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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 19, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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nights. the hurricane struck sunday evening the next morning six of seven resorts were flooded and there was mud and muck the family had to wade through at the hotel. most of the staff, gone. outside of the resort were armed looters the couple with two sons, ages 1 and 3 had no electricy and very little food or water the mexican military got them out on wednesday. they arrived at sfo today. >> after getting home and being able to step back and look at what we went through, it's horrific. >> the couple told us canadians at the same hotel were rescued by their government. they want to know where their government was. he says eric stallwall received dozens of messages and told us there are only 40 state department employees on the ground in mexico assisting americans and 80 other u.s. lawmakers signed a letter today
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urging the state department to take action. >> you can imagine how terrifying it is, no communication back home, wandering around in search of someone that can get you home. >> stallwell said 10,000 americans were evacuated with another thousand still there tonight he's encouraging anyone worried about family or friends to contact his office. that information is online at abc7 >> one of the most transcended law enforcement officials in the bay area history has died. former police chief joe mcnamera lost his battle against cancer today he was a staunch critic of assault weapons and the war on drugs after he retired he became a fellow at the hoover institution. he died in his sleep at the age of 79. >> one of baseball's greatest
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sluggers, willy mccovey is in the hospital tonight, battling complications from an infection. he debuted with the giants in 1959, a year after they moved to san francisco. his number, 44 was retired in 1980 after spending 22 years in the big leagues he has relied on crutches and wheelchairs because of his knees. >> growing number of players facing domestic violence investigation was mounting public pressure prompted the nfl to work on new policies. four players being investigated for reported domestic violence incidents we have live coverage beginning with david louie with reaction from players and coach jim harbaugh. david? >> nfl indicated it's going to switch from a defensive strategy to an offensive one. and commissioner roger goodell
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signalled teams will have to handle these cases with concities stensy. niners and rest of the teams will be playing under different rules that the commissioner says will be in place by the southbound. they want to see a difference >> details are lacking, pliayer embrace what they say is consistency. >> is it good for fans and players and public? >> yes. it's good for the culture, you know? domestic violence shouldn't have to be talked about at all. >> sunday, niners face the cardinals niners are maying defensive line man ray mcdonald. both players are involved in
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domestic violence investigations. mercury news sports cull yummist has been critical of the niners front office for keeping mcdonald in the game. he says that undermine what's goodell is pledging to do >> other teams are not playing players under investigation. they have made a decision they're not going to unless there another decision. >> coach harbaugh is on board with the mans. >> will be an opportunity for good still to come. you know? and for more awareness, for mind searching and you know, policy. >> in santa clara, david louie, abc7 news. >> opposing views in city hall over what 49ers should do with ray mcdonald. the santa clara district attorney hasn't charged mcdonald for the incident. other teams benched players but
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the 49ers kept him on the field. mayer lee agrez saying the team should not make a decision until he is charged but others don't agree. >> i am just disturbed by the fact there haven't been charges brought by the district attorney. and we don't know what is going to occur. >> until this is cleared, i think it's appropriate he don't play. out of respect for the team, for the league, the fans, and your fellow players. >> among those now asking the 49ers to bench mcdonald are legends steve young and jerry rice mcdonald is scheduled to play sunday in arizona. >> roger goodell announced the league will partner with and make donations to domestic violence organizations. abc7 news reporter spoke with some bay area group who's are reacting now to issues in the nfl and another national
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campaign targeting violence against women. >> things are happening. so fast. so many institutions are making moves now. >> the center for domestic peace says it's about time the nfl took a stand against domestic violence. the white house launched another campaign. >> we're here to say today it's not on you. this is on all of us everyone of us to fight campus sexual assault. >> this campaign mainly targets men. >> to look out for each other. >> not look the other way. >> the center has a campaign for men asking them to sign a pledge against domestic violence. and post a picture online. >> i pledge to help stop
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domestic violence because in, their own words. there is a national program called coaching boys into men. saying they can be leaders and social values >> it trains athletic coaches on how to talk to student athletes about issues and not simply stand on the side lines. >> she says change requires a group effort and strength to speak up for yourselves and others. >> now if you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence here is the number for national domestic violence hot line. we have it posted on abc7 as well. >> another 49ers controversy. a fixture at candle stick park has been replaced.
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>> just for your 49ers by jim harbaugh. >> fans recognized the voice. the announcer was there for 36 years. by the end of the season, the team told him his job was being eliminated. >> it came to sort of an abrupt ending, kind of much to i would have liked to have kept doing it. they said they're going to do more videos but they're kind of doing what i used to do now >> 49ers now have a staffer making announcement. some fans are upset they launched a campaign to get the job back. a statement to abc7 news they say they thanked him for his service. >> going back to talk about that raging fire, the king fire is now burned 120 square miles, almost of size of portland, oregon. looking live now.
