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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 23, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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. making news in america this morning, breaking overnight. the u.s. and allies take the fight against isis to the country. we have coverage on the new bombardment and reaction from washington. secret service under fire. as explosive details surface about the white house gate jumper. he was arrested just months ago. vicious wild animal attacks have two communities on edge. a bear kills a hiker, and a fox goes on a rampage at a school, biting a student and a teacher. and iron mike in the right place at the right time. coming to one man's rescue on a very busy highway.
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and a good tuesday morning, everyone. begin with the breaking news. president obama ramping up america's fight against isis. >> overnight, the u.s. leading a group of arab allies and launching air strikes inside syria. targeting as many as 20 locations. trying to inflict maximum damage on isis. >> we have alexander marquardt in turkey near the syrian border. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. the pentagon saying just moments ago there were 14 strikes early this morning in four general areas including the northern city of raqqah which has become isis's base of operation. among the targets were isis fighters, training compounds, headquarters and command and control facilities. now those strikes were a combination of tomahawk missiles fired from the red sea and drones as well as attack and fighter aircraft with other countries in the region. the u.s. was the only non-arab country taking part in this
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morning's assault. and interestingly, syria is now saying this morning that they were told yesterday that the strikes were coming. there has been no confirmation from the american side which said it would not coordinate in the fight against isis with the assad regime. >> that's what's happening now, but what do we know about future coordination from other countries? >> reporter: the u.s. has assembled a coalition with five arab countries. jordan, saudi arabia, bahrain, qatar, and the united arab emirates. they did not just take a role in terms of support. they are actively dropping bombs as well. their aircraft are in the sky. we could see this coalition enlarge to include western partners as well. we already know that france and australia are helping fight in iraq against isis. britain has said it's willing to fight against isis. none have committed to fighting inside syria just yet, but that is obviously a possibility. >> alexander marquardt on the syrian border. alex, thank you. stay safe, as usual. the u.s. military making good on president obama's pledge
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to attack isis wherever it exists. >> for details about what we're hearing from the administration so far, we go to washington and abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: good morning. the pentagon decided early yesterday to go ahead with the strikes. and president obama who has been receiving regular updates last night phoned speaker of the house boehner. vice president biden has also been working the phones, reaching out to senior lawmakers. we're all but certain to hear from the president when he travels to new york today for the u.n. general assembly. we may even hear from him before he departs. these were mr. obama's orders, expanding the military campaign against the islamic state. republicans have criticized the president's strategy. some have said it's a mistake to rule out sending in u.s. combat troops. but overnight, republicans expressed support for the strikes. house homeland security chairman michael mccaul in a statement saying, "when in times of war and of peace, it's important to come together as a nation. to defeat isis, we must cut off
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the head of the snake which exists in syria." in the coming dae inine ining dt will meet with the leaders of iraq, israel and egypt. mr. obama insists the u.s. cannot wage this fight against isis alone. dan and reena. >> tahman bradley reporting from washington this morning. thanks so much. and count on abc news for the latest throughout the day. coming up later on "good morning america," and, of course, any time on the son-in-law of osama bin laden learns his fate today. that's in a new york city courtroom. sulaiman abu ghaith was convicted in march on charges to conspire to kill americans. in his role as a voice of those al qaeda recruitment audio/video tapes. abu ghaith testified that his role was strictly religious. he's facing a possible life sentence. the secret service is tightening security around the white house in the wake of the latest breach. omar gonzalez who hopped the fence and made it inside without being stopped was in court yesterday. documents reveal that the secret service and police tangled with him twice this summer.
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finding weapons and a white house map on him. last night the secret service added a small fence outside the larger permanent one apparently in an effort to deter further fence jumpers. three soldiers from afghanistan trained in cape cod disappeared after visiting a shopping mall. they are in canadian custody this morning after showing up at the rainbow border crossing near niagara falls. the three may now be seeking asylum in canada. schools in pennsylvania's pocono mountains are reopening today for the first time in nearly a week adam word that an intense manhunt may be coming to an end. police say they are closing in on eric frein. the fugitive accused of killing a state trooper and wounding another. they found an ak-47-style rifle and ammunition believed to be left behind by frein. the search has now been narrowed to an area near the home where he lived with his parents. a mid-air scare on a virgin american flight from boston to los angeles. a passenger tried to open an exit door while in the air.
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other passengers quickly jumped into action, including an off-duty police officer who managed to subdue him. the pilot diverted the plane to omaha where the man was taken into custody. police say the passenger was on drugs and experiencing what they describe as a mental episode. well, on the ground in florida, a 25-year-old woman has become the 11th person to die this year in a tampa area interstate in what's called a wrong way crash. police say jessica rey mahn was driving the wrong way along i-75 in the early morning hours yesterday when she struck the side of a tractor-trailer trying to avoid her. she careened into a concrete wall. the truck driver is okay. police believe alcohol may have been a factor. california fire fighters are bracing for trouble today. strong and erratic winds are in the forecast. the same conditions that caused the massive king fire to double in size just a week ago. the fire is now close to the size of the city of atlanta. nearly 3,000 people are still under evacuation orders, and that fire, just 17% contained.
