final round. but in the end, it was miss new york who took home the crown. ♪ miss america [ cheers and applause ] >> and so many people tweeting about miss america as they were watching. miss america and related hash
7:51 am
tags were popular all night long. ana kendrick said, so i guess pharrell and i can't stop. >> the moment walking out. the girls said they all just had three pieces of pizza, they were not stopping there. they deserbed it. coming up, tim tebow is with us. don't go anywhere.
7:52 am
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good morning, i'm kristen sze. it is really a nightmare on bay area freeways this morning. leyla gulen has the latest. >> well, it is getting better and better. we now have three lanes open on northbound 880 right at marina boulevard where we still have a sig alert that is going to be in effect. that's a look from our east bay hills camera which is quite lovely indeed but traffic is still very heavy on northbound 238. mike. >> all right, that east bay hills camera showing the sea breeze blowing in and that's one of the reasons why we'll be closer to average today as that cooling trend continues from 2 degrees warmer in concord to 3
7:57 am
degrees cooler in napa. let me give you an idea what's going to happen with your accuweather seven-day forecast. the heat easing over the weekend, continues. today is probably our last day of 90s until sunday. check out thursday, the coolest day. also a day we have a chance of showers. showers. >> mike, thanks a lot. [ maltio. right here. with a control pad that can read your handwriting, a wide-screen multimedia center, and a head-up display for enhanced driver focus. all inside a newly redesigned cabin of unrivaled style and comfort. ♪ the all-new c-class. at the very touch point of performance and innovation. ♪
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♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and new nfl drama unfolding. a player facing backlash for spanking his son as the league decides where to draw the line right now. and behind the scenes of "dancing's" final rehearsal. the bombshell admission cheryl burke is revealing only on "gma." and we're excited. if you're watching "gma" in the next hour you would kin the fantasy trip of a lifetime. get ready to wake up and win. ♪ it feels good to be strong all that and tim tebow here live with a miraculous story for you on this monday. as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
>> and great monday morning crowd here on "good morning america." we're going to call this "motivate me monday." in honor of tim tebow, our newest contributor. come on out, tim. >> yeah. there he is. >> thank you. how we doing this morning? >> i feel motivated. >> i know, really. you really have motivated a lot of people. >> thank you. >> it's great to have you here. >> not like you, though. >> oh, bless your heart. you're going to profile a young man. >> an amazing kid. he'll inspire you as well. and also, we know you'll be traveling around the country, bringing us more incredible stories like this. motivating us all along the way and talking about your work for espn and s.e.c. and football, football, football. >> i'm excited about it. it's part of me, part of my heart. it's something i have been able
8:02 am
to do and to be able to do it with you. share the stories of kids with so much courage. that's what's inspiring. it's awesome for me to share these store prips. >> your foundation is all about that. boy, we need that on mondays. any day. >> great to have you here. let's get some news with amy. good morning, everyone. we begin with emergency evacuations in california, where at least five major wildfires are burning across that state. more than 1,000 people have been force to flee their homes. fire crews are facing triple-digit temperatures. a hurricane on mexico's pacific coast. winds hitting 125 miles per hour. it's dumping up to 18 inches of rain. the war against isis is gaining support around the world following the execution of a
8:03 am
third western hostage. the obama administration says dozens of countries, including arab nations, have agreed to join the fight against the terror group. today secretary of state john kerry is meeting with global leaders to discuss an isis battle plan. eric holder is expanding police programs aimed at stopping home grown terrorists from joining people overseas. ray rice is expected to appeal his suspension today. a video was made public showing him punching his then fiance. meanwhile, the minnesota vikings are expected to make an announcement as early as today about running back adrian peterson who was charged with child abuse. both cases fueling charges for roger goodell to resign. a good deed caught on camera here. two scuba divers were approached
8:04 am
by a manta ray. he was tangled in a fishing line. the rays have a wingspan of up to 18 feet. when they finally freed the ray, it seemed to do a partial backflip in the air to celebrate its freedom. one guy who believes you can always turn a negative into a positive. driving to the beach in australia, his car broke down. what do you do? he's a t a busy intersection. he takes his towel out, climbs on the roof, goes sunbathing tligt there in the middle of the street. look at him go. doesn't seem to have a care in the world, guys. >> all right. >> okay. >> everybody else getting a kick out of it. we're going get more on the fire storm unleashed by the news that nfl star adrian peterson was arrested for take ahhing a switch to his little boy. juju change h has the story. >> reporter: this morning, adrian peterson is free on bail.
