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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 21, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking right now, double manhunt. the search for dangerous fugitives on both coasts. five violent offenders stage a daring jailbreak taking off in all directions terrifying residents. >> it's kind of scary knowing that. meantime, in pennsylvania a suspected cop killer playing a twisted game of hide-and-seek. people warned to stay inside. how long can he survive in the wilderness? fires and floods, raging infernos threatening thousands of homes. more people forced to evacuate overnight. can firefighters stop the flames? and in the midwest, heavy rains swallowing up cars and trucks and making a mess out of football games. what more can we expect for the start of fall? jump!
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>> lifesavers. an suv with three teens in it plunges into a river. bystanders spring into action. >> oh, my god. they just lifted that car. >> how they managed to lift the huge vehicle to make an amazing rescue. and royal replacement. prince william standing in for his wife duchess kate on an international visit right now. what he is saying about his pregnant wife, too sick to make the trip this morning. hey, good morning. we're going to begin with police out in force on both coasts right now searching for dangerous fugitives. in california, five violent offenders, these men breaking out of a county jail and there's are a lot of questions about why there was a troubling delay before anybody started looking for them. >> troubling to say the least. and then in pennsylvania the manhunt is now entering its
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second week. a survivalist and suspected cop killer managing to elude the hundreds of officers out looking for him. this morning, new insight into how he might be keeping under the radar. we have team coverage on these twin searches and we start with abc's brandi hitt in our l.a. bureau on the prison break. good morning. >> good morning, paula. after an intense manhunt four of the central california escapees are back in custody, a fifth still on the loose this morning. now, investigators say these are dangerous men, in fact, one is accused of shooting at a police officer and no one noticed they were missing for at least an hour. this morning, the hunt for one of five runaway inmates in madera, california, continues while overnight four prisoners were apprehended. >> this was not a violent escape. this was a breach. >> reporter: authorities say it took them an hour before realizing the inmates had escaped the jail on foot and after scouring the heavily wooded area near the detention center for more than 24 hours, the sheriff's office says the four most dangerous men have been captured. 25-year-old abel ramos was in
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custody for attempted murder of a police officer. ramos fired as many as 40 shots at a madera county sheriff's deputy during a high-speed chase that ended in his arrest. juan lopez and ricardo cendejas also charged with attempted murder and jorge lopez-diaz accused of strong-armed robbery escaped wtih roel soliz, facing charges for burglary and gun possession. soliz is still on the loose making nearby residents uneasy. >> a lot of kids come out, run around on the streets. my neighbors, they have kids so it's kind of scary knowing that. >> reporter: madera county officials believe the inmates are involved in local gangs. officials did not say how they escaped or where they were apprehended. >> what they did once they got out, whether they stuck together, split apart, i have no way of knowing. how they made the escape or broke out is under investigation. >> reporter: roel soliz still at large should be considered armed and dangerous. it is unclear if the five men
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worked as a team to escape or if anyone helped them inside or outside the jail to get beyond those barbed wire fences. dan. >> a lot of questions especially that delay. brandi, thank you. and now to the east coast and the other manhunt playing out right now. the search intensifying this morning for a suspected cop killer. a survivalist believed to be hiding out in pennsylvania's rugged pocono mountains. people living in towns nearby have been on lockdown and abc's linzie janis is in barrett, pennsylvania, with the very latest. linzie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. overnight dashed hopes and increased frustrations as another intense night of searching for eric frein apparently coming up cold. police even lifting their shelter in place order but still urging the 7,000 people who live here to lock their doors, stay away from windows and do not go into the woods. this morning the massive manhunt for eric frein focused in the fugitive's own backyard. tactical teams racing to the scene of potential sightings. police using everything in their
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arsenal from helicopters to thermal cameras and on foot, officers in full camouflage proceeding with extreme caution. >> the main thing he has in his favor is it's his backyard, not the police's backyard. >> reporter: cody lundin teaches outdoor survival skills and says there's no telling how long frein will be able to keep this up. >> i don't think anyone knows how this guy is feeding himself but clearly if this was a premeditated shooting, then he probably has food stashed out there. >> reporter: as frein evades capture for a ninth day, a reminder of how long others have lasted before him, like fellow alleged cop killer, christopher dorner, the ex-lapd officer using his inside knowledge to stay on the run for ten days. police eventually finding him in an empty cabin. dorner shooting himself once surrounded. and eric rudolph wanted for a string of bombings across the south on the run for five years
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hiding out in empty houses in the mountains of his native north carolina. police eventually capturing him in 2003 near the grocery store dumpster he had been using to feed himself. lundin says frein's chances of lasting that long are slim because pennsylvania's pocono mountains are more heavily populated. still, he says, the area's vacation homes could provide the ideal refuge. >> the roles that the homes in the area can play are they're transitory, they're vacation homes so they're locked and loaded with food, with gear, with fuel, probably with firearms, with ammunition. >> reporter: local residents say they can't imagine living under siege for much longer and want frein caught. now, the frein family home is about a mile from where i'm standing that way. police this morning reassuring residents they are determined to find him and bring him to justice. their focus on this area, a strong indication they believe he's still in those woods.
