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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 23, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon. i'm katie marzullo in for ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. last night's air strikes in syria are only the beginning. karen travers begins our live coverage from washington, d.c. as the u.s. launches more than 200 strikes in the assault. karen? >> reporter: good evening. president obama said the u.s. will not tolerate safe havens for terrorists that threaten this nation. the air strikes last night were aimed at isis targets in syria. the u.s. also hit the compounds and training camps of a relatively unknown al qaeda affiliated group that was plotting against the u.s.
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it was the coalition president obama has been pushing for. five arab nations joined in the overnight air strikes against isis targets in syria. today at the u.n., president obama sat down with the leaders of those nations. >> because of the almost undprenu undprentsed efforts of this coalition, we send a message the world is united. >> reporter: he called the attack by air and sea very effective. >> it was the beginning of a campaign to degrade and ultimately destroy isil. >> reporter: 47 missiles were fired and 200 bombs and missiles were dropped from fighter jets and bombers. the strikes were centered around the isis stronghold, but they stretched east to the iraq border. the targets were isis headquarters, supply depots, command and control centers and financial centers. no individual isis leaders were specifically targeted. the u.s. did not request permission or coordinate the strikes with syrian president
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bashar al assad's regime but the administration did say it warned syria don't engage u.s. aircraft. it turns out that isis wasn't the only target. one third of the u.s. air strikes were aimed at a little-known al qaeda affiliated terror group known as cokhorasa. >> we have been watching this group closely for some time. we believe the khorasan group was nearing the execution phase on an attack in europe or the homeland. >> we believe the individuals that were plotting and planning have been eliminated. >> reporter: senior administration officials say the u.s. was considering action against khorasan separate from the campaign against isis but last night they saw an opportunity and seized it. live from washington, karen travers, abc news. an anonymous pentagon official says the majority of the 47 tomahawk missiles fired from u.s. navy ships in the persian gulf and red sea targeted those eight khorasan sites and not isis. according to a report by cnn,
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the terror group was in the final stages of a plot to blow up american airliners using a bomb made without any metal parts. it would have also used toothpaste tubes or clothing dipped in explosives. our coverage on the attacks on isis does not end here. later in this newscast, abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman examines whether the air strikes really mean we are at war. also, what syrian president bashar al assad thought about the attacks and secretary of state john kerry's call for other countries to support stronger anti-terror laws and the tactics he says groups are using to recruit young people, including americans. our reporting also continues right now on the beabc 7 news a. we are updating the latest news on twitter. in the bay area the race for a west san jose district city council seat has prompted a long time state legislator to apologize over comments that he made in a campaign e-mail. >> a solicitation from the assembly member incorrectly
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stated a consultant for his opponent was a member of the plo. abc 7 news reporter david louie is live at city hall with the story. david? >> reporter: as we get closer to the november elections we expect campaign rhetoric to heat up. but an e-mail that went out yesterday has some people criticizing one of the candidates and extracting an apology from his campaign manager. charles jones said he first saw the e-mail saturday morning, an e-mail sent out by his opponent for a city council seat. the e-mail referred to a jones campaign consultant. the furor has been over the statement quote, he is a top republican consultant and palestinian activist who served as a high ranking member of the palestinian liberation organization or plo. >> it's definitely divisive. it's definitely racist. and to be honest with you, somewhat bizarre. i don't understand exactly what he was trying to accomplish. >> reporter: the campaign manager dennis chew says he
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wrote the e-mail in an appeal to donors for contributions after the jones campaign sent out an e-mail pointing out that fong moved to san jose to run for the council seat. >> it was my mistake. i should not have placed that in the mailer. >> reporter: neither was available for on-camera interviews but over the phone, he said no apology could make up for bringing race into the campaign. >> i need to educate myself as to the community and how it affected it. i apologized personally over the telephone. >> reporter: dennis chew also apologized to the council on american islamic relations in san jose. >> i think it makes not only this campaign but other campaigns aware that they do need to be concerned about, you know, sensitive issues such as race. i definitely believe this is a case of human error. i believe this was done on the part of the campaign office, not from the assemblyman. >> reporter: the naacp san jose
