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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 17, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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south lake tahoe is now restricted. tonight, reporter damoni lewis says that is where firefighters are making a stand. king fire continues to ravage thousands of acres of forest with no signs of slowing down. these firefighters are keeping an eye on the fire here off highway 15.ñi called in the last line of ground defense. and this is one of hubs of homes firefighters are trying to save. a job easier said than done. and winldz, ever changing. seemingly every hour. >> jolene and her husband threw everything of importance inside of their small camper
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now, they call this koa camp ground home base. many of them are waiting to hear if the fire jumped highway 50 leading to their homes. >> i'm not sure if this fire jumped >> we decided to see for ourselves. and found jolene's home, and others undamaged. some left with sprinklers still on. for others, a sense of helplessness set in. >> if my place goes i'm homeless. it's all over. >> firefighters say they haven't lost a home so far, their hope lies within men and women battling fires. >> there is where our hope is. we can't do anything but watch. >> right now a team is joining
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the fight. the six-man crew left from station 7, joined by four other crews from northern california cities. the task will be dig fire breaks to contain the blaze. >> some residents were allowed to return and sift through the wreckage of their homes today. 320 acres have burned. families stood in line today to get a pass along them to return. >> it's just going to devastate and see what it's going to do to my wife and daughter. it's going to hurt the worst. >> i'm sure smoke damage, and charring on the outside. ours is still standing. >> pg&e is working to restore power and water is flowing but not yet safe to drink.
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>> we're due for showers tonight. your yard might benefit from it. here is spencer christian. spencer? >> sorry about that, we'll get it. here it comes. clouds in the sky right now, mainly sunny skies, clouds off shore -- >> getting bigger you can see rain to the north. so let's take a look as you can see, numerous lightning we expect a spot or two
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showers. into evening, widely scattered showers. this will be heating under the sun. >> now to the most-devastating fire of the season, so called bowls fire. abc7 news has been tweeting these pictures today a new count reveals 110 homes, businesses and churches have been destroyed and 90 damaged a $10,000 reward is being offered to whoever figures out how this thing started. here is the update now from the town of weed.
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let the records show the wind that helped build it returned. the biggest difference is that there is nothing left to burn the fire moved so quickly, you couldn't, you know there is fires out in front of the fire because of blowing embers. >> trent shoe macker is one of many who lost their homes. >> the phrase "burned beyond recognition oik oik takes on new significance when you walk around weed it's hard to tell what many places were." homes, schools, businesses. this used to be the library. look at it now. no trace of books. most residents haven't seen this yet. they're not allowed in. still, many dangers from power lines and nem anies that could topple. cal fire believes everyone did get out alive, crews spent the
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day going through rubble just to make sure. >> they're looking for anyone that we didn't realize maybe might been living there. >> by default, any item that survives becomes a collectible. perfect dishes and untouch add lionss, a lawn. certainly a baby picture. >> somehow, daniel nala got past police lines his family lost so many items he can't think of them yet. >> tvs. clothes, birth certificates. social security cards. about six vehicles. >> last night, his mother sifted through donated clothing. >> we have food, and some clothes and our jobs. >> and weed still has a sense of self. small town, big heart, larger
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challenge, up to it. from weed, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> the president of renting a place through air b & b is about to go up the company plans to collect the city's 14% occupancy tax on the houses and apartments it rents out in san francisco. homeowners won't have to do anything. the company has come under fire for not having to pay the same taxes as hotels do. >> in sacramento, governor brown signed a bill requiring on demand ride services the measure establishes new coverage levels
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a deal was struck, when drivers don't have a passenger in their cars. now, a report shows how many rides, taxi trips are down 65% to about 500 per month, per taxi. >> 31 employees were laid off today. the hospital blames the affordable care act for the layoffs. abc7 news is live. >> hospitals have been complaining about medicare reimbursement. for a hospital to say we're cutting because of the affordable care act, we haven't heard that before. washington hept will operate with 244 fewer employees.
