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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 18, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, a brutal terror plot foiled. more than 15 arrested after isis calling for deaths of innocent civilians in a major city. also breaking right now, the monster storm pummeling the southwest. flash floods and water rescue this is morning. families trapped on highways as the wildfires double in size overnight. ♪ and new this morning, pop superstar, iggy azalea, now bringing heat to the man she says is stealing her music. is she in for a fancy fight with her ex. >> can you use a million dollars? >> meet the middle school math teacher who played the wheel of fortune. and beat enormous odds to become
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a millionaire in an instant. the winning phrase that had everyone laughing loud. we're going to hear from her only this morning on "gma." >> good morning, america, it's a million dollar morning. and good morning, america. good morning, sara manchester, the million dollar lady this morning with a single spin of the wheel. >> i love how michael said, sleep in, you won a million dollars. but we're glad that she's here with us bright and early this morning. we also have a lot of news to get to this morning. the southwest drenched with that flooding rain overnight. and those wildfires burning so fiercely out west, our extreme weather team led by ginger is tracking it all for us. and begin with the massive raid in australia overnight. hundreds of officers sweeping through suburbs, detaining at least 15 people. suspected of ties to i.s.i.s.,
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plotting grisly murders. brian ross is here with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the raids down under could not have been more urgent. driven by intercepted phone calls, indicating that isis supporters in australia were going to carry out public beheadings of people chosen randomly on the street. in the largest counterterror raid ever in australia, hundreds of police in sydney and brisbane, moved out in darkness and hit more than a dozen locations, as the country raised the terror threat to the second highest level. 15 people have been arrested so far. as the prime minister told a stunned nation, the isis terror threat to behead innocent civilians had reached their shores. >> the directs were coming from an australian who is apparently quite senior in isil to networks of support in australia to
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construct demonstration killings here in this country. >> reporter: like the u.s., australia has been trying to stop a steady stream of recruits heading to syria to join the brutal terror group. intelligence officials say that an australian has emerged as a senior leader in the isis group, and other australians have amired in isis recruiting videos with britons, urging their countryman to join them. now, the fear is they are prepared to terrorize their own country. >> there are, i regret to say, networks of people here in this country who, despite living here, despite enjoying the australian way of life, they would do us harm. >> reporter: australian police estimate there are about 60 of its citizens currently in isis and another 15 have been killed fighting there. like the u.s., australia this morning is struggling to understand why so many of its people turned their backs on their own country. >> such a crucial question. thanks very much. now to the huge storm slamming the southwest. torrential rain leading to flash
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flooding, trapping drivers and shutting down roads. we will hear from ginger, but abc's rob marciano starts our extreme weather team coverage in tucson arizona this morning. good morning, rob. >> reporter: good morning. getting hit hard last night, this drainage canal overflowing, causing damage. the moisture from odile spreading out and moving east as far away as texas. overnight, the lonestar state plagued with flash flooding. lands three karrs in the bayou. el paso getting 2 inches in less than an hour, submerging roads and shutting down interstate 10, leaving drivers stranded overnight. numerous reports in austin of drivers rescued after 6 inches of rain fell there overnight.
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and east of texas, arkansas, drivers weren't doing too well there after they were met with flash floods. in missouri, that's a road under a roaring river in springfield and in arizona, rain filled dry river beds with rushing waterment many fearing there's more rain in store. >> when i heard there was more rain coming in, i panicked. >> reporter: this morning, thousands of americans still believed to be stranded in cabo san lucas, devastated by hurricane odile. no way to contact anyone back home, and now fear of food and supplies are running out. bride-to-be morgan and seven of her bridesmaids lucky to be back home in fresno this morning. >> there was just chaos and madness everywhere. >> reporter: floodwaters slowly receding. most of the heavy rain moved to the east. flood watches for the tucson area have been lifted. everyone here and there, at least for now, breathing a
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collective sigh of relief. ginger, back to you. thank you so much. rob marciano, our latest extreme weather team partner. so happy to have him on the team. we're going to need you. we've had an active time in the pacific. now a new hurricane, polo, that will grace right by parts of baja california. cabo, getting out, you saw that. we will look at it into the weekend. not just polo, but the remnants of odile, the flash flood watches still in effect far southeastern arizona, all of the way to houston, austin still a couple of hours. locally, 5 inches. i pig part of the issue, the high parked over new mexico,s it pushing moisture right up and over the clockwise rotation. and you can see another 3 plus inches in the areas in yellow. >> thanks. turn now to the wildfires out west. more than a dozen right now. and one in sacramento doubling in size overnight, threatening thousands of homes and forcing evacuations. clayton sandell is in georgetown, california. good morning. >> reporter: you can see the flames right here behind me.
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this fire exploded overnight. now nearly 30,000 acres, twice the size of manhattan, and it is not slowing down. this morning, fierce walls of flame and overpowering waves of smoke. overnight, the king fire east of sacramento doubling in size, now putting more than 2,000 homes in the line of fire. >> you need to get out of here and get out of here now. we had, like, three minutes. >> reporter: thousands of residents already forced out of their homes. this morning, hundreds more being ordered to evacuate. >> i just knew i had to go, everybody around is gone. my neighbors have all packed up. >> reporter: california's governor declaring a state of emergency as more than 3300 fire fighters battle flames fueled by dry brush and massive trees like this one. air drops attempting to contain a fire that has already engulfed over 28,000 acres in just five days. >> if that fire continues to spread that way, we're in trouble.
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>> reporter: the worry now with more hot, dry weather it's unpredictable, burning in several directions at once. there are thousands of nervous people wondering where these flames are going to go next. george, robin? >> cannot blame them for that. >> that's right. now for the urgent manhunt for that cop killer in pennsylvania. we are learning new details about the suspect, 31-year-old eric frein who has a long history with military re-enact wants. abc's linsey davis is in blooming groove, pennsylvania, with the latest for us. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning. day six now of this intense manhunt. and this community is on high alert. just take a look at what greeted us at the front desk of our hotel when we checked in. and schools in this area, closed again for the second day in a row. this morning, new insight into the 31-year-old who's been on the lam since killing one police officer and wounding another on friday. >> eric, we are coming for you. it is only a matter of time
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until we bring you to justice. >> reporter: authorities say frein belonged to a pennsylvania military simulation group that re-enacted battles among eastern european armies. here he is dressed in a serbian military uniform, holding an ak-47. >> frein has assumed that role in real life. >> reporter: in 2007, a small role as a german soldier in this movie. his name appearing in the credits. these newly obtained yearbook pictures show frein as a member of his high school rifle team. police say he recently cut his hair into a style resembling a mohawk. >> investigators believe this change was made as part of the mental preparation to commit this cowardly act. >> reporter: officials are calling him an antilaw enforcement survivalist. as police say they are convinced he's engaged in a personal battle against law enforcement, this morning, there's a palpable
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fear throughout the community. normally busy streets quiet as they hunker inside. >> i have my gun loaded, ready to go, in case i have any problems. posters of frein posted throughout the community. and thousands are expected in scranton today for the funeral of 38-year-old corporal brian dickson, the husband and father of two. >> thank you. and more trouble for the nfl. two more players barred from the field, caught up in domestic abuse cases as the sponsors come down hard on management. ryan smith has the story. >> reporter: overnight, two more nfl players sidelined for bad behavior. carolina panthers, putting one of its stars, all-pro defensive end, greg hardy, on the commissioner's exempt list yesterday. he was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend in july. he will have a new trial this fall. just hours later, the arizona cardinals deactivating jonathan dwyer after he was arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman and an 18-month-old child in july.