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chapter condemned the e-mail. david louie, abc 7 news. domestic violence and 49ers defensive lineman ray mcdonald are expected to take center stage at tonight's santa clara city council meeting. activists from the anti-domestic violence group next door plan a show of force, because a resolution calling for the city to condemn the 49ers for allowing mcdonald to play will not be heard. the city says the group missed the deadline to submit the resolution. the council is planning to issue a proclamation against domestic violence, but it won't mention mcdonald or the team. mcdonald is accused of injuring his pregnant fiancee last month. he was arrested but has not been charged. u.s. soccer is defending its decision to let goal keeper hope solo continuing playing while awaiting trial on domestic violence charges. solo is accused of punching her 17-year-old nephew and then attacking his mother when she tried to intervene. u.s. soccer says it takes the issue of domestic violence very seriously but the organization says solo is innocent until
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proven guilty so she will continue to play for the u.s. women's national team while the legal process plays out. san francisco fire chief says she will not step down following news that a majority of the department will ask for her resignation. abc 7 news has obtained a draft letter from employee groups addressed to mayor ed lee that calls into question hayes-white's leadership and lack of direction. the letter says the current state of the fire department has become untenable. hayes-white defended her leadership today, saying she's made difficult decisions during her tenure that may have upset staff but she stands by them. >> i'm also responsible to run an efficient, professional organization. there are discipline cases and frankly i think there are people not happy with doing things differently than maybe my predecessors would have done but it's the right thing to do in this day and age. >> she and mayor lee say they have not seen the letter. the employee group and the firefighters union president are schedule to meet with lee tomorrow morning. nearly 2,000 more
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firefighters have been added to the front lines of that gigantic king fire which is burning in el dorado county. erratic winds and hot temperatures right now are threatening to undo all of the progress that's been made to contain that 139 square mile fire. it's an area of roughly 2 1/2 times the size of san francisco with containment now at 35%. the focus is on expanding fire breaks and putting out hot spots. >> we are utilizing fire engines, bulldozers, hand crews, water tenders, to put in what we refer to as direct and indirect control lines. we also put in secondary control lines. >> so far, ten homes have been destroyed. 21,000 more structures, half of them homes, are under threat. let's turn to spencer christian with a look at some of the weather conditions firefighters are facing. >> you're right, weather conditions are not helping right now. they are causing a concern. here's live doppler 7 hd. you can see things are calm here in the bay area.
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let's shift to the area of the king fire where it's been warm, dry and winds have become stronger in just the last hour or so. 85 degrees out near the fire. relative humidity down to 26% which is very low. steady winds out of the west-southwest, only six miles per hour, gusts up to 14 miles per hour right now. just a few moments ago we had gusts up to about 20 miles an hour. notice the smoke is blowing northward. yesterday the smoke was blowing over lake tahoe. right now, a live picture shows relatively clear conditions, blue skies over the lake, but a smoke advisory remains in effect for that area from lake tahoe eastward to reno and for much of that western corner of the state of nevada there. this advisory in effect until 11:00 tomorrow night and a red flag warning for high fire danger is in effect from around the sonora area into southern oregon. that's also in effect until about 11:00 tomorrow night for high fire danger because of the strong, dry gusty winds. i will be back in a few minutes with a look at the local conditions here with rain coming to the bay area.
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>> spencer, thank you. police are searching for an armed suspect after a woman was kidnapped from her home and robbed this morning. >> this happened in walnut creek. police say a woman was in her front yard on muller road when a man forced her into his car. he then drove her to a bank of america atm on main street. police say the suspect forced her to withdraw cash and then dropped her back off at her house. the woman told police the suspect drove a silver station wagon and had a small hand gun. the woman was not injured. thieves have targeted three auto dealerships in belmont and san jose over the last two days. they have stolen nearly two dozen vehicles, most high end models. >> vic lee live at formula one motors. that is one of the car lots that was hit. vic? >> reporter: that's right. first of all, we have some breaking news on this story. police have recovered two of the cars stolen from this lot. they were found abandoned in oakland.