8:05 am
parents everywhere weighing in on whether disciplining his son with a switch or wooden sbranch the right thing to do. on sunday, cris carter joining the conversation. >> my mom was wrong. she did the best she could. but she was wrong with some of the stuff she taught me. >> reporter: to nba superstar charles barkley. >> i'm from the south. we do whipping all the time. every black parent in the south is going be in jail. >> in the south, there's a higher tolerance for spanking versus the northeast. there are other ways to discipline a child without inflicting pain and certainly bodily injury. >> reporter: it is legal in the u.s. as long as the force is deemed reasonable. in this case, a jagrand jury is deciding peterson crossed the line. >> there could be repercussions. they may be more likely to be depressed. they can become more aggressive toward other children. >> reporter: the american
8:06 am
academy of pediatrics continues to warn against severe forms of corporal punishment, parents have the right to choose. "gma" viewers weighing in, saying 71% of them believe in spanking. just 29% against it. in 19 states, many in the south, it's still legal for teachers to hit children. >> oh, yeah. >> right? inside the classroom. there's fascinating research in the journal of family psychology, showing spanking, the open-handed slaps on the tush doesn't really work. 73% of the kids spanked in the study started misbehaving again within ten minutes. there's a difference between spanking and abuse. we're talking about abuse. question mark. >> i'm surprised 71% still support it? wow. >> i guess i'm from that generation and from the south. and there is a difference. yes. and you said adrian admitted he perhaps went too far. but we'll see.
8:07 am
we'll see. >> i was spanked growing up for sure. >> show of hands? >> all were. >> look at how we turned out. >> but we don't do it now. "pop news" and weather coming up. you have the morning menu? >> here's a look at your "gma morning menu." will farrell's big hint that one of his most popular characters might be making a comeback. then, we're kicking off a new series. the tray to transform your home. and inside the final reversal before tonight's big "dancing with the stars" premier. and the bombshell admission from cheryl burke. all that, plus this guy, motivating us. right here. live on "good morning america," in times square. hi, everybody, good morning. good morning. >> good morning, america. they're ready to go out here. introducing nexium 24hr
8:08 am
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8:11 am
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from brands that truly care about how things are made. only at target. ♪ cause the players gonna play play play play ♪ ♪ and the haters gonna hate hate hate hate ♪ this video trending big overnight. a fraternity from kentucky's transylvania university. they did this all in one take. all in one take they did this. taylor swift. >> it's hard to believe. >> it is. taylor swift saw the video. loved it so much. tweeted that the boys, they nailed it. >> wait a minute. that's not a special effect? >> no. come on. this is the real deal. >> it's awesome. it's making me smile. it's motivating me on this monday, robin. >> and that's what we need, "motivation monday." i should say taylor invited all of them, at a date, to come on her tour to see her. very generous. on her. very generous. >> she continues to be just so -- >> she loves talent. she just appreciates talent.
8:14 am
>> what girl wouldn't go out with them? >> i love the moves. >> early in the school year folks. >> how about a little "pop news." >> i am motivated, robin roberts. let's do it. a new role for jennifer lawrence. she's used to being belle of the ball. now she'll host it. the biggest ball of them all. she's been named co-chair of the 2015 metropolitan museum of art costume institute gala. also known as the met gala. the event shaping up to be quite intriguing. the theme for this year is chinese whispers. tales of the east in art, film, and fashion. you'll see celebrities and models. >> that was -- a little camera. >> who did? >> at the met gala. >> yes. >> oh, right, right. >> cynthia rally did last year. a lot of people pay homage to the theme. that will have exotic ramifications. >> how you're presenting it, i hope it does.
