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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 17, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, a major about-face from the nfl. superstar adrian peterson barred from football as he fights a child abuse charge, and a scathing warning to the league from one of the biggest sponsors. also breaking a terrifying new message from isis released overnight, taunting president obama and threatening to kill american troops as an american citizen is charged with fight are for isis here at home. happening now, powerful winds and torrential rains, downing trees and crushing cars, flash flooding turning roads in rivers in an instant, as the southwest braces for a monster storm. our extreme team is tracking it all. bad behavior at 30,000 feet. pictures going viral of passengers' bad behavior up in the air. so, would you do this on the plane? it's the passenger shaming on
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social media that many people are clicking on. and you won't believe who's really behind it. and good morning, america. who flies shirtless? >> that is not -- >> people who shouldn't, do. >> that's right. well, you better watch your manners up in the air. someone is always watching. we also have a lot of news to get to this morning. brand-new childing video from isis released overnight as president obama meets with top generals in tampa today, and the west bracing for the massive flooding. ginger and rob are tracking that. but begin with the breaking news from the nfl, the minnesota vikings reversing course, deciding to keep star running back adrian peterson away from the team while he fights that child abuse charge. abc's ryan smith is here with the latest for us. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning.
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and breaking overnight, yet another bizarre twist in the nfl. just days after allowing former mvp adrian peterson back on the field, the vikings making a move that could yank him from the field for the season. and now, with ray rice appealing his suspension, nfl controversies continue to play out. overnight, an about-face from the minnesota vikings, placing embattled star adrian peterson on the nfl's exempt list, requiring him to stay away from all team activities until his legal proceedings are resolved. the reversal, just one day after the team announced it would reinstate the former mvp who's facing a child abuse charge for allegedly hitting his 4-year-old son with a tree branch. they wrote that after further reflection, we believe this is best for the vikings and adrian who emphasized his entire to avoid further distraction to his teammates and coaches while focusing on his current situation. peterson's removal from the field also coming as ray rice is
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fighting for his own second chance in the nfl. tuesday night, the nfl players union appealing the decision to indefinitely suspend the former baltimore ravens star in the wake of the brutal beating of his now wife, janay. the union telling us it's their duty to protect the due process rights of all nfl players. >> we believe that ray rice has been punished twice for the same offense, and that the nfl had all the evidence available to them during their decision to punish ray for two games initially. >> reporter: the players' association also requesting the case be heard by someone other than goodell, who normally handles appeals. >> that appeal needs to be handled by someone who's impartial. >> reporter: meanwhile the rally cry of nfl sponsors is growing louder this morning in the wake of these scandals. in a scathing statement, anheuser-busch saying they're not satisfied with the league's handling of behaviors that go
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against our company's culture and moral code. the nfl responding overnight, we understand, we are taking action, and there will be much more to come. while peterson hasn't commented yet, his agent has, saying adrian understands the gravity of the situation, and this enables him to take care of his personal situation and also adding, this is the best possible outcome, given the circumstances. i have not seen this many controversies in one sport, ever. >> certainly. >> thank you. turning now to the war against isis. the militant group releasing the provocative video overnight, a direct challenge to president obama, just hours after the top military adviser opened the door to ground troops in iraq. and we begin with jon karl at the white house. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george, no comment from the white house this morning on that video. but white house officials are emphatic there is absolutely no change in the president's position. that he will not send ground troops to iraq. but general dempsey said he may
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request troops to be embedded with iraqi forces to identify targets on the front lines. now white house officials tell me they do not consider such troops ground troops. this is how you define combat troops. they would not consider them to be combat troops, but, george, make no mistake, they would be on the front line. they would be in the line of fire. this is a significantly more dangerous mission. and general dempsey walking a pretty fine line saying he supports the president's strategy, but leaving the door open in the future if circumstances change. and the white house has rejected one request from generals for boots on the ground to help with the air operation. >> reporter: that's right, general austin, the top commander for the middle east requested such ground troops to be positioned with iraqi forces during the operations at the mosul dam. his request was rejected. it was rejected because of the white house's position that they
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didn't want to escalate to that point. but the white house is not ruling out they would offer such a position in the future on this, george. and the president is in tampa today. thank you very much. and now to the threat from isis here at home. the fbi revealing it busted an american who was aiding the vp terror group from upstate, new york. pierre thomas has the latest from washington on that for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the suspect is a u.s. citizen who the fbi claims was actively recruiting for isis and plotting to kill american soldiers here at home. to many in rochester new york, he was a businessman, the owner of mojo's food market. but the fbi has unveiled secret charges showing the yemeni-american as a supporter of terror. a paid confidential informant tipped off the fbi in 2013. the fbi said they discovered he was extremely active in social media, including twitter. and at one point allegedly posted, isis, quote, will one day rule the world.
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new york city's police chief says the social media skills of isis are a threat. >> we are quite concerned, as you would expect, with the capability of isis, their ability to use social media to try and spread their recruitment efforts. >> reporter: prosecutors say he as actively communicating with radicals overseas. recruiting jihadists for isis. they claim he spent $600 to a man in yemen as seed money to join them. all the while trying to convince two fbi informants here in the u.s. to join isis as well. and he was arrested in may after allegedly giving one of the informants a thousand dollars to buy handguns with silencers. the plan, according to federal charges, to kill u.s. soldiers returning from iraq but also to possibly engage in sniper attacks and random mass shootings. when he was arrested, the public was only told about the weapons charges at first. the fbi kept the isis investigation secret while dissecting his life. hunting for a broader conspiracy. robin, george?
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turning now to the extreme weather out west. powerful winds reeking havoc overnight as parts of arizona prepare for historic rains. ginger is tracking it all. >> yes, we are on flash flood watch this morning, anywhere from palm springs, california, to el paso, texas. large area. and we are in the danger zone from today to tomorrow. odile, making its second landfall in mexico. if it stays tropical depression, it will end up being one of only nine since 1965. that's why it's so important for places like tucson to be on alert. that's where we find rob marciano this morning, in tucson. rob? >> reporter: so far, just a few sprinkles in tucson where they're bouncing become from last week. i'm standing on a crossroad where last week two people were
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kill killed during raging floodwaters and water could fill these areas during the next couple of days. odile already wreaking havoc across the southwest. overnight, odile's effects already being felt. whipping winds and torrential rains. downing dozens of trees in the san diego area, one falling on a highway and crushing cars and backing up traffic for hours. >> i was pulling in, the tree just fell and hit the back of my car. >> reporter: a 50 foot pine tree crashing down on this woman's car with her baby in the back seat. 70-mile-per-hour winds, picking up these private planes and tossing them into cars. >> i was scared. there was so much wind and rain on the window, i was afraid. >> reporter: cars creeping along roads after flash floods, some not quite making it. and here in arizona, residents proactively sandbagging, fearing what could be more historic flooding, creating scenes even worse than those catastrophic ones just last week. just south of phoenix, a microburst tore roofs off buildings and appear to have contributed to the derailment of a freight train. dozens of empty cars blown off the tracks.