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and police have recovered four of the cars stolen from the autobahn dealership in belmont. those cars found on the streets of oakland, all in good condition. in san mateo, police announced they have arrested two suspects today in oakland who were wanted for stealing cars from two different dealerships in that city in august. belmont police tell us they are not the ones they are looking for and san jose police have yet to get back to us. formula one motors was hit in the wee hours of friday morning. they broke down a door. you can see two of the car thieves in the dealership hallway going into offices looking for car keys. they hurry out after finding two keyboards, dropping a key or two in their rush to leave. the owner of the business. >> after they got the keys, they left, they came back maybe 10 minutes, 15 minutes later to make sure there's no police going on. >> reporter: either the alarm wasn't turned on or wasn't working. the thieves came back, clicking the remotes to see where the most expensive cars were parked.
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>> there is eight of them running the whole parking lot, each of them jumping in one of the cars and trying to drive off with it. one of the cars, the x-6, it took them ten minutes because they didn't know how to drive it. after somebody else said this is how you start this car. >> reporter: it was a brazen, well-planned heist. >> it's not somebody that just walks into a place and grabs a key and goes. no, no, no. they knew what they were doing. >> reporter: within 48 hours, two other car dealerships were broken into. just down the road, mercedes-benz of stevens creek. police say eight cars were stolen there. in autobahn motors, thieves drove nine cars off the lot. the m.o.s were similar. police told us it must have taken nine people to steal the cars. here, the thieves took the keys from an outbuilding on the lot and stole customers' cars that were being serviced. the owner hasn't lost hope the police will find his cars. >> hopefully if they don't get shipped out of the country or
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cut in pieces, i will get the car back. >> reporter: vic lee, abc 7 news. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the first morning commute without a major bay bridge off-ramp. drivers appear to be ramped up and ready. also, we are getting an idea of what the proposed warriors arena in san francisco will look like. some, ready to flush it. new at 4:30, president obama's call for action at today's u.n. climate change conference, where nobody gets a pass.
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a wet mess caused commuting chaos in a stretch of interstate 680 today. sky 7 hd was over the scene shortly after a truck carrying drums full of wet concrete crashed, spilling its load around 8:30 this morning in san ramon. between eight and ten cars were either damaged by the barrels that fell or while trying to avoid them. nobody seriously hurt but look at the traffic that ensued. the crash shut down northbound lanes of 680. all lanes of the freeway reopened about three hours later. it's so far, so good on this first day of a major change for a key off-ramp coming into sfrau san francisco from the bay area. there was no backup due to the closure of the folsom street portion of the fremont/folsom street off-ramp. amy hollyfield has the story. >> reporter: commuters coming into san francisco from the east bay seemed a little shocked this morning. it was the first commute without the exit ramp to folsom street
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which is now closed for construction. visions of gridlock and bay bridge backup never materialized. >> it was a lot better. i didn't see any changes. reading the signs i thought it was going to be a lot worse. but so far, it wasn't that much of a change. >> traffic in general was better on the bridge than it usually is. >> reporter: we progressively checked in with the project manager, who was monitoring traffic closely. before the sun came up, the report was good. >> right now it looks normal, if not possibly lighter. >> reporter: later in the morning, the picture was still positive. >> so far, everything looks better than we could have hoped. there are no backups on the ramp, nothing out of the ordinary. everything looked great. >> reporter: turns out not that many people use this off-ramp. >> 10% of the total ramp traffic from the bridge uses the folsom link. the other 90% already use the fremont. >> reporter: the hope is that those who do use the folsom leg will split up, that some will take fremont and the others will
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take the harrison off-ramp which also looked fine this morning. it could be because commuters planned accordingly but even those who forgot about the closure had an easy morning. >> we didn't leave earlier, no. i didn't know what to expect but it was fine. >> reporter: were you on time? >> i am, yeah. >> reporter: demolition of this off-ramp will start on monday. they will reconfigure this whole area so this off-ramp will not be available again until march. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. don't forget for help navigating around traffic problems, get waves on your smartphone. join the abc 7 group for free on the app store or from google play. we now have something of an idea of what the warriors' new arena in san francisco might look like from the street. the team has released drawings showing the mission bay arena. the three acre site will feature a large plaza, office and retail space around the 18,000 seat
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arena. the warriors front office has stressed that these designs are preliminary. people on social media have not been too impressed. some say the design looks like a giant toilet. the arena is slated to open for the 2018-19 season. vindication today for a san ramon woman who got in trouble for removing her lawn to help conserve water. she says she was trying to do her part to offset the drought when she replaced her dying front lawn. but her homeowners association fined her $50 a month. the board wanted at least 25% grass. about a month later, paxson tells us today she finally received a written notice from the hoa and it has withdrawn the fine and closed the matter. lot of people in the bay area are making changes to save water and viewer brad daniel e-mailed us this photo of some rain barrels set up in the south bay. you can share your photos with us at
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as we bring in spencer christian with the accuweather forecast, we would love to see barrels full of rain with the oncoming wet weather. >> we may see some cups filled with rain or jars over the next couple days. we do have rain coming our way. it's not enough to put a dent in the drought but we will welcome it. here's live doppler 7 hd. we have clouds gathering doeat coastline and heavier, thicker clouds offshore but mainly sunny over land areas at the moment. the focus now is on this area well to the north which as you know is scorched by fires lately. flash flood watches in effect for this area from 11:00 tomorrow morning to 5:00 thursday morning. one to two inches of rain expected in this area with the approaching system that will bring some lighter rain to the bay area. here's a live view from the east bay hills camera. look at the clouds stacked up at the coast and spilling out locally over the bay. at this hour, 68 degrees in san francisco. 74 in oakland. upper 70s in san carlos and san jose. 84 in morgan hill. 66 at half moon bay.