8:15 am
>> yes. yes, that's a big build-up. >> way to go, j-law. >> she's great. she's like, i don't have style. yeah, you do. also in the news, amy. "zoolander," one of those movies you can never watch too many times if you're amy robach. big news this morning. reports that a sequel is in the works. thank to a recent interview with will ferrell, who starred as evil fashion designer mugatu. saying that a read-through of the script will happen soon. a script is out there. can you cut to amy? thank you. and that mugatu does have a role in the sequel. thank you. the original movie released in 2001. and more than a decade later, we're all ready for a little more blue steel. robin roberts, give it to us. >> i think i have the black lung. >> you can quote so many lines from that movie it's scary. >> it's a merman. i'm a merman.
8:16 am
>> we're ready, will ferrell. i hope it's true. >> amy certainly is. >> she just got her cameo. i hope you all remember noah ritter. or as he's now known, the apparently kid. he nailed his first tv appearance at a pennsylvania county fair this summer. that went totally viral. and led to noah getting his first commercial for fresh pet. roll 'em. >> hi, i'm noah. today we'll be talk about pets. oh, my gosh. [ laughter ] apparently this is my first-ever tv commercial. first they have to train them to be a good boy. second, you're gonna have to play fetch. fetch! >> noah is a star. >> he's got it. he's got it. >> already the video has over 2 million hits. we can't get enough. there's more of those insightful ditties from noah like why he likes dogs more than cats because they lick your face.
8:17 am
>> that is "pop news." thank you, lara. coming up, tim tebow, motivate me monday. we're going to get to rob with the weather first. oh, yeah, they're fired up. look how excited they are for -- tim -- motivation monday. are you excited to see him here? >> yes. >> come on, do your tebow for me. do it. you got it. >> i don't know it. i'm sorry. >> happy birthday. let's go to mexico. the hurricane still a category 3. can you believe it? unbelievable stuff, heading up the baja of california. getting into arizona with a lot of moisture. we'll watch for flash flooding over the next couple of days. the heat is an issue as well. across the pacific northwest. >> good monday only, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the microclimate forecast.
8:18 am
an area of low pressure at the coast and a chance of light shower on thursday. mud to upper 60's and lower to upper 70's along the bay and napa 80, and last time we will see 90's for a while in antioch and livermore. a couple of degree cooler until >> everybody's doing the tebow. they got it on this side. this is what i do. i forgot the forecast again, that's my tebow. back to you inside the studio. >> tim is like, what is he doing? now it's time for the brand-new segment, we have been talking about all morning. "motivate me monday." we're thrilled that tim tebow is joining us. tim, welcome to the team. >> thank you so much. it's great to be here. >> we have had you here from time to time. you always lift our spirits when you're here. >> thank you.
8:19 am
>> and you're going to bring us inspirational stories about folks who have overcome some tough challenges. before we talk to you, tim, here's a story of devin jackson. here he is. >> do i get a hug? good to see you, man. devin jackson from shermans dale, pennsylvania, is a 10-year-old boy with an incredible passion. so you love playing ball, huh? >> yep. playing football was my most favorite sport. >> your most favorite? >> yeah. >> what do you love about football? >> like, running the ball when i used to play. i liked running it, scoring touchdowns. i didn't really want to do a dance because i was shy. >> reporter: he's talking in the past tense because devin has come through an ordeal that nearly took his young life. football was merely an afterthought. think i can sign one of these for you? >> yep. >> reporter: two years ago, when he was 8, he got very sick. when his parents rushed him to the hospital, as his condition
8:20 am
worsened, a terrifying diagnosis. meningitis. >> he was in kidney failure. they didn't know if he would make it. >> reporter: doctors gave him a 10% chance to survive. the infections in his legs left no choice but to amputate both feet, six inches below the knee. >> it was scary. i didn't want to lose my legs. >> reporter: devin's indomitable spirit helped everyone get through. >> he smild the whole way. >> can't get it off his face. >> when we told him, the first thing that he said, am i going to live? we're like, yeah, buddy, you're going to live. >> reporter: the will to not only survive, but to thrive, led devin back to his passion, football. oh, a diving catch! he did well on his new prosthetic legs. in order to think about football, he need blades to run.