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and in el paso, texas, a flash flood watch is in effect a day after a woman drowned after driving into a flooded drainage ditch. that area got as much as 5 inches of rain in a matter of hours and has more falling overnight. rain along the border with new mexico has caused the picos river to overflow its banks. the drought plaguing california for three years is being blamed for a massive mudslide down mt. shasta over the weekend. part of a glacier melted, and brought down a flood of mud and picked up huge boulders and locks along the way. with more rain in the forecast, that cleanup could take even longer than expected. and on this first full day of fall, northern california and the northwest get heavy rain, a help to fire fighters. severe weather around denver. those flash floods in texas and new mexico. thunderstorms from oklahoma to the dakotas. rain from the florida panhandle to the carolinas. >> 70s in the northeast and the midwest.
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80sed in rockies and along the gulf. triple digits in the southwest. coming up on this tuesday morning, the number one best place to live in the entire country. >> plus breaking overnight, a huge fire at the busiest port complex in the nation. fire fighters still on the scene. and we'll update our top story, the u.s. expands its fight against isis overnight. launching attacks on targets inside syria. the very latest just ahead.
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babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks. a healthy baby is worth the wait. . and welcome back on this tuesday morning. the air strikes in syria don't
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seem to be having an effect on the markets just yet. u.s. stock futures are only slightly lower. asian markets mixed, european mostly down, but less than 1%. the dow fell 107 points yesterday on worries about china and the price of oil. the treasury department is cracking down on companies that move overseas to dodge taxes. it's called inversions, a u.s. company is acquired by a foreign company in a country with lower taxes. jack lew wants people to think twice before considering the invegs versions and remove the incentives. money magazine looked at 800 cities with populations between 50 and 300,000. kirkland, washington, suburb of seattle. castle rock, caramel, indiana, and maple grove, minnesota. but tops, mckinny, texas, north
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of dallas. it has a good school system and a thriving art scene. no word on night life. budweiser is pulling on our heart strings to keep us from drinking and driving. it shows a labrador puppy and a boy growing up together. we're not going to tell you how it ends, you have to watch it to find out. thousands have. the ad has been on youtube a few days, already going viral. >> the emotional bond right there. hopefully it will -- >> for a good cause. >> make a good impact as well. >> yeah. when we come back here, a surprising new allegation against miss america. it stems from her days on campus. and baseball may be in for a big change amid attempts to speed it up.
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the freshly baked flatbread paired perfectly with our autumn squash soup. a delicious meal made just for you only at panera bread. . fire lit up the skies over the port of los angeles last night as a dock went up in flames. it took fire fighters two hours to bring that massive blaze under control. battling from the air, land and the sea. hundreds of workers were evacuated, and boats moved to a safe location. fortunately there were no injuries, and port operations should be normal today. morning road conditions, a wet commute in the northwest. route 10 in new mexico and texas, trouble, rainy in the
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dead center of the country. and trouble on the roads from the florida panhandle to the carolinas. airport delays possible in denver because of severe storms and lightning. recapping the top story, america has entered the next stage in the fight against i.s.i.s. >> launching air strikes inside syria, hitting as many as 20 locations. president obama is set to address the united nations tomorrow, hoping to build a broader coalition. much more coming up later this morning on "good morning america." the search for university of virginia student hannah graham has led police back to the apartment of a person of interest. >> they scoured jesse matthew's home for a second time now. he was the last person seen with the 18-year-old. he showed up at a police station, but sped off before they could question him. and hundreds of families worried this morning after babies came in contact with a
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hospital worker who tested positive for tuberculosis. >> reporter: sebastian martinez is a month shy of his first birthday. he was born in el paso, texas, last october, where his mom and dad found out he may have been exposed to tu beer cue low sis. >> it's scary. >> reporter: they are learning that a hospital employee tested positive for the contagious disease. >> it's a female nurse in the nursery. >> reporter: the employee, now on leave, tested positive for active tb last month during a routine annual screen. >> one cannot say that 100% of all employees at any hospital will be free of any communicable disease, that is not possible. >> reporter: tuberculosis mostly affects the lung, but spreads to
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the spine. it's spread through coughs and sneezes. more than 40 hospital employees may also have been exposed to tb. the symptoms can be dormant for months, even years. a rapid fox terrorized a connecticut neighborhood. it attacked a 7-year-old boy. it latched on to the second grader. his teacher wrestled the animal away and trapped it under a recycling bin. but she and another teacher were bit as well. earlier, that fox attacked two others in nearby homes. the victims have been treated for rainies. a bear killed a college student. the victim and four friends were hiking in a forest preserve when they noticed a bear following them. they split up and ran. about two hours later, they found that victim's body. the bear still guarding it. the police later shot and killed