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check out this view of the golden gate bridge. you see low clouds beginning to descend on the bridge there. current temperature readings in other locations, 81 in santa rosa. 79 at napa. mid 80s in fairfield, concord and livermore. here's an interesting view. a different view of the clouds beginning to push out locally over the bay from the coastline. these are the forecast features. increasing clouds tonight, rain arrives tomorrow night and it will continue until thursday so it will be a wet thursday morning commute. bear that in mind if you commute in the morning. satellite image shows the approaching september storm, strong by september standards. let's set the maps in motion starting at 7:00 this evening and into tomorrow. we will see the system approaching. by 10:00 tomorrow night, we will see rain having developed in parts of the north bay and along the coastline. during the overnight hours, the front pushes inland. by 5:00 thursday morning, the official beginning of our rush hour, our commuting time in the morning, we will see wet spots,
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probably slippery spots. no doubt some slow traffic. but by mid-morning, we will see the rain ending and giving way to at least partial clearing in the afternoon hours on thursday. and by thursday afternoon, we expect rainfall totals to be no greater than about .15 inch to .4 inch in the mountains, .5 to .15 in the central part of the bay area and in the santa clara valley, some locations will receive no measurable rain. others will get up to about .05 inch. by thursday night, 11:00, over the area of the king fire, no relief from the rainfall for the fires at all. anywhere from a hundredth to a tenth of an inch. overnight, low temperatures mainly in the upper 50s to around 60. tomorrow's highs will range from upper 60s at the coast to mid 80s in the warmest inland locations. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. wet weather overnight tomorrow night into thursday. drying out with clouds lingering on friday, then beginning to warm up over the weekend with temperatures inland climbing back to mid 80s by sunday. we will see up to about 80
4:23 pm
degrees around the bay and mid to upper 60s on the coast. katie and larry? >> spencer, thank you. looking forward to that rain. no matter how little. >> thursday. >> thank you. up next, something the new miss america allegedly did in college that has her doing some explaining today. new after 4:30, local school kids get a lesson in skydiving. so
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the newly crowned miss america says she is being wrongfully accused of abusive hazing as a college student. gossip site jezibel claims she was kicked out of her soreportity for hazing pledges to the point of bruising and exhaustion. the bay area beauty queen says she was kicked out but the decision was based on a joke she made in an e-mail that she claims was taken out of context. >> i thought we would make the evening scary for the pledges. when that never came to
4:26 pm
fruition, none of those things i have been accused of ever happened or were ever intended to happen. yes, i was involved under the broad definition of hazing at some point, but never, ever in a million years what this is claiming. >> she says she was also hazed and thought it was just the culture of greek life. the 23-year-old grew up in walnut creek but competed as miss new york because she went to school there. the first girl to win a little league world series game is headed to the baseball hall of fame. mo'ne davis will travel to cooperstown, new york thursday. she will donate the jersey she wore in the game. last month, davis became the fourth american girl to appear in the series and the first to ever win a game as a pitcher. she will be accompanied by her teammates from philadelphia's taney little league. just ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, all-out air strikes but does it mean we are at war? it depends who you ask. also, who president obama called out today to get more involved in the fight against climate change. and celebrating the renovated officers club.