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paula. >> all right, linzie janis, thank you so much for that story and how long he can survive in those woods is the concerning factor. well, from flooding to fire those wildfires in california wreaking havoc, leveling homes and closing in on thousands more. abc's aditi roy is at the one of the worst, the king fire in eldorado county, where residents are hoping for the best. aditi? >> reporter: good morning, paula. we are here at the command center for this fire. it's bustling behind me. take a look at the sheer number of trucks here, all of these locked and loaded ready to go to the front lines to fight this raging inferno. this morning, nearly 3,000 people forced from their homes marking two days since the evacuation as the king fire rages through california, growing another thousand acres in size. >> people are worried. >> reporter: windy weather fanning the flames along the west coast. more than 20 fires burning in washington, oregon and california.
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the king fire now burning more than 80,000 acres and is only 10% contained halting traffic, knocking down power lines and reducing these homes to ash. firefighters now attempting to redirect the expanding inferno protecting the 12,000 structures left in its path. >> we have dozer lines in place that are in front of the houses, so we have a buffer between where the fire is and where it wants to go. >> reporter: the king fire even seen from space sending plumes of smoke to the northeast. officials arresting wayne allen huntsman on suspicion of arson in connection to the blaze. huntsman pleading not guilty friday as crews continue to battle the flames with no end in sight. and these huge white trailers behind me housing firefighters. one thing on their side, by the way, is the weather. it rained here last night
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bringing clouds and humidity that all helped temper this fire, still raging. dan. >> good to hear that but as you said, no end in sight at this point. aditi roy, thank you. and now from wildfires in the west to wild end of summer weather in the midwest. check this out, heavy rain in ann arbor delaying the michigan/utah college football game, fans evacuated from the stadium known as the big house and meteorologist rob marciano is tracking it all. of course. rob, good morning to you. >> good morning. yeah, it was a rough day across the midwest yesterday, want to show you those pictures. flooding is going to be an issue across parts of the desert southwest with upwards of 3 inches of rainfall in the area and more rain expected as we go through the next couple of days. off to the east where those storms roll through the pacific -- the midwest yesterday, that storm will push off to the east. but here's what it looked like across the great lakes yesterday. several states surrounded by severe weather. in michigan the heavy rains flooded the big house delaying the wolverines game versus the utah utes in the fourth quarter. look as water rushes on to the
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field out of the stands and then engulfs the entire stadium leaving debris everywhere. by the time play resumed almost all of the fans had left. utah held on to win. accumulating hail in minnesota caused this tent to collapse outside a church. so much hail, storm drains clogged and this parking lot turned into an icy river. >> that's crazy. >> reporter: new mexico, slammed with torrential downpours. flash floods filling streets stranding drivers. even this ambulance was nearly submerged, and this oil rig was completely flooded. all right. we're looking for that storm yesterday to reinvigorate itself with more in the way of heavy rain across the new mexico area. another 3 inches of rainfall today. but that front that brought the heavy rain to the big house in michigan today pushes off to the east. it will be strong but not quite as strong hopefully,, as yesterday, but strong storms across the
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appalachian mountain chains and there's also a coastal low across parts of the southeast that brings rain to florida. paula, back to you. >> rob, thanks so much for that. now, the latest on that missing university of virginia student and a possible huge break in the case. this, as a big turnout of volunteers are now helping as the search enters its second week. abc's bazi kanani on the ground in charlottesville, virginia, with more. good morning, bazi. >> reporter: good morning, paula. we have seen boxes of evidence carried into the police station here this weekend, but police aren't giving any indication of whether they're close to making an arrest as this community turns out for another massive search hoping to bring hannah home. this morning, a new name associated with this surveillance video. look at the man dressed in all white walking alone, then moments later, he's seen walking the other direction right beside the missing college student. police believe that man is 32-year-old jesse matthew. they have searched his car and his apartment where neighbors know little about him. >> he just seems like a nice guy. >> reporter: police say matthew was the last person seen with