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196 people, or 12% of the staff left this year because they found another job or simply left. another 17 employees or 1% retired voluntarily after offered a receiverance package. 31 people laid off today makeup 2% of the employees here. that adds up to 244 positions that, according to the hospital will go away. they will not be replaced. >> that is going to hurt everybody else, we don't have people to manage call lights that go off. when a patient calls someone has to respond. it's not always the nurse. now, staffing ratios have changed. >> hospital has been operating since 1958. it's been having some financial struggles. they blame affordable care act and lower medicare reimbursement. here is what they told us we're excombreernsing lower
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follows of patients in addition to being paid less then, admits many hospitals are facing same struggles. >> i want to continue working. i want to stay. i don't want to move on. >> no one's sal hery was cut. >> reporter vic lee gets access to a south bay nudist colony. why the owners think they're entitled to it. >> why is the cost of fire insurance going up? depends on where you live. >> a south napa problem, solved. >> sag fran drag queens faced off with facebook, getting them to change a policy they sa
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>> it's a by product of the drought chlth we're talking about high insurance premiums homeowners are paying if they haven't been cancelled by their insurance companies. laura? >> hi, ama. drought and fire are a factor, but so are the disasters in other parts of the country after companies pay out huge losses elsewhere, they're left willing to take on risks, here. >> we're seeing everything from
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20% to 40% year over year. >> he has many clients in the oakland hills and says the drought, and conditions are the most-glaring concerns for companies writing policies in the area. but other factors are in play as well. >> what is driving this is long-term losses nationwide those are piling up and they're going back and looking at traditionally high-risk areas and rating for the risk. >> the former city attorney knows well what has been happening to his premiums lately. but he still has coverage. >> my company said they're dropping people. they're worried about a fire in the hills. >> danielle morris lived in the oakland hills ten years, her premiums have gone up, but more on the property in groveland
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near yosemite. >> you've got to go with off brands. >> other policies anymore, in certain zip codes. >> the former owner of what is now open space says the state ought to give property to what is called the nudist lodge. why they feel entitled to it. >> we've decreased usage by 40%.
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>> that is because two wells are drying up. so is the water in a spring. it's on the state's watch list. one of five community water districts. >> they truck in 3800 gallons at a time. and it ranges per truck load. >> residents take showers, and soaked themselves. >> last week, residents disabled a hose by a water fall. siphoning water to fill the swimming pool in an 87,000 gallon water tank. owners say this is a base for firefighters and the pool and tank have to be filled.
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but the district charges they're stealing water. we spoke today to sal carilly. he told a property to the open space district two years ago and says he's shared water with lupin lodge. >> they're not using it anyway. it's public land now. >> what i'd like to say is we're nakeed and afraid of wildfire. >> the open space district did not return our calls. vic lee, abc7 news >> here is how a homeowner in martinez is saving water, she's ripped out a lawn, replacing it with plants needing to be watered only ten minutes per week. >> if you see water being wasted we can look into it.
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>> clouds are thickening and raining well north as it has been throughout the day. clouds building from our camera, and we'll see clouds followed by droplets. 76 in morgan hill. 66 in half moon bay. clouds, shadows and sunshine brightly in other parts. it's 72 degrees in santa rosa and napa. upper 70s in concord a final view of the clouds in the atmosphere from our camera. these forecast features showers arriving tonight, continuing into tomorrow. there is a slight chance of rain or two tomorrow. but again, a slight chance.
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this system will be dry but there could be a couple pockets of showers up around cloverdale and other locations in the northern-most part of sonoma county into about 5:00 tomorrow morning beginning of our morning rush. scattered showers and probably wet spots at that hour, if you're a morning commuter, bare that in mind. showers tapering off tomorrow and possibility of isolated thundershowers and we'll have rain ending. our projection by 2:00 most locations will see only a couple hundredths of an inch. and only 1/100ths to two hpths
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of an inch. overnight, widely scattered overnight low temperatures mild. highs ranging from mid low to mid-80s inland spots. here is the accu-weather forecast, and sunny skies we'll see highs about 90 degrees on sunday, and monday. monday, and first two days of fall looking pretty good. nice, mild and cooling down wednesday, clouds thicken again. maybe more rain next week.
