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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 21, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> good morning, everyone. i'm caroline taylor. thank you for joining us on this sunday, september 21. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist. >> we're starting out with radar images that shows some shower activity in the sierra nevada and the san joaquin valley all due to an area of low pressure that continues to spin out some moisture and thunderstorms here. so it has been rainy in the sierra nevada. reno forecasting rain today. you can see the motion of this is blowing off some of the cloud cover westward into the east bay valleys. but all the activity has since died down, and we will be looking at more stable air moving into the bay area today. 62 in morgan hill.
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63 in san carlos. mid 60s in oakland. so a mild start with the overcast conditions. and temperatures today about the same. below average inland, below to mid 80s with sunshine. partly cloudy skies san francisco, 69. low 70s around the bay and oakland today. and still forecasting rain as we welcome autumn tomorrow night. this morning, san francisco police are investigating a deadly accident where a driver hit and killed a pedestrian. it happened at an intersection that residents say is one of the most dangerous in the city. abc 7 news reporter has the story. >> reporter: this is the yellow toyota suv that hit the pedestrian. the driver, 40-year-old calixto dilinila, was arrested for suspicion of vehicular manslaughter and failing to yield to a pedestrian.
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>> she is asian. she's from the neighborhood. we're trying to contabt family, that sort of thing. >> reporter: one resident who knew the victim said she lived in the building just feet from where she was hit. where did she live? do you know where she lived? >> right there. >> reporter: the building is a senior living facility, and this corner is often packed with elderly residents boarding buses and cars that regularly dart by. one resident, who didn't want to use his name, said he has to be very careful here at all times of the day. how dangerous is the intersection? >> for old people, it's dangerous. >> reporter: why? >> because they can't walk fast. >> reporter: and what do the cars do? >> they don't stop. >> reporter: police have been trying to enforce traffic safety in the area. it's not yet clear where the yellow suv made contact with the pedestrian in the crosswalk. they are looking for witnesses to help them with this case. in san francisco, abc 7 news.
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this morning, contra costa sheriff's county deputies say there may be additional victims of a suspected child molester. 39-year-old ronald deguzman is in jail. he was arrested september 9 at his home accused of sexually assaulting three boys. he has been charged with 17 counts of child molestation. detectives believe deguzman contacted his victims through churches in central and east contra costa county. he's being held on $4.2 million bail. this morning, a man is in custody suspected of trying to kill a woman in her 70s. berkeley police say the man attacked the woman late friday afternoon at russell and otis streets. she took off or rather he took off when she screamed for help. officers arrived and were able to track down the suspect based on a description given to them by witnesses. the woman was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening
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injuries. oakland police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened shortly after 7:00 last night. police say the victim was shot on hillside street, then taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. investigatorors have not made any arrests or identified any suspects. this is the 66th homicide of the year in oakland. richmond police are on the lookout for a gunman who killed two men. it happened at 5:30 yesterday evening at bissell avenue and fourth street. one victim died at the scene. the other was rushed to the hospital where he died. no arrests have been made. police have not released information about a suspect. for the first time, we've heard from the father of a young man shot and killed by a police officer in richmond a week ago today. the father, rick perez, mourning the loss of his family with family and friends at nichols park yesterday afternoon.
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23-year-old richard perez was killed last sunday outside a liquor store. police say perez was drunk, tried to grab the officer's gun. the officer then shot him three times. his father says that did not need to happen. >> i raised my son well. he had respect for the law. he is only guilty of one thing that night, and that was being intoxicated. i know we need the police. i know we need stuff like that. there are criminals in the world. my son wasn't one of them. >> police say they have video evidence proving the shooting was justified. and check out this photo from san francisco. that is a park and control officer on the hood of a car. police say he was writing a ticket near alamo square when the driver got in and tried to run him down. the officer hopped onto the car. he clung to the hood for several blocks. police eventually pulled over the driver on market street. she has been charged with
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assault with a deadly weapon, a car. the officer was not hurt. napa residents feeling rather tense from the earthquake can get things all smoothed out this afternoon at the city's emotional rebuilding fair. plenty of residents experienced tension, anxiety, and even post-traumatic stress disorder from last month's 6.0 quake. the fair will offer massages, yoga, therapy, and pet behavior. the healing begins this afternoon at 1:00 at the crosswalk community church in napa. crews are waiting until it's safe to see how many buildings were damaged or destroyed by the growing king fire in eldorado county. so far, it has burned nearly 82,000 acres. it's only 10% contained. it has now spread into tahoe national forest. 2,800 people have been evacuated from the area.