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18-year-old hannah graham on the night she disappeared, but he has not been arrested, considered a person of interest after investigators retraced graham's steps. 9:33 seen here leaving her apartment to meet friends. at 12:46 she's spotted outside an irish pub on what police call a night of heavy drinking. moments later cameras capture graham running toward the downtown mall. at 1:06 walking down the mall where police say matthew took her into a bar and bought alcohol. they're hoping witnesses can tell them what happened next. >> the person that could say, you know, here's what i saw, here's when i saw it. >> reporter: and more clues in the case might come from this. >> and so the railroad tracks in our perimeter. >> reporter: an extensive search operation. charlottesville police say nearly a thousand university of virginia students and local residents are volunteering this weekend to comb over every square foot of the town and they
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have found items that forensic experts are evaluating for a possible connection to the unsettling case. this is now day two of the huge community search for hannah graham. her parents have asked students here to be vigilant and to walk with a buddy when they go out at night. dan? >> bazi, thank you. that community really coming together. we are now heading into a pivotal week for the obama administration in the fight against isis. the president and his team launching an all-out diplomatic effort right here in new york city trying to recruit allies at the annual meeting of the united nations general assembly. so, let's bring in george stephanopoulos, host of "this week." >> good morning. >> good morning. are we now right on the cusp of a bombing campaign? that will expands from iraq into syria. >> we know the defense secretary chuck hagel and martin dempsey have approved a plan for air strikes into syria and our pentagon sources say that could happen at any time but the big question right now is, and that's why this week is, as you say, so pivotal is, will the united states be forced to go it
7:14 am
alone with air strikes in syria or will allies publicly join that effort? >> john kerry has been traveling all over the planet trying to gather more allies in this fight. you have a big show with a major focus on isis. your main guest is samantha power, the u.s. representative to the u.n. what do you want to press her on most? >> where are those allies? will they come forward publicly? does the united states have the legal authority to go forward into syria? there's no u.n. resolution right now, and can the president succeed without ground combat troops? the president has ruled that out but his former defense secretary robert gates this week said the strategy cannot succeed without ground troops. we're going to be asking him about that as well. he's another guest on the program this morning. >> there's been mixed messages on that. and so many people in this country worried about isis and into this fray, i want to show you an article on the front page of "the new york times" this morning and it talks about a shadowy terrorist group also based in syria that is being run by a former top aide to osama bin laden and the article alleges that this group is much
7:15 am
more of a danger to the u.s. and europe than isis is and it raises the question, with all the focus on isis, have we taken our eye off the ball? >> i don't think so. i think the intelligence agencies and the homeland security officials who are in charge of this effort have always focused on the constellation of forces in that region who could pose a threat to the united states, not just isis who they actually say they have no specific credible threat that they could attack the united states right now but they say overall the threat is still very real. >> so many things to worry about in this region and the key question is, will we have allies? george will be talking about all this and much more and we remind you that he has a big show this morning. as we said, samantha power, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. will be one of the guests. that's later this morning on "this week" right here on abc. george, thanks again. >> thank you. >> thanks, george. and many other stories developing overnight. so for that we turn to mr. ron claiborne. are we really going to be that formal? >> yes. >> good morning to you, dan. utah beat michigan? >> listen, it's depressing. i wish -- >> champions of the west. >> i wish the weather would have rained the game out. good morning, everyone. we begin with yet another security breach at the white house. this, as the secret service
7:16 am
launches an investigation into how another intruder got inside the white house door the day before. on saturday, a 19-year-old from new jersey was arrested after he allegedly tried to enter a barricaded entryway to the executive mansion. the latest incident occurred the same day that omar gonzalez faced a judge on charges that he allegedly scaled a fence and crossed the white house grounds and got inside a door. gonzalez, an iraq war veteran, was armed with a folding knife. he is now being held without bond until his case is heard in federal court. that is scheduled for monday. and breaking overnight, an explosion in egypt has rocked the ministry of foreign affairs building in cairo. so far, two people have been killed, four others injured. a bomb was located right by a mosque near the foreign ministry. five schools around the bombing site have been evacuated on this the first day of school there. authorities are calling it an act of terrorism. and two new car recalls this morning. gm is recalling 2013 through 2015 cadillac xts models and the chevy impala sedans model years 2014 and 2015.