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this is the live picture of remains of one house all that is left is the foundation and cars, destroyed. wayne freedman is in the newsroom with the latest on the fire. >> all of that, dan. this is the fire season they warned us about. that warning has come on the roof. we saw it in weed this week with more than 100 homes burned we see it in at least nine major fires and among those we see it on highway 50 and still-growing king fire. >> a plume of smoke hundreds of miles from this blaze now covering 119 square miles. up close, it's furious and hungry. authorities believe they know who started it. >> he was taken into custody.
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in placerville. >> wayne allen huntsman entered a plea of not guilty and could serve ten years to life for the fire costing $5 million per day to fight. cal fire dropping 275 gallons of the stuff and thick smoke has been a hindrance. >> air quality is not allowing much air traffic out there we need to see where they would be best utilized. >> firefighters did see burned structures near pollock pines but it could be worse. according to the latest update, the blaze threatened
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structures. by sunday, it could spread to solano, napa and sonoma counties. >> okay, wayne, thank you. >> still ahead tonight the new iphones going on sale. >> lots of enthusiasm at the apple store. what it feels like to be among the first to get the next big thing. >> a story we first broke last year. how much safety do these guardrails provide? >> it's summer almost over, believe it or not. i'll let you know if it's going to bring heat, plus, we'll take a look at the next chance of rain coming up. >> later indoor golf. how you can followish up your game without leaving town.
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secret service agents evacuated the west wing of the white house after someone jumped a fence outside of a mansion this evening. a witness shot this video that shows a person running across the white house's north lawn. security moved people away from the fences. >> police are looking for two men accused of sexual assaulting a young girl in san jose the victim says the men forced her into a van tuesday afternoon. she said they swaulted her and
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dropped her off at prospect road. they're described as two men in their 30s. >> a bay area man who lost his notebook in a robbery is making a plea to get it back. he said he was robbed at gun point near sutter and broderick they stole his bag with his computer, iphone, bible and journal. he says the notebook contains joys, sor os and hopes and dreams >> these are confessions and prayers and letters to my ex-fiancee i never intended to send. >> his name is on the front and he's using the hash tag kindkevsjournal to try to get it back. >> abc7 news is there at the launch for the iphone 6 and 6
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plus. >> for some, etc. the end of a very long wait. so do customers number 2 and 3. the competition was fierce. >> a lot of people are here. i got here there are 30, 40 people at 8:00 p.m . >> i need it today. >> from the beginning it was clear iphone 6 plus was the star of the show. >> this is huge.
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i can't use this. >> a lot bigger. >> yes. we're in business. >> i wonder what the difference is going to be anymore between a smart phone and a tablet >> routers reporter thinks the big phone really pushes the limit. >> all of the excitement she calls it the cult of apple. >> apple could produce anything. you'd see people riding around the block. >> a few are thrilled. >> i love this. >> hi. >> great. >> what do you think about this? >> it's unbelievable. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> got to have it.
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>> and sandhya patel is in for spencer. >> it's going to be a nice weekend. taking the dog out for a walk, waiting in line for a we have clouds cleaning to the coast. wind flow may bring that smoke into the area so there is a concern for the bay area. make sure you follow orders and limit outdoor activity if you do smell smoke or see smoke. coast will remain socked in and a sign the smoke is starting to
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drift in already. marine layer down below. 65 in san francisco. 69 in oakland. the marine layer reestablished itself. and here are the temperatures. 74 in novato. you're dropping down quickly in livermore. mild to warm conditions with hazy skies. beach hard yard statement remains up, long periods of here is a look at tonight.
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some clouds around towards tomorrow morning will start out overcast. and with the sun and moisture comes showers and thunderstorms. if you do have plans here, wednesday night a best chance into the north bay going into thursday morning. we can have lingering showers i'm hoping it materializes. tomorrow morning upper 50s to low 60s clouds around, fog. and on the warm side lingering in daily city. 70 in san francisco.