8:21 am
a pair was donated by someone who no longer used them. the first time he puts on blades and goes for a run, he comes up to you, what did he say? >> he said he loved the way the wind felt in his face for the first time again. it was impressive coming out of a 9-year-old boy. you know what i mean? he hasn't ran since all this happened. >> reporter: how do you feel as his dad? >> i almost bawled like a baby. >> i did. >> down, set. >> reporter: so the first time you got back on the practice field, the football field, what was that like for you? >> the first time we had a scrimmage, coach said, do you want to get out? i said no, i want to keep playing. >> i tell you what, football is a perfect sport. you're extremely tough to be able to deal with all that. >> you have to be strong. >> reporter: a little guy with a huge heart who took adversity and refused to relent. a tremendous show of courage and an inspiration to us all. hard work on three. give it to us.
8:22 am
>> one, two, three. >> all: hard work! >> "motivate me monday" off to a great start with that young man. >> so amazing. the amazing thing was how the community rallied around him. at his football practice, so many parents and family members and friends and his teammates, the way they responded to him. and how they had played for him. how they care about him. and his mom and dad said time after time that he was the one that kept them going through everything. he was so inspirational to the community and to me. >> kids are something. they're so resilient. you're around them a lot. your wish 15 initiative. your foundation, you spend time with young people going through challenging times. >> that is our goal to bring faith, hope, and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need. we do that any way possible. because rewael -- we really believe that that's the most important thing is to give these
8:23 am
kids a brighter day. put a smile on their face. try to give them hope when going through such tough obstacles. >> you're a little busy. we saw you over the weekend. you have another job, s.e.c. nation with our good friends at espn. where you travel to an s.e.c. football game. you're in your old stomping grounds this past week. the swamp. what was that like to be back there? >> it was awesome to be back. every week is so exciting. you talk about s.e.c. football, the passion, the excitement. every single weekend. the huge games. that's what i love. you know me well enough to know that i wear my emotions on my sleeve. i'm passionate. i'm excited about everything that i do. that's why i love doing it. >> we're excited about having you here most mondays with us, tim. thank you. >> thank you. >> all the best to you and your family. for more on devin's foundation, head to our website. and catch tim on "s.e.c. nation" on the s.e.c. network. now to my super bowl. interior design. my second design book comes out tomorrow. it's called flea market fabulous. it's about creating dreamy rooms
8:24 am
and hunting for your personal style. whether it's turning a cluttered play room into a glamorous dining room or morphing a den into a luxurious lair. ever since i started braking for yard sales. that's the thing. we buy low, we fix, it's worth more. i have heard from so many "gma" viewer who is want a design do-over but don't know where or how to begin. >> we need help. >> reporter: help is on the way. it's time to get "flea market fabulous." hands are dirty. you're climbing around. it's pages and pages of inspiration and ideas for any design style. to refinish this would cost a fortune. to sand it, prime it, paint it, i can do it myself. on any budget, one room at a time. here's my feng shui tip, you have to be able to walk around the room. if you can't walk through the room, then your shui is feng.