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>> there is a problem with a new feature of apple's latest mobile operating system. apple says it's detected a bug in the help kit platform and it's not ready for apple is not saying what went wrong but hopes to have issues fixed by the end of the month. it's supposed to be available today. >> federal reserve said it will
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continue to prop up the economy and keep interest rates low until seeing gains in wages and employment. fed chair says it could take until the end of the decade. stock prices took a bigger plunge. dow jones finished with 24-point gain. cisco systems of san jose said it's developing the world's largest intercloud massive network of internet services. >> khols said it will be hiring
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67,000 workers. >> school he fishls shovelled dirt today the new clinic will sit across the street from san leandro high school. money will come from grants, bonds, and a loan from the city. >> there there is more still to come, still ahead a public relations problem from the nfl and the 49ers. >> an important note on the war against isis two lawmakers say they need a better strategy. >> san francisco drag
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break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. the house of representatives approved president obama's plan to train and arm syrian rebels to fight against isis.
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the senate expected to vote tomorrow. in florida, the president told troops the u.s. cannot waste the battle against the extremist group . >> i will not commit you and the rest of oured forces to fight another ground war in iraq. >> the question is not whether they should and but how they can help >> iraq's prime minister said it will not ask for, nor allow foreign troops to be stationed in iraq. tonight, isis released a new propaganda video appearing to be about how air strikes would destroy the terrorist group. >> another nfl player facing a domestic violence investigation. this time, it's jonathan guyer questioned about an incident
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between him and his wife that reportedly happened a while ago. this is the fourth domestic violence case that has come to light in the nfl. >> dan, the bay area delegation is starting to line up. dianne feinstein, nancy pelosi and jackie speier believe ray mcdonald should not be a resolution has been issued to condemn the niners for letting mcdonald play while still under investigation for abuse. >> now is the time for them to
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say we have values in our community. if you're going to come into our community, you have to adhere to those values >> the city provided land for victims, it's also the city with close ties to niners that made the new stadium women are maker decision makers they speak out, it puts the league, and team in defensive mode. >> the >> roger knolls says pro football has a deep problem no one is addressing. more players get arrest forward a wide range of incidents including driving under the influence.
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>> teams want to go further inning forriving this kind of behavior. >> the coach is stuck between team management and player was a mandate to win. failing to address my question whether the mounting pressure bench mcdonald is influencing him. >> nancy pelosi says the spus suspension was a appropriate response and said ray mcdonald should not have played on sunday. >> it's appropriate to have an investigation of who knew what, and when. we have to recognize sports figures are in a special place in the country and young people look up to them as heros. so everybody has to take the
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responsibility for their role in it. >> pell lossy refused to role out a review from exemption >> a university of california task force issued a list of seven recommendations that include creating response teams on every uc campus arcs dopting system wide standards and establishing a confidential office at every uc school. >> there should be a place people can go and say this happened to me. what do i do? >> officials have decreed students must give unambiguous consent before having sex, similar to yes means yes bill.
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to menlo park asking facebook to end the policy requiring people to use real names saying stage names provide safety for drag queens. abc7 news has more now. >> my name is roma. my profile says michael williams next to this gorgeous picture of me. >> they say facebook is making them disappear. >> i have been lina 23 years. very facebook wiping me out of existence. >> heklina and others say facebook began insisting everyone use legal names to access accounts. they came away from the meeting disappointed. >> if we're going to work together on this, we want an
6:35 pm
acknowledgement this policy is misguided. in that it is harming people. >> they say they made it clear to facebook they aren't the only one was safety and privacy concerns. >> we talked about abused women, bullied teens, transgender issues a million people who use it with great reasons for having fake names. >> facebook says they stressed how real names standard helps prevent bad behavior, creating a safer, more accountable environment. they hope they'll agree to use their real names or convert to a fan page. drag queens may have other ideas >> this is san francisco. you're dealing with drag queens and they're throwing together a
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rally is second nature to us >> mosquitos infected with west nile virus have been detected in san mateo county. portions of belmont and redwood shores including oracle campus. they're also asking you to keep an eye out for dead birds and squirrels. >> tonight a special request from animal control department. don't feed the ducks or fwees at spring town duck pond they can wind up like this, with a wing deformity caused by humans feeding them bred and other items that are protein deficient.