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>> the fire isn't quite here to this area yet, but we have dozer lines in place, hose lines in place that are in front of the houses. so if the fire does come up here, we have a buffer between where the fire is and where it wants to go. >> crews are also standing by to set those backfires, the carefully controlled fires designed to burn brush and vegetable so there's nothing left to fuel the wildfire when it arrives. in madera county, crews are making progress against a wildfire near bass the court me fi the san francisco firefighters who helped save camp mather from a wildfire in the sierra last year were honored last night. supporters of the popular summer family camp gathered for its
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90th anniversary party and rim fire benefit last night. last summer, crews were able to contain the massive rim fire in yosemite before it reached camp mather. proceeds will be used to protect the camp from future fires. unfortunately it's that time of the year. >> right. but we do have showers in the seven-day forecast. right now, we're talking about lots of cloud cover and balmy conditions. mid 60s here in san francisco. the sun coming up 6:57. it will be slow to clear. temperatures a little cool. we'll warm up before we usher in our first fall rain of the season. i'll have the forecast when we return. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, a restaurant owner taking an unusual stand. why he says he's had it with picky customers, and what the customers are saying. and later, a deadly virus targeting man's best friend. where it's happening and what to
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covering in the central valley, police have caught four or five inmates who escaped from jail. authorities say the men broke out of the madera county jail friday night. they were being held on charges, including attempted murder and armed robbery. four of the men were captured last night. one man, 29-year-old roel soliz, remains at large. livermore police need help identifying a woman that you're going to see in these surveillance photos. police say she stole a package off the front porch of a home early thursday afternoon. officers say a silver chevy traverse pulled into the driveway. the suspect, that woman, got out, ran to the door, stole the package, got back in the suv and
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left. this morning, north korea state-run news agency is saying an imprisoned california man wants to become the second edward snowden. matthew todd miller of bakersfield was sentenced to six years hard labor last week. the agency in a sometimes confusing statement reported that miller was part of the united states anti-north korea human rights campaign. it also said miller planned to tell the north koreans he had secret information about american military bases in south korea. similar to snowden revealing nsa secrets. two emotional appeals this morning for the release of a british man held hostage by isis. militants threatened to kill allen henning as they have two other westerners if the united states continues its air strikes against them. henning's wife in a statement released by the british foreign office says he is a peaceful,
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selfless man who was in syria only to help people in need. a doctor who volunteered with henning in syria also appealed to isis militants to free him. >> he's not part of your struggle. he is not to blame for the actions of western governments that you fight. he is not responsible for the killing of innocent civilians. >> henning is a taxi driver who travelled to syria last december to deliver food and water to people affected by the country's civil war. and as the campaign against isis intensifies, u.s. ambassador to the united nations, samantha power, will be a guest on "this week." the obama administration has mounted a campaign to bring the international community onboard to fight isis. you can watch the show right here on abc 7 at 8:00 this morning. the secrets of the planet mars could begin to be unlocked in the next few weeks, thanks to
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the maven spacecraft. the maven will enter mars shortly before 7:00 tonight. maven has a local flavor. four of its instruments were built at cal's space sciences laboratory. the goal of maven is to help scientists figure out why mars lost its atmosphere. they believe the planet may have once had oceans, rovers, and an atmosphere similar to earth. another rocket carrying northern california cargo is on its way to outer space. >> and we have liftoff of space-x falcon 9 rocket and dragon. >> the unmanned falcon rocket from space-x blasted off from florida late last night. onboard, a 3d printer from a silicon valley company made in space. tesla founder elan musk is the