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fortunately, there were no injuries. residents here are fearing a repeat of 1983 where remnants of a tropical storm came through here and rained for ten days straight. that killed 14 people. this is the second remnant hurricane that hits the area in less than ten days. that's never happened before in recorded history. >> rob, thank you. the newest addition to the extreme team. and we do have to get into the forecast part of this. you want to see how much rain and where. this gives you an idea of the heaviest rains. remember, this is not a swath of 7 inches. but some pockets of 5 and 7 inches for tucson, phoenix into the 2 to 3 inch rain. all it takes is an inch or two fast, roads wash out and it's very dangerous. i'll have much more in the nation's weather. >> we know you're on top of it. now let's get to amy with the other top stories. and we begin with a man named dr. evil, facing massive fraud. the once-prominent michigan cancer doctor now admits to unnecessary chemotherapy telling
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them they had cancer when they didn't so he could collect medicare and insurance payments. after raiding his office, prosecutors accused him of falsely claiming $225 million from medicare during a six-year period. families in northern california are coming to grips with devastating loss after wildfire raced through the tiny town of weed. look at the pictures. burning 150 buildings. home after home went up in flames. along with two churches, a library and a lumberyard. and there's a silver lining for one woman who lost her home. she is overjoyed after fire fighters found her wedding ring buried in the ashes. a glimmer of hope there. police are on high alert standing by for crowd control ahead of an historic vote that the world will be watching tomorrow. scotland will decide whether to
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separate from british rule. polls show those rejecting independence holding a slim lead. many are worried about the economic impact, but those hoping to break from britain praised this display, a mock border patrol station built along the road to england. and a different kind of political protest in ukraine. yes, an angry crowd threw this politician into a garbage bin and held him in there outside of parliament. voting on a trade deal with europe. he was eventually able to escape and get out of that trash bin. despite the tensions, a fragile cease-fire is holding. and a big medical headline this morning, despite growing awareness about the obesity epidemic, american's waistlines are expanding. a new survey finds the typical man's is 40 inches, the woman's, 38 inches. both expanding by at least one inch in recent years. experts say it's not just diet. stress and lack of sleep can also lead to an increase in abdominal fat.
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and finally, you want to see some grace under pressure? a flautist from chicago competing in a prestigious tournament when something unexpected happens. take a look. it's about to happen. a butterfly, right between her eyes. she doesn't even flinch. she keeps fplaying. one expert says, when butterflies land on people, they are looking for salty water to drink. the theory is the butterfly may have been attracted to her sweat. i think she looks like a disney princess. >> i think she soothed the gentle beast. >> exactly. >> the scientists would disagree with you, george, but, yes. you can think away. >> thank you. >> dare we say, madame butterfly. thank you. >> ahh. [ applause ] >> robin roberts, everybody. >> it's still early. now to the massive manhunt for the gunman who ambushed
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state troopers in a police barracks in pennsylvania, killing one and wounding another. police identifying the suspect as 31-year-old eric matthew frein, an armed survivalist who they say was planning on committing mass murder. linsey davis has those details for us. >> reporter: good morning. the fear is at such a heightened level that all schools in the pocono school district are closed today. there are safety concerns for students standing at bus stops with an armed and dangerous gunman still on the loose. this morning, police finally putting a name and face to the illusive suspect in the manhunt. 31-year-old eric matthew frein wanted for killing a cop. and police fear it could get worse. >> he has made statements about wanting to kill law enforcement officers. and also to commit mass acts of murder. >> reporter: police say the pennsylvania man is responsible for a brazen attack friday night right in front of state police barracks, firing four shots in 90 seconds.
7:15 am
killing 38-year-old corporal brian dickson, a husband and father of two, and seriously injuring 31-year-old trooper alex douglas. >> we're in a position to apprehend this individual. >> reporter: officials say they were tipped off by a local resident who was walking his dog who saw a partially submerged vehicle in the woods near the barracks. that jeep registered to frein's father. they found i.d., information concerning foreign embassies, empty rifle cases, and shell casings matching evidence at the scene. >> this is not something he kept quiet. >> reporter: police say he has a grievance against state police, has survivalist training, and could be anywhere. they say frein's father, a retired u.s. army major, said two of his guns were missing
7:16 am
from his only. one, a rifle with a copy, and the other, an ak-47. he also told police that he trained his son to shoot so well, that he, quote, don't miss. police say what surprised them the most, for years, frein told people about his plan to kill law enforcement officers and no one ever bothered to report it. the funeral for corporal dickson is tomorrow morning. >> thank you. and now to tony stewart. will he face charges in the death of the fellow driver he struck and killed in a race in august? gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: this morning, a new turn in the tony stewart case as prosecutors say they're sending the evidence to a grand jury to decide whether or not to press charges. a dramatic development a month and a half after stewart's race car struck and killed 20-year-old racer kevin ward jr. on that dirt track in upstate new york on august 9th. >> the decision lies exclusively in the hands of the grand jury ors, and no one could argue that prosecutors gave stewart
7:17 am
any specialized treatment. the youtube video shows the deadly moment, ward getting out of his car after the crash, apparently waving has hands at stewart, when stewart's car hits and kills him. investigators now say they have advanced the video and have a second camera angle of the crash to give to that grand jury to consider. >> it's possible with the new evidence they believe that potentially a criminal act was committed. >> reporter: stewart telling us overnight, i respect the time and effort spent in investigating this tragic accident. i look forward to this process being completed and i will continue to provide my full cooperation. the question now, if stewart's reputation for having a bad temper on the track could eventually come into play. along with what some call the improbability that such an experienced driver wouldn't be able to avoid hitting another driver. stewart, living in seclusion for three weeks after the crash, until speaking out at a press conference august 29th before his return to racing.
7:18 am
>> this is something that will definitely affect my life forever. >> reporter: now experts say he may have to testify before that grand jury. and even without intent, experts say stewart could still face manslaughter or negligent homicide charges. he's expected to race again this sunday. robin, george? >> okay, gio, thank you. now to the destructive wildfires out west. firefighters could get some relief from the weather. is that the case there, ginger? >> yes, some cooler weather. the drought is not helped, but los angeles, 103 was their tied record high. 15 large wildfires burning in the west. that heatwave that's in place is going to get broken down. places like redding will drop below 80 degrees into tomorrow. so fresno to 90, that's chilly compared to what they have seen. and riverside, down into the 80s. your local forecast in 30 seconds, but first this morning's rainy cities brought to you by macy's.