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that animal. well, the new miss america isn't perfect. pageant officials say she was kicked out of her college sorty. won't say why, only she has been completely transparent about the incident. but the gossip site says that she was hazing pledges at hofstra university. and major league baseball answering complaints that the games are a little too slow. >> so a committee will look to make it shorter and faster paced. bud selig says it's great just the way it is. but they are looking for ways to improve the game. it's been running longer in recent jeyears. and steve bishot tee says he should have asked to see it. but denying the team knew how
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bad it was. the ravens are accused of a cover up. it's part of the campaign to get rice reinstated in the nfl. as for the nfl on the field, week three is done, and the nfc central is no friend of the new york jets. >> an explanation from baseball from the guys at espn. >> he's stan, i'm neil, i'm sweaty right now. >> football, you do baseball. >> all right. >> jay cutler and company. 2-1, but so are the jets. and a couple touchdowns, bears up 24-13. and cutler all fired up. later in the third, geno smith, looking for david nelson, finds kyle fuller instea. and fuller with his third interception in two games. third quarter, last chance for the jets. eight-point game. one possession, a touchdown and
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a two-point conversion, they can tie it. but out of the end zone. bears win it 27-19. >> you know where i'm going after the show? >> where? >> tommy louisiaasordlasorda's . hang on for me. brandon crawford, puig. oh. there is no running on route 66. brandon belt out at home. top 13, two on, two out, and andrew susac, the rookie out of michigan state. the giants get three in the ining and win it 5-2. >> all right, so have a race. not done yet. >> the birthday party is going to be smoking. >> smoking huh? >> yes. up next in the pulse, a leisurely ride in russia. not for long. >> really. and lamp shades dancing. have some fun showing what is
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time now for the tuesday pulse. we start with another harrowing incident on the roads of russia. this guy going viral as the world's luckiest cyclist. >> there he is, slowing pulling
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into that intersection, a truck approaching. and then bomb. the red car roars in, hits the truck, falls on its side. the cyclist appears unhurt, gets up and walks away. >> it's like a choreography there. that brings to mind this classic from last month. motorcycle hits the back of a sedan and flips on to the top of it. right? we think he's okay as well. >> and one more. >> yeah. >> a tractor-trailer swerving across the road, getting hit by an oncoming truck. the driver being ejected out of the front windshield and walking away like nothing happened. pretty incredible. >> i don't know if i'm ever going to drive in russia. >> you're right, walk. take the subway. do they have a subway? >> i think that might be the safest. exactly. while we're dealing with the crashes. a shoutout to none other than mike tyson. >> tyson? >> yeah. >> that's him in las vegas last week where he stopped to help a motorcyclist who had been knocked over. the injured motorcyclist took that picture. >> so the guy says tyson was
4:24 am
yelling at people telling people not to touch him. then when help arrived, tyson disappeared, quote, like a super hero. so he sent the former champ a fruit basket as one would do. and a nice thank you note. >> good manners. >> very nice. >> and nice diction as well. nicely done. >> there you go. go for the selfie when in doubt. >> iron mike the proof right there. finally, we know there's plenty of controversy when it comes to drones. but here's what they can do when used by truly talented people. >> this video put out by the folks at cirque du soleil. those flying lamp shades, they're actually quadcopter drones. >> they're what? >> yeah. >> the guy conducts them like an orchestra, even though they seem to mischiefously bypass him at one point. then a knock, the drones settled down and go back to normal. it's neat. >> i'm always just fascinated. are your fingers never going to get caught in the blades of the propeller? not to be a debbie downer, but you have to think safety first. for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everyone else, we'll be
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> few tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. >> first full day of fall. >> the a's won. the giants won. now, if you are headed out the door, live doppler hd shows less cloud cover than yesterday. look at the breezy at 2,800'. the first forecast is warm today inland at 83 to 88. around the coast and san francisco a few clouds but a lot of sunshine, at 67 to 72. and warm away the bay 73 to 80. leyla gulen?
4:29 am
from the east bay over the bay bridge, what is today? the first day of the the closing on the folsom off-ramp. westbound 80 off the bridge, it shares the exit with fremont street so you can still get off at fremont which is on the left side but folsom you cannot get off. it is closed until march. next march. we have a sig-alert. but, first, so far coming across the bay bridge, traffic is managing and we have a high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge with more details in a few minutes. the bay bridge commuters are testing out how are the partial closure of folsom exit will affect traffic. amy hollyfield is at the ramp. >> commuters are nervous. er standing in front of the
4:30 am
quiet folsom side of the exit ramp. you will not be allowed this way until march. you can go left to take fremont side that does not have a backup. now. detour signs are up to guide you, the first morning of the clotures. you can always expect a rush adjustment period with change. they hope people will be used to the shut down and appreciate why they are are doing this. the intersection will be better. until then, you can take this exit but go left or plan an alternate. >> motors can consider using fremont or look to the harrison exit which comes up at the same time on the freeway but on the other side of the freeway and from harrison you come down, away, and meet up on folsom. >> here is what they are


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