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ceo of space-x. a san francisco restaurant owner says he has had it up to here with picky eaters, and that's why he posted this sign on his summer restaurant and temporarily closed this week. our reporter explains. >> reporter: by the looks of this restaurant suddenly closing on thursday and posting this sign that, yes, they use msg, they do not buy organic, and don't care about gluten free hasn't hurt business. the owner stands by the sign because simply put, he is tired of catering to hard to satisfy patrons. here is an example of customer interaction thursday. >> a guy came up to me and he said, the rule is if we don't like it, we don't have to pay. as he was walking out, he cursed at me. and that's why. >> reporter: the social media response has been huge. people on both sides are debating his actions. christine tweeted, alienating
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potential customers is never a good idea. business 101. some self proclaimed picky eaters agree to some degree. >> because of my food preferences as far as quality goes, i wouldn't choose to eat there. but it is his choice. >> the fact they are outwardly stating they use msg it wouldn't be my preference. >> reporter: but others had a totally different take. >> there's a ton of places to get gluten free or nonmsg. there's no reason to go after a guy trying to run a business. >> i think everyone knows that most asian restaurants have msg and are not gluten free. >> reporter: so supporters filled the restaurant. this is the clientele the owner admits this place is made for. do you plan to change your menu at all after this? >> perhaps if it were organic msg, at most. >> reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. caltrans has reopened a
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10-mile stretch of highway 37 almost 36 hours ahead of schedule. highway 37 was slated to be closed all weekend for maintenance and repaving, but the work was completed. the roadway reopened at 8:00 last night. crews worked all day yesterday digging out cracked portions of the highway, repaving them, and then leveling it off. highway 37 is still scheduled to be closed again next weekend for additional maintenance. in addition, caltrans says it will be close at night between monday, september 29 and friday, october 3. today is world alzheimer's day. the alzheimer's association asks people to wear purple to show support. yesterday 5,000 walkers took part in the largest alzheimer's walk in the nation. supporters of san francisco's walk to end alzheimer's raised $1 million for the fifth year in a row. the money will benefit a search
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for the cure. more than 5 million americans live with alzheimer's. well, lisa is here now. and you're saying that fall begins when? >> tomorrow. 7:29. and then a couple of days after that, we'll get some rain. so things looking up around here. we are looking at doppler 7 hd where we were tracking showers yesterday from the sierra nevada dpri drifting into the central valley. you can see some leftover activity through sonora. and this is all rotating around an upper level low that brought down some thunderstorms. you can still see some lightning strikes here in the san joaquin valley. this is actually just about where the upper level low is. you can see the moisture just being pulled into the mountains. once again, today we'll see some showers in the sierra nevada. and some of that cloud cover blowing off into our east bay valleys, even a few lightning strikes yesterday near napa as that moisture drifted into the
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bay area. but overall, we've got a stable atmosphere today. high pressure sits off the coast. it will be our fair weather maker for the next several days before things change it up. right on cue for fall. emoriville this morning, 63 in san francisco as well as san carlos and san jose, morgan hill, good morning to you 62. mild temperatures. and the fog has not made it across the coastal hills, so we're still looking at light overcast there. but the low clouds have been slow to move across the bay. 62 in fairfield. this is the overcast from that blow-off of that upper level low. we'll get some sunshine, but not at the coast. it will remain cloudy there. look for the possibility of showers to move in on thursday and into friday. and maybe the coastal hills could see upwards of a quarter of an inch, maybe.
5:20 am
everyone else, lesser amounts. but still, we are looking at some activity starting with this morning. you can see earlier around sacramento, the storms there. this morning, the overcast conditions. and with that onshore push, we'll be back to the same old, same old today with the clouds at the coast. and then sunshine inland. should be a pretty decent day as high pressure builds in. we'll see just a slight warming trend in the next couple of days in response to this trough. but here it comes. then on thursday, you can see the rainshowers lined up from the north coast, right on through the bay area. presses as far south as monterey. then into friday, the actual low moves in. and we'll keep the showers in the forecast for friday. 79 in san jose. 77 in sunny valley. along the coast, cloudy. 63 half moon bay. san francisco, 68, partly cloudy. north bay numbers, mid 70s for santa rosa, but 70 in oakland today. 77 castro valley.
