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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 20, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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warnings from a san francisco school. >> a restaurant owner taking a stand against picky customers
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a dangerous intersection and tonight police are investigating a deadly accident. a driver hit and killed a pedestrian and that driver has been arrested. good evening and thanks for joining us. abc 7 reporter sergio quintana is live where it happened with the story. >> reporter: right about here is where police say that elderly woman was crossing the street when a yellow suv was coming from sacramento street and made a left turn on to stockton. hit her somewhere here in the crosswalk right over here earlier in the evening is where people who knew the woman lit candles in her memory.
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this is a yellow toyota suv that hit the pedestrian. the driver was arrested for suspicion of vehicular manslaughter and failing to yield to a pedestrian. the victim, an elderly woman, died at the scene. >> she is an asian female and she is from the neighborhood and we are trying to figure out the family and that sort of thing. >> one resident said she lived in the building feet from where she was hit. >> where did she live? >> up here. >> the building is a senior living facility and the corner is often packed with elderly residents boarding buses and cars that regularly dart by. one resident who didn't want to use his name said he had to be careful at all times of the day. >> how dangerous is the intersection? >> for old people it's dangerous. >> why? >> because they can't walk fast. >> what do the cars do?
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>> they don't stop. >> police have been trying to enforce safety in the area. according to investigators, it's not clear where the yellow suv made contact in the crosswalk, but looking for witnesses to help them with the case. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> a rocket carrying northern california cargo is on the way to outer space. >> we have lift off of falcon 9 rocket and dragon. >> an unmanned falcon rocket blasted off from florida ten minutes ago. on board is a 3d printer from silicon valley made in space. they hope to allow astronauts the spare parts when they need repairs to the space station. a 39-year-old from richmond is in jail accused of sexual low assaulting three boys. he was arrested on september 9th and held on $4.2 million bail.
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he contacted the victims through churches through central and east contra costa county. they believe there may be other victims. >> a man is suspected of trying to kill a woman in her 70s. the man attacked the woman at russell and otis streets. he took off when she streamed for help. they were able to track them down based on a description by witnesses. the woman was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. >> a gunman killed two men. it happened at 5:30 on fourth street from lincoln elementary. one victim died and the other was rushed to the hospital where he died a short time ago. no arrests have been made and police have not released information. oakland police are investigating a deadly shooting. it happened shortly after 7:00 tonight. police say the victim was shot on hillside street and taken to a hospital where he died.
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investigators have not made arrests or identified suspects. this is the 56th homicide of the year in oakland. >> today we heard from the father of a young man shot and killed by a police officer in richmond. the father mourned the loss of his son with family and friends in nickel park this afternoon. 23-year-old richard was killed outside a liquor store. perez was drunk and tried to grab the officer's gun. they shot perez three times and the father said it didn't need to happen. >> i raised my son well. he had respect for the law. he was guilty of one thing and that was being intoxicated. i know we need police and there criminals in the world, but my son was not one of them. >> they have video evidence that proves the shooting was justifi justified. >> check out this photo from san francisco. that's a parking control officer on the hood of a car.
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he was writing a ticket when the driver got in and tried to run him down. the officer hopped on to the car and clung to the hood for several blocks. police pulled over the driver on market street. she has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and the officer was not hurt. a cruiser waiting until it is safe by the growing king fire that burned more than 80,000 acres and only 10% contained. 2800 people have been evacuated. >> the fire is not quite to this area yet, but we have dozer lines and hose lines in place that are in front of the houses. if the fire does come up, we have a buffer between where the fire is and where it wants to go. >> the crews are standing by to set backfires that are carefully controlled designed to burn brush and vegetation so there is nothing left to fuel the fire when it arrives. >> the fire is creating problems in the bay area. let's go for the details.
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hi, drew. >> the problems are with the smoke. the winds are shifting and the smoke could make its way into portions of the bay area. look at the satellite imagery. you can see the smoke that is billowing to the east. the winds are about 5 to 10 miles per hour and that is carrying the smoke in the portions of the north bay. there is a possibility we could see increased problems with people with asthma or respiratory issues. the wind between 4 and 11 miles per hour. we have an air quality look for sensitive groups. the good news, the wind will shift come monday. we are tracking a chance of rain and we will let you know when that arrives. matt? >> in madera county crews are making progress with a fire near bass lake. it's about 320 acres. all orders have been lifted and
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56 buildings were damaged or destroyed. the san francisco firefighters who helped save camp mather from a wildfire are being honored tonight. supporters of the summer family camp gathered for the 90th anniversary party. last summer crews were able to contain the rim fire in yosemite before it reached the camp. proceeds will be used to protect the camp from future fires. developing out of the central valley, police caught four of five inmates who escaped from jail. the men broke out of the madera county jail last night held on charges including attempted murder and armed robbery. four were captured a short time ago. man, 29-year-old so liz remains at large tonight. new at 11:00, livermore police need help identifying a woman in these photos. she stole a package off the front porch of a home.