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it's one of san francisco's most historic buildings.
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the attack on isis is dominating the headlines at 4:30. today, president obama issued a warning to islamic state militants in syria that last
4:30 pm
night's air strikes are just the beginning. world news tonight tweeting the pentagon's declaration that the air strikes were quote, very successful. today, the wife of a british man captured by the islamic state militants said she received an audio message from him pleading for his life. he was kidnapped in december after he crossed into syria to help bring aid to vulnerable people. his wife said sharia court found him not guilty of being a spy but he remains captive and his life may now be threatened. since last friday, 130,000 syrian refugees have entered turkey and with the u.s. intervention from the air now, this has all the signs of war, but the president has made no declaration. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman joins us live from the newsroom with more. wayne? >> well, the ferocity of last night's attack surprised people. to some it looked like the shock and awe invasion of iraq, yet no one can say we weren't warned. it looks like war, it certainly feels like war but in dealing with the threat from isis, war is an elusive word.
4:31 pm
that turned out to be the theme today. are we at war? sure couldn't tell from looking at downtown san francisco today. but while you were sleeping -- it sure looked like war from the middle east as an american-led coalition struck out at isis in syria. war depends on who you ask. how about house minority leader nancy pelosi. >> no. we're not at war. we are at a place where the president is honoring all of our responsibility to protect and defend the american people. >> reporter: all right. how about gloria lareva, anti-war activist in san francisco. >> this is really part of a much, much larger strategy to dominate more fully the middle east for its two-thirds of the world's oil resources. >> reporter: and we can't leave out the academics. here's political scientist steven weber of uc berkeley. >> when you're launching air strikes inside the country of -- inside the territory of a sovereign country, you are at war. >> reporter: whether it's war or not, the middleman would be us. for the record last night, the united states, jordan, the
4:32 pm
unit united arab emirates and bahrain put aircraft in the air over syria. navy ships fired 47 tomahawk missiles at $1 million apiece. in addition, the planes dropped another 200 bombs and missiles, most precision-guided. the great majority from american planes. president obama never mentioned the word war today. he just spoke about resolve. >> we will do what's necessary to take the fight to this terrorist group. >> a win would be to degrade and destroy isis but a big win would be a government in iraq that is inclusive. >> the u.s. government has to cloak its military operations abroad for many many years as a humanitarian cause. >> isis is potentially al qaeda version two. wars like this go on for very very long periods of time. you measure victory not so much as winning but as the israelis say, cutting down the grass. >> reporter: or as william shakespeare wrote about a rose instead of a war. what's in a name? from the newsroom, wayne
4:33 pm
freedman, abc 7 news. syrian president bashar al assad says he supports any international effort against terrorism. assad appears to be trying to position his government on the side of the air strikes by the u.s.-led coalition. assad vowed to fight terrorism in all of its forms and said success will not come only through military means and that all nations must commit to stop supporting terrorism. secretary of state john kerry pledged $40 million to a global counterterrorism fund that will go toward fighting the isis threat. he also asked for more help. kerry called on other countries to support stronger anti-terror laws that would make it a crime to travel overseas to fight for extremist groups like isis. >> we are talking about fighters recruited from our own communities and radicalized sufficiently to go fight in wars that are not their own. the minds of these young men and women are poisoned by terrorists who brainwash them into
4:34 pm
committing unspeakable atrocities. >> president obama will make his pitch for international support for the u.s. plan tomorrow when he addresses the united nations security council during this week's general assembly meeting. osama bin laden's son-in-law has been sentenced to life in prison for conspiring to kill americans. he was a spokesman for the al qaeda -- for al qaeda after the 9/11 attacks. these are sketches from his trial in march. he often appeared in videos recruiting suicide bombers. he says his role was religious. he was tried in civilian court in manhattan over the objections of some members of congress, who believed the military should hold him and try to gather intelligence. president obama's calling for a more aggressive approach to fighting climate change and he is not just looking toward u.s. citizens to take up this fight. abc news reporter caroline costello has more from new york. >> for all the immediate challenges that we gather to
4:35 pm