7:17 am
gm says the brake pads can stick on those vehicles increasing the risk of fire. and chrysler is recalling some of the 2011 jeep grand cherokees and dodge durangos. the automaker says a faulty fuel pump can cause the suvs to stall. so far there have been no reports of any accidents related to those defects. both companies say they will fix the problems free of charge. and pope francis is making a first trip inside -- his first trip inside europe to albania today. during his trip the pontiff will spotlight the country as a model of interreligious harmony. the pontiff called the mutual trust between the countries, christians and muslims, a precious gift as he celebrated mass in the capital. and back here in the u.s., there was a massive train derailment in altoona, pennsylvania, saturday. in all, nine cars derailed. some of them crushing parked cars and others scattering across the tracks. the norfolk-southern train was hauling new passenger vans from ohio. residents who live near the
7:18 am
crash site are not being allowed inside their homes until the crash site gets cleaned up. and a spacex cargo ship rocketed toward the international space station saturday. the unmanned capsule is carrying 5,000 pounds of supplies, also some fruit flies and rats, by the way. >> no thank you. >> also, the first-ever 3d printer to go into space. nasa astronauts hope to make their own spare parts for quick repairs. >> anything we can do to bring all of the fruit flies on planet earth? >> we can work on it and all the rats, too, while you're at it. and 121 people on a tourist boat cruise around manhattan had to be rescued after the vessel ran aground in the hudson river on saturday. the passengers of the 158-foot clipper were on a beer tasting tour of lower manhattan. no one was hurt and the passengers took the adventure in stride possibly because there was plenty of beer to ease their inconvenience. >> they didn't want it to end. >> yeah. and well, speaking of beer
7:19 am
and going from newark -- new york, that is, to munich, i bet there's more than one beer at a little event called the oktoberfest. tap it. tap it. >> yes. >> with that breaking of the keg encouraged by me -- >> seems like you've said it before. >> i've seen it before too. the germans kicked off the 181st annual beer festival saturday. there was dancing, the traditional parade which includes horse-drawn beer barrels. 6 million people, germans and others around the globe, are expected to chug down mugs of beer, probably a lot more than mugs during oktoberfest, which oddly enough begins in september. it goes on for two weeks. did a little research. the reason it begins -- you may be curious -- in september is because it used to begin in october. they moved it earlier to warmer weather to make it more convenient to drink beer outside. >> they need to move it to july now. >> or they were hammered when they made the move. didn't know which month it was. all right, ron, thank you. let's get the weather now
7:20 am
from rob marciano once again. good morning, sir. >> good morning, guys. it's like christmas, it can never start too early so enjoy your oktoberfest. washington, d.c., temperatures there in the 60s, a little bit of rainfall moving across the east coast this morning but it's going to be kind of leftover soupiness and some mugginess in the air, mid-80s so it feels like summer on this last full day of summer. fall arrives tomorrow evening around 10:00 p.m. eastern time. some fall weather will be dropping into this area over the next few days and it will go from temperatures in the 80s in some spots down into the 70s so your next three days in d.c. will feature temperatures cooler than what you're seeing today. across the southeast looking at rainfall today, especially across florida, from jacksonville into tampa, that's where the heaviest rainfall is going to fall. once we get some of those cooler temperatures to drop down to the south. also, a little bit cooler across parts of california and the pacific northwest, another day
7:21 am
>> ron asked me during the break, is rainfall coming into california? well, just the very, very northern part eventually. a little bit. >> better than nothing. >> yes, better than nothing, exactly. >> we love the weather right now. i love sweatshirt weather in the fall. >> good stuff. feels good. and plus, it's a reason to drink beer in october. >> hey. just one. >> right back to the -- >> as if we needed another excuse, right? well, coming up on "gma," bali murder confession. authorities say a young chicago man admitted to brutally killing his girlfriend's socialite mother, so what role did the victim's pregnant teenage daughter play in the grisly crime? >> it's a bizarre case. we'll have the latest coming up.