8:25 am
for nine dilemmas, my team and i rescue, recycle, and reinvent. it's fun to have one piece that goes a little nutty, don't you thing? to create dreamy, affordable rooms. that tell uniquely personal stories. >> no! are you serious? i can't believe this is! it's like an hgtv house! >> reporter: whether you're a parent whose kids have taken over the dining room. >> this is where we have our fine dining right now. >> i love that we got the kids involved. it's a great homage to the history of this room. a couple with polar opposite styles. >> everything is brown. brown. brown. >> we need to abandon the brown. on the blue wall with this, i think it will look pretty. or just aren't sure what to do with the passed down family furniture. they love this painting. so i wanted to celebrate it. watch the fingers. the moment of truth. let's see if a beautiful gilded antique frame changes the look
8:26 am
of this. go on in. take a look. >> oh, my god. >> it's like a museum piece. this is outstanding. >> reporter: flea market fabulous has a little something for everyone. so i was shooting for hgtv as i was doing the book. tomorrow, we'll bring the book to life. remember my golden rule of decorating. have fun. >> we're going to have fun at the book party tonight. >> book party. if we're still awake.
8:27 am
good morning, i'm kristen sze. right now let's get an update on your morning commute which has been really rough in the east bay. >> as we take a look at these maps, you can see the traffic still very heavy on the nimitz where there's still a sig alert in effect on the northbound side. we do have lanes that have reopened northbound at marina boulevard. all southbound lanes are now open, but you can see the heavy backups on 238 in both directions. your drive in and out of san lorenzo south of 238, everything is packed at this hour. kristen. >> we'll check out your forecast can't hold my breath ♪ ♪ boom, boom, shake the room ♪ the unstoppable offender
8:28 am
♪ boom, boom, shake the room ♪ the unstoppable -- [ male announcer ] an electric city car here... makes about as much sense as a gas guzzling suv here. ♪ the quick charging, zero emission, all-electric ive. smart electric drive. just $139 a month.
8:29 am
still have low visibility at santa rosa. watch out for thick fog and reduced visibility there. the rest of us doing okay although it's pretty cloudy in many areas and it's going to peel back by noon. we'll have plenty of sunshine, a hugh high clouds this afternoon, a little more cloud cover at the coast. mid to upper 50s in the north bay. the rest of us in the low to mid-60s. sun is breaking out over sfo and those flight arrival delays are a thing of the past. here's a look at today's temperatures. remember friday when we were talked about how we were going to drop back close to average? that's just about where we are right now. let's break this down and go through the accuweather seven-day forecast. about two or three degrees cooler tomorrow, we get rid of the 90s. we're in the 60s, 70s and 80s
8:30 am
but cooler through thursday. i'm watching an area of low pressure that could bring us the chance of showers thursday. have ♪ ♪ arrows there they are, macklemore and fences. teaming up for arrow. can't wait to hear more. what was that? >> i don't know. >> you sounded like -- everybody listen to george. >> yeah, really. a lot of excitement, not just george, but the new season of twts dw"dancing with the sta kicking off tonight. behind the scenes for the final reversals. the bombshell admission from cheryl burke. you'll hear it at "gma." and then we'll tell you how you can wake up and win the trip of a lifetime this monday morning. a new series. one lucky viewer, we're going to tell you, is going to be very
8:31 am
happy. >> you and i will explain all of that. we're going to unwind the scroll and tell you about that. and then, whoopi goldberg, there she is. she's with us live, getting ready to kick off a brand-new season of "the view" in just a few hours. so glad she stopped by. first, let's get to the most of your makeup. one simple way you store yours could help it work better and last longer. >> reporter: beauty's best kept secret pay be hiding in your fridge. check out my fridge. butter shelf. ketchup and mustard action. and this. i visited dr. karen grossman to get the cold hard facts. >> eye cream is one of the best things to refrej rate.
8:32 am
the coldness of the cream helps the blood vessels to constrict. >> reporter: she says make room for liquid makeups like mascara and foundation. >> you can store it in the refrigerator. it will help decrease bacteria. >> reporter: and lipstick, too. >> if you have favorite, favorite lip tick that you can't do without, likely it will get discontinued. but you can -- >> of course, naturally. >> you can stock it up and put it in your freezer. >> reporter: not every beauty product needs to chill out in the kitchen. some creams could harden. >> you have to just try. it will very from cream to cream and manufacturer to manufacturer. >> reporter: and as for the powder-based products like blush. >> powder blush, putting it in the refrigerator won't do much for it. >> i would assume the same for eye shadow.