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>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area microclimate forecast. high clouds but it will be dry in the day lie. you need the umbrella at 10:00 tonight through rush hour tomorrow. it will be dry in the afternoon, and brighter and warmer friday, saturday and sunday. 60's loan the coast into san francisco and 70's along the bay and home 80's inland. the seven-day outlook day forecast is cooler tomorrow and less than .1" of and i thought it was chilly when i walked out. mid-40s in detroit. saranac lake is at freezing this hour. >> too soon.
7:20 am
too soon. >> it's happening. >> thank you, ginger. coming up on "gma," new clues in the desperate search for the missing university of virginia undergrad as the fbi joins the search. and the nightmare at sea, a huge wave capsizing a boat, with three people on board, including a 10-year-old. badly injuring one. how they survived. you won't believe what's in your toothpaste. an ingredient manufactures are now removing. we'll tell what it is. and a big night of drama on "dancing with the stars." the first couple booted, lolo, and keo. they're here live with us. ♪ could it be i'm falling in love... ♪ ♪ with you... what are you doing down there? uh, watching a baby tutorial. (in an english accent) with your pea coat and your stomping around with your bobbies.
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good morning, i'm eric thomas. new this morning, the chp says two people were killed when their car crashed off eastbound interstate 580 in pleasanton. investigators say the driver clipped a white suv and flew off the road, dropped down a 50-foot embankment, hit a tree and burst into flames.
7:25 am
both people in the car were killed. they have not been identified. everyone in the suv is okay. the chp is investigating reports that the car that crashed may have been speeding. a check now of the commute this wednesday morning. >> we have an update on asig alert in vallejo, a brush fire burning off westbound 80. this is right at magazine street so there's one lane blocked as well as the maritime academy on-ramp so that's closed until further notice. we're down to 7 miles an hour with heavy delays before highway 29 and 37 and then just about 15 miles away, a three to four-car crash with injuries, southbound 121 at 8th street. when we come back, mike nicco has the bay area forecast.
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good morning. the star of this forecast will be the showers. these are light to moderate showers but they're moving to the northeast away from us. 10:00 tonight is when i think we'll start to see scattered showers develop along the coast all the way through tomorrow morning at this time. stepping out now, upper 50s to mid-60s. our temperatures will be pretty close to seasonal averages today, with that dry weather through the daylight hours. less than 0.1 of an inch of rain tomorrow morning.
7:29 am
7:30 am
♪ ♪ suddenly i see look at these pictures going viral. don't look too close, they're kind of disgusting sometimes. but it's a new kind of passenger shaming taking hold in the air right now. >> that is ridiculous. >> and i love who is taking control of the situation up there in the air. we're going to tell you about it in a little bit. >> yes, the people taking those photographs. amy and i are both on flights later today. we're going to be much better. >> yes. >> well-behaved. >> on my best behavior. >> fully dressed -- >> all of the above. >> trying to not to think of someone's feet on your food tray. >> thank you for that. also ahead, a terrifying fishing boat at sea, and people on board, including a 10-year-old boy.
7:31 am
how they survived. >> what's in your toothpaste might shock you. >> i wish i had known that this morning. lowe low and keo, booted from the ballroom, and they are here live with us this morning. >> we begin with the latest on the uva sophomore, hannah graham, who vanished thursday morning. the fbi has joined the search and they have new surveillance video. steve osunsami has the story. >> reporter: the fbi is joining the search for this 18-year-old stu student from the university of virginia who's missing for four days. >> it's hit home this can happen. before, it was stories and warnings. but now it's a real person who's gone. >> reporter: police say they're now expanding their search for hannah graham after discovering new surveillance video tuesday showing the college sophomore walking alone near an irish pub
7:32 am
and away from campus. it was 12:46 a.m. saturday morning. around 1:15 a.m. she texted friends she was on her way to a party but never showed. >> one text message said i'm lost of the area of 14th and wertland. she's familiar with the area. >> reporter: after that, the phone was turned off or died. these surveillance pictures show her at her apartment friday night before heading out on the town. she was drinking quite heavily. >> we're concerned. >> at her high school, they're in shock. >> i can't imagine what her family is going through. i was talking to her momt other day. and it was just really -- sorry. >> reporter: on tuesday, they released this statement, she would not disappear without contacting family and friends. she's highly responsible and organized, and they are heartbroken by her disappearance. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news,
7:33 am
atlanta. now to the nightmare at sea. a rogue wave capsizing a boy with two men and a young boy. clinging to the boat for hours until they were able to save themselves. abc's reena ninan is here with that story. >> reporter: good morning. this might be against all odds. what helped them get back to shore may have been the sounds from a song by journey. a leisurely hawaii fishing trip turning terribly wrong. this morning brad warren is recovering in a hospital room, a rogue wave capsizing the boat he and two others were aboard sunday night. the powerful waves sending him flying, shattering his leg in three places and breaking his hip before submerging him completely underwater. >> i tilted my head back to get another last breath of air. and a swell pushed the boat and i took a big gulp of water and started going down. it was scary. >> reporter: the captain of the
7:34 am
boat's 10-year-old son sleeping under the bow of the vessel as it began filling with water. >> my first thought was to grab noah and have a hold i haof him >> reporter: the relentless waves knocked them off the boat and into the pacific. after four hours with no hope in sight, 10-year-old noah heard something in the distance, a party on shore playing an inspirational hit. >> when i saw the shooting star and heard the song, "don't stop believen," that was the lord saying it will be fine. >> reporter: the pain too tough to bear, the three holding on to each other. >> the pain was so bad. >> he wanted to swim in. >> reporter: ward swimming from the boat for half an hour to dry land. >> we just felt so relieved. >> reporter: warren now grateful for the life he thought he almost lost. >> i wanted to make sure that i made it so that i could see my wife and my daughters.
7:35 am
>> reporter: clearly so emotional. warren said he's had three kidney stones in his lifetime, but the broken leg is the worst he's experienced. >> the fact they heard the music. >> in the middle of nowhere, practically. >> enjoy watching you early morning. >> thank you. >> you're the wakeup call. >> you think i'm awake. >> yes, you are. and check the weather now. journey today, and yesterday a porpoise. a little bit of everything. look at the tube, this is a waterspout from florida. and we have video too. because so many people were on the beach and seeing all of the different angles here. this is the second day in a row with impressive waterspout action along the gulf. you may see more today. more rain to the southeast. but i wanted to point out, not only will we see drenching rains in the southwest, but around that high, you could even add a
7:36 am
little of the moisture from odile, potentially, to the stationary front around there. and houston back to austin, right in the swath. a lot of texas that wants the rain could get some. if it comes too quickly, don't to want see that, but something to watch out for. there's your front i have been talking about. sagged and stalled and sitting there. memphis, 83 today. showers in the southeast, a little drier in the northeast at 73. denver to 86. and eventually some of the moisture may creep from new mexico and arizona up into the front range of colorado. that would be a slim chance. but still pretty powerful stuff in the southwest. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco morning overclouds and dry in the daylight hours and 64 at coast and 86 inland and 10:00 tone, through noon tomorrow, our best chance of scattered light showers and less than
7:37 am
>> all that weather brought to you by target. now i'm going to have journey in my head for the rest of the day. >> me too. >> it's never going to end. >> okay, thanks. what's holding you back at work. the secret way you could be sabotaging yourself. >> and what's really in your toothpaste and why a major manufacturer is taking it out. what you need to know before you brush. and we have uses for your old phone, ways to repurpose it to keep you safer and protect your family y. ♪ introducing made to matter, handpicked by target. exclusive innovations from brands that truly care about how things are made. only at target.