7:22 am
plus, the heroic rescue caught on camera. bystanders diving into the water to save three teenagers trapped in a flipped suv. we're going to show you what happened next here. and a prince instead of a duchess. prince william stands in for the pregnant kate. what he's saying about her morning sickness all up ahead in "pop news." what he's saying about her "good morning america" is brought to you by the volkswagen jetta. that's the power of german engineering. is brought to you by the volkswagen jetta. that's the power of german engineering. tdi clean diesel. oh, right, and the 48 highway mpg jetta hybrid. and if you want all that variety in another compact sedan there's... huh. nothing. right now, get a great deal on all jetta models like the 2014 jetta s for $139 a month. to get up from september 16th to the 29th. or snooze buttons
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♪ fireball ♪ ♪ oh, we are loving this this sunday morning getting you going. check out the new video for pitbull and john ryan's hit "fireball." the guys are suspiciously quiet right now. set in the 1950s. cuban dance hall. there's also a little hint of roger rabbit and jessica rabbit there. good morning, america. dan, can i get your chin off the table? >> no, you know, do you think it's a coincidence that paula is wearing red today? i don't think so. >> oh, thank you. >> all of us, our hearts are pumping. >> so you had the compliment and then you just took it right back. >> that's right. absolutely. that's how you play it. >> that's how you are.
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also coming up, check this out, the bystanders who turned into instant heroes, superheroes really. what they did to save three teenagers who were trapped in that overturned suv. what they did is nothing short of amazing. we'll show you how this thing turned out coming up here on "gma." but first, the new twist in a gruesome case really. it involves a wealthy socialite who was murdered on the exotic island of bali. >> and now we're learning about an alleged confession. abc's gloria riviera is here with more. good morning, gloria. >> reporter: good morning. this story is really has a tragic end to what started out as a mother/daughter vacation in an idyllic location. it all turning deadly after surveillance cameras capture an argument and then a tale of excuses and laying blame that investigators never fully bought. this morning word of a jailhouse confession after more than a month of silence in the case of an american socialite found murdered thousands of miles away in bali. >> no cameras. >> reporter: now indonesian authorities say chicago native tommy schaefer admits he killed his girlfriend's mother while
7:32 am
the family vacationed at the upscale st. regis resort in august. bali investigators have confirmed both of them have confessed. tommy was the one who carried out the killing. according to authorities schaefer's girlfriend, heather mack, who is three months pregnant, has also confessed to witnessing her mother's murder and helping to dispose of her body. heather thought that tommy did not mean to kill her mother. 19-year-old mack and 21-year-old schaefer have been behind bars since the gruesome discovery of 62-year-old sheila von weise mack's body was found stuffed inside this silver suitcase left in the trunk of a taxi last month. mack previously claimed her mother died during an armed gang attack that she and schaefer escaped but investigators say surveillance video shows mack's mother and schaefer arguing in the hours before the murder. mack's attorney declined an abc news request for comment. according to local authorities, he killed her because he was
7:33 am
hurt and offended following the argument. >> in indonesia you get credit for admitting and cooperating. so, he might think that this will save him some time if he's ever sentenced. >> reporter: despite these reported new confessions the couple has yet to be formally charged. reports are the couple was placed on suicide watch after their arrest. the couple's detention is expected to end in mid-october. authorities are working towards bringing charges against them before that. in bali, premeditated murder does carry a maximum sentence of death. this is really a sad story with a lot of questions still out there on just how it ended this way. >> yeah, gruesome. thank you, gloria. appreciate that. >> so disturbing. and for all of our other headlines and stories we're tracking, back to mr. ron. just mr. ron now. >> hi again, paula and dan. good morning, everyone. we begin in california and the jailbreak that is sparking a huge manhunt. five inmates escaped from the barbed wired fencing of the madera county jail saturday night. this morning one inmate remains on the loose. the four others are back in
7:34 am
custody. and in the east, an all-out search for eric frein believed to have carried out the ambush of pennsylvania troopers last friday that killed one officer. police are using helicopters, thermal cameras to try to locate frein who is known to be a skilled survivalist. and florida state, the top-ranked team came from behind to beat clemson in overtime with their star quarterback, jameis winston, on the sidelines. last year's heisman trophy winner, winston was suspended one game for sexually explicit derogatory comments directed toward women. and finally, a big day in tucson for arizona's most famous baby of the moment. this 4 1/2-week-old baby elephant got to greet her adoring fans although shyly at times hiding behind her mom. >> so cute. >> online voters -- >> hiding behind her ears. >> the name for the baby elephant, the choices have been narrowed to nondi and imbula and sarah, a close third. >> i'm voting for sarah.