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a charge he purr reportedly denies. >> the idea that the nfl is going to cost cash revenue is the only thing they care about and the only thing that scares them. >> reporter: this after one of the nfl's biggest stars, adrian peterson, now a virtual persona non grata. his jerseys pulled from the nfl and nike's website overnight. nike, the star's biggest sponsor, dropping him completely, saying it in no way condones child abuse or domestic violence of any kind, all of this after a stunning reversal over peterson's fate, reversing the vikings' earlier decision to let him play, despite charges he beat his 4-year-old son with a tree branch. >> we made a mistake. and we needed to get this right. >> reporter: peterson's brother telling abc news, peterson loves his kids. he is the type of guy to teach his kids right from wrong. and in a statement, peterson's attorney saying the star is prepared to resolve this matter in the appropriate legal forum, rather than the court of public opinion.
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now, jonathan dwyer, another person suspected of domestic assault, he was released on cash bond. he must wear a monitoring device. and, by the way, more sponsors now speaking out. pepsi ceo writing a statement, quote, as a mother and a wife, she's deeply disturbed over the behavior of a few players and the nfl's msg handling of these issues, but she supports goodell, calling him a man of integrity and is confident he'll do the right thing. >> you will be talk about this on sunday in addition to the games. >> this story is not over yet. >> all day. all day. let's go to amy and the other top stories. >> we begin with your money on wall street, opening in record territory after the federal reserve says it has no time to raise interest rates any time soon. inflation is under control as well. and americans are saving more cash at the gas pump. gas prices falling to the lowest
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level in four years. they're expected to drop below $3 per gallon in most states this fall. a stunning admission in the veterans hospital scandal. for the first time, a senior veterans affair official has acknowledged that lengthy va hospital delays did contribute to the deaths of veterans. just last month you may remember the department released a report claiming the 40 deaths in question could not be directly linked to delays. critics calling that report a coverup. a near miss between a helicopter and a drone in the skies over new york is raising new concerns over the lack of regulation. it was a drone that forced the police helicopter to change course. the drone's operator was arrested but said he broke no rules. the police chopper was searching for a missing special ed student last seen on her school on monday. some scary moments on this bus, hit by a car, careening across the road, run over a mailbox, a tree, and then
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slamming straight into a house. incredible video there. amazingly, no students were on board, and the driver is okay. but that house, as you can see, badly damaged. well, wild chase in los angeles. this stolen van on the sidewalk is rammed by two police cars, he keeps going with three flat tires. he's left driving on the rims. shooting sparks into the air until finally being arrested. he was going nearly 100 miles an hour at one point, narrowly missing pedestrians. he hit a dog, but the dog survived. from elation to panic. a chicago cubs fan went through both emotions very quickly because of what happened in the stands. take a look, he catches a home run ball. he's so excited, but, then, panic, he realizes his wedding ring is missing. he yells to everyone around him and people start looking, desperate to help him. and then, the best emotion of them all? relief. where was it? take a look. sitting in the dirt in the outfield. a security officer ran on to the field, got it back for him. no harm, no foul. >> oh.
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>> ah. yeah. >> there you go. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> that one i like, yes. there you go. >> later, our clubhouse leader this early in the morning. thanks. >> how did it get on the field? >> i guess it's the -- it's getting a little loose. >> try using that as an excuse. honey, i caught a foul ball. she's not going to have that. we may have a new country in this world? >> yes. we may have a new country. now to the unprecedented vote taking place right now that could see scotland breaking away from the united kingdom to become an independent country. abc's resident scot, nick watt, is in l.a. with more on the historic vote. good morning to you, nic. >> reporter: well, good morning, michael. and possibly the biggest day in scottish history. will scotland basically divorce england after the 300-year marriage, that, like a lot of marries, have had some ups and downs. it's on a knife edge, and i can barely contain my excitement. >> scottie, beam us up.
7:16 am
>> captain, i haven't got the power. >> reporter: today, scots do have the power. man skirts, caber tossing, and a distrust of the english, kept us scots united during 300 years of british rule. today we might change the course of history. some questions. what currency would scotland have. who gets the oil? will the price of whiskey go up or down? it's a bit like california declaring independence based in part on a mel gibson movie. >> they'll never take our freedom. >> reporter: brave heart, historically bogus. but, just two years later, triumphant scots created their parliament, and now this -- >> our time is now. >> reporter: i'll be honest, i'm totally in favor of independence, but they won't let me vote because i live in california. and today i'm considered only half scottish. you know, it makes sense. if they let every dewey-eyed
7:17 am
ex-patriot scot vote, i have no doubt scotland will be independent by tonight. same going for sean conry, gerard butler. and liam neeson. >> that's not a tattoo, it's a birthmark. >> reporter: and ewan mcgregor is against independence. about half the country are happy with the status quo, the other half apparently voting aye. a hearing for the old snl catch phrase -- >> if it's not scottish, it's a crap. >> reporter: turnout has been massive. they're going to be counting all night. the scots say they'll have an answer by breakfast time in scotland, so somewhere around michael, around the middle of the night over here. >> i'm trying to figure out caber tossing. what is caber tossing? >> well, listen. we're not a great sporting nation. but we're very good at caber tossing. it's basically getting a utility pole and flipping it over while wearing a kilt. >> well, you know what?
7:18 am
i want you to just stand there and take a bow for the work that you're doing. i think it's just an incredible story. we love the outfit. we love the outfit, nick. >> i'm only wearing it to annoy my wife. she's anti-independence. that's why i'm doing it. >> as long as it's closed in the front, we're good. >> we want to know what you think. should scotland be an independent country? tweet us using the #socialsquare. now, that chilly weather moving our way here, ginger? >> as long as nick's not anti-undy. how about we talk about the cold in the northeast, because it's mild today. for many of us along the coast, 76 in philadelphia, new york city there too. but look at the cold front just wooing you to come into autumn. you will be chilly tomorrow morning, frost advisories and freeze warnings from maine back to parts of western new york. very cold tomorrow. we have to go to the west coast, real quickly, where they were so hot in los angeles. only 82 today.