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and we are back now at 7:41 with news about a surprising thing in your toothpaste. believe is or not, some kinds of toothpaste contain tiny pieces of plastic. that's starting to children. gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: it's considered the most common plastic in the world, and now a major manufacturer is taking it right out of the toothpaste. a major toothpaste manufacturer says it's making a change to the paste. crest. this dental hygienist was blogging about something strange in patient mouths. >> when i clean the mouths, we would see a speck, it was blue. >> reporter: trish walraven has been cleaning teeth for 22 years and now speaking out about microbeads in toothpaste,
7:42 am
polyethylene, used to make plastic bottles. and used for color in toothpaste. she took this video of the specks in her own mouth. >> to find out something was in there just there for decoration, it was disappointing. >> reporter: we asked her patient to brush with microbeads before his checkup and rinse. sure enough, during the cleaning, she found some. >> can you see that blue spot? >> i didn't know there was plastic in it. >> reporter: most of the toothpastes using polyethylene as an ingredient are made by crest. they are in some personal care products, and have made headlines for possible impact on the environment. illinois is banning the manufacture and sale of products containing microbeads by 2018. other states are considering similar bans. some dentists, including the one that trish works, have concerns that anything foreign under the
7:43 am
gumline could lead to problems. >> collects more plaque, bacteria. >> reporter: crest says they are completely safe and used for color. and they say years of clinical research show no evidence of particles persisting underneath the gumline or causing harm. and the fda says it's not immediately aware of any safety issues with the product. even though, they will remove microbeads from crest toothpaste because of a growing consumer preference. most will be microbead free by next spring, and all by march of 2016. how do you know if that plastic is in your toothpaste. look right on the box or tube, there's the word, polyethylene at the bottom of your screen. that's what you want to look for. happy brushing, guys. >> so interesting. i thought it was a scrubbing thing, but just for the color.
7:44 am
>> that's what they say. >> thank you. and coming up, into the homework wars with the expert advice on the best way to help your kids. and coming up, passenger shaming. new pictures going viral right now of bad behavior at 30,000 feet. you're not believing who's posting them. >> i'm not believing the pictures. and the first couple booted on "dancing with the stars." lolo and keo. they flew all night to be here, live. by using your travel rewards card miles... those seats mysteriously vanish. why? all the flights you want are blacked out. or they hit you up for some outrageous number of miles. switch to the venture card from capital one. with venture, use your miles on any airline, any flight, any time. no blackout dates. and with every purchase you'll earn unlimited double miles. now we're getting somewhere. what's in your wallet? every style's a showstopper!
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a broader mix of energies, world needs which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal.
7:48 am
and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. ♪ am i wrong yes, you are, you are definitely wrong. oh, yes, you're doing this. back now with the pictures exploding on social media, shaming passengers behaving badly at 30,000 feet. you're going to show us this in social square. >> brace yourself, everybody. sad to a say, we have been there, crowded into an airplane. like this guy, he's next to a seat mate who gets comfortable. i'm glad he's feeling good. this video went viral after it
7:49 am
was posted in 2013. the fellow passenger really moving in on his personal space. one flight attendant calls herself a sassy stew, she is fighting back on facebook and instagram with an account called passenger shaming. that says it all. and first the flying feet. a little personal grooming on the tray. and then, is that -- oh, no, too close. do you see, that'll take away your appetite. that was a picture of someone's feet on the tray. the chicken, steak or a foot sandwich. and then there's hair. this caption says it all. the passenger has flipped her wig, literally, on the floor, just a wig hanging out on the floor. and these are just a few of the pictures that sassy stew is posting. if you've got them, we actually would like to see them. we are amused and somewhat terrified and we want to hear your shaming stories. tweet us using th
7:50 am
the #socialsquare. which one offended you the most? >> shirtless guy without a shirt. >> i -- >> how does he -- through the seat. >> how does he do it? just strips off right in the middle of the aisle. >> got hot? >> it's sometimes very warm on the plane. . >> no, no. >> keep it on. >> what flight attendants have to keep up with. >> i can't imagine. >> thank you, lara. >> you're welcome. and coming up, all the drama from the ballroom, the first booted couple, lolo and keo, it's time for them to go. no. they flew all night. they're going to be here. and new uses for your old phone. the inventive new ways you can repurpose it to keep you safe and protect your family. and a new call for a change to the way we think about breast-feeding. a leading researcher is outlining all the benefits to moms. now here's a great improve this tip from lowes. when cleaning a paint brush, use
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7:56 am
good morning, i'm kristen sze. residents have been allowed to return to their homes in campbell. firefighters evacuated 40 people after several cars caught fire around 4:00 this morning at an apartment complex on union avenue. three cars were damaged. no word yet what started the fire. we're seeing some sun out there. let's talk to meteorologist mike nicco. >> yeah, the morning clouds will give way to sunshine and the high clouds will come in but here's a look at our showers moving to the north. by 10:00 tonight we'll start to see those showers develop along the coast. the rest of us will get scattered light showers through tomorrow morning.
7:57 am
60s along the coast, 70s along the bay, 80s inland. accuweather seven-day forecast, it's coolest tomorrow, warmer than average by the weekend. we still have a sig alert in vallejo where it looks like it's clearing up in about five minutes right now. you can see we still have heavy traffic as a result right at magazine street, westbound side ♪ boom, boom, shake the room ♪ the unstoppable offender ♪ boom, boom, shake the room ♪ the unstoppable -- [ male announcer ] an electric city car here... makes about as much sense as a gas guzzling suv here. ♪ the quick charging, zero emission, all-electric ive. smart electric drive. just $139 a month.