7:35 am
>> the winning name will be announced this coming thursday. >> a pretty little pachyderm. >> amazing how you can take a baby of the most ferocious animal and it will still be cute. >> almost always. i don't know -- hyenas aren't very cute. >> absolutely. >> you think so? >> that's what they said about dan when he was born too. >> at one point believe it or not. >> he was cute. time for the weather. as i change the weather gracefully. rob, what do you have for us? >> your baby boy will be just as cute and probably just as ferocious as you are as an adult when he comes out in december. for a high in portland, the heat continues there at least for now. not helping the fire situation out west but it has cooled down a little bit across parts of southern california. 79 degrees for the high temperature but continued dry. we're still in the dry season there, but we're starting the transition, tomorrow the first day of fall, at least it arrives tomorrow evening and start to see more of this, rainfall across the pacific northwest. a little rainfall tuesday night into wednesday. this will help the fire situation and obviously cool things off. the heaviest rain, of course, will be north towards seattle and in through vancouver, b.c. some rains across parts of the appalachian mountain chains
7:36 am
today. a nice day in new york after the morning showers. 98 degrees and the monsoon continues across the desert southwest and 52 degrees in anchorage, alaska. that's a look at your big picture we >> this weather report brought to you by hp. hp. >> hewlett-packard. >> t.y., thank you. appreciate it, rob. >> you got it. >> everything is an acronym for the rest of the morning. coming up on "gma," amazing rescue, the good samaritans who were springing into action when they saw these three teenagers trapped in a submerged suv. it's an incredible story. and the cast of "grey's anatomy" pays homage to "orange is the new black" in a special way. all of the details up ahead in "pop news." >> all of them. >> i want to know now. >> all of the details. >> it's a tease.
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check out this incredible river rescue when an suv with three teenagers inside flew into
7:41 am
the water and then flipped over. >> this could have ended tragically but some regular folks who saw the crash suddenly turned into superheroes, and michelle franzen is here with this heart-stopping story. >> it is. and a group of superheroes is right. i mean, take a listen. investigators say it appears the teens had been on a joyride. a move that had disaster written all over it when they crashed. this morning, though, the three are lucky to be alive thanks to the unstoppable courage of strangers. this morning, three teenage boys lucky to be alive after an alleged joyride turned disastrous. police say the teen driver speeding on this salt lake city highway when he lost control of his parents' suv reportedly hitting the brakes hard but apparently not hard enough to stop the car from veering off the cliff-top road smashing through this metal railing. >> the vehicle exploded in front of me right there. it's like nothing you'd ever see in your entire life. >> reporter: and plunging into
7:42 am
the river below landing upside down. more than a dozen bystanders rushing to the rescue. >> get down there. go. jump, jump. >> reporter: jumping into the flowing river. >> i don't think that i had any other thought than to jump in and to save -- try to save the people. >> reporter: these good samaritans frantic struggling to free the boys trapped inside as the mangled car fills with water. they managed to pull the two passengers to safety but the driver's door refuses to budge leaving the boy stuck behind the wheel. >> we made several attempts to get him out through the windows but the car was too badly damaged. >> oh, my god, look at that. look at that. oh, my god, yes. >> reporter: watch as rescuers flip the 3,000-pound vehicle themselves with all their might. >> did they get him out? >> yeah. >> reporter: to save him. >> when we did turn the vehicle over, there was no movement from him for another five minutes. >> reporter: once fire crews arrived, they pry the young man free. this morning the driver in serious condition but a survivor
7:43 am
of that terrifying brush with death. >> well, i think he's alive because people reacted so quickly. >> and the investigation of this horrible crash is ongoing. police have not ruled out possible charges, but the families this morning just grateful their loved ones are alive and such dramatic video watching those people at work. >> it's just incredible and moving to see so many people, strangers, and moving in such a spontaneous way in complete concert to flip that over. it is extraordinary to see. thank you. >> not giving up. >> they say that in an emergency like that, we can have such an adrenaline rush, 3,000 pounds they were able to lift, amazing. thank you, michelle for that. well, coming up on "good morning america," coffee talk. the coffee cup for people who hate to do dishes. that would be me. >> the girl from the midwest doing a new york accent. i like it. >> coffee talk. it was awful. i'm so sorry. "pop news" coming up. keep it here. i'm so sorry. "pop news" coming up. keep it here. drop it more...dr♪