7:19 am
that low sliding along the front. and right along the coast, going to bring a couple showers and some lightning, too. good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the wet weather for the commute. this evening, it should be dry. clouds and fog. dry tomorrow. drizzle along the coast. building warmth through the weekend. best chance of showers after the noon hour across the north bay. 60's along the coast in san francisco and a few 80's inland.
7:20 am
seven-day outlook, a warming trend this >> hey, michael, how about a little wager. if they go independent, how about you do the kilt? >> i'll rock that kilt all day long. if they go independent, i'll wear a kilt. >> all right. >> you heard it here first. >> and george is joining me. >> it's never going to happen. coming up on "gma," new clues in the desperate search for the missing university of virginia student. and the mother of three on trial for killing her husband. ♪ i'm so fancy
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. happening now, nearly 2700 pg&e customers are without power. the rain caused a couple of transformers the to blow. at one point almost 12,000 customers were without power.
7:25 am
pg&e estimates it will all be restored in the next few hours. t let's get a check on the slick morning commute. >> it has been slick. very much so. and we've had quite a few spinout ls. we also have a jackknifed big rig that did clear off the 880 freeway but it's left quite the backup in its wake. southbound side of 880, you're looking at miles of delay. so very slow drive for you there. starting to loosen up a little bit. 48 minutes ahead from tracy to dublin. if you're heading along highway 4, that's a terrible drive. 48 minutes antioch to concord. 101 also slowing just a bit from san francisco to marin county.
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a broader mix of energies, world needs which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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good morning. did you get the umbrella out last night? check the windshield wiper? check out the scattered showers all up and down the neighborhood on live doppler 7 hd. and they're going to continue through at least noon and head north bay in the afternoon hours and fade away with the sunset this evening. we just had a shower move through the maze and down in the
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♪ i'm so fancy ♪ you already know oh, it was the song of the summer, iz z azalea, fancy. and now locked in a legal battle with a man who claims he's her ex. she claims he's stealing her music. >> can't help but move when you hear that song. and it is the song of the summer. also ahead, the high-profile trial in california. the mother of three charged with killing her husband. prosecutors say it was cold-blooded murder, she says it was self-defense. are you being cheated out of your money when you use your atm card? the billion dollar fraud stealing cash right out of your wallet right now. and teacher sarah manchester winning a million dollars.
7:31 am
she decided to get up, even though she has a million dollars. she is with us live. she's going to tell us how she did it. you got it, girl. >> vanna white, watch out. >> kind of feels good. >> a million dollars does not get old. >> it does not. we're going to begin with new clues in the missing virginia student. releasing video of hannah graham, appearing to show a confused graham and a man following her. they have spoken with that man and steve osunsami has the story. >> reporter: overnight, new surveillance video showing 18-year-old college student hannah graham just a few short minutes before she disappeared. it's 1:06 a.m., the guy in the light colored shorts, steps into a corner and watches her struggling to walk and tails her after she passes him by. police say this video from another camera, shows the same man walking behind her, two minutes later. according to cell phone records,
7:32 am
this is 12 minutes before she texted her friends she was on her way to a late party and never showed. police say the man met with the investigators explaining he was trying to help after he saw another man try to put his arm around the student. authorities still looking for clues. >> pick up the phone and tell us something, regardless of how insignificant you think it might be. >> reporter: police say graham and others were drinking heavily and she was disoriented. surveillance videos show her outside an irish pub and later running, even though it appears no one's chasing her. police say graham left the apartment at 9:33, off to dinner at a restaurant, then to a party at another off-campus apartment around midnight, and the irish pub at 12:46. next she was seen in the video running alone near a shell service station at 1:00 a.m., heading towards a downtown mall. 20 minutes later, she texted friends she was lost at this intersection. she hasn't been heard from since. >> i hope we're able to find her
7:33 am
and bring her home safely. >> reporter: the search continues on the ground and in the air. for "good morning america", steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> thanks. now to the trial of a california mother of three who is accused of killing her school teacher husband. she claims she shot him in self-defense after years of abuse. but the prosecution says it was murder. abc linzie janis has that story. >> reporter: california mom julie harper returns to court this morning on trial for murdering her husband. prosecutors say she shot and killed jason harper, a popular high school math teacher and volley ball coach two years ago while arguing in their bedroom. >> the kids say between 8:00 or 9:00, they were downstairs watching cartoons when they heard a thud and they heard their dad yell, ah. and then a thump on the floor. >> reporter: prosecutors say the stay-at-home mom told the
7:34 am
children everything was fine before taking off with them and a getaway bag. driving around town before turning herself in 16 days later. five days before the killing, prosecutors say she filed for divorce, even allegedly withdrawing nearly $20,000 in savings. prosecutors painting a picture of a wife unhappy with her husband, and allegedly addicted to painkillers. but mrs. harper's defense attorneys argue she's the victim of domestic abuse. shooting her husband in self-defense. her lawyer reading from the divorce document in court. >> he becomes violent, pushing me, shoving me, grabbing my arm and twisting my wrist. >> reporter: but jason harper's colleagues say his wife was worried he'd get custody of the children in the divorce and they say they can't believe he was abusive. >> divorce was on the horizon. that was about it. he saw the light at the end of the tunnel to live happily with his children and that got snuffed.
7:35 am
>> he was one of the mellowest, kindest, gentlest people that i have known. >> reporter: jurors get to hear more of her side of the story when she takes the stand on monday. for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. time again for the weather. ginger, you going to head down south? >> yes, that's start in daytona beach. it sounds nice. but going there or anywhere along the central coast of florida, rip currents today. we have rip current threats. daytona today to the mid to upper 80s. right along the stationary front, unsettled, but not too terrible until the rains of texas and beyond. birmingham, 86, atlanta, 83. charlestown, 83. it was a rough start to the week for sure. and then there's this, the warmup. so you get a little taste of summer again. especially in places like denver, close to 90, rapid city, right there, wichita, oklahoma city at 91. that heat is going to move east by the weekend.