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75 in oakland. we'll bring a chance of rain with cooler weather middle to latter part of the week. >> coming up here next, long-awaited ipo of china's
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alibaba lived up to its hype
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today. the company went public in what is now the biggest ipo in wall street history. alibaba raised $22 billion after settling on an opening price of $78 a share last night. so far, alibaba operates only in china. but has plans to operate in the united states. gentleman hoo sold about a third of it the shares went down by more than a dollar the dow gained 13 points. >> traffic coming off the bay bridge into san francisco this morning it used to it. the ramp will close next to folsom street for six months you'll have access to fremont
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street. the folsom ramp will be eliminated. also, this weekend, caltrans will close a 10-mile stretch of highway 37 for maintenance and repaving. the closure begins tonight at 10:00 and will be closed at night all week and next weekend, too. get the exclusive abc7 waze app. >> just ahead here tonight, heart break of the paul mccartney concert. >> a night of nostalgia turns into a nightmare for loyal fans. >> i'm not the guilty one. >> who is to blame, how
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paul mccartney thrilled thousands of fans at candle stick park last month but 2000 ticket holders never got in because of a nasty traffic snarl around the ballpark. >> instead of seeing the send off by the legendary sir paul, they were stuck in gridlock for hours. >> yes. no bathrooms no way out. and now they're turning to michael finney for help. >> it was a magical night as paul mccartney crooned popular songs in a final salute to the old ballpark. outside, it was more like a nightmare. >> we were shocked when we saw the traffic. >> there was no place to go. >> we moved 20 feet in two
6:30 pm
hours. >> these are just a few of the fans who flooded my office with stories of heart break. >> it's a dream, then, all of a sudden a nightmare. >> hours before, traffic came to a stand still with nowhere to park. >> just trying to be patient thought we'll get there. we'll get there. >> time kept moving but cars did not. >> there weren't fights breaking out after 9:00, i realized it was hopeless. >> the concert began without them, strains of familiar songs floating over the see of shut-out fans parking attendants began going car to car. >> telling us the lot was full and we had to go home. >> now, ticket holders want their money back. starting this petition, demanding refunds. >> if they managed the show better organized parking and the traffic, we would have got into the show.
6:31 pm
>> meta adams paid a broker a thousand dollars for two seats in front. and $500 for a hotel room. all gone to waste. dorothy maloney just wanted to take her mom to see paul mccartney for the first time. >> that was her present. that is all she talked about. >> they got stuck in traffic, then in a ditch, then ran out of gas and the car battery tied i tow truck couldn't get get them out until 2:00 in the morning the promoter first blamed fans for arriving too late saying 47,000 of the 49,000 ticket holders did get to their seats on time. that infuriated those who were stranded. >> i am not the guilty one. definitely. i'm outraged. >> no one can say what went wrong. we spoke with representatives
6:32 pm
from another planet, the city of san francisco and city park. all declined to go on camera. however, another planet president tells us the promoter was not responsible for traffic and parking saying our goal is to make sure the artist performs as advertised we staff inside of the venue for ushering and safety the city controlled traffic, city park handled parking. we obtained the permit that did require another plan writ to arrange traffic and security. the promoter submitted this plan for parking with 15,000 spaces. fans tell us no one directed them to those outer lots. city park tells us 4,000 spaces were still available before the concert but vehicles may not have been diverted to get to the open spaces and lots.
6:33 pm
the city's mun news pal transportation agency tells us the officers were directing traffic but it appeared to have cars arrived backing up traffic all the way to highway 101. the city's recreation and park department tells us streets around the stadium were uncongested as of 6:30 p.m the city used the same plan employed during justin timberlake-jay-z concert last year with no problems another planet asked us to refer everyone who came to 7 on your side for help and we did the company will consider compensation case by case. saying this is not the experience we wish any of our patrons to have. >> another planet has been offering them tickets to a few tour concert. other fans say they're happy with the private agreement and
6:34 pm
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a study confirms dangers raised by the i team last year. >> tonight at 10:00 the news team explores the investigation. >> we aren't talking about when the car bumps into the main part of the rail. these are from the side. the biggest guardrail manufacturer in the world is facing a growing number of lawsuits. they can send the guardrail slicing through a vehicle. >> oh, my god.
6:38 pm
>> stay on the line. okay? >> i'm trying. blood is going out too fast. >> okay. >> the guardrail has done their job, i probably would have walked away going a minute. >> that is allegedly what happened the suv caught fire, burning a 16-year-old boy. one of the competitors filed a lawsuit about what he believes are design flaws in the e.te plus >> dan i've been this this business 25 years. i'm not out here for any reason but for safety. this thing is killing people and something not done, it could be your children or mine. >> this is how it's supposed to work. it's get flattened into a ribbon of steel.