address this week, terrorism, instability, inequality, disease, there's one issue that will define the contours of the century more dramatically than any other. and that is the urgent and growing threat of a changing climate. >> reporter: president obama told the united nations general assembly that as the world's second biggest polluter, the u.s. will do its part to combat climate change but nobody gets a pass, calling on developing nations to reduce their greenhouse gases while growing their economies and calling on china to stand in solidarity with the u.s. in a commitment to reduce emissions. >> as the two largest economies and emitters in the world, we have a special responsibility to lead. >> reporter: as people around the world continue to march and rally demanding an answer to climate change, the president called on all the world's leaders to hear that call to action before it's too late. >> the climate is changing
4:36 pm
faster than our efforts to address it. we cannot condemn our children and their children to a future that is beyond their capacity to repair. >> reporter: negotiation for a new global climate treaty begins in december. the hope is to avoid what happened after the last climate summit when world leaders left without signing a binding agreement. caroline costello, abc news, new york. researchers at the centers for disease control said today the number of ebola cases in west africa could exceed half a million by next january and under the worst circumstances, exceed 1.4 million. the top range of the estimate assumes the number of cases as reported by the world health organization is significantly underreported. officially there have been more than 5500 cases of ebola. cdc researchers also called for rigorous infection control methods in the hardest hit african nations. a woodside man faces federal
4:37 pm
charges today after his bizarre behavior aboard a virgin america flight that was forced to land in omaha, nebraska. cell phone video shows 26-year-old doug adams being led away in handcuffs by authorities on sunday. he was on board a boston to los angeles flight when witnesses say he had been engaging in a sex act in his seat by himself. adams then tried opening the emergency over-wing exit door. two boston police detectives on board helped restrain adams. that flight continued on to l.a. after authorities took custody of adams in omaha. a san francisco landmark that some call the most historic building in the city is celebrating a huge transformation. hundreds turned out today for a celebration at the officers club in the presidio. the building will reopen to the public october 4th after undergoing an extensive $30 million renovation project. it is then transformed into a museum and cultural destination for the public. the military last used the building in 1994, when the army
4:38 pm
pulled out of the building and the land was transferred to the national park service. still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00 -- a little boy attacked by a rabid fox and the heroic action his gym teacher took. i'm spencer christian from the east bay hills camera, we see clouds not only stacked up at the coastline but spilling over the bay. and rain is not far behind. the accuweather forecast is in just a moment. let's take a look at the traffic situation. this is 680 in walnut creek. we reported earlier about the traffic mess earlier in the san ramon area. that got cleaned up. the concrete there. but you can see very slow going for oncoming traffic that is 680 north.
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a physical education teacher at a connecticut elementary school is being called a hero after intervening when a fox began attacking students on a playground. alyssa danielli knew she had to do something when she saw this out of control animal biting the leg of a 7-year-old student. she jumped right into action, grabbing the fox, ripping it right off that boy. the fox, though, then turned on her. >> we were playing this game and i was running around and this fox just came out after me. >> that's my student. i would do anything for my students. that's what i had to do. i didn't want that fox to hurt anyone. >> the fox then attacked two other students before running
4:42 pm
away into the woods. all of the victims have been treated for rabies out of precaution. they are expected to be okay. >> my goodness. we will go to spencer christian safely up on the roof, i believe. >> we hope he's safe up there. >> away from wild animals, i hope. let's take a look at what's going on with the weather. start with lake tahoe which had a severe smoke problem yesterday. here's the view today over the lake. you see a few clouds but much, much less smoke. just a little bit of thin smoke moving out of the left-hand corner of the screen. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd in the bay area. we have clouds becoming thick and deep offshore and they will eventually bring us some rainfall tomorrow night into thursday. the national weather picture for tomorrow looks mostly calm but there will be thunderstorms along the midatlantic and south atlantic coast, thunderstorms expected also in western oklahoma and the texas panhandle. up in the pacific northwest, showers and rainfall from seattle down to portland, down into the northwestern corner of california.