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a silver chevy traverse stole the package and she got back in the suv and left. for the second time in two days, a man was arrested trying to get into the white house. secret service agents say a man pulled into the screening area and refused to stop. he was arrested for unlawful entry. left 42-year-old omar gonzalez jumped the fence and ran across the north lawn. he made it through the white house front door before he was tackled. later this hour, the new questions about how the secret service handles risk at the white house. still to come on abc 7 news at 11:00, a restaurant owner is taking an unusual stand. why he said he had it with picky customers and what the customers are saying. a major freeway closure creates a traffic mess, but there is good news tonight. a deadly virus targeting man's best friend. where
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. >> a caltrans is reopening a 10-mile stretch of 37 several days early. it was scheduled to be closed from valet ho to sears point. the work is done. crews worked all day today digging out portions of the highway and repaving them and leveling it off. highway 37 is scheduled to be closed at night all week and next weekend for additional maintenance. a san francisco restaurant owner said he had enough. that's why he posted this sign on his restaurant to temporarily close this week.
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we go live from bryant street with more. what are the responses to this? >> matt, this is a passionate issue for those with dietary restrictions. the owner put up this sign asking that if you are someone that is hard to please, turn around and go somewhere else. by the looks of this restaurant suddenly closing on thursday and posting this sign, that is yes that they use msg, do not buy organic and don't care about gluten free. they stand by the old sign because simply put, he is tired of catering to hard to satisfy patrons. here's an example of a customer interaction thursday. >> the guy came up to me and said the rule is, we don't like it, we don't have to pay. as he was walking out, he started cursing at me. >> the social media response has been huge.
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people on both sides are debating actions. christine said alienating potential customers is never a good idea. business 101. some picky eaters agree to some degree. because of my food preferences, it is his choice. >> the fact that they are stating that they use msg wouldn't be my preference. >> those dining here tonight had a different take. >> there is a ton of places to get gluten free or non-msg. there is no reason to try to go after a guy running a business. >> everyone knows most asian restaurants are going to have msg and are not gluten-free. >> this is a clientele the owner admits this place is made for. >> do you plan to change your menu after this? >> to organic msg at most.
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>> from san francisco, abc 7 news. >> a warning after a mountain lion was spotted in millbrae. driving off the interstate around 2:30 this afternoon, the latest in an increase in sightings around the bay area. the city of south san francisco lifted a tree on top of sign hill in honor of a little girl who lot of a battle with cancer. julianna pena who passed away two years ago. her parents say she loved to stare at the lights on the tree and refused to shut the blinds until she fell asleep. the tree will remain lit up for september which is childhood cancer awareness month. growing outrage over a "new york times" story. the article starts off saying the auto biography should be how to get away with being an angry black woman and refers to her as a romance writer. they chimed in on twitter saying how come i am not an angry black
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woman. those two white characters on the shows. then tweeted wait, i'm angry and a romance writer? in an interview, they talked about it. >> they said what does it feel like to get to the voice of a plaque woman. i said well, it will be a long time now. >> rhymes states over at abc and scandal is at 9:00 and the newest show how to get away with murder is on at 10:00. now it's time to check in withdrew for the weather forecast. this is the last week of summer. are we celebrating? >> we are. fall officially arrives monday evening and tomorrow will be similar to the weather today. clouds in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon. live doppler will show you around the bay area. we are dry a little to the east. there have been thundershowers with us throughout the evening
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hours. instability is not great to see storms with lightning strikes as they push to the west and encounter stable air. we think you will stay in the higher elevations of the sierra mountains. 64 degrees in oakland and 63 in san francisco. 66 in hayward and san ramon at 62 degrees. we have overcast skies and a deep marine layer over us. tomorrow the clouds to start off and they will erode away for afternoon sunshine and a chance of showers are possible into thursday. the satellite imagery shows you the same area of low pressure that brought us the sprinkles wednesday to thursday. it hasn't gone too far away. the counterclockwise slope is combined with a low-lying clouds and fog above that. it will be tough to break out early in the morning.
