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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 19, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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clothing label beta brand. >> for all of us, we appreciate welcome to "world news tonight." breaking now, breaking his silence. for the first time in ten days, the nfl commissioner, what he's now saying about that moment in the elevator, and why he won't step down. the scare on the plane flying over america. what we didn't hear. the pilot's message. and the passengers yelling, brace. preparing for the worst. as smoke fills the cabin. and a new picture of america's most wanted. the manhunt going nationwide. communities locking their doors. and our person of the week. billy crystal, what we never knew about his friendship with robin williams. and how he's giving back.
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good evening, it's great to have you with us on a friday night. tonight, after more than a week of silence, nfl commissioner roger goodell coming before the cameras. saying i got it wrong, vowing to get the nfl's house in order. what he's saying tonight about his own job, why he won't resign. and angry reaction pouring in from players and fans. and what he revealed about the beating inside the elevator. ryan smith, leading us off. >> over the past several weeks, we have seen all too much of the nfl doing wrong. that starts with me. >> reporter: for 45 grueling minutes, nfl commissioner roger goodell, apologizing again and again. >> i got it wrong. i made a mistake, and i'm sorry for that.
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>> reporter: at the end of the worst two weeks for professional football. one after another, four players benched, amid accusations of domestic violence. the commissioner, largely silent since that first domino fell last week. the video showing ray rice punching his then-fiancee. in baltimore, 1,000 people lining up to trade in their ray rice jerseys. and goodell saying he mishandled the situation. >> i got it wrong in the handling of the ray rice matter. and i'm sorry for that. i got it wrong on a number of levels. from the process that i led, to the decision that i reached. >> reporter: the commissioner still insisting that what the world saw on that tape was different from what he had been told by rice. >> it was inconsistent with what he told us. i'm telling you right now, it's
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inconsistent with what he told us. i would have loved to have seen that tape. >> reporter: asked if he would ever consider resigning. >> i have not. i'm focused on doing my job. >> reporter: he says the nfl will hold education classes, and partner with domestic violence groups. and come up with a new personal conduct policy. but it won't be ready until the super bowl. >> that press conference wasn't enough. people are so angry, and i don't think they got the answers they wanted. >> reporter: and late tonight, another bombshell in the ray rice case. espn reporting that the ravens knew what happened for months, but still pushed for the nfl to go easy on their star player. >> ryan smith, starting us off. thank you. and what we didn't hear last night about the midair emergency. the pilot warning passengers as the cabin was filling with smoke. >> ladies and gentlemen, a right engine failure.
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>> a right engine failure, he said. and tonight, new pictures inside the chaos. and the crew chanting, brace, brace, as they come in for landing. david kerley again tonight. >> reporter: jetblue passengers heard the bang, smelled the smoke, before hearing that chilling warning from the pilot. >> ladies and gentlemen, we've had a right engine failure. shutting down the engine, we're headed back to long beach at this time. please stay in your seats. >> reporter: with oxygen masks on -- >> keep your seat belts fastened. >> reporter: -- the jet is back at the airport within minutes. the call out to brace for emergency landing. >> brace. brace. brace. [ applause ] >> reporter: while passengers were relieved to be on the ground, cindy gilbert, miles away on a beach, was wondering what fell from the sky and nearly hit her. >> it was like a loud boom. >> reporter: she believes this panel came off the a-320. >> i'm thankful it didn't hit me or anybody else. >> reporter: jetblue could not confirm anything fell off the aircraft. and back in the plane, the final drama. >> easy victor. easy victor. >> reporter: easy victor, that's the evacuation order.
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>> come this way. >> reporter: slides deploying, passengers racing out of the plane. the end of a frightening flight. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> david, thank you. breaking developments in the manhunt that's now gone nationwide. a cop killer on the loose. this new picture of the suspect. dressed for a war reenactment. looking through the scope of that rifle. entire communities bolting their doors, and friday night lights gone dark. linzie janis on the ground. >> reporter: tonight, this community on lockdown. schools closed, soccer practice cancelled. football games rescheduled, as people stick close to home and to each other. choppers hovering overhead. police sweeping these dense woods for any sign of eric frein. last night, racing toward potential sightings, closing roads. even evacuating homes.