7:36 am
so a place like chicago that struggled to make it to 70 for over a week until yesterday, finally going to see 80 >> all that weather brought to you by target. and again, tomorrow morning, going to have to have the jackets out here in the northeast. >> okay. >> i was at the atl yesterday, beautiful. >> yes, that was nice. coming up, a new study revealing that how you fight with your partner says a lot about you. we'll have more on that. and the billion dollar fraud, stolen money right out of your wallet. what you need to know before you use your atm card this morning. and edie azalea's superstar
7:37 am
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7:41 am
>> she's the fancy rapper from down under, the viral hit named bill board song of the summer. ♪ i'm so fancy but this morning, it's music the rapper made years before her success that's in the spotlight. azalea filing a federal lawsuit wednesday claiming a rapper who says he dated her, maurice hefe williams, stole original recordings off her computer, and now falsely claiming rights to release six of the songs in a new album to be released september 30th. >> iggy azalea is saying he forged a contract between her and him that then is allowing him to go out there and put that music on the internet to sell. >> reporter: in the suit, williams' lawyers claim she infringed on her copyright, copying, reproducing, preparing and selling works from her unreleased music, and claiming forgery, claiming williams created this so-called
7:42 am
fabricated agreement giving himself exclusive rights to the recordings. >> the lawsuit was filed as these rumors of a purported sex tape has come up. one of the things the lawsuit claims, her ex is putting videos in the public and that could include this purported sex tape. >> reporter: on friday, the 24-year-old tweeted, i don't have a sex tape. but for the record, anyone who releases or attempts to make profit off someone else's intimate moments against their will is a sex offender. williams tells abc news he's not aware of a lawsuit. he's done nothing wrong, he says. >> i have never forged a contract. i have clear rights to release music on iggy azalea. >> reporter: for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. lots at stake. and what powerhouse couple, beyonce and jay-z are planning right now. and behind the scenes with
7:43 am
this woman right here, shonda rhimes, she's going to open up about the shows we cannot wait to see. >> that's everything that's on tv. and she's the million dollar woman, scoring big on "wheel of fortune" last night. she's here live to share her i hear it's better to do most of your planting in the fall. what are you, a plant whisperer? maybe. [ male announcer ] get 50% off scotts ez seed grass mixture at lowe's. ♪
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kelly: wait a minute-- you're blushing. jess: no i'm not! kelly: you like him! jess: no, i don't! i mean, maybe. i don't know! kelly: oh wow.
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♪ good morning, america. >> well, good morning to you, path and vanna. we appreciate that. it's a million-dollar morning for one lucky lady. hit the jackpot on "wheel of fortune," sarah manchester scoring the million-dollar grand prize. take a look. >> loud laughter. >> that's it. i guess you'll have that figured. ♪ can you use a million dollars? >> what a moment. that's a moment. a great moment.
7:48 am
>> that's awesome. >> so excited to have sarah joining us right now. come on out, sarah manchester. >> that is awesome. that is so great. >> that smile. >> now, everybody saw your big win, but when pat opened that envelope, and you saw a million dollars, what was your thought? how did you feel? >> astonished. i knew it was a possibility, but i didn't think it was a possibility. i knew that wedge was on the bonus wheel. but it's such a rare thing. and the math teacher in me is saying, the probability, that's not going to happen. i would have been so excited with any -- any win in the bonus round. it just -- >> it's unbelievable. >> the math teacher in you figured out how to spend it yet? >> i'm working on that. we have a lot of ideas and plans in our family. >> who's getting it? the kids even have plans are for the money? >> they're helping. >> are they already making their christmas lists?
7:49 am
>> they actually really haven't talked about christmas yet. i'm sure we'll hear about that. >> it was very special. your family was there with you. and when they came on to the stage, and they were hopping up and down with you. it just had to be so wonderful to share that moment with them. >> it really was. i had -- my biggest goal, i think, i wanted to get to the bonus round and win something because i wanted to give them that chance to run out and hug and jump around and dance. i wasn't thinking about a certain amount of money. i thought it would be great for them to be on tv with me. >> this is when they came running out. the confetti is fall. >> every day is christmas for the kids now. every day is christmas. to want play a quick game with you if it's okay. >> are you up for it? >> give a shot. >> ginger!
7:50 am
>> now we have a -- we obviously have a phrase here. we have to figure out the phrase. we're going to each give you a clue. and i'm -- i'm going to start first. this may describe how you felt when your kids were born or when you won a million dollars. >> pick a letter. >> can i guess already? >> yes. >> or is that going to spoil it? best day of my life? >> oh -- >> thank you very much. thank you. >> took away all my fun. i thought i was going to be able to do something. >> we have so much time left over now. >> ginger in a dress. >> ginger, there you go, ginger. >> we don't have the dings and the lights. so there's actually someone standing back there to go like this to make sure i knew which letter it was. >> congratulations. >> you look good. >> so happy for you. >> i have been practicing a long time. i've been practicing for about 30 years, since i was a kid. >> paid off for you. so great to have you here with us. and congratulations to you.
7:51 am
enjoy the cash. and coming up, deals and steals, high fashion at low prices. and new details coming in. your statement. fabulous. captivating. glamorous. fun-loving. wild.
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. the rain is making for slick roads in parts of the bay area. this is how it looked in the santa cruz mountains this morning. meteorologist mike nicco has more. >> the santa cruz mountains and north bay mountains may see a quarter to half inch. those of us in the lower elevations, about a tenth of an inch and hardly anything around san jose. a stray shower is still possible for most of us through 9:00. and the best chance of a shower this afternoon is up north. >> we have two lanes blocked. as you make your drive here,
7:57 am
this is along 80. if you're in the eastbound direction at abernathy, that's where you're going to find it. speaking of the summit and the santa cruz mountains, we have a can't hold my breath ♪ ♪ boom, boom, shake the room ♪ the unstoppable offender ♪ boom, boom, shake the room ♪ the unstoppable -- [ male announcer ] an electric city car here... makes about as much sense as a gas guzzling suv here. ♪ the quick charging, zero emission, all-electric ive. smart electric drive. just $139 a month.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. princess kate canceling her big overseas trip. forced to stay home and recover right now as new details pour in about prince harry's big 30th birthday bash. why it looks like he's back together with a former flame. ♪ and are you being cheated out of your own money when you use your atm card? the billion dollar fraud stealing cash right out of your wallet. how to protect your money. and we have a feeling thursday nights are scandalous, must-watch tv. robin one-on-one with the woman who has you glued to the television for every twist and turn. what is shonda spilling with olivia pope's fate?
8:01 am
and meredith and derek? all that and high fashion deals and steals. and judge judy here live as we say -- >> good morning, america. and what a crowd out here in times square this thursday morning. a hint of fall in the air. and a lot of fun. look who's inside, tori johnson, deals and steals. this thursday morning. >> she's got high fashion for low prices, hot items right from the pages of top fashion magazines. almost 70% off. i have to give a shout out over here. these people -- you know, my dad was in the air force for 35 years. it's your birthday, 67 years old, the air force. thank you for being here. thank you for your service. yes. >> happy birthday. >> and buzzing in our heat index this morning, the different ways we disagree. a new study revealing how you fight with your partner says a lot about you. oh. >> that's true. >> let the games begin.