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the clouds and overcast skies. lots of sunshine in the inland locations. clouds are hanging on. most of us warmed with the temperature. we look to the week ahead and low pressure that circulates around the pacific northwest. that will try to drag a piece of moisture over the bay area. it's up similar in the amount of rain we saw late last week. that's the area for the rain in the north bay location. that gets close to thursday. 67 in half moon bay. highs around the region from the south bay, a high of 79 and san jose 77. santa clara and 74 in san mateo. downtown san francisco, 62 in the sunset district.
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north is 76. 75 for napa. oakland the high and 80 degrees. see the phillies take on the a's. 58 degrees at 4:00. temperatures right around 70 degrees and then a final look at highs will be in the 80s. 86 the high in livermore. the seven-day forecast will show you fall begins on monday. holding steady through tuesday and wednesday and thursday, watch for the increased chance of rain showers moving in to the bay area. >> delivering for the first week of fall. it will be nice to get rain here. thank you so much. >> mike joins us now with sports. i wonder if stanford would feel bad for cal tonight. >> unbelievable. a lot of the greatest and worst. facing the wildcats in the desert and it was wild. they came out and had it under control. arizona battles back and down to the wire. you won't believe the
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>> calaveras with a track me down to the desert. arizona's prayer was answered. trying to intimidate cal with a white out. touchdowns and airs it out. 80 yards and the route is on 28-6 at the half. 93 yards on the ground. mohamed, the first of two rushing touchdowns to the outside. 50 yards for the score and cal is up 38-23. arizona wouldn't go away. perfect for them and the third of the game, 45-43. going for two at the tie. the pass is incomplete and seems to get a first down. he takes it down and puts in the freshman. he gets stopped and the field
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goal. second and 10 for the 47. down to 47-73. 520 yards. this is the hail mary. austin hill. on the catch. are you kidding me? arizona's prayer is answered. what a come back. that just didn't happen. ards went 49-45. cal falls to 2-1. this is going to hurt for a while. san jose state on the road and destroying the spartans on the ground. a-yard run and under a minute to go. got plenty of blocks and a 27 yard touchdown and already down three. this one was 20 seconds left to go in the half. chris sadler pounds it in and
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that's the loss to the golden gophers. we will take a time out from san diego. hunter pence and his teammates wouldn't rally.
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the rally and a chance to catch the dodgers for the nl west crown. wishing if are a victory and the third inning. grounds into what should be a double play. will venable comes across. 1-0, padres.
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on for renee rivera. juan perez can't reach it. 3-0, padres. a rally in the ninth and connects off andrew. 3-1 and otherwise brilliant. eight innings and rbi single and brandon crawford flies out and fall 3 1/2 back of the dodgers. maintaining the top spot over the pirates. the a's and phillies, jerome williams and drew palmer is on the hill now and struck out six. the bases in the first and bases loaded for the a's in the second. the offensive struggles continue and into the 4, 6, 3 double play. williams became the first player to beat the same team three times while playing for three different teams. innings of shutout baseball. 165 average gone. his fourth of the year. they had more in the eighth.
11:31 pm
singling and chase utley coming around to score and still the wild card. >> you can sit here and talk about the things we haven't done doing well. we take it one game at a time. we will be there until the end of the season. we control our own destiny. we played the baseball we know how to play, we will beat them. >> we will take a tour of the college football forecast. we have the final play of the game. >> don't revisit this. >> coming up, two breeches in two days. new concerns about white house security and the deadly virus targeting dogs. where it's happening and what to look for. >>
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good evening. i'm matt keller. a driver is under arrest for hitting and killing a woman near san francisco's stockton tunnel at the intersection of stockton and sacramento street. the driver is charged with vehicular manslaughter. a gunman shot and killed two men at 5:30. police have not released any suspect information. in the central valley police caught four or five inmates who escapeed from jail. the men broke out of the madera county jail. man, 29-year-old so liz remains at large tonight. the secret service is trying to explain how two men breached white house security. a 19-year-old man was arrested
11:36 pm
after he tried to drive through a barricade to the white house. another man was arrested yesterday. michelle franzen has the details. >> the secret service springing into action investigating on the grounds of the white house and reacting to yet another intruder. the second one in less than 24 hours. the latest incident happening while security personnel canvassed the ground in the aftermath of the breech friday. >> you have to go to 17th. >> that's when this man scaled the fence and raced across to the white house. running 200 feet making it to the door and into the white house before he is arrested. crossing a full white house evacuation. the secret service said 42-year-old gonzalez from texas told them he was concerned the atmosphere was collapsing and needed to get word to the president. the complaint as gonzalez was
11:37 pm
armed with a knife, gonzalez was always a little strange. >> i went to talk to him and he said he thought people were watching him. >> the breeches have prompted a full-scale security review. >> the yet that he would walk into the white house and it was unsecure is troubling. >> the white house released a statement saying "the president has full confidence in the secret service." the president was never in danger. he lifted off along with his daughters on the other side of the white house just minutes before the first breech and was still in camp david when the second man foiled security. michelle franzen, abc news, new york. >> a kentucky firefighter injured in an ice bucket challenge has died. the 41 year old died this morning. he and another firefighter were on the ladder of a fire truck when it hit a power line. it happened after they dumped water on a group of college students participating.