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and cooler today for you in the east bay with 83 in san ramon, 86 in livermore. today a few degrees cooler. tomorrow as fall arrives, maybe a couple of degrees warmer. then by tuesday, not much change. high pressure moving out of here on wednesday. and here comes that weather system for thursday and friday with temperatures cooler and maybe just a little bit of rain for us. just a little. >> ok. i'm ready for the mugginess to be gone. >> it has been very muggy. you're right. with the mild temperatures, high dew points. and i don't know if i can help you out with that. >> thank you anyway, lisa. kgo radio host ron owens recently revealed he has parkinson's disease but chose to hide it from the public for more than 12 years. owens and his wife, former kgo news anchor jan black, sat down with our cheryl jennings to talk about ron's battle. his doctor also joined us to talk about symptoms and
5:22 am
treatments. it turns out depression is part of the illness. >> depression. well, i have clinical depression. so the parkinson's kind of feeds into that. bill will tell you that i was at 40% or 60% of people who get parkinson's have depression issues. >> reporter: jan, do you find that he's moody? >> yes. [ laughter ] >> well, i seriously think he's sort of always been like that. >> moody? >> well, and before the diagnosis. and then you got on anti-depressants, and it really does make a very dbig differenc in terms of moodiness. but i have always wondered if this was a symptom of parkins parkinson's showing up before the tremors did. >> please join cheryl jennings for her exclusive television interview with kgo radio's ron owens this morning at 10:00 here on abc 7. and up next, a touching display. why christmas lights are being lit up for the rest of the month
5:23 am
in san mateo county. abc 7 is honoring hispanic heritage month through october 15 with posts to our instagram feed. today is world gratitude day. we are thankful for the community leadership of louis grenado. louis has served as the agency's executive director for the past 15 years. we have more details on
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growing outrage over a "new york times" story about "scandal." the article starts off saying that rimes' autobiography should be called "how to get away with being an angry black woman." she responded on twitter writing, quote, how come i am not an angry black woman? those are two white characters on her show. then she tweeted, wait, i'm angry and a romance writer? and an interview with robin roberts, she talked about her writing. >> somebody said like, you know, what does it feel like to get to write the voice of a black woman? and i said, well,s ha --
5:27 am
>> she takes over with "gray's anatomy" at 8:00 and "scandal" at 9:00 and "how to get away with murder" at 10:00. a tree in honor of a little girl who lost her battle with cancer. it's in memory of 2 1/2-year-old julie penna who pastsed away tw years ago. she loved to stare at the lights on the tree. the tree will remain lit for the rest of september, which is childhood cancer awareness month. much more ahead on the abc 7 sunday morning news. two breeches in two days. new concerns about white house security. also, what a difference a dog can make.
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. welcome back, everyone. we're starting this half-hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist. >> hi, good morning to you. we begin with rainshower activity in the central valley. this cloud cover blowing off into our east bay valley. so it's not all the cloud cover from the coast, the stratus, the low clouds. we're seeing a combination this morning as an upper level low continues to push on out of the state. but as it does, it's spreading some activity in the form of showers, even some lightning strikes in the san joaquin valley. but for the bay area, high pressure or stable atmosphere will win out today and the next couple of days before things change up and we see a return to fall-like weather. right now in the 60s. 64 in oakland. 62 in morgan hill. as for today, with that high pressure off the coast, we'll see a dominant onshore push.
5:31 am
low clouds and fog will be banked up along the coast with 60s there. sunshine inland. still a bit of haze in the inland east bay. showers still in the forecast for the sierra nevada. i'll tell you when they'll be in our local forecast and for how long in a few minutes. this morning, the secret service is trying to explain how two men breached white house security. a 19-year-old man was arrested yesterday after he tried to drive through a barricaded entryway to the white house. and another man was arrested friday in a much more serious incident. nbc news reporter michelle franzen has details. >> reporter: the secret service springing into action investigating on the grounds of the white house, reacting to yet another intruder. the second one in less than 24 hours. the latest incident happening while security personnel canvassed the ground in the aftermath of another serious breach friday.