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and today, this image giving us a sense of why police and neighbors are so afraid. the 31-year-old in military gear, aiming a machine gun. an expert marksman who participated in war games like these seen on youtube. people we met, trying to retain a sense of normalcy. but clearly on edge. do feel like a hostage in your own home? >> no. i just can't. i refuse to feel like that. >> reporter: donna dunning has lived in this area her entire life. have you thought about what you would do if you saw him? >> i have a machete right by the door. >> reporter: taking us inside to see it. that makes me want to back up. fred and cat say they're also armed. fred's gun today, in his back pocket. >> i don't know how to say this, but we sleep with our guns. >> reporter: as this community waits, more than 200 law enforcement officials are
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combing the area, racing to stop this man before he strikes again. david? >> thank you. now, to a major development in california. as the monster fire rages on. these images streaming in. firefighters on the front lines. the blaze exploding in size, now nearly the size of portland, oregon. the fire authority says it was arson. tonight, what the suspect did right after, going into a stranger's house to call 911? neal karlinsky is there. >> reporter: late today, far from the fire lines, the man accused of causing this fire catastrophe pleaded not guilty to arson in a california courtroom. 37-year-old wayne allen huntsman is being held on an extraordinary $10 million bail, accused of putting firefighters in extreme danger. you have so much to deal with, with the drought and the heat creating these fires. then it turns out, investigators say, this one is manmade? >> yeah. unbelievable. >> reporter: investigators have traced the point of ignition to
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the back of this house. but that's not all they found. for whatever reason, police say the suspect actually called 911 to report the fire. they say he broke into this home, kicked in the door. you can see the marks here. the resulting blaze so catastrophic, it sent 2,800 people from their homes this week. at times, driving through flames. it's flaming stumps like this one they're really worried about sparking up again. and you can see the conditions have changed, the winds have died down and this entire region where the fire burned through and elsewhere is just shrouded in thick, dense smoke today. but at least the fire's not moving like it was. david? >> just scorched out there. thank you. and now to the floods, these scenes from houston. a wet and wild commute. roads under water there. and this semi, jackknifed. spinning out on a slyke -- slick highway.
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and a woman carried to safety by firefighters there. we want to get to ginger zee, you were saying this system is still at work. >> right, parts of north texas are so juicy. any storm that comes through, could drop some big rainfall, through tomorrow night. flash flood watches there. up north, a cold front could sweep across. bringing severe weather. parts of minnesota, chicago, michigan, illinois. all that for tomorrow afternoon and evening. and cabo san lucas, worried about a tropical storm, polo. fortunately, cooler waters. it's taking a western path. but still some rough surf. >> good news that it's veering out. gijer, thank you. and to an abc news investigation. as you head out with your family this weekend, is there something on the highway that's been changed? tonight, our investigation into guardrails. a series of lawsuits, hundreds of thousands of them being found across the country could be deadly.
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brian ross has what's been changed and the pictures tonight. >> reporter: around the country, guardrails meant to protect, doing just the opposite. >> i'm going to die. >> reporter: a north carolina motorist hit a guardrail head-on. the long steel rail sliced through the suv and the driver like a spear. >> i've lost my legs in a wreck. >> you're saying you lost both legs, sir? >> yeah. >> reporter: it wasn't supposed to happen. this test film from 15 years ago shows how an ingenious design is supposed to allow the head of the guardrail to absorb the impact, and deflect and peel the rail off to the side. but in a recent rash of accidents, the guardrail has, instead, pierced right through cars and trucks, slashing through anyone inside. rebecca dryer lost her right leg. >> it essentially was a spear that came through my car. >> reporter: and now victims are
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suing the manufacturer, trinity industries of texas. the victims' lawyers claiming the company made some slight changes, just an inch here and there, that saved a few dollars but also created a dangerous flaw. and that makes a significant difference. >> it makes all the difference in the world. >> reporter: this animation shows what lawyers suing the company say can happen now with the modified version. but despite growing evidence of gruesome accidents, the federal highway official in charge says it meets safety standards. why did you make that decision? >> based on the evidence presented to us. >> reporter: and you now think it's safe? >> as i said, please talk to the office of public affairs. >> reporter: and you can't answer the question? >> no, sir. safety is a relative matter. >> reporter: officials tell abc news this week that a nationwide review of all guardrails will soon begin. >> and you'll have more tonight
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on "20/20." see you then. and now to the long lines across the country this evening. what are people waiting hours for? rebecca jarvis is waiting, too. >> reporter: david, let me give you a sense for all the crowds out here tonight. i'm using my phone to capture all of these people waiting. literally thousands of people waiting in line for hours and hours across the country tonight. tonight, the ifrenzy across the globe. japan, australia, the first guy to get his iphone promptly dropping it on live tv. >> oh! >> 3, 2, 1! >> reporter: in california, apple's own tim cook posed for selfies. the features captivating customers? it's all about the camera. from slow-mo video to time lapse pictures like these. and that selfie burst, ten pictures per second. we gave it a go with one happy
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shopper. this is the finish line. so many people waiting days on end to get right here like julia. >> yes. >> reporter: how does it feel? >> it feels good. >> reporter: do you like your phone? >> i like my phone. >> reporter: it was worth it? >> it was worth it. >> reporter: back to you. and still ahead, look at this. the surveillance tonight. a major development in the search for the college student that disappeared. seen right there. what authorities are saying tonight. and news about an american giant. pabst blue ribbon. it doesn't get more american that that. or does it? and billy crystal, what he told me about the hardest moment of his life. his tribute to robin williams, and what we didn't know about their friendship.