8:02 am
>> speaking of games -- >> dumpster diving is going to be going on. i'm sure we are. >> we're all in training for our big -- let's just say we're all going diy, and dumpster diving is involved. it's the fabulous anchor challenge. all about flea market fabulous. there's the dumpster. that's a hot mess. into that later. and we are going to pin a champ in just a little bit. first the news. >> all right, everybody. good morning. breaking news overnight, a massive anti-terrorism raid in response to the militant group, isis. authorities in australia arrested 15 suspects after claims that isis supporters were planning public executions of australians they would grab at random off the streets. more than 800 police were involved. the largest anti-terror operation in that country's history. and back at home, new york city police are stepping up security in times square because of isis, even though they say there are no specific threats. an explosive wildfire in northern california has doubled
8:03 am
in size overnight. a state of emergency in . 70,000 flames acres going up in flames. more than 2,000 homes now in danger. for much of the southwest, it's a soaker this morning. torrential downpours from arizona to arkansas. drivers trapped and major roads shut down as part of texas is swamped by half a foot of rain. more from ginger on the forecast coming up. and the dangerous virus affecting children is spreading to more states and causing overcrowded hospitals to take new actions. authorities now confirmed the enterovirus in new york, new jersey, connecticut and minnesota. the unusual and potentially severe respiratory illness is swamping hospital emergency rooms, especially in the midwest. hospitals in detroit are restricting visitors to prevent that virus from spreading further. a new domestic abuse case in pro football, jonathan dwyer is charged with assaulting a woman and their young child.
8:04 am
he is reportedly denying the champs, but has been benched by the team. the third nfl player sidelined in recent days because of domestic violence charges. and with all the negative headlines about pro athletes, we wanted to bring you a very positive one. a pro football star giving up his career to give his brother the gift of life. ma'ake kemoeatu says there was no decision to make. he donated his kidney to his little brother, chris, effectively ending his career. their doctor joked that his kidney was the largest, strongest one he had ever seen. as you can see, both are doing great. and this isn't the first time he's done something risky for his little brother. back in college he got in trouble for using his football scholarship money to buy his brother two math books that he couldn't afford. i think that's the story we all needed to hear after all of the negative headlines.
8:05 am
his heart, bigger than most. >> thank you for shiring that. we needed to hear that. >> his kidney is too. >> the strongest one the doctor has ever seen. >> thank you. and the latest royal news now, big 30th birthday bash for prince harry last night. and a new cancellation this morning for princess kate. has to be careful during the pregnancy. lama hasan has the story. >> reporter: doctors say kate is still suffering from severe morning sickness, so hubby william will be stepping in for her instead. as for prince harry who was working hard on the "invictus" games last week, and canceled his big 3-0 party on monday because his sister-in-law was still under the weather -- >> it's okay. >> reporter: but overnight, harry got to have a bash fit for a prince. a vip party, and including his former flame. rumor is they are back together. >> they decided they want to given it a second go.
8:06 am
>> reporter: and the guests were reportedly dressed to nines, tuxedos galore, including the birthday boy. >> we believe that princess u general eugeneie and beatrice was there. and harry learned from his mistakes. he knows if he's going to celebrate, have a drinking with going to have a big party, he does not want to do that in a very public place. >> reporter: i don't know, just a hunch. but my feeling is prince harry is waking up with a hangover this morning. that's a sign of a good party, right, george? i think that is right. thanks very much. "pop news" and weather coming up. now michael has the morning menu in the social square. >> oh, yes, i do. this is a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu" and the social scare powered by samsung galaxy. new details about george clooney's wedding, why the song tequila might be on the play list. how you can protect your money from the billion dollar fraud stealing money right out of your wallet.
8:07 am
and robin roberts, going behind the scenes with the woman behind some of tv's biggest hits, shonda rhimes. i love a good scandal. all of that, and the high-fashion deals and steals coming up live on "gma" here live in times square. you want that. [ female announcer ] you can change your style to express your unique personality. so why can't you do the same with your eye color? ♪ we at alcon believe you can. introducing new air optix® colors prescription contact lenses. its unique 3-in-1 color technology blends with your own eye color for a naturally beautiful look with comfort all month long. ♪ virtually try on your perfect color and get a free trial offer at
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all right, i'm here with tori johnson, she has lots of
8:10 am
high-fashion deals and steals hidden under that box. she won't tell me what's in the box. but she's going to tell us how save almost 70% just for "gma" viewers. but, tori, come on. let me get a peek. >> high fashion for low price. >> she's still not telling me. all right, we'll be right back. ♪ altuzarra for target available september 14th. (coffee being poured into a cup.) ♪ save your coffee from the artificial stuff. switch to truvia.
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8:13 am
>> has a friend in the backseat, what are you doing? >> just look out for flies. >> little floss. >> yeah. how about pop news, everybody? happy thursday morning. we begin with music power couple jay z and beyoncé, in the news, coupling up to record an album. their first full record collaboration. sources say the album is set to be released in late 2014 on early 2015. that's good news. and comes on more good news, the pair, their massively successful on the run tour with hits like "drunken love." that was great. and so is this. the daily news is reporting they are considering a move to l.a. to this incredible mid-century mansion high above beverly hills with a sky-high price tag of $85 million. >> i actually knows that house. i've been there. >> you have? >> a friend of mine owned the house. he built it. >> did you make an offer. >> yeah. no.
8:14 am
he just showed it to me. i can't afford it. >> is it amazing? >> is it worthy of -- >> if i had your money. >> oh -- >> we wish them the best of luck with whatever happens. the wedding may be in italy, but that doesn't mean george clooney will stick to tuscan wines and lemoncello for the giant bash. it's reported that 100 cases of tequila are headed there. "people" magazine showing images of cases being loaded on to a jet destined for italy. george's own brand being flown from california for the occasion. let's hope that means the wedding is imminent. >> sounds like fun, though. >> who's going to remember the wedding? >> a hundred cases, it's a big one. >> the big wedding, or a gift bag, everybody gets a bottle. >> that's a good one. >> congratulations to them. those are two happy news story. and now sad news to report this morning. matthew mcconaughey will not be returning for the "magic mike" sequel. >> no way. >> it's true. dallas' last dance was his last.
8:15 am
magic mike, a/k/a, director gregory jacobs has confirmed the news. however, channing tatum, matt bomer, and joe manganiello are set to help audiences try to forget the brilliance that was matthew. and joe, hurry up and get in shape. dude, filming began a couple weeks ago. you better get with the program. >> sophia's so lucky. >> oh -- >> what are you talking about? >> make it through that read? that's a tough one. >> i'm going to the gym the second i leave here. >> i know. you know what, george, sometimes not always happy news with my job. >> you are upset about this. aren't you? >> i am. >> i know. >> continue on, if you will. >> we will. heat index coming up, ginger has the weather. >> and you know what, george. all that and a happy birthday to the u.s. air force. 67th birthday. coming in from -- >> joint base mcguire lakehurst. >> you're saying that, there's no way i'm going to remember all
8:16 am
that. thank you for being here and happy birthday to all of you. and happy birthday to you if it's your birthday. not a good start in houston. more flooding rains. coming in through there. pictures of rescues on the highways. it is not a great morning. many places in texas seeing somewhere between 4 and even 7 inches of rain. we'll be looking for the flash flood potential going through the rest of today. good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the wet weather for the commute. this evening, it should be dry. clouds and fog. dry tomorrow. drizzle along the coast. building warmth through the weekend. best chance of showers after the noon hour across the north bay. 60's along the coast in san francisco and a few 80's inland. seven-day outlook, a warming trend this weekend.