5:32 am
>> you'll have to go out. >> reporter: that's when this man scaled the fence and raced across the north lawn to the white house, running 200 feet, making it all way to the portico door and into the white house before he was arrested, and prompting a full white house investigation. 42-year-old omar gonzalez told them he was concerned the atmosphere was collapsing and needed to get word to the president. a court complaint says that gonzalez was armed with a black folding knife. a texas neighbors that gonzalez was always a little strange. >> when i talked to him, he told me that he thought people were watching him or his phone was tapped. >> reporter: the breach has prompted a full-scale security review. >> the idea that he could walk into the white house and that it was actually unsecure is a troubling aspect. >> reporter: the white house released a statement saturday night saying, quote, the president has full confidence in
5:33 am
the secret service. a report says that the president was never in danger. he lifted off with his daughters on the other side of the white house just minutes before the first breach, and was still in camp david when the second man foiled security. michelle franzen, abc news, new york. happening today, the issue of climate change is taking center stage all over the world. with over half a million people expected to attend people's climate margins. the bay area is taking part. at oakland's lake merit park, thousands are expected to call for immediate measures to halt and reverse climate change. they are pushing for a global agreement to reduce warming, pollution, and demand a world with good jobs, clean air, water, peace and justice, and a healthy environment. the rally begins at 2:00 this afternoon at oakland's lake merit park ampitheater. san francisco's aquatic cove and beaches are closed due to a fuel spill.
5:34 am
swimmers noticed oil in the water yesterday morning, and tar bowls began washing up on the beach. the fuel came from the world war ii liberty ship jeremiah o'brian, which is berthed at pier 35. david maguire sent us these photos. oakland city council is expected to sign off on a new $1 billion, 10-year garbage contract tomorrow. last month, the city council voted to award the contract to an oakland company, california waste solutions. the company that held the contract for decades filed two lawsuits to get the contract become. -- back. officials at california waste solutions decided to share the contract, sparing the city millions of dollars in legal costs. dozens of dog owners have
5:35 am
had to euthanize pets because of a deadly and contagious virus that appears to be spreading. vets say dozens of dogs in trenton, new jersey, have died in the past month from parvo virus. it's often fatal for infected dogs. it can be transmitted by anything that comes into contact with contaminated feces. even an innocent walk through grass can transfer it to a healthy dog's paws or fur. >> it's not easy to clean up. it's not easy to pick up. so you're stepping in it. animals are stepping in it. and that is exactly the way it's transmitted. >> vets say the easiest way to prevent the parvo virus is make sure your dog is up to date on all vaccinations. man's best friend is proving to be a pretty good companion to people going through the often frightening criminal justice system. i got a first look at the golden retriever that's bringing a sense of calm to san francisco's
5:36 am
courthouse, a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. it's his first official week at work. at san francisco's first courthouse therapy dog. and favor has already been a stress reliever for some of the most vulnerable, who find themselves having to testify in criminal justice proceedings. >> anything that we can do in order to facilitate the process and help our victims and help our witnesses be able to come in and provide information, and help us get to the bottom of the truth, whatever that is, is useful. >> reporter: child abuse, elder abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence. this golden retriever is highly trained to offer support during forensic interviews and other steps in criminal investigations. his handler works with the d.a.'s office of victims services, and describes how one young girl reacted with the pooch by her side. >> just to be able to have the dog next to her, she was petting his ears and providing the
5:37 am
information that the officer was requesting. >> reporter: favor comes compliments of a bay area nonprofit, canine companions for independence, which has a breeding program. the dogs are socialized for a year and a half by volunteers, and we found out coincidentally that favor got his training from abc 7 newscast director jerry sandy and his family. >> it's the most gratifying thing to know that somebody in need can be helped. >> reporter: eventually the d.a. would like to see favor allowed in the courtrooms when victims are testifying. but for now, he'll stick to therapy duties in the interview rooms and the hallways. this dog's got the magic touch not just with witnesses, but many of those who see him in the courthouse. >> good boy. >> and the district attorney says favor is available to both prosecutors and the public
5:38 am
defender's office. and our jerry sandy is here today directing this newscast. good job, jerry, with favor. appreciate it. still ahead on the abc 7 sunday morning news, the partnership between tech companies and several bay area schools. and it's more than just money. and here is a live look. if you are tired of the muggy weather, well, fall is on the way. lisa will have your accuweather forecast in just a few. (yawn) (ding!) toaster strudel! more fruit in the filling, ya? mmm! ya! warm, flaky, gooey, toaster strudel! now, with more fruit! don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds.