4:43 pm
we expect statewide tomorrow mainly sunny skies from sacramento southward, hot in fresno, 94. palm springs, over 100. 85 in los angeles. but wet up around eureka. that wet weather is moving in our direction. for the bay area tomorrow, we expect increasingly cloudy skies in the north bay. partly to mostly sunny in the south bay and east bay with highs in the inland locations of the east bay and south bay in the low to mid 80s tomorrow. but only 70s in some locations up in the north bay tomorrow as the rain approaches. rain is expected to arrive in the north bay along coastal areas tomorrow evening, late tomorrow night, and continue into thursday morning. again, the thursday morning commute could be a wet, slow one. >> that's one of the pitfalls of the rain. otherwise, it's good news. still ahead, how one woman's marital status is preventing her from getting a driver's license. and raising serious legal questions. then first for the final frontier. a 3-d printer put to the space
4:44 pm
test. the bay area's role in a science experiment now orbitting more than 200 miles above earth. i'm 7 on your side's michael finney with a look at a new trend in checking accounts. could your checkbook be obsolete? i will let you know.
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a former california woman now living in texas is learning first-hand the complications that come with same sex marriages that are only recognized in some states. connie wilson tried getting a texas driver's license but was told she could not get one because she had her spouse's last name. her california same sex marriage is not recognized in texas. if wilson wanted a license she needed to switch back to her maiden name. doing that requires a court order. wilson says it was a frustrating experience. >> the employee looked at it, looked all over it, noticed it was a woman's name at the top and her immediate response was is this same. >> wilson says she's keeping her married name but also wants a
4:48 pm
driver's license. she's unsure what she's going to do next. space-x's dragon cargo ship arrived overnight at the international space station bringing with it the first ever 3-d printer launched into orbit. this printer is an experimental zero gravity model developed by bay area company maiden space which is headquartered in mountain view. if the technology works it could demonstrate that on-site manufacturing on the space station is actually viable. included in the payload, mice and flies for biological research, fresh spacesuit batteries so nasa can resume spacewalks and a $30 million device to measure ocean wind. this may come as no surprise to most of us, but mountain view-based google has been named the most desirable employer in a new survey of college students. rea research firm found google ranked number one among business and engineering majors. they are drawn to the company because of its market success,
4:49 pm
professional training and job security. other highly ranked companies, apple, ernst and young, price waterhouse, cooper, microsoft and ibm. to consumer news now. a new proposal from pg & e would raise rates for some while lowering them for others. >> 7 on your side's michael finney joins us to let us know who wins and loses. >> this is really going to be a battle. a proposal from the pg & e and other california utilities would raise rates for people who use less energy and lower rates for those who use more. pg & e is also asking for a $10 per household fee to help lower rates for high energy users. the utility says its highest rate is now four times the national average while its lowest rate has stayed the same for many years. critics, however, say the proposal will hurt the bay area's poor. >> we think it's fair that if you use more, you pay more, and if you use less, you get a
4:50 pm
reward for using less. >> this proposal would actually allow us to bring down our top rates so that hard-working families don't have to pay such large energy bills. >> you want to have your say, there's a public input hearing on the matter tonight at 6:00 at the california public utilities commission. a final decision is not expected for several months. you might call this a sign of the times. citibank announced it is offering a checking account without checks. the same people who prefer making their payments online and through mobile devices no longer need or want checks. bank of america and chase also offer similar checkless checking accounts. if you are still a check writer, no worries. the experts say checks aren't likely to go away any time soon. here's another generational change. gen-x is the first generation saving less money than their parents. they are those born between 1965 and 1980. members of that generation
4:51 pm
typically make more money than their parents but save less. high debt is the biggest issue. the report states how the average gen-xer has about $29,000 in wealth. their parents had saved twice as much by the same age. >> going in the wrong direction there. >> thank you, michael. next, a science lesson of a different kind for local elementary school kids. i'm dan ashley in the abc 7 newsroom. coming up new at 5:00, all they need is grass. the new milestone for the san jose earthquakes stadium. also, 7 on your side's michael finney is back with a look at how to get the most money for the stuff that you no longer need. and heroism behind today's honor for two san jose men.
4:52 pm
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it makes me happy to i like feeling smart. internet essentials from comcast has brought low-cost internet access to over 1.4 million low-income people at home.