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♪ wake me up good morning, america, it's 8:00 a.m., and don't toss that old iphone in a drawer. the new ways you're not thinking of to get the most out of it, from beefing up security to keeping tabs on your baby. and what's really holding you back at work? the secret way you could be sabotaging your own success and how to fix it starting this morning. ♪ i'm so excited. and big baby news trending, hollywood a-listers ryan gosling and eva mendes welcome a new baby girl. all the detail this is morning ♪ and dancing's lolo andkey row are arrive in times square, the first couple booted out as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
and who else is here this morning, they're there, lolo and keo. they flew all night long to be here. coming off "dancing with the stars," big smiles on their faces even though it's tough to go home. >> nice move. always tough to be the first to go home. we're going to hear from them. he's adorable. >> look at that smile. >> having some fun with it. lolo was too, we're tired, "dancing with the stars" #resume update. had good spirits about that one. >> lolo, you did great. did we explain those are our social media gurus in there tweeting. just want everyone to know we don't have loiterers hanging out in times square. >> we have those too. >> never a dull moment at "gma." and the drama in the ballroom. and who thing is the front
8:02 am
runner. >> first news from amy. good morning. and awe in message from i.s.i.s. overnight. militant group challenging the united states warning that the fighters are ready to attack if president obama deploys ground troops in iraq. that is not happening even though the chairman of the joint chiefs say he may request combat troops in the future. new evidence of home grown terrorists. an upstate man was accused of recruiting for i.s.i.s. and planning to attack u.s. soldiers. also breaking overnight, pete post pe adrian peterson will not take the field while facing child abuse charges. changing course overnight, he is banned from all team activities until the case is resolved. they were facing strong criticism saying he could play while the case moved forward. and anheuser-busch is
8:03 am
voicing concern about how the league is harjdsing the current scandals. visa, mcdonald's, and campbells soup are among the they are others, but have not pulled ads. and arizona, bracing for up to 7 inches of rain today. remnants of hurricane odile have already battered southern california, bringing down dozens of trees and flipping over small planes near san diego. police in philadelphia are thanking people or twitter for tracking down suspects in a brutal hate crime. this was video of a group of men and women who assaulted two gay men. people on twitter and helped to identify the suspects after they were spotted at a restaurant. one detective said i'll take a couple thousand twitter detectives over a real detective any day. and finally for anyone who's watched their car being ticketed or impounded, we offer this solution from london. before the car was secured, he
8:04 am
revs the engine and backs up right off that tow truck. turns out, here's the bizarre twist, it wasn't even his car. he hasn't been found, neither has the vehicle. but i would suggest repair shops in london. that looks a little damaged in the getaway. guys. turn to health news now, the benefits of breast-feeding back in the headlines, how to protect moms and health conditions. wi you have a leading researcher calling on everyone to think about the way we look at breast-feeding. >> this is eye-opening for me. i talk about the benefits of breast-feeding for babies, but this is the benefits for moms themselves. it can reduce ovarian cancer, breast cancer, heart disease. the women who breast-fed, less likely to have high blood pressure, diabetes and heart conditions. >> how does that happen?
8:05 am
>> not exactly clear. it improves handling of sugar and fat, they are linked to heart disease and affects hormones. they can be tied into heart disease. >> i -- i will say firsthand, there is a -- i don't know, something positive hormonally is released. you feel better. not just the emotional connection, but i have to believe there's a major connection between the emotional and the physical in that amazing act. >> it will change the way i have a conversation with my -- my patients about this. and it just gives a woman more information to make that decision in terms of what's right for them. and we have to make sure that based on what a woman likes to do, making it easier for women who want to nurse. >> thank you, and dr. besser will take your questions throughout the morning. text #askdr.b chat. >> you're going to do the
8:06 am
morning menu? >> they want to see me walk and talk. i can't guarantee anything. what we have coming up is so much. the first look at lauren conrad's wedding dress and the details from the ceremony. and smart ways to put your old phone to work if you're upgrading to the new iphone. hey, everybody, working so hard at social square. appreciate that. and lara uses flea market finds to help ginger give her favorite four-legged friend a space of her own. plus, lolo, keo, say it ain't so, but you have to go. we're going to talk to them live coming up here. walgreens knows that heartburn sufferers can sometimes find themselves at the corner of "mmm, home cooking" and "umm, i think that's enough." that's why walgreens offers new nexium 24 hour, protection strong enough for whatever your day dishes out.
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8:09 am
coming up, lolo, keo, say it ain't so. the first couple sent home on "dancing with the stars." they are smiling. we will talk about the drama and who you think is going all the way. that's coming up. so stay with us on "gma."
8:10 am
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8:11 am
if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. you guys ready for this? that's our favorite little hamster. he's moved on from burritos and
8:12 am
birthday cake, take on world famous competitive eater, kobayashi in the hot dog eating competition. the little teeny, tiny, kobayashi has six guinness world records. >> that's the cutest thing ever. how do they find hot dogs so small? >> look at that. tiny hot dog after -- eventually he won the contest. 11 hot dogs to ten. >> he's got to go on the treadmill. >> go hamster go. >> perhaps that's in "pop news." >> nothing like that, i'm sad to say. but we have good news this morning. hey, girl, ryan gosling will be saying that to his new girl. people magazine reporting he and eva mendes have welcomed a girl into the world. they are private about the romance and her pregnancy. no word on a name, but it's one
8:13 am
genetically-gifted little girl. we congratulate the whole family. >> we do. and more good news i'm happy to report, matt damon ready to be born again. set to make a return to his spy sleuthing ways as jason bourne. a huge development for fans of the franchise who fair welled him after three movies and welcomed jeremy renner for the fourth. now paul greengrass, the director, will make a comeback despite him saying there was no place left for the character to advance creatively. looked like they have moved that roadblock. deadline saying early negotiations for a bourne comeback are definitely under way. >> that's exciting. >> it is. >> matt was terrific, so is jeremy, but thrilled to see matt back in action. you know this song -- ♪ if you're happy and you know it clap your hands ♪ or if you're happy and you know it -- that's the cue --
8:14 am
♪ if you're happy and you know it wag your tail ♪ ♪ if you're happy and you know it then your tail will surely show it if you're happy and you know it wag your tail ♪ >> making plenty of people happy online. for a canine version of the classic going massively viral. she's a great dane and will wag her tail in her time, george. >> no one will tell her any different. >> wait -- >> and with that -- >> wait for it. >> and with that -- >> thank you. and out to ginger with a check on the weather. it's a brilliant morning. i have my hat on the jimmy fund walk, raising money for all kinds of cancers. looks like $7.5 million. can you make it? >> we can. >> that's something to check out in boston. i have a race on sunday too. the northeast looks good.