8:33 am
>> or eye liner. >> should we refridge rate nail polish? >> you can if you want. >> reporter: i hit the streets to see if women would be willing to relocate their products? jt i feel like i would. >> you would move over the eggs, the berries. >> totally. >> i would dedicate a whole shelf. >> reporter: that's my girl! i love it. ♪ because i'm happy it's a whole new "view" beginning this morning. new co-hosts. a new studio. whoopi goldberg is here. she's not going anywhere. she's here to tell us about the upcoming season. are you happy? >> sure, i'm happy. why not. you know -- >> you look great. >> i feel pretty good. life is all right. i'm alive. >> family is growing. >> family is growing. the great grandkid is
8:34 am
attitudinal at 5 1/2 months. >> your tv family is changing as well. two rosies. >>. >> two rosies and a nicolle. fund mentally, the view remains the same. it's about women having conversations and opinions. we're not like you guys. we're not journalists. all we have is our opinions. and so, that is the basic that does not change. and yeah, we're in a new studio. and who knows what is going to work and what isn't? i don't care. the one thing i'm sure about is we'll be able to have the kind of conversations that our viewers are used to us really having. and getting back to what we do. >> and with these four women, you will have that. i mean, there will be no shortage of opinion. who do you think will really -- there's always that little spark plug. that little something that -- >> it's like -- it's like
8:35 am
thanksgiving dinner. you never know who it's going to be. you always have the relative who is like what? did you really say that? i'm sure that will happen. "the view" was never set up to be a battleground. and it became a battleground after a little while. i think what we're trying to do is bring it back to what it's tissue wh -- what it is that everybody wanted to copy that spaund all these other shows. it's intelligent conversation with intelligent women. rosie o. is a standup. rosie perez is comedic. nicolle wallace is funnier than anybody knows. it's great group of chix. or broods. i guess i'm too old to be a chick now. >> never. and you're going back to the roots. can we have fun with you? i mean, i feel like we know
8:36 am
everything there is to know about you. a lightning round. >> okay. >> we do have -- >> is that my last egg? yes, it was. i no longer can get pregnant. my last egg just fell. and you were here for it. >> okay, whoopi. your most memorable encounter with a fan. >> a gentleman that asked me to sign something i didn't want to sign. it one enough room. >> we'll leave it at that. biggest indulgence? >> uh, we're on abc, i can't tell you. and sit morning television. i certainly can't tell you. >> your first celebrity crush? >> john garfield. >> john garfield? wasn't expecting that. >> i know. he just -- i don't know. when i was a kid, there was something about him. i think i had seen -- general's
8:37 am
agreement. he just -- i thought, i want to talk to him. >> one final one. fill in the blank, if i learned one thing in life, it's blank. if i learned one thing in life it's -- >> go to the bathroom before you get on tv. >> there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. whoopi goldberg. what you can expect on the new season of "the view." it starts this morning. live. rob, how about a final check of the weather. >> that's why we love whoopi. so many "view" fans out here. stacy and miss ellie. celebrating this month. 75 and 50. i would never have thought that. you look fantastic. welcome to "gma." >> thank you. >> a fantastic looking image. it's a giraffe. behind that is a funnel cloud at west palm beach at the lion country safari. temperatures cool across parts of the northeast today. it will last for a good couple of three days.
8:38 am
it will be hot out west after thunderstorms across the southeast. 94 in >> all right. this weather forecast brought to you by target. you guys are still standing out here after your long night. >> we're trying to keep each other warm. >> yes, there's that and the whole trying the stay awake thing. get ready. do you hear something? ♪ correct, that sound means it's time for our newest prize give away. wake up and win. happening every monday. if you're watching, you can win. here's today's prize. an eight-night safari. courtesy of afar magazine. they're sending one lucky winner and a guest to south africa. all organized by the leaders in
8:39 am
customized vacations, oddly travel. >> it's luxury all the way with round-trip business class air fair provided by south african airways. it includes adventures at a safari camp and the five-star lions sands lodge. private chauffeurs. >> there's will. >> he's shaking it off apparently, too. >> is that to scare the animals away, will. because it's working. um -- i bet you want to know how to win, everybody. >> i do. >> will, we'll talk to you in a moment. click on the wake up and win logo on on yahoo!. correctly enter the word safari. right there. tell us why you deserve this trip of a lifetime. will, you do not deserve it.