6:39 pm
that process slows down the vehicle. last year, harmon told me trinity slung dimensions to lock up. >> it flips the vehicle around, and this beam enters the compartment, cuts off legs and cuts people in half. >> those concerns are echoed by a study just out from the safety institute. compared to crashes with other end terminals. >> chances are three times greater for fatalities. that is a problem. >> a spokesman declined to be interviewed and decliebed to comment on the study. i did say trinity has a degree of confidence in the system and continues to be accepted by the
6:40 pm
federal highway administration. this week, brian ross caught up with the highway official. >> do you think they're safe? >> as i said -- >> can't answer the question? >> no, sir. >> whether they're safe? >> safety is a relative matter. >> a spokesman told me today they have not identified any problems to there are hundreds and thousands of them across the country. i've posted them on our web site. >> and they're going to add up as people are aware of the problem. >> coming up next, the berkeley
6:41 pm
free speech movement. >> a celebration of young people that
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6:43 pm
6:44 pm
it may be hard to believe but there was a time when students at uc berkeley were not allowed to protest the standoff lasted two days and free speech movement was board. >> the student activist most associated with freedom of speech movement. here, he's played by brady morales in the stage version of sfm. also is lynn hollander, at the demonstration. >> i was working on a big report about repression at the university. you were doing it for hours per day. >> she was married and decided
6:45 pm
it was time to bring the legacy of the movement to the stage. performances went around the police cart. she says she wanted to show people the movement. >> there was a war in vietnam. and womens' movement. >> the music performed by her son, daniel. he was almost 16 when his father died he often thought about this movement. >> he had this idea it would be long enough to take perspective. i think he would have been sad but there are reasons so hope, too. >> it captures the moral purpose
6:46 pm
of how it could be interpreted 50 years later. >> for tickets to the play we have links on abc7 >> we're speaking about the weekend weather. >> we are. no reservations about the weekend weather. here is live doppler 7 hd watching clouds along the coast. if you're doing traveling there is a chance of showers and thunderstorms 79 degrees heat 96 in fresno. we'll have low clouds lingering into the afternoon tomorrow. 67 in half moon bay getting up to 70 in san francisco.
6:47 pm
75 oakland. there is a wildfire burning 77 in palo alto. parts of the north bay keep that in mind. a's hosting phillys tomorrow and a look at the accu-weather forecast, temperatures close sunday to saturday. and we welcome fall and be seeing potential for rain. >> thank you. >> a really changing his >> i don't think we have stuff and i don't think most people would say the same thing, too. why the conference was doing much to help his image on the league. >> a golf junkie's dream in downto
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roger goodell opened his press conference with an apology
6:51 pm
saying he plans to implement a new personal conduct policy five months from now. it should have been done years ago. he stated the obvious, peppered with hard questions, looking rattled and refused substantial answers. >> we have to be cautious in not interfering with a criminal investigation. i would have loved to have seen that tape. that is the question. >> we think found out by one phone cull call. . >> i can't explain how you got the information. only you can do that. >> now, goodell emphasizing how he plans to get his house in order, 49ers playing arizona on sunday, both teams with the domestic abuse distractions.
6:52 pm
>> it's hard to say it's just another and it varies. >> an interesting question asked of goodell today, two and a half years ago he banned saints coach for his roll in bounty gate. many believe goodell should subject himself to the same rhetoric. >> utah and michigan, and then, our prime time game, cash creek after the game, it's been eight years since the mission bay golf complex shut down. in january of 2006, a new one
6:53 pm
popped up underground. >> on howard street a piece of golf heaven can be found down these stairs. >> it's very hospitalable. open. >> it welcomes golfers and is a welcome diverse for many. >> wait. shu? >> i'm working on pro shots. yes. >> i wondered. >> it's a place of convenience for golf. since we're in downtown it's for people that work in the area. others will come in >> eagle club is more than just indoor range, it offers players a chance to get better.
6:54 pm
>> we use a calculation that measures the ball so they're very accurate. >> i like you can see the twin angle and left spin and right spin. >> we also have a larger simulator in the front. >> from weekend hack to those looking for activity out of the norm, clients here vary. >> you have people that do pay attention to data. then, you have people that have golf balls. >> now you can play 30 courses from all over the world including san francisco's
6:55 pm
olympic club. it's fun. >> judging from your swing, maybe? >> maybe. >> thank you collin. >> join us tonight at happened when the planes came within sight of one another. >> tonight's line up starts back to back episodes of last man standing and then, abc7 news at 11:00. >> finally tonight a few thoughts about what really matters last night we asked if you had a chance to protect yourself from a life threatening disease by taking a pill, would you take it? there is such a pill it's known as prep, said to be up to 99% effective if preventing hiv.
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it's not taken widely and more research is needed it appears to be a remarkable break through one that can slow the spread of hiv and aids. san francisco supervisor scott weiner has gone public acknowledging he takes the drug. he is making national headlines as the first politician in the country to do so. hiv and aids doesn't take head hiens it did 15, 20 years ago because thankfully, it doesn't take the lives it did then, either. still, one person is infected every day and while there is more good news about the advances what matters is that we not get complacent and continue to raise money and wareness to take hiv and aids out of the news once and for all. let me know what you think.
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>> and that is it for this edition of abc7 news. our coverage continues on abc7 news bay area. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. >> we'll leave you with this beautiful look outside on this friday evening. it is... this is where i right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto.
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