8:17 am
>> such a great morning out here. it feels good, doesn't it? if you're coming tomorrow, grab an extra jacket. a little chilly. let's get right back inside >> i thought it felt pretty good this morning. not bad out there. and the heat index now. and new research trending big overnight, revealing that artificial sweeteners may not do everything you think they're going to do for you. it turns out they could disrupt the body's ability to regulate flood sugar. researchers gave mice high levels of these, and it suggests that it may increased risk of disabilities and other health problems leading up to it. that's scary, but because this is a study conducted primarily with mice, it's hard to say if it's applicable to humans. but it has people talking. >> take your coffee black. like i do. it makes it easier, right? >> i just take the regular sugar. a little tiny -- >> the word artificial. >> gets me too. >> i agree.
8:18 am
>> you know how you hit the jim and wind up a little sore -- that is not always a good thing. yahoo! breaking it all down. some are saying that being sore doesn't indicate you're building more or less muscle or getting closer to making changes to your body. experts say that soreness tends to occur when you have switched up your workout, i agree with that, and surprised your body with something that's totally new. what should you do? on those achy days, try an active recovery-style work out. if you're feeling especially sore in one area, give that part a break. >> i remember talking to arnold schwarzenegger, he said that's the most important thing, surprising your body. >> that's not good for me. that's the only thing i take away from it. >> i take away don't do it. >> but the old-school way of thinking, no pain, no gain. >> right. >> that's not right. >> not necessarily right. >> that's what we were taught. >> really glad you shared that. that's a popular misconception. what kind of fighter are you and your partner? a new piece from the popular blog the stir is breaking it down.
8:19 am
turns out the different ways we disagree and how you and your significant other can find solutions says a lot about you. and there are different types of couples. the dramatic duo, relationship author says -- >> you're a drama queen? >> dramatic duos, that's me. >> says change locations when things heat up. give you time to calm down. think before you talk. >> like the bedroom door, lock it. >> there's the agree on everything couple. you may not be acknowledging your real needs in the relationship and step back and make sure you and your partner are both happy. by saying everything is okay, you're never getting to the heart of the matter. >> fights are good. you have to get it out sometimes. >> fights are good. >> but what if everything really is okay? >> then you're very lucky. and you should be happy. then you're annoying, because you're perfect. >> wow. >> i know. >> i think we need to get amy a good night's sleep.
8:20 am
now to "gma" investigates. high-tech pick pocketing. credit card/debit card scam called skimming. accounts for 80% of the estimated $1 billion loss in atm fraud every year. mara schiavocampo is here and has the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's happening all over the country at pretty much any place where people use credit or debit cards. thanks to virtually undetectable devices, thieves steal all the card's information in one single swipe. it's the latest in high-tech pick-pocketing. happening right under your nose. thieves stealing your credit or debit card information when you swipe. on barely detectable devices. some tiny enough to fit right in the palm of your hand. called skimming, "gma" investigates learning it's more common than ever. >> it used to be the skimming device was large.
8:21 am
now it fits in your pocket. could be on your belt. could be alongside of the cash register. >> reporter: richard norris says his stop for fast food led to a quick theft. >> i would have never pointed my finger at a drive-through. you're sitting there, watching them use your card. >> reporter: take a look here, we can see the mcthief swiping a customer's credit card twice. once for an actual food order, and then again on a skimmer, copying the card's info. >> they were able to catch the individual sliding the card and grabbing the receipt and hand it to me all in one nice movement. you'd never know he was doing anything wrong. >> it's not just restaurants. surveillance photos at a new jersey bank caught this man setting up a skimmer on one of their atms. and when authorities in arizona found a skimmer in a phoenix gas station pump -- >> we were checking for skimming devices. >> reporter: they decided to set
8:22 am
up a sting. removing the skimmer and replacing it with a hidden camera, to catch the crooks frantically searching for the device. >> so it's almost like a husband and wife team arguing about wherever their skimmer is, because somebody got it. that was us. we got it. >> reporter: what should you do to keep your information safe? officials say when buying gas, choose a pump near the attendant or pay inside. look closely when swiping your card for anything unusual, and check your account frequently. >> take a few minutes to ensure what you believe is in front of you is actually an atm. pull on it. tug on it. look for things out of the norm. >> reporter: now, officials say they've made more than 5,000 skimming arrests since 2007. as law enforcement gets better, at catching these thieves, they
8:23 am
just get more sophisticated. very scary stuff here. >> you gave us good suggestions, little you can do. >> hard to protect yourself. >> thank you. appreciate that. >> let's go over now to michael. michael? all right. this morning, deals and steals, high fashion at low prices. tori johnson has combined -- combed her favorite magazines and found the favorite items so you can rock the hottest trends. you can get the information on the website. enough talking, let's get it started. >> let's go, baby. >> what do we got under box one? >> bazaar says that feline prints are on the prowl this season. a little bit of an animal print goes a long way. warm weather here, exactly like that big, big selection. not just these items here. normally starting at $15, but these are all slashed by 60%. so really 6 to 16 bucks. big assortment. >> love it. assortment. >> big assortment. one of my favorites, i have been waiting a long time. amelia rose's brand new paris collection.
8:24 am
elle magazine talks about the guilty pleasure, guilt as in gold. these are brand-new semi precious stones, prong set. surrounded by crystals. they don't show up well here, but they are stunning in person. >> what's the regular price? >> normally, starting at $79, slashed 56% to $35 to $49. amazing for fall. >> great steal. what do we have for number three? >> and teen vogue wrote about the selfie pack. why they love these pouchs is you can create your own phrase. whatever you want. >> so, we need some fun ones. "no bad hair days" -- >> this is for you. >> aw. exactly. amazing, amazing deal. normally starting at $20. these are slashed by 60%, 8 bucks plus free shipping. >> free shipping on top of it. >> make your phrase and carry it with you. >> what's next? >> from rustic cuff. okay. marie claire -- lara is
8:25 am
screaming, she loves it. marie claire magazine talked about the tiffany t collection. the hottest fall launch. but if your initial isn't t, these are made for you. every single initial in both gold and silver polished brass, gorgeous. gorgeous. i love these. it is beautiful, rimmed initialled cuff, normally $105. these are slashed by 68%, 34 bucks. stock up for the holidays. >> that's a deal. that's a deal. >> isn't it a great deal? and last but not least, "vogue" says it's about the boot, including the rain boot. and i love these from roma. kids and women. so nice big selection. assorted colors. normally starting at $49. these are slashed by 51%. so 24 to 44 bucks for rain boots. and you can go to, and get the links and codes for the deals on our website. >> i don't know how you do it. i don't know how you do it. i don't know how she does it.