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>>w3 a napa couple
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>> homeowners and renters are dealing with the aftermath of the south napa earthquake. >> that is right. some of them are turning to michael finney for help. >> yes. it's the good part. this is the story about details things you don't think b >> this quake runs from ceiling down to brar alarm. this # 6-year-old and his wife just installed alarms then, earthquake hit. dealing with a quake, a yellow tagged home and a move was enough. they didn't want to think about a three-year long ahrm contract. they asked for it to be voided. >> this should give you plenty
6:41 pm
of time. then, we can reinstall the larm system. >> he took a look at the situation and had them call the company once more. >> words don't close. >> that is why i'm back here in napa. at the maze house, again. with this call there was a different answer. >> everything worked out. >> i said here is my offer. we will pay the cost of a technician coming out there. which is we feel that that is a fair offer. >> as did seven on your side?
6:42 pm
>> yes. >> if proceed. >> the company sent them a technician that followed up with a release of liable e mail. >> it's a like mind. >> now, what you saw here is often how 7 on your side works. sometimes we give advice, then back them up. thank you, michael. >> a computerized head band that
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works by reading your mind >>
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>> a new gadget comes closer than ever to reading your mind. >> imagine pouring yourself a beer just by thinking about it. now, stop thinking about it before the glass overflows. it's not science fiction, but it is science. >> that is how you pour a beer. >> muse is a tiny eeg. no messy electrodes. >> that is your brain.
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>> when your mind is quiet you hear birds chirping. you can look at details. >> this is when your phone buzzed. >> i get messages all the time that say it changed their lives. >> p you're asking why don't think build those in for the next version of google glass, you're not the first. >> feeling calmer, more relaxed. >> beyond relaxation, it is open to developers so there are will be other apps. some for health conditions and some just for cool tricks.
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>> in san francisco, time to check on weather. >> today's highs giving us a warm day. 86 in antioch. this advance of system going to bring us rain. we can see rainfalling up to the north. here in the bay area, showers continuing into morning hours tomorrow, perhaps into mid day. high temperatures from mid-70s on the bay to low 80s inland. showers into morning going to
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produce wet spots and slow going. >> yes. >> thank you spencer. >> giants dodgers play day games. you've got to do whatever it takes if that means playing bongos o
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good evening, every game is critical, every run is important. giants in another tight game this afternoon. >> want to go to the game? okay. i was doing her voice. >> buster posy fires back online. that can't happen, two-# game. hunter pence in work. one out.
6:53 pm
and and bases loaded for matt duffy, the kid a two-run singel to dodgers, l.a. lasting only three fourths of an inning. giants two back in the division. a's and texas tonight. collin kaepernick says he will appeal a fine for inappropriate language during a game on sunday
6:54 pm
he says he didn't say anything wrong. now, sunday, niners facing arizona cardinals. >> there like i said, he's working hard. coming out and everybody who is shooting him down, come out, get a win. >> now that billion dollar sponsors are discussing their concerns over domestic violence in the league, suddenly, teams are taking action. what a surprise. carolina panthers did the same thing with greg hardy. he's been convicted but is
6:55 pm
appealing that ruling. hardy will get paid while sitting out, in this case, $13 million this year. and feels like an epidemic. cardinals running back arrested on domestic violence charges this occurred in july. cardinals deactivated him from the game with the 49ers if you're looking for relief from college football, guess again. florida state quarterback james winston has been suspended for the game saturday for inappropriate comments in public. apparently stood up and yelled a vulgar remark. he has a laundry list of charges including stealing crab legs of all things >> you've got to overcome
6:56 pm
adversity. that is one thing i do. i'm going to do everything i can. that is going to eat me up. i want to be on the field myself i did something. i have to accept my consequences. >> maybe he finally gets it. >> do you remember when we used do sports? >> it's remarkable. >> yes. >> thank you. >> well, join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv 20. night riders new device let's surfers tackle waves in the dark how this works. that is at 9:00 >> then, at 11:00 a push to find sierra lamar how sports stars are lending a hand. >> tonight we'll be back at
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11:00 >> and as new fall season approaches you can see all abc programming on your smart phone, tablet or computer >> our coverage continues now on twitter. we appreciate your time. >> from all of us hear, have a great night we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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