8:40 am
>> that's some moves. >> oh, my goodgoodness. >> we love you, will. don't go anywhere. you could win a safari and more. we have so much more coming up. behind the scenes before tonight's big "dancing with the stars" premier. cheryl burke making a big admission only to us. don't go anywhere.
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8:43 am
♪ i'm just gonna shake shake shake shake shake ♪ tonight is the big night. the premier of the brand-new season of "dancing with the stars." the couples have had their final reversals. our melissa rycroft went behind the scenes. ♪ >> reporter: tonight, just hours from now, the premier of season 19 of "dancing with the stars." >> so many cameras. so many people. >> i love it. i'm having so much fun. >> reporter: tomorrow will be the finale already. >> i'm so nervous. >> reporter: 13 scouples hoping to survive. >> a little nervousness. >> reporter: colorful cha-chas and fancy fox-trots. >> the first dance is romantic. >> are you nervous? >> piece of cake. >> reporter: we surprised tavis smiley with one of his own. >> i just want the face.
8:44 am
thank you "gma." appreciate it. >> reporter: what are you hoping to accomplish? >> i want to show moms that it's not over. you can keep going. show the world you got it going on. >> at 17 years old, you are officially the youngest competitor on "dancing" the season. >> it's a little bit intimidated. it adds to the pressure. i'm excited about it. >> reporter: you're if first youtube star that they have ever had. 7 million followers. >> 7 million on youtube. >> reporter: all you have to do every night is go on your youtube channel and say, vote. >> it's the coolest thing ever. >> reporter: well, i have some blasts from the past to show you. >> what? no. >> reporter: you had people rat you out. he's giving a slight eyebrow. >> he still douz that to this day in our number. it's that slight eyebrow.
8:45 am
>> reporter: val chmerkovskiy fixing her posture. >> i'm pinching my back. i'm pinching my back. every fife seconds it's this, this, this. >> reporter: veteran dancers are making announcements. >> as of now, this is probably going to be my last season. after doing something for a decade, i started when i was 20. i'm 30. i want to try new things. i want to see what is out there. >> reporter: tonight, they'll cha-cha. but antonio sabato jr.'s 3-year-old son, an tow yo iii, has already made up his mind. for "good morning america," melissa rycroft, abc news, los angeles. >> and the big premier of "dancing with the stars" season 19 is tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. coming up, macklemore and fences perform.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
and we're back now with a special fall concert series. macklemore and his good friend, christopher mansfield, fences, they've collaborated with ryan lewis on a new single. it's called arrows. ♪ just escape my old man ♪ ♪ he kicked me out he kicked me out ♪ ♪ when i told him that i lived this way ♪ ♪ i lived this way i lived this way ♪ ♪ i lived this way i lived this way ♪ ♪ i lived this way i lived this way i lived this way ♪ ♪ he doesn't own me he doesn't own me ♪
8:49 am
♪ he doesn't own me he doesn't own me ♪ ♪ just escape ♪ arrows that were falling arrows were falling ♪ ♪ arrows that were falling arrows were falling ♪ ♪ the black rims that line your face ♪ ♪ like a deer drinking water in a picture frame ♪ ♪ i swear to god i've seen those eyes ♪ ♪ the back of my lids when closing mine ♪ ♪ with clasped hands we shake it out we shake it out ♪ ♪ lace up boots and we walk away ♪ ♪ i felt slightly connected to him ♪ ♪ and said now boy now you own me ♪ ♪ arrows that were falling arrows were falling ♪ ♪ arrows that were falling
8:50 am