8:26 am
when we come back, one-on-one with the woman behind "scandal," "grey's anatomy", and "how to get away with murder." we will have robin's interview with her in a little bit. come on, it's easy to make someone's morning better. >> thank you. >> we're adding some sunshine to your morning. >> so, all next week, "gma" is running across the country, upgrading your morning. >> it's as easy as holding open a door. >> get ready to upgrade your morning.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. happening now. more than 2300 pg& e customers are without power. a couple of transformers were blown. almost 12,000 customers were without power at the height of the savage. they hope to get all the lights back on some time this afternoon. rain certainly making for slick roads in some parts of the bay area. here's what it looked like in the summit at the santa cruz mountains this morning. not bad down here. but still slippery accidents. >> we did have a few accidents on 17 through the santa cruz mountains. take a look at this. certainly very busy traffic there. but it's drawing out a little bit. we have a brand new accident blocking the offramp here.
8:28 am
crystal springs off southbound 280. check out the backup. we are looking at heavy delays and very busy as you approach 101. kristen? >> thanks a lot. we'll is it the biting? ...we need to break up. cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show. it's cable. customers are more satisfied with u-verse. switch and we can stay together forever. forever? ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years.
8:29 am
all right, we're back and looking at live doppler hd. we still have scattered showers out there but we're starting to see breaks.
8:30 am
the cold front is still to the west. we're still going to see cloud cover and the chance of showers through at least n ♪ a beautiful, beautiful morning here in times square. love having all of you here with us this morning. thanks for joining p ing us. >> great crowd. and the number one woman in daytime television, judge judy is here to talk about her brand new book, the secrets of success she wants to share with all women. and we have our pals from the chew. the whole gang is here. so happy to see you. look at you, mario. they are ready to dish, get it, on the latest season, their cookback, and showing the latest dishes. amy and i are plating it up. >> better be soon, i'm hungry. i'm always hungry. so we cannot wait to share.
8:31 am
cracking themselves up over there. they constantly do that. that is coming up. right now, shonda rhimes, a force behind some of your favorite shows on abc. the powerhouse producer owns thursday night with three shows. and she took me into shonda land. "scandal," "grey's anatomy," and "how to get away with murder." some of the most buzzed about this season. thursday night. shonda rhimes and her team are busy at work. this is shonda land. this thursday night lineup, people could not remember another time that somebody had the keys to the kingdom. >> i think it was aaron spelling, t.j. hooker, loveboat, fantasy island. >> seriously? seriously. >> what is it like for you to know that people are watching
8:32 am
and that you have a way of connecting with people. >> my experience with "grey's," it was like writing in a diary, and it was surprising that people were watching. >> she says going to shonda land was like the real white house, but harder. >> i'm with people for 11 seasons, six seasons, it's like a marriage. you want to be with them. >> speaking of family, they shocked us with last season's finale of grey's. >> don't let what he wants you eclipse it, he's very dreamy. he's not the son, you are. >> that last line about her husband just resonated with people. >> yeah, for me, the show really had always been this love story between meredith and kristina. i knew she would turn to her, he
8:33 am
is dreamy, but not the sun you are. it's the point of the show. >> and now "how to get away with murder." >> everything after this moment will not only determine your career, but life. you can spend it in a corporate office, hitting on chubby para legals, or you can join my firm and become someone you actually like. >> i want to be her. >> the new kid on the block, so to speak, viola davis. >> viola davis. that is a miracle to me. viola davis is on our tv. i can't believe it. >> shonda is often credited for breaking race and gender barriers with casting. but she doesn't see it that way. it's not diversity, but awe then tisty, and your shows reflect america. >> it looks like the world outside. the package that people come in is the package they come in. what's inside is the most interesting thing.
8:34 am
>> how many times were you told no? >> not very many. >> "grey's anatomy" is my first job in television. it was fantastic. and i'm thrilled. but it was magical. >> i can't believe that. this was what you were supposed to be doing. >> i had other things, let's be clear. >> who would play me? >> thing ellen pompeo was playing he, shondra wilson. i'm being played every time there's a character. what's it like to write the voice of a black woman. mcdreamy has been speaking in the voice of a black woman for a long time now. it's fine. >> how is that you don't know the difference between right and wrong? >> and as for another leading man, an interesting take on the character, president fitz grant on "scandal." >> he plays the damsel in
8:35 am
distress a lot, in a masculine complex. well-acted. kari's role would be a man, and his by a woman. i get asked the question, how do you write these smart, strong women? and i always say is the alternative stupid, weak women? i don't know any of those. and nobody asks how do you write smart, strong men. that's not a question that anybody's ever asked before. >> you have three daughters, and they get to see you do what you do best and love to do. and what stronger statement can that be. >> their mother is happy and fulfilled. they never had a mother who didn't get to do. which is nice. there are sacrifices that go with that. i think there are sacrifices that go with anything. but i feel proud they get to grow up and think anything is possible for a woman. >> something else to spend time with that woman right there. and we have a lot more from the
8:36 am
stars of her shows in the weeks ahead. spending time with kerry washington, ellen pompeo and viola davis. all coming next week. a sneak peek behind the shows on thursday nights on abc. >> a busy couple of weeks. i'm never going to look at mcdreamy the same, he's speaking with the voice of a black woman. that's a good one. >> she cracked herself up. thank you for the weather you ordered for us. >> you're welcome. you all too. and a reinforcing shot of cold air is making its way down here. our party in times square is on the chillier side. boston in the low 70s, but see the big, fat cold front? coming through, some freeze warnings stretching from northern
8:37 am
>> and all that weather brought to you by choice hotels. we're way over here. saying hi to drake from moore, oklahoma. let's get inside to you guys. >> hi, drake. and back now with judge judy, the chief justice of daytime tv. show entering the 19th season. now a new book, what would judy say. welcome to both of you. start with something incredible. you're actually giving this book away. >> yes, not everything has to be for money. >> tell us how. >> well, you click on what would judy push a button, they will download it for you. you can read it, read it in a good afternoon. it -- it was my giveback for 19 years worth of support from
8:38 am
wonderful fans. many of whom were women. many of whom had children who were women. and i think that women have been defined by other people for far too long. it's time for women to take back their own definition. >> that's what it means to be the hero of your own story. >> absolutely right. >> nicole, you wrote the forward, what do you want the people to know about judy? >> the world knows her has a television celebrity. but she's so much more. she's an incredible role model to everyone, especially women. i wanted her to share her pearls of wisdom to the world at large. >> and there are ten laws of success. what's the number one law? >> other than making certain that no one else defines who you are, a husband, a parent, a group -- >> how do you do that? >> first thing you have to do is you have to find something that you're naturally good at and figure out a way to make a