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internet essentials helped me progress in my schoolwork. it helped my grades move higher. today it's the largest broadband adoption program in america. it helped me a lot. comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. . abc 7 is honoring hispanic heritage month with posts to our instagram feed. today, a look at the clarion
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alley mural project or c.a.m.p. in the mission district. the original creators were inspired by another mural cluster focused on social struggles in central america. we have more details on instagram at abc 7 news bay area. tonight, see who is eliminated on "dancing with the stars results show" at 8:00 p.m. then the season premiere of "agents of s.h.i.e.l.d." followed by night two of the premiere of "forever" and abc 7 news at 11:00. you can use watch abc to catch all those shows live on the go with your smartphone, tablet or computer. visit watch for details or download the free app by searching watch abc in your app store. talking about newton's second law of motion may not be all that appealing for a bunch of sixth graders but if you do it in a rather unconventional science lesson, that is a game changer. today, school was held at i-fly in union city.
4:56 pm
we dared abc 7 news education reporter lyanne melendez to make the grade. >> reporter: sixth graders from parker whitney elementary north of sacramento drove 122 miles to union city just to learn about physics. this is the e-fly indoor sky diving tunnel with four massive fans on top of the roof. the fans push air down through the hollow walls on the side of the building, then up through this narrow wind tunnel, creating a wind speed of 130 miles an hour. sometimes greater. >> what you would experience jumping out of a plane without the plane. >> reporter: each student geared up to experience what skydiving would feel like. this unconventional science lesson is actually teaching them isaac newton's second law of motion. there are two forces acting upon the student. gravity always trying to push him down and the wind pushing back against gravity. >> with a good body position, that force is a stable and
4:57 pm
well-distributed one and it completely cancels out the force of gravity. so you neither fall nor rise. >> reporter: you knew i was going to do it. inside wind speed, 130 miles per hour. i believe i can fly. well, as i discovered, flying was not for me. i was sure glad to have flight instructor victor garcia guiding me. >> you are the pilot. you are the pilot of your own body. >> reporter: by increasing the speed of the wind and changing the body's position, garcia and the students were able to have a little more fun. >> we learned about -- more about gravity and pressure. >> i thought it was really fun because you got to feel all the pressure of the air against you and then you just went up and when you came down. >> reporter: it was also an unforgettable lesson in physics and that's what science teachers are hoping to see more of, inside and outside of the
4:58 pm
classroom. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> that's a good day at school. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins with katie and dan. a morning of terror in walnut creek. what police say a gunman forced a woman to do after kidnapping her. thieves break into a dealership and drive away with some very expensive cars. late word, there may be arrests. crisis of confidence for san francisco's fire chief. she responds to calls for her resignation. why president obama says we are going to see a lot more of this. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. some rain is on the way. i will let you know when to expect a wet commute. the whole thing coming in and out. >> that's all the time thieves need to steal some high end cars. the whole thing is like
4:59 pm
something right out of "fast and furious." i'm katie marzullo in for cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. it's remarkable. police on the lookout for a group of things tonight, cars stolen right off the lot. surveillance video catching the men in action. there is late word tonight of cars recovered and maybe arrests made. abc 7 news reporter vic lee is live in san jose with late-breaking new details on this. >> reporter: well, police are reacting very quickly indeed. they have already recovered two of the cars stolen from this lot in san jose as well as cars stolen from the autobahn mercedes dealership in belmont. san mateo police announced today they have arrested two people in oakland, two people they were looking for for stealing cars from two different dealerships in that city in august. but belmont police say they are not the ones they are looking for and san jose police have yet to respond to our inquiries. formula one motors was hit in the wee hours of friday morning.
5:00 pm
they broke down a door. you can see two of the car thieves in the dealership hallway going into offices looking for car keys. they hurry out after finding two keyboards, dropping a key or two in their rush to leave. michael zahari owns the business. >> after they got the keys, they left, they came back maybe ten minutes, 15 minutes later, make sure there was no police, nothing else going on. >> reporter: either the alarm wasn't turned on or wasn't working. the thieves came back, clicking the remotes to see where the most expensive cars were parked. >> there is eight of them running the whole parking lot. each of them jumping in one of the cars and trying to drive off with it. one of the cars, the x-6, it took them literally ten minutes because they didn't know how to drive it. after somebody else came and told them this is how you start this car. >> reporter: it was a brazen well-planned heist. mpl >> it's not somebody that just walks no into a place and goes. they knew what they were


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