8:15 am
but the southwest doesn't. rain already throughout parts of arizona. and look at this, tucson on average for september gets over three quarters of an inch of rain. september, 2014, already, more than two and a half inches. we need three inches to get a record september rain all-time. we'll be watching out for that, that's potentially going to happen. as the depression is other arizona, up to 7 inches of rain. that's why we're concerned about the flash flooding. and warmer in the northwest, >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area microclimate forecast. high clouds but it will be dry in the day lie. you need the umbrella at 10:00 tonight through rush hour tomorrow. it will be dry in the afternoon, and brighter and warmer friday, saturday and sunday. 60's loan the coast into san francisco and 70's along the bay and home 80's inland. the seven-day outlook day
8:16 am
forecast is cooler tomorrow and less than .1" of >> it's her birthday. they were yelling at me, come over and take a picture. it's her birthday, she turns 74 today. let's get inside. >> it's my sister dorothy's birthday today. >> happy birthday, dorothy. >> she's not 74. >> born in 1974, i believe. >> very good. heat index time, and homework creates a lot of heat at home. parents and kids dealing with it now that school has started. and in the new york times, dos and don'ts from homework experts. it can be helpful to work in the kitchen, there's a lot of hustle and bustle going on. some activity. but having trouble focusing, switch locations. they also say checking over homework can be helpful, don't give the answers because you want it to be done with. and encourage your kids as
8:17 am
they're moving along, but don't overpraise them. push them, but in a positive way. >> mine are always saying, mom, what's two times six. that's your job to know that answer. not mine. >> give them more and more homework these days. >> and math they're doing now -- >> i got sixth grade math. it's challenging. i can handle the third graders. >> totally over that. >> we had parents night, i had to take a math test. >> how did you do? >> i did okay. but it's fourth grade. sixth grade i couldn't deal with. >> george is smarter than a fifth grader. >> should make a show. >> good idea. and coming up next, an article trending big-time. the number one thing that can make or break our success at work. it's all about attitude. the author pointing to research suggesting that being liked by the people you're working with can have a positive impact on your annual performance review. makes sense. more than what you accomplish.
8:18 am
on the flip side, research shows that people who are well-connected socially at the office are better able to produce results. >> makes a lot of sense. >> it does, indeed. >> and hear from you, what do you think is holding you back at work? tweet us #socialsquare. and lauren conrad saying i do in a rustic chic -- i like -- ceremony over the weekend. we have exclusive details from "us weekly." tying the knot with william tell in a custom gown. she was a hands on bride. involved in so many details, decorating with sweet peas. that's the first flowers she ever received from her new husband. and the after party was about the food, many grilled cheeses, that i found out that weekend at lara's book party that i really enjoy. >> i was like the hamster with the mini grilled cheeses.
8:19 am
>> i lost count. can i have another. so embarrassing. >> so embarrassing. >> she didn't try to lose weight for her wedding. he proposed at the size she was at, why change? >> good for her. >> look beautiful, i love wedding pictures. thanks. next on the heat index, it's tough to be the first to leave "dancing with the stars." but somebody has to go. last night, olympian lolo jones and her partner, keo, got the boot. and here's a look at the moment of truth. >> betsey and tony, lolo and keo on the first week of competition, the couple leaving right now is -- lolo and keo. ♪ >> that big hug, lolo, keo, thank you very much. you traveled all night to be here with us. and, lolo, you know, it was very
8:20 am
apparent that something went wrong in the cha cha. have you had a chance to figure it out? >> a few things, the people on tv watch. it didn't look as bad as i thought. but the people in the audience, they are like, why were you just on your phone? they didn't get the text message. there was no cue that i was looking for. we thought you were texting friends, oh, my gosh -- that's what i felt. hi that atmosphere. i didn't have the cues that everybody saw on tv. >> you were waiting for a cue? >> i was waiting for three text message cues. i just went because keo -- tried to train me. things may happen, you may not have the cue, go on the word start. but rushed me, the first dance. you know, you already have so much anxiety. and it killed me. walk, get off this desk and walk like beyoncé.
8:21 am
maybe killed the intro, walk like beyoncé. oh, my gosh, killed the intro. the attitude, the whole building up -- >> that's good, walk like beyoncé. first time on the dance floor. how did it feel? >> it felt great. it was there, and having her there, and the thing that i didn't get the beats and stuff, but i know the song. i'm going to give the energy. so i went on the floor -- >> look at you dance. wow. >> stop it, stop it, stop. i put myself on the floor and looked at her, come on, girl, let's go. i saw her going for it. oh, you have this. and she just lost it, so calm her down. all the energy was to her. it was a good experience on "dancing with the stars." i'm still on the show, definitely. >> just the beginning. yeah, you were on last night. >> so, yeah, it was a very interesting and very uplifting every day. every day, different challenges,
8:22 am
the camera angles -- and i'm like, sorry, what? you can dance. so it's a good challenge for me. >> will you keep dancing, lolo? >> i don't know. i tried. i'd love to have another effort at it. but probably want to do it with whoever i marry, my husband. so maybe that will be my redemption. >> he's available. >> very heartfelt on instagram. your facebook posting, i should say. and you said that you -- going to have a lasting memory -- a lasting lesson from this experience. what is that? >> i always try to, when i go through something tough to learn something, take away something. three olympics, you have to take away something without a medal. with that experience, i was crushed and heartbroken. a lot of people didn't understand my frustration. but that was the biggest lesson, i could not get over the performance. i felt keogh down.
8:23 am
he came all the way from south africa and i killed the first dance. >> you did not. >> it was great. >> the biggest difficulty and lesson for me was, i needed to be, like, when i finished the dance, and that was tough for me to do. and i wasn't proud of that when i walked off the stage. i sulked, having a hard time breathing, trying not to cry. i don't remember anybody dancing. i regret, and wish i would have been able to smile. >> you need a hug. you did great. you did great. >> you nailed it. come on. >> not a person in the world that couldn't understand that feeling. >> it's hard to be on the stage. definitely. >> keo, nice to meet you. i have a feeling we're going to be seeing a lot of you. and lolo, you as well. >> do you guys have a prediction? we said we'd ask, just really fast. >> he's a dancer. >> who's the one to beat?
8:24 am
>> i think janelle. i think she's an underdog. like she plays it very well. >> you heard it here. >> look at her. she goes on stage and dances like that. off stage, so quiet -- so it was like, yeah. and she's like -- just -- when she goes on stage, kills it for me. >> you heard it here first. and you can watch "dancing with the stars" next monday right here on abc. and we have more coming up in the heat index. how to put your old phone to good use. millions are planning to get the new iphone on sale friday. what to do with the one you're getting rid of? >> reporter: the new phone, christmas, and the old phone, in a drawer never to be used again. right? but hold on, this thing is still a really powerful device. jennifer jolly of usa today says don't retire it, repurpose it. >> don't ever throw that old
8:25 am
phone away. there's so much you can do with it. >> reporter: start with navigation. the hudaway app lets you project on to the windshield. that's cool. and keep tabs on your house remotely? this old phone has wi-fi access and a pretty good camera. >> you can buy a $300 security camera or just use your old phone. >> reporter: the presence app fires up when there's motion and sends alerts, pictures and video. beyond burglars, what about keeping a tabs on your baby? the cloud baby monitor runs off any device with a camera, including an iphone or old tablet, and you can monitor from your new phone. >> you can record video, turn on music to play a lullaby. you can talk to them. >> reporter: hello, baby, i see you. think about the future. lots of new devices are coming out for a smart home that's wi-fi connected. from music systems to
8:26 am
temperature control to lighting. all these are controlled by your phone. but what if you and your device are out of the house? what do grandma and the baby sitter do? well, enter the old phone. finally, remember this thing has a huge hard drive. great for a permanent music station. and you can find similar apps that do many of the similar things on android phones. don't put your old phone out to pasture, put it to work. becky worley, abc news. >> i like the music station, really smart. coming up, it's the people magazine style issue. and best dressed on the red carpet. and liam nissan is here live on "good morning america." don't go anywhere.