8:39 am
living out of it. >> worked out for you. >> worked out for me and you. >> worked for me. >> and you could wish that for your daughters, that's what you would do. >> absolutely right. >> every day you're not going to work, you're going to play. and that builds confidence, because in my view, success builds confidence. failure, not so much. and for women, if they have the opportunity of creating a whole self, then they're not so apt to rely on somebody else to create them, to complete their lives. it's great, women get married, have children, nicole is successful. she's a lawyer, has a wonderful husband and three children. but she created a nicole first before she created that family. >> and now the two of you are also creating something else together. a special mentoring program. tell us about it. >> yes, it's called her honor mentoring. we match promising young women with businesswomen around the community. and for their school year, they
8:40 am
have mentors to guide them on everything from the college process to what it takes in the work placplace. >> what age? >> start with seniors in high school and work with them through college. >> that is fantastic. >> eighth year. >> eighth year. >> lots of success. >> that is fantastic. and a lot more rules to success in what would judy say. download it now. >> yes, what would judy, press a button. thanks for coming in. and the flea market challenge, two "gma" t
8:41 am
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8:43 am
all right. it is time for the "gma" flea market fabulous challenge. this is a design challenge for our two anchor teams uses the places i hunt for finds. it's an obstacle course that has dumpster dive wng and digging treasures out of the flea market. use the finds to create a beautiful space. team az, you guys will decorate your face spa your space, that's the wall. and team mg. here's how it works, one of you gets into the kufrp stdumpster. and one in the room, and use the flea market finds. work together. robin and george will judge. whoever has the prettiest space
8:44 am
is the winner. are you ready? dumpster divers, ready, set, go. ♪ >> come on, gio! >> go, amy, go, amy. oh, okay. interesting. i like the choice of the rug. >> give me a rug, give me a rug. >> there you go. nicely done, michael. nice. oh -- oh, i like that lamp. one more. one more. it's looking good. hurry. look at it -- i want all -- how much time? oh, i like that. wow. they are making good choices. >> put this up on the wall, man. >> 15 seconds. the "gma" flea market is plentiful today, george and
8:45 am
robin. [ buzzer ] wow. wow. we have two beautifully-designed rooms. >> where's your table? >> i have to say -- >> yeah. >> you know what? they're both -- they're both great. we love everyone. >> we have to go with -- >> the coordination? >> ginger and amy. >> look at -- >> that was just more of a -- design. >> more of a design. >> and give this event. >> ladies, congratulations. >> that lamp. that lamp behind the chair, how do you turn it on? >> no shame in second place. no shame in second. >> michael -- >> guys, very good attempts. >> the table was good. >> the table was good. >> i have to say, you guys, very good at dumpster dive. thank you all for participating. robin and george, a plus.
8:46 am
and tomorrow, it's amy's turn. a little flea market fabulous makeover. and tweet us, #socialsquare. and coming up, the fab five from a broader mix of energies, world needs which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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8:48 am
well, fans of the chew, get ready to sink your teeth into something new. the celebrity chefs have a new cookbook, "the chew," a year of celebration. we have carla hall, mario batali, daphne oz and clinton kelly, and they brought food,
8:49 am
even better. "the chew," and here's the headline. this is a review, tasty comfort fair in the gimmicky world of food tv. >> that's us. >> what do you think makes the show so popular? >> we are friends and make the cooking in the kitchen fun. reminds people to get in the kitchen. >> what's your favorite part of doing the show? eating, making the food or the conversation? >> it's a combination of both. we have so much fun every day when we show up. laughing from the second we start to the second we leave. >> i love it. now a third book. clinton, what's in store for a year of celebrations? >> we've arranged this book, this is the third book. it's celebration, a birthday party or thanksgiving or christmas or hanukkah, we can make every celebration special. >> and lucky for us, you brought samples from the book. exactly. carla, you're showing off a cheese tart with a tomato and
8:50 am
zucchini salad. you have been teesing a big announcement. >> next wednesday on my website,, i will tell you all about it. >> in the meantime, tell me about this. >> take puff pastry and a ricotta cheese mixture, and get cheese and parmesan and bake that. now a salad of zucchini and tomatoes on top with basil. just tossed in vinegar and salt and pepper. so easy. >> great hall pain owe. >> chicken diablo. add a little bit of capers to that, glaze the pan with some water just to get off all that deliciousness on the bottom of the pan. give it a scrape, add the tomatoes, and simmer for 20 minutes. >> cooks quickly. >> absolutely, cooks quickly.
8:51 am
but the thighs are good flavor, the skin keeps it juicy. simmer, and finish with a little bit of chopped parsley. there you have it. >> so good. >> we have pasta over here. >> absolutely. homemade past that, you can get the recipe from the book. but just buy it, won't penalize you. cook at home. a little garlic, salt and pepper and extra virgin olive oil. take the pasta out -- >> so simple. >> favorite cheese, a pinch of red chilies. >> tell people how you're putting more of the pasta water in. >> if the pasta isn't dressed nice, take a little bit of the pasta water, adheres to the noodle because of the starch, and it makes a perfect combo. >> i love you. >> i love you too. i've always loved you. i will love you forever. >> i was a little jealous down there until i tried this.
8:52 am
>> i'm double-fisting. what's the problem? >> this is clinton's -- i'm going to talk to you. congratulations on baby philomena. prettiest baby name in the world. and the pop sickles. >> key lime pops, great for kids, and great for adults who want the flavor but not the calories. >> and they're in the book? >> yes. >> and clinton, you have gotten more handsome, and making the blueberry pucker bar. >> lemon and blue berry, it's a crumble, and a lemon curd whipped cream. they're going to go crazy. >> you have a new project. >> i have a new line of table tops, effortless tables, available on macy' >> i want to put this on the table top. >> a year of celebration, comes out next tuesday. watch the crew weekdays right here on abc. and you can find the recipes for
8:53 am
these meals and even more at on yahoo. we'll be right back. we need to eat. ♪ ♪ h
8:54 am
8:55 am
we're chowing down here.
8:56 am
thank everyone from the chew. thanks for bringing the food. tomorrow, reese witherspoon, jane upfonda going to be here. let's eat some more. >> have a good day, everybody.
8:57 am
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. meteorologist mike nicco talks about how much rain we have left. >> i think we have scattered showers out for most of us through the noon hour. you can see the radar returns. that's the cold front. and that's going to move through and eventually focus our scattered showers and possible isolated thunderstorm across the north bay from noon to 5:00. so the worst commute as far as wet weather was this morning. here's a look at your accu weather seven day forecast. ike, we have so much traffic out there. take a look at this. the san mateo bridge. it is jam packed bumper to bumper going nowhere fast. to add insult to injury, we have
9:00 am
this accident. traveling along the northbound direction. it is bumper to bumper just about everywhere. kristen? >> thanks a lot. announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the film "a walk among the tombstones," liam neeson. and star of the new series "madam secretary," tea leoni. plus, the winner of "america's got talent" matt franko. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause]


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