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this is abc 7 news. >> today you have another chance to check out a 2,000-year-old chinese tradition right here on san francisco bay. you are looking at the dragon boat festival, which features
5:41 am
boats from all over the world. the event started in though it rioriginated in ancie china. admission and parking are free. the festival runs from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and the water looks so beautiful and calm out there, lisa. >> yes. i have participated in that. it is a lot of fun, yes. so we are looking at a nice day today on the water. it's going to take some time for the clouds to clear, though. here is a look from our emoryville camera. once again, mild temperatures. mid 60s right now with cloudy skies all the way out towards the delta. we'll talk about our clearing. our brief flirtation with summer, and then the arrival of fall, all coming up. also ahead, a wild game between cal and arizona down in the desert. you will not believe the ending. mike shuman has the highlights coming up in sports. it's the yoplait greek taste-off
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some tech companies in the san francisco bay area are about to leave their mark in the class room. each company will be matched with a public school to offer more than just financial support. abc 7 news education reporter explains. >> reporter: these students enjoy being read to, and these co-workers have decided to make this elementary school their
5:45 am
volunteer school of choice. >> we have a lot of employees at zoom. 1/3 of the company speaks spanish. we picked the school because 70% of the kids are english language learners. >> reporter: they both work for zoom, based in san francisco. the company will support the school for a minimum of one year. already, zoom has donated 500 books to the school library. eve chong is the principal here. >> it's been a god-send. and he's going to be helping us with a bunch of guided reading books as far as we agreed on, right? >> whatever you want. human resources that can come in and help do things like recess monitoring or read alouds in the class, and also just to give some tender loving care to these kids. it really makes a difference. >> the superintendent and mayor have been working together for more than a year to get tech
5:46 am
companies involved in the public school systems. >> i never want to hear again really a teacher or principal say i have to reach in my own pocket to buy pencils and paper for these kids. >> reporter: the program is seen as ea wise investment for the city. >> if you think of our students as a farm team, you're starting to build that internal engine. >> reporter: so far, 20 schools have been matched. the goal is to have all 116 san francisco public schools paired with a tech company within a year. in san francisco, abc 7 news. well, where did the summer go? lisa argen is here to explain about the start of fall. >> that's right. and then we have more fall-like weather to look forward to, including showers, cooler temperatures. that happens the latter half of the upcoming work week. but right now, we are talking about some rain here in the
5:47 am
sierra nevada due to an upper level low. the sun coming up 6:57 and setting at 7:08. and we'll look for our typical bay area weather for the next couple of days before things get a little more interesting again from another system to the north. so we'll put this in motion for you. and you can just about pick up the low over the san joaquin valley. the lightning strikes there. the counterclockwise rotation through nevada, back through reno, and even into the sacramento valley where last hour we had some showers around the sacramento airport. but in emoryville, it is cloudy and mild, muggy out there with low to mid 60s around the bay. morgan hill 62. half moon bay 63. some of this due to our stratus, our low clouds, and some other cloud cover from that low drifting into mainly our east bay. but it will clear throughout the day today. no delays at sfo. 62 in napa as well as fairfield with the clouds here. 63 in concord and livermore.
5:48 am
so we are looking at that stable atmosphere. again as high pressure building in off the coast, that will allow for the clouds to clear slowly today just to the shoreline. it will remain cloudy at the beach with temperatures a little cooler today. then by thursday, another area of low pressure, a cold front, will be sweeping through the bay area and hopefully bringing us some rain. so there it is. you can see the higher cloud tops here from the thunderstorm activity. and as that low moves out, it really won't be much of a factor in our forecast today. but still some hazy conditions from the fires to the east of us. but overall, this high will build a bit in response to this low here. and as this low continues to churn up, we'll get the temperatures a little bit warmer day-to-day, and then the opposite will happen on thursday. and that means cloudy skies, chance of showers. and then behind it, the area of low pressure keeps the showers going into friday.