8:27 am
good morning, i'm kristen sze. highway 50 to south lake talk hoe is shut down as anned doppler radar owe county wildfire grows to more than 15,000 acres. hundreds of homes are under mandatory evacuation orders. a fire in the town of weed has damaged more than 150 homes and builds and grown to 375 acres but is 25% contained. how is your wednesday morning commute? leyla gulen checking things out. >> we do have the sig alert that has cancelled, but it's left quite the backup. westbound side of 80 at magazine street is where we have the delays. this three-car crash in oakland northbound side of the nimitz at 23rd avenue is causing also major backups, a huge headache coming out of castro valley. >> thanks so much.
8:28 am
we'll check out your forecast with rain with meteorologist mike nicco right after t start shopping a new way. start maximizing. at the place where you always get more than you pay for. t.j.maxx.
8:29 am
brands you love, prices that work for you. maxx style. maxx savings. keep you standards high and your spending low. fashion, family, home. maxx what matters most to you. maxx life at t.j.maxx. good morning. our next system is showing up on live doppler 7 hd but these showers are moving to the northeast and will stay away from us. we've got to wait for the low to get here before they begin. that will be 10:00 tonight through tomorrow morning. it's milder than it was yesterday, most of us in the low to mid-60s and a little more humid also. accuweather seven-day forecast, we're going to be seasonal with temperatures today, but tomorrow
8:30 am
we'll be cooler than average. the rain will stop by noon tomorrow and then look, ♪ ♪ oh ♪ oh ♪ we're a thousand miles from comfort ♪ ♪ we have traveled land and sea ♪ ♪ but as long as you are with me there's no place i'd rather be ♪ oh, love clean banner right there. >> go. >> look at that. moving this morning. >> quite a show out here. >> i was serenading you. and it was personal. >> we're going to hear a lot more from them and see a lot
8:31 am
more from you coming up. >> we can't wait for that. they have a lot more to sing, lara. you have a lot more to dance. it was a big night for david muir, world news anchor. he stopped by jimmy kimmel tuesday night, saying this has been his dream job since he was a kid. sharing one story about an early experience in the field. >> there was a time, we were chasing down a severe thunderstorm, much like the weather in the west today. and they jump out with the reporter and the photographer, and there were trees falling. we have to get this shot, we'll meet you a half mile down the road. i get behind the cruiser, the chevrolet, four-door, the 5 on the side, they get back in the car. they say, thanks, and then, how would are you? i was 14. >> he's known he's wanted to do this job since he was like in utero. >> he started about that age,
8:32 am
12. >> he always looked so incredibly stylish as well. and here right now is people magazine style director who is bringing a big reveal today, people's style issue and also going to reveal who people picked as best dressed of 2014. don't leave us waiting. who is best-dressed for 2014? >> it's taylor swift. >> wow. >> taylor. >> taylor has been killing it this year. she always looks great on the red carpet, but taking risks. you saw her in the blue understa understandy. she said she felt great, wouldn't normally do that. >> she owned it. >> yeah, she's having fun and trying different things. >> puts heat on us. here in new york, she goes to the gym and looks great. she's in the local paper here, really, taylor, give us a break. >> i want to see the inside of her closet.
8:33 am
>> no rankings after number one, but a shout out to j. low. >> she's never met a cutout, slit or mini she didn't love. she is 45 and looks like that. she wears the hottest stuff. >> she's ageing in reverse. spectacular. >> and emma stone, i love that choice. >> she wears really high-fashion designers yet also looks like she's having the best time. the girl could be in pajamas, but wearing coture. always looks great. >> you have the best-dressed couples. >> they were designed for each other. it's john legend and christie beg, who in addition to looking in love on the red carpet, look aweso awesome. and jesse tyler ferguson and his hud husband justin. they coordinate, but never look matchy-matchy. and they also look like they're
8:34 am
having a lot of fun. and then there's dwyane wade and gabrielle union. we joke they must fight for shoe space in the closet. he loves shoes more than she does probably. he takes a lot of fashion risks. together they look pretty sexy. >> wow. hit it out of the park yet again. >> can't wait to see the issue. >> it's on news stands this friday. thank you very much. >> thank you, guys. >> and all the stars, go to our website, "good morning americgo on yahoo. didn't you hang out with d-wade? >> i did. we will see him. and this is a busy morning. time for improve this, it was a design di lemlemmadilemma two homes into one, and accommodating a certain thing. and i took a page out of my new book, "flea market fabulous" and got to work. ginger and her husband, ben, have a small city apartment and
8:35 am
a big four-legged problem. >> lara, we have a design dilemma. this is it. the problem is, otis thinks he's one of us -- >> human. he takes the bed from one of us and then one of us has to actually sleep somewhere else because he is the man of the house. really. >> yeah. because he has his own space. >>. >> reporter: and that's where i come in. >> hi. >> reporter: drool and dog hair tell the story. my mission, to get otis off t couch and into a space of his own. he's loving this spot, and has a huge bed over there. >> yes. >> taking up space in the tiny apartment. >> reporter: would you be willing to move the bar and use this space? >> he likes to drink too. >> reporter: combine the two. a bar and an otis bed, which i have never done before --
8:36 am
>> first of its kind. >> reporter: it would be, and maybe quite special. i'm going to make something so comfortable that you won't want to be anywhere else. a great place to find this foundation for the first-ever dog bed bar, one of my favorite flea markets, stormville in upstate, new york. we look for fabulous finds. this old hay cart is calling otis' name. if i was him, i would love it in here. make himself a martini. woof, woof. if it's good enough for lara, it's good enough for otis. and this piece of architectural salvage would make a perfect bar top. have the glass cut, beef it out a little bit. and find a shag rug so it's his love cave. look at the power washer. first step, power wash to get off the grime that's been building up for years. don't power wash a fine antique, but this is not. then we cut some rug. a shag rug, and staple it
8:37 am
instead of gluing in case he doesn't feel quite at home, we could add shelving. but what to do with the space where his bed was? getting a bonus. cool, antique ladders, a fabulous fine to give the couple- ch much-needed storage with a little four wash apower much-needed shelves. the moment has arrived -- >> sit. >> reporter: good boy. he likes it. otis gave it the woof of approval. what's the forecast for ginger? >> i love it. otis loves it too, obviously. >> reporter: these ladders with a little simple wood working became shelves. >> i love it. this is something -- i would never think to do something like this. it adds a whole other level of depth to the room. >> reporter: guess every dog does have its day. at least we know where otis will
8:38 am