11:38 pm
three others were injured and are recovering. >> i manhunt is under way for a gunman who injured a trooper. this is extremely dangerous because the suspect is a skilled woodsman and a trained marksman. >> a small army of law enforcement is in pursuit of this man. 31-year-old eric freen. he is wanted for the ambush murder of a state trooper over a week ago. freen is a practice survivalist may see things from a different point of view. through a sniper scope. >> if he wants to kill more cops, he is just waiting for them. >> he suspects he is luring police instead of talk stalking them. >> he wants them to go into the woods and know you how to set up a trap. i think the national guard should go out there.
11:39 pm
>> shots were fired. >> the tense and uncertainty made for a night of confusion as hundreds of officers warmed the area where he was living with his family. >> secure that perimeter. >> multiple calls on this possibly in the woodlands, four gunshots. >> no word on who was shooting or at whom. the community is on lockdown. residents are told to stay behind locked doors. for some who venture out, guns have become an emergency provision. >> we sleep with our guns. >> abc news. >> dozens of dog owners had to euthanize their pets because of a deadly and contagious virus that appears to be spreading. the vets say dozens of dogs in trend on have died from parvo. the illness is often fatal for infected dogs. it can be transmitted by anything that comes into contact with feces. it can transfer to paws or fur.
11:40 pm
>> it's not easy to clean up or pick up and you are stepping in it. animals are stepping in it. that impacted the way it is transmitted. >> a vet said the easiest way to prevent the virus is make sure your dog is up to date on all vaccinations. >> new at 11:00, san francisco's aquatic cove and the beach have been closed due to a fuel spill. they noticed oil in the water this morning and tar balls began washing up on the beach. it came from the liberty ship which is berthed at pier 45. david mcguire sent the photos of swimmers cleaning the oil off their feet. the company that operates the ship will resume cleaning up the oil tomorrow and an investigation into how it happened is under way. volunteers are cleaning up the shoreline this weekend as part of the california coastal clean up. people planted trees and picked
11:41 pm
weeds and hauled away garbage. they are from san francisco picking up litter. they are cleszed with beautiful waterfronts and they have a responsibility to take care of them. this weekend you can check out a 2,000-year-old chinese tradition in the bay area. the dragon boat festival features boats from all over the world. this started in 1996 though it originated in ancient china. the races will start tomorrow morning. the admission and parking are free. >> coming up next, a head band reads your mind. jonathan bloom shows us what the computerized gear can do if you put your mind to it. >> i'm drew and we are entering the final day of summer. as we enter fall, the chances of rain o
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purchases for july for $2 billion released a new prototype for the head sets. they spoke to developers in los angeles to show off the device. it features high definition video and built in audio. it's not ready for consumer use. the next step is to design a game controller. a new gadget that hit the market comes closer than ever to reading your mind. jonathan bloom tried on the head
11:45 pm
band that lets you control things. >> imagine pouring yourself a beer by thinking about it. now stop thinking about it before the glass overflows. it's not science fiction, but it is science packed into the high tech head band he is wearing called you. >> you are using your mind. >> we are not leading a general increase in a brain wave band and you are useding that as a trigger. that measures the electrical impulses. no messy electrodes that uses conductive rubber and ink. >> that's my brain. >> for $300, it is shipped with an app that teaches you to control them. when your mind is quiet, you hear birds chirping. when you are distracted, you hear the wind. >> you can look at all the
11:46 pm
details. >> this is on your phone buzz. >> overtime get better at relaxing. >> i get e-mails all the time. >> you don't have to look at it for long to notice how similar it looks. i don't think it builds in the next version of google glass, you are not the first. >> it will be integrated into the others. >> for now, they told us via skype. >> how well it works after seeing it for a while, i did start to feel the effects of becoming calmer and more relaxed. >> the relaxation is open to developers though there will be other apps and some just for cool tricks like pouring a beer. >> it's really good if you are too drunk. >> you can't focus if you are drunk. >> precisely. >> abc 7 news. >> one of the bay area's most