7:44 am
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♪ "pop news," which means we'll have to break up the ongoing during the commercial break argument between ron and -- >> ron and sara. >> discussion. >> they were expecting a duchess but they got a prince. william is on an official visit to malta. he is a last-minute replacement for the pregnant kate who is suffering from some morning sickness. the prince told the country's president that his wife was feeling so-so. malta gained its independence from the uk 50 years ago and to celebrate the prince is attending a number of parades and celebrations. >> she's feeling so -- how is that again? >> so-so which means probably really bad. >> interpretation. and next up, "grey's anatomy" showing some love for "orange is the new black." actress ellen pompeo took to social media and posted some of the "grey's anatomy" cast getting into character. referring to their scrubs she
7:49 am
tweeted "blue is the new black," #8daystillgreys. later she posted this pick of what her hair looked like taking out all those braids. we've all been there. good way to get easy curl. and we love to treat our pets like children. i'm one of those people guilty and there's one cat who's all for it. this guy named kiyo is just loving this baby swing, he is owning it and it looks like it was made for him. how cute. he even starts to tap the toys and stuff. it might be the next million-dollar idea. but his owner admits he'll probably keep the swing for the cat even after the baby has outgrown it. >> oh, wait. so that was actually for the baby. >> it's for the baby. >> look, there's a couple of toys. the bed goes back and forth. it's amazing. >> fully functioning. >> i'm quite envious of cats. they spend their whole day looking for the best place to take a nap. >> and they can get away with being cranky.
7:50 am
>> cats? >> yes. >> true, true. that guy does not look cranky at all. >> no, not at all. he is in blissful nap. >> yes. >> absolutely. and now, ever want to be like willy wonka? maybe you remember this scene after he shows the kids around the chocolate factory. well, someone was using their pure imagination when they invented the edible coffee cup. >> you go, girl. >> they're called the waffle shot by zia valentina in l.a. also sold at alfred coffee. it's a chocolate-rimmed waffle cup. and it's a delicious way to serve all kinds of coffee drinks. big hit for people hungry, going green or hate to do dishes. >> mm-mm. the edible coffee cup. >> is it good? do you like it? >> uh-huh. you have to stick your pinkie out, though, when you're drinking it. >> only way to drink. i'm testing mine. >> so, i don't drink caffeine and you don't have sugar. >> he doesn't eat sugar. >> so it's like half the table is completely boring. >> the bad side of the table. >> what's the verdict? >> hey, guys, what do you think about this? >> chocolate and coffee at any time of day.
7:51 am
>> rob, jump into that. i want to hear it crack. >> come on. i'll take a bite. >> you can't crack it until you have enough of the coffee. exactly. >> we can't please this side of the table. >> you have chocolate on your nose now. >> i have chocolate on my nose? >> i need some whipped cream and a cherry. >> where? where? >> so dainty. we'll get a close shot. we're going to take a break and take a close-up shot of chocolate all over paula's nose. i promise you it's there. more "gma" after a quick break. keep it here. >> cheers. >> is it aperitif -- >> digestif. everyone in america almost every day, you notice a few things. like the fact that you're pretty attached to these. ok, really attached. and that's alright. because we'll text you when your package is on the way. we're even expanding sunday package delivery. yes, sunday. at the u.s. postal service, our priority is...was... and always will our priority is...was...
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a shot of paula. >> you can't help it. >> fully blacked out with chocolate. >> apparently the inside of the cup also has chocolate. that's part of the problem. >> you were slow to think that out. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you later. bye. we'll see you later. bye.
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>> announcer: starting right now on abc's "this week" -- this morning, u.s. air strikes against isis inside syria are imminent as president obama takes his case against the brutal terror group to world leaders. >> as americans we do not give in to fear. >> announcer: the threat growing but can the militants really be defeated without americans on the front lines? new nfl bombshell. embattled commissioner roger goodell breaking his silence, but can he survive the latest allegations? what the ravens really knew about that shocking elevator incident. and midterm shake-up. surprising new twists in key senate races. is republican momentum stalling? why the senate is still up for grabs. from abc news, "this week with george stephanopoulos" begins now.


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