be watching "gma." >> cheers. >> drunk on makers mark. total cost for the project was $160. and otis -- >> so, so happy. we both are. >> otis, cheers to you. go to on yahoo to see what else we have made. and amy is getting it next. so how about the weather? >> straight to the weather and the photos. thank you, lara, so much. we love, love the improvements. and we love these photos. jim grant, taking the nice ones just before sunset. you see that this west branch there in michigan. the fog, oh, so pretty. a little cooler here in the northeast. but comfortable. new york city to 73 for a high today. a reinforcing shot of cool air comes as we get into the next 24 >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco morning overclouds and dry in the daylight hours and 64 at coast and 86 inland and 10:00 tone, through noon tomorrow, our best
8:39 am
chance of scattered light showers and and all that weather brought to you by bare mineral. guess what, i spent time with three-time nba champ dwyane wade bout his exciting new project and fresh off his honeymoon. for his first-ever interview as a married man. how are you feeling? you let us in a little bit on instagram. saw the beautiful pictures. but something we didn't see, magic moments. >> we tried to let our fans and supporters in a little bit on our special day. but it was just a perfect day. you know, even things that went wrong went right. it was a beautiful wedding. and we had a great time as well partying. so it was amazing. >> i know you put so much effort into it, and the design was so important. >> yes. >> and that save the date, so cute. your sons in there. family a huge thing for you. >> family is. not only me she's marrying, the
8:40 am
family, the boys. she had to marry us. we're a package. it was great to be able to have them incorporate into the wedding. even on the day, stole the show. >> maybe more family in the future. i won't ask. i'm a newlywed too. and now you are part of watch here, and the design ties, this is the fusion watch? >> the classic fusion. this is my second watch for lublot. i have been been with them since 2007. and a brand ambassador. the first time i went around with a sports-inspired watch. this time, more classic, elegant, sophisticated. it's very nice. >> can you set it to 30 seconds. you're about to get back on the court. you want to play basketball with me? >> all right. >> the thing is not up. >> you are going to try to win. >> yeah, already am. got you, one. are you ready for the new
8:41 am
season? >> i'm getting ready for the season. i'm excited about this year. oh, wait, i'm on fire right now. okay. >> well, you're all right. >> okay, i got, like, 13. >> you're warming up. >> it's coming -- just ended, but coming up back up again. >> all right, 30 seconds is up. dwyane wade, thank you for being here. perfection. perfection -- >> hold on, we're doing that. >> wait a minute, i can't get a shot. >> thank you for being here. yes. yeah, i didn't win. he's still pretty good. congratulations to the wades. and coming up, superstar liam nissan here live.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
zblvlgs we are so happy to be liam nissan. starring in "a walk among the tombstones." it's out on friday, run, don't walk, to see this. he plays a police officer and a private eye helping people in need. here's a look. >> you should be talking to the fbi. >> i'm talking to you. >> look, mr. -- >> kenny. >> kenny. if you ask me to run a bag, deliver money, that is not something i do -- >> i already paid them. >> what? >> last night. >> and your wife, where is she?
8:45 am
>> she's dead. >> going to say that, please welcome liam nissan back here to "good morning america." oh. even when i hear your voice, especially in these roles -- >> yes, robin. >> that you're playing -- >> i have a cold, my voice is down here somewhere. >> still sounds good to me. but quickly, that's dan stevens -- >> from "downton abbey," yes. >> you didn't recognize him at first. looks different. >> i have to admit, i saw maybe three of those "downton abbey"s, and totally transformed himself. he's lost all this weight, does a very good brooklyn accent. >> he nailed it. and once again, the characters that you have been playing lately, matthew, good guy, bad guy, we can't really -- >> yeah. >> away can't really decide. a little complicated what you like. >> he has inner demons. he spent a number of years, the
8:46 am
nypd, and something tragic happened. and he -- he took himself out. out of the police force. but now he's an unlicensed private eye. and he's constantly treading on the -- the bad and the good side of law and order, you know? he operates in a very shady world of -- of gray areas of morality. let's put it that way. >> that's a good way of putting it. you like those roles. you said as a child you were drawn to the character, i think the phrase was a loan cowboy. what appealed to you? >> they appealed to me, growing up in ireland, watching robert mitcham playi ining a cowboy, t were loaners and complex guys. but they had a good moral compass, you know? they had a dignity.
8:47 am
>> as do you. and you bring up john wayne. did you see this in vanity fair, what a writer said, calling you the next john wayne. after a long, upward trending career as a much-admired actor, you came into the global authority of the sinmatic smackdown. >> he obviously got my check. >> to be put in that category. and you came into this genre later in your career. >> yeah. i guess i had this film, "taken," come out in 2009. i was 55 years of age. it became very successful. and suddenly hollywood started sending me a lot of these action scripts where the hero was originally written as a 30 year-old and i was like, 55 years of age or 57 years of age. >> you have a third one coming out? >> a third "taken."
8:48 am
finished three months ago, coming out january 9th, i believe. >> you said ireland, you were a bit home sick. we heard you had a favorite cheese, so we have from your homeland. i don't know if it's morning fare, i don't know how it goes with the coffee. but just to show our appreciation. >> it says from ireland. >> yes, it's stamped right there. liam, always a great sport. >> you too. >> always the best. and "a walk among the tombstones" hits theaters this weekend. and clean bandit is one of the
8:49 am
8:50 am
we have some clean bandit fans in the house. ask there's a reason why they are currently the number one dance rock on itunes. from their debut album, "new eyes" this is clean bandit with "rather be."
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good morning, i'm kristen sze. mountain view residents must drastically cut back their water use. the city council approved a 25% mandatory reduction last night and enacted new water use restrictions. if residents are caught breaking the new water rules, fines could reach $500 a day. we're getting a little rain, but the key word there, mike, is little. >> it won't help the drought at all. in fact it's more of a nuisance if you're trying to travel around this time tomorrow. here's a live look at the doppler radar. showers start moving in tonight. we do have a car and big rig on the northbound side of 101 at 280. very heavy backups all the way
9:00 am
up to moammar gadhaffett field. >> announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, award-winning actress julianna margulies, and the host of "survivor", jeff legwold, eric uperstar chef, ripert takes over the kim. ll next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: hi.


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