5:49 am
so high temperatures today just 69 degrees in southlake, with partly cloudy skies in yosemite. 77 in los angeles. monterey still on the mild side, low 70s. after that front moves through, high temperatures in san jose will be cooler than average with mid 70s for thursday and friday. maybe you'll see some precip here. but we could see as much as a quarter of an inch in our north bay communities. so the rain may be as far south as monterey come thursday and friday. today, though, nothing but sunshine with upper 60s. by the afternoon, low 70s in oakland. elsewhere, 79 san jose. 83 in concord. a little cooler there. 75 in napa. so temperatures a little cooler inland today, and we'll look for slightly warmer conditions the next couple of days. here comes the front. the chance of showers. highs just in the 70s by thursday and friday. so maybe we'll get it right this winter. >> yeah.
5:50 am
but this is not what you guys like to call opening the storm door. >> oh, no. but it's something. >> we'll take it. thank you, lisa. let's check out sports. both the 49ers and the raiders are on the road today. the silver and black in new england to play tom brady and the patriots. kickoff, 10:00 this morning. and the niners will try to rebound from last sunday's loss against the arizona cardinals. that game starts at 1:05. cal fans are still in shock this morning following last night's collapse in the arizona desert. here is abc 7 sports anchor mike shumann with all the details in this morningy's sports. >> good morning. cal and arizona with a track meet down in the desert. the bears had control until the final play of the game, and arizona's prayer was answered. wide-open. he goes 80 yards. so the route is on.
5:51 am
cal was up 28-6 at the half. cal had 193 yards on the ground. muhammad gets to the outside, stays on his feet. he'll go 50 yards for the score. cal up 38-23. but arizona wouldn't go away. down eight. this perfect pass for the third t.d. of the game. 45-43. going for two. and the tie. the pass is incomplete. cal just needs to get first downs to win the game. third and 6. he gets stuffed. calvin misses the 47-yard field goal. four seconds left. arizona down two. solomon, 47-73 for 523 yards. heaves the hail mary. and austin hill on the catch. are you kidding me? arizona's prayer is answered. what a comeback. that didn't just happen. arizona wins 49-45. cal falls to 2-1, and this one is going to hurt for a while. >> after we had some hard times in the first half, i was proud
5:52 am
of the whole team. the defense came through. i just love my whole team. it was just a regular hail mary throw. i knew he threw a great ball. >> a few months ago, if you had asked me if the giants were going to the playoff, i would have said they were dead in the water, but they are getting there. third inning. this grounds into what should be a double play. but they throw it away. venable scores. 1-0 padres. perez can't reach this one. two-run score. padres up 3-0. this one off cashner. cashner otherwise brilliant. runners on the corners giants lose 3-2. a's and phillies.
5:53 am
pomm pomm pomm pommeransz pitched well. but the offense struggles done. this 4-6-3 double play. the first player since 1900 to beat the same team three times while playing for three different teams. we've soon this before. this one gone to left center, his fourth of the year. 2-0 philly. one more in the eighth. bird's single just over the glove. elliott scores. a's lose 3-0, but still lead the wild card race by half a game. 49ers in arizona. the raiders in new england to face the patriots. we'll have those for you tonight at 5:00. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. up next, two baby cheetahs can now be seen at a southern california zoo.
5:54 am
while the cubs are being raised by a
5:55 am
5:56 am
here are the winning numbers from last night's $196 million power ball draw. 22, 23, 30, 37, 39. the power ball number 16. no one got all six. wednesday night's jackpot grows to $225 million. and the winning numbers from last night's $10 million super lotto plus, 2, 7, 12, 15, 38. the meganumber 3. no one got all six in that draw either. wednesday's jackpot increases to $11 million. some of the cutest critters you'll ever see are now on display in san diego. two cheetah cubs are now available for the public to see. several hours every day. the 3-week-old cubs are being raised by zoo staff because their mother was unsuccessful raising her previous litters.
5:57 am
dogs will be partnered with the cubs when they get a bit older, and that's because a dog's body language is known to calm and relax the cheat as. up next on the abc 7 sunday morning news at 6:00, a deadly intersection. the warning after a woman is killed crossing a busy san francisco street. and the restaurant owner taking an unusual stand against picky customers.
5:58 am
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6:00 am
live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, september 21. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist, lisa argen. >> good morning to you. live doppler 7 hd picking up rainshowers in the central valley, the sierra nevada. this is all in association with an upper level low in the central valley. rotating around it, some moisture. it was pretty active last night. you can still see some lightning strikes and some of the cloudiness in the east bay valleys.


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