11:47 pm
well-known talk show hosts revealed he had parkinson's and he hid it from the public for more than 12 years. ron owens and his wife, news anchor jan black shat down for an exclusive television interview about ron's battle with parkinson's disease and why he went public. >> he decided to go public after robin williams died and it was revealed he had parkinson's disease. >> the basic reason was after 12 1/2 years, you know you will have to go public at some point. when i saw robin had it and was diagnosed months before. i didn't think that was the reason he would have committed suicide. i wanted people to understand that i lived with it for 12 years and it's not a death sentence. >> join cheryl jennings to hear about ron's battle with parkinson's and how he and his
11:48 pm
family are coping with it. this year supporters of san francisco's walk to end alzheimer's raised $1 million for the fifth year in a row. 5,000 walkers took part in the largest walk in the nation. money raised will have a search for the cure. more than 5 million americans lived with alzheimer's. a nice day for them to get out there and money for a good cause. it looks like we have a decent weekend. seasonal. >> definitely. the coastal temperatures are running lower than normal thanks to the cloud cover. live doppler will show you we are dry, but we are tracking a shower moving into eastern contra costa county north of brentwood. one shower sizzling apart and most stuff is dry and dealing with clouds tonight. look at nationwide weather and a cold front from the mid-atlantic and down to the deep south with a line of showers and storms and the middle of the country. lots of sunshine and back here at home, lots of sunshine on top
11:49 pm
and warm temperatures. 87 in sacramento. 88 in chico and 93 for fresno and los angeles with a high of 80. bay area similar highs for today. 69 in richmond and 68 san francisco. 74 fremont and palo alto at 71. morning clouds and fall begins on monday. by wednesday and thursday, these are taking a slight dip thanks to the increase. >> fall is coming on monday, we have college football and it feels like fall. you were so stressed today. after that game you need a massage. you miss the sticker around and it was a big day with florida state. play without your quarterback.
11:50 pm
suspended for foolish behavior. they
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if you asked me a month ago, i would say ta they were dead in the water. san diego gets the padres to the fans. for a victory on her birthday.
11:53 pm
the third inning. one of the padres in the 6th, rivera crushes 1 to center. 3-0 padres. his 20th of the year. that's eight innings striking out and rbi single. runners on the corners. picked well and scoreless innings and the bases were in the first. bases loaded for the a's and into the 4, 6, 3 double play. the first player since 1900. three different in the same season. seven innings of shutout baseball. out and two outs in the seventh.
11:54 pm
light hitting freddie with a .165 average. more in the eighth. marlon bird and eric sogard comes around. they go on to lose 3-0. >> the track is done and down to the final play of the game. arizona's prayer was answered. arizona wouldn't go away. the perfect pass. she takes out at golf and he gets stuck. calvin misses the field goal four seconds left. arizona down to them at 520 yards. he's the hail mary. are you kidding me? arizona's prayer is answered. what a come back.
11:55 pm
that didn't just happen. this is going to hurt for a while. you were doing great. i was in the right place at the right time. >> unbelievable. in minnesota, going to destroy the spartans on the ground. nine yards and 10-0 min. plenty of open space. only three. they had two picks in the first half. 20 seconds to go from his own 25 yard line. murray with that. pounds it in from a yard out. the quarterback suspended against clemson. game time with the traditional sphere. clemson making noise.
11:56 pm
down the sideline for williams and loses a shoe and gets his hands on the ball and 39 yards at the yard line. clemson in there. carlos williams gets to the outside and scores. number two oregon. down seven in the fourth. wide open and at 31. well on the sland and the feedback to 38 to 31. mississippi state on the road against lsu. lsu chips away in the third quarter and put the ball on the ground before danielle hunter scoops and scores and two minutes later, mississippi state
11:57 pm
responds. that's 24-10. the last chance is down five. brandon harris is tossing up the hail mary. in at this time earthquake, getting the impact. they beat the quake and we will see you tomorrow. that's it f
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- an english professor from reno, nevada... an archaeologist from pittsburgh, pennsylvania... and our returning champion,


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