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shared they've questioned a person of interest they strongly believe had something to do with the disappearance of hannah graham. from the university of virginia. >> that person isn't in custody. but we know who he is. >> reporter: police haven't named him. but said he's seen in unreleased surveillance videos. walking behind her, putting his arms around her waist, and buying her drinks. all after 1:00 a.m. 20 minutes later, her friends received a text saying she was lost trying to get to their party. investigators believe she got in a car with that man. police seized that vehicle today. telling us they're not sure if she's dead or alive. >> we sat with mr. and mrs. graham about and hour and a half ago. they want their daughter back and want to know what happened to their little girl. that's all. >> reporter: students who came
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to pray last night and the hundreds planning a foot search tomorrow are fearing the worst. she went missing a week ago tonight. today, graham's parents sent a note to students here telling them if they're going out this weekend, to be vigilant. when we come back here, my interview with billy crystal. on robin williams. and melissa rivers, receiving a powerful note. what it said, and who wrote it. melissa wirivers, receiving a powerful note. what it said, and who wrote it. protect my joints from further damage. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage in many adults. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver,
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she received a note from president obama about her mother joan rivers, saying she made us laugh and also think. and coming up, billy crystal, what we never knew about his friendship with robin williams.
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and finally tonight here, and finally tonight here, our person of the week. an american favorite. billy crystal, tonight, he's giving back. why he's sharing his sundays with america. those cherished moments with his mother and father. and remembering his dear friend, robin williams. billy crystal is our person of the week. >> my name is billy crystal, and i'm a comedian. >> he began entertaining in his living room. growing up on long island. his dad owned a record store. and all these years later, still making us smile and laugh. hi, how are you? >> good to see you. >> and we begin where it all began for him. your home was filled with voices. >> oh, yeah. that's where i first started. >> that's when you began to impersonate. >> i was five, and i sounded like this. why are my ankles swollen? i'm five. and then i'd be around the great musicians.
5:56 pm
that was a whole different other one. can you dig that? >> i can dig it. 700 sundays, such a hit, soon out on dvd. all about sundays with his dad. >> sunday was our only day together. we'd go bowling, play baseball, take us out to the high school field and pitch curveballs to me. >> and there was always sunday dinner. >> the food was always chinese or italian food. we're jews, so -- >> but it wasn't the smell of food in that tiny house. it was something else. >> i always remember the smell of his shaving. there was something very intoxicating about that. >> and it was the one day of the week when you knew you had dad. when he lost his dad, it was his mother that held his family together. you said she was the greatest hero you knew. >> she sat me down one day, we were left with nothing. said, i promise you, you're going to go to college. >> was that a relief? >> i remember that i had a
5:57 pm
leader. >> your mother would wake you up every year on your birthday. >> at the time i was born. >> hi, mom. >> it's september 8th, 1952. >> it's a moment he put into the movie "city slickers." always remembering his mother and father. and tonight, remembering someone else. you said that tribute at the emmys was the hardest thing you ever had to do. >> he was my closest friend. and when it happened, everyone was looking to me, and i didn't have anything to say. so, i just tweeted no words. because i didn't have any. i couldn't breathe. [ applause ] he made us laugh. hard. every time you saw him. it was really hard. it was really hard. and just makes no sense. >> what do you miss the most? >> him. the friendship.
5:58 pm
>> they did comic relief together. and they would deliver the checks together. >> and he's still delivering, after hurricane sandy. planting trees. remembering his roots and his fans. still fooling them, like his book says. >> after all these years, i feel like i'm getting away with something. >> always giving back, remembering family, and his >> tonight the first building's fall to the king fire in the sierra. >> only on abc7 news a couple just back from cabo with an angry complaint about the u.s.
5:59 pm
government's role in helping with the hurricane. >> domestic violence, and pro football the nfl taking steps to repair its image. why aren't the 49ers speaking out as well? >> michael finney on the long, winding road to the paul mccartney concert and tries to get back their money. >> my house is gone. my neighbor's house is gone. people across street from us, their house is gone. >> there is a massive fire burning in el dorado county the fire shows no signs of slowing down. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> we'll get back to ta story in just a moment. new calls stranded in cabo for several
6:00 pm
nights. the hurricane struck sunday evening the next morning six of seven resorts were flooded and there was mud and muck the family had to wade through at the hotel. most of the staff, gone. outside of the resort were armed looters the couple with two sons, ages 1 and 3 had no electricy and very little food or water the mexican military got them out on wednesday. they arrived at sfo today. >> after getting home and being able to step back and look at what we went through, it's horrific. >> the couple told us canadians at the same hotel were rescued by their government. they want to know where their government was. he says eric stallwall received dozens of messages and told us there are only 40 state department employees on the ground in mexico assisting americans and 80 other u.s. lawmakers signed a letter


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