arrows were falling ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah yeah, yeah ♪ he doesn't sleep so in truth he never wakes up. ♪ another day rushing to his death ♪ ♪ out of breath on the treadmill of the famous ♪ ♪ he makes mistakes tells stories to his paintbrush ♪ ♪ and when the world finally sees his art ♪ ♪ he wishes that he never would have made it ♪ ♪ just escape just escape ricochets ♪ ♪ and eclipses faith living in a city ♪ ♪ with a grey umbrella over your shoulders ♪ ♪ and you're becoming suffocated by the weight can't hit those breaks ♪ ♪ this is what you wanted, huh but you got it all in vain cause you forgot who you are ♪ ♪ right as the world learned your name it goes ♪ ♪ arrows that were falling arrows were falling ♪ ♪ arrows that were falling arrows were falling ♪
8:51 am
♪ let me ash my issues ashtray is this asphalt ♪ ♪ american spirit black coffee ♪ ♪ conversations and a passport ♪ ♪ when god gives you everything, everything ♪ ♪ that you ever asked for and it still looks a bit different ♪ ♪ than when you pictured it on that back porch ♪ ♪ and i'm gone, world traveller all i got is my songs ♪ ♪ when the nights start blending into one another ♪ ♪ and i don't recall tom petty in this ♪ ♪ all i wanna do is free-fall yeah, free-fall ♪ ♪ and i'm so caught up i'm caught up i'm caught up ♪ ♪ and i'm so tired swore that i wouldn't ♪ ♪ stare into the light and guess who tried it ♪ ♪ i'm blinded by this limelight this limelight ♪ ♪ it's all night it's all day ♪ ♪ these bright lights these bright lights ♪ ♪ once you turn 'em on you can't walk away ♪ ♪ don't die here don't die here ♪ ♪ i came too far i'm too great ♪ ♪ but i'm too scared and i'm too afraid ♪ ♪ to stare this world into its face ♪ ♪ i'm almost home i'm driving lost ♪ ♪ my eyelids closed light turns to grey ♪ ♪ the cameras off the show is over ♪ ♪ you close the curtains ♪ arrows that were falling
8:52 am
arrows were falling ♪ ♪ arrows that were falling arrows were falling ♪ ♪ i live this way i live this way ♪ ♪ i live this way i live this way ♪ ♪ i live this way i live this way ♪ ♪ i live this way i live this way ♪ ♪ just escape [ cheers and applause ] >> macklemore and fences. hey, guys. how are you? how's it going? >> good, how are you. >> i heard when you first read this song you were not sure you could rap to it. >> it started as a singer-song writer vibe. the production turned into more offing is that i could rap on. drums that i could rap on. >> this wraps up you said everything in your aesthetic. >> i think so.
8:53 am
it's pop. but it's also vulnerable. which is, you know, something i like to do. be accessible but also honest with yourself, know what i mean? >> it's really catching on. more than 1 million views so far. it's available right now. lesser oceans comes out in jan. thank you, guys. >> thank you.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
you heard the man, tim mcgraw is here tomorrow. >> i hope he tells the story you just told. >> george. have a great day. no, no, no.
8:57 am
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good monday morning, i'm kristen sze. let's get straight to meteorologist mike nicco with your forecast. >> good morning, everybody. let's look at some of the low clouds still hanging around the coast and across the golden gate. those will pull back by noon and temperatures today pretty close to average. much different than what we were on friday. as we head through today, we'll go from 60s at the coast and san francisco, 70s elsewhere, 80s inland and our last day of 90s in the east bay. cooler weather through thursday and a chance of showers also. major improvement in san leandro where we still have a sig alert although one lane remains closed at 880 right at marina boulevard. there's very heavy backups leaving union city heading up
9:00 am
towards 238. still a jam. 580 is your alternate. announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael"! today, academy award winning actress octavia spencer. and from the new film "the maze runner," dylan o'brien. plus, co-anchor of "good morning america," lara spencer. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause]


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